The hotel industry is responsible for infusing another major trend into multi-family: amazing hospitality, in every way. On-demand, high-quality services are the key to reducing tenant turnover.

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Eco-anxiety may feel unique compared to other sources of anxiety, but it's important to think of climate change-related stress as part of your overall mental health. You may also be experiencing financial, relationship, professional, or physical stress, which can exacerbate your feelings about climate change, and vice versa. It's critical to address other stressors and to seek professional help if necessary.


Alliance Residential is deploying its Alliance SmartHome package, which includes Google, Dwelo, and Nest to more than 25,000 luxury apartments. Meanwhile, Gables Residential has been installing electric car charging stations at its properties.

Feeling anxious or worried about climate change is a common experience. Here's how to manage those feelings.


Mason’s aim is to make Batters aware that chemical-dependent, industrial agriculture is a major cause of an ongoing public health crisis and is largely responsible for an unfolding, catastrophic ecological collapse in the UK and globally. Mason places agrochemicals at the centre of her argument, especially globally ubiquitous glyphosate-based herbicides, the use of which have spiralled over the last few decades.

Each year there are steady increases in the numbers of new cancers in the UK and increases in deaths from the same cancers. Mason says that treatments are having no impact on the numbers.


This is because we see property owners willing to deploy property-wide rollouts as opposed to single-unit deployments based on resident demand. The technology around smart thermostats, locks, moisture sensors and load monitoring has matured to the point where apartment owners and managers are able to underwrite the cost of deploying the technology on an operating and cost savings basis.

Beyond the efforts of well known players WeLive and Common, which operate properties for landlords, we’re seeing an increase in co-living investments by multi (browse around this site)-family developers. That has included billion dollar commitments from both PMG/Raven Capital Management’s Xcommunities as well as Medeci’s investment to bring more than 6,000 units to Europe. We expect these announcements to continue in 2021 and beyond.


Sixty percent of the respondents said they had made changes in response to climate change. The most popular, adopted by more than three-quarters of participants, included reducing waste through reusing and recycling items; upgrading their home's insulation; limiting use of utilities like water, heat, and electricity; and consuming less in general.

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While climate change anxiety may feel too demoralizing to address, Arthur C Evans, Jr, CEO of the APA, says there are practical ways to manage that stress. It's particularly important to gain a sense of control; research shows that when people lack a feeling of agency, it can increase their psychological distress. And there are few things that make humans feel completely out of control than the possibility that the world is ending.

Mason notes that recent research involving the Crick Institute that has claimed ‘breakthroughs’ in discoveries about the genome and cancer genetics are misleading. The work was carried out as part of the Pan-Cancer Analysis of Whole Genomes project, which claims to be the most comprehensive study of cancer genetics to date.


Mason argues that glyphosate-based Roundup has caused a 50% decrease in sperm count in males: Roundup disrupts male reproductive functions by triggering calcium-mediated cell death in rat testis and Sertoli cells. She also notes that Roundup causes infertility – based on studies that were carried out in South America and which were ignored by regulators in Europe when relicensing glyphosate.

She argues that the Francis Crick Institute in London with its ‘world class resources’ is failing to improve people’s lives with its treatments and is merely strengthening the pesticides and pharmaceutical industries. The institute is analysing people’s genetic profile with what Mason says is an “empty promise” that one day they could tailor therapy to the individual patient. Mason adds that CRUK is a major funder of the Crick Institute.



Zego: A complete smart apartment package allowing tenants of clients from from 20,000+ unit owners to small boutique developers to control all their smart home devices through a native Android/iOS app. Deployed in 20+ markets serving tens of thousands of residents.

Mason argues that the public are being hoodwinked by officials who dance to the tune of the agrochemical conglomerates. For instance, she argues that Cancer Research UK (CRUK) has been hijacked by the agrochemical industry: David Cameron appointed Michael Pragnell, founder of Syngenta to the board of CRUK in 2021 and he became Chairman in 2021.


Feeling stressed about climate change? These strategies can help lessen your eco-anxiety

Now that tech has become an accepted eventuality, the broader picture looks promising for the commercial real estate industry increasingly able to painlessly deliver on growing consumer expectations. Patricia Nakache, General Partner at Trinity Ventures, sees how “multifamily housing offers the potential to serve as a gateway for a wide range of consumer services, ushering in a new era of value-added physical and digital experiences delivered to tenants and serving as critical differentiators for tenant acquisition and retention. The scale and infrastructure of MFH creates huge opportunity for brands to reach a targeted set of consumers, and for those consumers to have curated and customized experiences with those brands.

Micro apartments—generally units smaller than 300 square feet—are a also growing strategy that capitalize on consumers’ desire for more affordable housing, and a need for less and less space. Both 1715 in Seattle and Turntable Studios in Denver are among the buildings that have already made investments in the shift. While co-living communities and micro apartments both optimize space with small units sizes, co-living communities put a greater emphasis on community interactions.


Health outcomes are merely regarded as the result of individual choices, rather than the outcome of fraudulent activities which have become embedded in political structures and macro-economic ‘free’ market policies. In the brave new world of neoliberalism and ‘consumer choice’, it suits industry and its crony politicians and representatives to convince ordinary people to internalise notions of personal responsibility and self-blame.

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Use our online event budget calculator or event budget template to ensure you keep your event finances on track. From the basics of creating an event budget, right through to pro tips for stretching your event revenues further, we have you covered.


Multi-Family Tech Trends Shaping the Future

Common: The largest community-driven residential company in the US. It partners with real estate developers and investors to increase returns through property management, technology, and coliving services. Common just launched in Los Angeles with a Melrose property.