How do I get ezmix 2 into the Pro Tools plugins? It is installed registered and working in standalone mode, but won’t show up in Pro Tools. I’m using a Macbook pro OS X Yosemite/Pro tools 11/3.1/ezmix 2 metal bundle and just updated it. the only thing I can think is to add it to my Ilok licenses. Ilok asks for an activation code, which I cannot find. I found the authorization codes but no activation codes.

  • You can hear it at the end of the “Organic” demo for this EZmix Pack (actually the Fender XI is there too
  • We are constantly adding tools to EZmix and it’s fascinating how much it can do
  • Tell us briefly how an EZmix preset is made. What actually goes into the process
  • Using EZmix 2 helps me concentrate on the creative part of songwriting and production
  • And you are trying to authorize your EZmix pack in account #2 now

You can manage your software on the Toontrack Product Manager

And that pretty much sums up what this pack comes loaded with: 30 plus years of experience bottled in the shape of easy accessible presets that load Peter’s signature signal chains for a multitude of mix needs. Bass, guitar, lead vocals, strings, background vocals, drums – you name it.


Please also see this video about the Product Manager

I’m now thinking that this is not how this works, in that ASIO is and input/output route in one, and thus not able to be output to a different source to the input source. Further, if I was actually able to select another output for ASIO (ie my normal soundcard route) I would loose the low latency anyway due to the increased processing path. So plugging my headphones directly into the M-Track is the correct way to go for low latency, which was the desired result. I believe I have just misinterpreted how I perceived ASIO working.

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  • Includes six individual EZmix Packs
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Hi again Scott, I’ve made some progress but can’t get past the authorization window. I have pasted the EZ drummer lite serial number that’s on the card I got with my Korg nano pad but the authorization fails.


A lot of times, I find myself completely loosing track of time and everything around me when I am in the middle of doing something that has to do with music. I forget to eat – time doesn’t even exist. Then, of course, there is a lot anxiety involved in actually finishing projects and being satisfied. I am never satisfied, but I think this is part of of the driving force when working with something creative that you put your heart and soul into.


You currently only have used one authorization. You have four authorizations (3 remaining) to use before support needs to remove any inactive ones.


I recently got a 1966 Fender XI bass. It’s like a guitar but tuned down one octave with 6 strings. Also, a couple of years ago, I bought a GuitarViol from Togaman. It’s handmade and has six strings, like a cello or viola but with frets and tuned like a guitar (in B). You play it with a bow and it sounds amazing! You can hear it at the end of the “Organic” demo for this EZmix Pack (actually the Fender XI is there too. It’s the one that plays the arpeggio chords all through the song). My Eurorack is the best thing that’s happened lately. Before I got it, I didn’t know anything about synths, really. Now I feel like I know a lot because, I got completely lost in YouTube land for months, just looking at videos educating myself on the subject.

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When I’m composing and making demos, EZmix 2 helps me to speed up my workflow and lets me focus on the music

You need to get EZdrummer to create the ‘Computer ID’ (part of the activation) with your network card (for internet) ‘OFF’ if you are going to be using EZdrummer ‘offline’. Once the Computer ID is generated with the network card ‘OFF’, switch it ‘ON’ to get your authorization code like before. Switch it ‘OFF’ again before using EZdrummer.

From the classic rock amps of the mid '60s and on, through the essentials of bass guitar and all the characteristic high gain tones of the past two decades of metal. Add to that more than 40 settings directly modeled after some of the most noted productions in metal superstar producer Andy Sneap's catalogue. And finally, a generous batch of tones personally designed by four of the most iconic and trendsetting guitarists in modern metal. All that in one package of unparalleled creative power.

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Trouble activating ezdrummer lite

Register the serial number to your Toontrack account. It will then be available for download.


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Dont know how to register the product because I cant find the registration key

I have downloaded EZ drummer lite for mac succesfully and installed it but the icon to start the software is nowhere to be found (I’m on mac). Do you think you can help me with this?