The most brilliant Paulista composer of all time, Adoniran Barbosa —poor and barely literate, he knew how to be deeper than a scholar when he explained: "To write samba lyrics well, you have to be, in the first place, illiterate". Like few people, Adoniran was a genius. Like Lupicínio or Nick Cave, those rare geniuses that extract an almost pathetic simplicity from a mountain of subtle meanings.

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Any music by the Demônios da Garoa also is a good bet when dealing with Adoniran. The more music they have on the record, the bigger the chance of scoring a goal.


From the first generation of Brasilia's artists, she acted in the main theaters, shows and events. She won some music festivals, like the 1° Brasilias' Open MPB Festival.

Adoniran Barbosa – Meus Momentos

This is a nine-CD set that has just about everything Clara ever recorded. Consists of the material from two LPs on each of eight CDs, then a collection of rare recordings never before released.


Her natural voice, rhythmic guitar playing, and her charming smile led her to a huge success and popularized Bossa Nova in Japan. She has performed with many top musicians such as Antônio Carlos Jobim and João Donato, and has been performing enthusiastically in New York, Brazil and Asian countries.

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She was also the vocalist of several axé music bands. As a teenager she sang in trios elétricos.


Adriana Cordeiro Azevedo Cordel PDF

The curious thing is that, well before becoming known as a composer, Adoniran was a famous radio actor—at a time in which radio had absolute control of the national media and TV wasn't even dreamed of being established in Brazil. Well before Chico Anísio, Jô Soares or others of the sort, in 1946 the man already embodied nothing less than 16 characters in his programs on Radio Record. Still earlier, he had been a ringmaster in a circus. And still to come, the TV screen and the big screen of the cinema—as an actor highly commended in Lima Barreto's film, O Cangaceiro (The Backlands Bandit), best film in Cannes in 1953 and one of the best classics of Brazilian cinema.

The band released five albums between 1968 and 1972. In that time, Lee had also released her first two solo works, although these records were produced with fellow members of Os Mutantes.


On the radio, accentuating the typical language of Bexiga—a kind of official accent of São Paulo—he told with drama the small, daily tragedies of the shanty towns and the suburbs in general. Tiny tragedies, of residents, of big old houses, abandoned by a city that was demolishing them to build more and more skyscrapers. In short, the life of those derogatorily called maloqueiros (shanty town dwellers, actually multiple families living in the old houses)—because they lived in malocas.

It was all that John had, but Cebídi had a whole house and it was all taken downhill by the torrent. So, John doesn't really have a reason to complain about his luck.


Roberta Miranda, artistic name of Maria Albuquerque Miranda, from João Pessoa, Paraiba, Brazil is a Brazilian singer. She is the third best-selling female artist in Brazil behind Xuxa (33 million) and Maria Bethania (24/3 million), with 14/2 million discs sold so far. She got her start in the music industry singing in the clubs of São Paulo, Brazil.

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The first success of the two—the composer and the group—a partnership that would last until today, more than a decade after the death of the first. And it was from the inspiration of this hymn, from the anti-vagabondism, from the submission so absolute than it seemed to be subversive, that the idea was created for the program that would stay on the air for more than ten years, being number one in ratings.


Her parents saw the movie together on the day they started dating. Her middle name, "Leah" is a Biblical name of Hebrew origin.


Emmy Almanac Gala Edition 2021-2021

Maria Gadú (born Mayra Corrêa Aygadoux December 4, 1986; São Paulo, Brazil), is a Brazilian singer, songwriter and guitarist. She has been nominated twice for a Latin Grammy Award. She released her first album in 2009, self-titled Maria Gadú.

Her first appearance on record was on her father's album Acalanto. She married Venezuelan doctor Gilberto Aponte Paoli and moved there in 1959. She and her husband divorced in 1966, at which time she moved back to Rio. At this time she became involved with the Tropicalia movement; she became romantically involved with Gilberto Gil.


Dick Dale - The Singles And Other Great Stuff - CD ALBUM - Barbosa Records

Or rather barely making ends meet. But he still sung in shows and recorded sporadically—a miserable three records in his 40 year career, all released between 1973 and 1980. Whenever he wanted, he had the best Brazilian musicians and singers in the studio paying him tribute—many of them young enough to be his grandchildren. Like Elis Regina, considered by many the best Brazilian singer of all time, and who was his assuming fan.

She learned from a young age to play the cello and the piano and at first trained to be a concert cellist. However, she began to develop her singing voice and commenced taking lessons in Brazil. During the course of her career in music she became acquainted with fellow Brazilian singer, Carla Maffioletti. After finishing her schooling, she and Maffioletti went to Maastricht, the Netherlands, for further vocal training. While there, Monarcha was hired as a vocalist by orchestra leader André Rieu to tour Europe and the United States with his Johann Strauss Orchestra.


Adoniran (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=5561) was an exception in the so-called Velha Guarda. Like Caymmi, his unbelievable modernness wouldn't let him be totally, nor partially, forgotten as happened with people when they were alive like Lamartine Babo, Assis Valente, or even Braguinha, who is still alive. Adoniran (go to the website) never stopped being heard.

Coleção Folha RAIZES da Musica Popular Brasileira, 25 Volumes. This was a series sold on newsstands by the giant newspaper, Folha de São Paulo in 2021.


Rita Lee Jones Carvalho (born Rita Lee Jones on December 31, 1947), simply known as Rita Lee, is a Brazilian rock singer and composer. Lee continues to be a popular figure in Brazilian entertainment, where she is also known for being an animal rights activist and a vegetarian.

The Man's Mine (1969) Italian and Spanish withEnglish Subtitles - Directed by Edoardo Mulargia. Actors: RobertWoods, Aldo Berti, Marc Fiorini, Mario Brega.


Kantatu Pro Vol. 2

She then decided to leave Globo to act in two SBT telenovelas, As Pupilas do Senhor Reitor and Sangue do Meu Sangue. On 1996, she acted on Rede Record's Perdidos de Amor.

In 1980, 1981 and 1982, she released her three most successful albums: My Name Is Gretchen, You and Me, and Lonely. These three albums featured songs that became hallmarks in her career, such as "Freak Le Boom Boom", "Melô do Piripipi", "Conga Conga Conga". She sold more than 15 million albums worldwide. Between 1980 and 1982, she grabbed the media's attention by making "sexy" music, while still enjoying popularity among children. After Lonely in 1982, she went on a downward spiral while trying to remain on the charts.


She is of Japanese and Portuguese descent. Since the year 2007, she's been working on a solo career, but hasn't left Pato Fu.

At 13, she became famous for replacing Xuxa as the presenter of the kids show "Club of the Child". Her popularity exploded when her hit single I go by taxi cab (remake of Joe le taxi, by French singer Vanessa Paradis) topped the Brazilian charts. I go by taxi cab becoming a big hit has since become a classic, and is remembered by most of the Brazilian population, even though more than 20 years have lapsed since its release. Likewise, in 1991, her new album named "Angelica" increased her popularity with the song "Sweet cotton and Guarana".


Os Grandes Sambas da Historia, 18 CDs. This was a collection of 40 CDs sold by Globo, in the late 90s, on newsstands. There were booklets to go with them at the time, but I never found those. Most of these recordings, which run from the 1930s through the 1980s are sourced from Victor/RCA, who, along with Odeon, cornered the market on Brazilian popular music during those decades. Each disc contains 12 sambas, and includes the song texts as well. Artists include: Anjos de Inferno, Moreira da Silva, Cyro Monteiro, Ataulfo Alves, Martinho da Vila, Beth Carvalho, Adoniran Barbosa (look at this website), Paulo Vanzolini, Jamelão and dozens more. As above: If you know this names, you WANT this set. If you don’t know these names, you NEED this set!

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Listen Adoniran Barbosa Ao Vivo by Adoniran Barbosa on Qobuz.com

In the controversial song and music video, Kelly provokes an older man that ignored her when she was young and infatuated with him, but now that she's older, is sexually attracted to her. Thanks to the success of the song, the album went double platinum in Brazil and selling 500/000 copies sold. The and was released to international markets in Portugal and Chile.

While many know that Roosini's "WilliamTell Overture" forms the opening signature music, a wholevariety of other composer's music was used within programs. But norecords had been kept over the two decades the program aired and thusit was something of a puzzle to reassemble the information. What ismost interesting, perhaps, are the legal entanglements still involvedmore than a half century after the program left the air. The bookbegins with a nearly page-long legal statement about the rights tothe program. But Jones went further and found out who performed themusic used in the programs, delving into the archives of theproducers. So while this may seems a very narrow study, it shedslight on an under-explored aspect of broadcasting-the music thathelped to hold program contact together.


International Issue 2021 - Edition

Olivia Hime (June 25, 1943 — Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) is a singer and lyricist. Olivia is also the co-owner and musical manager of the record label Biscoito Fino. In 2005, the song “Cancao Transparente”, composed by Olivia and her husband, the famous pianist and composer Francis Hime, was nominated for a Latin Grammy for Best Brazilian Song.

Her father, João Francisco Leal de Carvalho, was a lawyer. She grew up influenced by different types of music. Her father used to take her to samba school rehearsals, and her mother was a lover of classical music who encouraged her to become a ballerina. She started playing the guitar as a teenager, and got involved with the emerging Bossa Nova movement, winning a nationwide song contest on TV at the age of 19. Her first record was 1968's "Andança", carrying the song of the same name to victory in a larger festival, which brought her to prominence. Although she started her career with Bossa Nova, that was an ephemeral phase which lasted less than one year.


She is a member of the band "Lágrima Flor", as a singer. Lua Blanco temporarily left the band to play the lead role, Roberta Messi, in the 2021 Rede Record telenovela Rebelde.

Adoniran Barbosa – MPB Compositores

This music is very hard to find, and a collection of this quality and magnitude doesn’t exist anywhere else! Click on the images for enlarged versions, the artists are readable on the spines in the stack.


In 2000, Corona's third album, “And Me U”, was released. Corona participated as a guest in a concert named “Angel Live”, dedicated to Karol Wojtyla in 2006. Souza returned to America in 2007, where she continued her tour with the band.

In 1980, she began her career as vocalist of Arrigo Barnabé's Sabor de Veneno band. She was the main soloist of Barnabé's 1983 album Tubarões Voadores, and participated in presentations and recordings with Itamar Assumpção, the other important name of the Vanguarda. She also recorded with bands of Brazilian rock as Magazine and Joelho de Porco. From 1986, she began to record her own works.


Popular musician and composer Patricio Teixeira and classical guitarist Solon Ayala were her teachers. While still a teenager, she met a number of singers and composers who took part of Bossa Nova's musical revolution, in late 1950s and early 1960s, including Roberto Menescal, Carlos Lyra, Ronaldo Bôscoli, João Gilberto, Vinicius de Moraes and Antônio Carlos Jobim.

This record from 1980 is a marvel in all aspects—repertoire, arrangements, musical partnerships—and absolutely indispensable. But the CD is a good palliative. And as a bonus, there is also "No Morro da Casa Verde "and "Vide Verso Meu Endereço," both from his 1975 record, which are also very good. The only thing missing are the flawed arrangements from his 1974 LP, full of choruses in perfect Portuguese that sound like aberrations.


The CD combines works from all of Adoniran's records with emphasis on his 1980 Magistral record

Politically, she grew up under a military regime. She began her musical career as a 14-year-old girl, as an autodidact on the guitar. Highly influenced by the revolutonary Tropicalismo, she started early to play songs from Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Chico Buarque but also from Mercedes Sosa and her own compositions on local events.

In 2006 the Jornal das Gravadoras (Periodical of the Recorders) points Katya Chamma as one of the illustrious representative greaters of Brazilian independent music and Example of independent art (edition 106). Kátya Chamma has her verbete in the Illustrated Houaiss Dictionary of Brazilian Popular Music.


One of them, Adoniran Barbosa, would end up taking control of the persona of his creator

Traditional Brazilian samba singer and composer, born 6 August 1910, Valinhos, died 23 November 1982, São Paulo, Brazil. He was the most important composer of the paulista variation of samba, more acoustic guitar based, more melancholic and bucolic - even though he won several competitions of Carnival marches in Rio.

The special touch was that bitter, crazy humor—the typical "it would be tragic if it wasn't so funny"—embodied in anti-heroes devoured by the beloved city that was growing. Run over, thrown out, dragged by storms, trying to refind in a corner of the concrete the poetry lost in some turn in life.


Adoniran Barbosa – Dois CDs Bis

In 1992 she joined her firs band, the "Unidade Móvel", which later became "Unidade Bop". In 1995 she was invited to sing in a Samba, Rock, Funk and Soul band, led by Skowa.

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Adoniran Barbosa E Convidados album cover

Paula Toller (born on August 23, 1962 in Rio de Janeiro) is a Brazilian singer and songwriter. Toller is mainly known as the lead singer of Kid Abelha, one of Brazil's most popular music bands. In 1998, she released her self-titled first solo album, which was very well received.

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