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After you have spent a lot of time configuring your kernel to make the kernel you need, you can now compile it. The source code is C code in the form of plain text. This is readable to humans but not computers. Compiling the code converts the code to a form computers understand called binary (ones [on] and zeros [off]). Compilation will also make all of those kernel files one file called the kernel.


TOMOYO is another supported LSM (TOMOYO Linux Support). The maximum number of entries permitted to be added during learning-mode is set in the following feature (Default maximal count for learning mode). The amount of log entires can also be set (Default maximal count for audit log). Next, this option allows/disallows TOMOYO to be activated without a policy loader (Activate without calling userspace policy loader). The location of the policy loader is configured here ((/sbin/tomoyo-init) Location of userspace policy loader) and the executable that triggers the execution is set here ((/sbin/init) Trigger for calling userspace policy loader).

These various kernels mainly variety in their driver availability. For example, the Exynos kernel will have drivers for Exynos Samsung devices while the OMAP kernel does not.


Iscsitarget-devel — Development of iSCSI Enterprise Target

Futex() - Futex stands for Fast User-space muTEX. With this syscall, threads and processes can adhere to the futex standard so the executing code can wait for shared resources. Any code that calls futex() must be written in non-portable assembly instructions.

Now that we have our new kernel installed, we may have a module we wish to manipulate. Modules allow users to get extra hardware support without making a new kernel. For example, if a kernel is made without HFS support, a user can still use the HFS filesystem without making a new kernel.


How to avoid printk log dropping in linux kernel

Note: Make sure that your phone’s key combination is suitable for a specific device since it varies from device to device. As a result, it is strongly recommended that you initially check on the internet which key combinations work for your device model.

Sched_get_priority_max(), sched_get_priority_min() - Every scheduling policy (or scheduling algorithm) has a set priority range. These two syscalls return the maximum and minimum priority numbers (respectively) accepted by a policy.


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We do not assume writes to the LVT deassering IRQs * 8AP. We do not enable low power mode (deep sleep) during MP bootup * 9AP. We do not use mixed mode * * Pentium * There is a marginal case where REP MOVS on 100MHz SMP * machines with B stepping processors can fail.

The decoders can take largevariations in bit times. The problem is with cumulative errors.

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I use printk with KERN_INFO, gets enabled through dynamic debug

In most cases, you generally install it together with the Android Studio. It is a development environment for Android apps and programs. It has a collection of tools, and resources that’s important for any developer such as a visual editor, and a debugger for resolving issues and bugs.


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On Tue, 2007-01-23 at 14:01 +0000, Graeme Gregory wrote:> On Tue, Jan 23, 2007 at 01:53:09PM +0000, Richard Purdie wrote:> > The app buttons are a different question. They all trigger GPIO 0> > through a big OR gate, so we can respond to them just fine.

On Mon, 2021-06-08 at 16:54 -0300, Mauro Carvalho Chehab wrote:> The DVB API was originally defined using typedefs. This is against> Kernel CodingStyle, and there's no good usage here.


Actually I have taken a look at your code. It's has potential for selling to some embedded vendor. Alot of the stuff you add is indeed missing butmostly can be implemented with what we already have. For example:fb_clear is really fb_fillrect with a rop of ROP_CLEAR.

A successor for JFFS2 exists and is supported by the kernel (UBIFS file system support). The Unsorted Block Image File System (UBIFS) also competes with LogFS.


An alternative notification system is fanotify (Filesystem wide access notification). Fanotify is the same as Inotify, but fanotify relays more information to the userspace than Inotify.

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Compute-Node-Linux (CNL) is a kernel for the Cray computers. The INK kernel is used in IBM's Blue Gene Supercomputer.

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Aconsistent off by 4% error is simply too much since the NEC protocolis a 4% stretched version of the JVC protocol. If the driver isstretching JVC by 4% it has effectively converted it into a broken NECmessage. And that's what the decoders detected. Given that the NECprotocol is a 4% stretched JVC the largest safe timing variance is 2%(half of 4%).


Now, we can move on to PCMCIA character devices. However, most of the drivers here are vendor/device specific.

Configuring the Linux Kernel

CIFS can have "DFS feature support" which allows shares to be accessed even when they are moved. DFS stands for Distributed FileSystem.


Sync_file_range() - Like syncfs(), not all synchronizations are executed. However, only a portion of a single file is synchronized with the memory.

NOTE: Some other libraries or links may be needed. If so, the compiler will give an error that a library or file is missing.


The number one method of updating the system's kernel is via the package manager. Updating the kernel is just like updating any other software. Open your package manager and refresh the repository list to see the latest updates. If updates exist for your kernel, then select the updates and apply them. If you are using a command-line, then follow the normal procedures for applying updates.

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Linux-libre is a Linux kernel that completely lacks proprietary code and modules. Basically, it is the Vanilla Kernel with code removed. This is perfect for people that want to avoid all proprietary software. Beware, some device will not work with this kernel.

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The DVB API was originally defined using typedefs. This is againstKernel CodingStyle, and there's no good usage here.


Before compiling, the host system must have JDK 6, Python2/7, and various developer's libraries installed on your system. Many developers recommend compiling the kernel on a 64-bit system (doing so on a 32-bit system is possible, but more difficult).

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The last firmware driver is a set of "Google Firmware Drivers". These are drivers for Google-specific hardware. Do not enable this driver unless you work for Google and need to use Linux on such hardware or if you are making a Linux kernel for a computer you stole from Google.

Kill() - A kill signal is sent to the specified process. As you may have noticed, many system calls require a pid, file descriptor, or some other low-level (closer to the hardware/inner-workings) identification to know on what to do work. Since kill is like other syscalls, that is why it uses a pid. Yes, in a command-line users are using a system call (kill) to perform a low-level operation on the system.


Personality() - This syscall creates the process's execution domain. In computing, a personality is the way an executable behaves. This refers to the different system calls and application binary interfaces (ABI).

Enable USB Debugging On Kindle Fire Devices

NOTE: Most of the system calls will be discussed across a few articles, but not all of them will be covered. Some of the obsolete ones will be listed, but most will not be mentioned.


However, if the register number being accessed is out of bounds, 1 is returned. Shouldn't it be better to return -EINVAL instead?

The first driver to configure for the auxiliary display is the "KS0108 LCD Controller" driver. The KS0108 LCD Controller is a graphics controller made by Samsung.


What are differences between keepsprint, autosprint, and togglesprint

The kernel can be configured to detect soft and hard lockups (Detect Hard and Soft Lockups). When the system is frozen for more than twenty second and other tasks cannot execute, this is called a soft-lockup. If the CPU is in a loop that lasts for more than ten seconds and interrupts fail to get execution time, then this is called a hard-lockup.

Winelib is a libc used to compile with source code that only works on Windows systems. However, Winelib makes the compiled program work on Unix and Unix-like systems. Beware, Winelib is not perfect and may not work with some programs. Also, Winelib only works with 32-bit software. Usually, to use Winelib, the make-file for the source code needs some tweaking.


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Ok so I’ve been seeing these thrown around and I still have no idea of what they actually are, from The names, is keepsprint like keeping your sprint sfter you get hit by a rod or something? Is auto sprint like reenabling your sprint after you lose it? Is toggle sprint basically autosprint?


Hi,On Sat, 2007-01-27 at 18:03 +0800, Jason Miu wrote:> I am trying to start a kernel 2/6 development on my SL5500 but have a > problem with my serial console. My 2/6 kernel is compiled from OE and > the tmp/work directory shows it has the version > "collie-linux/linux-rp-2/6.18-r7". I connected my sharp serial console > cable to my host, and fire up the kermit as my terminal. The startup > messages looks fine, but become all the garbages finally. Screen shot here:I think there is some problem with the serial port flow control oncollie. Did you try different flow control options?

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Syncfs() - Like sync(), syncfs() causes changes to be written to the storage unit. However, only one file is changed while sync() tells all modifications to be written.


Autosprint I would assume makes all of your movements sprinting, including A, D, and S along with W. I think there's a hack that does that, at least. This means that you could run from a player while still facing them while holding S.

What Is USB Debugging

Debian is a system that has many variants. All Debian systems use GNU, but may have different kernels. Most people have at least heard of the GNU/Linux form that has many derivatives (like Ubuntu). Some interesting forms of Debian include GNU/Hurd, GNU/NetBSD, and GNU/kFreeBSD (FreeBSD Kernel). Obviously, people need to be more clear on which Debian system they have when they need help fixing an issue.


Compressed patches can be applied using one of these commands depending on the compression type. Again, you must be in the directory with the kernel's code.

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Or maybe it would be just toohard to get a common abstraction, more work than it's worth. It'ssurprising that more people don't want BT as it's vastly superior toKCS.


Plan 9 Resource Sharing for Linux

Getcwd(), getwd(), and get_current_dir_name() - GET Current Working Directory. These three syscalls give the same result, but they each function a little differently.

However, some other bootloaders may need to be manually configured. The kernel installer can configure the Grub, LILO, and SysLinux bootloader automatically. Bootloaders like BURG may need to be manually configured. The modules must also be installed by typing "make modules_install".


These kernels are different not because they were configured or compiled differently. Rather, the source code itself was greatly changed.

Socket() - The commonly discussed sockets are created with this syscall. A socket is a named pipe with additional abilities. The sockets commonly discussed in these syscall articles are sometimes called Unix Domain Sockets.


Close() - After a program is done writing or reading a file, the file should be closed to release memory and a file descriptor for reuse. The close() system call performs the closing of the file. Some documentation may say close() closes a file descriptor.

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You’ll probably find that only 2 will sell regularly, and the rest will not do much. This is called the 80/20 rule or Pareto Principle – and it’s a familiar concept in marketing and economics.


Klibc (Kernel libc) - The Linux kernel uses klibc while starting up. Once the kernel is loaded, it then uses glibc. However, not all distros use klibc.

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Now, we can move on to the "Real Time Clock". This is commonly abbreviated "RTC".

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NOTE: Many of you may be wondering why enabling these device file matter. Well, these device files serve as an interface between the software and hardware.


This file is to be placed in the Linux kernel directory and allow it to replace the current file. Then, compile and install the kernel as you normally would.

Exit_group() - All of a process's threads and associated threads are closed with this syscall. This is a special form of _exit().


v9fs: print v9fs module address

Wiping data or resetting your phone is recommended to be the last option since this process will delete all data from your Android phone. For this process, you need to remove the locked screen first by entering into Recovery Mode on your phone, and then you can proceed with the next steps.

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Timer_getoverrun() - This syscall is used for expiration notices (like stating a backup is three days late). This call calculates the time interval between the time the timer was due up to the time timer_getoverrun() is called.


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For example, in the beginning of Linux's history, the GNU community had no kernel at the time and Linux was just a kernel. So, they put the two projects together. Today, the GNU community has a kernel called "Hurd". They then swapped the Linux kernel with the Hurd kernel to make "GNU/Hurd" systems. For instance, Arch exists as "GNU/Linux" and "GNU/Hurd". Not only do various userland and kernel combinations exist, there are different Linux kernels.

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NOTE: A digest (like MD5) generates a hash (sequence of characters) based on a file. Hashes are then used to check files. For example, if you download the Ubuntu installation ISO file from Canonical's website, you may want to know if the file on your hard-drive is an exact replica of the server's file. Users do this because the ISO may become corrupted during the long download. The hash is used to prove that the file is unchanged.


Sched_setaffinity(), sched_getaffinity() - The CPU affinity (CPU pinning) of a thread can be set or viewed with these syscalls, respectively. CPU affinity assigns a thread or process to a processor. For instance, on systems with multiple processors, processes and threads may not be processed by many CPU chips at once. Instead, code may stay with one CPU.

The "Virtio balloon driver" allows the memory owned by a virtual system to be expanded or decreased as needed. Generally, no one wants a virtual system to reserve memory it may never use when the host operating system needs the memory.


In this article, we will configure the Cryptographic API, Virtualization, and Library Routines. Cryptography refers to encryption and secure communication between desired computers. Users may encrypt data to ensure only the recipient reads the data instead of hackers that may obtain the data.

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If the second open won'twork right, then why allow it? Why remove code that causes the secondopen to error -corey> > The implementation delivers IBF and OBF events to the first chardev> client to associate with the KCS device. An open on a related chardev> cannot associate its client with the KCS device and so will not> receive notification of events.


The "GF(2^128) multiplication functions" is a specific algorithm used by some ciphers. GF stands for Galois field and is a set of finite numbers. These sets are called fields and they come in a variety of sizes.

Is there a built-in function to print all the current properties and values of an object

To support the FAT filesystems, enable this driver (VFAT (Windows-95) fs support). At the time this article was written, this driver does not support FAT64 (commonly called exFAT).


There are still many more kernel calls, as you will see. Each one is important to the functioning of the kernel and system as a whole. Some of these syscalls are defined by the POSIX standard and are used by other systems (like *BSD). Some systems use a system call that has the same name and performs the same function. However, such calls may use different code even between architectures of the same operating system.

Send printk to serial

After the staging drivers are configured, the next set of drivers are for the X86 platform. These drivers are vendor/device specific for X86 (32-bit) hardware.


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Inotify_rm_watch() - When an inotify watch is no longer needed, this syscall removes the watch specified by a watch descriptor (wd). When watches are made with inotify_init(), the wd is given.

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The "Ext3 extended attributes" offers the ability to use extra metadata not natively supported by the filesystem. Again, the following EXT3 drivers/features are the same as for EXT2 - "Ext3 POSIX Access Control Lists" and "Ext3 Security Labels". Also, the same is true for the following EXT4 drivers/features - "Ext4 POSIX Access Control Lists", "Ext4 Security Labels", and "EXT4 debugging support".

After pressing the combination of keys, the Android bootloader will display on the screen. Choose “Recovery Mode” and press the Power button for confirmation and enter into Recovery Mode.


It is highly recommended that the Magic SysRq Key be enabled

Next, we can move back to "real" filesystems. That is, the filesystems users themselves use to store their personal files. Next, the kernel can be given the ability to read ADFS filesystems (ADFS file system support).

Mremap() - Memory REMAP is a syscall that remaps a virtual memory address. This means the kernel call gets a section of data and changes the size and location of that data's allocated area in memory.


Fstatfs() - The statistics of a filesystem can be retrieved with this kernel call. This system call is directed to the filesystem in question by using a file descriptor of any given file on that filesystem.

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However, I did notice that pressing the> app buttons (bottom-left on the keyboard) did wake up the Z, besides> which the power button *is* right there on the front -)The app buttons are a different question. They all trigger GPIO 0through a big OR gate, so we can respond to them just fine.

Delete_module() - Kernel modules are unloaded by this system call. If the specified module is being used or is needed by other modules or the kernel itself, then the syscall will leave the module alone.


The "CFAG12864B LCD" screen is a 128x64, two-color LCD screen. This screen relies on the KS0108 LCD Controller.

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Sysinfo() - An overview of the systems information (system statistics or sys stats) can be viewed with sysinfo(). Specifically, this data contains various memory space info, time since booting, buffer data, and some other helpful information.


All other faults represent errors in the * kernel and should generate an OOPS. Unfortunatly, in the case of an * erroneous fault occuring in a code path which already holds mmap_sem * we will deadlock attempting to validate the fault against the * address space.

If this option is enabled, then the user can select different security models (Enable different security models). Otherwise, the defaults will be used. Disable this if you do not fully understand security or if you are fine with your kernel using the defaults.


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Do you have other methods on how to enable USB Debugging on your Android smartphone? If yes, feel free to share your recommendations and insights below.

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To apply a patch, type the following where "PATCH" is the patches file name. Also, use this command while the active directory is the kernel's source code.


Now, we can move on to the "Security Options" which is seen as a sub-menu in the main menu if you are using a menu-based interface, like ncurses. The first option allows access keys and authentication tokens to be stored in the kernel (Enable access key retention support). This is used for many reasons like accessing encrypted filesystems.

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Hello all,I am trying to start a kernel 2/6 development on my SL5500 but have a problem with my serial console. My 2/6 kernel is compiled from OE and the tmp/work directory shows it has the version "collie-linux/linux-rp-2/6.18-r7". I connected my sharp serial console cable to my host, and fire up the kermit as my terminal. The startup messages looks fine, but become all the garbages finally.


Gettid() - The TID of a thread can be seen with this syscall. TID stands for thread identification.

I have tired minicom also, but with no luck, same garbage output. Would anyone give me a helping hand or a pointer? I have googled the net and read the FAQ/Howtos but they do not give me any cue. Please let me know if I have missed any info.


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For example: You create 10 designs a month and 2 are regular sellers. After your first month you have 10 designs and make $50. After your second month you have 20 designs and make $100.

Re: sata_mv with Adaptec AIC-8130/Marvell 88SX6041

The next driver is for "Mailbox Hardware Support". This framework controls mailbox queues and interrupt signals for hardware mailbox systems.


Signalfd() - Signals can be accepted by a process via a file descriptor. However, such a file descriptor must be created first using this syscall.

Ipc() - To execute System V IPC system calls, the Linux kernel uses ipc() to start a System V IPC call. Not all architectures support ipc(). For instance, this call is not seen in ARM systems. Obviously, when making cross-platform software, do not use ipc().


So if a 33 MHz reference is usedinstead of 32/768 MHz, then the default CLKCFG2 value yields this for anominal 1 us: 32 / 33/333 MHz ~= 960 ns = 0/960 us (-4/0%) > > > Experimenting with changing the PLL frequency register may correct the> > > error. Try taking 96% of pll_freq and write it back into these> > > register. This would be easy to fix with a manual.

If you are not the intended recipientof this e-mail, you are hereby notified that any dissemination,distribution or copying of this e-mail, and any attachments thereto,is strictly prohibited. If you have received this e-mail in error,please immediately notify the sender and permanently delete theoriginal and any copy or printout thereof.


Sigaction() - Signals sent to processes may need to be modified. This kernel call allows the calling process to change the desired result of a signal sent to a process.

Lookup_dcookie() - Using a cookie, the full path of a directory entry can be seen. A cookie is a directory entry identifier.


Access() - This checks the permissions of a file before the calling process can access the file. This syscall first ensures the specified file exists. If so, then the system call checks if the process/user may read, write, and/or execute the file.

After configuring the virtual machine abilities for the kernel, the last menu on the main screen of the configuration tool (when using a menu interface) is the last portion of the kernel to configure. This menu is for the "Library Routines", also called library functions. Parts of the kernel can be used as a linkable library. For example, XZ filters (compression algorithms) can be accessed by external programs. The different libraries are listed below.


Alternately, embedded systems could use SquashFS which is a read-only compression filesystem (SquashFS 4/0 - Squashed file system support). The Linux kernel also offers extended attributes for SquashFS (Squashfs XATTR support).

Navigate back to the Settings menu and scroll down to the lower part where you’ve seen the About Phone menu. On Android Pie and later versions, you’ll need to launch the System entry and expand the Advanced menu. That said, you’ll access a new panel named Developer Options. On older versions, you can access the Developer Options menu listed next to About Phone instead.


NOTE: An abbreviation for file descriptor is “fd”. So, system calls that end in “fd” may relate to file descriptors.

Am Samstag, den 23/08/2008, 19:16 -0500 schrieb Gabriel K. McAtee:> I need a 3/6TB disk for some d2d backups. I have exposed a 3/8TB LVM > volume through iscsitarget, but Windows of course shows that as a single > disk with a 2TB volume and a 1/8TB volume unless I convert the disk to a > GPT disk.


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Posix_fadvise() - (commonly called fadvice(), although the actual call is posix_fadvise()) This system call is used to optimize data access. Specifically, this syscall plans ahead what file will be accessed and how to get the data. This speeds up data access for the kernel.

Reboot() - Obviously, this syscall reboots the system. When CAD is used (Ctrl+Alt+Del), this kernel call is executed.


Object enumeration (via any API) with the latest librados version and pre-Hammer OSDs is no longer supported. Note that no in-tree Ceph services rely on object enumeration via the deprecated APIs, so only external librados users might be affected.

Tgkill() - Many users are aware that kill() kills a process, but few people know that individual threads can be killed. Such a task can be done with the syscall tgkill().


Nanosleep() - Like the sleep command commonly used in shell scripts, this command suspends execution on that thread. However, this command works on the nano-scale level.

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Stat() - This syscall returns the "status" of a file. The "status" is information such as the number of blocks owned by the file, the IDs of the owning group and owner, the storage device's ID, file size, number of hardlinks, and a few other pieces of information.


The "sysfs file system support" driver creates the /sys/ folder. The sysfs filesystem is in memory and provides an interface to the kernel objects.

If you need help making a decision, read the changelog to see the changes in the newer version of the kernel. Go to Kernel.org to read the changelogs. Changelogs include detailed information on changes and improvements as well as bug fixes.


The refresh rate of these LCD screens can be changed (Refresh rate (hertz)). Generally, a higher refresh rate causes more CPU activity. This means slower systems will need a smaller refresh rate.

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The configfs filesystem is a kernel object manager in the form of a filesystem (Userspace-driven configuration filesystem). It is highly recommended that this driver be enabled.


Yes, Android is Linux, but not GNU/Linux. Android uses the Linux kernel and the Dalvik userland, thus making Android - "Dalvik/Linux". Android also uses a modified Linux kernel. Yes, there are different Linux kernels, but they are all still Linux. By the way, MeeGo is also Linux.

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When managing modules, Root privileges must be used. So, use "sudo" or login as Root.

This is a TTY driver that uses printk to output user messages (TTY driver to output user messages via printk). Printk (print (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=8625) kernel) is a special piece of software that usually prints the boot-up messages. Any string that is displayed by printk is usually put in the /var/log/messages file. The shell command "dmesg" displays all strings that were used by printk.


CIFS requires that Kerberos tickets be used before mounting to secure servers (Kerberos/SPNEGO advanced session setup). This driver offers the ability for CIFS to use userspace tools which is needed to provide the tickets.

Sync() - When files are changed, the edits are held in memory. The changes are written to the hard-drive after the sync() call is executed.


How to Enable USB Debugging on Locked Android Smartphones

NOTE: The CRC functions are mostly the same but with different features or performance. Generally, it is best to allow the defaults.

The Stallion cards have many serial ports on them (Stallion multiport serial support). This driver specifically supports this card.


Enable USB Debugging on Android KitKat and Jelly Bean

Now that we have studied the Linux kernel very well and learned how to make our own, we will move on to a slightly different direction in this series. Many of you may be unaware of this, but Android is Linux. True, they are not quite the same, but Android is Linux. For example, Ubuntu is "GNU/Linux" while Android is "Dalvik/Linux". If an operating system uses the Linux kernel, then it is a Linux system. The userland (GNU and Dalvik) does not determine whether an OS is Linux or not. Android uses a modified Linux kernel. As we know, Android runs on phones.

Ptrace() - A process can control and monitor another process (if permissions permit). The calling process is called the tracer and the process being monitored is called the tracee.


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The following driver makes the device files at /dev/parport/ (Support for user-space parallel port device drivers). This allows some processes to access.

This driver offers "GCM/GMAC support". GCM is "Galois/Counter Mode" and GMAC is "Galois Message Authentication Code".


Input devices that use the COM port (sometime called RS232 serial port) will need this diver (Serial port line discipline). The COM port is a serial port meaning that one bit at a time is transferred.

Another commonly used command is a system call. This one changes file permissions.


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Mprotect() - This syscall changes the protection of the calling process's memory. In memory, "protection" is analogous (just like/equal) to permissions of files on hard-drives.

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Just in case you do not fully understand modules, Window's equivalent to Linux's modules are called drivers. As an analogy - Linux is to Windows as module is to driver. However, many people still call modules "drivers". That is fine, people and search engines know what you mean. Sometimes, modules are referred to as Loadable Kernel Modules (LKMs) because they can be loaded without changing the kernel.

Some old software used I2C adapters as class devices, but software now does not do that (Enable compatibility bits for old user-space). So, this driver will offer backwards compatibility for older software.


Well at this ratio you will need 200 designs. If you make 10 designs a month it’s going to take you 20 months to reach that target.

Look for any errors, warnings, or unexpected results. If the system does not boot or does not boot-up enough to produce logs, use a live Linux disc to perform diagnostics and repairs. If all else fails, compile the kernel again and make sure you installed the kernel as Root or used "sudo".


Sometimesinserting the remote doesn't cause the insert event to happen. Perhapsthis is because it happens too fast.

Drivers - Many modules are stored here and are sorted by hardware type. For example, ATA modules are under the "ata" folder.


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Msync() - As many people may know, when a file is edited (for example, a plain text file), the file is loaded to memory and changes take place there. To save the changes to the hard-drive, msync() synchronizes the file on RAM with the older file on the hard-drive.

CIFS is a virtual filesystem used by Samba and Windows servers (CIFS support (advanced network filesystem, SMBFS successor)). CIFS stands for Common Internet FileSystem.


The original librados rados_objects_list_open (C) and objects_begin (C++) object listing API, deprecated in Hammer, has finally been removed. Users of this interface must update their software to use either the rados_nobjects_list_open (C) and nobjects_begin (C++) API or the new rados_object_list_begin (C) and object_list_begin (C++) API before updating the client-side librados library to Luminous.

Big endian refers to the arrangement of the binary code. The number system used in English speaking countries places the largest end of the number on the left. For example, in the number 17, the most left numbers place is the tens place which is larger than the ones place. In big endian, each byte is arranged with the largest portion on the left.


To access the module directory (via command-line) of the currently active kernel, type this command - /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/. The "$(uname -r)" will be replaced by the output of "uname -r", so the user does not need to know or memorize the name/version of the active kernel.

The good news is that there are also numerous ways to enable USB Debugging on locked Android

Epoll_wait() - This system call waits until an event is performed on a specified epoll file descriptor. This syscall is important when software should only perform some action after a particular event happens to an epoll file descriptor.


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