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  • Improved AI offers a mostly authentic Sims experience on consoles
  • Pets add an interesting new dimension to the game
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Pets for the GBA is played from an isometric perspective and has an art style reminiscent of the original Sims for the PC. Many of the gameplay mechanics of the PC and console versions have been omitted, including the ability to age, breed, and pursue Aspirations and Wants. In exchange, it adds a new conversation system in which the player must match up conversation topics as they slide across the screen, matching them up in order to enjoy a successful chat.

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  • If those last few sentences got you excited, there's a good chance that The Sims 2: Pets is for you
  • She makes an appearance in The Sims 2: Pets along with Hilary Duff herself
  • Even without the animals, The Sims 2: Pets offers the most authentic Sims 2 experience on a console to date
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It's true that the pet-related content in the console versions of The Sims (address) 2: Pets, while interesting, doesn't seem perfectly implemented. But surprisingly, the open-ended, unpredictable Sims 2 experience seems to work much better in Pets than in any other console game. It's perhaps unfortunate that it took this long to replicate a good PC Sims experience on consoles, but if that's what you've been waiting for, you'll find it in The Sims 2: Pets. And if you're just in it for the collection and unlocking mini-games as in the previous console Sims games, you'll find those here too.


The Sims (click over here) series started on the PC as a popular and difficult-to-describe strategy game that let you control the lives of little computer people in the houses you built for them, as they loved, grew old, had families, and occasionally used the potty. Seven years, several different game platforms, and numerous editions later, the series has become known for offering zany humor, colorful graphics, a gibberish language that its "sim" characters speak (known as "simlish"), and cheerful music. However, the console versions of the Sims (find this) games never quite stacked up to the PC version, mainly because the console games tended to focus on collection-based minigames and unlocking hidden items. Also, they never seemed to capture the autonomous, unpredictable artificial intelligence that powered those happy little sims in the PC versions. However, The Sims 2: Pets (website) for the GameCube ends up being closer to The Sims 2's occasionally unpredictable gameplay than any other console Sims game to date, and it adds in some additional pet-based gameplay, while keeping the console versions' typical collection gameplay in the form of cooking recipes.

It's hard to find people that can mod the Sims 2, have enough time to mod, and are willing to make such a mod

You can use interactions with them to fulfill your sims (more bonuses)' social needs (so yes, you can play as a "crazy cat lady" who associates only with her housecats), just like you can with live-in family members. Unfortunately, the GameCube version of the game, unlike the PC version, doesn't let you send your pets to work to earn money -instead, it offers a single downtown area focused entirely on pets and lets you earn "pet points" to spend on chew toys, doggie treats, and other animal accessories. Spending pet points also unlocks the game's many hidden items and social interactions.


The ability to customise your human characters has been applied to the pets too

Choose from many different breeds. You can customize the way your pets look and their personality traits. The game also lets you breed (and cross-breed) your animals. Train them to sit and stay, buy them toys, food and supplies and much more.

The Nintendo DS edition of Pets adopts a 3D appearance, but recasts the player’s sim as a veterinarian responsible for treating a long line of patients suffering from maladies like broken legs and bowel obstructions. It's structured entirely as a goal-oriented game with an added requirement to keep the protagonist’s Hunger, Energy, Bladder, Comfort, Hygiene, and Social Needs under control.


Unlike Nintendogs' version of dogs, The Sims 2 Pets aren't that pretty nor realistic. In both games, you have to take care of their needs and heal them up. Sure, the veterinary element is completely missing in Nintendogs. But after Playing The Sims 2 Pets, it was probably for the best.

Training a pet to perform tricks sounds interesting, but it seems to be more trouble than it's worth

Werewolves have a natural edge when it comes to interacting with other animals and can train pets how to respond to commands much more quickly than normal sims. Changing into a beast after sundown can put a real crimp in one’s social life, as can the persistent, gnawing hunger, so characters who desire a cure can consult with the Obedience Trainer.


Otherwise, the game adds some new music tracks that fit in just fine, and like the console version of The Sims 2, it borrows music liberally from the 2004 PC game. And pets also offers well-suited animal noises (dogs barking, cats purring, and so on) that are just as expressive as the still-upbeat gibberish "simlish" language that sims use to communicate with each other, and now to coo at and criticize their animal friends. While the expansion doesn't add a new set of out-of-home "lots," the out-of-home areas that sims can visit by calling a cab, it does add new objects for your home and new household items and clothing options. These all look just fine and seem to fit in very well with the colorful, though perhaps not cutting-edge look and feel of the console versions of The Sims 2, although the GameCube version has a brighter, cleaner look and slightly shorter loading times than its PS2 cousin.

Do you know how to mod the Sims 2? I my-self can't mod it at all, but I tried to get a group of people together to make this a while back and no-one joined in. It's hard to find people that can mod the Sims 2, have enough time to mod, and are willing to make such a mod.


There are a few other pets available, such as rodents and birds, but as is the case in real life, these amount to nothing more than interactive furniture. The cats and dogs count as family members, and while you can't directly control them, they have needs (such as the need to chew and scratch things). Through scolding and praising they can be taught behaviours, and through relentless training they can be taught commands - both of which are skills they can use to further themselves in their chosen careers. These aren't like people careers (and not as Log seemed to think, "driving tractors and stuff"), but animal careers, such as being a guide dog or a movie star.

SimPets have a personality matrix similar to human sims, though it’s somewhat more rudimentary. Each slider for Intelligence, Energy Level, Sociability, Bravery, and Cleanliness has only three possible settings instead of the ten gradations for people, but these qualities will have an impact on the animal’s behavior and which professions it might be suited for.


I've been scouring the internet hoping somebody would be just as sick as me as to have made a bestiality mod for the sims 2 but with little luck. I've found several other forums out there with people who already had the idea to do such a thing but was alone in the endeavor and so let it die. Another claimed that he knew some guy in europe who had made the mod but wanted a 100$ "donation" to be able to download it from his site, and plenty others who claim to have the mod or post pictures of the aforemention activity but never post a link. So i'm coming here hoping that somebody will hear me out and do all us closet zoos on the internet a favor and create such a mod. I've seen plenty similar mods for skyrim but as i have a laptop its all just sort of mocking. So is anyone up to the challenge?

Cats and dogs can join an existing household if a sim contacts the Pet (look these up) Adoption service, goes to browse through one of the new neighborhood pet shops, decides to take in a stray, or if the player elects to create a new one from scratch. No more than six pets can reside on a single lot at the same time.


Spending pet points also unlocks the game's many hidden items and social interactions

The Sims 2 engine, which no longer restricts movement to tiles, means that dogs and cats can move about with a modicum of realism instead of running only at 90-degree angles like some demented autistic creature. The ability to customise your human characters has been applied to the pets too. Dogs can be big or small and of a wide variety of breeds, and if recreating the household pet is something you want to spend your time doing, you can tweak things such as hair colour, type, patterns, patches and even those funny moustache bits some dogs have.

It's a weird mix of a game, you can see elements of a nicely developed game but they are scarce. The story mode has a lot of possibilities and in itself is not terrible, but is ruined by the terrible game mechanics. It tries to mix a game like The Sims 2 with the mechanics of Nintendogs. But it gets the worst out of each one, failing completely to see what made them great in the first place.


Have fun with this entertaining real life simulation game where your goal is to raise an adorable pet. Play this entertaining game on kiz10 we have the best collection of totally free simulation games.

Pets for the PSP is a direct port of the console version, complete with the full 3D environments, Wants, and Aspirations. The limit on available household decorations is slightly more restrictive than on the other versions, however, and the smaller cache of internal memory requires almost constant pauses while the game caches new information off the game disc.


It-s no secret that there-s no Sims (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=2127) game complete without the expansions. But when they get released for consoles and beyond the PC release of the titles, things are different. Here we'll talk about The Sims 2 Pets, simulation games are incredibly popular, and The Sims games are the king of simulation games.

Hold "L1" until you see there fight re-appear. This saves you at least 5 minutes in "SIM TIME". This will also help you when you change for work and your car is about to leave.

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I was only asking for Sims 2 beast mod because I just got it from a torrent, now that 4 is going to come out I would rather see a mod there if only for the graphics. Yeah i think if someone wanted to get it done it would've been done already, but as it seems vtj90 couldn't find anyone to help him i guess we know why.


Similar in theme to the ghosts, aliens, zombies, and vampires introduced in earlier editions of the games, Pets adds the potential for sims (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=8086) to become infected with lycanthropy. Werewolves are highly nocturnal, preferring to prowl around in the moonlight rather than sleep in bed, and can even chase down would-be burglars on their properly.

This cheat only works with cats and dogs, since those are the only kinds of pets that have selectable portraits. Birds and womrats are not playable.