Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage, known as Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer in Europe, is the second game of the Spyro the Dragon series and a sequel to Spyro the Dragon. It was originally released for the PlayStation in 1999. In 2021, the first three Spyro the Dragon games, one of which is Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage, were remade for Spyro Reignited Trilogy.

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Unlike other Spyro titles, the game starts in the the first level, Glimmer, rather than the first world's hub. This could explain why the European version is subtitled Gateway to Glimmer.


Go to the edge here and look down to glide to another bridge with two Baskets (two purples) and a Superfly Gate. Speak to Chedda in front of it to receive another Orb challenge where you'll have to take out all the Lava Monsters. We'll get them in just a bit, but let's take care of the remaining Gems first. Head through the Superfly gate and Flame a floating Bottle to the left, then continue down and around the volcano in the middle to find the remaining two Bottles.

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It's time for the infamous trolley challenge. Once you're ready to begin, speak to Fisher. You have to ride the trolley along the tracks, jumping gaps, dodging obstacles and using a cannon to shoot objects or switch paths, and pick up all 50 Gears in one run to get the Orb. Crash and you have to start it all over! At various points throughout, you'll have either TNT barrels or boxes dropped in your path; you must shoot the barrels and jump over the boxes or you will not get past them otherwise.


Complete the game and get 100/100. Then go to dragon shores and look around then the rest will happen naturally.

After some cutscenes, you'll be in the third and final Homeworld, Winter Tundra. See you on the next page where we'll finish up the last levels of the game!


If you charge-jump instead of walk-jump of a ledge, you will go farther. It sounds lame but it sometimes helps.

The final form is in the final level. The extra level, Dragon Shores, unlocked for completing the game, has multiple minigames. One of the minigames is a target practice where Spyro shoots targets with superflame.


Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage faqs and walkthroughs

Just a note before we start that the achievement for this level requires you to finish it without taking damage from lava at any point. You can keep that in mind and try for it on this initial playthrough of the level if you want, but if you do get burnt by lava, you can just run through the level again later and make a beeline straight for the exit to easily get the achievement.

With this in mind, head through the gate to begin a Superflight and fly through the caves to Flame as many of the Draclets as you can. Any that you miss will gradually cause the Draclets around it to reappear, but don't worry too much as you can just go through the Superfly gate when you come back to it again and head through the caves as many times as you need to get the ones you missed.


Now hit 'Retry' again so we can find the Orb challenge. Right as you start, look slightly to your left to find a small igloo on the ground. Charge into this to reveal Hunter inside next to a snowmobile. Talk to him and he'll challenge you to paraglide through 50 rings whilst he tows you with his snowmobile.

There's also another Skill Point up for grabs if you want to try for it, requiring you to get a time of less than 1:15 seconds. Following the route above will get you this with some practice; the key part to do quickly here is the section with the last Pigeons and the Bungee Jumpers. Do that efficiently enough and it's more than possible, if a bit tight, to get a time of less than 1:15 seconds and earn Skill Point 11/16 (Under 1:15).


Once you've advanced far enough into the fight, Ripto will summon a robotic version of Gulp. Riding on its back, he'll continue to fire shots at you while Gulp will swallow up the orbs. You'll need to carry on collecting the orbs and attacking the robo-Gulp when you can. Eventually you'll deplete its health bar, and it'll explode.

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In the latter half of the stage 'Scorch', you'll come across a challenge in which you need to retrieve some flags for a character named Handel. Once you've spoken to her, grab the Superflame power-up and charge back out of this area across the bridge. Head through the next area and climb the platforms to the right, and take aim at Bombo atop the building. Shoot him down and speak to him, then chase him back to where Handel is while dodging his bombs. You'll need to repeat this process twice more, but Bombo will appear in different locations each time, so be sure to take note of where the flags are in the level.


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Now glide back and head into the building to meet Moneybags again. Pay him 200 Gems so you can access the elevator, then head in and grab the four red Gems inside before standing on the platform in the middle to head down into the volcano. At the bottom, grab four purples and follow the path of three red Gems (318/400) into the volcano proper.

It helps that you still play as Spyro mostly, and can even skip many of the other playstyles. While you do have to beat the ally world in the first three hub areas to progress, you only need 100 eggs to fight the Sorceress – something that can easily be done as Spyro, though you have to be very diligent about finding every egg. This is a big improvement over games like Crash Warped, which forced you to trudge through every gameplay type to get to what you wanted to play.


On August 7, 2007, the game was pulled from the PlayStation Network due to technical issues, such as certain levels failing to load. A few days later, Sony refunded those who bought the game and MediEvil (another PSone Classic that was released on the .

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He tasks you with Charging all of the monkeys out of the trees here before they can hit him with a coconut. As Hunter walks about, wait until he stops by a tree with a monkey, then quickly Charge the tree and the monkey will fall into his barrel. Be careful as the monkeys throw coconuts at you as well which can hit Hunter if you're too close to him. For the last two trees, I recommend walking along the edge of the area and hitting the fifth tree from the other side that Hunter stands on to prevent him getting hit with a coconut from the last monkey. Once you're done, Hunter gives you Orb 36/64: Barrel of Monkeys.


Spyro: A Hero's Tail

Head left from here and look for the area where we first encountered the green acid, and you'll see the? Jar at the top on the far side of it. Glide down to the platform in the middle and over to the other side to get up to the Vase and Flame it. Glide down to the steps leading out of this area from here and head up to the top of them to find the?

Head back right to go up the ladder on the far side of the grassy area. Grab the three red Gems at the top, then the two Vases to the left and right of this ledge you're on (two purples). Drop down onto the next ledge below for two more Baskets (two purples), then down to the ground with three red Gems by a ladder and two Vases (two purples) by another ladder opposite, as well as the next two Cowleks.


This game is so much better than the original that I don't even know where to start. Well, that is not entirely true. It is very simple to understand why the new game is superior but to really get it, you need to know why I was not that impressed with the original. See, flashy graphics are great but if the game is not much fun to play, it does not matter how flashy the graphics are. That was my gripe with the original game.

The final phase of the fight sees Spyro and Ripto take to the air. Fly after Ripto and his giant bird and shoot some fireballs at him, but be careful to avoid his attacks - he'll be taking potshots at you too. Your best bet is to shoot a little ahead of Ripto while he's moving so that your attack lands as he passes by. Once you've brought his health to zero, you'll have beaten him, bringing peace to Avalar.


Now drop all the way back down to the bottom of this area. Time to take care of the last two Cowleks. One is at the bottom of this first area. Get him up the steps and over to the gap on the left with Romeo and Juliet on the other side, then carefully get him over to the other side. Once he's safely over there, turn around and head over to where we first found the Professor; the second Cowlek is down at the bottom of this area. Get him over to Romeo and Juliet as well, then take both of them all the way back to Bo Peep's pen (7/7). Bo will reward you with the last Orb 33/64: Cowlek corral II.

Spyro 2 Ripto's Rage (my site) is what last year's game should have been. Even though Spyro The Dragon in 1998 was a good title, it lacked variety in gameplay and a general reason for collecting all of those gems and goodies. This year around, not only are there reasons to collect them, but there are more little distractions and side events going on that you'll be playing this for hours without remembering to reach your next goal.


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If you complete certain tasks in the game, you will be awarded a skill point. There are a total of 16 skill points in the entire game. After accomplishing one of these tasks, a sound will play and a bonus life will be awarded.

As you start the level, glide straight ahead to the platform with Beaky the Breezebuilder and two purple Gems. Glide back to the start and head right to Charge into a Bucket Land Blubber with two red Gems by him. Head behind the machinery nearby to find two Vases secluded in the corner (two purples) and another three red Gems along the wall behind the pipe (25/400). Take out the other Bucket on this end and Flame the fire under the boiler thing to create a Whirlwind on the other end.


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Jump back up onto the platform outside the Alchemist's building and up onto the ramp with three red and three purple Gems, then glide to the right onto the platform with a gold Gem and down to another platform with a Vase (pink). Finally, head into the tunnel nearby for three Vases (three purples, 335/400).

As you might have noticed, between the entry and the Dunking Booth is another doorway. To open it, you need to collect all 10,000 Gems and all 64 Orbs found in Avalar. Once you’ve done that, walk up to the door and it will open, revealing a very special Powerup.


Select 'Retry' to try again and follow the same path of the Pigeons. As you come out to the area with the Jumpers, head right and over to the sixth Pigeon, but Flame the two Jumpers that are in line with the Pigeon this time. Head left for the next Pigeon and another two Jumpers, then left again for the final Pigeon and two more Jumpers. Make a U-turn from here and get the Jumper on the front of the tower we just passed, then head directly right to get the final Jumper on the front of the first building.

The Thief will be on the ledge at the far side of this area. Chase him off it and down to the ground, then back up the platforms in the middle and onto the ledge again. Keep lapping him like this until you can close the gap; your best chance is as he jumps onto the ledge, as you can jump to the left of him to get him before he runs off.


Go back and head across the bridge this time into the last area. Get the three Baskets ahead as you walk in (three purples), then jump up the steps to where the two Guards area and get the five Vases in the small circular section behind them (five purples). Drop down and take out another Rifleman, then grab a green Gem by the wall before jumping up to an area with two more Guards and five reds. Jump up to Greta and get the two red Gems (344/400) before talking to her to receive the Talisman, an Emerald Scarab, and open up the portal to Autumn Plains.

Fly to them and talk to the fish-like lady to acquire the task. Complete the task to receive an Orb.


Jump to. Year of the Dragon is the third installment in the Spyro series

Well it would be a long process to explain everything without some intermediate/advanced understanding of CE and memory in general. I'm very busy with work/life and really don't have the time to write something huge like that.

Flame it and it will move further back into the level like in Skelos Badlands. From up here, you can also hit the Sealed Chest on the rocky pillar in the middle. Glide over and hover onto the pillar for a red Gem the Chest had, then drop down to collect another two reds, as well as a pink and green (235/400).


Take the Whirlwind on the far side of the area from these Vases back up to where you started. Head right of the second Satyr you freed to defeat two more Killer Bushes and grab four reds, then follow the outer wall and jump up to three greens along the wall, a gold Gem on a platform and a Bee Tree.

Head back, riding a wooden ship over the gap again. Take out the Bucket ahead through the doorway and get two purple Gems on the edge to his left and a Butterfly Jar and Basket (purple) to his right. Continue on and drop down for two greens before a Firegrub, then grab the four red Gems ahead leading through a hallway to a Powerup gate that is inactive.


From here, go right and find the a waterfall going into a pool of water. Dive in the water and follow the path to the last Orb. You should come out near Canyon Speedway.

Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage cheats & more for PlayStation

Glide to the next island along with an inactive Powerup gate and another Basket (gold) and Catbat, then to the bigger island past that with three green Gems and a bridge with three purples (117/400) leading to the caveman Glug. He'll reward you with the level's Talisman, an Ancient Bone, and the portal back home opens up nearby. To the left of Glug also is Cactus 5/7.


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First, walk onto the bridge in the middle, grabbing two green Gems and picking up a lava rock. Spit this out at one of the Catbats, then repeat this to take down the other three for an easy Skill Point 7/16 (Catbat Quartet). Head around the outskirts of this area to grab three reds, five purples, two Baskets (two purples), a Vase (green) and a Cactus 6/7. Finally, flame the Rocket on the edge overlooking the Sealed Chest from earlier to break it open, then head over to grab its contents: a purple, two reds and two greens (174/400).

Spyro 2 is a platform adventure game staring a little purple dragon names Spyro. This time around, it is up to Spyro to solve puzzles, kill bad guys, bribe people with gems to obtain new powers or access to secret areas and play a ton of mini-games all while trying to save the land. There are over 30 worlds, tons of new characters, swimming and new challenges that will keep you playing for hours.


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If you also managed to do a perfect fight without getting hit, which is no easy feat, you'll get Skill Point 14/16 (Perfect) as well. If you're struggling to get the achievement now, then just leave it until we have that permanent Superflame at the end of the game and it will make getting it a cinch.

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Speak to Roo to find out you now have to light the six Gem Lamps in here in the same fashion as before. As you head through the gate, angle left to get the first Lamp above the door you entered the caves from, then turn right and continue along the path of the Lamps to flame all six in time. Once that's done, you'll receive Orb 21/64: Gem lamp flight in cave.


Grab the four reds and two greens here, then walk left to the edge. You'll see a grassy ledge ahead, but turn left from here to see more ladders on the building in the middle. Glide over to these and climb up into the building, grabbing five purple Gems before dropping down the hole into an icy cave. Grab two reds and two Vases (two golds, 131/400) before walking forward to talk to Hunter here.

Head back down the steps by Hunter to the second area. Get the Camel on the other side of the area with two red Gems behind him, then head left to find two greens up against a wall with a Guard nearby. Jump back onto that platform in the middle and glide over to another platform with a Camel and a green and purple Gem, then up to a Sealed Chest which we'll destroy later as well as Tree 6/7. Glide over from there to another tower with a button to open the next area, then head just left of it to defeat another Guard and grab a green and two reds (133/400).


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Flame it and drop down on the left to the spot where the Sealed Chest was for six purple Gems, then head to the right from here into the room where you started to break open the? Jar for good (six greens, 380/400).

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Again, we'll take care of the level's achievement first before doing a proper run. This one requires you to take out all of the Snowmobiles before defeating a Hang Glider. As you begin, you'll see the Snowmobiles right in front of you circling around the rock; Charge down onto the ground and around this rock clockwise to run into all four of the Snowmobiles, then fly up into the air and circle around the rock to find one of the Hang Gliders up here.


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Grab three purple Gems behind the portal and flame the? Jar at the back of this platform to begin the game of following it again. Now drop down to the area below. In the middle, you'll find a Butterfly Jar and a round Headbash Chest which, as you might guess, requires Headbashing to destroy, meaning this is another level which we'll have to come back to later. Stand by this Chest and look around to find the?

Now head back to the previous area to find that Powerup gate in the hallway which will now be an active Spring gate. Take it up into a small room, and get the Vase (gold) and two Baskets (two purples), plus another two purples on the ledge behind Fisher (391/400).


Up top, you'll find a Basket (green) and a purple Gem on the left, as well as two greens and a red leading into the castle. Grab the Butterfly Jar on your right in this next room, then the two Vases (two golds) to the left of the Scorch portal. Continue down the steps on the left side of the room to come to two more Vases (two purples) in front of the Fracture Hills portal. Head through the door that the Professor opens for you on the left and grab two greens and three reds, as well as another two Vases (two golds, 218/400) by the Magma Cone portal.

Before we do a proper run, let's take care of the level's achievement first which requires you to Flame all of the pigeons before getting any other object. Begin a run and Flame the Pigeon in front of you, then get the one down on the wall ahead and turn left to continue through the middle of the buildings and get the next two, turning right after the fourth one to find the fifth in a tunnel. You'll head through this into a wide-open area with the Jumpers; ignore them and turn right to Flame the sixth Pigeon, then continue around to the left to Flame the last two on the towers.


As you first enter the world, swim in the pond. At the far side is a tunnel to the first of three puzzles. To complete the first puzzle, jump on the squares to turn the blocks yellow. Jump on the four corners in any order. Then, swim out to the idol in the center of the pond. Blow fire at the fish as they leap out of the water. Only blow at the blue and orange fish.

There's another Skill Point up for grabs here, but it's a tougher one than usual, so feel free to skip it if you want. It requires you to complete three full laps of the level in a single Supercharge.


From the tall platform (above), glide the outer wall and make your way to the left. At the end you should see another cracked wall.

Now head back over the bridge and drop back down into the main level, Charging the Wizard to your left. Further ahead on the left is another Cactus 3/7. Grab the green, purple and two red Gems to the sides of the skull, then head into it.


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Continue on through the level, Flaming the next turtle onto the button and heading over to the final area, defeating enemies as you need to. When you're there, head over to the other side of the water to find the platform with Advisor Moppet next to a ladder. Climb up this, then walk past Master Chef and dive down into the water on the left side of this area for the remaining five green Gems (400/400).

Winter Tundra is the final set of world in Avalar. At this point, the game expects to you be fully familiar with the way Spyro controls and how quickly the enemies can take away your health.


Get off the cannon and head over to the hut where the Sealed Chest was for the six red Gems it dropped, then jump up the ledge near the cannon for a purple and red Gem, then up again to the room behind the second wooden door containing four Baskets (pink and three greens). Finally, head right from the room to grab the green and two purple Gems from where the floating Bottle was, and drop down for a gold Gem as well that fell into the gap (97/400).

Then press Up, Down, Left, Right, Circle. You should then here a sound like you just got a treasure. This will give sparx like an extra color. When you are hit and you have a gold sparx, he will stay gold until you get hit again. Same with when you become blue, etc.


Keep going along the edge from here, killing another Rabbit that appears, and follow the thin ledge around another hut for two reds, two greens and two purples, another Horned Rabbit, and two more Vases (gold and purple). Walk down the slope here towards Moneybags, Flaming another Ice Wizard on the way, and pay him the 200 Gems needed to create a bridge up into another area.

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Flame it and head back through the tunnels to come out by the first cannon, then jump up the steps to Flame the Jar again by the huts to the right. It finally moves to the very start of the level. Head back there and destroy it for good (purple, two reds and four golds, 335/400).


You'll be following Hunter as he knocks the burglars off the wall and will have to fly into the bags of loot that they drop before they fall into the water. As with the other challenges, just keep behind Hunter and fly about level with the burglars he shoots at so you don't go under or above the loot. Be prepared after the sixth burglar for Hunter to veer left through the middle of the buildings and for two bags of loot to quickly drop from the next burglars. It takes some practice to memorize the path that Hunter follows, but once you've done it, the Mayor gives you Orb 43/64: Grab the Loot.

Once again, there's a Skill Point that you can try for if you want which also requires you to get a time of under 1:15 seconds. The route above works for this, although again it can be tight. You can shave some time off by Charging onto the ground after taking out the Hang Gliders and going through the first Skater, then continue Charging as you jump onto the islands to defeat the next two Skaters before beginning a glide to start taking out the Serpents. With some practice, it's definitely possible to get a time of less than 1:15 seconds and earn the Skill Point 12/16 (Under 1:15).


Like Skelos Badlands, the achievement in this level is for getting to the end without taking any damage from the green acid, or 'hazardous water' as the achievement description puts it, so keep this in mind as you go throughout the level. This is a more linear level though, and you get the achievement once you've got the Talisman rather than actually having to leave the level, so it's significantly easier.

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Gnasty Gnorc has returned from exile and has unleashed evil magic on the Dragon Realms, trapping the Dragons in crystal and raising an army of Gnorcs. Spyro, with his friend Sparx the Dragonfly, is the only Dragon left who can traverse the six Homeworlds, free the Dragons and save the day. Guide Spyro as he glides through the Dragon Realms, toasting colorful enemies with his fiery breath and encountering countless puzzles and adventures along the way.


Glide over to the small platform on the left with a gold and purple Gem, then begin your ascent up the ladder. At the top of this first one, shimmy over to the left to jump to another one further along the wall, then continue shimmying left and wait for the lava ball to fall before shimmying further past it. Jump off to another ladder on the left, and at the end of this one, jump left again to make it to the final ladder.

If you did get burnt, which is pretty likely considering everything we had to do, then just head back into the portal to start the level again and run straight to the exit. You can easily get there in under a minute and unlock the achievement without a problem that way.


To get the berry bush here, go into the room with the acid and grab a green rock, then head back to the bush and spit the rock into it to drop a berry and open the way ahead again. Cross over the bridge and talk to Shorty to receive the level's Talisman, a Mystic Lamp.

Have fun playing the amazing Spyro the Dragon 2 Ripto S Rage [SCUS-94425] game for Sony PSX/PlayStation 1. This is the Europe version of the game and can be played using any of the PSX emulators available on our website. Download the Spyro the Dragon 2 Ripto S Rage (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=4365) [SCUS-94425] ROM now and enjoy playing this game on your computer or phone. This game was categorized as Platform on our website.


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There is a door then some stairs in the room where Moneybags lowers a wall. At the top should be a window and a closed door to the right. Glide out the window and move to the left into another window to find the Orb.

So, the single biggest change in the game was the fact that there are now multiple objectives in each level. Not only are you trying to gather gems, you are also trying to collect orbs and a talisman from each level. Usually right when you enter a new level, you will be greeted by a character from that level. The characters will talk to you and ask you to help them in some way. If you are successful in helping the character, you will be rewarded with the talisman. A lot of times you will have no choice but to help the characters because without them, you will not be able to access different areas in the world but it was still a cool addition that really adds to your purpose for playing through the levels.


EDIT: Updated table with Undead option. Basically enemies will be able to hit you, but you won't die.

Quickly double back to your right to get the sixth Lizard on the ledge at the top of the village, then head left around the back of the huts to find the seventh Lizard. You'll see the final one running ahead of you in the distance; Charge over the gap and follow him so you can take him down in time. Once they're all down, Lumpy gives you another Orb 28/64: Lava lizards II.


Shaman Tuk who was inside it rewards you with the level's Talisman, an Ice Crystal, and the portal to Autumn Plains opens here. Get the three baskets here (pink and two purples, 256/400) before leaving.

We have no easter eggs for Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=4129) yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


The game is split up into three main hub worlds containing portals to various realms. In order to progress through the first two hub worlds, Spyro must acquire a talisman from each realm, which is awarded for reaching the end of the level, before facing the boss of each world. Each level also contains a certain number of orbs, which can be earned by completing secondary tasks for certain characters, such as lighting a series of lamps or protecting characters from attacks. These orbs are required for opening some of the portals to certain levels, as well as progressing through the third hub world.

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All 10,000 gems and 64 orbs are required to enter the door at that location. A permanent Super Fireball power-up is inside.


Continue along the corridor and get a single green Gem and a Vase (gold Gem) in the room with Moneybags again. Pay him here, 400 Gems this time, to extend the bridge over to the small castle with the Shady Oasis portal. Head on over the bridge and into the room with the portal for a purple and two reds, then head back into the castle and continue down the main path for two more green Gems.

This Orb Challenge requires you to kill 8 enemies in the level to activate the Supercharge Powerup. To find this Challenge, go left at the Return Home Portal and Glide across the buildings, then jump up the ledge. Jump down to the open area below and talk to Hulagirl Stella in the middle.


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Then swim out to the idol in the center of the pond. Blow fire at the fish as they leap out of the water. Only blow at the blue and orange fish.

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The advatage is that when you put in the big headmode code you will be able to shoot your flamefarther than usual. It's not one of the bestadvantage but it was a big help getting crushdefeated & getting some skill points.


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Now hop onto the cannon here and use it to shoot the Spiked Mine 1/8, then turn right and shoot the Sealed Chest on top of the wall. Aim a shot over that wall as well to hit a second Spiked Mine 2/8 on the other side. Grab the purple Gems the Chest dropped on this ledge, as well as on the ground below, then glide off this ledge and around the wall the Sealed Chest was on to hover onto the next ledge for a remaining purple from the Chest. Also on this ledge are two Baskets (two purples, 101/400).

In the same fashion as with the Japanese version of Spyro the Dragon, if you connect the PocketStation device to a PlayStation, a total of twenty-one dragonfly eggs will appear throughout the game. Each level and each homeworld contains a dragonfly egg hidden within it, with the exception of the Speedway levels, Boss arenas, and Dragon Shores. Successfully hatching a dragonfly egg through the PocketStation device will let you have various types of dragonflies, and some of them even let Spyro take more damage from enemies.


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Before leaving this area, there are some more Trees with coconuts here, the ones without monkeys in them. The third Tree 3/7 is directly opposite from where Hunter is standing, where the red Gems were. Head left to find Tree 4/7, the first one if you follow the wall behind Hunter. At the far end of the area is Tree 5/7, right of a monkey tree. Finally, head left and grab one purple and two green Gems (116/400) on the edge overlooking the starting area.

Hunter, an anthropomorphic cheetah armed with a bow and arrows who was inadvertently responsible for bringing Ripto to the realm of Avalar, during a test of the Professor's "Super-portal". In the game, Hunter teaches the player about Spyro's abilities early on and occasionally challenges Spyro to various mini-games or missions later.


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Just to her left there is a little gulley, drop down in there and you'll be on a path. Run down the path (Pressing the square button), through the power up (speed). Continue running breaking through the 1st door. Follow the path around, just as it makes a sharp left press the jump button (X), but don't release the run button (this whole thing must be done while running super-fast). You should jump up into the tunnel, continue running through the tunnel to the right, then to the left, then JUMP again just after you make your left to clear the edge at the end of the tunnel breaking through the 2nd door. Keep running following the path, jump over the lava and follow the path breaking right through the 3rd door, follow the path through this tunnel and as soon as you exit, veer to your left and head up the ramp and through the 4th door, keep following through this tunnel and as soon as you exit you'll be running down a very narrow elevated path. Follow this path all the way until it ends and you will be running super fast right towards the locked door, jump to clear the edge and bust through the door. The faun will be waiting and give you an orb for your efforts.

Turn right from here and glide to the ledge on the rock in the middle, then jump up to the next one with a red and purple Gem. You now have to glide around the corner to the left from here to land on another ledge and jump to the next one with a Lava Toad who has Bone 2/8. Turn left from his spot and carefully glide to the platform with the pink Gem, then glide back down to the island with the Powerup gate which should now be active providing you've defeated at least 16 enemies.


Note however that this only applies to Spyro 2, not Spyro the Dragon or Year of the Dragon

Jump up the steps to the next area and take out the Armed Thief with a sword, then get the two Baskets on either side of the steps (two purples) and the three red Gems witth another Basket (purple) along the wall in front of you. Jump up to the steps on the other side of the area, taking out another Thief and grabbing three red Gems as you go up the steps. Get another Basket immediately to your left at the top (purple), then head to the wall for three more greens and follow along the wall to the right to drop down some more steps with four reds (62/400).

This is the first of two Speedways to finish in this Homeworld. The order I recommend you get the objects in here is a combination of Pigeons and Jumpers (bungee jumpers), then a combination of Arches and Slow Signs.


Spyro has been brought to the land of Avalar to defeat the evil sorcerer Ripto who has brought war to Avalar’s Homeworlds. Each Homeworld is being held captive by Ripto (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=6409) and his minions, and it's up to Spyro to defeat them and bring peace to Avalar’s realms. In this adventure, Spyro powerflames, supershots and headbashes his way through enemies while completing unique challenges such as herding strange beasts, target shooting and defeating ravenous dinosaurs.

Then, without turning off the PlayStation, overwrite the character that was just used to complete the game. Restart the game and it should allow you to keep the Fire Ball ability from the very beginning.


Now circle around the ship, taking out three enemies (you'll have to Charge after the Bucket to catch him) and grabbing two purples and two golds as well as two Vases (two golds). Once you've got everything, Flame the fires in the two alcoves on either side of the ship to raise it up into the air. You can now jump up to the final platform with two reds, three greens and three purples (361/400) and speak to Squawk here to receive another Talisman, the Glass Anchor, and open up the portal.

The original roast master is back! Same sick burns, same smoldering attitude, now all scaled up in stunning HD. Spyro is bringing the heat like never before in the Spyro™ Reignited Trilogy game collection.


Spyro Reignited Trilogy Xbox Series X

Now more Lizard eggs drop for another Orb challenge and this time, they'll hatch much faster than before. Memorize the path to take and it won't take long to nail this one either. To begin, get the first Lizard who hatches in front of you, then jump up the ledge ahead and get the next two as they hatch. The fourth and fifth hatch to your left by the huts.

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Defeat the Genie in the hallway and another Shielded Thief in the next room, then destroy the two Vases on the right (two golds) and head around this room to grab three more reds, four greens and defeat another two Thieves. Now if Shorty isn't in this room, you probably accidentally left him behind like me; backtrack to find him and take him back through the room with the acid so he's in the right position.


The music was lacking in the game’s original US release, which was rushed to tie into the Chinese zodiac year Year of the Dragon was named after. Along with a number of glitches, some of the tracks had to be re-used in a couple of levels (a first for the series) because the songs intended for them weren’t put in on time. One peculiar glitch is that the final boss uses the theme of the first home world, which creates a baffling dissonance. These issues would eventually be corrected in the Greatest Hits re-release, although the European versions still had to remove some of the songs in order to make room for the non-English language tracks (this also impacts the audio for the cutscenes, which have been heavily compressed).

Head back slightly into the opening to the right here and Flame the Explosive Bottle (gold Gem) on the left and the final Cactus 7/7 on the right for another Skill Point 8/16 (All Cacti). If you got all the Skill Points so far, this will unlock the first half of the game's Art Gallery.


Speak to him to discover his plan for reaching Juliet; using seeds to make plants grow into platforms. Grab this first seed he gives you and head back to that ledge I mentioned at the bottom of the first area. Spit the seed out to plant it in the patch of ground in front of it, then jump up for the red Gem and another seed. Drop down with that seed in hand (or mouth) and spit it out, then Flame the plant the first one created to turn it back into a seed.

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Use the nearby Whirlwind to get back up to the castle, grabbing a red and two purples as you drop down the next steps to find Elora. Another portal to Summer Forest is next to her, as well as the second Talisman Door behind her which requires all eight Talismans from this Homeworld to get through.


The other side of the door 3. In a cave above+behind the building with the Yeti in 4. Just outside the window of the building where the Yeti was 5. In the area just before the Yeti building 6. On a platform across from the Professor 7. In the room with the moving platform 8. Quite near the start, just past the turned door 9. Right next to the previous one 10.

Take out this first one and grab two green Gems on the right, then jump up a step for Cactus 2/7 and two Vases (two greens). Jump up the ledge past them and take out another Catbat. Grab two purple Gems hidden behind the small purple rocky wall on the ground, then Charge the Fire Wizard ahead. Jump up onto the ledge on the right with the bone platforms and grab a purple and three greens to the right of them (49/400), then jump up those platforms to another platform with a Sealed Chest and glide left from there to Lumpy for your first Orb challenge.


To earn the Orb in each of the four speedways you must first find the hidden task to perform. The game cannot be completed 100% without the Orbs.

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Gems gathered throughout the game are required to pay fees Moneybags charges in order to progress through the game. As well as opening portals or granting access to certain areas, Moneybags also teaches Spyro three brand new abilities over the course of the game. Swimming lets Spyro dive underwater to reach submerged treasure and hidden tunnels, climbing lets Spyro climb up certain surfaces. The headbash allows Spyro to perform an overhead smashing attack that can break rocks and certain cages.


Now head back through the level again until you get to the top of the stairs at the end of the water and Flame the fire ahead. This activates a fan that pushes the wooden ships ahead over the gap, so hop onto one of them and ride over to the other side.

With that done, get Superflame again and run back to the second area, then aim up to the left to hit Bombo atop the second flagpole. Talk to him again to start the second chase. Take it slowly again, pushing him forwards and moving back out of the range of his bombs. This time, you'll need to follow him through the third area and then up to the top of the final area again. Be careful and once he's up at the top, he'll hand over the second flag.


The game is basically constructed in the same fashion as the original: there are different worlds which have gems scattered around. To access the worlds, you will find warp portals that take you to the different places. All of the worlds are huge, detailed and fun, ranging in terrain from mountains to ice to water. You will spend a good amount of time swimming (at least until water all of a sudden starts killing you - more on this in the 'things I did not like' section). You will fly, glide, hover, and smash your way through all of these worlds doing more than just collecting gems, although gems are still important.

Now if you cross back over the previous bridge and head right, you'll find several bones bridging over a gap. Head over them, grabbing the two green Gems and destroying the Explosive Bottle (gold) on the left on the other side, and speak to Shaman Tok over here for an Orb challenge: you have to retrieve his lost snow leopard.


Glide down to the next area with another two Earthshapers to take down. Once they're down, sweep the area for all of the Gems as well as two Baskets (purple and green, 227/400). Now glide back onto the platform in the middle of the lava and to the other side. Note the doorway to your left with a Sealed Chest for later, then head right and over the lava for two red Gems and a purple on the step.

Head back up the ramp and jump over to the bridge, carefully taking out the two Falcons up here, then into the tree you exploded for two Baskets (two golds, 400/400). Talk to Corporal Glug who will give you the level's Talisman, a Ruby Bomb. The level should finally be 100% complete, so head into the portal that opened up right by you to leave back to Autumn Plains.


Spyro the Dragon - Beast Makers

Take the Whirlwind up onto a ledge with two Baskets (green and purple). As you drop down the steps, you'll see a Spiked Mine; we can't harm it with regular attacks, so just get the two Vases (two purples) in the corner to its left. Head right for another two Baskets (two greens) and a Firegrub. Jump up onto the ledge behind him and get two more Vases (two greens) and another three green Gems loose (56/400).

Now jump up onto the dinosaur skull here to find the leopard again and follow him as he jumps off until he stops at a hole near the start of this area. You'll now see fish jumping out of this hole; wait until one is in the air then Flame it so that it lands on the ground for the leopard to eat. Follow him again, repeating this process with another two holes, and he'll now be happy enough to follow you. Walk back to the start of this area (don't go too fast or you'll lose him) to bring him back to Tok and receive Orb 25/64: George the snow leopard.


Use the whirlwind in the courtyard to rise high in the air. From here, go rightand find the a waterfall going into a pool of water. Dive in the water and followthe path to the last Orb. You should come out near Canyon Speedway. Use thewhirlwind again to go to the left side of the courtyard.

She is supposed to say something about a whirlwind being activated by orbs. You should collect enough orbs to activate it. When it's activated, go up then glide to the ledge. Go all the way to the end wall then charge it to get one orb.


Unfortunately, this makes the structure much more repetitive. Like the first game, you end up doing the same things in each hub world, which can get especially tiresome if you like finding everything. The level-to-level structure can be fairly varied, with some stages focusing on minigames while others emphasize exploration. However, the designs themselves lack the variety in linearity and objectives its predecessor had, but without the original’s platforming.

Use the whirlwind, and then the next one, to reach the high tower. From here, look ahead and you will see a tall platform in the distance, outside and to the left of the outer wall of the main yard.


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As you begin, Flame the three frozen cavemen to melt their ice cubes; the first one will tell you that your aim for this level is to free the Shaman at the end. Once all three are saved, jump on the bone and they'll launch you across into the level proper. Head right as you land for two Baskets (purple and gold Gem), then jump up a step to Flame the Ice Wizard ahead. Follow the outer wall around to come to two Explosive Bottles (two golds) and a green Gem, and another Ice Wizard to defeat.

In Crystal Glacier, Widgie the Icebuilder informs you that Shaman Tuk needs to be rescued as he has their tickets to the hockey game in Colossus Valley. The character is likely just referring to "Colossus", but the wording could lead one to believe that the level was once called Colossus Valley. However, this appears to simply be a dialogue quirk (or a canonical alternative name for the location) rather than an actual early name, as even the earliest known design documents for the game as well as the game's earliest demo have all referred to the level as "Colossus Steppes" before the level took on its final name. This is be reinforced by the fact that this inconsistency is still present in the game's remake.


If you leave the arena and go back in the game will be untimed but you only get one chance and then the puck disappears. If you beat the goalee you will go to two player mode. At this point leave again and then return. The puck never disappears and it's untimed!

This further reduced the chance that any section could be altered without being spotted. If any overlay noticed a discrepancy, it altered data in the core such that no subsequent checksum would be valid.


Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage - Autumn Plains

Drop down by the cauldron after accepting the challenge to get started. This first one is pretty simple as there's only three Turtles that you have to save here. Walk around the cauldron, turning the camera to spot them as they jump out of the openings in the wall, and Charge them off the edge into the water before they get near the cauldron. Once you've taken care of all three, you'll receive Orb 23/64: Turtle soup I.

Spyro: Season of Flame Cheat Codes

In order to unlock the achievement for this level, you merely have to finish this challenge. The description for the achievement says "Don't crash the trolley", but this does not mean you have to restart the level if you crash. No matter how many times you crash, as soon as you've successfully done the challenge, you'll get the achievement.


Turn back around and head over to free the Satyr 2/6 on the left, then get the Basket (gold) behind him and turn left for another Basket on its own (purple). Glide from here to another lone Basket (gold Gem) on a raised platform, then glide right onto a platform with five red Gems and an Earthshaper. Move close enough for him to swing his pickaxe down, then Charge him so he falls to the ground below.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy Key

Now crash into the water or select 'Quit' from the pause menu to start another run. To begin, Charge clockwise around the rock to get the Snowmobiles like we just did, then glide up into the air and continue circling clockwise around the rock to flame the four Hang Gliders as you come to them. As you come around to the other side of the rock for the last Hang Glider, you'll see the first Skater down on the ground ahead to the left of an Arch. Flame him, then get the two Skaters on the islands past him.


Check back for more Spyro: Year of the Dragon cheats to be posted

Repeat this until he has only three hit points left, at which point the pads become red and blue, and Crush will unleash three attacks simultaneously. Keep flaming him until he begins to chase you. Run away and eventually he'll attack with his club once more. Dodge it, and he'll finally be, er, crushed by falling rocks.

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They're optional challenges that function like in-game achievements - sort of trophies before there were trophies. Earning them all will unlock art galleries for each of the games, so if you're keen to see everything the Reignited Trilogy has to offer, you'll want to know how to tackle Skill Points.


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Turn left at the portal to Scorch. Go down the hallway until you find a cracked wall on your left. Break the wall by charging into it. Go up the whirlwind. At the top of it, you will find a few gems. Then, go up the other whirlwind. Glide from the platform to the long green platform. There should be an Orb at that location.

You now have to fly around the area and grab the Lava Rocks floating around the area to spit them out at the Monsters as your regular Flame attack is useless against them. Just take your time and don't fly too close to them or they'll hit you with their party horn and knock you into the lava.


Go through the level as normal, flaming the Turtle onto the first button, diving down into the water and through the tunnel and surfacing in the second area. Defeat any enemies in your way here and Flame the turtle onto the second button. Through the giant doorway he opens, you'll see a ladder to climb on the left wall. Go up it and grab the red Gem and two green Gems from the ledge at the top, then turn around and glide over the doorway to another ledge with a purple Gem (390/400).

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Now we can finally continue on with the level, so take the ladder at the far end of the area up and jump up to the area we haven't fully explored yet. Straight in front of you will be a ramp with three Baskets (three purples). Glide off the end of this ramp, following the wall on the left, to hover up onto a ledge with an Explosive Bottle (red, green and four purples). Drop down from here and onto another ramp with two greens and two Baskets (green and purple). Charge into the Young Earthshaper here, then head around the area to sweep up three green Gems, two purples and three more Vases (green and two purples, 265/400) near an Earthshaper.


Motion blur toggle has been added under Options > Camera. This does not affect cinematics as those are pre-recorded, however it does affect the in-engine Dragon cutscenes in the original game.

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Below is a list of each Spyro 2 boss and a description of how their fights pan out. If you want to be prepared ahead of each boss encounter, take a look at our rundown.

To earn the Orb in each of the four speedways you must first find the hidden taskto perform. The game cannot be completed 100% without the Orbs.


Get up to the top of the wall and grab a green and two reds, then Flame the Horned Rabbit that charges towards you in the next area. Grab the two Vases on your right (purple and green), then head left for another two purples and an Ice Wizard to defeat. Jump over the gap and defeat another two Rabbits that pop out of the ground, then head left for three reds, and continue along the edge for two greens and two more reds behind a hut (90/400).

Guide: Spyro: Reignited Trilogy - All Spyro 2 Bosses and How to Beat Them

Shoot the Sealed Chest right in front of you as you start and follow the path around for the first five Gears, then switch lanes to the right to grab another two Gears 7/50 before switching back to the left to avoid the stop sign (make sure to shoot the Sealed Chest here if you missed it first time round). Switch right as you go around the corner onto the next loop, jumping gaps and switching lanes to avoid crates on the way. After the fourteenth gear, be prepared to either jump over a crate or shoot a TNT barrel. You'll have 17/50 Gears as you loop back to the start.


Spyro Reignited Trilogy game code

Now drop down into the area with all the Earthshapers. There's an achievement for taking out all of these guys, but you won't be able to get every one until you have the last move, Headbashing, from the third Homeworld. We can take these ones out, though, by Charging them into the pools of lava that are about, so dodge their attacks and Charge all five of them here into lava to defeat them. Once they're gone, sweep around the area for two red Gems and a purple, a green and purple underneath a doorway, and two Vases by some lava (two golds, 102/400).

Spyro the Dragon, Riptos Rage, and Dragon Year are included in the repressions

Elora, a faun of Avalar, and assistant to the Professor. She is friendly and wise and develops a friendship with Spyro over the course of the game.


Spyro Reignited Trilogy is a joy to play through

Pause the game and press RB(4), Left(4), Down, Up, Y. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound. Repeat the code to disable its effect.

Speak to Master Chef again for the second Challenge. In the next one, you'll have significantly more Turtles to save and they'll come out faster. It's still not that hard, though; just be on your guard and as they appear, Charge them away from the cauldron in the direction of the water. If they don't fall in, give them another quick Charge or two to get them in there.


Grab a lava rock from near the lava river and turn back towards the tunnel you just exited to find the last Lava Toad on top of the skull. Spit the rock out at him and grab the Bone 8/8 that falls to the ground. You'll warp back to Ooga and receive Orb 29/64: Dem bones, as well as a little extra surprise I won't spoil.

Up on the ledge ahead, you'll see a Genie; avoid the energy bombs they throw at you so you can Flame them. Glide over the little pool of acid and take out the Thief here, then head around the other side of the giant column here for a red and two purples. Continue further into the room to take out two more Thieves, then get the two Baskets (two purples) on the left side of this room. Head back and take the steps by the column up to glide onto a platform with two reds, then glide around the corner onto another platform with a red Gem. There's one more platform with two red Gems (160/400), a Thief and another berry tree so that Shorty can open up the next door.


Now jump back up the steps behind you, and at the top, look on the wall to your right to spot a bricky section of the wall. Charge into this to reveal a hidden passage behind it. Grab the red and green Gem behind it, then take the Whirlwind up. You'll end up in a grassy section with three Vases and three Baskets (six purples), as well as a green, purple and six red Gems loose (308/400).

The first puzzle involves lighting all eight blocks nearby yellow. Stepping on a block will invert the colour of it and the two adjacent blocks. That sounds complicated, but the solution is actually rather simple. Just jump on each of the unlit corner blocks once to solve it. Easy!


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Follow the loop again until you come to an arrow sign; shoot this to switch over to the left path. Continue along this, jumping/shooting over another crate/barrel. Shortly after that, be prepared to switch lanes to the left to pick up another gear and continue down the path through some large crates. This part can be tricky; to avoid crashing into the crates, change lanes right as you pass the one on the other lane. After that, you'll have two TNT barrels to shoot in your path before arriving back at the start of this loop for 35/50 Gears.

Now grab a lava rock and spit it out at the Catbat floating off the edge, then head right over the lava river and Charge the Wizard, grabbing two green Gems to his left. Jump up into the room beyond him for Bone 7/8 and two Baskets (two purples, 375/400).


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Fly toward the large group of buildings. There is a waterfall in the center of them. Fly behind the waterfall to find a person that will reveal the task for the Orb.


Guides for Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage on PlayStation

Glide over the gap to take out another Chick, then double back to defeat the two Falcons you passed who will now swoop down to you. Along the right wall are another two Baskets (two greens) and down the steps into the gap you glided over are four more greens.

We'll take care of that later; for now, head left and jump up a step to defeat a Bush, then walk up the metal ramp with another tree and the final Satyr 6/6. The temple is now open, but we'll enter it at the end of the level. Drop down to the right for an area with two more Earthshapers to Charge into the lava as well as two purple Gems and a red and green. Glide over to the platform in the middle of the lava and take down another Earthshaper with three green Gems by him (201/400).


After the first hit, Gulp will walk into the middle of the arena and switch to using a second attack where he'll shoot two energy bombs in a row at you. These can be a real pain in the ass to avoid as they lock on to where you're going, meaning that they're guaranteed to hit you if you just head straight in one direction. If you walk in a circle, however, it will throw them off, but be careful not to walk back into the explosions of the bombs when you do this. Nailing this technique is key to getting through this battle.

Go through the 4th door, keep following through this tunnel and as soon as you exit you'll be running down a very narrow elevated path. Follow this path out to the left as normal, but as it starts to turn to the right jump down to your left and land just outside the treasure cave, jump again to clear the edge (jumping up into the cave) and smash into the treasure box breaking it open.


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With all of them down, fly back to where you entered the volcano to find Zoe and a gold Gem. Hop on the ledge with the ladder, but continue jumping along the ledges around the volcano for another two gold Gems and a green and two purples at the far end (400/400).

Once you have all ten Tokens, talk to Showman Gned in the middle of the park to open the doors to the theatre. This opens up an exclusive page of the Guidebook that allows you to view any of the eleven story cutscenes in the game. If you want to view a level’s intro or outro cutscenes, simply enter or exit that level.


This freedom also extends to collecting the Dragon Eggs. Because they’re the only major reward, you’re allowed to approach levels however you like. You can find every egg, or you can only get eggs through your preferred mechanics, and there’s plenty around if you get stuck. Even the Speedways do this, with challenges now giving you eggs. However, you’re still restricted in how much you can do at any time, since you have to beat the Spyro and ally worlds to progress. Needing eggs to unlock worlds does give you the interesting choice to either collect what you like but have less to explore, or find everything to give yourself more options earlier on.

Just a technical note, Spyro Ripto's Rage is a good platformer, one of the better ones on the PlayStation, but it received a lower score than its predecessor. That's because we rated Spyro The Dragon (1) a little too high by today's standards. The better of the two is the sequel.


Keeping the Pirates at Bay

When last w e left Spyro the Dragon (find out here now), the spunky little fire-breather had vanquished Gnasty Gnorc and rescued the dragon families. In Spyro 2, he's on his way to a well-deserved Gnorc-less vacation -when he's shanghaied by the denizens of Avalar to save them from Ripto, a very evil dude. Now Spyro has to burn and headbutt Riptos horde through 30 levels of 3D action/adventure gaming.

He tasks you with destroying all of the Spiked Mines in this level which we've already made a start on. Jump onto the cannon by him and shoot the next two Spiked Mines 4/8 jumping out of the lava, as well as the Sealed Chest you can see on the far side. Once you've got both Mines, backtrack through the level to the start to find the four gold Gems the Sealed Chest dropped on the far side from the Whirlwind (187/400).


In Spyro (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=271) 2: Ripto’s Rage, Spyro ends up in Avalar where the angry warlock Ripto had been accidentally summoned. Along with Ripto are his equally evil minions Crush and Gulp. It is great timing that Spyro is in the area, as it is up to him to set things right.