She has really inspired me over the years through her teachings and having a relationship with her,” said Adams. Through her relationship with her teacher, Adams began to think about her future in yoga. The summer before Freshman year, she found herself hunting for opportunities for certification.

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Comedy Central - Substitute Teacher Pt. 2 - Key & Peele

This lecture focuses on the third of those steps, but to call editing the “final step” is a misnomer. When looked at as the insertion, removal, and organization of information, editing happens throughout each stage. First, this lecture looks at the macro approach to editing—that is, how the story itself can be conceptualized as a whole. Next, the lecture turns to the sequence level of editing: The film as a whole can be broken down into acts, made up of sequences, which tell a story across various scenes. Finally, the lecture turns to editing on the micro level—that is, the scene itself.


Written by Leigh Brackett and Lawrence Kasdan (story by George Lucas). United States: 20th Century Fox, 1980.

The Return of Substitute Teacher

APOLLO 13 Directed by Ron Howard, Apollo 13 tells the story of three NASA astronauts who were left nearly powerless in space after an oxygen tank exploded. Then, for three days, the astronauts and NASA fought to keep the astronauts alive and bring them back home. To the Apollo 13 filmmakers, historical accuracy and logistical authenticity was of utmost importance. They knew that a good portion of their audience would remember these events. The details of 1970 and of space exploration were a vital part of telling a captivating story. Howard suspected that people would pay attention to how gravity was being portrayed in this film. He also knew that, psychologically, the set would have a lot to do with how the actors acted. The traditional approach for filming actors in “space” would have been to build the set in a large studio, suspend the actors from acrobatic wires, and then paint out the wires in post-production. With that approach, Howard thought that people would inherently feel that the film just wasn’t real, so he took the strings away. He made a deal with NASA to use their KC-135 aircraft, meant for reducedgravity maneuvers.


I filed for unemployment and was luckily approved, and although I was grateful for the government help, I miss the independence that comes with leaving the house and going to work, talking with people, making friends you wouldn’t know otherwise, and being able to learn new things about the workforce. For me, the ability to work equals the ability to have independence. You can make new friends and people rely on you for something, but you can decide what sort of job you do. Also, when you make your own money, people can’t tell you how to spend it.

Directed by Franklin J. Schaffner. United States: 20th Century Fox, 1968.


In the safety of her apartment, Danielle Cohen, a UCSB alum who moved to Florence in January to begin her new job, reveals how her life has changed since the virus took hold. She has just finished recording an episode of “Quarantine in the Kitchen,” a series she invented in which she documents what she is cooking that day and posts it on her Instagram story to keep both herself and her followers entertained — and sane.

EMOTION Some directors work closely with their set designers and cinematographers to create a world where the environment makes the audience feel something that can’t be articulated by its characters. One key example of this at work is Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. The central location of The Shining, the Overlook Hotel, is a character itself. It has memories, and it interacts with the human characters. It has a personality that two characters, father and son, have a chance to explore. The inside is deep red and full of mysterious violence of the past, which is uncovered by the father (Jack) and the son (Danny). For example, as Jack’s thoughts become more violent, he finds his way into a bathroom with an imaginary butler named Grady. The men are dressed in blacks and browns.


English Subtitles Key and Peele

I read the whole article he mentioned on the DS9 must-watch list. Great article for the uninitiated. I'm a big enough Trekkie that the 180-ish episodes is a huge feature, not a bug, but it's an interesting thought experiment. I've actually been listening to a podcast that's doing a run through of the whole show, and they're also making a similar list.

I felt that way when I was younger. But going back and watching it a couple of times since then, it hits the ground running compared to the others. It gets really good when Worf comes and everything gets shaken up by the Klingons and the Dominion. But to those that say there's nothing of value beforehand isn't true at all (not that I'm accusing you of saying that).


Written by Tim Kazurinsky and Denise DeClue. United States: TriStar Pictures, 1986.

Why does the world focus on the ideal romance instead of a solid partnership? The everyday love and respect that makes up a good partnership doesn’t sell books or movies.


Written by Kimberly Peirce and Andy Bienen. United States: Fox Searchlight Pictures, 1999.

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When my college, San Jose State University, canceled classes due to COVID-19 in early March, my parents decided I’d be better off at home in Southern California sooner rather than later. I changed my flight back to Long Beach to two weeks earlier than planned. Stuck at home in parent-imposed isolation, I was more than a little bored, so I was trying to find productive things to do. I had access to old photos, and I decided to nominate myself.


Written by Jonathan and Christopher Nolan. United States: Warner Brothers Pictures, 2008. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

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While the actual process behind tea harvesting is fascinating, the most important information is more based in trial-and-error. While all tea is wonderful in different uses, more robust teas, such as green or black tea, tends to handle additions better, and that includes the necessary milk to create a latte. They also just so happen to be more convenient to find in the United States, although the other types are certainly worth seeking out if you want to sip tea in its unadulterated form! Unless you want to invest in a tea strainer (mine looks like the Loch Ness Monster sticking out of the hot water; I call her Nessie), tea bags are your best bet. Black teas and tisanes such as rooibos or chamomile are hardest to mess up; just stick one in a cup with boiling water and let it steep for four or five minutes. Green teas require a bit more finesse, with slightly cooler water, and should not steep for longer than two-ish minutes. You’ll know instantly if it is overstepped, as it will taste incredibly bitter! Matcha is a slightly different beast, being powdered green tea rather than whole leaves and requiring frothing in a small cup of water, but there are a host of videos online showing how to create matcha in the most beautiful settings that just writing it in a blog would not do the process justice. Whether you prefer the strong bergamot notes of earl grey or the delicate nuttiness of genmaicha, making a latte with a tea base is a worthy meditative process.


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Directed by Clyde Geronimi, Hamilton Luske and Wilfred Jackson. Written by Ken Anderson, Perce Pearce, Homer Brightman, Winston Hibler, Bill Peet, Erdman Penner, Harry Reeves, Joe Rinaldi, and Ted Sears. United States: RKO Radio Pictures, 1950.

My acoustic guitar is older than I am; a gift passed down from my aunt during the summer I turned fifteen. I spent hours sitting at my desk, teaching myself with Google, manipulating my fingers to stretch just right to get the trickier chords.


In a good movie, the purpose of these effects is to keep the audience immersed in the film. In great movies, the special effects enhance the emotional and narrative content of the film (not the other way around). To explore special effects further, this lecture looks at several 21st-century movies as case studies.

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The Art Of The Cut: Editing Concepts Every Filmmaker Should Know. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2021.


Key peele the complete series

In great films, theme connects in some way to every aspect of the creative process, from shot selection to editing choices, color, dialogue, set design, and musical scores. This lecture examines approaches to theme, five thematic forms, and how different filmmakers deliver themes to the audience.

The Screenwriters Taxonomy: A New Creative Process. Massachusetts: Routledge Focus, 2021.


Washington Youth for Masks is a one-of-a-kind initiative that is spreading awareness to other teens, uniting them under a common purpose, and empowering the next generation to take action in the face of uncertainty. It is a direct means of supplying hospitals with the masks it desperately needs. Most importantly, it is a community created by the commonality of those who care deeply about this situation and want to be able to do something about it.

One thing I noticed, though, is that I’ve actually been pretty good with my money. Ironically, I’m trying to be careful because I don’t get a stimulus check and I want to prepare for an emergency. I have a lot saved and am trying to not spend too much, save what I spent for my laptop which was a necessity. I’m shocked at how well I’m doing. When I least expect it, I’m dealing with the economy pretty well and I’m as ready as I can be if an emergency arises.


Generally, Art History courses are organized by movements such as Impressionism, Baroque, Classicism, etc. You will then study key artists, pieces and history surrounding the time period and region where it primarily took place. The best way that I have ever heard Art History classes described was by a friend’s sister. Art History class was, to her, “like going to a museum every day”. As beautiful as it is to look at a class this way, I find this to be incredibly true. Art History gives you the opportunity to analyze and discuss art works every day, which isn’t very prevalent in other courses. As far as the workload goes, you will generally write a few papers, have lots and lots of reading, and have a few exams.

I still was able to get a solid two months abroad while traveling all over Europe, even with this crisis on the rise. These were the few months I set aside to do significant traveling and a once-every-one hundred year pandemic just had to come about during the three months I had selected to embark on this adventure.


If you’d like to find more, don’t just go see the classics, new blockbusters, or the Academy Award winners. Go to art houses and check out top-10 lists of underappreciated films. Look back in the past, and look forward to new filmmakers just emerging. Student films and foreign films are also great sources for new cinematic voices to enjoy.

Like its star, Ant-Man is a charming, low-key, and amiable addition to the ever-expanding Marvel-verse, with a secret weapon in consistent scene-stealer Michael Pena. It’d have been nice to see what Edgar Wright was cooking up for this character for, lo, so many years, But, to his credit, gun-for-hire Peyton Reed managed to steer this bug away from the zapper.


Historically, the protagonist is also the character who goes through the most change. For example, Dorothy changes from wanting to run away from home to recognizing that there is no place like home, and Andy Dufresne changes from guilty to innocent. The protagonist’s companions often reflect the protagonist and their changes. Take Michael Corleone: When he combines the approaches of his brothers, he succeeds and changes from war hero to mafia godfather.

Written by Diane Johnson and Stanley Kubrick. United Kingdom and United States: Warner Bros, 1980.


These changes are all important and allow for increased access to employment, inclusion, and involvement that may have been lacking prior to COVID-19. With the rise of ZOOM meetings and online classes, education and employment are becoming more accessible to more individuals across the country.

Many college students are drawn to yoga because of its accessibility and lack of equipment. Many people equate exercising with using big fancy machines or running for miles on end. With yoga, all you need is yourself and a small amount of space around you. Due to this, yoga is a highly accessible recreational and athletic option for many students and adults!


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THE TRADITIONAL VOICE The traditional filmmaking voice within the United States is widely recognizable. A traditional film is crafted with a voice that tells a linear narrative using modern filmmaking techniques, told to a broad audience with live-action, human characters that speak their dialogue as oblivious participants in the story. The list of movies with this voice is nearly endless, but examples include Apollo 13, Hoosiers, and Escape from Alcatraz.

Substitute teacher key and peele vimeo er

The global pandemic has made it difficult to focus and seek out opportunities that were once there. We are fortunate that technological advances have allowed us to continue with the pursuit of knowledge, yet we realize it is difficult to replace face-to-face learning and communication.


The war of godzilla 2 (2021) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Godzilla: king of the monsters (2021) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.

Written by William C. Anderson. United States: TriStar Pictures, 1988.


Amazon.com: Key & Peele: Seasons One & Two: Jordan Peele

Overlapping dialogue seemed more natural. With long takes shot with universal focus, Welles simply recorded his actors in one take and recorded the overlapping audio right there on set. He hid the microphones all around the set and recorded the audio naturally. In the 1970s, Robert Altman became known for his use of overlapping dialogue in films such as Nashville and MASH. More recently, director Alejandro González Iñárritu used this technique in the 2021 Academy Award–winning film Birdman.

Alternative Scriptwriting: Writing Beyond the Rules. Massachusetts: Focal Press, 2001.

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But honestly, if he's watching specifically to get an appreciation of Aron Eisenberg's work he really needs to watch it all. Most of Nog's early character establishment happens in the b plots of minor episodes and his arc won't be as enjoyable without seeing him early on.


Written by Ethan Coen and Joel Coen. United States: 20th Century Fox, 1991. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

He doesn’t win the war, and neither does Ilsa. Most Hollywood movies back then resolved their problems by the end of the film, but Rick and Ilsa’s continue. That was new and fresh to American audiences. Future filmmakers embraced that idea. Examples include Vertigo in the 1950s, Planet of the Apes in the 1960s, Apocalypse Now in the 1970s, Blade Runner in the 1980s, Basic Instinct in the 1990s, and Moonlight from recent years. A heroically ambiguous ending quite often makes the audience rethink the entire film. If Rick and Ilsa had ended up together, then perhaps the audience would leave the theater with the classic sense that true love always finds a way. Instead, the unexpected ending makes the audience consider ideas of individualism, sacrifice, and the nobility of the stranger in a strange land.


Scoring the Screen: The Secret Language of Film Music. Minnesota: Hal Leonard Publishing, 2021.

Lauv’s sophomore album is the equivalent of a deep breath for your ears. The entire album is easy to listen to, fun, and hits those seldom discussed emotions everyone feels.


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Seemingly overnight, the American academic system shifted for the worse due to COVID. Classes moved to fully remote instruction and students were forced to use their resources in order to succeed. Not everybody has the necessary resources, though. My laptop doesn’t work anymore and my best friend doesn’t have a laptop. It seems like this is the best route to go but this situation seems to favor students who have resources. I’m definitely fortunate in that I’m able to afford another laptop because of my financial aid check, but not everybody is so lucky, and resources are dwindling.

The best part of making a latte for me isn’t even always drinking it. While it is, of course, nice to reap the rewards of my labor, putzing around in the kitchen thinking of new and creative ways to make a drink or finally getting around to that recipe that had been saved in my bookmarks for a while feels really good. While the sense of accomplishment when a drink turns out cafe-worthy can make my entire day leagues better, making lattes is such a low-stakes game that even when I mess up three times over I still feel like I’ve been productive. So what if the latte of the day is quasi-inedible and I’m just drinking it out of spite? I still put time and effort into something, and that’s worthy of applause in and of itself.


Screenplay: The Foundations of Screenwriting. Illinois: Delta Publishing, 2005.

Now that you have your caffeinated (or decaffeinated, if that’s more your style) component prepped, it’s time to pick your milk. I prefer soy milk, as I enjoy the environmentally-friendliness of non-dairy milk, but will use the skim milk the rest of my family drinks in a pinch. In all honesty, milk is entirely up to personal preference: Maybe you like the creaminess of coconut milk, the nostalgic texture of whole milk, or the trendiness of oat milk. Different milks have different strengths, and whichever you choose (or if you forgo milk and just use a creamer) is going to turn out delicious. As a slight word of caution: If you want to froth your milk (an optional step I sometimes do for the aesthetics), dairy milk is going to work a bit better. I’ve found that whereas some dairy milk whipped for a few seconds with my milk frother then microwaved for twenty seconds to stabilize it will hold an insane amount of foam for what seems like hours, soy milk just doesn’t have the same “soapy” ability, although it does make a lovely foam in and of itself. The microwave step is essential to really increase the longevity of the milk foam, but obviously I skip it entirely when making an iced latte. As well, while I use a handheld frother, anything from a devoted machine to just shaking some milk in a covered jar for a while will make a snazzy display.


Introducing the Literary Film: A Study of “NonRecurring Phenomenon”—Unconventional Screenplays That Should Have Failed, but Succeeded. Honors tutorial thesis, Ohio University, 2009.

Dumbing of Age Amazing Love Comments Feed

Dope: Tries too hard, and I found it cloying in the manner of Diablo Cody. Tho’ I did like the section where Bitcoin gets involved.


Patch adams 1998 subtitle

What about casual dates and official relationships? I don’t see the point of dating someone I won’t marry, but I also want diverse dating experiences so I can form my own first-hand opinions of relationships. Also, going on dates is super fun. You get to know new people, share experiences, and learn about what you do and don’t want in a future partner.

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Above and below the surface, there is so much depth to his songs. One can listen actively or passively and still gain value because of how well constructed his songs are, but I suggest truly listening in to the extra touches that are meticulously placed throughout every song.


Key and peele obama rap

Nottinghill (1999) soundtracks on imdb: memorable quotes and exchanges from movies, tv series and more. Notting hill (1999) soundtracks on imdb: memorable quotes and exchanges from movies, tv series and more.

Programs for talent shows at Emerson Parkside Academy Charter School, held in the Millikan High School auditorium, to performances as an intermediate “All Star” and Chamber Orchestra Violin III at Leland Stanford Middle School. Then to my one concert as an eighth grade second violinist in the Ohlendorf Orchestra, the middle school Honor Orchestra for the Long Beach Unified School District. It was the first, last, and only time I received city-wide recognition. I was too busy to audition for the high school honor orchestra in ninth grade and tenth grade, not invited to participate in eleventh grade, and was an alternate as a senior, so I wasn’t able to rehearse or perform.


As the protagonist, we saw a lot of Arthur’s inner thoughts about everything going on in Elwood city. Almost all of the show’s intros are him introducing the big question of the episode and analyzing interactions among the characters.

It was right before Saint Patrick’s Day when the coronavirus pandemic became serious enough to the point that the governor of the state had no choice but to order all businesses closed. It was a day that the town had been anxiously preparing for, with parades and all sorts of events planned, only for it to suddenly come to naught.


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Written by Steve Martin, Carl Gottlieb and Michael Elias. United States: Universal Pictures, 1979.

Why Netflix allows its lovely Canadian content to slip through the cracks into obscurity I will never understand. Anne with an E is the same story you’ve always known; fiery orphan Anne is sent to live with the Cuthbert siblings. The Cuthbert’s, however, are expecting a boy. Anne with an E is a beautiful coming of age story that follows Anne as she deals with being an outsider, navigating new relationships, and growing up in the late 1800’s. You wouldn’t expect a show of this time period to deal with issues of sexism, consent, racism and homophobia, but Anne with an E pulls it off with a grace that does not feel forced.


The beginning of isolation back in March provided a major life change to extroverts around the world. The social beings began to feel trapped knowing that seeing friends and family was officially against the law, and that social calls to cafes were strictly prohibited. Social media and video calls filled their days at home and helped them put their social energy to use.

Sometimes I want to hop into my car and drive to the local hiking trail or shopping center just to get out of my head for a while, but I know that I shouldn’t. Maintaining safe quarantine practices isn’t all that essential for me, but it could be literally lifesaving for my family.


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I was a lucky viewer who got to ask Max a question. I asked if they let people know when their names end up in songs. He told me that nothing they write is scathing enough that they have ever had to.

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However, a split between the primary and secondary emotions occurs when Troy’s son Cory believes he’s on the way to the NFL to play professional football. The audience is happy for him, but Troy is angry. This is startling and confusing, which is good from a storytelling point of view: The audience is engaged and trying to make sense of the scenario.


She has two white boards on the fridge in which she writes her daily to-do list on one and her overall goals on another. She adds, “allowing yourself to have bad days is important. It’s asking too much of yourself to assume that everyday is going to be productive.

Back in July, my friend and I were hit from behind at full speed. Strangely enough, the crash occurred in broad daylight, on a straight road as we stopped for a pedestrian. It was clear to us the driver of the other vehicle must have been distracted in some way. Though using one’s phone remains the most common distraction, behaviors such as eating and self-grooming can be just as dangerous. In Saskatchewan in Canada, where I live, using your phone while driving or driving without “due care” poses a $580 ticket and four demerits on one’s license. Should this person reoffend, their second charge will be $1400 and their car will be impounded for a week (SGI).


That was the real beauty of DS9. Once they got out from under Roddenberry's oppressive thumb the series was able to take off and really flesh out entire species that were just throwaway characters. I love the portrayal of Klingons as space vikings still holding onto the trappings of tradition in the face of a society that doesn't really believe in said tradition any more.

I’m so thankful for what I did get to do while I was abroad. I absolutely loved living in South Kensington. From seeing 7 shows on the West End to watching the BAFTAs red carpet across the street from where I have class, it already feels like I have been living here for months already. While traveling, I was able to meet so many new people from all over the world in the most unexpected circumstances. From being stuck in the Budapest airport for two extra days to a random person coming up to my friends and I at a pub, asking us to guess a riddle about expired yogurt, these random situations turned into the most memorable ones. I went from being scared of staying in a hostel, to absolutely loving it. I loved meeting people my age and learning about why they were travelling and where they were coming from. I’m so thankful that I was able to travel to these places and get these experiences before the CV situation got bad in Europe.


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Good Scripts, Bad Scripts: Learning the Craft of Screenwriting through 25 of the Best and Worst Films in History. New York: Three Rivers Press, 1998. Radner, Hilary, and Rebecca Stringer, eds. Feminism at the Movies: Understanding Gender in Contemporary Popular Cinema.

I took time to walk down Bank Street that night, and what I found summed up many of the feelings that are being reflected in towns across the nation. Bars and restaurants that should have been bustling with people eating corned beef and listening to Irish pub music were instead graced with only the sound of the sea breeze and the occasional “toot toot” of the train. No lights were on, and a few places were doing take-out, but not many. In many ways, it felt like the town had become a ghost of itself, and it was quite easy to wonder if it was the end of the small town as we knew it.


Soon enough, the world will be operational again. If we want to make this a reality, it is crucial that we continue to stay at home and do our part to get life back running, so we can go back to living our early 20’s sooner than we think. A couple months on pause won’t seem like a big deal in the long run.

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This offered the audience a depth and a variety of sound that added complexity to the story. Brian De Palma and the Coen brothers are filmmakers who often make use of deep sound techniques. The films Blow Out, No Country for Old Men, and Barton Fink are examples. The same techniques are present in the French masterpiece Delicatessen and the Chinese action movie House of Flying Daggers.


I first saw Arkells in concert in Calgary, February 2021. My long-distance friend Kira flew in from Vancouver on a whim; we had both heard their most recent album and rather enjoyed it, so we figured, why not? What we didn’t know was that we were about to see the best live performance of our young lives. From that night on, we were hooked. The experience both strengthened our connection as friends, but solidified Arkells as one of Canada’s best musical talents, in my humble opinion. From there, Kira and I went on to see them at One Weekend Only, an intimate win-to-get-in show unlike anything we had ever seen before – or ever would again.

By being a figure in these people’s lives, either older or younger, it provides meaning in our lives despite us not being there in person. For myself, in addition to staying in touch with my college friends, I had a long talk with a camp co-worker until five in the morning. While I did not interact with her as much in high school or at camp, it felt good to be able to talk and be hopeful towards the future. While COVID-19 has changed the dynamics of how friends can help friends, you can always get in touch with those who are younger than you.


Why am I asking these questions? I have unpopular opinions about how we view dating as a society.

Some things just go together - like sketch masters Key & Peele on their third, buzz-worthy season

It's weird, I'd be more interested in spending the 80 hours of getting into DS9 if every article advocating it didn't have this strange need to diminish all the other Treks. Like you never see Janeway fans needing to put down Picard, but here.


It talks about real things: depression, anxiety, family, immigration. Even accidental artificial insemination. And the characters are sometimes despicable but also always so lovable.

If it's his first ever time watching it, he should watch every episode. Even the light episodes add to characterization and backstory. Skipping your way through it to hit the high points should only be done once you're acquainted with the whole series. Otherwise you're just cheating yourself of the chance to see it all in context.


QUESTIONS/ACTIVITIES Try to sketch out the basic story shape for two very different kinds of movies. Either try No Country for Old Men and Bull Durham, or Little Miss Sunshine and Thelma and Louise. What do you notice about the story shape of each film? How does that shape relate to either the theme or the story?

Among other accomplishments, sound designer Walter Murch is known for his technique of worldizing. An example of this can be heard in the film American Graffiti. Released in 1973, the movie’s primary audience was people in their 20s and 30s, looking back on life in the 1950s and 1960s. In a scene of a high school dance, Murch wanted the audience to hear the music as they’d remember it. Therefore, he took a perfect recording of the scene’s music and played it through speakers in an auditorium, complete with 100 extras in attendance. The auditorium’s walls bounced the sound around, and the people’s bodies muffled it, recreating the music as it would have sounded at a high school dance.


Love is Blind is a reality show that attempts to answer the question: is love really blind? The show follows 30 singles whose goal is to marry their future spouse, but must decide who to propose to–and ultimately end up with–without ever seeing their face. This show is full of all of the drama, twists, and turns that you would expect from a reality TV show, but with a dash of wholesomeness.

Having a daily journal can help with jotting down ideas, inspirational quotes, reflections, how you can reinvent yourself and how to become a better and stronger you. Even if it’s using it as a way to meditate, reflect, or express gratitude, journaling is a positive habit to continue to develop.


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Donating any sum of money to a nonprofit means putting your trust in the good will and organization of its members. When I first found the GoFundMe for WA Youth for Masks, like all others interested in donating, I wanted to ensure that the money I gave would go to use. The founders, also known as board members, anticipated this desire for information and have included proof of FDA certification, receipts from orders, and pictures of the delivered masks on the GoFundMe, Facebook, Instagram, and website as a way for those who donate to ensure their money is put to use. The connection with factories in China was secured by Board Member Angelina Chin, who had connections with them previously through the Issaquah Highlands Chinese Heritage Club. After becoming a team member, I have become even more sure of the dedication and genuine intentions of the teens in the project. They are working around the clock to cover all bases, from the technicalities of ordering masks to the recruitment of new members to email updates to members with essential information.

One thing that Instagram has made abundantly clear to me is that everyone I know is baking delicious goods these days except for me. It seems like the whole world has acquired a passion for baking all at once, but the end product of baking has always appealed to me more than the process. It’s just so time-consuming, and my mile-a-minute brain is not suited for labors of love. However, there is something I have found time for myself to experiment with: beverages.


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A prime example of selfless acts by teenage activists is Washington Youth for Masks, a fundraiser founded by four young women attending Issaquah High School. This nonprofit, grassroots initiative began in Issaquah, a suburb outside of Seattle that has been hit particularly hard by the virus. The founders, Angelina Chin, Claire Kang, Faith Lee, and Isha Rudramurthy, saw the initial impacts of COVID-19 through their extended family in China, Korea, and India and felt personally compelled to take immediate action. The mission of the initiative they created is to raise $25,000 to order 50,000 masks for 4 hospitals in Washington State, all while promoting youth advocacy and involvement in the fight against COVID-19. In a time of heightened anxiety and distrust, Washington Youth for Masks is an agent of unification for passionate teens as well as a reminder of the undying determination of the next generation to take action to make the changes they desire to see.

Abrams’ reboot of the original fanboy/tentpole universe has the benefit of great casting and instantly likeable characters in Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Adam Driver, Oscar Isaac, and BB-8. This is also clearly a labor of love for Abrams — just look how he Wars-ed up Star Trek a few years ago. At the same time — and, to be fair, this becomes more pronounced after the first viewing — The Force Awakens also feels like an exceedingly cautious retread of the original trilogy at times, a sensation exacerbated by both too many unnecessary Chris Farley Show-style callbacks (hey, remember that thing?


Substitute teacher key and peele

Written by Baz Luhrmann and Craig Pearce. United States: 20th Century Fox, 2001.

Key and peele flickr sets

Clearly eye grabbing, but ultimately, has it changed me? Has it pushed me to do something different?


How to View and Appreciate Great Movies

X-Men: First Class: In a better year, this movie would probably be hovering around the ten spot. But, in 2021 — a year that saw no shortage of superheroics at the multiplex — Matthew Vaughn’s Mad Men-era reboot of the X-Men universe was one of the more entertaining and successful-on-its-own-terms films to come down the pike, with James McAvoy, Kevin Bacon, and especially Michael Fassbender adding ballast to the proceedings.

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Somehow, I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel. I fought everyday to redeem myself. The repetition of schoolwork and responsibilities challenged me but after every quarter, I stood firm. Santa Barbara, I haven’t scratched the surface of my potential. After all the suffering, I have much more to accomplish. For now, I will be content with ending it in June but I promise I will be back. Farewell UCSB, and until next time.


Returning to the Sleep Doctor, I’m supposed to fall asleep at 11:10pm to wake up at 7am every night. While I do attempt to fall asleep at 11pm, I ensure that I’m up and making my bed at 7am no matter when I fall asleep–thankfully, it’s never crossed 12:30am, a terribly late bedtime for me now that I’ve ascended to being a grandma. I’ve also stopped drinking a latte too early in the morning, which is an easier task than expected because I’ve replaced it with chugging water while I work out (I need to drink a concerning amount of water during the summer).

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Most college students are described as sitting in front of a computer screen at a coffee shop, at the library, or under a tree. While college students access their textbooks online and complete the majority of their schoolwork on an electronic device, lectures on-campus were a time of the day where students were able to engage in class discussions or manually take notes from the chalkboard in the front of the room.


Financial aid and rent are also something I think about. I’m trying to sublease my apartment until June, but with the pandemic, people unfortunately aren’t interested in moving. I feel bad for the people that absolutely cannot afford rent due to being laid off from jobs or other personal circumstances, but it’s hard to get out of rent without breaching some sort of legality issues. I’d rather not pay rent for a place I’m not staying in, so I might just go back to Isla Vista for a month and a half.

What is up with the sentiment that people become “whole” when they are with the right person? Comedian Daniel Sloss has an incredible monologue during his Jigsaw stand-up special that has broken up multiple couples. It makes the viewer assess their relationships and where they want to be in life.


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A good partner can inspire someone to be the best person they can be. They can question comfort zones or destructive behavior. But it is up to the person to change themselves, and only if they want to. It also isn’t only romantic partners who can inspire change. It could be a friend, boss, therapist, parent, or anyone. Romantic partners don’t have the monopoly on inspiring self-improvement.

Your Passion Project is yours–you have total autonomy. I am providing suggestions I believe are helpful for success and fulfillment, but ultimately, you have the power, and I’m excited to see what you do with it!


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For the remainder of the school year, I practically lived on my couch. I would interval studying for finals and taking naps. I begged my boyfriend to get tested, but he refused. My antagonizing roommate would not even bring me a glass of water on the days I was too dizzy to walk down the stairs. I had never been so miserable in my life.

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CRIME’S MACRO-GENRES Crime films typically explore themes of truth, justice, and freedom, and contain the central conflict of criminal versus lawman. The story tends to jump back and forth between the two sides. Six macrogenres easily fall under the crime super-genre. They are gangster movies, spy movies, heist movies, escape movies, cop movies (more broadly known as law-enforcement movies), and detective movies.


Directed by Francis Ford Coppola. Written by Francis Ford Coppola and Mario Puzo. United States: Paramount Pictures, 1972. The Wizard of Oz. Directed by Victor Fleming. Written by Noel Langley, Florence Ryerson, and Edgar Allan Woolf. United States: Loew’s, Inc, 1939.

While staying at home reading books and making puzzles made the extroverts stir crazy, the introverts were extremely delighted. There was so much time to recharge now that time alone was just part of every day routine. New solitary hobbies were adopted and their anxieties may have begun to vanish.


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The springs of my adulthood have been far less magical. In March 2021, shortly before I turned 20, I was more depressed than I had ever been in my life (which seemed to be a record I broke every year). I don’t remember why, and perhaps it’s because I’ve simply chosen to forget. But I’ll never forget how I felt. Every step felt like a marathon. The inside of my head was blurry, I didn’t eat, and I cried nearly every day. Tasks like getting off of my couch for a cup of tea felt insurmountable, so I finally stopped trying.

Despite being required to wear masks almost 100% of the time at camp and being forced to separate from other campers, being a camp counselor during COVID-19 still has the same shine it did when I first started working at this camp. Hopefully, for the next five weeks, we are able to navigate through this tense and tumultuous time of figuring out the next steps on how to keep campers entertained and safe at the same time. The camp is starting to feel like old times despite being in a whole new world.


Written by Douglas Kenney, Harold Ramis, and Brian Doyle-Murray. United States: Orion Pictures, 1980.

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Before doing any work on your Passion Project, make it a habit to remind yourself why the work matters to you. When you care deeply, you will find an unbreakable dedication. The people who make a difference and experience fulfilling success are just as human as you and me. There is nothing holding you back from making a positive impact on the world! Remind yourself this: the work you do matters, and you matter. It is much easier to follow through on a plan when you approach it with love instead of fear.


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In the third step, the victorious hero receives a hero’s reward. Dorothy takes part in a reward ceremony where they are recognized for the valor and their commitment to their friends—a common theme in the hero’s journey. According to Joseph Campbell, the classic hero’s journey ends with the hero returning home, either literally or metaphorically. When they return home, they carry with them new knowledge that they learned on their adventure. In Dorothy’s case, she literally returns home to Kansas with the knowledge that there truly is no place like home.

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Let’s apply this ambition to new, courageous projects! We’ve all got time, nothing to lose, and so much to gain. There’s no better time to go for it!


A Good Time for the Truth: Race in Minnesota, edited by Sun Yung Shin (2021), is a collection of essays that explore the infamous “Minnesota Nice” and how a culture of passive-aggressiveness can hurt black, indigenous and people of color. Even if you don’t live in Minnesota, it is worth the read, since chances are, you have experienced passive-aggressiveness at one point in your life or in your community, or have been passive-aggressive.

Crimson Peak: As all the moths and butterflies everywhere attest, this sumptuous Gothic romance/ghost story is basically Guillermo del Toro playing with his toys, so not in the league of say, The Devil’s Backbone. But, even if the story is all over the place at times — apparitions come and go whenever the movie needs a jolt — it’s all very pretty to look at. It’s just too bad del Toro likes seeing sharp objects slicing and penetrating people so much, since every gory slash ruins the otherwise lush atmosphere here.


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A part of me is relieved that I can rescue the rest of my dust collecting belongings but a part of me knows I will long for IV for a long time. I guess I fell for the common pitfall of taking things for granted.

Listening to Dr. Breus’s presentation lit a fire under me so to speak. I suppose it wasn’t actually the presentation at all, but hearing someone else say, “Do this thing,” made me want to do that thing, the thing I had been putting off for so long because it was solely a “me” thing.


I've seen very little of it. I see so little TV anyway. Unfortunately, I don't have a pile of writing to show for it like Wil.

Junior year was the year of the unexpected. Both semesters turned into something completely different than I thought it was going to be, especially my semester abroad. It has been a few weeks since getting sent back from the United Kingdom due to the coronavirus. Even now, it is still so complicated to process the idea of having been abroad during a pandemic; the time where no one is allowed to travel.


As an engineering student, I have been accustomed to solving challenging problems in small groups and constantly swinging by my professor’s office to ask pending questions. With virtual learning, this is not the same dynamic. It is now required for students to email and constantly communicate with professors, whether it is providing feedback about how the material is being presented, the amount of workload given, and overall expectations.

It has represented for me such strong discipline that allows everything else to fall into place once I’ve gotten out of bed and started to get moving. On top of that, I can finally say with utmost certainty that I know I’m getting enough sleep, something I couldn’t say without crossing my fingers behind my back for most of my life.


COLOR AND LIGHT AT WORK Good directors and cinematographers keep color and light in mind when making decisions. For an example of these ideas at work, check out the Italian noir classic The Conformist, directed by Bernardo Bertolucci and shot by Vittorio Storarro. The Conformist is the story of conforming and resisting political ideologies. Bertolucci and Storarro use color, light, brightness, and shadow to illustrate the emotions of the main character, Marcello, as he struggles with what it means to be normal and what it means to be an individual as society bares down on one’s ideals. Terrence Malick is another director who pushes the boundaries of color and light. As an example, in Days of Heaven, cinematographer Nestor Almendros shot a majority of the film’s exterior scene during the magic hour—that is, the time shortly after the sun sets, but when there’s still light and everything is bathed in a golden hue. This process took such a long time that the Almendros couldn’t finish shooting the film, and Haskell Wexler had to be hired as a second cinematographer to shoot the other half of the film. The Coen brothers also pay a lot of attention to color and light in their films. Roger Deakins has shot many of their movies.

If musical experimentation isn’t your cup of tea, try Stacy, the lead single off his newest album A Letter To My Younger Self. The gentle keys draw you in for a peaceful yet intriguing listening experience. Notice the multiple guitar effects to create layers under the poppy drums and back vocals.


It starts by examining how dialogue can inform the audience of a character’s education, upbringing, intelligence, beliefs, and so forth. Then, it looks more closely at the various reasons and ways that dialogue can be used in a film. Films starring Morgan Freeman will serve as case studies throughout.

I’ve spent nearly two-thirds of my life as a true musician, and there’s not a chance I’m stopping now. I’ve decided to pursue a career in music therapy.


Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy: The Circus has been compromised: With great actors all over the place, Tomas Alfredson’s dark, circuitous and densely plotted adaptation of John Le Carre’s cloak-and-dagger novel, redolent of cigarettes, desperation, and Cold War paranoia, is the 2021 movie I’m most looking forward to revisiting in the future. Give Gary Oldman the Oscar already.

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Instead of trying the recommended method of moving your alarm back 15 minutes every week until you reach your desired wake-up time, I went all in and jumped it to 7am and figured I would deal with the jetlag later. I also ended up setting two alarms: a digital alarm clock and my phone. With this, I had to jump out of bed to turn off the second alarm after the first one sounded. In addition, I made a pledge to myself to not just lie back down and fall asleep. I spend the first couple of minutes every morning in a hazy stupor but I allow myself to go back to sleep if I’m still tired half an hour after I wake up. Interestingly, I’m no longer tired by that point.


For the first week of camp, I got assigned to five kids and my co-counselor got assigned to five different kids. This was what became our group for the week. Our group could not interact with any other groups or any other counselors in the camp. This meant no camp-wide activities, no collaborating with other groups for games, no sharing of materials, and being on our own for games and activities. Even discipline was placed in a grey area. We couldn’t send a misbehaving child to the director’s office as we could in past summers because the head of the camp was not allowed to interact with other campers.

You are removing opinion and replacing it with fact and perception. A “1” shot isn’t bad; it just is a “1” or it just is, what it is. Keep in mind that you are not correcting if the number is incorrect. This is not about “fixing” anything; nothing is broken. It is about a sense of being, mindfulness, fine-tuning, refining and honing your awareness.


Last April, all of my figurative blood, literal sweat, and occasional tears of frustration tangibly paid off. I was accepted to the undergraduate music program at the School of Music and Dance at San Jose State University. I’m currently pursuing Bachelor of Arts degrees in behavioral science and music. Sometimes I still can’t wrap my head around that. I’ve felt pure shock and disbelief, and awe. I’ve been proud, angry, and sad. I’ve waited, persevered, and triumphed.

It is during this time of reopening that I was able to speak with the greatest influence in my athletic endeavors, tennis instructor and author extraordinaire, Angelo Rossetti. An inspirational man on and off the court, Angelo has been developing a teaching method that helps athletes get in the best mental shape to perform on the court, field, or track. He has named it The 3-2-1 Method, and it encourages an athlete to self-coach as they work on different tasks, promoting mental and emotional resiliency.


THE MACRO LEVEL: RASHOMON The macro level of editing begins with the idea that a movie has two parts: the narrative and the narration. The narrative is the story being told, and the narration is the way in which that story is told. The 1950 Japanese crime movie Rashomon exemplifies this idea. The story is simple: A crime has been committed, and witnesses are called in to testify about what happened. Most filmmakers embrace the idea that there is only one truth to what happened, which filmmakers deliver to the audience. That’s not the case with Rashomon, which provides four truths. Four different characters—each involved some way in the crime— tell their tale. Director Akira Kurosawa shows the events each time, repeating (each in a different way) and diverting (each in a different way) from the other person’s perspective. This is one narrative with four different narrations. In the end, the audience is left to decide which—if any—of the narrations are true.

This is truly the hardest part of the process. Remember why you want to do this. Write it where you can see it. There’s nothing to soften this–take the plunge! By doing this, you become the driver of the car instead of the passenger. You no longer wait to see where life takes you, but choose the destination yourself and drive. You have so many wonderful things to accomplish. Your future self is looking back at you and smiling, grateful for the day you took the leap and took action.


Dating is, in the simplest term, weird. It’s exhausting, exhilarating, confusing, and so much more. I’m a freshly 21-year-old woman and I am filled with questions; it’s overwhelming.

There is so much more to Art History than just looking at paintings in old museums. Art History is crucial for learning about historical events and cultures, and provides a framework to be able to think critically about the endless amounts of images we see every day, from ads to art itself. By studying Art History, you will not only gain skills valuable for the workplace, but also be able to look at your own coursework in a new way itself.


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I hope we continue to care for one another after all of this. I don’t want the immediate response after COVID-19 to be a reversion to the hateful world that we were. I want to see lasting change in the function of our societies. I want us to notice each other’s presence and respect them without question. That is what society should look like.

She and God did not have sex, although the idea of a girl unknowingly becoming pregnant is definitely problematic. HOWEVER, given the context of the time, by this age Mary was considered a woman – people were old when they were 40, got married as teens. People who are in their 20s now would have had several children by this point.


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Please feel free to email [email protected] with suggestions, feedback, or your own inspirational stories. I welcome your goals, success stories, inspirational quotes, or challenges.


The burden falls squarely on each of your shoulders to make as much change as you can, however you can. You do not have to protest (or even donate or post) to make an impact, but by remaining inactive, you are siding against the prosperity of your fellow black Americans.

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I remember watching High School Musical 3 on repeat as a kid, imagining my own prom dance and graduation. I knew it wouldn’t be exactly as it was portrayed in the movies, but I didn’t care; I just knew that a similar experience was waiting for me. Growing up in America, those experiences are universal and anticipated. I used to try on my mom’s prom dress. I was so little that the heavy, peach-colored fabric drowned me. I put on her too-large heels and she curled my hair.


CITIZEN KANE: STORY In the second act of Casablanca, a large amount of the story is told in flashback. In the 1940s, a non-linear story was quite unorthodox. Stories usually weren’t told out of order in films back then—except for Citizen Kane. Citizen Kane starts with the death of Charles Foster Kane.

The director also uses scale to differentiate the two: Dorothy is large in scale, and the Lullaby League is smaller in scale. As shown above, virtual lines accentuate this difference. In this case, the eye lines of the characters create the virtual lines. The Lullaby League looks up at Dorothy and she looks down at them—again, highlighting the difference in scale and underlining Dorothy as an outsider.


Directed by Bobby Farrelly and Peter Farrelly. Written by Mike Cerrone, Peter Farrelly and Bobby Farrelly. United States: 20th Century Fox, 2021.

If you’re the type who often shops online, you might find that your bank account is being drained quickly. The best way to keep yourself from spending too much is to use coupons/cashback services. Honey and Ebates are some that I use. They find coupons for me and give me cash back on purchases respectably. Credit cards also do this too, depending on the card you have. This is a given that you will save money, and you don’t have to do too much work!


CHOOSING A COLOR PALETTE With the three descriptors of hue, value, and saturation in mind, a director and cinematographer will establish a specific palette for a film. Keep in mind that in a feature film, everything is controlled, such as sets, costumes, and locations. A good director will coordinate all of those to fit the palette. As an example, the fantasy film Life of Pi uses highly saturated colors.

Being abroad during this crisis allowed me to understand the situation in multiple international perspectives, especially in the way various European businesses and governments were reacting to the crisis. Had I just been in the United States, I would have only stuck to the knowledge of what my home state and the state that I went to college in was doing. Being abroad during an international pandemic allowed me to really integrate myself in seeing how these countries dealt with an international crisis.


According to the World Health Organization, coronavirus, aka COVID-19, is an infectious disease that causes respiratory illness with symptoms such as a cough and a fever. Coronavirus spreads mainly through contact with an infected person when they cough or sneeze or when a person touches a surface or object that has the virus on it, then touches their eyes, nose, or mouth.

We all know how much Muffy loves money. During college, Muffy would study business in preparation to take over her dad’s business: Crosswire Motors. Muffy would also be that person who gets an iced coffee every single day on the way to class.


ROUNDERS AND BOYS DON’T CRY: LEAD ACTORS Famous, lead actors can do a lot when it comes to box-office sales, but the majority of them aren’t in the business to sell tickets. They’re in the business to act, and they use different tools to complete the job. Rounders is a poker movie starring Matt Damon, Edward Norton, and John Malkovich as professional poker players. To play their roles convincingly, they needed to know how to hold their cards, how they carry themselves, and details as small as where to put their drinks and cigarettes so as to not interrupt the action.

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Stay focused on what’s unique about you. Double-down on your purpose and inspire others in the process. Reflect on how your purpose in life helps others. Be present to allow yourself to enjoy every moment, no matter how difficult.


The lecture will then break supergenres down further by looking at macro-genres and micro-genres. The lecture also focuses on three case studies of super-genres: action movies, thrillers, and life movies.

If a wormhole of the likes in the show was discovered, the Federation would've immediately brought in the big guns. A small fleet would've been permanently assigned to the sector, an admiral would have assumed command, and the best first-contact teams would have relocated there. The Federation would have invested considerably in Bajor and fast-tracked it to full membership even if it meant great cost to bring its tatters up to modern standards of living, education, and employment for its people.


Their themes typically play off of these dichotomies. Similarly, the war and horror genres also share their own general story shape, which reinforces the common themes found in each of these genres. Broadly speaking, these genres are more often about groups—a squad of soldiers on a mission or a group of teenagers in the woods—that thematically stand in for society. The isolated individuals in a horror movie can represent the collective ills of society: Some characters are lustful, uncaring, vain, deceitful, or shallow. Most of all, they’re rule breakers. Typically, they are the ones who will die. Thematically, the lone survivor is often the one who is most pure, making a morality tale. War movies have a similar shape, but a different theme. In war movies, death and survival are not a morality tale. It’s a coin toss: Anybody can die at any time.

From programs for concerts of original scores of Sibelius and Tchaikovsky at Long Beach Polytechnic High School, before I thought I’d ever have a chance to play music at that level, to accompanying Zigeunerweisen, violinist Christina Eastman’s Senior Solo, to my grand cello debut at fifteen. To the conspicuously absent year that was 2021, the darkest year of my young life. For reasons beyond my control, I was forced to stop playing, and it was devastating.


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I was horrible back then and sometimes I hated myself for not getting work right away. There was some pressure to be good at the job, and even though I tried to give myself credit for being new, it didn’t get better for a while. However, I got better over time and eventually decided to work for my friends’ parents’ yogurt shop in the same plaza. This is where I feel like I started learning the value of a dollar. I saw my money slipping away because I didn’t know how to work with my money. After I left the grocery job, I stayed with the yogurt shop for a few more months. I was able to keep my routine of trying to save money, and though it wasn’t perfect, I stopped wasting a lot of money on stuff I didn’t need. I was able to save my money and prepare for an emergency, almost like I finally knew how to deal with the economy.

Listening to Dr. Breus speak was different. I was fully, wholeheartedly engaged in what he was telling me to do to improve my sleep schedule, and not once did I think about turning on my phone. I was so surprised at my own sustained focus that I attempted to figure out why I was able to pay attention for the full hour.


QUESTIONS/ACTIVITIES Pick three of your favorite genres. Then, choose a few archetypes (mentor, hero, shape shifter, trickster, and so on). These archetypes exist in all genres, but they take on different character attributes depending on the genre. The hero might be a sheriff in a western, but a pitcher or a coach in a sports movie. Decide how the archetypes that you chose align with the three genres you picked. Then, go and see a great movie in one of those genres to see how closely your predictions hit their mark. According to the lecture, character relationships are based on one of two things: characters with similar objectives, but with different intentions, or characters with different objectives, but with similar intentions. To test this hypothesis, find a great movie with a wide variety of characters. Ensemble movies would be great for this test. Watch the movie and take note of the central character’s objectives and intentions throughout the story.

Whether or not you are able to be a representative/team member, we would still love your help spreading the word. Share the project with family, friends, and colleagues. Each donation has a major impact!


We’ll Always Have Casablanca: The Life, Legend, and Afterlife of Hollywood’s Most Beloved Movie. New York: W. W. Norton & Company, 2021.

Perhaps the best PBS Kids show on air in the early 2000’s was Arthur. Who could not love the fun characters, cute storylines and life lessons taught on Arthur? Although each character had their own unique personality, they all showed us what true friendship was, while going to the Sugar Bowl after school or hanging out in the treehouse. Even though they do not age in the show, it is fun to imagine what Arthur characters would pursue in college.


Angelina: Ever since school closed, I’ve been working alongside my mom and the Issaquah Highlands Chinese Heritage Club (which I have been part of since I was like 9 because my mom founded it) to secure and deliver masks from China. The club coordinated the donation of 1000 surgical masks, 1080 N95 masks, 50 coveralls & 200 goggles to Swedish Hospital’s Issaquah campus on March 19. The majority of this was coordinated by adults in the community, but it inspired me to get a group of young people together to show that the youth can make a difference too. I’ve also been privileged enough to sit around in my room binge-watching Netflix shows and scrolling through TikTok the entire day while our front line healthcare workers were struggling and were in desperate need of PPE.

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It does seem daunting to be looking for a spouse in your early twenties. But if you analyze your dating life early, there might be less heartbreak involved in the future. I hope you find what you’re looking for out there in the dating world.


Like many others, despite not being in the at-risk group for COVID-19, I have family members who are. I’m living with my family at home, and my dad is immunocompromised. Even simply coming home from school made me nervous. Parties were thrown every night, and since I lived in a popular upperclassmen-only area of campus, these parties occurred directly outside my front door. I was at the crossroads of wanting to enjoy the final days of my college experience and not wanting to put myself, and subsequently my dad, at risk. I even considered trying to remain on campus or staying with my boyfriend’s family to avoid any chance of passing on the virus. Neither option would prove particularly feasible, and on top of that, my parents wanted me to come home so I could maintain a sense of normalcy.

Of course, this is easier said than done. It took a tremendous amount of courage to step out of my comfort zone, which is talking about what I care about but never doing anything. Taking the step of sending that email was the hardest part. I had to believe in the validity of my goals and my ability to achieve them. This type of step is much easier with someone beside you!


Soon, I will return to Isla Vista with only one goal in mind: to move out. Once everything is packed up and I am ready for my journey home, I will have basically ended my academic career. I would say the class of 2021 was reluctantly forced to “retire” or graduate early after only two years. No more late night library sessions, no more drunken runs at Freebirds or International, definitely no commencement and concerts on bucket lists. Everything is on hiatus until this virus is miraculously eradicated.

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QUESTIONS/ACTIVITIES Do you believe that a great villain needs to be a distorted reflection of the hero? Before you answer that, see if the idea holds water. Think of your three favorite film villains, and then consider the relationship between those villains and the heroes they torment. Are there psychological, emotional, and intellectual parallels? Once you’ve thought that through, ask yourself again: Do you believe that a great villain needs to be a distorted reflection of the hero? Go out and choose a great film you haven’t seen before. As you watch, see if you can root out these two elements: What sort of pathway is the filmmaker using to tell this story? Is there a thematic purpose for using this pathway?


Written by Paul Haggis, Neal Purvis and Robert Wade. United States: Columbia Pictures, 2008.

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The first couple of dates can test compatibility through similar likes, dislikes, and how easily you settle on an activity or restaurant. After that, time together should obviously be enjoyable, but it should also be spent exploring shared values and how you could feasibly live life together.


Arkells, named after Arkell Street in their hometown of Hamilton, Ontario, is made up of vocalist Max Kerman, guitarist Mike DeAngelis, bass player Nick Dika, drummer Tim Oxford and keyboardist Anthony Carone. They’ve been on the music scene since 2006, releasing their first album, Jackson Square, in 2008.

Utilize your talents to fundraise. Some team members have been making and selling friendship bracelets.


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Snotnose: limeyfellow: Hold on a moment? Whom doesn't own at least one copy of Flash Gordon?

While the extroverts counting down the days to freedom, the introverts may have taken every as a blessing. The social anxieties of big group gatherings, presentations and hours of interacting with others as they worked became a thing of the past.


First, the lecture looks at the extraordinary steps the crew of Apollo 13 took to ensure historical accuracy. Second, the lecture explores how color and light can be used in set design to create mood and atmosphere that helps tell the story on an archetypal level. The lecture ends with a look at the idea of mise-en-scène, which is a French term describing how a film or theater director can symbolically place elements inside the frame (or on the stage) to better communicate with the audience.

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The Joker tells some people that he did it to himself, but to others, the Joker says that his father abused him. Both stories are delivered didactically, yet they are completely contradictory, and neither story is confirmed. That leads the audience to wonder why he is telling two different stories. The conclusion is that the Joker is a psychotic liar. Such an approach engages the audience actively. Great filmmakers use both active and didactic approaches in traditional and nontraditional ways. The four elements are simply tools that an audience can use to think through the ways in which theme is used. For specific case studies and demonstrations of each approach, refer to the video lecture.


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This transition to virtual learning has truly been a learning curve for both professors and students. The biggest takeaway is to be patient and appreciative of the opportunity to still pursue one’s degree and being able to communicate with classmates. As we know, this too shall pass. Our college experience may be cut short, but we are becoming more resilient and adaptable to the coming changes.

Sustainability Saturdays is a weekly publication that will include small tips on how to make your everyday life more sustainable along with the occasional recommendation of books or studies to read. Who knows, I might even do a weekly challenge every once in a while! By making small changes in your lifestyle, your impact on the environment can significantly decrease over time. To chip away at climate change, we must collectively change our way of living; but collectivism must start with the individual.


In particular, the lecture looks at how character relations are established, why they work, and how filmmakers use them to craft memorable films. Specifically, the lecture focuses on two harrowing films with strong female protagonists: The Piano, written and directed by Jane Campion, and Precious, adapted for the screen by Geoffrey Fletcher and directed by Lee Daniels.

To practice what we preach, Beyond the Pandemic will zero in on the topics of the protests, racism, and the pandemic, and we will give writers of color another platform to write (at least until June 17th, but we will update you if plans change). Additionally, we will be sending out a newsletter shortly with petitions that you can sign so that you can participate in activism that is a force for change and for good–not solely for the sake of proving to the public that you’re “not racist” or anti-racist.


Buster was the quirky friend who would definitely be the guy at college parties trying to convince you of his alien spotting stories. Besides that however, Buster was a huge video game fan.

BREAKING THE PATTERN Filmmakers often break longstanding patterns. For example, Quentin Tarantino borrows story structures from other genres. In the case of Pulp Fiction, he borrows a circular narrative from pulp fiction anthologies where different stories with similar and overlapping characters are collected in one publication. They could be read in any order, as the linear nature of the stories is not as important as the stories themselves. Grafting that structure into a film, a character may die in one thread, but reappear in a different thread later in the movie. Tarantino uses this narrative quirk to underline his theme of transformation and rebirth. In a film where a gangster takes bullets missing him as a sign from God, a dead character reappearing in the story and finishing out the movie by telling an earlier part of the story last doesn’t seem to be out of place. Such a structure gives the audience a chance to reflect on the ideas of transformation, life, death, and rebirth after the movie is over. Tarantino’s clever structure helps light that intellectual spark. Films are a dance between the stories of its characters.


Growing up, I felt so trapped socially. I went to school with the same 150 people since kindergarten and was always looked at as “quiet, shy, and boring” by high school classmates, no matter how much I tried to lose that image. Day after day, I felt like I was constantly living in a bubble. Being socially contained like this for 13 years urged my drive to get out of Orange, Ohio. While I was in high school, I went on two school trips to Europe. I made so many meaningful friendships on these trips with people from all over the place.

Rita Hayworth & Shawshank Redemption. Film script based on the short stories by Stephen King.


QUESTION 2: PRIMARY OR SECONDARY POV? The second question is a matter of perspective: Is the story told from the protagonist’s point of view (the primary perspective), or is the story told from a secondary character’s perspective? The primary POV tends to place the audience in the middle of the action. In the crime thriller Midnight Express, the audience experiences a prison break from the primary POV of Billy Hayes. Even though Billy has three companions in prison, as well as a few antagonists, screenwriter Oliver Stone kept the scenes specific to Billy. A secondary POV takes a step back from the protagonist, observing from a distance. In another escape movie, The Shawshank Redemption, the story is told not from the protagonist’s POV, but from the POV of a man who has already been in the prison for decades: a man named Red.

When gyms are closed and working out with your friends is not an option, what do you do? For myself and other students at my university, twice a week, we are treated to Zoom Yoga by my friend Melanie Adams. Adams, a certified instructor-led a power hour yoga class every Monday while school was still in session.


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That question answers whether or not you’ll get a joint account together. If you do get a joint account, do they have student debt that you’ll now be paying off too?

Modern Loneliness is the final song on the album and serves as a thesis statement for the intersection of Lauv’s internal feelings and how the current generation interacts with each other. The song begins morosely, just Lauv and a piano reflecting on how he’s become the person he is. It gets an uplifting injection of guitar after the first chorus, opening up into an enveloping sound by the second.


I personally have felt guilty for feeling this loss, and many of my friends have expressed the same feeling. Giving the person space and permission to feel what they feel can be very liberating.

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Although The Brain would be incredible at almost any STEM major, physics takes the cake. The Brain was always doing science experiments, solving math problems and reading about science. As a physics major, he would do undergraduate research and publish a ton of scientific papers, on top of being president of the physics club. The Brain is also definitely the person who would ruin the curve for the rest of the class.


The beautiful thing about this method is that you can apply 3-2-1 to any shot, strategy, or circumstance. Your game, whatever it may be, will improve once you refine your awareness. In addition, you aren’t focusing on the many things that would be negative distractions; who is watching you, what the score is, how poorly your doubles partner is playing, if your opponent is being coached, bad line calls, etc. In other words, if you focus on 3-2-1, you can’t focus on the negative things that would deteriorate your game. This gradually removes counter-productive emotions and replaces them with logical thinking and fact.

In college, I was finally able to shave my whole high school image off and create a new identity. Going to college in Boston certainly helped, and I was also able to build a solid foundation of so many different friend groups, that I left high school completely behind.


My friends back in the day never understood why I made A-war hammer gaming table that was 6' long and 4' wide until they realized the range of my artillery. Don't mess with a nerd that knows carpentry.

The events that have been canceled cannot be perfectly replicated, but I believe that we should do our best to have our own ceremonies and celebrations to help fill that hole and provide some closure. My school has scheduled a virtual commencement ceremony, and when my family told me they wanted to make a party out of it (with just our family), I started to cry. They plan to make my favorite foods and spend the evening together. This is a simple, powerful, and attainable way of celebrating graduation. It obviously isn’t the same, but by treating it as a unique event instead of dreading it because of how different it will be, it feels a bit better. Some schools or private organizations are also trying to plan prom dances for summertime, should large gatherings be permitted. Another idea is to make graduation parties prom-themed, assuming that smaller gatherings are permitted before the fall. I can’t speak for everyone here, but I was mainly sad about not getting my own prom dress and the experience of getting ready with my friends. This option fulfills that desire!


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Maybe it was presumptuous, but I just assumed I would get ready with my friends, put on my own princess dress, and dance. I assumed I would experience Senior Assassins and the All-Night Grad Party, which are traditions at my school. I assumed I would walk across the stage to receive my diploma as I saw at my brother’s graduation two years prior. And, mainly, I assumed I would live these experiences with my friends at my side. The losses experienced by the senior class are not insignificant. I know that I am not alone in my loss because many others are experiencing extremely debilitating losses during the pandemic, such as the loss of a job or a loved one. However, through some reflection on this tendency of mine, I realized that comparing my loss to others did not help my emotional state or that of others suffering. Seniors, your loss is significant. You have every right to grieve; it wasn’t just a loss of these ceremonies, but also a loss of their symbolic significance in the journey to adulthood in America.

Cosmos Laundromat - First Cycle. Official Blender Foundation release.


LIFE OF PI AND ZODIAC Keep in mind that great special effects make the audience believe that something is true when it really isn’t, in a way that keeps the audience fully immersed in the story. The movies Life of Pi and Zodiac accomplish that goal. Life of Pi, directed by Ang Lee, tells the story of a boy and a tiger alone on a boat in the ocean. The effects of the ocean and the tiger are extremely easy to believe, and help build a sad, pensive, miraculous story. David Fincher’s Zodiac is the story of the Zodiac killings in the 1970s. Fincher used special effects in this film to replace almost every exterior in modern San Francisco with environments from the 1970s. For example, Fincher had a team recreating entire intersections based on photographs from the era.

People believe this so much that they try to jam just anyone into that middle spot when their piece is the wrong shape. When it doesn’t fit, one has to acquiesce and change some part of their edge pieces, the foundation of who they are as a person, in order to fit that ‘perfect’ partner into their lives and finally be whole.


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In all honesty, it’s been a tough time for everyone. That being said, hearing how I’m not alone in my fears has made it a lot easier to handle. If I need to, I can call up a friend who understands my frustrations perfectly and just vent for an hour without feeling guilty. My support network has truly strengthened during quarantine, which was something I was not at all expecting when I said my “final” goodbyes to my friends before beginning the long drive from Boston. My friends and family have been there for me in a way I’m eternally grateful for, especially given that this has really challenged how close we are!

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All of these sexual elements establish the mise-en-scène of Alex’s twisted mind. On another level, Kubrick uses this technique to hold a mirror up to our own society. Perhaps Kubrick is also saying that they are a reflection of the modern world; perhaps sexual imagery is pervading our thoughts and actions, too, and those of our children, neighbors, and the strangers on the street. These are the kinds of questions science fiction asks of its audience.


Although it’s one thing I cannot wait to purchase, I don’t have an espresso machine or even a french press, so I make do with my dad’s coffee maker. Simply take some ground coffee beans (we have owned this one grinder for about as long as I’ve been alive), pack them into the machine, and turn it on. You might have to fiddle around with the ratios, but I’ve found that just following the most basic of directions brews a pretty decent cup of joe.

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The purpose of this thread is not to convince you of the reality of climate change. If you do not believe in it, I suggest doing an independent study. Make sure to consume information on the issue from many different sources so you may form your own opinion after getting a comprehensive overview of the science and arguments made by all. Reading the opinions of those you don’t agree with can never harm you! There will be a list of links at the bottom to begin your reading.


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I no longer had any excuse once quarantine started due to the fact that my house is a couple hundred decibels quieter at 9pm than my suite on campus was at 3am, but I still managed to finagle an excuse or two in there. I was going to bed at around 12 am and waking up around 8am to 8:30am depending on how many times I hit snooze, but I still couldn’t shake that desire to get up earlier and truly spend the morning being productive. I am certainly my most productive prior to lunchtime so I wanted to prioritize that time. Unfortunately, a lack of drive got in the way of those well-laid plans, but I still continuously wished I could be a bit better in a number of regards. From drinking caffeine at 8pm to rolling out of bed at a snail’s pace, I kept avoiding achieving my personal goals of maintaining a true sleep schedule and becoming a certifiable morning person.

First, it considers the four general approaches to sound design. Then, it compares and contrasts two war films—The Hurt Locker and Apocalypse Now— to understand how sound design enhances the story on a subconscious level. Finally, it visits an iconic scene in The Godfather and breaks down exactly how director Francis Ford Coppola worked with influential sound expert Walter Murch to create the extraordinary scene.


Who Do You Serve, Who Do You Protect? By Alicia Garza, Maya Schenwar, Joe Macaré, and Alana Yu-lan Price (2021) is another collection of essays about the history of police brutality in the United States, with its origins going back to slavery. It talks about the effect on families these killings have. It discusses the origins of the Black Lives Matter movement. It also mentions that the media is starting to focus on police violence this past decade.

Citizen Kane: A Filmmaker’s Journey. New York: Thomas Dunne Books, 2021.


Written by Otto Englander, Joe Grant and Dick Huemer. United States: RKO Radio Pictures, 1941.

War Horse: Granted, putting animals in wartime peril is an easy way to get an audience emotionally invested. Still, Spielberg’s War Horse eventually overcame its early schmaltziness to become unexpectedly moving. And, if he’s up for more wartime shenanigans, perhaps Joey the wonder steed can get a cameo in Lincoln.


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MOTION CAPTURE AND THE LORD OF THE RINGS Another important technique is called motion capture. People wear suits with markers that look like ping-pong balls on all of their joints, and they do their acting in front of a computer sensor. The computer reads each of those points and then figures out how to fill in the rest. That technique uses a computer to record realistic human movement. Then, a digital puppet, or avatar, can be put on top of that recording.

It was a winter of change; I broke up with my boyfriend and my mood improved immensely. I live with three roommates, all of whom I love, in a beautiful house that we rent. My writing is being published more than ever (frequently), and I am finally being paid. I secured a coveted summer internship.


Art is the intersection of science and math. As a biology major, I take a lot of physics, calculus, chemistry, biology, etc.

George may not have been in every episode, but he is definitely one of the most memorable characters on the show, especially due to added entertainment by his ventriloquist dummy, Wally. George was extremely thoughtful and was always there to help his friends. As a psychology major, George would be taking the first step to becoming a licensed therapist and helping others.


It’s always drizzling and dark, but the city is also bathed in a scummy glow. Billboards glow above the characters, and bright lights from the storefronts glint behind the shuffling crowds. It’s dirty, clean, overcrowded, sterile, ugly, and beautiful, all at the same time. The same goes for Deckard’s character. He is constantly torn between the dark messiness of human nature and the bright and ordered regimen of technology.

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QUESTION/ACTIVITY As an audience member, do you buy into the idea that you watch movies with certain preconceived expectations based on the kind of movie (or genre) that you are going to see? Can you identify those expectations? If so, go and see a movie in that genre and find out if your expectations are met or subverted. What does that say about the filmmakeraudience relationship?


The Descendants: With carefully modulated performances from everyone involved, this well-observed dramedy about grief, infidelity, and family in Hawaii was Alexander Payne’s most humanistic film yet. And unlike, say, The King’s Speech or Shame, The Descendants for some reason never set off my usual annoyance with “poor little rich guy” tales — a testament to its emotional resonance.

PRECIOUS: OBJECTIVES AND INTENTIONS The movie also exemplifies objectives and intentions. Precious and Mary both want custody of Mongo and Abdul (Precious’s children). In this way, Mary and Precious both have the same objective. Their intentions couldn’t be more different. Precious loves her children and wants to give them a better life, but Mary wants custody of her grandchildren so that she can continue to collect welfare checks. Mary hates the children and only pretends to be their guardian when the welfare workers come by. Mary is an incredibly complex character, portrayed by Monique Hicks. For her work, she won the Best Supporting Actress award at both the Oscars and the Screen Actors Guild Awards. This course’s interpretation of the character is that Mary’s motivation is wanting to be a real woman. In her mind, a real woman is in charge of the house.


The next few days covered some of the big hits like Leather Jacket, People’s Champ, and recent single Years in the Making, and as time went on, fans were treated to deeper cuts such as Making Due, Heart of the City and Hangs the Moon. Another added treat is that Kerman began inviting special guests to join in that he himself would interview. A particular highlight was Tessa Virtue, who inadvertently confirmed her relationship with hockey player Morgan Reilly, and child fashion icon Dylan, who managed to upstage Kerman with his impeccable style and confidence.

Room: A well-made adaptation of a 2021 book by Emma Donoghue (which I haven’t read), Room kept me off-kilter throughout mainly because I’m so used to American movie tropes. Here, a woman (Brie Larson) and her child (Jacob Tremblay) ultimately escape from the shed they’re locked in for years, a la Kimmy Schmidt.


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QUESTIONS/ACTIVITIES See if a space can speak to you. Find a new movie that you know very little about. Then, watch the first half hour of the film without the sound, using only the set design and the actors’ behavior within those locations to tell you what’s going on. Then, re-watch the first half hour again, and see how accurate your observations and assumptions were. What aspects of the mise-en-scène provided the most clues?

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Also notice how large Dorothy is in the frame. In scale, Dorothy appears larger than the three members of the Lullaby League. That makes sense because she is not a munchkin from Oz. She’s a human from Kansas. She’s larger, and she doesn’t belong, which is part of the story of her entering a new land. However, the point of this scene is that this group accepts Dorothy. It’s the role of the director to block this scene to demonstrate that acceptance. To do so, he uses actual lines to create the shape of triangles, leading to similarity between the triangles of the munchkins and the triangle of Dorothy.


LIGHT One of the most striking ways to infuse color into a scene is through the use of light. Cinematographers use light for three reasons, and three reasons only: The first is so that the audience can see. The second is to give shape to the world and those that occupy it. The third is to deliver and enhance story. Filmmakers do this by using light to emphasize emotion, enhance understanding of a character, and to deepen understanding of the film’s theme. Francis Ford Coppola and his cinematographer Vittorio Storaro do all three brilliantly in Apocalypse Now. Toward the end of the film, Marlon Brando’s character (named Kurtz) has a famous monologue hiding in the depths of the jungle.

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Film Music: A Very Short Introduction. New Jersey: Audible Studios, 2021.


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Being sent home and into social isolation, I feel as though I am back at square one. Back to feeling stuck and trapped like I was in high school. Except this time, if I try to get out and be social and live life and have fun, I risk getting myself and my family sick, which is the most messed up part about this whole situation. This isn’t just my early 20’s, this is OUR early 20’s. We’re supposed to be traveling, going out for drinks, going to concerts and clubs, and making crucial social connections and friends that are supposed to last a lifetime. We’re supposed to be getting critical, career defining internships. We’re being deprived of precious college moments, some of the best moments of our lives so far.

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I know there was a time when it was different, and I cling to these memories with all my might. Wearing wind pants and blue rubber boots and sloshing about in the puddles that overtook the path behind my childhood home.


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Quinn XCII has been a mainstay of my summer listening. His orchestrations are diverse: in a single song, he has soaring strings incorporated with a pan flute as the main percussive beat and even adds accents from a harp.

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New voices are using different techniques, pushing different boundaries, and telling different stories. Three examples of movies from filmmakers with their own unique voice are Tanya Hamilton’s Night Catches Us (2021), Lisa Cholodenko’s High Art (1998), and Alfredo De Villa’s Washington Heights (2002).


Kerman is also using his influence to make social change. Arkells partnered with RBC to raise money for Food Banks Canada. Fans were encouraged to upload a picture or video of their creative endeavours from quarantine with the hashtag #ftcmusicclass, and RBC would donate $100 for each tag, up to $25,000. The money was raised within days.

Some websites are super expensive and people can’t justify spending so much money on certain items. Thrifting is a great way to save money on nice clothing. Now, it is very hit or miss, and you can’t really expect to find something. You also can’t really expect to come back and find it, because it might not be there. One time I went to a thrift store in Santa Barbara and found a cute pair of shoes but didn’t buy them because I was a few dollars short; when I came back, they were gone. You might have to expect this to happen. With that being said, thrifting saves a ton of money, helps the environment, and is a wonderful way to spend a day.


Directed by Alejandro G. Iñárritu. Written by Mark L. Smith and Alejandro G. Iñárritu. United States: 20th Century Fox, 2021.

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Great filmmakers illustrate a multilayered character by using masks in a way that lets the audience really understand where they are coming from. The lecture explores masks using a character from The Imitation Game. Then, the lecture turns to character motivations, using One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest as a case study.


FIVE TYPES OF THEME Movie themes are a collection of abstract ideas made concrete by the telling of the story. These abstract ideas can be made concrete in five specific ways.

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Although you’ve heard from others about what their favorites are, you might be wondering, what are we at Beyond the Pandemic watching during these trying times? The world can feel like a scary place these days, so we have catered our top five binge-worthy shows to series that will make you feel good.


The Visual Story: Creating the Visual Structure of Film, TV and Digital Media. Massachusetts: Focal Press, 2007.

Lowering the Boom: Critical Studies in Film Sound. Illinois: University of Illinois Press, 2008.


The Great Movies II 9780307485663

Drive: I liked this Lynchian escapade less than a lot of critics. Its great opening scene aside, I found Drive to be all sleek surfaces and very little depth, and unfortunately the gorefest second-half never lives up to the meditative-samurai promise of the first hour. Still, the film looked great, and I look forward to seeing what director Nicholas Winding Refn comes up with next.

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Become a team member/representative! This is only open to youth, as this is a youth-run operation. Responsibilities include fundraising, recruiting 1 new team member, and applying your passion and creativity to forming your own type of fundraiser or marketing format as you see fit. To become a team member, fill out this form.


If something happens where you don’t like the clothing or if it doesn’t fit, it’s important that you know how to return or exchange it. Nobody wants to keep something that doesn’t work for them. You can always donate or sell your clothing, but it’s often best to try to return the item so that you can get your money back or purchase the style or size you desire once you find it. Sometimes it’s hard to find return policies, and some companies have none. Just make sure to do your research!

Before you buy, MAKE SURE TO KNOW YOUR SIZE! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought clothes that don’t fit because I didn’t know my size. It’s hard to plan for clothes that have different sizing, but be sure to utilize size charts and use your best judgment. Don’t buy something that won’t fit because it’s the only size; it’s better to try your luck somewhere else.


Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn. Written by Nicolas Winding Refn Roy Jacobsen. Denmark: Scanbox Entertainment, 2009.

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