We use TMPGEnc Plus in this example since we are dealing with MPEG-2 files. MPEG-1 files work in the same fashion.

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Tip: for most DivX player you can use ALT+ENTER to toggle between compact mode and fullscreen mode. You can also use the SPACEBAR for Start/Pauze.

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Translate the contents of a web-site. Found the dialects "Moron" and "Hacker" quite amusing.

Note: we're not actually "cutting" the movie into pieces. It's more that we make two or more copies of a part of a movie.

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If the DVD player does not support SVCD, then go for VideoCD (VCD). Unless that's not supported either, then you're back to the "buy a new DVD player" solution.


Tmpgenc 4.0 xpress serial number

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For playback and creating a DivX movie you will need the DivX codec. Your first decision will be if you are going to be using the original DivX -) codec or the DivX.com codec. Since the DivX.com codec is not a hacked codec and therefor legal - I can only suggest to use that one.


Previously we decided which format we will use for the movie, for example Super VideoCD. The question for this step: how many CD's do we want the movie to be put on?

If CD-R media doesn't work, then please try to use CD-RW media, since the reflection behavior of CD-RW is very similar to DVD. I tried this once with my old Toshiba DVD player and it usually works.


Repeat this step for all the movie files you wish to add. Note that you should do this in the order you would like to have them in!

PVA file to MPEG2

Note: there are two version of TMPGEnc: the "free", where MPEG2 quits working after a 30 day trial (MPEG1 remains working), and a "Pro" version. The "Pro" version however is not for free.

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If neither media type is supported (CD-R and CD-RW), you're out of luck. Consider buying a new DVD player.


TMPGEnc: Ready to go

If not, then we will need to install (if not already) the Video Codec. For DivX go to the DivX homepage.

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Click the "Add" button to add a movie. A file dialog will open and ask you which MPEG file you would like to add.

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