First, we collaboratively develop a program with you to help you to move towards your fears one small step at a time. You're in control of the speed and direction of recovery.

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If you are referring to craze lines in the enamel, then they do not really weaken the enamel. Many people have craze lines for one reason or another. See your dentist to determine if the craze lines are due to a severe bruxism problem, or are just a normal wear and tear aspect of your teeth.


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The only answer to your question is that it all depends upon what the cause is for making the teeth sensitive to begin with. For example, if all of the teeth are sensitive to temperature, then there is a good possibility that the patient may be clenching and/or grinding their teeth. A night guard and a bite adjustment may be the solution for that problem. However, if only a specific tooth is sensitive, then the diagnosis can be any number of things. And depending upon the source of the sensitivity, the treatment and solution will vary greatly. There are desensitizing materials that can be applied to teeth to help with certain types of sensitivity. Some problems stem from abfractions, or ditches in the enamel usually near the gum line. These may require fillings to be placed. So again, your question is very open ended and you need to seek the advice of a dental professional in order to determine the source of the problem before a definite solution can be decided upon.

WFAN, New York Programmer Mark Chernoff Honored with Studio Naming. Yesterday (6/30) was Mark Chernoff’s last day on the job at Audacy’s WFAN, New York and the CBS Sports Radio Network. Chernoff retired from the company after an illustrious career in which he served as program director for legendary sports talk outlet WFAN for 28 years.


The news comes just two weeks after President Joe Biden announced he reached his 100-day goal of administering 100 million doses and expanded his goal to 200 million. As of Thursday, 157/6 million doses have been administered, according to CDC data. More than 200 million doses have been delivered to states and vaccine providers.

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Buryk et al (2021) noted that ankyloglossia has been associated with a variety of infant-feeding problems and that frenotomy commonly is performed for relief of ankyloglossia. The investigators conducted a randomized, single-blinded, controlled trial to determine whether frenotomy for infants with ankyloglossia improved maternal nipple pain and ability to breastfeed. A secondary objective was to determine whether frenotomy improved the length of breastfeeding. Over a 12-month period, neonates who had difficulty breastfeeding and significant ankyloglossia were assigned to either a frenotomy (30) infants or a sham procedure (28 infants) and breastfeeding was assessed by a pre-intervention and post-intervention nipple-pain scale and the Infant Breastfeeding Assessment Tool. Study subjects were followed two weeks post-procedure and at regularly scheduled follow-ups over one year period. The infants with the sham group were given a frenotomy before or at the 2-week follow-up if it was desired.

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The “farmer” personality will be stronger at keeping current relationships fluid. Servicing current advertisers and easier legacy renewals are the farmer’s number one priority. Is you approach balanced or does it lean too much in one direction?


George Noory Signs Multi-Year Contract Extension with Premiere Networks. Late night talk radio star George Noory and syndicator Premiere Networks agree to an exclusive, long-term agreement to renew and extend their relationship.

Dental Anxiety and Fear

Most likely due to either a tongue thrust habit that recently developed, or a bite discrepancy with clenching and/or grinding. Gum disease and mobile teeth may also lead to a space between the 2 front teeth. See your dentist for a proper diagnosis and treatment options.


You should have an X-ray taken as a means of comparison of the tooth between now and in the future. You may need a temporary splint to allow the tooth to firm up and stabilize. If pain persists, you need to be diagnosed for a possible fracture of the root, or for irreversible trauma that might require root canal treatment. Only a qualified dentist can make these evaluations and diagnoses for you. So, call and get seen as quickly as possible.

Also, Audacy is searching for an event director and the location for that position is TBD. It directly supports the Director of National Experiences for all aspects of live events production for music, lifestyle, and sports events across the country.


Are you the soundtrack of The American Comeback? Or what consultant Holland Cooke calls “relentless negativity, even as polls demonstrate widespread optimism? The phrase ‘talk radio’ conjures a caricature. That seems not to be a problem for station owners and managers focused on FMs losing music consumers to streaming. Down the hall, legacy stations with once-proud call letters – now sadly referred to as ‘the AM’ – dispense daily discouragement.

April 6, 2021: Vaccination eligibility is opening up throughout the country. However, there are more people eligible for a vaccine right now than there are doses. Securing an appointment continues to be a long, difficult process for many.


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April 30, 2021: Rite Aid announced Friday that it is now taking walk-in customers for a COVID-19 vaccination shot at all 129 of its New Jersey locations. They still recommend scheduling an appointment, but will now make a limited number of shots available for walk-in customers.

May 10, 2021: The FDA has authorized Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use in adolescents 12 and older. This announcement came after Pfizer’s recent trial of the vaccine in adolescents which demonstrated that the vaccine is at least as effective as it is in adults.


However, the possibility exists that no baby and/or permanent teeth exist as a result of an abnormality during pregnancy. A dental radiograph can confirm the presence or absence of teeth for your child. You may want to consider some type of x-ray for peace of mind.

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If you are experiencing pain in your jaw, seeking immediate help is the best course of action. When you find the cause and treat the pain, you are taking steps to prevent further oral health damage.


The discomfort associated with any tooth removal is not necessarily experienced at the time of the extraction. The healing phase is when we feel the discomfort, and your dentist or surgeon will prescribe medications to assist you with that. Of course, any procedure can possibly cause some discomfort, but we usually have that under control with local anesthetic. If you are very nervous about the procedure, many oral surgeons will perform conscious sedation using IV drugs and medications. That may be a direction you might want to look into. Good luck with your 3rd molar extractions. Another factor that affects the degree of pain is whether the teeth need to be surgically exposed and removed if impacted, versus already erupted molars which may be easier and faster to remove and extract. Your dental surgeon will review all of this in advance of the procedure. Be sure to ask questions if you still have any at the time of consultation.

Don't fear the camera! 

Those liquids could definitely cause tooth discoloration over time. A dental cleaning would be best BEFORE using a store-bought or office directed bleaching kit.


Decay can form anywhere in the mouth. It is more prevalent on non smooth surfaces. But veneers have junction points with the tooth. It is at those junctions that the decay could form, and could then find its way underneath the veneer. So have your veneers checked periodically.

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February 25, 2021: Pfizer expects to triple its vaccine production by mid-March. An FDA advisory board will meet to determine whether to grant Johnson & Johnson an EAU.


She must be getting sugar attacks from somewhere. Does she leave much food on her teeth and not brush effectively before bedtime? Cavities need a source from which to form. I suggest to examine carefully her habits and try to find the answer to the puzzle.

Heat may actually be contraindicated if the pain you are having is from inflammation. It's best to see a dentist to determine if the pain is from the tooth erupting into the mouth, or if there is no room, then the pain may be indicative of other issues or problems.


Of the digital platforms of the company’s owned and operated local and national brands. Willig will oversee the newly created Townsquare content team, consisting of team members with varied expertise across platforms, formats and disciplines, in order to drive the company’s 360-degree strategy in radio, digital, on demand, mobile apps, social, and video.

Chances are you've had some pretty horrific pictures taken of you throughout your life. Ones you would prefer to rip up into pieces, delete and forget that they ever existed. Trust me - every single person out there does.


Newsmax Adds Eric Bolling to Talent Roster. Television host and best-selling author Eric Bolling joins the talent roster at Newsmax.

House committee investigating the January 6 Capitol attack. Following at #3 was the troubles affecting the ranked choice voting in New York City’s mayoral primary elections tied with the violent crime spike in America’s large cities. The Talkers TenTM is a weekly chart of the top stories and people discussed on news/talk radio during the week and is the result of ongoing research from TALKERS magazine. It is published every Friday at Talkers.com. See this week’s complete chart here.


My tooth infection keeps coming back. Can it signify something more serious?

IHeartMedia Unveils ‘NextUp’ Podcasting Initiative. The iHeartPodcast Network is launching an initiative called “NextUp” that takes up-and-coming and underrepresented diverse creators and gives them a chance to learn all about the world of podcasting from iHeartMedia. This initiative is being led by iHeartPodcast Network executive producer Anna Hossnieh and executive podcast producer Joelle Smith.


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You should call your dental office to be seen again. It is not possible to diagnose your situation without a visual exam. The list of possible reasons are too broad to give an answer that has any real accuracy. So call your dental office and request to be seen.

Most causes of bad breath are a result of either bacterial material lodging in the tongue, or from an acid or substance coming up from the esophagus. Try to determine the source of the odor, and then remedies can be offered. Do you possibly have less than a normal salivary flow due to medications? Possibly try a different mouthwash rinse as well. Try to brush your tongue, and rinse with something that can destroy bacteria and their odors.


Audacy Hiring in Promotions Department. There are a number of positions open in Audacy’s promotions department in several parts of the country.

Townsquare Media Consolidates Digital and Programming Teams; Jared Willig Named Chief Content Officer. Leading the newly consolidated radio and digital platforms is Jared Willig, who has been serving Townsquare Media as digital leader.


The only way to answer that is to be prepared to expect the unexpected! This is a double edged sword that can go either way with regards to you needing a lot of dental treatment, or needing only minimal treatment. I don't know which would be more surprising to you. But since you don't seem to be in any pain or discomfort, chances are that routine maintenance is necessary. Good luck, and get to your dentist sooner than later!

Many individuals come to our office with a toothache that came on out of nowhere. We can diagnose the cause and provide the pain relief you are looking for.


Your style and wardrobe reflect and affect your mood and overall confidence, all in which affect your portrait! So being candidly photographed while wearing a pair of sweat pants and a ponytail and being knowingly photographed wearing a put-together outfit with styled hair and makeup will create two very different photographs. Confidence plays a very large part in the outcome in any portrait. Confidence is beauty, beauty is confidence.

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The acceptability of the lingual frenectomy without local anesthesia and the degree of the post-surgical discomfort were evaluated. Although the majority of patients (n = 6) could be operated on without local anesthesia in theEr:YAG group, all patients could not be operated on without local anesthetic agent in the diode group. There were no differences between the 2 groups with regard to pain, chewing, and speaking on the 1st or 7th day after surgery, whereas patients had more pain in the Er:YAG group  than in the diode group the first 3 hrs after the surgery. The authors concluded that these findings indicate that only the Er:YAG laser can be used for lingual frenectomy without local anesthesia, and there was no difference between 2 groups regarding the degree of the post-surgical discomfort except in the first 3 hrs. Thus, these results indicate that the Er:YAG laser is more advantageous than the diode laser in minor soft-tissue surgery because it can be performed without local anesthesia and with only topical anesthesia.


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Leaving food between the teeth is inviting both dental decay and periodontal disease to attack your dentition. You should try your best to remove any and all food particles from between your teeth after each meal and/or snack. If your teeth are not contacting each other correctly, and the spaces are allowing food to get packed between them, then you may need some dental treatment to repair that problem.

Jackie Corley, who had been overseeing Townsquare’s digital content team, also widens her purview to become the VP of local content and programming. Willig says, “For over 10 years now, I’ve had the great privilege of running Townsquare’s digital content strategy and operations, and while our company is Digital First, radio has always been at our core. So, by merging all platforms into one content team, we are simply making official what we’ve already been doing for over a decade.


She dreaded every feed and I dreaded every feed. I had this vision we would be creating an impenetrable bond and it would bring us so much closer. In turn, I felt like she almost hated me. I then began pumping and she still screamed after a feed.

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April 19, 2021: According to data compiled by Denver Public Health, Latinos comprise only 13 percent of city residents who have gotten an initial shot, compared to 72 percent of white residents (the race and/or ethnicity of at least 12 percent of people who got their first vaccine is unknown). Meanwhile, Latinos make up 48 percent of COVID-19 cases in the city and 30 percent of the city’s overall population.


KPRC-AM, Houston Announces New Evening Programming. Houston news/talk KPRC-AM “AM 950, Real Texas, Real Talk” unveils new evening programming that begins today.

Initially, ice can be helpful in order to minimize swelling and inflammation. Soreness can be normal for 2-3 days. I would recommend you see the dentist if prolonged pain or bleeding occurs beyond 2-3 days. When using ice, do not place it directly onto your skin, and use for periods of 10-15 minute intervals.


Posting of Video Content from TALKERS 2021 Conference to Resume Next Week. TALKERS magazine has been posting videos, under the direction of Art Vuolo, from the recent TALKERS 2021 Conference that took place at Hofstra University on Long Island on June 11. So far, we’ve posted on-demand video of the first four sessions. We’ll continue making new sessions available next week. Have a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July weekend!

TALKERS 2021 Conference Video Posted – Generating Talk Radio Revenue in a Noisy Digital World. The second video, under the direction of Art Vuolo, from the TALKERS 2021 Conference that took place at Hofstra University on June 11 is posted.


I had such a difficult time breastfeeding and thought it was normal to be in so much pain. Most people agreed it was including doctors, midwives and the hospital LC (lactation consultant). Friends told me it was okay if I couldn't breastfeed.

And covering an area includes being on the ground. Just this spring and summer alone, our network will visit 10 different parts of the region to get in front of the listeners via remote broadcasts – at restaurants including 110 Grill and Evviva Trattoria, auto dealerships, seaside inns, and even an arcade. Listeners drive long distances to watch the shows live.


It is not possible to confirm that you indeed have a decaying wisdom tooth without visual and/or radiographic examination. However, the direct answer to your question is that yes, it is possible for a tooth to be the source of frequent headaches. With that being said, my best advice is to seek a professional dental examination to determine the true source of your headaches, and to determine how badly decayed and/or infected is this particular tooth. Headaches have many sources, and the only way to start to find the cause is with a complete dental examination.

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It is important to find a photographer who provides guidance when it comes to wardrobe, hair and makeup - this shows that they know and understand this concept. Many photographers even provide these professional services as part of their session.


Ankyloglossia, or tongue-tie, exists when the inferior lingual frenulum attaches to the bottom of the tongue and restricts its movement. This condition can impair the normal mobility of the tongue and interfere with speech or newborn feeding.

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There is no way to provide a simple true answer to that question. Some last for many many years, and others fail after a few months. It all depends upon the type of bone you have, how well you heal, and the amount of skill that the surgeon has that performs the treatment.

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The best way to address this is to actually inform your photographer. A good portrait photographer will listen to your concerns and find ways to camouflage or disguise them.


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The program is currently heard on some 200 affiliate stations across the country. Habeeb says, “We have spent the last five years telling stories about all that is good and decent in America, and why millions of people from around the world still wish to call our country home.

Hurley hosts the “Hurley in the Morning” program on Townsquare Media’s WPG-AM, Atlantic City. He says in a message posted on the WPG website, “I want to take this opportunity to thank my employer, Townsquare Media and my boss Michael Ruble, president of Townsquare Media South Jersey for the opportunity to be a talk radio show host for 30 years, today.


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This installment contains two consecutive sessions conducted by TALKERS founder Michael Harrison. The first segment features a greeting from Harrison in which he reflects upon his 54-year career in radio and his view of the state of the industry. The second segment features a one-on-one conversation (“fireside chat”) he conducted with Key Networks commentator and talk media icon, Bill O’Reilly. Both segments are chock full of interesting and productive takeaways. TALKERS will be posting a new video from TALKERS 2021 each business day until all 10 are archived and available for on-demand viewing.

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But it is even more possible that another reason may be the source behind your sensitivity. A knowledgeable dental professional needs to be consulted. You may have an incorrect bite that causes trauma to your teeth, making them sensitive to temperature changes. You also might be either clenching and/or grinding your teeth either at night when sleeping, or even during the day. You can try the toothpaste first, but if symptoms persist, seek out a dentist who can diagnose these issues.


Many different possibilities are behind tooth sensitivity. One may be neural pain that usually is continuous. Root canal therapy may be necessary. Occlusal trauma is also a possible cause of tooth sensitivity. Another reason could be that you have a loose or leaking old restoration.

The procedure is quick and Dr. Tanios-Rafla's commitment to making sure that the parents know how to complete the exercises is second to none. She asks you to come back for follow-ups, when most doctors would collect your money and forget about your baby.


A true dental bridge is not removable. It is cemented into place using the adjacent teeth as supports. Some lay people use the word dental bridge to describe a removable piece to fill in or missing tooth or teeth. You need to get clarification from your dentist as to which appliance is being made for you. The fixed, or cemented appliance is always preferred because it feels more like your natural teeth and doesn’t move around like a removable appliance tends to. You also don’t have to deal with removing it and replacing it again.

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News Headlines 24/7 Sirius XM Channel 115. As the freelance radio anchor, you will work under tight deadlines and deliver top-notch newscasts. You have a passion for breaking news and the flexibility to work on a day’s notice. Please be sure to include a link or MP3 file of your demo reel/air check to be considered for this role.


April 3, 2021: Pfizer/BioNTech have announced their COVID-19 vaccine affords at least 6 months of protection following the second dose. The vaccine was 91/3% effective against COVID-19 in an analysis of 927 symptomatic people through March 13, as indicated by real-world data compiled since the vaccine was given emergency use authorization.

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The course of treatment depends upon the severity of the disease process. Some people will only require deep cleanings and proper home care. Others may require surgical intervention. And some people may need some extractions if the tooth or teeth are beyond saving. You can always obtain a second opinion if you have doubts regarding the course of treatment that your dentist proposed or recommended.


The number of teeth is not directly correlated to the length of the appointment. Three tiny single-surface cavities will be much quicker than three 4-surface fillings. The difference between those 3 cavity appointments could be 30 minutes or as much as 120 minutes! You need more information to determine how much time the visit will require. My best advice is to ask the dentist how long he expects you to be in his/her chair.

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You basically have three options. One would be to extract the third molar,thus eliminating the problem completely. The second option is to removethe flap of gum tissue under which the food gets lodged. This may or maynot grow back over time. So it is not as predictable as the extractionoption. Lastly, depending upon how often and to what degree the foodcollection occurs, you could try debriding the area with instruments like arubber tip and/or water pik, and then select one of the other options ifyour problem continues. One last thing, you should allow your dentist tovisually check the area to confirm that a gum infection has not developedas a result of the food impaction.


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When hiring your photographer, make sure you view their portfolio. Find someone who other people recommend and bring up any concerns or experiences you may have had in the past. You need to be comfortable and satisfied with their answers before you hire them.

Group therapy in New Brunswick is led by a therapist, group psychotherapist, or group counselor, and is generally structured around an issue. The therapist guides the group through a program as the group works together to better understand thoughts and feelings. Experienced therapists lead psychotherapy groups for various ages, such as adults, and specific issues including anger management, anxiety, and coping skills.


It is one of several options of "normal" things to do. You can also seek the expertise of a dentist trained with TMJ/TMD experience. You can read our web page for more information as to how we handle jaw popping, clicking, and pain.

It very well may be. You should seek the advice and assistance of a Dental professional. When you say the infection keeps coming back despite treatment, that leads me to believe that you are currently under the care of a dentist. If you are, and your dentist cannot provide either the appropriate treatment to resolve the issue, or an acceptable explanation as to the cause of your issue, then I would seek a second opinion from another dentist.


You need to see a dentist in order to properly answer that question. Depending upon the circumstances, your treatment might require either a very simple bonding repair, versus root canal therapy, versus extraction. Since the possibilities are so variant, examination and discussion of the pros and cons of all potential treatments is the first step that must be taken. A dental x-ray will also most likely be necessary.

You should see a dentist that sub-specializes in TMD, or commonly referred to as TMJ. You can find appropriate doctors online, and read about their philosophy and credentials. Try to read some patient reviews if possible.


That question is very specific to the particular mouthwash that you are using. Some contain alcohol, which can be undesirable. Others can contain sugar or other undesirable ingredients. I suggest that you review the ingredient list, and ask your dental professional for further clarification.

Report: Larry Elder Considering Entering California Recall Race. According to a report in Politico, Salem Radio Network nationally syndicated talk show host and attorney Larry Elder is “seriously considering” getting into the California recall race.


If you have a dental emergency in East Brunswick, NJ, you can find relief and prevent further issues by seeking an emergency dentist immediately. Whether you are suffering from an existing issue that has gotten worse or have had an accident, Dr. Kavitha Padipati and her skilled staff can restore your healthy smile.