Designing Circuit Boards with EAGLE Powerful, flexible, and inexpensive, EAGLE is the ideal PCB design solution for every Maker/DIYer, startup, hobbyist, or student. It's powerful, and there's tons of open source designs released in EAGLE format to learn from. If you want to design cost-effective new PCBs, this is the tool to learn. Matthew Scarpino helps you take full advantage of EAGLE's remarkable capabilities.

  • The component list is handy and placed on top of the circuit board
  • This is not just a regular circuit board, read the instructions below
  • For full details see the link in my signature below
  • The AC tab displays the output AC parameters of the circuit
  • You can also check a circuit for errors before simulating it
  • It can not only simulate, but solve circuit for you
  • Circuit Maker 2000 Overview
  • It also lets you view the waveform of simulated circuit
  • Maker 3 Review here

Series Part 13 Full Arduino UNO R3 Schematic and

Before, we’ve always used a separate fabric cutter. Desktop cutters like the Cricut Explore and Silhouette Cameo always said that they could cut fabric but we all knew that that was reaching a bit. The fabric always needed bonding or backing material and would routinely bunch and tear when the blade tried to cut.


Circuit Maker 2000 is basically a tool for people who are related to electronics and electrical engineering. It is now simple and very easy to use the built-in electric tools and diodes to just combine them on a software and let them see if they work. It has almost every known element in the field of electronics and has the best features and suggestions to improve your circuit board.

DC, AC, S-parameter, Transient, Noise and Harmonic Balance analysis. Pure digital simulations are also supported. Qucs works on almost any operating systems such as Solaris, Apple Macintosh, Microsoft windows, FreeBSD, NetBSD etc. The program is released under the GNU General Public License in source code form, so you will need to compile it yourself before you can run it.


If you can afford this machine, I would definitely recommend it over the others. It’s significantly more powerful, versatile and future-proof.

It is an electronic simulation software online with a well-made graphics. When you enter the online program and it will ask you to create a free account so that you can save your projects and have a limited portion of the area to draw your circuit. To use it without limitations demanding an annual fee of $ 10. It can be downloaded and used on platforms of Android and iTunes. The components have a limited ability to simulate with spice minimum parameters. Very easy to use, it has a great system of electronic design. It allows you to include (embed) simulation into your web page.


4-bit Binary Full Adder

After five seconds of complete, it will then ask you to choose the location where you want to save the file. I recommend you download it at the Desktop so you can find it easily.

At the time it was launched, it was the first Cricut that could connect wirelessly via Bluetooth (hence “Air” in the name). But this feature has now been applied across all three of these machines.


Password based door lock system using Arduino with Keypad

PAL circuit board which includes an official Teensy 3/2 and addressable LED interface circuitry. Each PAL circuit (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=4124) board has a unique serial number.

When your file downloaded successfully it will then automatically start installing on your computer. You just need to follow the instructions on the screen and wait till the installation completes.


Below you’ll find a non-exhaustive list of the most common 4000-series chips. Click on the IC number of a chip to learn more about its pins, functions and example circuits.

If you don’t know how to use CCMaker then you can check out my this simple and easiest guide. I will cover all the basic things so you don’t face any problem while installing Applications.


CCMaker v1.3.6 Download For Windows & Mac

Joy can only cut the most common craft materials – paper, card, iron-on, vinyl and sticker paper. It’s also the only machine that can cut without a mat, thanks to the new Smart Vinyl and Smart Iron On technology (another feature that makes it quicker and simpler to use).

The unique gliding and rolling action means that it can cut through practically any fabric. And here’s the best bit — it doesn’t require any backing material!


The output waveform of simulated circuits can be viewed on the integrated oscilloscope

Unfortunately my costs to produce this board have gone up. The new price for the PAL board is $40. This is still good value compared to doing everything yourself.

Output can be analyzed by applying scopes, like: Oscilloscope and Probes to the circuit

First download the updated user guide and read chapter 5 which describes the update procedure. Then download the update package and follow the instructions in the user guide.


Which Cricut machine is best

This problem only occurs when you download the wrong Microsoft Universal C Runtime (CRT). So please make sure to download the right version of Microsoft Universal C Runtime (CRT) for your machine from Microsoft’s website.

A high disadvantage of LTspice is its proprietary code base which is licensed by Linear Technology. Had they made it open source, LTspice could have gone places with collaborative development.

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  • Cricut Maker® + Essentials Bundle, Lilac
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  • You have to construct a circuit using these components
  • And brief circuit diagram WhatsApp and email support
  • Build a Sound Machine & learn about integrated circuits
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  • Download Phoneboard tool Latest Version: schematic circuit diagrams
  • View the truth table of the designed circuit

Depending on the model, Cricut machines can cut, draw, print and cut*, score, deboss, engrave, perforate and add foil detail. They have the power to cut wood and thick leather, as well as fine paper and fabrics. And they’re extremely precise, too. If you stick 2 layers of sellotape together, they’re able to cut through just the top one and leave the bottom completely intact. All from a small device you can use on your kitchen table.


It’s been designed to cut through virtually any fabric. It’s equipped with a gliding and rolling action that makes cutting fabric as easy as cutting through butter, and allows you complete control over — regardless of what direction it’s going in.

I find my maker wont cut small vinyl writing, ive changed the blade, mats and pressure


You can use it to design and simulate simple as well as complex logical circuits

Another thing we love is that the machine will automatically detect whether you’re using the correct blade or not. For instance, it will tell you if you need to switch to the rotary blade before cutting a piece of fabric. This will save you both time and money on wasted materials.

It lets you design logic circuits, simulate them, and view output on oscilloscope

Most chips support a voltage supply of between 3V and 15V. Some versions support up to 20V.

How To Install Circuit Maker 2000 Software Without Errors
1 Transition from Hobby PCB Maker to Professional Designer with Altium 45%
2 Circuit Diagram for Controlling Brushless DC motor using 23%
3 But if he’s layering it then I’d recommend the Maker 24%
4 When you make sure the circuit function is good, you can create printed circuit boardwith the same software 62%
5 Watch a Circuit Blox Cityscape master build 54%
6 Schematic Circuit Diagram of all Mobile Phones 41%
7 View AC parameters of the simulated circuit 64%
8 Creative Cloud Maker downloads the applications directly from its own Adobe’s Server 40%
9 If you’ve got the Maker, then there’s no need to get the Air aswell 4%
10 Ultimate Electronics: Practical Circuit Design and Analysis 27%

It will be automatically activated right after your product is downloaded and installed. This software comes with the built-in AMTEmu which is made by the PainteR. AMTEmu is a tool to activate Adobe Products without paying the money for a product key.


They can be used to make clothing, cards, home decor, models, scrapbook embellishments, stickers, banners, labels, toys, gifts and so much more. Have a look through my Cricut craft archives for plenty of real-life projects and tutorials.

Like we’ve said before, we definitely understand the frustration: once you’ve bought all your materials and supplies, craft cutting can be a very expensive hobby. As soon as you introduce new machines less than a year apart, you’re spending serious money just to keep up.


The Maker (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=3021) is capable of applying significantly greater pressure compared to other models. This hugely expands the breadth of materials is can cut. It’s also the only Cricut machine fitted with the revolutionary adaptive tool system, which allows it to be fitted with a large range of add-on tools and blades.

I am pleased to announce the Oak Micros Pinball Addressable LEDs (PAL) board that is used to control up to 8 addressable LEDs strips. It is based on the Teensy 3/2 and includes a modified version of the standard Pinball cabinet code for addressable LEDs.


As you add components and create circuit, the output values and waveform are displayed in real time

It can do everything that the Explore Air 2 can do and more. And if you’re a keen fabric cutter, you’re going to be in heaven.

Conclusion: Which Cricut machine should I buy

Downloading CCMaker from our website is easier than downloading from another website. We provide a clean and direct download link with a fast download speed. Our provided links don’t contain any type of short links or social unlock URLs.


And, with the help of scope tools, you can analyze simulated circuit’s output

It turns out that there is a software bug in the original StripController source code that was posted on GitHub and LEDs can be shown "off by one". This results in the wrong patterns and shapes in the playfield matrix of LEDs. The good news is that there is a fix and it is easy to apply.

Read Our Full Comparison of Explore Air 2 vs Maker

Choose the option of your choice, in my case I show you the method of Download & Install. So, after clicking on the Download and Install, it will download some files on your computer.


If you’re not much of a crafter, but are simply interested in making your own cards and labels occasionally, Cricut Joy is made for you! It’s small, lightweight and the cheapest of them all – perfect for everyday, casual use around the home.

CCMaker is an application that is used to download the Adobe Products. It is the only app that allows you to choose which language package, which features and what you want to download.


Extract the CCMaker which you downloaded from the above link. It may ask you for the password you can find it here then it will be extracted to a folder.

Pinout for the 4511 IC

The Explore Air 2 is the oldest of the three machines, but don’t let that fool you – it’s still an incredibly versatile and accurate cutting machine. It’s a good midway point between the lower cost and simplicity of the Joy, and the larger size and advanced versatility of the Maker. See what’s included in the box in my Cricut Explore Air 2 unboxing.


Joy is the newest Cricut cutting machine. It’s focussed on easy, everyday use around the home – not just for crafters in their studio. It’s the smallest and cheapest Cricut machine available. If you just want the ability to quickly make simple, custom projects from common materials (and don’t want to spend extra on additional features) then this is the machine for you.

It does not allow you to design the circuit, but only to make practise

The maximum cutting area of the Explore machines is 12″ wide by 24″ long, which in reality equals somewhere around 11/5″ wide and 23/5″ long. Compare this to the Cameo 3, which can cut 12″ wide by a whopping 10′ long.


Despite of the limited features, it lets you design and simulate general circuits easily

There’s also a well-engineered storage drawer and two tool cups on the machine. Little details, but important enough to make a difference in how easy it is for you to use the machine.

The Explore Air 2 is a good midway point between the lower cost of the Joy, and the advanced versatility of the Maker. It’s ability to cut card, paper, bonded fabric, vinyl and iron-on make it ideal for keen crafters (especially paper crafters) who think they’ll get a lot of use from their cutting machine. However, it does lack some versatility and breadth of use compared to the Maker (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=9378).


How does the keypad Arduino lock works

Multisim electronics circuit simulation software is based on Berkeley SPICE and comes in both free and paid additions. MultiSim, the circuit maker software enables you to capture circuits, create layouts, analyse circuits and simulation. Highlight features include exploring breadboard in 3D before lab assignment submission, create printed circuit boards (PCB) etc.

List of 4000 Series IC

You can import your own images directly into Design Space to cut them out with your machine. It accepts all common file types: SVG, PNG, JPG, DXF, GIF, and BMP, so you can easily import images made in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop etc.


If I had to design and simulate just electric circuits, I would go with Tina-Ti

Cricut have partnered with Simplicity and Riley Blake Designs to enhance the library — two awesome companies that promise to bring some incredible patterns to the table. If you’re a quilter, you’re going to love what Riley Blake have on offer.

Now simply click on this and you will then redirected to the Mediafire link. From there you find a Mediafire Download button just click on that and wait for five seconds.


The Cricut Maker is for people serious about their craft. If you plan on cutting more than just paper, card and vinyl, then you need this machine. It’s especially good for sewists and soft crafters, as it’s the only machine that can cut un-bonded fabric. It’s also great for wooden model makers or leather crafters, thanks to its ability to cut heavy materials.

If you’re serious about your craft, and want to have the greatest range of cutting abilities, I definitely recommend the Cricut Maker (check this). It’s the best and most versatile cutting machine on the market. Also, if you’re a sewist and want to cut fabric, the Maker is the one for you.


It lets you design and simulate logical circuits with the list of logical components on board

Plus, it promises to do Print Then Cut on patterned and colored paper! We’re excited to test this feature out: it really opens up new crafting opportunities when you can move past PtC on white paper.

Okay, so that’s the Cricut basics that you need to know first. Now it’s time to choose the specific machine that will best be suited to your needs.