All of this seems to confirm that the central plot of Iron Man 3 will indeed borrow elements of Warren Ellis’ "Extremis". In later Iron Man comics The Mandarin released the Extremis on the general population, so it seems to make sense that he could be the villain in the movie. But that is all pure speculation at the moment. Director and screenwriter Shane Black penned the script to have a real-world take on the heavy-metal hero.

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If they’re not needed straight away? They’re more than happy being held back for a counterattack down the line, and essentially complete the job of shoring up the list’s performance against all flavours of targets.


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Now that we've chosen our favorites for the week, we want to hear yours! Did you pick up a killer app, accessory, or game (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=5530) this week? Let us know in the comments below!


So to answer the first question – yes I contemplated pulling out some second edition army lists and trying to do a bit for Goonhammer 96 week, but the idea of trying to wrap my head around the 2nd Ed. rules rapidly lost its appeal once I reminded myself what even just the weapon profiles looked like. Also, I’m not clear if the idea if putting army lists on the internet even existed in 1996.

That provides a solid core and powerful attrition that the opponent is forced to answer, and allows the Harlequins to focus on what they do best, which is using their mobility and spike damage to engage with and eliminate weaker targets around the edges. Running as Midnight Sorrow here helps with that, as it amps up their already considerable mobility and gives them ways to dive into cover after committing murders, denying opponents easier targets. Taken together with the Wraiths that provides an effective gameplan and a challenge for opponents. Either they have to commit to facing down the Wraiths in force, in which case they’re likely to fall behind on wider board control as the Harlequins surround them, or they try and avoid the core and shore up their defences elsewhere, which risks ceding control of the mid-board. Both these options provide a strong path to victory for the Aeldari list, and being able to throw out some ranged damage from durable platforms significantly increases the flexibility of the gameplans it can put together.


Overall, expect to see this kind of thing more going forwards – especially now Michael has racked up an event win for the strategy. Pure Harlequins remain perfectly viable, especially the heavier foot builds, but if you’re a fan and find yourself losing to Death Guard, consider trying a build like this to give you more angles of attack.

Dark Angels had a slightly slower start competitively that we expected but players have now really started hitting their stride, and this winning list shows off one of the two extremely effective templates the book gives you (the other being pure Ravenwing). Because of the huge incentives to run the pure detachments, a Deathwing/Ravenwing combo looked like a no-brainer out of the book, and sure enough players have started finding loadouts that really get the job done.


Since I'm guessing I'm not the only one caught like a deer-in-the-social-headlights right now, let me know how you're organizing your sharing. What are you putting where, and how are you managing it all?

We can only speculate that Pearce and Kingsley’s characters' paths will cross, thus creating a real problem for our hero Tony Stark. Because filming will take place in China, there are some that believe that the Mandarin will be the villain in the movie, Kingsley will play him (despite Marvel's denial that he will) and play part in the spread of the nanotech virus.


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It’s good to see things busy again, and the good news is that with vaccine rollouts proceeding well and organisers having a pretty good handle on policies, we should hopefully be able to start taking a look at US events again soon as well. With that in mind, the other exciting announcement we’ve got is that later this week we’ll be publishing an update to our competitive tier list, setting the stage for where we think the various factions sit as we head into a newly energised scene (at least in places where it’s safer, us poor Brits are stuck for a few months yet). Check back in later this week for that, and we’ll see you then. Any comments, questions or suggestions to [email protected] as ever.

Note: The Patrol here has too many Troops choices. Because they’re all Scions, and I imagine at least one squad per game (discover more) is going to drop, scramble and die, moving one of the squads to the Battalion fixes it with minimal impact.

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I love science, and I love when kids show an interest in science, which is why I'm choosing Sun by KIDS DISCOVER this week. It teaches a lot of fun facts about the Earth's light source and includes great images, graphics, 3D models, videos, and more. And with summer right around the corner, the timing seems perfect for discussion about this season's favorite heat supplier.


At the centre of most of these are Attack Bikes and a big block of some flavour of Terminator that can carry Storm Shields, which can be any of Deathwing Terminators, Assault Terminators or Deathwing Knights. This list plumps for the Assault option, which gives a healthy balance of price, durability and damage output, and gets the nod over the “basic” Deathwing unit because it can take a Teleport Homer, which probably won’t get used most games (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=4359) but is very attractively priced for something that can be super clutch so why not. This unit is supported by an Ancient with the Penant of Rememberance, because the only thing better than ObSec Terminators with perma-transhuman is ObSec Terminators with perma-transhuman and -1D. With Ezekiel’s exceptional debuffs and an Apothecary supporting them as well, this unit represents one of the toughest bricks to shift in the entire game, giving the army a very solid core to work around.

Principle photography is set to begin next month; so we can expect a couple more names being added to the cast. Whether or not we will be seeing Maya Hansen’s character as part of the Iron (https://yacsssdm.ru/content/uploads/files/download/iron-man-3-official-game-hack-tool.zip) Man 3 story remains to be seen, but seeing as she was an intricate part of creating Extremis technology, we could be hearing of a name being cast pretty soon.


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To try and make that a bit harder for lists packing moderate shooting, we see the unusual sight of a Weirdvane Psyker squad. These unlock the ability to use Psychic Conclave alongside the Primaris Psyker in order to give a near guaranteed casting of Nightshroud from the latter. I must admit that I’m slightly surprised not to see Psychic Barrier in play as well (after all, if you’re going in on a MEDIUM TANK you may as well go all in), but having some mortal wound output for emergencies is certainly no bad thing, and the psykers providing a unit that can Scramble in emergencies might occasionally be just what is needed. The Kappic Eagles also have a few tricks to potentially protect it, most notably Distraction Charges – if an Eagle squad wraps closely to the Malcador they might be able to ward off enemy charges out of deep strike thanks to this, reducing the chance of it getting straight up punked by a melee nasty (always a worry with this kind of model).

They’ve been great for ages, but having actual worthwhile shooting to back them up again makes them all the greater, as an opponent that overextends to try and take out one of the shooty units is going to find themselves suffering a brutal counter-charge, especially as they’re backed up here by a Bike Autarch, no slouch in combat themselves. Just like the Nightbringer in the Necron list, this means that just throwing caution to the wind and bull rushing this army isn’t safe, and with so much powerful melee around in 9th any shooty build needs something sitting in that slot.


Perhaps the best part of it all though, is gaining access to all of the Iron Man suits available

Finishing things out, we have the super Shield Captain of doom. Tougher than most main battle tanks, fast, deadly and ObSec. That’s it, that’s the explanation – y’all know that stuff is good by now.

Necrons have been seeing a bit of a dropoff from their early popularity because while their two main strategies (Novokh and Eternal Expansionists) are still decent, they’re struggling a bit to keep up with some of the newly invigorated builds other factions are sporting after the January update. WIth that in mind, it’s extremely cool to see a wholly new Necron setup go out and perform, providing a quite different angle to any of the other lists out there.


And I might well have to try saying it again. The Google + app for iOS has come a long way however, and it's a pretty good user experience now.

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If Eldar did pretty well out of the Forge World Compendium then Custodes made out like absolute bandits. They already had great options here in 8th, but 9th has pushed these to new heights. Sagitarrum are nice solid troops, Venatarii are just phenomenal all rounders now they can have a 2+ save, and Telemons, hoo boy. In 8th a dual-gun shooty Telemon was generally the pick, but 9th provides much greater incentives towards flexibility and mid-board capability, so in recent Custodes builds the Caestus build has been on the rise. Three of them, all amped up with an extra attack via Eternal Penitent, is a truly monstrous force to push up the table, able to carve through anything elite like it’s tissue paper and still handle hordes reasonably well thanks to their shooting (backed by Trajann’s re-rolls) and the support the other units provide. Flat damage four on the fists is especially relevant right now, as it means they can one-shot Death Guard Terminators even through Disgustingly Resilient, and the mixture of extreme durability (T8 2+/5++) and extreme threat is a real problem for any strategy that relies on having their tarpit hold.

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Rene Russo has recently explained that her role in the original Thor was intended to be much larger, and why the relationships between Frigga, Thor and Loki might all be explored in the sequel. More back story and development will certainly be needed to make the death of her character have impact. Even if this claim is unconfirmed, having Frigga die at the hands of the Dark Elves would go a long way in uniting Loki and Thor once again.

Propellerhead’s Figure is a great app for music creation for the iPhone and iPad. Figure gives users control over the different instruments available under the Drum, Bass, and Lead sections. Set the rhythm of each instrument, the number of scale steps between octaves, and range of the bass and lead instruments, along with basics like the key and the tempo. There are also a variety of electronic drum, bass, and lead instruments to choose from. Figure also includes support for Audiobus, allowing you to record and edit your music using other music apps like Loopy and Garageband. Try Figure if you’re looking for quick, simple electronic music creation that’s also a lot of fun to use.


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Mephrit’s Dynastic code is, on paper, extremely good – extra range and extra AP obviously spice pretty much anything up – but the focus on melee options and reaper warriors has left it sorely underused outside a few attempts at building around Tomb Blades. This army eschews those in favour of a list entirely comprised of hulls and monsters, making it extremely resistent to small arms fire and plausibly able to grind a lot of opponents out of the game thanks to the damage it can deal. Annihilation Barges aren’t quite good enough on their base rate, but sticking a point of AP on their main gun substantially broadens out their target options, making them pretty good once you start building up a critical mass as here. More subtly, they also provide extremely effective screening for the Catacomb Command Barge, making it difficult for the opponent to get shots on them. These are both great damage dealers here – the Voltaic Staff is a fantastic ranged relic, while the combo of Voidreaper and Merciless Tyrant provides some real melee oomph on the second one. I must admit I’m not clear on why there’s a Resurrection Orb on the first barge given there are no targets for it in the list, but since the list cheerfully got to second place despite being essentially down 30pts lets just call it an incredible power move.