HA, no, that's not what i'm doing (and with the way TDU2 was made, they'll never fix the RAM exploits). I just want to get to the radio station files so I can listen to them while driving IRL.

  • The first version of TDU World has been released last weekend and is available to download
  • Tdu2 unofficial patch 0.3
  • Cod2 patch switcher music
  • Tdu2 unofficial patch 0.3 adobe
  • Bfme2 patch switcher music
  • Ariza patch s4 music
  • Air music patch cydia-
  • Beta patch 96584 music
  • Beta patch 95165 music
  • Dayz patch 94876 music
  • Beta patch 94444 music
  • Tdu2 unofficial patch 0.3 firefox
  • Ut99 patch 436 music
  • Tdu2 unofficial patch 0.3 games
  • Ut patch 3369 music
  • Unreal patch 227 music

About Mod == -

As you can see the culprit is listed as the network adapter. I'm sure I had already disabled that via Device Manager but let's continue.

How is the power delivery from the cars? Is there turbo-lag and can you drive around at relatively slow speeds?


Some of the standard colours for cars like the TVR are pre-set as pearlescent. The deluxe paint shop can easily create pearlescent effect paints on any car using metallic highlights.

It will be updated as often as possible and as often as necessary. All of the information below has been collected from elsewhere in this forum and is accurate to the best of our abilities. If you notice an error please contact me directly via pm and we’ll work to have it corrected as quickly as possible.


Search tdu 2 service patch download

The club houses are big houses you buy to create a club for you and your club member friends. These range in price and luxury furnishing depending how much is spent on it. It’s a place where the club can meet, chat, check their rankings, and decide on events etc.

Released Crazy Winter Mod auto setup program v1.5

We do not yet know when the beta testing will start. When we have selected a date, we will update everyone!


After reading the 500 posts in this mod thread, and the difficulties that people had to install the mod, I decided to make a stand alone program that installs the mod, and allows user to switch between the different roads provided. It is also very easy to backup to normal mode at will.



The cars we will be adding are not just a combination of existing mods, we are also creating new high quality mods ourselves to accompany them. The new mods we are creating mostly consist of recent and brand new models from countries like Britain, Italy and Germany. While the new mods we are creating will be of high quality, we will also be keeping low end systems in mind.

Once the race is finished the wager (if you chose to have one) changes hands. Additionally, there is a re-challenge option, even if you won the race the first time around.


It will be possible to play the game offline which would essentially render it a single player game. In this case you would still buy your houses and cars while continuing to earn money. However, since the primary focus of the game does incorporate being online, playing offline excludes such parts of the game as: car clubs, car auctions, and user challenges.

The Chronopack is one of the early game rewards, and it appears for all cars. You hit the left pad direction (from memory) and it brings up the Chrono features. This is basically your own 0-60mph timer, top speed and braking distance indicator. It's great fun because you can try to beat the manufacturer's times, and you can see the improvement when you start tuning them up.


Released New Graphic Intense

Especially as I only ever play the game in cockpit view, not from above. In third person mode the bikes are not too bad, a bit more tricky than GTA, but similar to MotoGP. In cockpit view it is hellishly difficult, but oh so rewarding when you weave in and out of traffic, and pulling wheelies – that's cool.

The radio works, you have a choice of several channels. Also my creating a custom playlist on your 360's hardrive which includes the word 'testdrive' in the name, you can make your own radio station, the default stations are.


For now we have selected mods for roads, foliage and clouds. We will also be tweaking the in game settings to allow for higher quality shadows, and better draw distance for instance. The tweaks we will be doing here are not set in stone yet and requires more research to see the possibilities.

Yes, you can adjust many aspects of your characters physical appearance as well as their clothing. This includes things like facial features, build, and skin tone.