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  • Do you think 2021 could be the year the Prince makes his triumphant return
  • Ubisoft officially announced the Prince's big return back in September
  • A listing for a new Prince of Persia remake has appeared on a Guatemalan retail site
  • Rumours that a Prince of Persia is in development at some level
  • Looks like Ubisoft has delayed its Prince of Persia remake

Prince of Persia garnered its highest level of fame in its 2003’s release of The Sands of Time. Its 2021 debut of The Forgotten Sands was subject to some criticism in comparison. Although the players’ excitement towards the revival of the franchise completely tanked when the trailer for the remake of The Sands of Time dropped in 2021. This could downplay into a lack of demand for the LEGO set, even if it is greenlit. Therefore only time will tell what becomes of this concept.

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The remake promised a new graphics engine, completely remade enemy character models, animations, cinematic sequences and more realistic graphics. Voice actor Yuri Lownethal had also been confirmed to be returning as the actor for the Prince.


The modular set is a mock-up version of the 1989 Prince of Persia game. The set will include grey walls, columns, ladders, and traps. Moreover, the set will also include decorative pieces like doors, windows and torches to be added to the black backdrop, as well as the health bar.

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What’s even more suspicious is the age of the video. Dating back to 2021, it’s unlikely it was simply left undiscovered for 8 years. What is more likely however, is that it was left private on YouTube all these years and was only recently made public.


The game has been updated to run on the Assassin's Creed series' Anvil engine, with new assets, a new camera and fresh controls. New mo-cap and voice recording has also taken place, with original Prince actor Yuri Lowenthal back in the role and Guidestones actress Supinder Wraich cast as Farah.

What do you want from a new Prince of Persia game? Do you think 2021 could be the year the Prince (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=9747) makes his triumphant return?


Ubisoft hasn’t commented on anything as of yet, but this summer is shaping up to be the time for big game announcements. Could we finally see the Prince retake his throne? This is, after all, the series that brought us the hit feature film staring Hollywood heartthrob Jake Gyllenhaal.

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The gameplay in Prince of Persia (check out the post right here) largely consists of three types of actions: navigation (the most common and best type), combat, and puzzle-solving. The puzzle-solving is straightforward and typical of what you'd find in other action adventure games. You'll push some boxes onto pressure plates, figure out how to use some mysterious machines, pull some switches and levers, and that sort of thing. What makes the puzzles here, at least, seem more interesting is the presence of Farah, the prince (see)'s female counterpart, who will automatically assist with some of the puzzles and make them seem like more of a cooperative affair. Farah, who's even skinnier than the prince, can slip through cracks in the wall to reach places the prince cannot. The pair will frequently have to find ways of opening up passages for one another. This pseudo-two-player dynamic, and, in fact, the whole look of the game, is reminiscent of the artistic 2001 PlayStation 2 title, ICO.

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In order for the concept to be officially picked up by LEGO for production, the project will need to garner over ten thousand fan votes within the next 423 days. However, the likelihood of meeting that goal is not guaranteed.

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  • Is a New Prince of Persia Game Coming in 2021
  • A “Prince of Persia 6” domain name was registered
  • Prince of Persia could be getting a LEGO treatment

You will, how- ever, remember Prince of Persia (additional resources): The Sands of Time. It's one of the best all-around games we've ever played. In the game, you play as the noble prince, who inadvertently kills his family by opening up a floodgate of sorts that releases the Sands of Time. Your mission is to recollect the sand and hopefully turn back time in order to get your family back. Over the course of this delightfully sophisticated 15-hour adventure, the prince encounters a variety of challenges ranging from gnarly jumping puzzles to battles with the undead. The play mechanics are biased toward tricky navigation and puzzles, and much like the original game, mainly con- sist of moving from location to location over chasms, cracks, buzz saws, spikey poles, and other potentially deadly hazards. Prince of Persia's genius is that these puzzles and sequences often challenge your mind more than your reflexes. And they rarely grow old, frustrating, or boring. Another great touch is the ability to rewind your most recent actions, which is handy for replaying fatal sequences. When the affable prince isn't swinging around like a chimp, he's busy dish- ing out Persian pain.

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Or could it be that the Prince of Persia Redemption footage was made publicly available now to gauge interest for the series? Perhaps even to stir up enthusiasm again ahead of a future release. Coupled with the domain name and the ever-present rumours that a Prince of Persia is in development at some level, these recent developments finally point towards an upcoming reveal.

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It’s true that publishers often register domains or trademarks without purpose, merely to cover themselves legally if anything should come up in the future. However, that’s now two different times Prince of Persia has popped up in the news again after years of dormancy. Could that mean Ubisoft has something in the works?