Analyzer supports all drive test equipment available. This uniqueposition means engineers can analyze their data wherever it comesfrom. The data is normalized, so the same analysis works acrossdifferent data sources.

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The page operates in two modes: Best Server and Where Seen. Changing the mode affects the Rxlev attribute that is displayed on the map. In Best Server mode, the Rxlev when the selected cell was the best server is displayed (note that in this mode, Raquel can be seen). In Where Seen mode, the Rxlev whenever the cell was measured is displayed.


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BaikalWestCom, a subsidiary of Rostelecom and the largest mobile network operator in East Siberia implements ActixOne Geo-located Customer Experience Analytics and Network Optimization to increase efficiency and automate network optimization processes. Actix platform enables BaikalWestCom to target and prioritize network optimization based on real customer experience. Actix, a pioneer of software that enables mobile operators to run more effective networks, says that the ActixOne platform also provides a single centralized repository for multiple data inputs, automatically loading and processing network data to detect problems and then optimize the network.

One thing I like to do when learning a new language is to do something I’m conceptually familiar with, to see how it looks in the new language. This is often either a small CLI tool or a web application. In this case, we’ll take a look at a basic web application in Rust.


This software is one of the most reliable tools available in the troubleshooting field, it automatically detects and analyzes common network problems as well as less common problems. In addition, the software defines KPIs and quickly optimizes the results of the analysis in the form of reports to improve network status. Provides periodic analysis to identify, detect, locate, and troubleshoot network problems. It is possible to fully decode the IP layer and sessions to build appropriate KPIs. It provides the ability to analyze internal networks and interact with external networks. Most network-based device manufacturers use this software to ensure the quality of their product communication as well as to generate complex reports and KPIs.

The actix (linked here) framework handles requests asynchronously, but in this case the handlers themselves are not implemented asynchronously, for example using futures. I decided to keep it simple at first, but there will be a follow-up post, in which I will convert the handlers to an asynchronous model as well.


Actix Analyzer Provides Full Insight & Control for LTE Advanced Networks' Rollout

There are several ways to go about this in Rust - there are several frameworks with different strengths. For this example, I decided to use Actix (view website), because it seems mature and well documented/maintained.

There’s one license module to control the map function. If you already have this module then it is working but if this module is missing then software can be frozen if you open map-if you have a legal copy you might already have this module.


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Enables validation of the indoor network and its interaction withthe macro network. Geo-references RF measurements and events andvisualizes venue layout. Generates KPI reports to evaluate thereadiness of the in-building network ahead of launch.