An amazing helicopter sim ruined by YuPlay. It's like Novalogic's Comanche series on steroids. Single player missions are DRM free already through the developers patches. Online play, unfortunately, needs YuPlay to work which really sucks. I would repurchase this on GOG in an instant.

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Apache (pop over to this website): Air Assault (see here) – новый симулятор совершенного боевого вертолета ApacheAH-64DLongbow. Вы – один из членов элитной команды по борьбе с терроризмом. Ваша задача — уничтожить противника и не дать ему шансов осуществить свои коварные планы. Примите участие в самых разнообразных заданиях, разделенных на три захватывающих эпизода. Испытайте на себе все особенности живописной местности Африки, Средней Азии и Центральной Америки. Вы станете не просто солдатом, а карающей десницей демократии!

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Apache Gunships deploy to Croatia Army Air Corps

Now if you had said Wings of Prey, that would be correct. Still, Wings of Prey is a PC game of a dumbed down console port of a PC game (iL2 Sturmovik). I would not call it a simulation anymore due to the sloppiness of the 1st person flight and combat characteristics.

For a light TF air assault/CCA mission, a 96-hour planning cycle is used

Welcome to our CHEATfactor Game Review of Apache (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=7133): Air Assault (go now). We review the game and then factor in how the available cheats affect the overall game experience.

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Quiet strange, this game's topic had diseappeared and here it is again, good news that people still want to play it. I wish a GOG release with a multiplayer possibility (as it was done for SW Battlefront), because I've never had the opportunity to play coop, which I'm sure is the best way to play this game. The best action heli game with good physics ever, an instant buy!

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Its a great game that will sell for sure. Anything we can do to get it over to Steam? Id love to add it to my library.


This game suffered from the same terrible DRM as wings of prey. It would be great if this game could be brought to gog because right now it can't be bought anywhere else.

Produced under license from Boeing Management Company. AH-64, AH-64 Apache and AH64 Apache (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=3641) Longbow are among the trademarks owned by Boeing.


Благодаря продвинутому режиму выбора сложности, задайте уровень игры в зависимости от своих навыков. Вступайте в воздушный бой в «Режиме тренировки», в котором предусмотрено интуитивно понятное управление. Ощутите все особенности управления боевым вертолетом в «Реалистичном режиме».

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