The Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder does not just have a great name, it also delivers great results. This key finder scans the operating system’s registry for your Windows 8 license product key. It even works when Windows is no longer bootable. The Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder can be used to find the product keys for over 300 other programs. If the free version is not sufficient, a paid alternative called Recover Keys is available which provides even more features.

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Just downloaded all 3 key finder programs; Recover Keys, Jalapeno Keyfinder, and Magical Jelly Bean

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Cain & Abel is a Windows password recovery program, but it can also be used for other types of passwords on your computer. It is not exactly a new tool and it is true that it has not had a new version for a long time, but it works very well even after years.

It not only retrieve’s your product keys but also allows you to store your product key in a safe place. You can either print it directly for safe keeping or save it on a text file or CSV document.


However, throughout the process, I recalled that the key code was emailed to me (program was an online purchase). Even though I had the program for a few years, I still had the email in the archive folder (we can give gmail some bonus points for that).

But with older versions of Windows and with Microsoft Office, a product key is required

All in all, very easy to use and acting instantly to recover (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=3427) the data you need, this tool certainly gets the job done with flying colors. This is the reason why the only conclusion is that Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder remains a top pick when you have to find your Windows product key quickly and with minimal efforts.


Once you opened the above link, you will see that How to Download and Install the Magical Jelly Bean Key (check this site out) finder. We are going into detail so that you won’t get confused somewhere while installation or downloading the Magical Jelly Bean Key finder. Therefore, we are helping you to Find Windows 10 Product Key using Magical Jelly Bean Key (you can try here) finder.

In the above article, we have mentioned a great topic which is very important to figure out that how to Find Windows 10 Product Key using Magical Jelly Bean Key finder. Also, if you find any problematic, you can let us know in the Comment.


I'm in a situation where I took over for an incompetent admin who kept zero documentation. We had a file server, domain controller, and sql database among other things all on one aging Windows 2008 R2 machine.

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Okay, so let's first go through the scenarios in which you would or would not need a product key to reinstall and reactivate certain Microsoft software. Windows 10 typically does not require a product key. However, there are exceptions, as described in this Microsoft support document. If you purchased Windows 10 from a retail store or on a new device as opposed to upgrading from a previous version, then you have a product key and would need that to reactivate the OS.


How can you do this without the product keys for your software

The installation key I'm trying to locate is for Game Maker PRO. It's installed and running, but won't be able to update if I don't have the installation key. I provided the software developers with all the proof that I legitimately own the software, but they don't seem to understand what customer support is.

Furthermore, we already discuss many ways to get Free Windows 10 Product key

When the time comes to reinstall Windows and other software you’ll need to track down your serial numbers and product keys. But the chances are that your emails containing this information cannot be found, and nor can the scribbled note you made of your license information. Microsoft Windows 10 and other software, store the product key and serial key inside Windows registry. Most of the time stored keys are in plain text format, all you need to know is the correct registry key name to find any product key/cd key. For an end user like us, it’s not possible to know registry key name for each and every software installed, that’s where a tool like Magical Jelly Bean KeyFinder comes handy!


You can download the app and have it installed in a couple of minutes. During the installation, you should take care to select the Custom option so you can opt to avoid the extra search tool that is bundled.

By clicking on Check product key and inserting an OS serial number (dashes are auto-added), the tool tells you the Windows and OEM edition. To return to the main screen, click the arrow on the upper-left part of the window. To toggle the light and dark mode of ShowKeyPlus, you can click on Version (bottom part of the panel).


It is an extremely simple application to show the activation keys of Microsoft products, both those related to Windows and those related to the Office suite. ProduKey is also capable of obtaining network licenses with Exchange Server and SQL Server.

Fonts can be separately customized for text within the two columns from Tools - > Options (click on Font next to Application List or Key Display). Moreover, you can set another text separator used when saving CSV files by clicking inside the box next to CSV Delimiter, deleting the comma symbols, and entering a new character.


Let me introduce program called Recover Keys. It is advanced product key finder which supports more than 10,000 programs, including newest versions of popular software like Windows 7, 8, 10, Microsoft Office 2021, Adobe Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, Nero, lots of games and other software, list of supported programs isalmost endless. This tool will not only scan Windows Registry for activation keys, but also your HDD (some keys are theretoo) and even your network computers. You can scan network computer by entering computer name, IP addresses or IP range. Program can also scan another Windows on your externalhard drive or if you have more than one installed on your PC.

ShowKeyPlus auto-identifies the Windows product name, ID and installed key, along with the OEM key and edition, showing these details in the window at startup. The serial number you're interested in is the Installed Key.


The code you're interested in is the CD Key. You can click and drag the mouse to select this code and Copy through the right-click menu or Ctrl+C, save all details as a TXT or CSV file from File -> Save As, or print everything from File -> Print.

It uses your registry to install the product key in your Windows 10

With Windows 10, the OS should automatically activate as the license is usually digital and doesn't require a product key. But with older versions of Windows and with Microsoft Office, a product key is required. What if you need the key for Windows or Office? You can use a third-party utility to display the keys on your PC before a crash occurs, save those key numbers, and then have them squirreled away just in case.


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In addition to Windows, this utility identifies the serial numbers of Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office (2021, 2021, 2021, 2007, 2003), Exchange Server, and SQL Server, Visual Studio, Adobe and Autodesk products. If you come across errors about insufficient permissions, make sure to Run ProduKey as Administrator from the Help menu.


Top 3 Tricks To Find Serial Key Of A Software

Please note, the program will by default install a browser toolbar (or something similar) along with its own code. Pay attention during setup and make sure you only get what you need.

The Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder only recovers product keys up to Office version 2021. Other similar tools are able to find the serial number for newer versions of Office, as long as these versions are used locally and not as part of a Microsoft 365 subscription.


Just like ShowKeyPlus and Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder, ProduKey auto-detects system info as soon as you fire it up, and it displays the product ID and key for Windows (including Vista), along with the installation folder on your computer, PC name, and the time of the last modification. The key you're looking for is the Product Key. The BIOS OEM key is displayed separately.

These type of software just have the name as well as the version of the software that you need to crack. The key finder will find the probable activation key.


This key is encoded and secured in the Windows registry

Crack files of the software are available on the network for many paid apps that make a loop in the software that can disable the activation menu and allows you to use the software without being asked for activation. You just have to install the crack file in the particular location and run it.

Responses to Can't find your software product key? There's an app for that

If you talk about the number of programs supported by the Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder, then these are almost three hundred. It can quickly recover the even product keys for all versions of Windows from BIOS.


Therefore it is displaying the key for that Windows 10 Product

If you upgraded to Windows 10 from a previous version, then the utility displays the original serial number (before the upgrade). If the upgrade was free, you get a digital entitlement instead of a product key.

If it happens that you somehow lose your Windows product key or Microsoft Office product key, or similar keys used for installing important software on you PC, you don't have to panic because the solution for your problem is just one click away. SterJo Key Finder, like the name says, it is a key finder made for cases like this, so download it and find the key you will be able to use for installing Windows, Microsoft Office and many other products.


So, having the product keys for your Microsoft products is generally a good idea. The easiest way to grab those product keys is from the product box or in the case of Windows, from a sticker on your PC itself. But if those avenues aren't accessible, here are two products that can reveal your product keys so you can keep them handy.

There are two types of Magical Jelly Bean Key finder
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I have Installed Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007. Therefore it is displaying the key for that Windows 10 Product. In this way, you can Find Windows 10 Product Key using Magical Jelly Bean Key finder.