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Uncharted Waters: New Horizons FAQ/Walkthrough

This option toggles whether anti-cloak ships (Loki Tachyon pulse) work. Such ships will uncloak all cloaked ships within 10 ly range when they have less than DamageLevelForAntiCloakFail damage points.


Empires And Allies is a fun game to play. It has a lot of fans and also loyal players. It is free on google play store, Apple store and many other websites. The Hack is the best companion for every player of the game. Since it gives them direct and quick access to most of the resources that they really need for the game.

This value defines the maximum number of experience points a unit can ever reach. After that point, further training or aging no longer has any effect. It should be set higher than the highest ExperienceLevels value.


Remnant Factions are stronger and smarter! The remnant factions that you meet throughout the game have been given a buff to their AI so that they provide more challenge (or assistance, if you decided to become allies) to you.

All the above problems become relevant in long campaigns with significant changes in equipment (this post is motivated by developing my "Eastern Front 41-45 scenario), or, in general, when an army goes through several phases with low action followed by intensive campaigns. Here are the options I came up with, some are relatively new and so I decided to share them with fellow designers. All are quite transparent to players.


Each configuration item has a default setting. If a configuration setting is not specified in the configuration file, PHost uses the default value. A warning message will be displayed for each default assignment when PHost runs (except when a setting is optional). We recommend explicitly writing down all values anyway, to explicitly indicate to players the configuration parameters that are in use for a game.

These parameters indicate the highest warp speed at which ships can travel through a minefield completely safe, without the chance of hitting a mine. The default value is 0 meaning that traveling through a minefield is never safe.


This parameter indicates a number of bays to add to any ship in combat. This number of bays is added after all damage limiting is taken into account.

When AllowEngineShieldBonus is enabled, ships receive a bonus when fighting other ships. With AllowESBonusAgainstPlanets, that bonus is also applied when the ship fights against a planet.


These parameters control the amount of fuel used to travel through a wormhole. Essentially, ships burn the same amount they would use for traveling 1/WrmTravelDistDivisor times the wormhole distance at WrmTravelWarpSpeed.

With this option enabled, ships that have a cloaking device and intercept another ship will attack that ship first, before the normal battle order. This is known as intercept attack (XA). See the Order of Battle page for more information.


This parameter indicates the maximum distance from a player's planets and ships at which enemy ships are visible. This config option can be different for each player.

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  • However, setting this parameter to Allies also affects gsX

With this option enabled, PHost will report all targets. Players must then use a client program which can handle that many.

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NewNativesGovernmentRate specifies a weight for each government type. You can specify 9 values, for the 9 government types (starting with Anarchy, ending with Unity). The higher the value, the more frequent this government type will appear.


This parameter indicates the number of KT of Neutronium generated for every light year traveled by ship with ram scoop (default: Cobol). To turn off that function, set this parameter to zero.

Sets the approximate number of ion storms that are active in the Echo Cluster at a time. Set it to zero to effectively deactivate ion storms.


When AllowMinesDestroyMines is enabled, two enemy minefields that overlap will destroy each other, mine-for-mine, until the minefields no longer overlap. The mines must have the same type (normal/normal or web/web).

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The third and final patch for Fourth Age Total War: The Dominion of Men is here! Patch 3/3: The End of the Beginning is the final instalment of the Fourth.


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These parameters indicate the per-lightyear chance of a ship running on a mine. For each light year moved through a minefield, a dice is rolled. Moving through overlapping minefields increases the risk. These options can be different for each player.


There are some units in the game that require resources other than simple logistics to be trained. We have altered the system a bit so that now when you claim a metal mine, pasture, or crystal mine, the resources accumulate and grow by 1 each turn. When you train a unit, you consume the required amount of resources and must accumulate more.

Enabling the MapTruehullByPlayerRace option also makes your game incompatible with DOS Planets and Winplan. However, this option has always been available, thus it is not protected by AllowIncompatibleConfiguration.


Hehe, this logic did also ZoidZilla use. But for your solution you have to clone the harvesters, if not, you can't build them (or do you can?

This option allows planets to use the ATT and NUK friendly codes to become aggressors in combat (see Order of Battle). With this option enabled, planets can attack enemy ships that come into orbit.


The large variety of applications available on Moddroid tells that any person either young, middle aged or old can use it to have fun with their favourite entertainment thus proving it to be age inclusive. One would have to not worry about getting their system corrupted or getting a fake application.

This option was superseded by ColonistTaxRate and NativeTaxRate. The old name is still accepted and does the same as ColonistTaxRate.


Social Empires/Empires & Allies Hack

Airborne Operations The Red Army has a few divisions with airborne capabilities. However, they were never used in their primary role after 1943. The players should agree if they want to stick to the historical situation. The default is that the Red Army can do airborne operations. The allied player should refrain from dropping onto Axis supply points and the other few vital hexes (Berlin, Ruhr, Munich, Breslau) unless the Market Garden TO is in effect. The Axis player has strong Anti Aircraft units to garrison vital locations. He is encouraged to protect them wisely from airborne assaults.

Susun pasukanmu agar Clash tambah seru dan menarik! Castle Clash adalah game yang epik, penuh dengan strategi cepat dan pertarungan menarik!


This array stores a supply production rate percentage for each player. The base value of 100 means that production proceeds at 100% of the usual rate (as determined by the number of factories, Bovinoid natives, and the number of colonists on the planet). Higher or lower ProductionRate values affect this production rate in proportion. For example, a ProductionRate of 50 means that supplies are produced at half the nominal rate. This option can be different for each player.

If you've followed the original tutorial, only the MCV and any additional side's construction vehicles have AllowedToStartInMultiplayer=yes. Since we changed UnitCount to 2, we need to give another unit AllowedToStartInMultiplayer=yes. Give it every side's basic infantry or some other really cheap unit.


These options affect tow strength computations for alternative towing. Increasing TowStrengthEngineScale puts focus on the ship's equipment, increasing TowStrengthDistanceScale focuses the distance it can move.

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Then Owner=SCR,Civilian is work now it isn't Grey icon any more. But Owner=SCR,Special is work too.


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The scenario is distributed with an additional file. The 'AA patch' was created by kmitahj (from the Matrix TOAW forum) and replaces the standard TOAW executable to fix a well known bug in TOAW v3/4 (version 3/4.0/202 to be precise) that allows only units with the Anti-Aircraft (AA) icon to fire at aircraft. Drop the "AAA2Opart 3" executable in the TOAW folder, make a shortcut to the desktop and double click on it. It will start a version of TOAW with the latest v3/4 that also includes the AA-patch. The use of this patch is recommended to simulate a realistic loss rate of aircraft. It will affect both sides equally.

La Masacre Rust Server

FighterSweepRange specifies the range in which fighters can destroy mines, like the MineSweepRange for beams. It should be smaller than MineScanRange, because ships cannot send fighters to sweep mines when they don't see the mines.


New v4/1a: If you set this value to zero in mid-game, PHost will remove all ion storms. In previous versions, they would have died one after the other.

This parameter indicates the maximum ship-to-ship distance at which torpedo tubes can launch torpedoes. No torpedoes will be launched until the two combatants are within this range of each other.


These option controls which races can build cheap fighters aboard their ships using the lfm friendly code or the Gather-Build fighters mission, and how much these fighters cost. In addition, this controls availability of the robotic/colonial Build Fighters mission. When enabled for them, Rebel carriers build fighters automatically.

TOAW does not have an explicit way to simulate operational losses (or wear and tear) of equipment and the significant losses that an army suffers from illnesses, accidents and low level combat in quiet parts of the front due to mines, patrol action and snipers. In TOAW as units lose equipment due to movement, it goes straight to the replacement pool, meaning that it gets 100% repaired. However, in real life tanks rust in the rain and snow, axles and tracks break beyond repair, soldiers get sick or become injured, equipment beyond repair is scrapped or abandoned. For example the operational life of a Russian T34 tank was estimated in the order of 100 combat hours, if it was lucky enough not to end in the crosshair of an 88mm AT gun. Another connected problem is that it is not obvious how to scrap obsolete equipment and squads from units. In both cases equipment that should have been retired long ago stays in a unit until destroyed in combat. While Panzer divisions surely kept a small share of old tanks, overall this is very unrealistic as it leads to a unit 'overloaded' with equipment, way above what their support structure would allow. Last but not least, units in quiet parts of the front tend to fill up to the brim with replacements, while in real life they would probably be slowly stripped of assets (a good example is Army Group North after 1942).


Uncharted Waters: New Horizons forum

When disabled, PHost uses a simple fuel consumption model similar to that of HOST. Essentially, ships burn fuel proportional to their initial mass and their movement distance: when you double the mass, the fuel usage doubles.

Ships which have DamageLevelForHyperjumpFail damage or more can not jump. The default value is 100, so they can jump regardless how damaged they are.


With Owner=Civilian, the game seems to go back to the default setting which is Owner=none. And there isn't any problem due to this, because all the stuff with Owner=Civilian is unbuildable anyway.

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  • When this option is enabled, players can change the names of their empires

This option controlled access to the message command processor command. The ability to send messages is now solely determined by AllowPlayerMessages.

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When this parameter is set to Allies, only allied players can interchange ships and planets this way. It does not matter what alliance levels they offer, they just must be allied.

With AllowColoniesSweepWebs enabled, Colonial fighters can also sweep web mines. Otherwise, they can only sweep normal mines. Other races' fighters cannot sweep webs.


When this option is enabled, colonists on planets which are overpopulated will consume supplies in their efforts to survive. That is, you'll be able to have more colonists on the planet when you provide them with enough supplies.

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Underworld Empire Cheats is built on the story of a boy who witnessed the murder of his father. Then he was forced to flee, but now he is ready to find murderers of native blood and will not stop at nothing. To start the game you need to choose your first lieutenant, they differ both in appearance and in weapons and skills. Having chosen your hero you need to find your first job. By entering the name in the message, you are immersed in the secrets of the underworld, where the domination of violence and great dangers reigns around, and you need to carefully choose for yourself if not friends, then at least allies. You can take advantage of this Underworld Empire Hack (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=2784) and get infinite amount of Favor Points.


This option affects the maximum colonist and native population on planets. When enabled, the maximum population depends on the temperature; overpopulation will possibly die. When this option is off, climate has no effect on the population limit (it still affects growth).

Politicians just don't stay bought, I guess. You need a rhythm to your game, a schedule for maximum effect. You may find that you can remain "in the field" for longer periods if you adjust your travel strategy. For instance, the developing world in Asia and South America require huge amounts of gold to lift them to respectability. You can remain in a position to hit SE Asia every month by splitting the region in half. Visit the eastern island cities once a month, while running some goods up to the Far East. Then once the eastern towns are up to snuff, run a route from the western cities of SE Asia and India. Nutmeg from Amboa or Banda sold in the Far East brings a good profit. Pepper from any SE Asian port will earn 50 gp per lot in the Far East.


Uncharted Waters: New Horizons cheats

This option controls the use of multiple Klingon ships in performing the Pillage mission. With this option enabled, each ship performs its own independent Pillage mission, for cumulative effect. With the option disabled, only one ship is allowed to pillage any given planet on a single turn. Among multiple ships, the ship with the lowest Id number will perform the pillage.

The features rumored are: 8 Main characters: Chinese, Japanese, English, Italian, Portugese, Spanish, Dutch, and a Spanaird in the New World. You can also create your own character with random storylines. There are 8 major physical attributes, and 10 skills you can learn. All other main characters will appear as NPCs. You can also walk in the cities a la UW:NH. It also has the ability to acquire a wife (or husband) and have kids to continue your legacy, like in UW3: Costa Del Sol. Also you can use flags to signal your other ships, bribe other navigators or captains from other fleets, and have your mates stolen away. Kings may pay your fleet to attack other country's fleets. Food cargoes are now perishable after a while.


These parameters specify whether cloaked ships may be robbed and, if yes, at what chance. Unlike the RobFailureOdds, these options are applied to each robber/victim pair, so there's the possibility that some cloaked ships get robbed and some not.

These parameters describe a ship's benefits in combat. When an experienced ship is involved in combat, its experience bonus is added to its battle parameters. The default values are suitable for standard combat with four experience levels.


This parameter indicates the distance in meters at which the two battle participants will stop moving towards each other. The combatants will remain separated by this standoff distance for the remainder of the battle.

With this option enabled, fuel-less ships are able to move 1 ly per turn. In this type of movement, mine hits are not a concern.


No, if you make it right there will be no greyed-out options for any side at all. Also there will be no 'construction options' sound bug. It may occur if you capture the MCV of another side. But I think with a bit of work you can prevent this too.

We strongly recommend you to never ever change this option to avoid confusion. See also the Host section of the Mission descriptions.


When PlanetsHaveTubes option is enabled, then planets and starbases can fire torpedoes in combat, along with the usual fighters and beams. This option was meant to give planets a small boost in defensive capability since they are normally quite weak.

This option controls the rate at which science ships change a planet's temperature. This rate indicates the number of degrees of temperature change for every turn that a science ship is in orbit of a planet. For the ore condenser ship, this option specifies the increase of mineral density per turn.


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This parameter controls whether allies commands take effect at the beginning or end of the turn. With this option turned off, alliance changes take effect immediately. A player can back-stab his ally by breaking the alliance in the same turn he attacks the former ally. With this option on, alliance processing is deferred till the end of the turn, so that the deceived ally knows his alliance was broken before his former ally attacks him.



This option defines the cost of a fighter built normally on a starbase. Traditionally, these fighters cost 3 kt Tritanium, 2 kt Molybdenum, and 100 megacredits. This cost can now be freely changed, and can be different for every player.

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Suggestion: as a rule of thumb attacks with Allied “red” units would be fairly unhistorical (and probably a bad idea in the long term). Red Army Offensives were historically done after substantial building up of supplies that took several turns in game terms. Don’t be afraid to wait and get your arty units in shape before say, breaking the Vistula line.

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These parameters modify the formulas used to compute the crew killed and damage taken by a weapon hit. A higher value means the unit takes more damage. When a ship is hit by enemy fire, the ship's Scaling parameters are consulted, not those of the enemy. Thus, you make ships stronger by lowering these values (so that ships take less damage).


By looking at different sources it seems to me that effective AA should contribute 'significantly' to overall aircraft losses. I would handwave wildly to say about 30-50%.

Empires and Allies Hack is a new and insanely exciting strategy, created specifically for your smartphone. Its main advantage is its simply inexpressibly beautiful graphics. It will be gorgeous even if your smartphone is not the newest and pulls not the best colors. In this game you will be one of great conquerors who gather thousands of troops to capture more and more new lands that rightly belong to them.


Note that in PHost, the Privateers and Crystals are not prohibited from cloning, as they are in HOST 3/2. Their default clone cost value of 32767 however makes cloning very unattractive.

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These parameters specify how much to add to the mass of a wormhole each turn. The formulas are documented on the Wormhole formulas page.


RE: Eastern Front 1941-1945 Scenario. Update to Version 2.0 3/2021

Ships which have DamageLevelForChunnelFail damage or more can not initiate or complete a chunnel. The default value is 100 which means every Firecloud works, no matter how damaged it is.

These options are only used with the PAL-driven build queue (see there for details). They describe how build orders enter the build queue and gain priority by aging.


Will distribute governments so that Feudalism (the middle one) will appear most, followed by Tribal resp. Monarchy, and so on. Anarchy and Unity will not appear. Because Representative has been given value 2 here, it will appear twice as often as Participatory (value 1), but only half as frequent as Feudalism (value 4). When you specify fewer values, the last one will be repeated (as usual for "arrayized" options). In particular, specifying only one value will let every government type appear equally often.

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BTW, you can't make different conyards fpr GDI and Nod. Because only GACNST has the build options - all others won't work. I tried to do the trick also with nod, but failed.


Empires & Allies free Gold hack

Many of these options were originally global settings affecting all players, which were turned into arrays (arrayized) by PHost. This concept (specify one or many values) now applies to many options, including new ones.

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Customer feedback is one essential element for a service provider. It helps in revealing if your product or service is of help to the intended audience. Empires And Allies Hack being so customer friendly and 100% working has received a lot of positive feedback from its users.


Several German Garrison units have been added. They are not particularly strong but help avoiding gamey effects, especially for the AI.

These options specify the characteristics of new native populations. Their main intention is to allow you to configure games consistently: when you configure out Amorphs in your Master program, you should also be able to configure them out of the game itself.


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AllowMinesDestroyWebs selects whether web mines interact with normal mines. It is generally left disabled because it devalues web mines a lot.

This option is intended to limit the damage a player can do to a planet he is sure to lose. It does not limit happiness on a planet which remains under a race's control; RGA or excessive taxation may make a planet unhappier than configured here. This option also has no effect on voluntary planet trades (give planet command).


Result: When you start game you will with 1 MCV for GDI and Nod for new side get MMCV if disable base(I set it is default in game too). If you enable base game will give you only one harvester and don't select unit count more than 1(default too) or you will get an internal error.

The battle mode is exactly what you would expect from a Dynasty Warriors title. It’s hack ‘n slash action on a massive scale and while cathartic, it becomes bland and repetitive after a very short while. There are two main types of battles you can engage in from the Empires management screen. After completing a turn, you are given the opportunity to either Attack a neighboring country or Defend your country from invaders. Sometimes you will be asked by allies to join them in their offense/defense, but the principle remains the same. You’re either trying to get to the main camp and take it over/capture the opposing general within the time limit, or you’re trying to defend your main camp within the time limit. In the defense case, you can also win the round by taking over the main camp and capturing the enemy general, so even defense can feel like offense. In either case, the number of bases and their location relative to each other is pretty random, but one thing tends to remain constant: you’re usually outnumbered.


V1: 4-12 Misunderstanding Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen

There are some settings to configure player preferences and compatibility with certain client programs. Players can change these using command processor commands as they like.

For example, with WormholeUFOsStartAt set to 300, then UFO numbers in the range 300 through 499 will be reserved for PHost's wormholes. Any UFO maintained by an add-on program whose UFO number is in this range will not be seen.


This option exists in PHost since version 4/1c. Previous versions behave as if it had the value -300, and thus do not limit happiness beyond the hard limit implied by all happiness computations.

Uncharted Waters: New Horizons faqs and walkthroughs

With this option enabled, players can use PHost's extended missions. Turning this off disables all extended missions at once.


These parameters control the behavior of fighters in sweeping mines. This originally was a Colonial race ability.

This specifies the minimum range of a chunnel. Fireclouds which are closer to each other than this setting may not chunnel.


Bobo: Wow, she is such a runner! Lunar: There must be a reason for you to ask Bai Jinjin to leavewho's this bunny girl?

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This parameter affects only the Cyborgs: it indicates the percentage number of existing colonists that are used to assimilate natives. For example, at a rate of 50%, half of the colonists are used. That is, on a colony with 120 Cyborg clans, up to 60 native clans can be converted.


Strictly speaking, the above rules apply to PHost only. Add-ons can use any rules they wish for their configuration. However, since the PDK offers convenient functions for parsing the configuration file according to these rules, it is expected most follow the general rules.

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When this option is off, friendly codes starting with mf are no longer special. Attempting to use Super Spy to set a planet's friendly code to mfX will no longer automatically trigger the Ionic Pulse.


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This config option is used to set the range of UFO numbers reserved by PHost for the reporting of wormholes. From this start value ranging up to the next 200 values, PHost will write out Ufos that represent wormhole scans (to Winplan players only, of course).

This option controls whether players can clone ships using the cln friendly code. Ship cloning is only possible when this option is enabled.


Gravity wells can be turned off for hyperjump ships. Normally, all hyperjump ships (exact and non-exact) are affected by gravity wells.

Empires And Allies Hack Cheat Codes

Gravity wells can be round (RoundGravityWells = Yes) or square (RoundGravityWells = No). In both cases, the GravityWellRange is the size of the well: radius of the circle, or maximum distance in X/Y direction for the square.


This option controls the ability of cloaked ships to remain cloaked while traveling through wormholes. If this option is enabled, then cloaked ships may remain cloaked after wormhole travel. With this option disabled, a cloaked ship will automatically uncloak after travel through a wormhole.

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When LargeMeteorsImpacting is zero, there's a chance of RandomMeteorRate that one large meteor will hit a planet this turn. For example, with a RandomMeteorRate of 50 (percent), there will be one meteor every second turn on average.


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Be that as it may, with our Empires and Allies hack apk, you will get boundless jewels and gold. You will have the option to appreciate all the game’s highlights, playing it at its maximum capacity. None of your companions will be superior to you at this game. After you’ll show them your assets and details they will most likely be intrigued.

This parameter indicates the method by which player scores are computed and reported to players. By default (Compatible), players receive information about how many planets, bases, freighters and capital ships the other players own.


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PlanetaryTorpsPerTube specifies the number of free torpedoes a planet receives for each torpedo tube it has. The number of torpedo tubes depends on the planetary defense posts. For example, with PlanetaryTorpsPerTube = 3, a planet with four torpedo tubes will be able to fire 12 torpedoes. This factor can be modified by experience (EModPlanetaryTorpsPerTube).

This option controls the maximum number of colonists and growth rate of colonists for Crystalline planets when the CrystalsPreferDeserts option is enabled. Without CrystalSinTempBehavior enabled, colonist growth is linear in temperature, as is the maximum number of colonists. With this option enabled, both growth and maximum number of colonists follows a sinusoidal curve with the peak occurring at a temperature of 100. However, there is no growth below temperatures of 15 degrees and the maximum number of colonists below this temperature is limited to the same number of colonists as other races. This option gives a slight boost to the Crystals since it allows more colonists to thrive and provides for quicker growth (on non-arctic planets) than for the linear model.


These parameters have default values of TowStrengthEngineScale = 1 and TowStrengthDistanceScale = 19, respectively, and we recommend you to use these (at least, if you're using the standard ship list). Note that in PHost versions before 3/4b, the defaults were hard-coded as 163 and 1 (which gave the ship's equipment a huge effect, making big ships almost un-towable even when they didn't move). When you switch from such a PHost version to 3/4b or higher in mid-game, you should probably set these values to 163 and 1 to not offend anyone.

This option specifies the maximum number of minefields that can exist in the game. By default, there can be only 500 minefields. You can raise that limit up to a value of 10000. Players must enable access to high-ID minefields (ID > 500) using the bigminefields command of the PHost command processor; see also AllowMoreThan500Minefields.


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FuelUsagePerFightFor100KT defines the amount to burn after each fight, for a 100 kt ship. This fuel is burned immediately after the combat. If the ship does not have this amount, nothing bad happens during the fight, but the ship will, obviously, have no fuel left afterwards.

This parameter controls the size of a wormhole's entry area. The larger this parameter is the bigger a wormhole's radius of entry becomes. See the Wormhole formulas page for the relation between this parameter and the wormhole entry radius.


This option can make your game incompatible to standard VGA Planets tools. As a safety measure, PHost only accepts assignments to this option if you also enable AllowIncompatibleConfiguration. Players must use updated client programs to be able to play in a game which has this option modified.

The default values are not necessarily optimal, and are not necessarily compatible to the HOST defaults. Most of the time, when a new option is introduced, its default value is set in a way that it doesn't change games not using it. Exceptions to this rule are important bug fixes or widely-requested changes. For details, refer to the Release Notes for the version in question.


This parameter defines how turn activity level translates into build points. At a rate of 100%, one TAL point turns into a boost of one point for ship build orders. See PAL-driven build queue for details.

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In PHost up to version 4/0i, the gsX friendly code will always be available, even if this option is off. However, setting this parameter to Allies also affects gsX.


This option specifies whether how many new native populations are discovered on planets. Each turn, PHost picks N planets at random, and establishes a new native population on that planet if it didn't already have one. If the planet PHost chose already had natives (or if it was picked previously this turn), it will not be changed, but still counts against the number of picks. Hence even if you set this to 100, your universe will not be full of natives after 5 turns.

This option chooses between two rule sets for resolving tow conflicts. With this option disabled, PHost behaves much like HOST. With alternative towing enabled, PHost uses a model based on tow strengths derived from engine tech, speed and fuel aboard the ships.


This option is superseded by the NewNativesPerTurn config option. AllowNewNatives=No corresponds to setting NewNativesRaceRate to zero, AllowNewNatives=Yes corresponds to a value of one.

Planets which have DefenseToBlockBioscan defense posts cannot be scanned by enemy bioscanners. The scanners will not yield a native life report for the respective planet. Owners of a bioscanner can use this report (or, the lack there-of) to conclude which planets are heavily-defended and which are weak.


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They will have to be abandoned when the parent units need to move on. Some German forces start understrength and undersupplied, however armored divisions are still a match to Red Army's Tank Corps. Finnish, Rumanian and Hungarian forces will ultimately withdraw from the battlefield if the Red Army makes significant progress towards their capitals.

Some options are incompatible with standard VGA Planets programs. To avoid that you accidentally configure a game which your players cannot play in, PHost by default rejects these assignments.


Value 2 causes PHost to complain if you forgot an unnecessary setting. For example, when AllowHiss is off, the HissEffectRate is not needed. At ConfigLevel = 2, PHost will complain if you left out such an option anyway.

If the value of the Survival-Rate computation is zero, one clan will survive on the planet in any case. This (exactly one clan surviving) is the default in earlier PHost versions and in HOST.


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This option controlled access to the bigtargets command processor command. This command is now always enabled.

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When this option is enabled, players receive a message whenever cloaking fails on one of their ships. The message will also explain the cause (excessive damage, random chance, lack of fuel, wormhole, ionic pulse, ion storm). When this option is off, players receive no indication that their cloaking devices have failed (except for ionic pulses which always generate a message).


These options define what constitutes a meteor shower respective a large meteor. The value consists of 8 integers specifying the minimum Neutronium/Tritanium/Duranium/Molybdenum amounts and the maximum of each mineral, in this order.

I had no intent to judge the capabilities of individual soldiers of different nationalities. German armored divisions and especially SS Heavy Tanks units have very high proficiencies to convey the fear factor that Tiger and Royal Tigers Tanks had on the enemy troops. German Wermacht infantry units have lower replacement rates compared to SS or Volksgrenadier units, as it was historically. Luftwaffe and Axis allies units have very low replacement rates. Many of them also are not replaced if destroyed in combat.


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Overall this update should only affect the strongest Axis players, those that are able to use the TOAW engine so efficiently to obtain a truly unhistorical fast rate of advance for the Wehrmacht. Hopefully these changes will make the game more fun and realistic.

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This parameter indicates the percentage of a ship's mineral content that is salvaged after a ship is recycled at a starbase, disassembled using the Colonize mission, or after ship components are recycled using the dmp planetary friendly code. The minerals obtained from recycling are placed on the surface of the planet.