Tim and the rest of Hi-5 use their voices to perform a beatboxing song. Charli does some hip hop dance moves.

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  • Charlie Brown Jr. Discography
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Amazing work from singer Dee Alexander – a wonderfully soulful album of jazz vocals, and one that we'd rank right up there with our favorite records by Carmen Lundy or Dee Dee Bridgewater! Dee's a singer who's worked in Chicago for years, but we've honestly only begun to appreciate her talents of late – possibly because she's really hipped up her sound a lot over the years, picking up a range of spiritual, soulful influences that push her music to a whole new level – as you might have heard on her recent collaboration with IG Culture. The music on the set is wonderful too – work by Chicago players we know, but have never heard this strongly before – grooving in modal and soulful modes behind Dee's great vocals, with a lineup that includes Miguel De La Cerna and Michael Logan on piano, Harrison Bankhead on bass, and Leon Joyce on drums and percussion. Titles include versions of two tunes by AACM member Henry Huff – "Live" and "You & I" – plus the Alexander originals "Long Road Ahead", "Rossingnol", "Butterfly", and "C U On The Other Side".

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Amazing solo work from ex-Zombie Colin Blunstone – his first album after parting ways with his former group – and one of our favorite albums of all time! Blunstone's vocals were already amazing in The Zombies – especially near the end – but this set takes things even further, by blending his sublime lyrics with spare arrangements that often just feature simple string passages and warm piano parts – subtle accompaniment that leaves Colin strongly in the lead! The songs are wonderful – penned to recall the changes and issues of the year after the parting of the group – with plenty of help from old buddies Rod Argent and Chris White too. There's never been another record like this again, and there never will be – one of the true treasures of the greatest generation of music! Titles include "Let Me Come Closer To You", "I Can't Live Without You", "Smokey Day", and "Say You Don't Mind" – plus a fantastic cover of "Misty Roses", and the more rocking "She Loves The Way They Love Her".


Thing that's clean is the sneakers that he wears. He is the master at beatboxing often doing it for the kids' raps.

A wicked lost album of righteous funk and poetic knowledge from the great Gary Byrd! Gary began his life as a soul DJ in New York, but by the early 70s, he was using his rich voice to create recordings designed to educate as much as entertain. That said, the album is as funky as it is strident, and innovatively soulful – it's got raw and heavy drums and horns the burst in, but there's also roomier, slinkier grooves created to frame Byrd's voice and mood. The arrangements are by Chico O'Farrill and he really delivers. Gary Byrd's storytelling and spoken delivery leads the way, though – righteousness without bitterness, angry yet agreeable – truly brilliant and unique work! Titles include "To You Beautiful Black Sister", "If The People Only Knew (Power To The People)", "Shining Black Prince", "Country Preacher", and "How Long My People" and more. This great 2021 CD edition from Get On Down includes the bonus "Soul Travelin' Pt I (The GBE)" and "Soul Travelin' Pt I (The GBE)".


A beautiful demonstration of the genius of tenorist Eric Alexander – continuing proof of all the faith we've placed in him over the years! The setting is simple – just familiar ballads, as on the other volumes in the series – but Alexander's execution is wonderful – the kind of depth and imagination on the tenor you'd hear from Sonny Rollins or Coleman Hawkins on a mellow mid 60s session – cast with a slightly more modern feel, thanks to the excellent recording quality of the date. The group here features George Cables on piano, Nat Reeves on bass, and Joe Farnsworth on drums – a rhythm section who knows how to be subtle in just the right way. Titles include "Nature Boy", "My One & Only Love", "Violets For Your Furs", "Dear Old Stockholm", and "The Summer Knows".

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Charlie Brown Jr: Acustico Mtv

Fantastic dreamy pop from one of the greatest harmony groups of the 60s – a set that really has The Association hitting their stride, and finding a way to really let their vocals soar! The sound here really sets the group apart from some of the more old-school harmony acts of the decade – and the shift is almost like that in the Beach Boys at mid 60s, the way that things got more complicated and sophisticated, but more powerful too – even when the tunes have some really sing-song charms that made them hits! Production is by Bones Howe, who really gets the sound right – and the album features the giant hits "Windy" and "Never My Love" – plus "Happiness Is", "On A Quiet Night", "We Love Us", "Reputation", and "Requiem For The Masses". This great expanded mono edition has 11 bonus tracks – including "Autumn Afternoon", "Windy (Mono 45)", "Requiem For The Masses (Mono 45)", "Sometime (Instrumental)", "We Love Us (Instrumental)" and more.


Of the original tunes of Ilaiyaraaja from Thevar Magan. Tabu has done beatboxing in this movie for the song Payalay Chunmun.

One of greatest of all British punk era records – released in '77 and one that transcends mid-to-late 70s punk cultural baggage better than just about any other – a real benchmark! Wire kept it short and sweet on Pink Flag – with 21 tracks in about 35 minutes – and it's as artful as it is succinct. They'd prove to be as creatively ambitious as any of their peers and the brevity Pink Flag would soon make way for experimental flourishes that are ultimately just as important and influential, but this still might be their best. Includes "Reuters", "Field Day For The Sundays", "Three Girl Rumba", "Ex Lion Tamer", "The Commercial", "Strange", "Different To Me", "12 X U", "Start To Move", "Lowdown", "Surgeon's Girl", "Pink Flag" and more.


Charlie Brown Jr - Música Popular Caiçara Ao Vivo

Contemporary deep soul from Barry Jean Fontenot – a singer who should be destined to be huge, given the power and presence he has on this six track release! Barry knows how to soar like a classic soul singer, but also never hangs his music on cliches – as the sound here is very much his own, right down to backing by The Fountains, who have a nicely different vibe than more retro-sounding combos – especially when they throw in a few key tenor solos that really deepen the mood! The guitar is also nice and bright, in a way that's different from other recordings of this nature – bringing out new colors in Barry's vocals, on titles that include "By The Edge Of The Sea", "Second Line", "Desiree", "Come On Down", "The Flow", and "It Ain't So Easy".

Charlie Brown Jr - Preço. curto. prazo. longo

He went to Michigan State and started winning local talent shows for beatboxing. He formed an original band at MSU called “Eclyptic Blue”.


A spooky little soundtrack, with some slight erotic moments as well – all scored for a schlocky Italian film starring an ex-patriot Farley Granger! The story centers around an investigation of an earlier rape and murder – and the music does a good deal to underscore the mix of sexual tension and drama in the film – often using spare stepping basslines that move very slowly on the bottom of the tunes, while eerie keyboards, guitar, and weirder effects drift lightly over the top. A few numbers have a slightly warmer feel, in keeping with more erotic moments in early 70s Italian cinema – and there's also a bit of wordless vocals that float through some of the tunes, often with a theremin-like quality. LP features 15 tracks from the film!

A sweet set of keyboard-heavy tracks – a relatively obscure Italian sound library set from the start of the 80s, and one that's got a stark sound that's very much in the spirit of its cover! The tunes are mighty lean – often keyboards with just a bit of rhythm – a setup that's not that different from some of the horror work of the time, but with a bit more warmth and occasional moments of funk! Plus, the keyboards feel like some off-tuned electric piano – hard to say what, exactly – which makes for a nicely sinister vibe, even when things are groovy. Titles include "Retreat Hell, "D Day", "One Thau", "Cosmolines", "Zap", "Kangaroo Court", "Emergency", "Eggbeater", and "Warhouse".


Me And Charlie Talking

Gritty live work from twin tenor giants Gene Ammons and Dexter Gordon – recorded in an open-ended style that's a bit like some of Gordon's famous early work on the Central Avenue scene in LA, or Ammons' famous live "battles" with Sonny Stitt! The date was recorded in Chicago at the North Park Hotel – with sound that's a bit more "live" than some of the other Prestige sessions at the time – and an unusual lineup that features local players Jodie Christian and John Young on piano, Cleveland Eaton on bass, and Steve McCall on drums. The lovely Vi Redd makes a vocal appearance on the track "Lonesome Lover Blues" – and other titles include "The Chase", "Polka Dots & Moonbeams", and "The Happy Blues" – all nice and long! CD also features 2 extra tracks, both long – "Wee Dot" and an extended "Ballad Medley".

With an accidental function – the ability to overdub. Experiments in beatboxing over tracks began.


The combination of different groups and styles makes for a very lively batch of 70's soul and funk tracks – and the set features both classics and overlooked obscure material, all nicely remastered, and packaged with a great set of notes. Titles include "Got To Get A Knutt", "K Jee", "Comin From All Ends", "Afro Strut", "Wild Flower", "Keep On Doin It", and "I Can Understand It".

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Chris Brown - Graffiti

One of the spookiest albums we've ever heard from moog maestro Mort Garson – way darker and more complex than his Wozzard Of Id or moogy horoscope projects – with a feel that's much more like his legendary Black Mass album! Like that one, there's a fair current of supernatural running through the mix – an early use of the electronics to explore the darker corners of reality, served up with lots of cool 70s occult touches – in a way that's oddly more timeless than some of the later projects of this nature from the industrial generation. Garson's range of tones is wonderful – from fuzzy bassy bits, to sparkling keyboard lines, to lots of spacey sounds in between – and titles include "I Ching", "Tarot", "Deja Vu", "Seance", "Sorcerer", and "Astral Projection".

List of Charlie Brown Jr. band members

Waits' "roughest, most unkempt music to date". It incorporated Waits beatboxing, a technique he had picked up from his growing interest in hip hop.


Charlie Brown Jr - Discografia de Colecionador 2 - 1997 -

The monumental debut of BT Express – and an excellent funk album that often gets overlooked by fans of the music because of the band's bigger fame as a disco group! This first record has the combo grooving hard and instrumentally – in the mode of a tight blacksploitation soundtrack, with plenty of tight wah wah guitar riffing, conga beats, and funky flute and sax – topped off by just the right amount of strings to make the set soar even more!

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Coca-Cola bottles, glasses and cans. In the version, he is accompanied by beatboxing cellist Kevin Olusola.

Tang is inspired to write a beatboxing song. The ZingZillas gather together in the clubhouse to rehearse the beatboxing song.