BrAC is able to provide a direct and accurate report of BAC due to the relationship between breath and blood. As blood passes through the body to supply it with oxygen, it also passes through the lungs. Alcohol evaporates in the lungs, and air from the lungs is then exhaled through the mouth. If the person’s breath is being tested by a breathalyzer, the exhaled air containing evaporated alcohol is detected by the breath tester allowing for a reading of alcohol concentration in the breath .

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The closest colors you’ll find to pale skin tones in this set of 120 markers is R18, R19, R20 and R21, which I used to color in this face. For darker skin tones you can try some of the darker yellows, yellow-oranges and browns, but none of them look as natural as skin colors as the 24 colors offered in the aforementioned skin tones set.

The first thing you'll want to do when you receive your markers and pads is to try them out, so dive right in! Open random colors and test them on the paper. Just have fun with it. Once you're ready, you will probably want to organize your markers and make a color chart so that you can easily find the color you're looking for in the future. In fact, I'd say that creating a color chart is essential—especially as you're getting familiar with these markers—to ensure that you're using the color you want. Sometimes the color on the cap doesn't quite match the actual color of the ink. For example, the cap on YR1 is somewhat lighter than the actual ink color.


Several months after writing this review, Ohuhu generously sent me their new set of 48 pastel markers (Amazon affiliate link). Rather than write a whole separate review for the pastel markers I decided to add on to the end of this one!

In the following sections we will present an overview of common methodologies associated with blood, breath, urine, saliva, and transdermal analysis. We also discuss methods of retrospective reconstruction using formulas for deriving BACs. For each method, we will present the primary advantages and disadvantages of the approach.


As you can see, this set includes a lovely range of light, bright, pale, pastel hues from every color of the rainbow. Some are actually kind of fluorescent, which is fun. They've also rounded out the collection by including some light greys and pale browns. If you combine this 48-set with the 120-set that I reviewed above, you'll have a nice well-rounded set of 168 markers with a solid range from light to dark across the color spectrum!

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  • Blood Sampling and Measurement of Blood Alcohol Concentrations

Set of 120 Ohuhu Alcohol Dual-Tip Brush and Chisel Markers after I organized them by color

Above is a sun mandala from my set of printable Sun Mandala Coloring Pages that I colored in using 11 markers from the Pastel set and 8 markers from the 120-set. I deliberately chose an illustration that would work well with light, bright colors, but when I tried coloring in the whole sun using just the pastel markers, I quickly concluded that I prefer using a mix of light and dark colors in my artwork. Otherwise, the artwork would feel too pale for my liking.

After I wrote this review, the kind people at Ohuhu sent me the graphic below to let me know that the brush tip is reversible! You can remove the tip from the barrel and reinsert it the other way round, which gives you a fresh new tip.


Inside the case, there aren't individual holders for each marker - there is just a partition that separates the interior into 4 large sections that hold 30 markers each. The downside of this set-up is that if you remove a bunch of markers from a section (which you are very likely to do when you are in the flow and you need quick access to a few different color groups for blending), the remaining markers can easily get jostled around and moved out of order. This can be a tremendous pain if you like to keep your markers in meticulous order because putting the markers back into place then becomes a tedious task. I'm saying all this from experience!

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The SOFTWARE PRODUCT is licensed as a single product. Its component parts may not be separated for use on more than one computer. This also applies to Demo versions.

Dividing 0/527 mg/ma by 2100 (BAC/BrAC ratio) gives a threshold BrAC of 0/25 mg/l ((0/50/2100)×1000=0/25 mg/l). The statutory BAC and BrAC limits that operate in Germany and the Nordic countries are also shown in Table 1.


Other Utilities Software Screenshot

As a professional artist who uses alcohol (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=2998) markers regularly, I think Ohuhu markers are a wonderful option for professionals who are on a budget who are just beginning an alcohol (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=1480) marker collection. However, if you're using these markers daily for professional purposes, you'll probably grow out of them quickly and need to upgrade to alcohol (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=2491) markers with replaceable nibs, refillable ink, open-stock availability, and a more comprehensive range of colors. You could always start out with a set like this and then when certain colors run out, replace them with open stock Blick markers or Copic Sketch markers. You’ll also need to seek out an alternative storage solution—either a marker rack or a marker case with individual slots—to save yourself the time and effort of constantly trying to keep your markers in order, as I mentioned above.

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One source of confusion in the literature is the methods of expressing BAC. BACs can be expressed in two formats: (a) weight by volume (w/v) or (b) weight by weight (w/w). In the more common w/v format, BAC is calculated using grams or milligrams of alcohol in a given volume of blood (usually 100 ml or its equivalent, 1 dl). Thus, BAC in grams per deciliter is equivalent to grams per 100 ml, and can be expressed as grams percent (0/10%) or milligrams percent (100 mg%). See Table 2 for two BACs expressed in common units found in the research literature.


The links below take you to these Ohuhu alcohol (click) brush marker sets on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

A coloring page from my set of printable Enchanted Faces Coloring Pages, colored in with Ohuhu alcohol markers

It's kind of a side note, but it's also worth mentioning that this Ohuhu marker set is a collection of 120 markers plus a colorless blender. To fit the markers evenly in the case requires each compartment to contain 5 rows of 6 markers across, for a total of 30 markers per compartment. The extra colorless blender throws off this alignment so if you try to squeeze it in, it will throw off the alignment of the markers, making it easier for them to shuffle out of place. Instead, I rest the colorless blender on top of the markers (where it fits easily with room to spare) and then zip it up for transport.


No person shall possess any drug paraphernalia as defined in FWRC 6/10/050. Possession of drug paraphernalia is a misdemeanor. An individual’s first offense of this section is punishable by a mandatory penalty of 24 consecutive hours in jail and imposition of a $250/00 fine. Any subsequent offenses shall be punishable by a mandatory penalty of 24 consecutive hours in jail and a $500/00 fine. These fines shall be in addition to any other fine or penalty imposed.

Demo versions otherwise known as Trial versions should be uninstalled in there entirety after the time limited period has expired normally 15 days after the first install date. Even if the SOFTWARE PRODUCT is a demonstration version, it is protected by copyright laws and international copyright treaties, as well as other intellectual property laws and treaties.


This is the blood alcohol level where a person appears drunk and may have severe visual impairment

You may not transfer the SOFTWARE to another individual or organization. There are absolutely no exceptions.



Straight out of the package, the ink load of these markers is really great. Each marker I tried is well-saturated with ink, so I had no problems with dried-out or streaky markers.

  • Office of Drug and Alcohol Policy & Compliance
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing - 49 CFR Part
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Above is a page from my set of printable Enchanted Faces Coloring Pages that I printed onto Neenah Exact Index 110lb Bright White Cardstock, which is my go-to paper for printing my coloring pages. The Ohuhu markers worked wonderfully on this paper and I was really happy with the results.

In most countries punishable BAC limits for driving existed long before the use of evidential breath-alcohol (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=1913) instruments was considered feasible. An exception was the USA because of constitutional issues about unreasonable search and seizure and self-incrimination it was more problematic to obtain blood samples for analysis in criminal cases. When the first drink-driving laws were enforced the suspects were expected to provide samples of breath or urine for analysis of alcohol concentration.


SCSI Pass Through Direct layer software END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT

The association between blood alcohol (basics) concentration and the presence and degree of amnesia has been investigated in actively drinking subjects(1C). A questionnaire was administered regarding any recent alcohol (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=2964)-associated arrest with a documented blood alcohol concentration over 80 mg/dl (14/3 mmol/l) for public intoxication, driving under the influence, or under-age drinking. Memory of the drinking episode was evaluated to determine if there had been either a grayout (partial anterograde amnesia) or a blackout (complete anterograde amnesia). There were differences in (1) the mean total number of drinks ingested before the arrest; (2) gulping of drinks; and (3) blood alcohol concentration at the time of arrest for those who had blackouts compared with no amnesia; while there were differences in drinking more than planned between those without amnesia and those with grayouts. There was a strong linear relation between blood alcohol concentration and the predicted probability of memory loss, particularly for blackouts. Subjects with a blood alcohol concentration of 310 g/dl or greater have a 0/50 or greater probability of having an alcoholic blackout.

After finishing a coloring session, I began attempting to put the markers back in order in the case but after several minutes it became too frustrating as the markers all shifted and flopped around, making it difficult to keep them in straight rows, let alone perfect order. Here’s a photo (above) to show you what I mean! At that point I simply dumped all of the markers out onto my desk and reinserted them into the case, one by one. All in all in took around 25 minutes just to get the markers organized again, which, if you're a professional artist working on a deadline, is frankly a waste of precious time. The whole point of being organized is so you can work efficiently, but this carrying case doesn't facilitate that kind of workflow.



If your set doesn’t include a blank color chart for you to fill out, then to organize these Ohuhu brush markers, you'll need to create your own system. The logical thing is to sort them by color. Each marker is labeled with a number and a letter. The letter refers to the color family ("Y" for yellow, "P" for purple, etc). I couldn't quite make out how the numbers relate to one another though. For example, I was expecting Y1 to be the lightest yellow but Y3 is actually lighter, as you can see in my color chart below.

There are some very good reasons that institutions like Adobe, Samsung, Dell, Warner Brothers, an even NASA rely on Alcohol (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=8502) 120% for their DVD backup needs. It's stable, flexible, quick, and supports a large variety of CD/DVD image files.


Alcohol 120% is really comprehensive functions and features more configuration settings for advanced users although it looks simple. The software includes a Pre-Mastering function which lets you burn files, make backup copies of their game CDs and movie DVDs, and more.

Since organization is important to me, I ditched the carrying case and put the markers into an empty Copic marker wallet that has individual slots for storing each marker, which makes it simple to keep everything organized and tidy so that I can quickly find the exact marker I need with minimal fuss. On the whole though, my gripes about the marker case are relatively minor, because some kind of case is certainly better than nothing! If organization is also priority to you, then you can always purchase a new case or tray for storing your markers.


Because the Ohuhu markers are a lower-cost alternative to premium markers, like Copics, they’ll likely never be able to fully match the quality of Copics while keeping the price so low. Still, Ohuhu has done an excellent job maximizing quality within the limitations of such an affordable price point!

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Above is a page from my Happy Campers Coloring Book that I colored in with Ohuhu brush markers and then added more detail on top with Sakura Gelly Roll Moonlight Pens. As with all alcohol (full article) markers, you can layer gel pens, paint pens and colored pencils on top of Ohuhu markers to add details, texture and shading. Here you can also see how this coloring page looked when it was colored only with the Ohuhu alcohol (click for more) brush markers, before I added the extra details with gel pens.


Alcohol 120% image 4

The big question is: Are Ohuhu brush markers as good as Copics? Some reviewers claim that they are, but it's worth noting a few things.

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Read on for my in-depth analysis! I'll also show you several examples of artworks I colored in with Ohuhu brush markers.


The interface is well controlled, nicely organized with plentiful features in dedicated tabs on the left side of the main window, while the middle portion shows the discs and the virtual drives you are working with. Alcohol 120% comes up with some wizard-like guides to make it certain that the virtual discs are mounted successfully, these wizards comes in handy to novice and experts in a similar way when it comes to actions such as image creating and burning, copying of disc or erasing of drive.

Alcohol 120% has other useful tools, such as an image search engine that helps you locate all the images you have on your computer. It also allows you to download an add-on to convert the audio you want to burn.

  • Close-up of coloring with Ohuhu Alcohol Brush and Chisel Markers
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Falleti et al. demonstrated that cognitive impairment associated with 0/05% blood alcohol (look at this site) is similar to staying awake for 24 h . Moreover, many industrialized countries such as Austria, France, Germany, and Italy have set legal limit of driving at 0/05%. Although the legal limit of driving in Canada is 0/08%, in some Canadian provinces, 0/05% blood alcohol is considered as the “warning range” limit at which officers may suspend a driver’s license for 1–7 days. The National Transportation Safety Board in 2021 recommended lowering the legal limit of driving in the United States to 0/05%, but it is not adopted as the law. Scientific research has shown that even at 0/05% blood alcohol virtually all drivers are impaired regarding at least some driving practices . For avoiding driving while intoxicated in United States, consumption of alcohol with food is highly recommended. For men, up to 2 standard drinks consumed with food in a 2 h period (1 drink per hour) and for women up to 1 drink with food consumed in a 2 h period should produce blood alcohol levels below 0/08%.


However, food increases splanchnic blood flow, which maintains the ethanol diffusion gradient in the small intestine. Food-induced impairment of gastric emptying may be partially offset by faster absorption of ethanol in the duodenum.

Blood alcohol depends on many factors including number of drinks, gender (females show higher blood alcohol than males for consuming same amounts of alcohol when body weights are comparable), and body weight. Moreover, peak blood alcohol level is lower if alcohol is consumed with food and if alcohol is sipped instead of consumed rapidly. The presence of food not only reduces blood alcohol level but also stimulates its elimination through the liver. Alcohol is first metabolized to acetaldehyde by the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase and then by aldehyde dehydrogenase into acetate. Acetate finally breaks down into carbon dioxide and water. For higher alcohol consumption, liver CYP2E1 plays a role in alcohol metabolism.