I miss the trees, flowers and earth. I miss the feel of rough stones cracking my soles in the fatherless village I call home: I miss life.

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The area around the submarine is a daunting challenge. Take it one step at a time, one guard at a time. Leave M and note the guard on the steps watching over the empty dock. To successfully assassinate him, you must first distract the guard wandering along the second dock area (E). Use the Spy to turn the guard away from the soldier you want to kill, so the attack remains unseen. Take the body and hide it in E. Distract the guard in the corner of the room at the end of the far dock. Turn him away from your soldiers and room E. When wandering guard E moves away, send in the Diver to kill the distracted guard. Remove the body before the wandering guard returns. To protect your approach to the submarine, take out as many guards as you can. Send the Spy back to the dock next to the submarine.


While all the games ran in Full HD, the settings were cranked up to the highest possible options

Send the Spy out through the only exit. Zoom out to see what you have to deal with. You should see patrolling guards on either side of the subway entrance, plus a Lieutenant and a soldier nearby. An armored car regularly swings by too, just to make things complicated. Your first task is to contact Natasha. Zoom out to discover the positions of the enemy soidiers in this part of the map. Attack the sniper at 1^ to get more Sniper Rifle ammunition before you head toward the building and a rendezvous with Natasha. Leave your Commando squad in the subway and guide the Spy toward the building next to the Eiffel Tower. Keep to the roads and stay away from enemy soldiers in case higher-ranking officers see through your disguise. En route, use the Syringe on the sniper at the base of the tower (IS).

I should have stayed at home and listened to Mr Government Man on the radio. I should have listened to Mr Government Man on TV. I should have read the Czechoslovakian daily newspaper as fact. I should have read the Yugoslavian editorial as policy. I should have accepted the North Korean explanations and praises as reality. I should have worn Chinese-made blinkers and sat on my five-dollar chair all afternoon long and indulged in false independence obsessions.


Shoot the guard patrolling the roof — Natasha can’t wear her disguise and fire the Sniper Rifle at the same time. Quickly shed the disguise, fire a killing shot, and press [d] to don the Oriental Clothes again. While you are up here, crawl across the roof and shoot the guard patrolling the balcony ([H]) on the building opposite the warehouse. Wait and shoot a second guard who comes to investigate the death of the first. This enemy previously guarded the side entrance to the warehouse. Use Natasha’s skill with the Sniper Rifle to assassinate the guard patrolling the balcony at IS. Before you enter the warehouse, eliminate the guards that patrol the perimeter. Use Natasha to distract the soldier ([£]) patrolling the side of warehouse. Make sure he is facing away from building SI. Knock out and tie up the men standing next to building H). Knock out the man in white first — punching these soldiers is quieter than stabbing them. Next, cross the street and kill the soldier ([£]), who is currently distracted by Natasha. Finally, Distract and kill the guard ([E) who patrols the area directly behind the warehouse.

How to use the top 10 nslookup commands in Linux

The keyboard on the Commandos (useful link) Carbine 4 Plus is decent. It’s comfortable to type on and works good for gaming. Noise is barely audible, which is a plus. The trackpad works just like any other laptop trackpad so nothing to shout out about here. Would be great if it had more RGB lighting zones here instead of just a single zone lighting.


You can interact with everything in sight and you can play the whole thing in multiplayer co-op mode

While the UI itself is simple and easy to use, it’s primitive in comparison to other software like ROG Armoury Crate and Acer PredatorSense. It doesn’t show detailed statistics such as CPU Usage, and your options are limited. It’s essentially a barebones utility software with no expandability.

He can be lured away from this path and onto the raised platform using Cigarettes. The Diver simply needs to hide behind the hut and knife the soldier when he has picked up the Cigarettes and turns to walk away. His removal allows the Green Beret to enter the large building ((E) via the doorway opposite the raised platform. Inside the large building is an empty store- room, occasionally visited by an Officer and a guard. You should be able to see the other guards in a nearby room. Peer through the doorway until you see the guard on his own and with his back to you. Sneak the Green Beret inside, stab him, and move the body outside. Do the same for the patrolling Officer. Search the larger room next door to find a First Aid Kit. You should be able to sneak up behind the remaining soldiers to knock out them.


COMMANDOS gaming laptop series Tag

Enter the building through the hole on the roof (|M|). Stab the guard inside the building. Ignore the two Japanese soldiers in the ante- room. Instead, climb down the ladder in the center of the room to the tunnels below. Here you’ll find the captured Gurkhas — ^walk close to each one and you’ll subsequently be able to select them like any other character. The only other exit here is via an under- water tunnel. It’s easier to retrace your steps, climbing up the ladder and out onto the roof. Once outside, move the Gurkhas to a safe hiding place. You’ll need them to operate the radio when you find it. You’ll find the Gurkhas in a tunnel under the building where you found the spiritual leader. NOTK As you progress through this level, make sure you pick up as many Rifles as you can.

Bonus photo pieces required: 5 This bonus mission uses the same landscape as the first tutorial mission. You are ordered to eliminate all enemy soldiers, find the Mine Detector, deacti- vate the Mines, and escape in the enemy vehicle. Like the tutorial mission, you command the Sapper and the Thief. Start by neutralizing the soldier near the Sapper and the patrolling soldier who paces back-and-forth nearby. Knock out and tie them both up. Shoot the soldier next to the guard hut using a Rifle. This will attract the attention of the soldier standing next to the car. Shoot this soldier once he’s within range. Move the Thief over the telephone wires towards the far bunker. Unlock and open the nearby metal crate to get the Mine Detector and Wirecutters. Knock out the guard in the bunker and open the second metal crate to get Grenades and a Timed Bomb.


Finally, move the Green Beret from his firing position across the square to stab soldier ([E). Watch out for the guard patrolling the steps at the back of the green wooden building. Shoot soldier (|T|) to attract the attention of the other soidiers guarding the green wooden buiiding. Approach the green wooden building via the steps at [F]- Use the Thief and his Ladder to provide access to the doorway ([Q]). Search the bodies for ammunition. With the square cleared, approach the third house (where the Sniper is being held captive) from the green wooden steps ([E). For now, only the Thief can climb up to the door at ([U]). To enable the rest of your team to follow him, drop a Ladder over the side. If you haven’t got a spare, run back to the bar and pick up the Ladder you used there. Once this is in place, position the Thief and the Green Beret on the balcony.

The green beret: the story of the Commandos, 1940-1945

Use @ to look through the trapdoor ([E) in the floor. In the room below, there are two soldiers you can see, and several that you can’t. Position the Green Beret to automatically cover the trapdoor with the Machinegun ((Y)). To entice the soldiers, give the Thief a Pistol and have him fire off a shot. The Green Beret should be able to kill most of the soldiers that appear. Search the empty second floor of this building for useful items and bonus photograph pieces. Gunshots alert any soldiers within earshot. Sometimes you can use this to your advantage. The house below should be empty of soldiers now. Press |F10| to highlight furniture that can be searched.


Commandos Spectrum G2411FN Review — absolutely amazing for its price

This area is almost clear, but be wary. The huts near the bridge hold four and two Japanese soldiers respectively, and there are five in hut IH near the bunker. Toss a grenade at the one near the bunker first — the alarm won’t be raised. Before you blow up the huts near the bridge, you need to deal with the guard kneeling next to the river. Throw Cigarettes near the bridge (on your side) and use the Diver to knife the soldier lured by them. Or use two packets of Cigarettes, plus the Driver’s Trip Wire strung across the pathway to knock out the soldier. Once he’s been dispatched, you’re clear to throw Grenades into the two buildings close to the river, killing those inside. You might, however, want to save your Grenades. These reservist soldiers won’t come out unless the alarm is raised. Use two packs of Cigarettes to lure enemy soldiers across the footbridge.

I only meant to buy some boneless protein for supper: a small pack of sour milk. I only meant to get Nhlanhla something tasty for lunch: a packet of salty Kariba matemba. I only meant to see if Ma Khumalo, the old lady with the big, swollen legs, who lived at the end of Village Road, with her two orphaned grandchildren, was doing well. I only meant to see her smile that morning.


While all the games ran in Full (recommended reading) HD, the settings were cranked up to the highest possible options. It performed admirably, even with some of the most intensive PC games available today. For a much smoother experience in those games, you just have to dial down the settings a little bit.

So, I said a frantic prayer to God. I said a frenzied prayer to the African gods. I said a ridiculous prayer to the young god standing in my line of sight. And lastly, I muttered a quick, desperate prayer to the filthy spirits that wailed in the Egyptian winds. That is when the dance of considerable death began.


On the right side, you have a USB-A port, a Mini DisplayPort, a full-sized SD card reader, and an air vent

Use the Spy and the Diver to clear the submarine of enemy soldiers. Use the Two-Man Distract and Disable tactic (see Chapter 4). % The Diver needs to disable the underwater Mines so the sub can escape safely. Work your way through the sub, distracting and disabling the enemy soldiers. When the lower level is clear, climb up to the conning tower, killing the guards there. Move the Captain and his crew aboard. Deactivate the underwater Mines outside and the sub will be ready to leave. Equip the Diver’s Diving Gear (0) and jump into the water. Swim through the open doors and into the sea beyond. Dive ([|j) and go to each of the six Mines in turn. Hold down | Shift | and click on each Mine to defuse it. primagames.com PRiMA’s Official Strategy Guide Now for the secondary objectives.

Bridge Over the River Kwai is no exception. You start with four Commandos — Thief, Driver, Diver, and Green Beret. As usual, a stealthy approach is required to complete the mission objectives. Once the alarm is raised, there are scores of Japanese soldiers waiting to kill you. Of course, you might just get captured instead of killed (it is possible). But don’t count on it. 122 primagames.com Chapter 10: Bridge Over the River Kwai Use the Green Beret to knife the two guards who patrol the fence next to your starting position. Hide the bodies next to the cliff face. You also need to get rid of the guard patrolling the front of the elephant pen. Fortunately, he can be lured away using a pack of Cigarettes. But be cautious: These Cigarettes may also attract the attention of the guards in the watchtower beyond the trees.


I miss that little home of mine on the ancient hill. I miss the small, dilapidated village I call home. I miss the anthills on the savannah. I miss the diesel-smelling arrival of the 8 o’clock bus. I miss catching the morning sunshine behind the thatched silo.

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Note that you’ll only be allowed to open it once the cage has hit the bottom of the river. Move the rest of your team across the river and congregate at the bottom of the log slope. Send the Diver crawling up the slope. Note the guard at the top (SI), lure him out of position with some Cigarettes, and kill him. Another guard should quickly come to investigate his comrade’s death. Use the Diver’s second Knife to deal with him. Move both bodies down the slope so that other soldiers don’t spot them. Now zoom out and press |F11 1 to locate guards [H] and [S. When guard [H] stands behind the biggest hut, with his back to the compound’s entrance, walk calmly into the compound and kill him. Then pick off the other guard ([£]). There’s another soldier patrolling outside the fence.

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Battery life isn’t great but that’s not a surprise for a gaming laptop. I usually get about 3 hours with regular use which involves word processing, web browsing, light Photoshop, and some YouTube via Google Chrome. In case anyone is wondering, it’s using a 48/96 Whr battery.

Chrome OS Crosh tracepath command

Climb the long ladder to the level above. Kill the guard here and climb up again, killing two more guards. Now would be an ideal time to Quicksave. Before you use the radio, equip four Gurkhas with Rifles and with as many rounds of ammunition as you can find. Place all four Gurkhas across the road so they have an arc of fire across the main bridge out of the stronghold. Set them to provide Ground Coverage. Bring up the Sniper and be ready to use him to add extra long-range fire to that of the Gurkhas. As soon as the fifth Gurkha activates the radio, a massive contingent of Japanese reinforcements will arrive. Rather than let them get into the stronghold, cut them off on the bridge. The Gurkhas should mow them down easily.


The full path of the JAR in use

Used by: All Inventory size: 2 spaces Maximum charges/shots: Varies FISH FOOD By using Fish Food underwater, the Diver and Green Beret can create an organic Smoke Grenade. Activating the Fish Food attracts nearby shoals of fish that swim around the submerged Commando (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=4381), obscuring him from nearby enemies. Unlike smoke, however, the fish shoal moves with the Commando. Used by: All Inventory size: 1 space Maximum charges/shots: 1 primagames.com PRiMA’s Official Strategy Guide GKAPPLIXG HOOK You mainly use the Grappling Hook to help the Diver scale low walls, but you can also use it as a Trip Wire. The Grappling Hook is vital if your Commando unit has no access to the climbing skills that the Thief possesses. It proves that there’s more to the Diver than his underwater talents. Used by: Diver Inventory size: 4 spaces Maximum charges/shots: — lAinmi The Ladder is typically carried by the Thief who, after he has climbed a sheer wall, can lower it for the other Commandos to use. Use the Ladder outside and inside buildings (that is, drop it out of a window). You can only pick up the Ladder again from above. Used by: All Inventory size: 4 spaces Maximum charges/shots: — LIPSTICK The Lipstick is part of Natasha’s basic inventory.

Unlock the metal crate to find Wine, Sleeping Pills, a Trap, Wirecutters, Smoke Grenades, and a First Aid Kit. Make sure you take the Wine and Sleeping Pills. Next, go through the only other door and into the bottom level of the building — ^you should see the body of the dead sniper you knifed earlier. Combine the Sleeping Pills with the Wine and throw the poisoned bottle toward the Officer who’s pacing around the room above. He’ll spot the Wine and eventually drink it, sending him slumping unconscious to the floor. Climb the ladder and kill or knock out the remaining guards. Take control of Guinness and guide him to the model of the bridge, using | Shift | to have him examine it. Search the box next to the model to find another bonus picture piece. Open your Notebook to check that you have completed all the major mission objectives. Send the Thief back across the river to ride the elephant if you haven’t done so. Finally, move your squad back to the bridge, running past the prison compound and along the riverbank. Climb the ladder to get on the bridge itself and place the explosives — the trap needs to be set in the barrels in the center of the bridge.


Chrome OS Crosh help with command

If the alarm is raised, you’re unlikely to escape the island alive. This beach is far from clear — one man still stands by the gun emplacement, and two soldiers guard the path to the next beach. There’s also a path here that leads inland. The two soldiers guarding the beach never look at the gunner, so use the Diver and his Knife- throwing skills to kill him. Next, when the Officer has finished talking to the soldier guarding the exit to this beach, sneak up behind the soldier and use the Diver’s Knife. You’ll just have time to retrieve your blade and hide the body before the Officer returns. Repeat the process to get rid of the Officer. Take the path that leads up to the gun emplacement. The emplacement ([G]) is manned by three soldiers, only one of whom ever faces toward the path that you’re using. Wait and watch — ^you’ll see that an Officer (IH1) regularly makes the trip between this gun emplacement and a group of soldiers and sailors farther up the path (|T|).

Drive it up the ramp and through the gatehouse toward the door that leads into the castle. Get out of the car and walk into the courtyard beyond. Head straight across the courtyard (ignoring the Thief, the firing squad, and the Lieutenant) to go through the small door in the wooden gates opposite. Walk across the area beyond and through the only other door. In the next room, head down the stairway. Surely only a madman would attempt to infiltrate the Colditz castle by the front door! The Spy can’t punch the guards he encounters. But two jabs from the Syringe has the same effect. In the larger room beyond, locate the guard (IS) patrolling the corridor opposite the stairway. Knock out this guard with two jabs from the Spy’s Syringe.


Chrome OS Crosh start

You should have just enough time to grab the body and head for the green-roofed building. Dump the body and hide behind the wooden box (E). When you are outside the green- roofed building, knock out the man near the truck. Tie him up and move under the gaze of the guard on the balcony. Move to the brown-roofed building at the end. Enter this building and kill the two guards in the two rooms here. This place proves useful for dumping dead enemy soldiers. Head back outside and stand at the back of the building. Lure in the nearest patrolling soldier using Cigarettes. Attract the sailor away from his position in the same way.

Like Windows and Linux, Chrome OS too features a command-line interface dubbed Chrome Shell or Crosh

Use the Diver to kill them with his Knife. Start by killing the guard near the bow of the sub. Two more guards patrol the area in front of the ship. Kill these using the Diver and the Spy. Note the guard standing on the bow of the ship. You can kill him by crossing the small gap in the ice and climbing the anchor chain. Work your way to the plane, distracting the Plant a Timed Bomb next to the machinery in the engine room. Bang goes another mission objective! Now you need to get to the plane on the other side of the ship. Either use the Balloon to fly there or fight your way around the ice to get to the plane.


Also, we will keep updating this list, so you can come back later for more new commands

Wait until they walk past you, then knock them out in quick succession. Kill one to prevent him from waking up before you’ve tied up the other one. The alarm may go off at this point, but you should be safe enough. Plant a Timed Bomb here to disable the cannon above. You have 20 seconds to run like hell. Go to the only other door that doesn’t lead you outside (|)]). Give the Diver the Green Beret’s Knife if you haven’t already done so. Enter when the patrolling guard is talking to the technician in the small side room. Walk in, throw the first Knife at the technician working in the large room, then move quickly to throw the second Knife at the guard. Finally, rush up and knock out the remaining technician. Tie him up and retrieve your weapons.

Yet it was black in there: I could see how his unstable character had stolen young, old and innocent lives. I could see the mothers whose lives he had disrupted and ended. I could see revulsion gather in the crooks of his scarred face. I could see senselessness camouflaged in his verbal inelegance. I could see the face of black absolutism.


Ready to try out some Chrome OS commands in Crosh

Even the Spy will be spotted if he’s not careful. Wait until the white-shirted man leaves to join his comrades, then crawl the Green Beret across the room, keeping as close to the far side as you can. You should be able to make it all the way across and into the corridor beyond. Repeat this process for the other members of your team. Quicksave the game before you make each attempt — just in case. Should the alarm go off, the firing squad will open fire on the Thief in the courtyard below and you’ll have to restart the mission. Take care when you cross the mess hall. There are Officers here who will see through even the Spy’s disguise. If you get lost in the castle, bring up the Notebook and click on the objective you wish to complete. An ‘Objective’ icon will appear onscreen.

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Chrome OS Crosh route command

To complete the mission, move the Green Beret and the Spy into the aircraft. One char- acter needs to be holding the Enigma machine and its related parts. Note that the Spy can’t enter the plane while he’s disguised. Also, the rest of your team need to be moved into the submarine so that they can escape. If you want to complete the bonus picture, the last photo fragment is located in the part of the ship where you found the Captain (see the figure showing the room without guards). Use the Spy (dressed as an Officer) to search the rooms with enemy guards inside. MISSION SEaUHT You must kill the guards patrolling and [B] so that you can get into the plane unseen. The Spy won’t be able to get into the plane until you remove his disguise. But don’t leave him outside too long. Bonus photo pieces required: 6 If you were expecting the bonus missions to be simple, this one will come as something of a surprise.

Use the Diver to swim right around the plane so he can approach the guards without being spotted. Monitor the vision of the patrolling guard so you can approach the beach in safety. Knife both soldiers when their backs are turned. When the beach is clear, send the Green Beret through the hole in the cliff to grab the Golden Monkey. Move your team, including Wilson and the Allied prisoner you rescued, toward the plane. Only the Green Beret is strong enough to carry the Golden Monkey to the seaplane. There are soldiers in the plane, but they can be picked off one-by-one by the Knife-happy Diver. Kill the soldier at the front of the aircraft, then attack the one at the back. Next, head down the ladder to attack the unarmed soldier below. Finally, deal with the last enemy on the flight deck.


Chrome OS Crosh bt console command

You can retrieve them when you eliminate the watch- tower guards. The two guards in the watchtower rotate their watch. While one looks out over the river from the tower, the other climbs down the ladder to look at the car below. After a few moments, this guard returns to the watchtower and the other one climbs down to do the same thing. From your starting position, take control of the Diver and crawl up to the trees near the car. When one of the guards is climbing the ladder back to the watch- tower, walk behind the Japanese soldier reading the paper and hide behind the corner of the wooden building. The next time the guard comes down, looks, and then turns to go, quickly throw a Knife at the paper-reading soldier. You’ll have just enough time to pick up your Knife, grab the body, and head back to the start position before the guards turn around. Use the Diver to eliminate the guards by the car and at the watchtower. Kill them one by one throwing the Knife.

Once the technician is transfixed, move the Thief out of the building, knocking out the soldier along the way as you did before. Once outside, move the Thief to a safe hiding place on the roof and leave him there. Take control of Natasha again for the next part of the mission. Like the Spy, Natasha possesses the ability to distract enemy guards. She does this with lipstick, a short skirt, and a pout. Natasha’s disguise will fool most enemy soldiers, but high-ranking Officers will recognize her as a traitor. Natasha can walk around the base freely if she doesn’t act suspiciously. High-ranking soldiers will recognize her, so keep your distance if you see any. In the room where you found her, check the locker to find a First Aid Kit and some Cigarettes, plus a piece of the bonus photograph. Search the shelves in the main room to get some Sleeping Pills.


Take control of the Sapper and press ® to make him leave the vehicle. Prime a Grenade and throw it in the middle of the men standing on the dock. Quickly, move the Sapper back into the truck and wait while the Japanese soldiers search the blast area. Once the other soldiers have examined the dead bodies, they disappear. Keep hidden until things have returned to some semblance of normality. Note, however, that patrols are on heightened alert. Park the truck directly underneath the crane and use the Sapper to throw a Grenade at the soldiers on the dock. If you want to access the bonus mission, this is the perfect time to find the final six remaining pieces of the bonus photograph. As you approach the end of the mission, you are better equipped to storm the buildings where the other bonus pieces are located. Eight of the 14 pieces have been highlighted in this walkthrough.

Do not get me wrong, as someone who loves Commandos, I had a great time with this

Each man is essential to each mission, and if one dies, the mission must be loaded to an earlier point. Each performs a specific duty that is required to make the plan go off without a hitch. For example, the driver is necessary in order to drive the escape truck in most missions. The diver might be needed as a specific travel method to reach an island. The demolitions expert might be needed to cut a hole through a fence. Only through teamwork and careful planning can the missions be beaten.


It gets more interesting in the Unigine SuperPosition benchmark. The Commandos (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=2646) Carbine 4 Plus managed to achieve a score that is close to gaming laptops running an Intel Core i7 CPU and RTX 2060 GPU.

In Cinebench R15 against similar gaming laptops, the Commandos (look at here now) Carbine 4 Plus with its Intel Core i5-9300H performed well enough. While it looks like it got noticeably outclassed by 3 laptops, keep in mind that those are powered by Intel Core i7 CPUs.


I see my country unified in astonishment. I see leopards attempting to hide their dark spots. I see lions dressed as shepherds. I see a flock of lambs wandering in the veld, happily lost, happily confused. See the storm clouds gather in the distance?

The base directory of the server running the command

Swap back to the Driver and arm him with a Molotov Cocktail and a Rifle with at least three bullets. When the Lieutenant walks back to join the line of soldiers, throw a Molotov at the Soldier standing next to him. Three soldiers should be caught in the fiery blast. Take the remaining two out with the Rifle. Free the Thief by talking to him — don’t worry about the alarm, it will fall silent eventually. Start stripping the Soldiers of their clothes. You have more objectives: distribute Uniforms to the prisoners so they can escape, combine the three parts of the plans, and use the Allied radio. Pick up bottles of Poison wherever you find them. The Spy needs as much ammunition as he can find. Free the Thief by aiming a Molotov Cocktail at the end of the firing squad.


Give the extra Sniper Rifle ammo to the Sniper. Use Natasha and the Spy to distract the two guards ([£]) nearest the subway entrance. Bring up the Sniper (crawling so he’s not spotted), then wait until the armored car has driven past on its long loop and shoot the guard ([G]) patrolling on the opposite side of the two guards. An Officer (|H]) may come to investigate — hold your position and shoot him, too. Move toward the distracted guards ([£]) and shoot the soldier (|T|) patrolling the path nearby, plus the Lieutenant if he sees you do it. Finally, deal with the distracted guards ([£])• Watch out for the armored car at all times. If it spots you, it will open fire. Use the Sniper to kill the soldiers immediately surrounding the subway entrance. To move around safely, use the Spy to steal the truck at position [J]. When this area is clear, grab the Officer’s Uniform from |H] and dress the Spy in it. Guide the Spy toward the truck ([J]) parked next to the metal crates. Jump in and drive it back to the subway entrance.

Take control of the Green Beret and stab soldier BIl, who’s guarding a pile of crates near the crane. Once he is dead, move across and knife guard U]. Use Natasha to drive the truck blocking the guards at [E over the guards at E. Nobody should be near enough to spot this maneuver. When they are dead, take control of the Green Beret and stab the soldiers inside the container ((B). Before you can climb the crane, eliminate those guards that can see the ladder you’ll be using. Use the Green Beret’s Decoy to lure the stubborn guard [£ away from his position. Locate the soldier standing guard in front of the container (®. Plant the Green Beret’s Decoy behind the container and hide around the corner. Activate the Decoy to lure the soldier away from his position — he can see the crane and needs to be eliminated. When the soldier nears the Decoy, switch it off. As the soldier turns his back to examine the Decoy on the ground, creep up behind him and kill him. Move Natasha back into the first truck.


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Big thanks to ArmoryX for providing us with this laptop for review. If you want to know more or are interested in getting one, click right here.

Command line: $ nslookup example.com ns1.nsexample.com

I know the end of this nightmare is nigh for the masters of black independent deception. So I will die in the heat of calm battle.


Find him inside building E. primagames.com 1S9 PRiMA’s Official Strategy Guide You should be safe behind this building (|K]). The five-man patrol regularly wanders the streets nearby. A soldier is also stationed on almost every street corner. You need to get inside the building you are hiding behind IE. The double doors opposite the green-roofed building provide the only entrance. Time your move when the five-man patrol has passed and the men on the metal walkway are looking the other way. Zoom out and study the soldiers’ movements, especially the five-man patrol. Talk to the shopkeeper and search the shelves behind the bar to find a piece of the bonus photograph. Once inside building E, talk to the shopkeeper. He tells you that Natasha is also being held in town. Check the shelves above the shopkeeper’s counter to find a bonus picture piece.

They won’t see you coming up the ladder, so stand behind them and let rip with the Machinegun. Search the wooden box to get Grenades and a bottle of Poison. Go back to the room with the lockers in it. Use ® again on the ladder to take a look outside. Zoom out the view and hit |F11 1 so you can see where the enemies are. Guards are stationed at each end of the sub, while others patrol the mid-section. Wait until the guard in white has his back to you and the guard wearing brown fatigues walks back down the gangplank. Quickly climb out on deck, staying low. Knife the guard in white, retrieve your Knife, and hide just behind the conning tower. Knife the guard in brown as he comes back and spots the dead guard. You’ll need to be a good shot to get him before he runs out of range.


If you enter their room via the kitchen, you can search two cupboards without being seen. Kill the Officers with the Machinegun (aim between them), then kill the two guards who climb down from the rooms above. Switch to the Driver and lure the patrolling guard away from his route using Cigarettes. Steal the guard’s machinegun and his Uniform. Don the Uniform to walk past the guard standing on the wall above. Walk behind the staff car and the small church to hide in the trees next to the ramp. Lure the guard standing opposite the ramp using Cigarettes. Knock him out, tie him up, and hide his body in the trees. Watch out for the three-man patrol walking around the town. Knock out the guard next to the ramp, tie him up, and hide his body with the other one.

Use a Sniper’s bullets wisely until you can pick up more from dead enemy sharpshooters. Used by: Sniper, Natasha Inventory size: 4 spaces Maximum charges/shots: 25 MiWAummm The MP40 Machinegun comes in handy if you want to take down several charging enemies at once. Capable of firing wide-angle bursts of gunfire, the Machinegun is never issued as standard and must always be stolen from the enemy. Despite its limited ammunition, it is very effective when used with the Standing Coverage command (see Chapter 4). Used by: All Inventory size: 4 spaces Maximum charges/shots: 150 KIVIFli; Because most of the missions in Commandos 2 require a stealthy approach, the Fairburn Combat Knife will be your primary weapon. Only two of your Commandos can wield it, though — the Green Beret uses it as a stabbing weapon, while the Diver throws it at his enemies. Although the Green Beret needs only one Knife, the Diver can carry and use several of them. Used by: Green Beret, Diver Inventory size: 1 space Maximum charges/shots: — primagames.com Chapter 3: The Stores BAZOOKA The FIAT Bazooka, or rocket launcher, is a formidable heavy weapon. It is available when your Commandos are likely to encounter vehicle-based threats such as tanks and armored cars. Only the Sapper can use the Bazooka in the field. The weapon swallows four inventory spaces, as does the ammunition it requires.


Given the customized nature of ArmoryX laptops, you might think that this doesn’t have a software to customize the machine. It actually does and it’s Control Center 3/0 by CLEVO. It allows you to change power modes, add macro keys, customize the RGB lighting, and adjust the fan speed.

This time, however, the mission takes place at night. As usual, you have been given the Sapper and the Thief to complete this mini-mission. Start by knocking out the nearby guard when the patrolling guard walks away. Hide his body behind the bushes that screen your starting point from the guard post. Note where the patrolling guard shines his flash- light. Throw Cigarettes into his sight and wait until he picks them and turns to go back to his patrol route. Attack him from behind and stash his body behind the bushes. Take control of the Thief and go past the searchlights and up onto the telephone wires. Swing over to the far telephone pole (near the small bunker). Climb down when the patrolling guard below walks away from the pole.


Command line: $ nslookup -type=any

Use the Spy to distract the guard at IS who’s looking toward point SD. This allows the Thief to move from S), behind the soldier at IS, and to [E without alerting any of the guards. By the time you reach point E, the uniform will have been “used” — its effects are only temporary on most characters. Send another uniform to the Thief via Whiskey. Meanwhile, use the Spy to distract the guard at point IB and make him look away from the double doors at E. Move the Thief (wearing the fresh uniform) to point E and into the submarine pen. Unlock the various metal boxes to find a Bazooka, Flame Thrower, Grenades, and a Remote-Controlled Bomb. Send the Spy to open the other set of submarine pen doors — the switch is in the building at the end of the far dock. Next, send the Spy to deal with the two guards patrolling the front of the building where the torpedo is located. Lure the guard to the left of the building using Cigarettes. Place them in point S] so you can avoid the gaze of other soldiers. After you lure the soldier away, knock him out using the Syringe — two doses ought to send him to the floor.

On the bottom, you have four rubber stands, some stickers with fine details listed, and slits for air ventilation as well as speakers. There are about 12 screws that you can find here.

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I dug a path to a blackish exit. I dug an end to a stunted existence. I sighed in desperation, regret and bitter resignation. I stood in the grave and wished all whom I had left at home a long, happy and fulfilling life. I hoped my little girl would not cry for her sweets that evening. I hoped she would not cry for me.


Here, we have mentioned all sorts of commands, for both basic to advanced users. No matter what problems you are facing on your Chromebook, you can find Crosh commands below to run a large range of tests. You can click on the link below to move to different sections.

Deal with the last soldier ([E) on the edge of the building. This guy is a Sniper, but he’s facing the sea, so the Diver can easily knife him. Get the Spy to retrieve the Knife — there’s an eagle-eyed guard on the nearby roof. Kill the Sniper at E. If you don’t, he’ll target your men when they swim across the water later in the mission. Lure the Lieutenant (circled) into the passageway at E. He has the key to free the submarine crew. One of the two remaining guards has his back to you. The other is an Officer near IH1 who will see through your disguise if you get too close. To kill the Lieutenant and grab the keys, lure him into the small passageway you used earlier (E)- Like most soldiers, he’s a sucker for free Cigarettes. Use the Diver to knife him when he’s close enough. Killing the Lieutenant at E ensures that he dies beyond the range of the remaining Officer.


The Commandos (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=6548) Carbine 4 Plus isn’t meant to be the most powerful gaming laptop around. Instead, it’s one of the more accessible machines around. It’s powered by the 9th Gen Intel Core i5-9300H and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti. Running temperatures are great and the fans are at acceptable noise levels even at maximum speed.

Were set flags to use only PickUp command for all weapons. Grenades included

Next, kill the patrolling guard, followed by the soldier on the bench. Finally, attack the two soldiers working on the subway tracks. Before you leave this area, search the wastebasket near the exit to find the first piece of the bonus photograph. Start this mission with the Green Beret. Use him to kiii aii of the soidiers in the subway. Use the Green Beret and the Spy (dressed in a Lieutenant’s Uniform) to kiii the soidiers in this area. Dress the Spy in the Lieutenant’s Uniform and send him upstairs. Distract the nearest guard so he’s not looking directly at the doorway, then bring up the Green Beret and kill the guard when the patrolling Lieutenant walks out of range. Place the body at the end of the corridor and wait for the patrolling Lieutenant to spot it. Stab him when he’s close enough. Use the Spy to distract the soldier facing the man on the stool, then use the Green Beret to stab both white- shirted soldiers.


That’s two fewer enemies to worry about. Head back downstairs and into the storeroom. Look through the doorway to see a guard standing outside a small green-roofed building. Nobody else can see him, so sneak out, stab him, and hide his body in the storeroom. Return to the small, green-roofed building and hide in front of its entrance. Use view markers to determine whether an enemy can see a specific location (for example, this guard). Place a view marker in the middle of the street so you can see who is likely to spot you when you run across it. Zoom out the view (0) to see a few guards walking on a metal balcony ([J]) above the gateway to the docks. Cross the street toward building IE only when these two guards are not looking your way. Move across to the small circle of children. The shopkeeper knows where Natasha can be found.

Monitor the vision of guard IH] so you can sneak up behind guard IS and kiii him. Hide the body, then kiii guard m. Zoom out to note the positions of the guards on this side of the river. You need to reach the bridge at the top of this screen. Monitor the vision of the guard patrolling the waterfront ([C]). Hide behind one of the low walls and creep up behind him as he looks out over the water. Kill him with the Knife and hide the body. Next, move up behind the guard who has his back to you (])]). Stab him when the patrolling guard ahead ([B]) isn’t looking. Again, carry the body out of sight. This leaves the patrolling guard ([E]).

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Kill the Sniper standing at the stern. Next use the control panel opposite the raised gangplank and lower it. Move the rest of your team onboard. Forget about the starboard side of the ship for now. Instead, crawl your team along the deck, underneath the gunner until you reach a door. Look inside (®) before you charge in. Watch what the guards do inside before making your move. Attack from behind and the side — kill the armed soldier first with a Knife, and knock out the soldier who attacks with his fists. Consider giving the Diver two Knives so he can kill multiple guards quickly and quietly. Look into the next room, then move in when the guard turns his back on you. There are some guards in a small room here. Open the door, stand back, and throw a Knife at the guard you can see.


With all immediate threats taken care of, bring the rest of your team across the river. Use the Thief to climb onto the balcony of the building where you shot guard E. Drop the Thief’s Ladder over the side so that the other Commandos can climb up. Move the Green Beret around to the doorway on the balcony and look through it (®). The room beyond leads to a tunnel that comes out into the river below. This secret entrance can be found underwater between the two sets of steps. Since you’ve made it this far, you can ignore it. Move the Green Beret past the small archway here — notice the guard (H]) on the other side who’s eyeing a courtyard that contains a giant statue. Place the Decoy to one side of the arch and stand on the other side. Set off the Decoy and stab guard H] as he investi- gates the noise. You can repeat this process for a second guard (|K]) standing in the courtyard. To draw him into the range of the Decoy, you’ll need to use a pack of Cigarettes as an extra lure. Hide the bodies on the balcony at E. Send one of your Commandos (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=744) up the large steps ([L]) to free the spiritual leader.

Look through the door and enter the room when the guard is standing close to the door with his back to you. Knock him out and tie him up. Throw a Knife at the next guard (SI), taking care not to alert the guard sitting in IE — the door to this room is open. Monitor the vision of E and lure him out of the room with Cigarettes. Kill him with the Diver’s second Knife. Search the empty rooms to find another set of Snow Gear, more Timed Bombs, Grenades, and other items. Finally, free the Captain — he’s in a cell opposite the shower. Look through the next door and enter the storeroom beyond when the guard walks away from you. Dispose of him and then search the four lockers to find more supplies. There’s also another piece of the bonus picture here. Now retrace your steps back to the large room with the ladders (see earlier figure).


Decreased parameter: Hit points of damage needed for Commando to be knocked down/ragdoll

Next, take out soldier IT] on top of the building and put a bullet in the other soldier who comes to investigate the dead body. Finally, take out the soldier who has a view of the bridge from the walls of the castle. Cross the bridge, taking care not to be spotted by the guard at the end of it. Double back, crawl under the bridge via H] and head towards the Green Beret, past the body of soldier IHl. Shoot another soldier on your way to link up with the Green Beret. Take control of the Green Beret and kill the guard standing next to the bus shelter. Follow the road around to locate the next patrolling guard. Lure him away from his normal route with Cigarettes. There are three buildings near the Green Beret’s start point. Leave the two smaller buildings and investigate the larger one. Enter the house via its side entrance, killing the Officer in the first room.

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Inside the building, wait until the technician (E) goes to examine the nearby crates (these are directly opposite the room where Natasha is located). Using the pack of Cigarettes, distract the soldier, and knock him out. Walk into Natasha’s room before the technician turns around. Move the mouse pointer over Natasha, hold down | Shift | and left-click to talk to her. Quickly hide behind the table in this room so you’re not spotted when the guard recovers and searches the area. Quicksave your game before attempting to sneak past the guards and onto the sloping roof here. Crawl past the stationary guard when the patrolling guards can’t spot you and make your way to the corner of the roof. Climb down the wall behind the two men talking on the pier. There’s another patrolling guard here, too, so make sure you aren’t spotted. Finally, crawl along the ground toward the door and enter the building.

Ping is a very universal command between all the operating systems

If your objective is to free a submarine crew, as it is in the Das Boot mission, you need to do more than just make it to the building where the crew is being held. You also have to find the guard who holds the key. Principle objectives in Commandos 2 often require several sub-objectives to be completed beforehand. These objectives may take the combined efforts of several characters or acts of heroism by a lone Commando (you could try this out). Although you can plan how you’d like the mission to go, it will never be perfect. Ultimately, you’ve got to be flexible enough to react to the changing situation as the mission unfolds. This chapter offers a look at the key elements of successful mission planning and execution. Keep in mind though: What you need most when playing Commandos (you can try these out) 2 is patience. RE€0NNAISSA1V€E Preparation is the key to success in Commandos 2. You don’t just need to know your own troops’ capabilities. It’s also important to know the enemy’s strengths and weaknesses.


Nslookup command to change the port number for the connection

It’s easier to head upward for now. As usual, watch the routes of the guards in the room above before going into it. It’s difficult to get your bearings — move the view until you can see the soldier and the technician. Enter the room when the soldier is walking toward the technician. Make sure that the Diver has two Knives so he can dispatch the two soldiers quickly. This room has four possible exits. Two lead out to the deck and two lead farther into the ship. Look through the door ([£]) closest to the ladder you just climbed — press |F10| to illuminate the doors, it’s dark here. Two guards should The exit ([£]) leads to the first gun mechanism. Piant be endlessly circling the machinery of a Timed Bomb here to disabie the gun above. Search the rooms that don’t have guards in them.