With that said: I will go BACK to my battlefield 3 - play and enjoy the community - the fun times - and the lols you have with the ppl you play with. Whait for a patch - and then a more patch and then some more.

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SteamAH Battlefield 4 How to Fix Getting Kicked by Punkbuster Comments Feed

Your inability to comprehend the written language is not my problem, another irrelevancy. If you can't stand the heat, Suoh, stay out of the conflict.


They have lots of words in them, some of them strange and interesting, others fascinating and insightful. The language we are blessed with is not to be hidden away in dictionaries, languishing in some dusty library waiting for itinerant Scrabble fans to find the next high-scoring bingo combination for the letters QXKJPMZ! Your insistence that I am somehow making my messages 'more difficult to understand' is indicative of your own lack of knowledge, it is an indictment against the lazy and incompetent, the creatures who communicate with barely formed grunts, and wholly corrupt vestiges of language like 'word', 'leet' or the ubiquitous 'wtf' and 'sif'.

They were in IRC, which is what we've been saying the whole time. Somehow you seem to have interpreted "IRC" as "forums" and confused yourself. My only comments about the forums have been about your ignorance about the size and activity of the arsclan bf1942 community.


Battlefield play4free on ubuntu 14.04

People's opinions change like the wind. What people say in IRC is rarely well thought out, or subject to any kind of rationality test, it's mostly chatter - social interaction by like minded people. It is NOT an information storehouse. If you think IRC -is- an information repository, then you're the one who is horribly misguided.

Let's see if I can explain this one more time so you can understand the very simple difference between the two terms. Lag is a network issue, choppiness is a framerate issue. PB screenshots are not a network issue since sending that screenshot is not going to saturate your connection. It's the actual act of TAKING the screenshot that causes the game to pause, therefore it is a framerate issue.


This problem can be solved if you update Steam. If you are not using the app for quite some time then then you may not have the update yet.

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PPbans and ggc-stream say he's clear, it's only Evanb global GUID mistakes. Or it's need totaly new accaunt?

Lag only has one technical meaning in this context. It had this meaning in the context of networks long before mutiplayer games were created, and retains this specific meaning.


When the PunkBuster (https://yacsssdm.ru/content/uploads/files/download/battlefield-play4-punkbuster-patch.zip) is not working, then you should reinstall it. You can also try to update it to the latest version. The common cause of this problem is malfunctioning software. It is a tried method where people have uninstalled PunkBuster (hop over to this website) and then installed the latest version.

Excession, as with so many thing's you are just straight-out wrong about the term Lag. Lag in this context is a shorthand for latency, and it means network latency, as several people have politely pointed out to you.


Again you search for the meaning that makes the least sense. When talking about an IRC channel and people still being active during the workday, how exactly does this imply that people play from work?

For that to happen, the programmers who wrote the game would have to specifically write code to prioritize the data for the screenshot over ALL other game data that needs transmitting. Since that is highly unlikely, one can logically assume that it would leave at least a part of your connection free to transmit the rest of the data the game needs and you would then not notice that it's even sending the picture. Which all really doesn't matter because it wasn't a part of the argument either, until you made it so. I was only using it as evidence to prove that it was a framerate issue that causes slowdown.


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A) The whole politics thing is called an example. It's purpose was to show you that not all information is stored somewhere to be conveniently retrieved at any time.

Punkbuster for bf4: Different methods to fix

Because of the Windows Defender Firewall, this program can get blocked. To avoid this, we recommend that you should make an exception for the executable!

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Whether the information is retained in a form that is viewable at any time or not is irrelevant. The information is still THERE and it is retained in the memories of the people who witnessed it.


No app found open url: Different methods to fix the issue

Go back to what the guy asked at the beginning of the thread. Then read my comment, and then read Psion's comment.

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Then why complain that I use words you find difficult to understand? Because you are an attention seeking missile?


Again, any idiot can look up another word in a book and use it in an attempt to look intelligent. The challenge for a cunning linguist (har dee har) is to make one's self clearly understood without needlessly confusing one's audience in a failed attempt to appear superior.

IRC is about wannabe godlets, its about control freaks and script kiddies with their bots and helpers. IRC is about single-line (and single neuron) utterances, vomitous tripe from insular insecure dorks, who find it difficult to tear themselves away from The Channel or channels, and who religiously 'log' the chat just to see if they were mentioned in the previous 24 hours. Most of IRC is garbage; people who are fixated on garbage will find value in it, but for most of the rest of us, it is a valueless cess-pit to be avoided.