The 2nd hasn’t had exactly a back seat in this war, either. In October 1943, the Indian Head outfit sailed for England, and on June 7,1944—D-day plus 1—it landed at St. Laurent-sur-Mer in Normandy, while enemy shells were still pouring into the thinly held beachhead. For 70 straight days the Division fought against crack enemy forces, including the formidable 3rd Parachute Division, which the Indian Head men first encountered on June 11 in the Berigny-St. Georges-d’Elle-Ivon sector, and against which the 2nd waged a personal grudge fight for many weeks. The 2nd was instrumental in the fighting around St. Lo that led to the breakthrough out of Normandy, and was credited by Lieutenant General Leonard T. Gerow, then its corps commander, with having been largely responsible for victory in the grim battle of the hedgerows.

  • Edward Cardon, who has led the 2ID here since September 2021
  • Second Indianhead Division Association The Patch Comments Feed
  • The original photo has been displayed at the 2nd infantry Division Museum in located in North Uijeongbu, Korea
  • 2nd Infantry Division Patches
  • The minister in each case was a senior general, and so of course were the two Landwehr/Honvéd commanders
  • 2nd Infantry Division Patch Specifications
  • The 2nd Infantry Division Patch – An Inspiring and Interesting Design
  • 2nd CAB awards the Toughest Talon

Steven Wesley Gilland and outgoing Division Commander Maj

The Cima in 2nd market is nice and not overly expensive (W60,000). Or were you asking something else?


John#54: I was stationed in Korea in 64′(1st of 4 tour, I am very surprised that you know of two guys that ETS’d from the Army and stayed in Korea. The Army would never give a soldier discharge papers and let him choose to walk out the front gate. Everyone is put on a plane to CONUS in those days.

I am new to computers and still a phone person. I will attempt to respond to email, nevertheless.


Tracking the North Korean Supernote

The battalion commanders, aware of the hostility within the FRG, met formally with Col. Drinkwine in March 2009 to discuss it. Several battalion commanders, in sworn statements, said Col.

The opium den was what we referred to as the place where you’d sit on the bare floor and a mamasan would walk around handing out joints. It was pot, not opium, but we knew it as the “opium den” in 1968. It was down an alley on the opposite side of the street from the Rendezvous. I only went there once, so it could have been a very temporary location.


Army irr memo template Keyword Found Websites Listing

After World War I, the background of the patch was adopted from the design of the American shield. In World War II it finally took the shape, size, and color it has today.

101st airborne division song pdf

I like the old school guns too, and that sure is the neatest Black Friday sale item I've seen lately. I had some guns done back in the day, and the gunsmiths did modify or fabricate components on my guns.


All at once on June 10th, 1952, the soldiers cut down the wire around the camp and moved in. The paratroopers moved in slowly and deliberately subduing prisoners. As they moved further into the camp the prisoners set fire to the buildings creating a smoke screen to fight the paratroopers in. The paratroopers began throwing concussion grenades into the smoke which had the effect of breaking up the frontlines of the resistance. As prisoners fled the impact of the grenades they were quickly captured by the paratroopers. The last 150 holdouts made one last ditch effort to fight off the paratroopers by hunkering down in trenches they had dug. As the paratroopers closed in on the trenches some of the prisoners panicked and ran towards the paratroopers to give themselves up. However, as they ran from the trenches the hard core communist cadre chased after them and killed some of the defectors. The paratroopers quickly moved in to stop the slaughter and a melee ensued. You can watch historic video footage of the operation at this link.

LTG Edward “Ed” Cardon UMD ARLIS Website

Army Forces-Far East as the major Army command in the Far East. The combined headquarters was moved from Camp Zama, Japan, to Seoul on July 26, 1955. The post-war years were marked by infrequent but sometimes serious truce violations by the North Koreans. In late 1966, however, North Koreans initiated a campaign of violence that would continue into 1971 and take the lives of more than 40 Americans and hundreds of Koreans - north as well as south.


Home of the 101st Airborne Division

I wonder how many guys lay in bed thinking of the great fun they had. Wishing they were pro-active in their decision making process. It does not take a decision to leave Korea or ETS from the Army, the conveyor belt automatically does that when your date comes up.

The 2nd Infantry Division patch is one of the largest of all of the United States Army patches. It is of a “shield” shaped design. Historically, a shield shape represents the concept of protection. Other lesser known meanings of the shield shape relate to security, power or control, strength, and protection. The colored patch features the shield in black which is the same for the subdued Army Combat Uniform (ACU) version.


LstIBrig and indeed two LstID were formed in August 1914: 95LstID and 106LstID. The former did not last but 106LstID saw service on both the Russian and Italian fronts before serving on the Western front in France at the end of the war.

In war the field army was organised in Armies. Plans and cadres for six Army Headquarters were in existence and these headquarters were mobilised as Serials 2, 4, 5, 13 and 15 of Appendix A to this chapter. The commanders of these Armies were drawn from the six senior of the Armeeinspektoren, who had the responsibility in peace of checking on the state of training morale and discipline of elements of the army. Five of the Army Commanders (look at this website) came from inspectors stationed in Wien, the sixth being the general commanding all troops in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Dalmatia.


Army character statement examples

Everything looked like it was on the verge of collapse. During the winter, the clubs were boarded up when the temps were too cold to be outside. Leaving Casey on pass, there were so many girls on each side of the walkway from the MP hootch that we felt like we were on parade. If you got too close, they’d tear your clothes off. There were hundreds of working gals in TDC. No such thing as a “juicy girl” back then. The girls were called “business girls” and could work in the clubs if they had a VD card, otherwise they had to stay outside. There were no Russian or Filipino girls in TDC- all were Korean. All GIs were male, and no officers were allowed on pass with enlisted personnel. There was a midnight cerfew and no civilian clothes were allowed.

101st Airborne Division (Air

However, the next day when I went to go check out the ville it was raining heavily outside. So I put on my rain jacket and proceeded to go ahead and check out the ville that morning despite the rain. Even with the heavy rain most of the pictures didn’t come out too bad plus the rain gave me the ville all to myself the morning that I did my walk through. Little did I know that the rains would continue to fall for many days until severe flooding damaged the ville and led to this massive US military assisted clean up effort.


Supreme commander 2 cracked

Are there any bars or places to hang out in Bosan that aren’t full of 19 year old idiots looking for fights and prostitutes? I’m tried of dealing with them and just want a place to go after I get off duty.


This used to be a very narrow road that ran through a tight cluster of homes here. All the buildings on the left side that bordered the base have been knocked down. This little ville used to be a popular place for married Soldiers to find cheap housing for their families if they decided to bring them to Korea.

101st Airborne and related Books

TY, I have many more stories of deviant and sexual exploits in the ROK. No regrets, I met my wife of 32 years there.


The Head Club should be avoided at all costs. Den of thieves, pimps and ice washers.

Was your company commander toward the end of this tour George Filbeck? George is now a civilian working at Yongsan.


Leon LaPorte, my knowledge of the military is second-hand. In old movies, officers and senior NCOs (formerly known as non-coms) addressed their troops as you men.

In October of 1918, the 2nd Infantry Division received a new commander, Major General John A LeJeune. A little known fact is that, at this time, a Marine Corps General was assigned to command an Army division. General LeJeune ordered that size and shape of the 2nd Infantry Division patch be changed to include a background color that represented the different divisional units. He also directed that the Indianhead design be modeled after the Indian on the $10 gold piece.


Omar Bundy, division commander, not only approved the symbol but also ordered it put on his staff car

The NPA has planted an improvised explosive device in Brgy. Anas, Masbate City last Sunday (June 6) which killed football player Kieth Absalon, his cousin Nolven Absalon, and injured others.

Memo template army word

Couldn’t have been me Skip, I was at Ft Lost in the Woods in 1985, besides, I spent my Saturday afternoons and Sundays off taking MWR tours, learning Korean culture etc,etc. Not stabing fellow GI’s in the Country music club in Bosan-dong, some other guy from B co. 2nd AVN.


Eddie Jimenea Lightweight Colt Commander

Isn’t directing CQs to find people who might be over the BAC harassment? Let me guess, it isn’t harassment, it is “soldier care” just like this policy isn’t because of alcohol related incidents, it because the division needs to be ready to “fight tonight”, or the curfew isn’t because of blotter reports, but is for “force protection” reasons.

Place was laid back had a few whores hanging out in it that used to work the New York club back during my first tour. Anyway, some Korean TV channel news crew from Seoul was out doing some kind of expose on American GI clubs in the ville. They walked in the door of the Peace Club with the bright camera lights on and were immediatly thrown right back out in the alley by Miss Lee and some of her girls, holding their hands up to cover their faces the whole time while yelling Geseki-ya,Shibal-nam and some words I hadnt heard yet even after 2 tours. I was just walking by, on my way to the T-club and at the time sober to boot, but it was funny as hell. My wife is going back to Korea this October, I sure wish I could go with her but I have a broken ankle and can barely walk, plus a 15 year old who needs close supervision. She probably wouldn’t let me go to TDC any way, not by myself. Club JJ sure looks like the New Korea Club. Any chance of a photo tour of Toko-ri, Hooker hill or Stanley Ville?


Soldiers learn basic jungle survival skills such as building shelters from natural materials and crossing water obstacles, according to the 2021 release. The thick vegetation forces small units to move in single file rather than the traditional wedge formation.

ROK Drop Iran and China Used Google to Crack US Spy Ring Comments Feed

Drinkwine's superiors eventually became involved. According to the statement of Col. Johnny Johnston, the 82nd Rear Detachment commander, the 4th BCT FRG advisers voiced their complaints in a meeting with him in late July 2009. Johnston recommended to Scaparrotti that Leslie Drinkwine step down.


I have known Eddie since 1984 or so, he was doing work similar to yours before I met him. I'm guessing late 70's or early 80's for your work. When did after market parts become widely available? Did Wilson or Brown drive the market then? Your work was done before that I'm thinking.

Serials 110 to 112 were addressed thus: kuk Kriegsmarine Ergänzungsbezirk Triest. Note serial 97, which was addressed as kuk Ergänzungsbezirk Triest, and supplied men for the army.


I never went to Toka-ri, but I spent MANY hours at the Las Vegas Club and the Silver Star club. We had a club gang called the Las Vegas Gamblers and we hung out and drank all night. We wore jean jackets with a patch of the dead mans hand on the back. I have very fond memories of walking round TDC Ville eating Yaki Mandu and going on Thunder Runs. I don’t remember many Juicey Girls back the to be honest, but an ajima named The Sergeant Major would always ask us if “we wanted lady, come lets go see”. If you said no, she bought you a soju shot and tried to convince you further.

Comments: Looking for anyone that served during 1969 and 1970 in Camp Snow. I saw Doug Whitt's message but found no email to get in touch. I remember Doug Whitt who was the company armor, we would go to EM Club and hang out. Does anyone know the where abouts of John Shivley. Anyone from the unit, drop a line.


2ID commander cracks down after recent rash of misconduct

Next thing is that a mission as politically sensitive as handling prisoners of war at a detention facility should be handled by only highly professional soldiers. Who in the world thought it was a good idea to have people like Charles Graner and Lynndie England to have such authority over prisoners? Janice Karpinski was just a female version of Francis Dodd. Abu Graib was surrounded by just as much incompetence as Goje Island during the Korean War. It wasn’t until competent leadership backed by crack troops were conditions in the camp able to improve on Goje Island. The lesson learned is that highly professional units with excellent leadership that deal exclusively with handling prisoners of war should be formed before a war is even initiated. The adhoc nature of soldiers and agencies thrown together in Abu Graib caused an environment ripe for abuse.

I understand now that GIs can’t even pay a rice bill, the girls that work in the clubs aren’t Korean, probably no more VD card requirement for the girls in the clubs. I remember going to the field near Yongjugol and a bus would stop at night and half of the gals from TDC would get off and pay us a visit. And now there’re female soldiers stationed at Casey. What the heck do they do in TDC? There were the chop houses, the pawn shops, the opium dens, and 20 people hanging off the outside of the kimchee busses. No more Sgt Peppers playing from the speakers outside the clubs. Only Korean booze, cigarettes and money in the village.


Sad to hear that Camp Nimble is no longer there. It was always fun being across the river from the 2ID and being in the 8th Army.

Korean DMZ Unit Messages

Pregnant Soldiers will attend PT daily at the unit Pregnancy and Post-Partum PT session. Battalion level Commanders may approve a Soldier’s absence from a PT session for routine organizational training. Pregnant Soldiers will wear the IPFU until such time it becomes too small or uncomfortable. Pregnant Soldiers are authorized to wear the T-shirt outside the trunks. At no time will commanders require pregnant Soldiers to purchase a larger IPFU in order to accommodate the pregnancy.


There is only one club name that has survived my 1967-68 tour of duty: The Rendezvous Club. That’s it. Back then the ville was ugly and it smelled bad, but it sure had character. I went home on a mid-tour 30 day leave and came back early. Couldn’t wait to get back to the diesel stoves, the mud streets, and the behind-the-beaded-curtain chops shops that served yakimandu and Oscar champagne in TDC.

They battled to win the brigade’s Toughest Talon competition. Consisting of an Army Physical Fitness Test, rope climb, pullups, dips, tire flip, litter carry, road march, small arms range and a nine-line medevac radio transmission.


101st airborne division leadership

To echo the communists claims the Red Cross condemned the treatment of prisoners on Goje Island as well. They condemned the over crowding, violence in the camp, and the lack of food reaching some prisoners because the communist leaders would store the food for themselves and only hand it out to prisoners loyal to their movement. The Red Cross also would not condone any force to put down the uprising and regain control of the camp in order to meet acceptable humanitarian standards. The Red Cross could provide no advice on how to meet acceptable standards, but was quick to criticize the Eighth Army forces guarding the prison for not meeting those standards.

We will see the true intentions of the command when alcohol sales go down

Similar to the Ranger tab, the jungle and Arctic tabs will be worn on the left sleeve of the Operational Camouflage Uniform, directly over the unit patch, according to the release. The tabs are not authorized for wear while serving in a temporary duty assignment outside the USARPAC area of operations or while serving on deployment.


Of being programed to live off the government tit, you are doomed to never being able to “be all you can be”. You can not join the military (I was an Recruiter), few employers would ever higher you in a decent paying job with potential. They become comfortable on the “dole”. Evil shit when you consider it. The nanny state locks them into that situation. Why get a job and behave yourself when the total of handouts, housing, food, medical is provided which turns out to be about [email protected]

My husband is stationed here at the moment, well, for the next two years. And pretty much everyone either goes to Rendevouz if you like dancing and rap music or the sportsmen for live rock band with a hot chick lead singer.

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Army’s transformation and base realignment process on the peninsula — was swift. The Fires Brigade and 6th Battalion, 37th Field Artillery Regiment already have relocated to Camp Casey. Another Camp Stanley-based unit, 1st Battalion, 38th Field Artillery Regiment, will join them later this month. And 1st Battalion, 2nd Aviation left for Camp Humphreys in June.


Comments: Can anyone help me out. I arrived at camp young the first week in january 1971, which is located on the north side of the river on the DMZ and was a 31B20 field radio mechanic.

Comments: Looking for buddies and others who I served with during 72-73. In touch with several currently. Rick Allred, Craig Andes, Randy Ackers, Dan Henry, Owen Ashurst, Jeff Hummer, John Ackins, Mike Irey, Bill Holt and few others since my last post a couple of years ago. Was that a wild 13 months in 2nd Infantry Division.


The 46th traded a big maintenance shop at Humphreys for a much smaller building at Camp Stanley that is on the opposite side of the airstrip from the unit’s offices. A larger hangar nearby that was vacated by 1-2 Aviation is earmarked for the Department of Public Works workers due to move there from Camp Falling Water later this year, Shook said.

The TEWT provided an overview to the brigade command teams across Fort Campbell on deployment readiness

Once the war had begun and it was realised that it would not be short, arrangements were made through the existing organisation to raise other kinds of Landwehr units, particularly for duty behind but close to the operational areas. Additional Landsturm units were also raised for duty in the homelands as well as in the occupied territories.


2nd brigade cadet command leadership

He didn't do as much on it as the competition guns. But the flare goes into the mainspring housing.

Army irr justification memo sample

They wore Army combat uniforms and carried with pride ruck sacks filled with the hopes of each of their units. The Soldiers placed their ruck sacks down and began warming up for what they hoped to be a successful day of hard work and determination. They separated into six lines with their teams of four and listened for the sound they had been waiting for.


So, hadn’t been to TDC in about 20 years, went out to the Mustang Club, bought a few beers, came home early. My buddy that stayed there to get accosted to buy girls drinks, which he respectfully declined, decided to put his drinks on his credit card. He legitimately had about 30 dollars worth of drinks. He called American Express this morning, and they had his 30 dollar charge, and two more charges for 85, and a charge for 190. So, from what I can tell, I would steer clear of using a credit/debit card to pay for drinks at any of these bars.

The highest command level that operated in peacetime was that of corps district (Militär-territorial(Korps)bezirk); see Appendix A to this chapter. These covered the entire area of the Monarchy and within Austria commanded all troops within their boundaries.


Females are not authorized to wear bright color shades of lipstick and nail polish that detract from professional military appearance or apply designs or two-tone/multi-tone colors to a nails 11. Class C (Utility) Uniform Wear Standards The Utility Uniforms consist of the ACU, hospital, food service and cold weather uniforms. The utility uniforms are designed to fit loosely; alterations to make them form fitting are not authorized. Keep uniforms free of holes and tears; keep all pockets properly closed.

Soldiers in the area and the plan to relocate the Soldiers to USAG-Humphreys will change the customer base for good. Because Bosandong’s customer base has declined, the area has become run down.


101st airborne division history

TT, I wouldn't doubt that the gunsmith reworked your GC trigger. I have an old trigger that Clark modified back in the '60s. Now days nobody would put so much time and effort into a part commonly available in a multitude of configurations.

Commissioned officers should never break up fights or put themselves in a position needing to do so. First it could cause the officer not not be seen as a higher being by rolling in the mud and the guts and the beer. Second, he is endangering the welfare of the soldiers he is attempting to assist.


In 2009, 2nd Infantry Division soldiers gathered once again to replicate the historic patch. They repeated the process of coming together and organizing themselves in the precise positions necessary to create a detailed image of the emblem that represents their unit. The gathering successfully resulted in a new photo of the “Living Insignia of the 2nd Infantry Division Patch”. This time, it included members of a new generation. The new photo will provide another link in the chain of the historic and extraordinary heritage of the Indianhead Division.

It goes from a minor scuffle in the ville to field grade action automatically. That’s business best left to NCO’s.


These were all painful lessons learned in the aftermath of the Goje Island Incident that would unfortunately be forgotten 50 years later in Iraq. Military planning requires more than just maneuvering infantry and tanks and hopefully in future conflicts the US military properly plans to deal with the handling of prisoners of war. Especially when such an issue can have such strategic impact, which in the case of Abu Graib is still being felt today. The painful lessons learned from Abu Graib could have been avoided with a close study and appreciation of the experiences of General Haydon Boatner on Goeje Island.

  • 2ID Asks Club Owners to Help them Identify Drunk Soldiers
  • Most Soldiers really live week to week, paycheck to paycheck and are just doing their time in the 2ID
  • 2ID Alcohol Consumption Policy Letter Posted
  • ROK Drop South Korea Continues to Say that USFK Will Stay After Any Korean War Peace Treaty Comments Feed
  • South Korea Continues to Say that USFK Will Stay After Any Korean War Peace Treaty
  • Second Indianhead Division Association Comments Feed
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2021 2ID Change of Command

To compound the problem the US commanders were so consumed with fighting the immediate war little emphasis was put into the handling of prisoners and possible propaganda value to the enemy for any mistreatment. Additionally the assigning of poor soldiers and officers to manage the prisoners combined with the inadequate facilities to house the prisoners would lead to strategic consequences later in the war.

All of the units under the Division Support Command had been redesignated several times because of changes in tactics, organization, and equipment associated with the modern Infantry Division. Throughout its history, the Division Support Command served and supported in both peace and war. The colors, with many campaign streamers, bore testament to the courageous service of the previous units. Their valiant exploits remained as a challenge to its units, which had evolved with the birth of the Pentomic Division, and had been reconfigured over time to keep pace with doctrine. The support battalion structure was intended to supported the Army's Airland Battle doctrine.



Landeshauptschiessstande in Innsbruck and Bregenz, with branches at district, main town and village level throughout the two provinces. This organisation was not under military command but received guidance and assistance from the local military commanders. Membership was open to all men over the age of 17, but their full time military service took priority. Boys aged 16 could belong to the Jungschützenschule and joined the Standschützen at the age of 17. Members took an oath 'To defend the Fatherland and be true to the Kaiser' which was kept in the war years to the bitter end. Members attended exercises four times a year and had to fire sixty shots on the range at each of these.

Comments: Greetings, please visit my website or send me an email. I have published a novel set in the Korean village near Ascom City, circa 1973. Reviews and comments are posted on my website, and additionally, comments and links relevant to Agent Orange usage in Korea during that time.


Us army memo template

Probably a norK trying to make a stir. It’s clear from the grammar that English is NOT the author’s first language.

When I was still in the Army and Guard I really wanted a return tour there. Still would like to visit but looking at these pics it’s like it’s a whole new town. In my mind the place has never changed, not sure I’d want to change that.


Eighth Army Soldiers will render the proper military courtesies to all US and foreign military superior officers and NCOs. The exchange of a salute is one of the oldest traditions in the military and a visible sign of good discipline and mutual respect.

But it was from someone that was stationed there not TDY like us. I never had reason to doubt the story. Could never think of why else all that wire would have been hanging down like it was. Nor why we were being told that story if it weren't true.


And that completed my walk around the ville. Like I said before there has been much effort to clean the place up, but it is still the ville and always will be until the day US Soldiers leave Dongducheon. If anyone has any stories they would like to share about the clubs pictured here or any other experiences they had in the ville please share with other readers in the comments section.

While short shorts and halter tops are appropriate for sunbathing, they are not allowed in any installation facility. A poster of unauthorized clothing is illustrated in the “Standards Book” for better clarification. Garments with profanity, sexually explicit language or racial intent are never permitted. Females are not authorized to wear clothing that will reveal undergarments/ lingerie, midriff, or an excessive portion of the upper body.


He had a store/pawn shop right as you entered the ville after going over the train tracks. He could get you about anything you’d ever want.

Matthew Jones, then commander of the course, said in a 2021 Army news release describing JOTC

Co. Box #78 APO, SF,CA, 96483 as the return address. In the letter he states that he is in Korea. Just like to know if he is ok. Thanks.


Their money was wanted as well as any ones. Korea IS a big deal now in technology, electronics innovations, top rated vehicles, they are all over the middle east constructing buildings that will defy the imagination.

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During my day, the effort was to get the GI’s money any way possible. It’s good to see the Koreans in Dongducheon are willing to spend some of it now to upgrade the city. I’m sure that is necessary for the day to come when Dongducheon is no longer a US Army camp town.

Everyone here at the 101st Airborne

The “Taliban rating” doesn’t mean as much anymore but at the time was very relevant. Many of the mainstays are still there.


I can’t believe Las Vegas and Silver Star are still around. Do they still have the Silver Star Outlaws? I think Bar 37 used to be The Oasis Club, used to have bbq’s up on the top of that place all the time in the early 90′s.

The term used previously for unmanned aircraft was unmanned-aircraft vehicle system (UAV). The term unmanned aircraft system (UAS) is the newest military acronym, to emphasize the importance of other elements beyond an aircraft itself.


Although it has been 35yrs since I served with 1st 23/Inf Camp Hovey. After taken the bus ride to Casey for a pass, It seem so change for the future.

Scott McKean had Change of Command ceremony, July 17, on Camp Humphreys

I was an assistant instructor on the record fire rifle range out the back gate. I worked firing point number 7, it was 110 steps up to it. Point 8 was 179 steps if I remember correctly.


At first he said he got them accidentally from various foreign tourists who were changing them for yuan. Were the tourists from North Korea? He shrugged and smiled and said perhaps some had relatives or friends over there across the mighty Yalu. But after asking if he could sell one or two more, he quickly left on his bicycle after taking a brief mobile phone call.

Comments: I was stationed at Camp Howze 1973-74 in HDQ company, 3rd Brigade. I enlisted around the same time as my homeboy, William Howell and they sent us both to Korea.


101st airborne division apparel

A half-dozen 2ID soldiers recently were accused of harassing a Korean woman on a subway train near Uijeongbu. Three soldiers not affiliated with the 2ID were accused of shooting passersby in Seoul with a BB gun and leading police on a high-speed chase during which one of the soldiers was shot by a police officer.

Each kk Landwehrterritorialbezirk was under command of its linked kuk Militärterritorial- bezirk

While I had unbelievable fun, ridiculously unsupervised (Army wise) freedom, during my weekly TDY travels, and met some great people, saw some cool places and had some truly awesome times, nothing was as wide open as good ol’ TDC. I was always anxious to get back there every Friday just because of the upcoming partying! Actually wide open doesn’t really fully describe TDC.


In 2005 at age 51 I suffered an aortic dissection and survived. I had hyperlipidimia, Hypertension, hypercholestorolima, all undiagnosed prior to my "event".

Physical Readiness Training a. General. PRT is the most important training event of each duty day as it brings the whole Team, Section, Platoon, or Company level units together focused on enhancing Warrior fitness and progressing team strength, aggressiveness, and physical readiness. Our ability to close-with, fight, and win depends largely on our physical, emotional, and mental fitness, stamina, and strength. Every Soldier assigned to the Eighth Army must be fit to truly “Fight to th Night”. IAW 8 Army Policy Letter #19 all Soldiers and Leaders are required to conduct 90 minutes of combat focused, small group, intense PRT each duty daily from 0630-0800 when in garrison and planned for it when on shift or in the field. PRT must involve those within the unit will deploy when alerted for a EDRE or deploy for contingency or combat operations therefore all temp/perm profiles will be part of the daily PRT training plan and execution each PRT session. Battalion Commanders are the approval authority for PRT beginning prior to or after 0630 or exceeding the 90 minute duration.


One of the unusual aspects of Korea when compared to state side assignments is how many people are always coming and going due to the one year tours that many Soldiers still receive to come to the 2nd Infantry Division. Every time a Soldier leaves their unit it is customary to have what the Army calls a “Hail and Farewell” to welcome new personnel and farewell departing personnel. The departing personnel usually are given a plaque or some other gift for their time with the unit which means shops like the one pictured above due brisk business. The ajushi that work in these shops actually do really good work for a relatively good price.

The 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam

Wife says Koreans do not buy or use them anymore. She could protest til the end of time, I got my blanket!


College: U.S. Army Cadet Command 5th Brigade on TeenLife


I don’t know if this is still the case but this club used to be run by a Korean mafia figure named Mr. Han. I once saw him karate kick a guy in the face before in the bar that was causing trouble. Anyone know if Mr. Han is still running this place?


Kemia and Tyrone Hassel married in 2021 and had a 1-year-old son. She told police she was unhappy with her marriage, but didn’t want to go through a divorce because she then wouldn’t be able to receive any life insurance money, Lanier said.

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The ban on personally owned vehicles in Area I affected many lieutenants and noncommissioned officers who have moved north from Camp Humphreys. Another big change is the lack of families or children at Camp Stanley compared to Camp Humphreys, she said.

101st airborne division flag

General Boatner soon arrived in Pusan and received a debriefing from General Colson on the situation on Goje Island. While in Pusan he even ran into the recently released General Dodd who was visibly a shaken man after being held hostage and was on his way to Tokyo to report to his superior there over the incident. Dodd would go on to be reduced one rank to colonel and forcibly retired from the military. While meeting with General Colson, Boatner was amazed how oblivious he was to the media frenzy over Goje Island. There was little access to the media in Korea, but in Tokyo the media frenzy in the newspapers could not be missed and Colson would soon find out about the frenzy after meeting with Boatner and returning to Japan where he was also disciplined for his part in the Goje Island mess.


This was not the first time the matter was brought before the top commanders at Fort Bragg. Prior to the brigade's deployment in August, Col. Drinkwine met with Scaparrotti and Helmick's predecessor, Lt. Gen. Lloyd Austin, who told Drinkwine that his wife would have to step down as brigade FRG adviser.

In sworn statements, Jenio, of the 2nd Battalion, 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, and Lt. Col. David Oclander of the 1-508th PIR, complained that Leslie Drinkwine's influence contributed to command (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=4582) decisions that damaged their careers. Other battalion commanders and their spouses said she threatened them.


After the flood the Rendezvous is now a bear, vacant lot. They say they are going to rebuild but I’ve yet to see much happen.

Of all the pics you posted I recognize only the Rendezvous and Club Pan Korea. Not sure I would like Bosan-dong. My first and only time with two women was a short time in the ville. Back then we did not carry credit/debit cards. Don’t think they had the capability to run a card back then. Everything was on a cash only basis. Both of them were hot young Korean women. I paid them $5 each and gave them a $5 tip to split. I had them both for around an hour and a half. No Russian or Thai girls back in those days.


I really thought the top was flattend with a mill. It really is awesome to be done by hand.

The problem with doing that was that with the Red Cross and media hanging around would condemn such an act. However, the problem with the civilians supporting the prisoners got so bad that Boatner had to do something about them before he could move on fully ending the uprising in the prison. Boatner sent trucks to the village to move the villagers. The military in two days was able to move the entire village and burn the huts down. It brought some bad headlines in the short term, but in long term it totally isolated the North Korean leadership within the prison.


Wow things have really changed since ’74-’76 when I graced those streets. My favorite hang out with John McComas was in Seoul called the Heart to Heart Club, I think I still own the owner my tab.

Subject: DIV ARTY 2ID 1970-71

It’s very easy to type some new code, load a new model, and produce something completely different with the same material. As it relates to tool production it turns a two man job into a one man job and also increases the safety of a job so there is less risk to damage components,” said the Delta Company commander and project designer, Capt.

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Army irr memo template

Especially in the TDC area, had nothing regarding US contractors etc. A person can’t reside in Korea legally without being in that status or recruited by a Korean company of someone located in the states. I am curious to know if any other ROKDrop bloggers have a different take on this point.


Subject: A CO 2ND ENG BN 2ID DMZ

Comments: Comments: I'm looking for my friend, SP/4 David Chambers who served with me in Korea from Nov 1976 thru Dec 1977 we were assign to A CO 1/9 Inf Bn (Alpha Gators) at Camp Hovey. Also, anyone who can help me contact the Company Commander, CPT William P. Purcell (Crazy Ranger) numba-one Yamatologist.