The scope maker generally provides recommendations. That said - just try it. I had a Simmons scope come apart on my 30-06 after several hundred shots. Simmons replaced it free of charge and I took the replacement scope to Africa and killed an Impala with it on my rifle. I still have it, but I would never trust it on a dangerous game hunt.

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The guy behind you is not likely to stop there. If he does, don’t get out of your car until there are policemen outside your door to escort you.


High in reachless branches of the old oak tree a mockingbird is singing. The leaves twist in the wind and the singing goes on and on.

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To check a tie-rod end joint for looseness, try to flex it by hand. A good tie-rod end should feel snug, but not immobile or stiff.

Many big cat attacks occur when tourists roll their windows down or open their doors. Staying safely in your vehicle ensures no cheetah will attack you.


Jack and Cas catch up. Jack tells Cas that some angels tried to kill him and asks about whether Heaven is nice. Cas assures him that it can be. Jack is concerned because that’s where Kelly is, and Cas assures him that he’s sure she is because she was a good person. Cas also apologizes for not being there for Jack, and Jack understands why Kelly trusted Cas and why he did too. Castiel tells Jack that Kelly believed that Jack would do amazing things and change the world for the better. Did anybody else immediately start to wonder if at the end of the season, we are going to see Jack enter the alternate universe and attempt to make it a better place? In the present, Cas tells Jack that he knows that Kelly was right, and he’s sure that Kelly would be proud of him.

Police escorted the woman to her hotel room so she could collect her belongings. She yelled at hotel staff, using profanities. When police asked her to quiet down, she said: “What are you going to do, arrest me?

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Also, since when does John leave his journal behind? At first Dean denies their life, but in the end he can’t lie to Sam anymore.


Jack hurries from his room into the hallway. They pass each other on the stairs. The big man is coming up the stairs and Jack is going down to see O'Malley.

It covers the abandon cars and the abandon buildings, the sidewalk and its cracks. The city, Delleto imagines, is and adjectiveless word, a book of white pages. He steps off the curb into the gutter and the street is empty for as far as he can see.


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Any scope is also classic example"you get what you pay for". Quality optics can take anything you can stand to shoot, while many cheap(poor quality) ones simply can't/won't/don't.

Continue reading Juno's poem She Rubs it in

Lions are perceived as a bigger threat to cheetahs than hyenas. The lion’s roar should be the preferred audio recording you utilize to dissuade cheetah attacks.


If you are convinced you’re being followed, dial 911. They will direct you to the nearest police station.

Mount the indicator on something heavy that won't move, such as an anchor plate or wheel hub/knuckle. Position the plunger for the specific runout check. Example: For a radial runout test, rest it against a good tire tread groove. Slowly turn the tire and measure the amount of runout, ignoring jumps in the plunger that result from the shape of the tread or minor imperfections in it. If there are factory specifications for runout, use those.


That’s better than the current Pervy Santa. I don’t blame that mama from pulling her child away. Nor do I blame the employee from being skeeved out by the Winchesters. No childless adult should be in this place without getting a paycheck. As Pervy Santa walks by, Dean thinks he smells candy but Sam assures him it is Ripple.

The old fighter smiles and they shake hands. Suddenly, Felix takes off down Main Street towards Foodtown as if he has some important place to go.


Jack turns to watch a brunette shoot pool. The woman leans over the pool table about to shoot the nine ball into the side pocket.

He’s got air fresheners hanging from a pine bough in a paint can and a fishing bobber on a Merry Christmas sign. Like they say, it’s the thought that counts and boy, does this count. Sam is still struggling with Dean’s imminent death but he puts those feelings aside to give his brother what he really wants most, a great memory. It’s a selfless gesture that means the world to Dean and warms my heart. They toast with some alcohol-soaked eggnog and exchange gas station presents (porn, shaving cream, motor oil, and food) but Dean’s grin is the big present. He knows how hard it is for Sam and appreciates the gesture. Even more so, when Sam looks like he’s going into discussion mode but then turns on the football game instead.


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The tire almost surely isn't the issue, although there is precision equipment that can check a tire for heavy spots. We knowyou don't have it and can't rent it. Most professionals don't have it either, which tells you how common it is.

Jack tells Cas that he really missed him, and Cas tells him that Dean and Sam say he’s doing well. Jack shows them just how well by levitating a pencil – and then informing them that he’s found a case – a hunter’s case! I loved the way he confided with glee to Cas that he knows what zombies are now!


If you are not the immediate object of the cheetah attack, you should do everything you can to remove the cheetah from the other member of your party. Cheetahs are scared by large groups and an attacking cheetah will likely break off its attack when it sees it is outnumbered.

What To Do If Someone Is Following You In A Car

His belly hangs pregnant over his belt. His jeans have fallen exposing the crack of his ***, and Keater just doesn't give a ****. And that ragged, faded, baseball cap, ****, he never takes it off.


I get the reference, Sam, even if Dean doesn’t. Sam ups the weird with Anti-Claus lore.

She Rubs it in

If using a knife, strike the cheetah in the eyes or neck. If unarmed, go for the eyes, plunging your thumbs into its eye sockets and gripping it around the back of its head. Punch the cheetah in its head and nose.


Dean debriefs Sarge – but doesn’t tell him anything. He does insist that Dave killed the security guard – and he was never there.

Virtual Reader Oct. 22

Eschewing the normal title card, this episode starts with an awesome callback to the 70’s and 80’s after school special, a bit of nostalgia for those of us who remember them all too well. What’s not so awesome is the cute little moppet greeting his visiting grandad - so not going to end well. Sure enough, as Pops dresses up like Santa to keep the Christmas magic going for his grandson, evil comes down the chimney and hauls Pops up. All that is left is a bloody boot.


The thieves found vehicle keys on the desks of sales staff. They used remote unlocking devices attached to the keys to identify and unlock the vehicles.

Never stop and get out of your car when someone is following you

Back at the Motel, Cas asks if this is the first time that Jack has hurt someone. Sam says no, but it is the first time that he’d hurt someone who didn’t get back up. Dean sends Jack back to the Bunker with Sam and Cas. The cops will be on their way – they’ve got to get him out of Dodge.

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Buy a $600 hunting rifle, spend at least 300 on a piece of glass for it. 10/22 gets at least a $100 scope. A rifle is useless if I can't hit with it.


Unless there's some evidence of wheel misalignment (such as irregular tire wear), a wheel alignment is not going to help at all. In fact, until you first isolate and correct the cause of the vibration, alignment would be a waste of time and money.

Help solving your clues, crosswords with missing letters and anagrams

If the animal’s rabies immunization status is unknown, your doctor will need to check for evidence of rabies by killing the cheetah in question and studying its brain. If the cheetah was rabid, you are in serious danger and must receive a full battery of vaccines immediately. Once symptoms start, your chances of survival are limited.


The cheetah may feel threatened and defensive, and may attack you. This is true of any predatory animal -big cats, wolves, bears, etc.

The VTEC ECU (OBD-II) is not compatible with the D15B7 engine which is based on OBD-I standards. There is no way to flash re-program your existing ECU to fully "recognize" the older (D15B7) engine. Consequently, if you want to keep.


Survive a Bear Attack

It's the fat blondes turn to shoot pool. She leans her great body ever so gently across the green felt of the pool table, shoots and misses. When she tries to raise herself up off the pool table, the tip of the pool cue hits the Miller Lite sign above the pool table sending the lamb rocking violently back and forth. In flashes of light like the frames from and old Chaplin movie the sad and grotesque appear and disappear.

Jack glances at the milky white flesh between the blue ***** hose and the hem of her dress. Kate is drunk and Dell does not care.


By the time he reaches the second floor he is out of breath. Joseph pauses and with the handkerchief he has taken from his back pocket he wipes the fog from the lenses of his eyeglasses and the sweat from his forehead.

Someone can gain access to a car that’s stopped at a red light or stop sign in a few seconds

Dean and Sam go in to tell Athena about Dave, leaving Cas and Jack in the car. They tell Athena that he’s involved in the grave robbery and a murder and want to know where he is. She tells them he’s gone to the bank – not realizing that he’s going to rob it to get enough money for them to go to LA.


Only had 1 scope fail on me due to recoil and it was on a 10/22. I wouldnt of figured a 22LR would do that much damage and a higher caliber being able to handle the scope.

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It’s an alarming and chilling feeling that someone might be following you. You might be wondering what to do if someone is following you in a car.


TV Week September 5

This episode breaks my heart, even after the hundredth watch. They had such short childhoods and I feel for them anew.

Also inspect the rim -inside and outside -for any damage. Look for packed mud on the inside of the wheel. Also look at the tires -if you see any bulges or uneven wear of the tires, consider them in the "probable cause" category.


It's speed sensitive pure and simple. This could be the source of your troubles, even if the wheels are balanced and the tires are good. It's not a powertrain or driveline issue.

This will require removing the glass moon roof itself in order to properly redo the fabric for the panel cover. The following is a step by step process as to how to accomplish this: Disconnect the negative battery cable.


In FBI mode, the brothers question the new victim’s family when Sam starts asking about a wreath. Dean and I give him a side look.

Cheetahs are known to avoid areas frequented by hyenas and lions. Bringing along a recorded hyena or lion call will dissuade any nearby cheetah from engaging you or your party.


Cas, of course, goes a little too far with the “Howdy partners,” but I loved “Space Cowboy” as they do a slow motion walk up – and of course Dean is Agent Russell and Cas identifies himself as Val Kilmer. It’s perfect when Sargent Phillips assumes they are Texas Rangers – especially as Ackles and Padalecki now call Austin, Texas home (and are both from Texas originally). Phillips identifies himself as Carl’s uncle and makes it clear that he’s going to take matters into his own hands if he finds the fugitive who killed his nephew.

Jack Delleto struggles to his knees, hugs her tightly to him. Looking over her shoulder, across Main Street to the graffiti painted on the boarded shut Delleto Market.


Supernatural - Tombstone - Review

O'Malley looks away from his bride and passed the archway that divides the poolroom from the bar and into the corner. With the lamp light above his head gleaming in his eyes Bob seems to see a ghost fleeting in the far distant, dark corner. Slowly, a peculiar half smile forms uneven, white, tombstone teeth.

Hard soled boots echo hollowly off the hallway walls. The echoes are overlapping and he can not determine if the footsteps are leaving or approaching. Joseph grabs the crow bar he keeps under his pillow. Holds it until there is silence.


When the vibration occurs, is it while you're accelerating through a bend? That means it's both torque and speed sensitive. When you pull back to your garage, inspect the axle shafts, looking for damage to the boots. Constant velocity joints can wear out. But if the boots are intact, the clamps are holding them at each end, and there's been no loss of lubricant and no intrusion of road film, then they're probably in good condition.

Never stop to let a car that’s following you pass. Pull over to another lane to let someone pass.


Keater smiles broadly, slides the brim of his Giant baseball cap to the side of his forehead. The two men disappear through the swinging kitchen door.

When the runout at the wheel is excessive, a new wheel normally is the answer, but not always. Remove the wheel and check runout on the wheel hub. Making a lateral runout check is an obvious procedure because there's a hub face against which you can rest the plunger.


If you’re headed out on safari, though, it’s best to prepare for the worst. Understanding how to avoid and fight back against cheetah attacks will give you a better chance of survival if one of these big cats comes for you.

The Indian exhales smoke from her petite nose waiting for a come on from the man with the sad face. And he just stares, stares at the wall.


I can see both sides and it’s equally tragic. This episode has so many great brother moments, including the flashbacks. Twenty minutes in and I’ve run the gamut of emotions already.

Come to a stop sign at an intersection. Signal that you are going to turn left and then immediately turn right. Most “tails” will follow all rules of the road so as not to draw unwanted attention from LEO. If they signal left, which they likely will, like you did, but follow you right, you initiate your emergency plan.


She was intoxicated and misbehaving. Hotel staff asked her to leave, but she refused.

Police knocked on the door of the woman’s apartment and called her, but no one answered. Another witness identified the woman’s “baby daddy” as a 32-year-old man. In June, he reportedly threatened the woman with a firearm, but the case was closed because the woman didn’t cooperate with the investigation.


Tip: Many crime victims thought someone was safe because of the way they looked or because someone was with them. Don’t assume that someone is safe because they’re well dressed, female, or young. Criminals often go out of their way to appear as ordinary and trustworthy as possible.

To survive a cheetah attack, wave your hands in the air to make yourself look as big as possible, and yell at the cheetah in order to scare it off. You can also kick it in the chest as it approaches you to throw it backwards. Additionally, use pepper spray or a knife to attack the cheetah. If the cheetah pounces on you, play dead by slowing your breathing and closing your eyes. After the attack, wash any wounds with an antibacterial wipe and apply a bandage to prevent infection. For tips on how to prepare for a cheetah attack by packing the right medical supplies, read on!


Police walked the woman out of the hotel. Once in the back seat of the police cruiser, she thrashed around. Then the woman lost consciousness, and police noticed that she was face down on the back seat.

I have a friend with a 270 Mannlicher (Man Licker) rifle with an old scope. The scope has quick detach mount and the cross-hairs are indeed black widow web.


Back in Flashback Nebraska, Dean may have killed the Santa myth for Sam but he’s desperate to keep his brother’s faith in their dad. He wakes Sammy, saying that he just missed their dad who stopped by with presents. Sam is all excited until he opens a Barbie doll and baton.

You may not feel free play in a front wheel (front- or rear-drive), but try rocking it in and out with a bit more effort, but not enough to move the steering linkage. That could demonstrate free play from wear in the tie-rod ends or ball joints. If you're not sure where the free play is, pry up on the bottom of the tire and watch the ball joint to see if it has free play1/4 in. is a lot.


The episode picks up exactly where we left off with Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean picking Cas up – 48 hours earlier. I have to say that I’m impressed that they gave Dean the first hug. Cas admits that he was dead, but he annoyed an ancient cosmic being so much that he sent him back! Cas explains that he was in the empty, sleeping, when a voice spoke his name and woke him up. Sam wonders if it was God, but Cas assures him that God has no power there. Sam immediately thinks it was Jack!

Diagnosing And Repairing Wheel Vibration

Sam splits up the workload with he and Jack going to the graveyard, and Dean and Cas going to the crime scene. Dean shows up insisting that he and Cas need to look to the part – and this is a nice bit of visual comedy, from Dean’s bolo tie to Cas’s stampede motel cowboy hat to Dean’s badass cowboy boots. Dean tells Cas to channel the movie Tombstone – did I mention I loved the title of this episode echoing through it? Cas remembers the movie being about guns and tuberculosis.


Immediate, gentle rinsing of the wound with water or a solution of water and povidone-iodine will decrease your risk of bacterial infection. Remove any teeth, dirt, or hair if possible. If the wound is shallow, pad it dry and apply an antibacterial agent.

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America’s America’s best-selling passenger car for over a decade, the Toyota Camry is highly reliable, comfortable, and gets great gas mileage. It’s now available in a four- or six-cylinder engine, as well as a hybrid option, and it continues to.

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If you run, the cheetah will instinctively chase you. And cheetahs are fast – the fastest land animals on earth, clocking in at up to 60 miles per hour. Unless you’re a gazelle, running away won’t do you much good.

As As far as midsize SUVs go, the 2021 Lincoln MKX is one of your best options out there. Considering its price, Lincoln packed this vehicle with a ton of power and luxury. Although it bears a strong resemblance to.


Police tried to handcuff the woman, but she pulled away. They wrestled her to the bed and placed her in handcuffs.

One of them lifted the bay door to the Ganley building about 3 feet off the ground and crawled underneath. He walked to the showroom floor and unlocked the door, allowing the other five people to enter.


It is reported the vehicle stopped one or two houses north of the scene and parked facing northbound on the east curb. Police believe one person exited the vehicle and walked in the direction of where the victim was found.

Madge and Edward Carrigan cme to the door looking more like Ozzie and Harriet meets Pleasantville than human-sacrificing pagans. Edward even offers them some peanut brittle before Sam swipes Dean’s hand away. Try to not take candy from strangers, Dean.


Paramedics administered Narcan, a heroin-overdose antidote, four times, but the woman didn’t regain consciousness. It’s unknown whether she survived.

If you are in danger, use self defence against the wild cat. Bring knives and guns if necessary, but remember that intentionally injuring a cheetah other for the intention of self defence is illegal.


If you’ve already been pounced on, do not struggle or scream. Slow your breathing and close your eyes. Assume the fetal position by bringing your knees up to your head and covering your neck with your hands. The cheetah will think itself victorious and slink away or turn its attention to something else. In either case, you will then have an opportunity to escape or get help from your companions.

A Very Supernatural Christmas

Before you go replacing any additional components I would suggest calling a mechanic, like one from YourMechanic, to come to you and diagnosis the no start problem for you. It will save you from guessing on what is the problem.


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And for those who enjoy trivia, did you know that scope reticles (and particularly transits and other optical equipment of high quality) for many years, used Black Widow spider webbing? There was quite a little industry in Black Widow spider web production and harvesting 30 years ago and further back.

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