In this review slash article we'll look at Crysis 3 VGA Graphics benchmark performance with roughly 22 graphics cards. The new and popular title is daunting from a graphics point of view.

  • NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV hands-on
  • NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV revealed: 5 years in the making
  • Crysis 3 Android release: yes, NVIDIA SHIELD can run it
  • This is the Android TV machine you’re seeing Crysis 3 played on below
  • We all have been waiting long for Prophet in this follow up on Crysis 2
  • Yes, yes indeed you will be able to play online multiplayer Crysis 3 on Android
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Psycho explains that in Prophet's 20 year absence, CELL used Ceph technology to generate unlimited free energy. Eventually, CELL gained a monopoly over the power supply, and used it to drive everyone into debt.


Their first target is System X's outer defenses. Despite CELL's capacity for infinite power generation, CELL chose to power its defenses with a hydroelectric dam. Prophet hypothesizes that CELL does this because it fears something about System X. Prophet, who continues to have visions, disables the dam and then disables the System X facility. It is revealed that System X is the Alpha Ceph. An inbuilt program thus activates to kill the Alpha Ceph. It fails, and the facility self destructs. The Alpha Ceph fires a beam into the atmosphere to open a wormhole to the Ceph home world in the M33 Galaxy. Through this wormhole, they plan to send an invasion force to invade the planet revealing their true motives for inhabitating the planet since millions of years. Prophet resolves to kill the Alpha Ceph and end the threat once and for all. The Ceph hivemind reactivates, and a coordinated Ceph attack ensues.

Psycho and Prophet enter the dome, fighting through CELL forces and feral Ceph Stalkers. They reach the resistance headquarters, where they meet Karl Ernst Rasch and Claire Fontanelli, the commander of the resistance. Rasch tries to convince her that Prophet is what the resistance needs to finally overthrow CELL. Despite affirmations from Psycho, with whom she seems to have a special relationship, Claire is skeptical of Prophet, ostensibly because of the extensive modifications, the integration of Ceph genetic material, and the deep integration with his suit.


The Cell troopers turn around and are shot. The three nervous men turn to find Michael sitting at a desk. He claims to have had spent some time at one of their hospitals, and he wants to file a complaint.

After the events of Crysis (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=1355) 2, Prophet's personality stored in his Nanosuit assimilates and takes control over Alcatraz's body in due course of time. Together with Psycho and a team of elite soldiers, he travels around the world looking for the Alpha Ceph from the knowledge he gained during the events at Lingshan. One by one his team loses interest in the hunt believing all Ceph are destroyed, until Prophet and Psycho finally trace the Alpha Ceph in Russia and incapacitate it. However,CELL disables Prophet by powerful K-volts in Siberia and captures him so as to stop the threat he poses on their future motives. Locked in a storage device, he is transported to the nanodome in New York by CELL.


This is a real-deal Android game we’ll be able to download from Google Play for NVIDIA SHIELD later this year

Crytek founder, CEO, and President Cevat Yerli stood on stage this evening making it clear that the first thing they tested on the NVIDIA SHIELD was their newest version of CryEngine. Once that was tested – once it worked – they tried their newest version of Crysis.

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See the Review for Crysis

Prophet learns that because the Alpha Ceph is creating wormhole and the CELL plans to use Archangel, a satellite based energy distribution platform that can draw power from the entire world's power grid, as a directed energy weapon to destroy all of New York and hopefully the Alpha Ceph. Unfortunately, firing it at the Alpha Ceph would cause a chain reaction that would destroy the whole planet. To make matters worse, the Ceph attack Claire and the resistance. Prophet races to rescue them, but the situation is so dire that Claire tells him to leave them, as they are only holding him back. Psycho shows up with a VTOL and rescues the resistance. They proceed to the Archangel control facility where they shut off the weapon before it unleashes enough energy to set off a chain reaction. Rasch, who had used Ceph DNA to extend his lifespan, is recovered in the facility, but is now under the control of the Ceph. He disables Prophet and tries the same on Psycho, but Claire blocks his attack and Psycho shoots Rasch. No longer under control, Rasch implores the group to leave as the Ceph tentacle renews its attack. Prophet, Psycho, and the injured Claire board the VTOL and engage in a massive air battle, eventually crashing.