Also, do you have anything else running while playing EVE? Internet browser, viewing videos, or something else?

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However, I obtain this crash when many ships are in space at one time, for example being on the Amarr undock crashes the client always within a minute. Try it by moving around the camera at the populated Amarr undock and see if it produces the flicker crash.


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Instead of an iMac G5, you have an Intel iMac -and a very nice one -that is newer and more capable than the G5 iMacs. If you leave the old description and have a hardware question later, people could give you inapplicable advice because they think you have an older model.

As usually my screen after the login screen just freezes at charackter selection screen. I cleared all caches, used repair tool etc. Even tried the Tab out Tab in method mentioned by someone, but nothing has changed. I turned eve sound off and it didn't solve the problem either.

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HELP!!! Motion 2.0 crashes

I am having a problem with Safari crashing. I have Googled and searched Mac forums for months now. There seem to be many people with crashing Safari problems but after trying all the troubleshooting suggestions I’ve read, have still not been able to solve it. Pogo has no answer other than use a PC.

I have restarted the mac opened the client from desktop and applications menu. I have also cleared the cache to make sure that something goofy wasn't going on there.


I have my system info posted in an earlier message. Let me know if I can give you any more info.

Sorry I just to look at this thread again. I just started it up without using the mumble overlay and then changed it. I was only having a problem when the overlay was up.


Unable to get to character page, but can hear the music. Looked for Library, tried using Finder.

Safari quits unexpectedly immediately after open app

As of 2 months ago, I cannot fully access Facebook using either Safari or Firefox browsers. I have a Mac G5 running OSX 10/5.8, Safari 5/0.6 and Firefox 3/6.28. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can resolve this?


Usually after a Safari crash, reopening will cause an unsuccessful attempt to open Google, which is the Home page. A Safari quit and reopen gets a normal Safari open.

Just a side note, as I am by no means a computer expert. I am migrating onto a SSD next week on this Mac. Will that lose all my overview, graphic and chat settings?


Its only affecting a small number of Macs. All the one's CCP have do not have this issue.

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Thanks to this guy we may be onto something. Don't give up hope - we're still working on this.


This is what is throwing me off. Now when I go to the view the router settings I see in the upper right hand corner the following "Firmware Version: v2/07/1". Firmware docuemnts say that the inital release for v1 had firmware v2/06/1 and after that was v2/07/1.

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Thanks for your help and advice. I went through the steps that you recommended (twice) and I'm afraid that I got myself into deeper trouble.

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Did you even read any of the previous replies on this thread? CCP has stated that it WILL be patched on Tuesday.


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I'll try to make the library visible so hopefully I can create good backups of those files as a workaround. But for me the question is do the devs know about this issue, and is there anything I can do to help submit logs to get it looked into? It basically makes EVE unplayable (imagine FC'ing a fleet, having the game crash, then re-launch it to black screen, and spend a few minutes futzing with clearing this stuff then resetting overview settings while the fleet waits for you to re-join, or just dies).

Motion 3 keeps crashing when I try to open a file that has alot of moving text. I have words that keep falling like rain onto other words. Once in a blue moon I can get it to open and can edit it, but after I save it's a crap shoot to when it will open again.


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At the bottom of the Twitter notification settings is the home scrren toggle. Since disabling this, battery life seems better. Considering there is no setting for frequency of checking for tweets, it appears the phone is continually connecting to wifi to check for new tweets.

Internet manager 6.14 build 2 with patch

Loaded Singularity, logged in, and no issues with the character screen. Looks like this patch should do the trick on the TQ server. Would love to know from CCP what was the glitch that was causing all of the headache!


If the plugin isn't there at all, repair your Acrobat installation through Control Panel. Then return to Firefox and enable it. Close Firefox.

Started through the launcher, saw the few loading bars populating from left to right and eventually got to the black screen with the music playing. Started clicking around where the characters should be (while there was a great pause after each click, I was able to move the mouse around and click with enough time). Eventually heard the woman say loading, or logging in (or whatever she says, this was almost 25 minutes ago once I did the rest of this and got my computer reset). SO I had successfully selected a character!


Seriously, how long is this going to go on for. This has been happening now for over a week!

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I'm running it on an external display at 1920 x 1080. Always worked fine, before this problem.


In Activity Monitor/System Memory, nothing appears to continually grow or get unusually large. With game in process, Safari shows use of 91/19MB Real and 1/04GB Virtual Memory. Summary at bottom shows 1/26GB free right now with Safari, Word, Console & Activity Monitor open. Safari is set to remove downloads at close, open to blank page, clear RSS daily, enable plug-ins, Java and JavaScript, DB storage set to 5MB but have tried 0MB. I have a lot of bookmarks, but have tried removing all but 1 or 2 and that made no difference. Java Prefs shows v1/4.2 and v 5/0 loaded with 5/0 as primary.

But with a fully working client, what can I do? I guess I can at least make sure it did not get broken for me.


I am trying to make a documentary of my life using scanned photos and some video imported via disc from original cinefilm. I am having difficulty getting this sorted as I tried to import a whole event from aperture in which I had sorted the photos chronilogically.

That's for Buxbuster's workaround. For some, it might work just like that. My iPhone repopulated from iCloud after step 5, but I still had that "server error" on iCloud. I had to do some extra steps, since my Mac was not syncing to iCloud and couldn't edit anything on my Mac or iCloud. Syncing back had to be fixed, too. If not, the syncing loop would continue from my iPhone, and the battery would drain awfully again.


At the same time, there's players who haven't been able to log in for more than a week now. I know this is and always has been a controversial issue, but I think that least a SP reimbursement for the lost time would be a useful compensation.

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However, I do not have any of these issues. For me eve has been playing very very well for the last several weeks. Even when testing off the main install.


Also tried right after booting macbook, with eve client first thing to be launched, same result. Actually the crash dumps I submitted with the bug report are from such a clean start attempt.

Today, I updated Lion on my MacBook (to 10/7.4). After this I was prompted to update Java and did so. Since then, I cannot start Safari. The icon bounces for a bit and then I get a "Safari quit unexpectedly" message. I am lost as far as to what to do - I understand that this isn't uncommon, but I havent been able to fix it with the help of other discussions.


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Looking forward to being able to FC again. Hard enough to do when there is no crashing. It's one thing to risk your own ship. I could not risk others until this was fixed. Glad to have my Eve Online back once again!

When prompted, select restore from iCloud (from your iphone backup earlier). Keep your iphone plugged into iTunes while restoring backup from iCloud.

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This is a hidden folder, so you'll need to set Explorer to show hidden files if you haven't already. Start by just renaming the folder to _InDesign Recovery and it should rebuild on the next launch if this is going to work. If it doesn't work, you won't have lost anything.


But thanks for the brave attempt Snorlax, really appreciating you and your teams efforts on this one. I just wish you had a machine in house that had this problem.

In System Preferences -> iCloud, I turned Contacts off. I chose "keep on My Mac" those contacts, but I got an empty Address Book after a while. And a few minutes later, iCloud contacts were empty and my iPhone also.


This is how I set up singularity, using my main EVE client as a base. The only extras to download are patches ( and that happens by itself ).

CCP says the number of Mac users that log in and play now is about the same as it was a few weeks ago. Its one thing that's making it so hard for CCP to find the issue, they have plenty of Macs, but none that show the bug.


It's good to see Safari (I have iOS 7) playing videos on sites like Youtube. Is it converting Flash and HTML5 to Quicktime or is the video playing because it's only using HTML5? How does Safari go about playing Youtube and Flash videos? Apple has solved the Flash for mobile problem then?

If you have logs or other info related to the black screen issue that would be helpful, yes. Either attach them to a bug report or send them to me (or links to them).


Well seems like that rumor of iOS 5/0.1 is finally gone the way of the dogs since developers got a beta of 5/1. So as stated earlier in the master discussion-> I suspect if you are filling up this thread with false post or creating a master set of links to various post that are unreliable you are wasting your time. Press is not going to touch the story due to poor or inaccurate sources which may be links from the master thread. This can include inaccurate information, combination of conflicting post or postings from users which may not own the device. Reputable press organizations have policies that require discloser and strict rules about what is a reliable source for a story. It is clear that many of the post in the master thread, which are links presented here are questionable.

This helps reducing Motion crashes. I think Motion has a bug with memory handling somehow.


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Yeah I'd like to hear on what CCP will do for us players other than just game time. To me it's lost profit, lost time etc. I'd want to hear on ship reimbursements too since servers cannot pick this issue up.

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You're right, that is the downside about being an Eve Mac user (some of it anyway - Snorlax et al are trying IMHO), but hey, at least we don't have to use windows. I'm thinking we're actually at an advantage overall.


For the past 5 years, I have owned Adobe Acrobat version 9, and recently installed Adobe Reader as well (version 10/7). I was previously able to set up Firefox to use Acrobat to display PDF files in the browser without downloading them, but I recently noticed that this was no longer the case. Instead, every PDF file I tried to view was being downloaded instead. I came here to find a solution, and discovered that many other people are having similar problems.

I'm completely at a loss here, the only cause I can think of is memory corruption, but then I would expect it to effect many other apps as well (eg. Xorg, or parts of the desktop environment).


I gave gotten as far so i can choose character, and even login (i can see the cursor changes). So i think i have been in space, but screen is black. There is also lots of flickering, all over the screen, even when i run it in windowes, which is weird.

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I was OK before the the original patch. Dealing with support is liking sending a message from the Sun to the earth.


J1I5 - 'Error occured in number assignment for object J_1IRG1'

I no longer have any of the crash reports from the fresh install, because I let Leopard Cache Cleaner do it’s thing and it wiped them all out. I do have 20 crash reports and 6 hang reports from 7/12 to 7/30/08. I don’t know what are the important parts to send, but a condensed version of 5 different crashes is listed below. The first two are the most common.

In my experience this improves the Standby battery drain issue significantly in most cases. It reduces drain from 2-4% or more per hr to 0/5% or less. It has worked for many, many users now. If it does not work after a few try's you may have a real battery or hardware issue and should contact Apple.


Wrote an automator that deletes all eve files from library and then launches eve without the launcher. Have tried all kinds of combinations of settings, resolutions, windowed or not, ui-scaling, performance settings etc etc.

That choice that you've found in the energy saver preference effectively switches your laptop between two different graphics cards, a low-power 'built-in' card, and a dedicated graphics card. Clearly your on-board graphics card was affected by the bug, but the dedicated card was not. I'm glad to hear that you've fixed your issue, but it's a solution that is limited only to those with your model of computer (or possibly other MacBooks). However, all MacBooks with that option really ought to be playing with the "Better Performance" option anyway.


Except the issues still aren't fixed and no word about compensation. Be happy that you can play and aren't getting no benefit for your money spend, not that I don't think that you should get compensation.

Usage: Amount of time iPhone has been awake and in use since the last full charge. The phone is awake when you’re on a call, using email, listening to music, browsing the web, or sending and receiving text messages, or during certain background tasks such as auto-checking email.


I also think compensation of some description should be given. For me i would happy with some skill point reimbursement.

From PC, output is only 0/5A x 5V = 2/5W power. Charging is slower but trickle charge 4S helps the battery retain its charge better. I think it takes about 3-3/5 hours to charge full from USB/PC compared to slightly below 2 hours using iPhone charger.


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I was reading about how to tinker with Mac graphic cards and it seemed like one of the few things you could do without really knowing your programming stuff is: under energy saver preferences, under graphics, you can select for better battery life or higher performance. Now when I first opened these settings my graphics were set for better battery life. When I changed the setting to higher performance I was forced to log out of my OSX session. When I logged back in and opened the Eve Client (directly, not through the Eve Launcher) my I was able to log in and select a character and play without issue. I have restarted both the eve client and my computer multiple times and can now still log in 100% of the time. I havenGÇÖt done much other than fly around, dock and undock for a few minutes but everything seems to be completely fine.

If you don't get a reply within a reasonable time, it may just be that nobody has an answer. If you think it is because your post is in the wrong category, add another post to the thread asking the administrators to move it.


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I deleted all files eve places in my Library folder. Then is started eve without the launcher. I changed to windowed mode and 1024x768 and logged in. I saw the "loading bar" and then everything went black, like it usually does. I clicked to login "blindly" (could see the cursor change in the character select window but coudlnt see the characters). I then waited for a few minutes (the entire video is about 4-5 minutes). My computer is "frozen" from time to time and im unable to change windows from time to time.

After a while i get tired of waiting and i click to stop the recording (quicktime places an stop button in the top bar of the screen). The recording stops and i think the screen "blinked/refreshed". I could see my ship in the hangar.


My Safari keeps quitting unexpectedly sometimes only a few minutes after I open it, and sometimes after I'm on it for 60 minutes. I've never had any other issues with my MacBook Pro and I have had it since October 2009. I tried reporting the problem but I have no idea what that does. I tried going onto /Library/Safari and deleting WebImage thing like I read on here from some other person experiencing the problem, but it's still occuring.

If this changed anything, then it was very subtle. Without "shadow", "reflections" and "depth of field" applied, I can export the project.


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I had a similar problem, and I eventually figured out it was caused by using the Mumble overlay. To fix it I checked the box in the settings panel for display and graphics that says use multithreaded opengl and that fixed it. Also, not using the mumble overlay also fixed it. I hope this helps some people!

Turn off EQ: Applying an equalizer setting to song playback on your iPhone can decrease battery life. To turn EQ off, go to Settings > iPod > EQ and tap Off. Note that if you’ve added EQ to songs directly in iTunes, you’ll need to set EQ on iPhone to Flat in order to have the same effect as Off because iPhone keeps your iTunes settings intact. Go to Settings > iPod > EQ and tap Flat.


A battery life issue is a problem where the drain is really out of spec either during usage or standby or both. For example, multi-% per minute drain during usage or a 10% drain per hour during standby is problematic. Browsing the internet (https://yacsssdm.ru/content/uploads/files/download/crack-internet-manager-618-build-11g63.zip) on 3G during one hour and losing 16-17% is not.

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If you don't see a file type for "Portable Document Format" at all, that means the Firefox PDF viewer is disabled. You must enable it by editing the about:config file. To see it, type about:config in the Firefox address bar. You will get a warning message -just click OK and keep going.


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I'll keep testing and let you know if I run into anything. I'll also be looking to upgrade my Mac ASAP as this computer's days running an Eve Client are numbered.

Thank You Orangeky, that helped confirm what I came across last night in my search and was hoping there was an easier fix than using Terminal which I'm not to familiar with. For instance, I'm unaware what my User Group name is and is the 'yourhomefolder' just the user name from my old system?


Fully draining the battery, meaning using the phone until it shuts itself off from a drained battery and then recharging it to 100% about 4, maybe 5 times. I charged it both with a Mac and a wall charger.

Go to Tools/Options and check the list of file types. For the names that contain "Adobe" and "Acrobat," Acrobat should be set as the default program to open them. Select it from the drop-down list if it's not. Continue to scroll through the alphabetical list -you should see another entry called Portable Document Format.


Don't doubt, Firefox and all modern browsers use hardware acceleration. If you're experiencing the issues you've detailed, I'm sure you would try anything to get it back to normal.

We have just put a patch out on Singularity with a bug-fix, which we hope fixes the black-screen issue. We would really like to hear if you can log on and play on Singularity.

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Import your vCard backup to Address Book. Just drag it to your blank Address Book window; it asks if you want to import "x" number of cards.


Internet manager build 22 crack shot

We realize that you are anxious and are hoping for a fast answer. And we really do our best to provide answers as quickly and accurately as we can.

Safari quits unexpectedly after mavericks update

Plugins: some filters from noise industries and FxFactory. No dubious untested 3-rd party plugins.


Go to Define Document Number Ranges for Entry View OR use T-code FBN1. Maintain & Assign two Number Ranges say 91 & 92 one for Document Type AF and another for AE for both the non-leading Ledgers say Y1 & Y2 ( Define Document Type for Entry VIew in a ledger).

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Patch worked for me, problem solved. Thx a lot, CCP Snorlax and whoever has been working on this as well!


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I have been unable to update my iCloud for Windows sonce the latest update appeared a couple of weeks ago. Whenever I try to update the setup programme will crash with the following error message: Problem with Windows installer package. Program run as part of the setup did not finish. I am running Windows 8/1 on my PC and have had no other problems with setup packages.

Patch didnt solve my problem either, unfortunately. My blind login rate continues to be higher, now that I turned Eve Voice off.


Nevermind, figured it was the version 1/0 based on the serial number after looking at a wikipedia entry. Installed the correct firmware and things seem to be working.

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I uninstalled InstallMac from Chrome after hearing about it being potentially malicious and now my Safari will not open. It always says it quit unexpectedly. I deleted the uninstaller and restarted my MacBook Pro (just upgraded to OS Yosemite yesterday) and the problem persists.


All three crash reports link bugs that mention Better Facebook, which you said you disabled so something else is the problem. Open the Firefox '''Help''' menu, click on '''Troubleshooting Information''' and in the ''about:support'' page that opens, click "copy all to clipboard" and paste everything here (see [[Using the Troubleshooting Information page]] for more info).

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