Of those 1,500+ cars offered, 147 were Corvettes. Of those, 84 (57%) were hammered as sold.

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Underinflation causes more tire wear. Has it hit the curb too many times? Has it ever been repaired for a puncture? Tires on a car that's only driven on the weekends will age differently from those on a car that's driven daily on the highway. All these factors contribute to how quickly or slowly a tire wears out.


The public was invited to vote daily over a four-week period for their favorite. The Museum earned the most votes and subsequently was named the Best Attraction for Car Lovers for 2021.

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Because of Back to the Future, most believe the DeLorean DMC is a terrific speedy car. Anyone who drove a Delorean DMC12 knows what an expensive failure it turned out to be. In fact, they'd laugh at the idea of the car doing 88 mph in less than thirty seconds. Sure, it looked stylish with the gullwing doors and fitting for a car turned into a time machine.


C1 Corvette Knowledge Base

And it’s not just speedy in a straight line. The front splitter and rear wing generate a claimed 180kg of high-speed downforce for better cornering. There’s a Ferrari-style electronic rear diff. Optional magnetic-adaptive suspension, for, well, you get the idea. It’s got a dry-sump oil system so the engine stays lubricated when the car’s pulling big Gs. This isn’t just a hot-rod with its motor in the middle, promises Chevy. It’s a true supercar that can run with the European elite. And supposedly, it’s practical too.

2021 – 20xx Corvette

It seems almost natural that the closer we get to the current year, the closer we’ll get to unveiling the fastest Corvette (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=3391) of them all. It just can’t be helped – it’s easier to pack great power with better technology. The year 2021 didn’t just have better technology than prior models. It also featured the return of the Stingray name which so many enthusiasts are fond of.


The base configuration is the FE1 trim for the everyday driver that wants to blend his supercar level of performance with enough comfort that they're not punished for driving it across town or on a commute. FE3 is the next step up, and also retains the conventional suspension system but includes the Z51 Performance package and its electronic limited-slip differential, summer tires, and larger brake discs. For the back road and track day hero, the FE4 package ups the ante by adding magnetorheological adaptive dampers and the challenge of correctly pronouncing that to your friends.

While driving in Rev Match, this 1st to 2nd shift anomaly occurs about ever 5th time. I've adapted to it (6100 miles on the car now), and I will often skip 2nd (when I sense no RPM drop occuring) and go right to 3rd, which leads to a smother and more controlled shift.


On paper, the Pontiac Fiero should have worked. It was a major success in its time, selling over 370,000 units as it was affordable and came off fast. It looked terrific and handled well. But in terms of power, the Fiero was lacking, the 2/5-liter Iron Duke weighing it down so the 92 hp couldn't get to high speeds.

Of course no modern sports car would be complete without an armada of modes to fiddle with. So, in addition to Weather, Tour, Sport and Track settings, the new Stingray offers two new modes to play with. There’s MyMode – basically a cherry-pick-your-faves individual setting. And finally, a ‘Z’ mode, which is, well, a bit confusing really.


The GM brand already has several versions of the 'Vette lined up, with rumors very actively talking about an all-electric one as well. Not much is known about the electron sipper, but its closest relative - the hybrid Zora version - is believed to have in the region of 1,000 hp, which makes questioning the benefits of electric motors all but impossible.

The Mecum Auctions travelling road show stopped in Indianapolis, Indiana last weekend for Dana Mecum’s 29th annual Original Spring Classic. After the dust had settled and the red carpet was rolled up 1,094 (70%) of the 1,567 consigned cars found new homes.


This issue only occurs when shifting up from 1st to 2nd, and roughly 20% of the time. All other shifts (up and down) with Rev Match behave as expected.

The 4/6L V8 can vary from 175 to 215 hp, but a cop car is weighed down with materials a regular Crown Vic isn't. Also, they're electronically limited to 140 mph. It's the reputation that helps as a crook lucky enough to have a fast car can easily outrun an Interceptor.


Overall, the average price of a car on our top 11 list is a tick over $304,000. In fact, it takes $271,000 just to even get on this list.

Top 11 Corvette Sales of the January Auctions
1 C8 Corvette Stingray Lloyd Mats Floor Mat Logos 19%
2 Corvette C4 Grand Sport Applique Embroidered Patch 11 23%
3 Single Logo Lloyd Mats C8 corvette floor mats 21%
4 C8 Corvette Stingray WeatherTech Floor Liners - Floor Mats 95%
5 Corvette C5 ZO6 405HP Applique Embroidered Patch 11 65%
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Many automakers, including Ford, Nissan and Mercedes-Benz, tell owners to replace tires six years after their production date, regardless of tread life. Tire manufacturers such as Continental and Michelin say a tire can last up to 10 years provided you get annual tire inspections after the fifth year.

Chevrolet Corvette supercar rendering

Proper maintenance is the best thing a person can do to ensure a long tire life. It is important to maintain proper air pressure in tires, rotate them regularly and get routine inspections.


Underneath, Chevy has gone for an aluminium chassis instead of a McLaren-style carbon tub, to keep the car affordable (the base-spec will cost under $60,000). TG’s spoken to Alex MacDonald, the guy in charge of setting up how the new Stingray drives, and quizzed him on the new chassis and some of the crazy rumours that’s followed the new Vette for years. Check out his answer as he sets the record straight here.

Fear not, Corvette fans - the 2021 model is still a targa. The roof comes off and stores in the trunk as before.


No one buys a Porsche because it's an affordable ride, they do it because it's the epitome of fantastic sports cars. The 924 looked good, mixing the usual Porsche styles with a semi-muscle appearance to seem like a car ready to tear it up on the road.

The only thing left to solidify the C8 Corvette as the performance bargain of the century is finding out its grip and handling abilities. Right now we suspect there are some high-level executives that are very nervous right now across Europe, including Italy.


Cara hack top eleven 2020 corvette

Thanks to his dad who was a vehicle systems engineer in Detroit, Bradan has been an automotive enthusiast and Corvette fan since he was born. Residing in Ventura County, California, he spent his weekends helping his dad restoring classic cars in the family's garage and eventually worked his way through school to become an accomplished journalist, husband and proud father of two.


I've read a lot of pros and cons about tires flat spotting, I thought this was only a problem with bias tires? If anyone can enlighten me I'd appreciate it.

Yet here it is – snatching a spot on the list containing the fastest Corvette of all time

That will certainly change when the C8 Z06 appears. Recent reports say it will have a Blackwing-based DOHC twin-turbo V8 producing upwards of 800 horsepower, though it’s possible that car could actually be the next ZR1. If that’s the case, the Z06 might have a more modest output similar to what the current car offers. It should still be faster, but as to exactly how much faster, we’ll just have to wait and see.


The C8 Corvette (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=3120) has a removable hard-top but those that stuck around to the end of the lengthy reveal event got to see a pre-production version with a foldable soft-top. That means it could just be a few short months before Chevy show the soft-top off for real.

A juicy list of car body torsional rigidity

The C7, and most generations before, were built as traditional frames using parallel rails running front to back. The C8 Corvette uses a center tunnel structure made of aluminum as a backbone with the front suspension mounted on a subframe. The C8 Corvette (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=926) does use carbon-fiber, but only where it's most efficient in terms of cost versus effectiveness. For the base model, there are only two pieces of carbon-fiber being used. One is for a rear bumper beam, and the other is as a close-out panel for the center-tunnel that strengthens the backbone of the car. While the C8 is torsionally stiffer than the outgoing C7, it's also heavier with a dry weight of 3,366 lbs. That means with fluids, it'll probably be tip the scales at around 3,600-3,700 lbs.


The total cost of the Top 11 was $1,540,500 and the average cost per car was $140,045. Just to make our prestigious top 11 you would have had to lay down $93,000.

There’s also a radical center console with a ramp-like structure that features controls for the climate control and heated / ventilated seats. Other niceties include a push button shifter, metallic trim and nicely upholstered surfaces.


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I'll put it away at the end of this month, oil has been changed and I'll check the tire pressure. What should I have the pressure at for winter storage? The max recommended for the tires?

This means the cabin is pushed way up front, leaving plenty of room for the powertrain - whatever that might be - at the back. It has a very low, slippery silhouette, and if we were to point out one negative aspect about its design, it would be the fact it has very few elements that help identify it as a 'Vette. Or a Chevrolet, for that matter.


Spares: They usually don't see the light of day, but they're still degrading with time. If the tire has been inflated and mounted on a wheel, it is considered to be "in service," even if it's never been used. And if a truck's spare is mounted underneath the vehicle, it's exposed to heat, dirt and weather — all reasons to plan on replacement.

Front Coupe Roof Top Lift Off Panel Son of a Gun Gray Corvette C7 2021-19

Heat: NHTSA research has found that tires age more quickly in warmer climates. NHTSA also found that environmental conditions, such as exposure to sunlight and coastal climates, can hasten the aging process. People who live in coastal states and other areas with warm weather should keep this in mind when deciding whether they should retire a tire.


While the photos over on CorvetteForum.com look like they could be legit, it’s hard to know for sure if this user’s story about a GM engineer letting them take pictures of preliminary performance figures for a car as hot as the C8 is true. We’ve reached out to Chevy to try and confirm.

A modern Opel GT isn't too bad with some decent speeds. Sadly, while the original may look fantastic, it's not a speedster by any means. The base is a pitiful base 1/1 L OHV inline-four engine, which produced 67 hp.


This wholly makes up for the Corvette Z06 top speed of 195-mph which some consider underwhelming

The numbers are unconfirmed, but the information appears legit, and we’ve seen similar engineering booklets from automakers in the past. Compared to the outgoing C7 Stingray, the C8 is nearly a full second quicker and just a bit faster at the strip. As for the current Z06, the new C8 (with the Z51 package) matches it to 60 mph but loses the drag race by a few tenths. In short, the math makes sense – with more weight at the back and a quick-shifting dual-clutch gearbox, the C8 can launch harder and shift quicker. At the other end, however, the 650-horsepower C7 Z06 pulls ahead for a significant lead.

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The torsional rigidity is a critical parameter for a vehicle, which measures how many force you need to apply to “twist” the car body frame by one degree. Of course the larger of this value, the better.

Below Average: Curb weight is still high. Cabin is tight, vehicle access is a challenge.


When we said 2021 was a truly competitive year, we weren’t kidding. We must give credit to this model for being able to withstand the test of time and be the second fastest Corvette (advice) of all time. This ZR1 virtually teleported from 0 to 60 in 3/6 seconds. It could traverse the quarter mile in an overwhelming 11/3 seconds.

Despite putting the engine where the cargo typically goes, Chevrolet has still made room for two golf bags in the trunk. Up front, there's a new frunk said to be big enough for a TSA-approved carry-on and a laptop bag.


The aforementioned Grand Sport Coupe had this anniversary edition Corvette (https://yacsssdm.ru/content/uploads/files/download/hack-top-eleven-2020-corvette.zip) to compete with and, unfortunately, lost. Chevrolet continued to prove they take their limited-run models seriously and packed the 427 with a beastly 7/0-liter V-8. The overwhelming 505-hp engine can propel this special feature Corvette from a 0 to a 60 also in 3/8 seconds.

Want to read more interesting technical topics in the automobile industry? See our famous Technical Talk section, covering all aspects in automotible design, including engine, suspension, braking system, body structure, and also all kinds of AWD mechanisms.


The sporty styling continues at the rear as the Corvette has a ventilated fascia and a four-tailpipe exhaust system. Other highlights include a prominent diffuser, a rear wing and a ventilated engine cover.

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Well, it just confirms that GM wasn't lying in the build up of the car or the specs and stats that they released. The car is a brutal performer meeting or exceeding the performance figures of cars such as the Porsche 911 Turbo, Lamborghini Aventador and others that cost upwards of 2 to 3 times more money. The Corvette is back on top and this is merely the first year of the mid engined cars release. With a host of hopped up versions to follow - namely the Z06, ZR1, and "Zora" supercar - you can be sure that more than a few European builder's are starting to sweat.

The worst was the 1980 "California" model that was legally forbidden from going 90 mph. Even a regular C3 can take over eight seconds to hit 60 mph. A top speed of 140 mph isn't what one expects from this gorgeous vehicle.


Despite being a 2021 release, all of the previously mentioned numbers alongside the impressive 470 pound-feet torque make the perfect package. The perfect package to compete against the previous 2021 Stingray, that is. Unfortunately, it’s STILL not the fastest Corvette around.

Some issues I am seeing - 12/13/13- 11/19/14

Want something more comfy, do you? Well the Stingray reckons it’s got that sussed out too. There’s wireless smartphone charging, a heated steering wheel, Bose audio, and on-board cameras to capture your best lap times for posterity. And your biggest shunts for YouTube infamy.


In addition to sharing virtual video content, the Museum also hosted a virtual online car show, with over 1,000 entries, and a virtual Michelin NCM Bash event bringing together live seminar speakers, produced content and live Museum walk-throughs all via Zoom. The event welcomed over 500 live online viewers.

The 2021 Corvette C7 Z06 rolled off the ramp in 2021. The car wrote history, not only for Corvette (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=5154), but for speedy production cars everywhere. Compared to the 3/6 seconds of its runner-up, the Z06 can reach the 60 mph in as little as 2/95 seconds! This is pretty much miles away, which seems to be a motto that drove the engineers forward during the making of this car. The amazing 2021 Z06 specs don’t end here. Its 6/2-liter V8 comes with a preference for the number 650: 650 horsepower and 650 pound-feet of torque. This wholly makes up for the Corvette (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=819) Z06 top speed of 195-mph which some consider underwhelming.