Microsoft Corporation has really relevant sections to offer. One of them is called Microsoft Office. This software has several programs integrated; one of them is called Power Point.

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Timer Three 16-bit counter/timer using 8253 programmable timer. Counter 1 is used for serial I/O baud rate generation.


Regulator is provided to generate 3.3V

ALS -NIFC-72 interface allows the user to understand the use of GSM wireless technology. It is configured as a home security system including a PIR sensor for intruders, a Gas Leak sensor and a smoke sensor. In any of these sensors provide an output, while you are out of your home then the siren will be turned ON and status will be sent as a message to customer through GSM module. There is a need to automate home so that user can take advantage of the technological advances in wireless and also gives the main idea of sensors and GSM. It interfaces to the external ALS GSM modem ALS-GSM-09.

Firing angle can be varied from 1800 to 00. Frequency division by 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 & 10. Power circuit consists of 4 SCR’s. Each device is mounted on heat sink and protected by Snubbed and fuse. All the points are brought out on the front panel for interconnection. A 24V-0-24V @ 1A center tap transformer is provided for AC input supply.


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These headers can provide the designer a quick interconnection between the Add-On bus signals and test hardware in the prototyping area. The EPLD is programmed to provide sufficient number of chip selects which can be used for Add-On hardware.

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Nifc-53 - dc motor control interface This interface consists of the Interface card and DC motor mounted in a single housing. The unit operates off 230V AC, 50 Hz and allows the user to study the interface of a DC motor, to vary its speed through port lines and is compatible with our Microprocessor / Microcontroller Trainer kits.


Solving customer’s challenges requires analysis capabilities and the 7000 Series provides a comprehensive set of advanced analysis tools. Six-in-One capability provides multiple instrument types. Oscilloscope, Logic Analyzer, Protocol Analyzer, Waveform Generator (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=1051), Digital Voltmeter, and Counter/Totalizer are all integrated into the 7000 Series. Beyond that tools like Zone Triggering, 41 Precision Measurements, Multiple High Resolution Color FFTs, as well as standard Histogram and Pass/Fail Analysis make the 7000 Series a powerful mid-range debug solution.

From this controller we can set the speed of the stepper motor in RPM, set the number of steps the motor can move. We can set the direction of rotation – forward and reverse direction.


Since the midpoint of the decade, the world has undergone a sea change in attitudes towards electric vehicles. Global sales surpassed 1 million electric vehicles.

A variable DC Power supply from 2/5V to 35V @ 500mA using IC regulator for load current. One max variable DC power supply from 1/5V to 15V @ 100mA for gate voltage.


The E series HMI panels offer a perfect blend of operator friendliness with powerful performance. These rugged terminals offer a wide range of cost-effective HMI connections to a host of automation suppliers’ PLCs including Rockwell, Siemens, Omron, Moeller, Telemecanique, and Mitsubishi.

A CODEC has two parts, Encoder and Decoder. Encoder converts the input audio signal sampled at regular intervals into PCM data. Decoder converts the input PCM data to an equivalent analog voltage. While doing this it applies either A-law or Mu-law.


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The system comes with Ladder programming and communication software compatible with IBM PC. All the inputs and outputs are brought out to the panels for the ease of studying various Static application panels and also Sample Ladder programs are supplied for better understanding of PLC. The Panel is built with necessary Power supply required for the PLC and the Simulation Panels.

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Kernel Access - Corrupt MS Access database repair software tool is designed to reconstruct corrupt Access database files which gets corrupted. The software uses LivePreview technology, which quickly extracts.


The RSA3000 is available and shipping now. Please contact RIGOL or any authorized partner for information.

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ALS-NIFC-73 is an interface to study wireless data acquisition system based on Zigbee and incorporates sensors like MQ-135(AIR QUALITY SENSOR), LM335 (TEMPERATURE SENSOR), SY-HS-230(HUMIDITY SENSOR) and NSL-4962(Light Dependent Resistor). This interface communicates with ALS controller Evaluation boards through a serial port. The interface to the Zigbee Module is TTL digital levels. Sensors are connected to Zigbee module’s ADC inputs.

XR2206 is used as FSK modulator. This IC is made to output two different frequencies depending on the state of the Input Data.


Bus Signals All Address, Data and Control signals are terminated in 50 pin berg stick for user expansion. All signals are marked with suitable legends.

Extended validation and certification of Ingeteam’s new-generation power converters reduces the cost of energy

Is your MS MDB file gets corrupted? Need to recover MDB file or recover Microsoft Access files immediately then try Perfectdatasolution most brilliant Access recovery software which powerfully repair corrupt.


Amplitude modulation (AM) conveys information over a carrier wave by varying its amplitude. In analog applications, the instantaneous amplitude of the carrier is directly proportional to the instantaneous value of the input signal. A simple form of AM often used for digital communications is ON-OFF keying, a type of Amplitude Shift Keying (ASK) by which binary data is represented as the presence or absence of a carrier wave.

A/D Converter 12 bit ADC with 25 microsecs conversion time. Jumper selectable 16 channel single ended or 8 channel differential Analog input. Jumper selectable Unipolar / Bipolar analog input ( 0 to 10V, +/-5V, +/-10V) Acquisition rate typically 25KHz.


The trainer provides complete set up to the students for performing experiments to learn PWM. They can study Sampling, Pulse Modulation, Demodulation & Signal reconstruction process.

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The TRIAC is provided with fuse and Snubber protection. A DIAC and associated RC components are provided to vary the firing angle.

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In PSK before keying, DATA is not conditioned. In DPSK the Input DATAis conditioned to NRZM format before keying.


Such incoming traffic was allowed to continue until the firewall decided to block access to port 1026, which occurred when there was no incoming traffic to port 1026 for a defined period of time. This timeframe was between 61 seconds and 120 seconds, as it appeared that the firewall checked once per minute to determine if access to ports should be revoked due to more than 60 seconds of inactivity. Assuming that users connected to the Internet would typically perform a DNS query at least every minute, incoming access to port 1026 would always be granted. An attacker on the Internet could therefore send the Windows XP computer spoofed DNS replies without worrying that they might be blocked by the firewall. Such traffic would not generate any logs if the firewall was configured to only Log Dropped Packets. If the firewall was configured to also Log Successful Connections as in this example, these log entries would disappear among the thousands of other log entries.

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Nifc-38 - multiplexed seven segment disply This interface is designed to illustrate the use of multiplexing technique in display interface. It consists of 6 numbers of seven segment Displays.

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It includes a 12 key keypad, logic gate, transistor and speaker. It can be connected to ALS ARM, ED2 evaluation boards and other trainers through a 26 pin FRC cable.