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The Wheel Spin Glitch has slowly been becoming more popular and it’s been around for a good few weeks now, yet I’m not sure if rockstar will be capable of counteracting this glitch. What would they do, stop players from quitting the game entirely? I have no doubt in my mind that rockstar knows people are doing this so I would be expecting a fix soon. Henceforth I urge you to jump online and take advantage of this before it is no longer working.

With the rise of another potentially sensational leg break bowler Yasir Shah, we are hopeful that the country will produce many more quality spinners in the near future. Yasir Shah reminded every one of the magical delivery Shane Warne had bowled in the Ashes series in 2005 to Andrew Strauss.


Experts in the Good Housekeeping Institute explained that these types of injuries occur because many of fidget spinners (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=7999) on the market are not properly labeled with age ratings or appropriate choking hazard warnings for children. According to the CPSC, any toy that is marketed for use by children must be labeled if they pose potential choking hazards.

Download ICEnhancer for GTA

Whether your children have fidget spinners or not, these stories serve as a good reminder to keep close tabs on what they are playing with. According to the CPSC, choking is a leading cause of injury and death in young children so knowing the toys that may have smaller parts can only help keep your kids safe.


Huge finally gets its first, uh, huge hit of the fight and clocks Son of Whyachi cleanly atop its spinning cage of hammers, though the hit seems to do more damage to Huge than its opponent because unless Huge’s weapon is doing something fucky like matching the framerate of the camera it doesn’t look like it’s running very fast now. That might not matter though because Son of Whyachi retaliates and rather than tear a little piece off of Huge’s wheel it takes a whole fucking bite and rips about a third of its left wheel clean off. Looking at what’s left of the wheel still on Huge my best (https://yacsssdm.ru/content/uploads/files/download/the-best-spinner-crack-gta.zip) guess is that Son of Whyachi might have made a smaller crack or tear in the wheel with an earlier hit and then with this follow-up he just tore it the fuck apart and cut itself the slice of pizza of its dreams. This doesn’t speak poorly of the durability of Huge’s wheels — because the team basically did everything right — this speaks more to the power contained within Son of Whyachi’s spinner. We’ve all seen the Gabriel and Carbide fight where Gabriel’s wheels got chewed up by Carbide’s glorified lawnmower blade but the robot still (mostly) stayed in one piece. Son of Whyachi’s weapon isn’t like your basic horizontal blade, this thing’s got three hammers similar in shape and form to meat tenderizers; they don’t slice, they rip and maul.

All you need to do now is reload the game, and repeat the process for another chance to win the prize of your choice. Due to loading times it can take a short while to get back in, though you can speed things up a little by marking GTA Online to load as default in the Settings > Saving And Startup > Startup Flow menu, and setting the Casino Penthouse as your starting point on the Interaction Menu > Spawn Location option. Obviously, once you receive a prize you're happy with, don't quit the game and continue to collect your reward.


Abdul Qadir was a bowler who revolutionised spin bowling in an era where fast bowlers dominated. Leg break as an art which was nearly obsolete in the cricketing circles during that time and he was the man who kept the dying art intact.

Former Pakistan spinner Saqlain Mushtaq believed that Australia's Nathon Lyon is the best spinner in the world currently as far as Test cricket is concerned. In 96 Tests, Nathan Lyon has picked up 390 wickets at an average of 31/6, taking 18 five-wicket hauls.


If you don't want to leave things to chance, there is a method you can use which pretty much guarantees you'll win the Podium Car every time. To set this up, you need the Lucky Wheel to be resting on the Clothing wedge two sections to the right of the Vehicle wedge, as pictured above. You can ensure this set up is in place by playing a solo or invite only online session, otherwise you'll need to hope that nobody else has already spun the wheel in your casino – if they have, find a new session and try again or back out to the single player game and start a new solo/invite only session.

Saqlain Mushtaq invented a delivery (doosra) which later on became the surprise delivery for many other successful Test bowlers. Players like Saeed Ajmal, Danish Kaneria, Mushtaq Ahmed, Abdur Rehman also played vital roles for Pakistan in their success.


Anything that has a small part, or could conceivably be broken down through use or misuse into small parts should be kept away from young children. While there is a standard for testing the size, a simple at home test is to see if any component could fit through a toilet paper roll.

Just like the Xbox method, spin the wheel. This time you can open up your menu whilst it’s spinning. Hover your cursor over quit game and wait for the spin to complete. Should the prize be not what you want double tap X.


If you take it too far, yes, but not if it looks like you’ve struck lucky one day and won the cool Slamvan on a one-off. If you hit the wheel 300 times a day and just so happen to magically win the podium car every single day then I’m sure rockstar’s anti-cheat system might smell something fishy, but otherwise, you’ll be perfectly fine.

To use the GTA Online Lucky Wheel glitch, you need to be ready to quickly quit the game if the outcome of the spin is not the one you want. To do this, interact with the Lucky Wheel then push the left stick up and quickly pull it down to give it a strong spin, allowing you time to set up the next step. On PS4, press and hold the PS button to bring up the Quick Menu, then hover over the Close Application option and hit X twice if you don't get the prize you want. For Xbox One, wait until you see what the outcome of your spin is going to be, then if you're not happy with it quickly press the Xbox button, scroll to GTA 5 and press the Menu button then choose Quit. PC users can simply press their defined keyboard shortcut to quit once the result is seen.

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If the thought of a new car doesn’t satisfy your taste buds then maybe the mystery item will. It’s pretty hard to get but if you do it’s either a big fat disappointment or an absolute godsend. The latter usually being a brand new vehicle, be it a war stock vehicle or be it the legendary Lost Slamvan. If you do get the mystery item and you don’t happen to like what you receive, you can always simply follow the process again and get another spin. We’re all winners here – even if we’re cheating.


Once this step is done, you will be able to load up the game again and repeat the process with no 24 hour waiting period. Although Rockstar has blessed us with ridiculous loading times so loading GTA does take a good few minutes. The process of loading in can be slightly shortened, Just open up your settings, go to savings and startup, click on the startup flow menu and set GTA Online as your default. This stops you loading directly into story mode than having to sit through a second loading screen to transfer to online. Also, you can set your spawn in your interaction menu to the casino, this means you don’t have to travel across the map from spawning at your apartment. If you happen to get the prize you want then congrats, just make sure you don’t accidentally quit before you receive it.