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Terraria will now have new game modes for players to experiment with. The most impressive of the three modes is the Journey Mode. This option will give players the power to tailor gameplay to their wants and needs. Features like the ability to control the weather, adjust the enemy difficulty, duplicate items/materials, and even enable god-mode will all come packaged into Journey Mode. Re-Logic has stated that the only limit to this mode will be the creativity of players.


We prefer patches which are generated against the latest "trunk" in subversion. By checking out a copy of the source and making changes to your local copy, you can create a patch by simply typing svn diff, (or git diff, if it's in git) from the root directory of your project. This command will give you context, as well as version numbers for all differences between your versions and the versions you checked out from the repository. Redirect this command to a file and attach it with proper documentation to a patches tracker item.

This feature allows you to restrict each WordPress widget from guests, members or specific user roles. Useful for displaying different widgets for different user types.


Another interesting game mode will be Master Mode. Master Mode should only be attempted by very experienced players as it will be the most difficult mode in Terraria. Enemies will be stronger and more aggressive, and players will be punished more harshly for their actions. Players who don't want such a grueling experience though can always decide to play a round of golf with Terraria's Golf Mode. Once the update releases, players will be able to create their own course or challenge their friends to a friendly round on some community-created levels.

Most of our code is managed using an open-source tool called Subversion. It is recommended you learn the basics of this tool, to help you keep up to date on the latest changes from other developers, as well as to generate patches against specific file revisions.


Players will also be able to explore the world in fun new ways with different mounts. A new minecart called the Minecarp is shaped like a fish. It's unclear if it has any new features, but it looks fun. Players will also be able to navigate through lava with the Lava Shark mount. There are also an untold number of aesthetic items being added to Terraria as well from a throne room theme to a design that seems to be made from bamboo.

Use the Private Content Settings screen to configure the plugin

Take a look at the plugins - there are thousands freely available, many of which are amazingly powerful. BuddyPress is a perfect example. Install this and you can almost immediately create a custom social networking site of your own. Your users are able to register, create profiles, post personal messages, add friends, create and come together in groups, post directly to their Facebook and Twitter streams, and more. It's hugely comprehensive and can be extended further with plugins of its own.

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Apart from that you will get a unique private portal page for every user of your site and let the administrator add user specific content to this client area. Only the owner will be able to see the content in this private portal. WP Private Content Plus provides the ability to display different menu items to different users based on their login status as well as user roles. You can extend the private area with private discussions (private messages) and private files using the PRO Version.


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This feature allows you to protect your entire site(Front-end) using a single password. Once its enabled, you will have a private site and users won’t be able to view your site without the correct password.

WP Private Content Plus is a plugin that protects your content from different type of users. It involves many user management related features. This version is not capable of handling user related functions such as frontend login, frontend registration, member directory and user profile search. So we have integrated WP Private Content Plus with popular User Profiles Made Easy plugin to offer complete features related to user management and content protection. WP Private Content Plus handled the content restriction management while User Profiles Made Easy handles frontend user features related to content restriction.


Journey's End may be the final update, but it will definitely not be the end of Terraria

There are also some more dangerous ways to fish that can give players greater rewards. Fishing during a Blood Moon will expose them to dangerous creatures both on sea and land, but will give them access to better loot. The company has hinted that there may be something horrifying lurking for players who decide to fish during a Blood Moon though. Players will also be able to go lava fishing as well, which similarly has its own risks and rewards.

There will be several quality of life features that will be added in with Journey's End – much to the benefit of players. One of the most exciting is the block swap feature that all players will get solid use out of. Instead of having to destroy structures to update them, players will now be able to just place a new block over them. As long as players have a pickaxe in their possession that is strong enough, and block can be placed over an old one. The old block will be destroyed and players will regain the material used to create it.

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One of the most frustrating aspects of Terraria in the past was keeping track of all the different creatures and enemies that players would face. It could be difficult to remember how much health certain enemies had or what kinds of items they dropped. Players won't have to worry about Googling that info any longer though, as Terraria will now have its own in-game Bestiary. This feature can be used to keep track of all the creatures that players have encountered, while also compiling all the necessary stats and info that players might need.


In addition to the regular enemies, Re-Logic has decided to add two mini-bosses and two bosses. One of the mini-bosses that players will be able to fight against is the Dreadnautilus, a giant monstrous fish-like creature that players can face off against. The company has decided to keep both new bosses under-wraps, so players will have to discover them on their own.

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