Philomena Sands was ex-Navy, spoke three languages, and had spent part of her last assignment on a joint task force with local law enforcement. The recommendations from Mayport, FL PD showed she worked well with them. She was more than qualified for the promotion to SFA when a position became available.

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McGee and Ziva were at their desks before Gibbs returned from his latest coffee run. He knew they had received the same orders he had regarding Tony. McGee looked like he had been sick all weekend.


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Gibbs nodded and released one bit of tension. There hadn’t been that much blood, really. Not enough to be life-threatening. But the thought of Tony bleeding out on that table while the others were in the car.

Excited, Tony jumped in. “Like Men in Black? Earth as the planet that offers political asylum to aliens who blend in as human.


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Gibbs just stared at her for a moment, trying to speak the lie that would make her feel better. But somewhere deep in his gut, he just knew that DiNozzo would never be back here as his SFA. He was still alive out there, somewhere. But, even if he made it back in one piece, he would never be able to restore that trust.

You’re not just in his corner, you’re rattling the cage. You have to know you’re being watched. You were told to leave it. Nothing happened. But you trying to go behind everyone’s backs isn’t leaving it. If you interfere with a classified op at this level, you can disappear as quickly as DiNozzo did. These people mean business, Gibbs.


With the door frame in the way, he couldn’t find a way to disarm her safely. The last thing he wanted to do was give himself up, but he was concerned about the hostage as well as his own life. A second weapon was suddenly in his face from a third perp, and Tony realized he didn’t have a choice. Knowing that Tim and Ziva were at this moment calling in the calvary helped keep Tony calm as he stepped in to prevent things from escalating.

Regional Overview: Middle East 9-15 February

You are due for SFA, and Williams should be looking for a supervisory position, not SFA. If he can get one, he’ll need an SFA he can trust.


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The first thing he did was clear out DiNozzo’s desk. When Tony comes back his mighty-mouse stapler will be safely packed away for him. He hesitated a moment and then opened the bottom desk drawer to pull out the stack of awards that DiNozzo had accepted on his behalf. Gibbs smiled and added them to Tony’s box as well.

Tony was silently cursing that the breach didn’t occur while they were locked up. But since there was nothing to do about it, he started looking for opportunities. He had the uncomfortable feeling that he was going to have to get himself and McKay out of this situation.


He watched until he saw Vance’s car arrive then headed back. He was in the building and sitting in Vance’s office when the man arrived. Gibbs watched with concealed amusement as the Director turned on the lights, hung up his jacket, and turned to put his briefcase on his desk before noting Gibb’s in the visitor’s chair. It was amazing that the man didn’t swallow that toothpick.

But I meant what I said about not sending anyone out into the field with McGee and David. You want them to stay on the team?


He found Tony’s primary knife, his handcuff key, and his lock pick set. Tony tried to keep calm and not give it away when he missed the knife in his belt buckle. But thorough held true, and it was just another moment before he found the wire in his jacket. He threw it down and stomped on it.

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And besides, Snape just used the lessons to torture the kid, which was completely horrific and seriously detracted from trying to portray the character as this ultimate tragic hero at the end. Why he allowed himself to get sucked into that pit after it showed teachers and government employees taking sexual pleasure out of torturing kids was completely unknown. Frankly, he had found his dedication to completing the experience appalling.


It looked new and pristine as if it had just rolled out of the factory. It was all shiny metal in a shape and pattern that seemed to imply speed and power. Something beautiful, but that hinted at deadly. Around the ship was an energy field. Strangely Tony got an impression of something sleeping deeply within.

The existence of the weapon, known as Kanyon to the Pentagon and "Ocean Multipurpose System Status-6" to Russia, was first leaked by Russian television in November 2021. A test involving the Sarov-class submarine mothership was leaked in December 2021. The Nuclear Posture Review report, dated January 2021, lists the weapon as part of Russia’s underwater nuclear arsenal.


CLAIM: Ongoing Underground Military Operations, D.U.M.B.S. and Adrenochrome Facilities Dismantled

The vehicle entered a lift, and it started going down. Tony didn’t know if it was his imagination and things were feeling lighter, or if he was just adjusting quickly to the gravity. The lift passed through metal and rock to emerge in what appeared to be a massive man-made cavern. It was so big he couldn’t see the other end, but what was visible was a sci-fi movie on steroids. The best CGI out there couldn’t create something this fantastical.

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We can’t allow Peitho to get his hands on that ship once it’s fully functional. Earth’s got nothing to match it. The only thing that’s remotely close is Atlantis. This ship’s got all the potential of Atlantis in a much smaller package.


Tony could tell when someone was deeply entrenched in the closet, and that wasn’t McKay. But the man had worked with the military most of his career to hear him speak, so it was probably more of a situational closet.

So they dropped everything and ran away from the Milky Way. They went off to the Pegasus Galaxy where they went on to do amazingly stupid experiments. They became obsessed with entering a high state of being.


Babylon the Great Sends a Warning to Iran

Gibbs glanced over toward the empty desks around him. Officially, the two of them were working out of conference rooms to prepare their detailed statements for the case. The truth was he just couldn’t stand to look at them right now.

Tony considered that complaining must be one of McKay’s superpowers. The man could find so many creative ways in which to find fault with everything around him. Honestly, it was annoying and yet strangely funny at the same time. The man had opinions, so many opinions, but could carry on a conversation about almost anything. Though most of his insight found fault with all aspects of the world. Tony had decided that of McKay’s superpowers, his intellect came first, followed by his snark, and then his ability to insult your existence, followed by the complaints.


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After Steward spoke of these horrific crimes and about our military hero’s worldwide, Zorro stated the information was “very accurate” on the conference call too. In these type of conference calls, last names and probably fake first names are usually given.

He glanced at his watch, his brows furrowing as he mentally calculated the time elapsed. It’s been at least an hour since he was taken. Twenty minutes of that must have been in this room. Fifteen minutes at the very least.


I ordered parts from you 2 weeks ago. I just wanted to let you know that I'm very pleased with your company, the service you have provided is unmatched on the Internet.

Supervisory Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs drove silently toward Anacostia Naval Station. He really wished DiNozzo was with him on this. Gibbs clenched his hands on the steering wheel. His team was taking their sweet time getting voiceprints for comparison to the recording they had on file in their murder investigation.


That French rep was picking away at all his decisions, and then she went and mentioned Doranda. McKay just lost it. He insulted them all in one of the most creative ways I’ve ever heard, told them that he wouldn’t work for the primordial sludge that was growing in the microscopic vacuum that was their brains, and then quit and walked out.

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Gibbs heard the cacophony with a heavy base beat that Abby Scuitto, their Forensic Technician, called music before he opened the door. He could feel it in his bones as he saw her running back and forth between machines. Her pace was frantic, and he figured he waited a little too long before checking on her.

I figure there are a few old-timers up for retirement in the next two years. Most of them don’t have someone ready to take over. He’s probably planning to move you into place in one of the more visible slots, but most of them will be a waste of your skills. So, prove to him you can do this job.

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As far as I’ve seen, there are three perps in the house. First is female, brunette, about 6’3” and built. Very comfortable with a 9mil in her hand. Second perp is around 5’7” with reddish-blond hair and glasses. He hasn’t shown his weapon, but his suit isn’t quite cut right for the shoulder holster he’s wearing. Last one is male, 6’1”, black hair, military cut and bearing.


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The combined efforts are meant to speed up the cleanup of the plume. All parties agreed to carefully monitor the containment and movement of the toxic water to ensure the planned remedy continues to work.

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Army during the Vietnam War, boonie is a type of a wide brim military hat frequently used by the armed forces worldwide and one of the most known and popular pieces of military-style clothing. Over the years its design has changed insignificantly and although boonie is similar to a bucket hat its brim is, however, stiffer providing better protection from elements such as sun, wind or rain. Also known as a jungle or bush hat, the classic boonie hat features a number of characteristics that decided about its recognition. Amongst them is a fabric tape band of 'branch loops' sewn around the crown of the hat which originally was meant to hold additional vegetation as camouflage. Moreover, the adjustable neck strap provided gives stability, and the crown itself is vented with rivets or mesh panels. Some design variations also include snaps to attach neck protectors or to fix the brim in the style of an Australian giggle or digger hat. Durable and functional, wide-brimmed boonie appeals especially to all people who simply enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, etc, but also to Airsoft, hunting and paintball enthusiasts. Available at Military 1st online store is a comprehensive range of quality boonie hats, in a variety of colors and camouflage patterns, including genuine MultiCam, A-TACS and DPM camo, from a number of renowned brands just to mention Helikon, Pentagon and Propper.

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Kanyon is designed to attack coastal areas, destroying cities, naval bases, and ports. The mega-bomb would also generate an artificial tsunami that would surge inland, spreading radioactive contamination with the advancing water. To make matters worse there are reports the warhead is “salted” with the radioactive isotope Cobalt-60. Contaminated areas would be off-limits to humanity for up to 100 years.


In a separate operation, in November and December 2021, the White Hats employed a secret agent to work at the level # 4 lab in Wuhan, China. They did process adrenochrome there. From my intelligence, operations worldwide closed most of the adrenochrome processing plants, so the Wuhan one would be the last one, or close to the last one. The talented and educated agent contaminated these total batches with the L-Strain of the CV-19 virus. Now, this version, it cannot be passed [sic] on to other people. The S-Strain is curable, and is what is sweeping the planet. The adrenochrome is sold a website and shipped directly to the “blood drinkers” homes or businesses. All 1/2 to 1/5 million drinkers will die of this strain of the virus. This is to make sure all adrenochrome drinkers are brought to justice in one swoop. This is from very high intelligence sources.

They’re a snake-like, parasitical race that inhabit humans and other species. The host is in there, but he’s trapped, unable to take control of his own body. They attach to the brain stem, which not only gives them control but access to memories. They are incredibly strong and really hard to kill.


Gibbs grinned through another drink of coffee. As if he had tried to get into Leon’s desk. He paid attention to where the man’s hands and eyes hesitated longest. Always good to know where the important files where hidden.

Tony felt the tendrils of something brushing against his mind again and firmly pushed back. The last thing he needed was that distraction right now. At that thought the feeling receded, and Tony wondered if it was responding to his desire.


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In a separate agreement, Northrop Grumman will commit to containing the plume on its eastern edge with enhanced contaminant removal in the central portion of the plume. Specifically, the company will design and drill containment wells in the east-central and southeast area of the plume to prevent further spread and provide additional protection to nearby public water supply wells.

Do you know how many crime dramas make it look like they can process evidence and solve a crime in a day? Even when we have it expedited, DNA evidence takes three days on average. And that’s because we have a dedicated lab.


Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) and Islamic State (IS) forces maintained high levels of activity for the second consecutive week, mostly in the Abyan and Al Bayda governorates. The two groups clashed in northwestern Al Bayda, but most AQAP activity focused on Security Belt Forces, including the destruction of a Security Belt commander’s house in Al Mahfad. Conversely, most IS activity focused on pro-Houthi forces in Al Bayda.

Tony shook his head and continued pacing. Every time he thought it, he lost the ability to think.


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Northrop Grumman submitted a work plan for pre-design investigations, including drilling profile borings and monitoring wells, to support the containment wells in the east-central portion of the plume. This work is scheduled to begin early 2021.

I mean, I thought everyone on base knew she was our beard. For some reason, Jennifer had already picked out engagement rings or some shit.


The pain exploded and overwhelmed his senses, the only sound he could hear was the screaming. In some small part of his brain he realized it was his own as he felt his nose and eyes gush blood and his lungs seized.

Too bad the situation didn’t allow for the meal to be enjoyed. But Tony never let his discomfort be seen. He cut his teeth on small talk and navigating the niceties of society.


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I’ve done most of the coursework for a psychology degree but haven’t finished my thesis. Honestly, I’ve done a lot of self-study over the years but never applied it anywhere.

All 110 Original Episodes Fully Remastered! Own all five seasons of the award-winning series about the space station that's the tumultuous center of the 23rd century's bid for peace among humans and aliens.


We couldn’t find a smartphone case that offered solid protection and easy storage for daily cards, so we designed one. The cards moved into a hidden trapdoor in the 2021 update, making a great design even better.

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The NID team was waiting by the door. Balboa looked at them before directing his attention to Gibbs and then Vance. Vance just stared at him a moment before nodding, and Balboa left with his new escort, shutting the door behind him.


An alarm on one of her machines had him turning around to face the lab once more. He followed as she ran toward the screen, which was showing a positive ID to one of the fingerprints. The screen showed the front and profile pictures of a man. He had short, receding hair, blue eyes, broad shoulders, and a crooked mouth. The expression on the ID was trying for no expression but ended up just looking pissed off and constipated.


Vance had expected him to come storming up into the office after everyone got here, but he wasn’t going to do it. Storming the gates wasn’t going to get him a response to his demands, so he was going to kill them with compliance. It would drive Vance crazy, trying to figure out what he was up to. Double win.


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He thought the man’s name was Jones, or Jacobs, or Jeans, or maybe Jenkins. Given that McKay had called the doctor “Beaker” he wasn’t certain he could trust any name McKay remembered anyway.

Tony opened his mouth to argue and suddenly wondered what he was arguing about. It’s not like there is any reason he could ever accept for what happened. Shaking his head, he decided to change the topic because this was just going to either anger him or depress him. Either way, he needed to keep his head in the game. Someone wants McKay, so he needs to know why.


With a motion, one of the servants stepped forward and placed their box in front of McKay. He looked at it like it might have a viper hidden inside.

The ride here was a telling pronouncement of his impending death. You don’t show the hostages where they are being held if you plan to release them.


Vance stated that he didn’t want this situation to detract from the search for DiNozzo. Of course, he didn’t seem that heartbroken about it being Tony. Gibbs realized he wasn’t fair, but this wasn’t one that he would allow Vance to forget about just because he didn’t appreciate how Tony did his job. And as for Ziva and McGee, as far as he was concerned, their careers in this agency were over. But he also couldn’t in good conscience allow another agency to be burdened with them.

Sands will be his partner in the field. Between the two of them, they have most of what DiNozzo brought to the table.


There are rich mineral sources as far as the eye can see. The asteroid belt in this system is rife with riches that the Ancients barely touched.

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My source was on a conference call and knows several Marines in these operations, who knows details and numbers. We need to report this to the general public to let them know “how big and horrific” and the truth about the worldwide satanic pedophiles who sacrifice children and also practice cannibalism. I reported the menu cover a such a restaurant in Los Angeles area, there was one in New York area I knew about last year. I know the New York one was shut down last year.

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But, honestly, even getting backup on-site, there is no reason for them to delay now that they are aware they have a clear field for the breach. Gibbs would have made an attempt with just a three-man team if they knew it was clear. Something here wasn’t sitting right, and Tony felt like a python was wrapped around his ribcage.


I can’t reprimand or fire agents for something that never happened. You can’t mention it, and you can’t act on it. Those are your orders. I will get you a TAD SFA by Monday.

Tony watched and calculated his chances to get between McKay and Peitho. Unfortunately, he did not need to worry. He saw the look of terror on McKay’s face a moment before Peitho turned and reached out his hand toward Tony. The eyes glowed, and light brought crashing pain upon him.


The man had spent the first thirty minutes in the room searching it for any possible access ports that he could hack, without success. Now he was just sitting on the bed with his head between his hands.

Gibbs just worked on his reports for the next hour until his two TADs arrived. He stood as they were escorted to the bullpen together. He reached out to shake hands, “Agent Sands.


The guards were the only ones who interacted with them at all, and it was never with words. Any attempt to get them to engage was useless. They brought food and fresh towels and watched their every move without a sound when the door was open. Brunette, Second Gun, and Grey Suit were still around. He had seen them outside the room, but they only spoke to the guards. Tony didn’t know if they were doing it on purpose, but other than the doctor, no names were given in their presence. It would make him feel better if it were deliberate. He would at least feel better about his potential for survival.

These bases could easily be blown up without affecting the top buildings like Manhattan. These are controlled bombs or Direct Energy Weapons to seal the places to never be opened again. This is what the Earth Alliance used from space or an anti-gravity ship to stop “child sacrifices” by the Catholic Church at Notre Dame in Paris, France on April 15, 2021. This fire was a centered destruction of the old church were a result of a Direct Energy Weapon. The Earth Alliance then told the Vatican, if you did any more sacrifices, that the Vatican would see the same faith as Norte Dame. To the uninformed, the Catholic Church is a part of the worldwide satanic cult and is involved in child trafficking and most other “crimes against humanity”. This is why 87 Bishops and 60 priests magically came down with the coronavirus and died, recently. This was not the virus; they took the suicide pills to save face. The Catholic Church crimes against humanity will still be released to the public, but I just do not know to what extent. I was told that there will be no more Popes in the future to oversee these lies to their congregation.


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She ordered the men, “Wrap that up and get him to the van. And you, Agent DiNozzo, are going to walk in front of me to the garage and get into the van.

Suddenly notices started popping that they were trying to access classified information. It was barely a minute later when the screen on Abby’s system started to change, and she started typing frantically.


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Shock was the only explanation Tony had for his inability to move. He allowed the guard to shove him the final foot toward Hendley. As he stepped into place, the man touched a crystal on the back of the glove, and huge rings suddenly appeared around their group. There was a bright flash of light, and the dining room disappeared.

When your life depends on watching for tells, it’s easy to see. You cover it well by all the gruff, but I do this for a living.

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He and McKay had been stuck in this room for two days now. They had towels and food delivered, but no one spoke to them. The doctor had slipped in the day after they arrived to check McKay’s stitches, and then he was gone. He was pretty sure the man wasn’t coming back after McKay had called Dr. Baker a fumble-fingered, barely literate, quack who received his degree through the Milton Bradley School of Operation.


Not everyone believes there are little green men out there to find. And now I find out that not only do aliens exist, but they actually come to Earth and kidnap people.

Thor and Loki from Norse mythology. All of these assholes like to pretend to be gods to primitive cultures.


I prefer to enjoy my meal with good company and intelligent conversation. We can discuss our business after dinner.

That stasis field has left the ship pristine. It is as it was the day they walked away from it. All we need is for you to bring down that field, and we will be able to assess what is needed to make the ship operational.


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I’m not an asshole who would leave you behind to save my own butt. You’re the expert out here, but you’re also a civilian. Doesn’t matter where we are; it’s my job to protect civilians.

The Prophecy is much more than seeing into the future. For The Prophecy sees without the limits of time.


Tony didn’t know what zat was code for, but the indifferent way she spoke about his life didn’t imbue him with any confidence. Since neither man made a move, he assumed that he had a temporary reprieve. In this situation, time was his friend. Time to give Tim and Ziva a chance to follow procedure and organize a possible breach. McGee had probably already pulled up the blueprints for the property. Ziva was pacing, angry that they were not ready to bust in and start shooting. Gibbs was at this moment driving like a bat out of hell to get here and lead the op to get his SFA and the hostage out without a scratch.

They stopped and got out at a balcony that allowed one to look out over the ship. It was embedded with a range of equipment that seemed to do everything from monitor to analyze to control the ship. It was all turned off, though it obviously had power flowing through it. Obviously, because someone had torn apart one of the monitors for no obvious reason.


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After he stored everything in his car to take home that evening, Gibbs stopped by his usual coffee shop to pick up a couple of refills. This was the other thing he had considered: his plan of attack. Right now, all his potential sources were avoiding him like the plague. Hounding them was not going to get a response. So, he needed to play with his food. Do the unexpected, act out of character, and eventually they will come sniffing around to see what he’s up to.