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Get a blast from the past in one of the very first original Pokemon games! Take a walk on nostalgia lane in Pokemon Blue! Catch and collect 150+ Pokemons (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=5201) and explore the original Kanto region in this retro game!

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If you've ever played Pokemon (additional resources) Red, Blue, Fire Red, Leaf Green, or even Green version you would know about Lavender Town. The small lavender colored town that held as the burial sight for Pokemon. It was 1995 that Red and Green came out in Japan when the legend (click reference) of Lavender Town first started. The eerie music had a high pitch to it that mostly only children could hear.


In Pokemon Red and Blue (read), players will travel the world of Kanto. While the Game Boy had some great-looking RPGs like Lufia: The Legend Returns, it’s amazing what Game Freak managed to do with such a limited console.

Pokemon Blue (and Pokemon Red) is 1996 (1998 for English) RPG game and among the very first Pokemon titles in the series along with Red, Green, and Yellow. In this game, you have been finally granted a trainer’s license, and now it’s your time to head out to the world and be the next Poke League Champion! In the Blue (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=8140) version, you can catch a wild Growlithe! Will you be able to complete all Pokemons (get the facts) found in this version? Pokemon Blue has been awarded as the best selling RPG game of all time for the Game Boy Color.


I don’t know if I could ever bring myself to use a Diglett in battle. It’s actually supposed to be a good one to use in the game, but just look at it. Look again at the thing. I’d be ashamed to associate with it as a noble Pokémon trainer. It’s lazy, it’s boring, and it makes me think of fecal matter. Diglett evolves into Dugtrio, which is actually just three Digletts popping out of the same hole in the ground. I chose Diglett over Dugtrio for this because at least there’s three of Dugtrio, so it’s value for money.

Golbat looks absolutely ridiculous. It barely even qualifies as a bat. His unevolved form, Zubat, at least resembles, y’know, a fukken bat. This thing, however, looks like Pac-Man fucked a Smurf and gave birth to it. Are those things on the bottom meant to be its feet? Watching this beast walk must be a sad, awkward parody of pedestrian travel. I never liked Zubat or Golbat, really, either from an aesthetic or a gameplay point of view. As well as being shitty Pokémon all around, they are fucking annoying as well.


Pokemon Blue Legend Screenshot

Second, Fly to cinabar island and surf up the east edge until you find a missing no. DONT CATH IT IT WILL MUCK UP YOUR SAVE FILE. Dont listen to poeople who say you should cath it, believe me, it happened to me. Also you might see some other glitched Pokemon, like golducks lv250, or lv 0. These may muck up you game if caught but sometimes they don't. Anyway, either run away or figght the m.

But you need fly and surf, and be ale to go to cinnabar island. First, go to viridian city, and talk to the man at the top of the city. He will ask you if you are in a hurry.


Ghost in Pokemon Lavender Town

So I got this far and realised I’d forgotten something that needed to be much earlier in the article. This speaks volumes of Ditto, who is now number 15. Totally forgettable, not worth mentioning, a complete waste of brain space. What’s worse is now my alphabetical column is all fucked up thanks to this worthless pink splodge. This thing’s talent is being able to transform itself so that it looks like other Pokémon, but is that really an excuse for making it look this awful? Yet again, no thought went into this one; they just squiggled on a piece of paper and then fucked off to the pub.

You can save your game if you want( you don't have to, just incase if you mess up) Take one step down and IMMEDIATELY press start. If done right the menu will pop up before he wants to battle you. If you mess up start your game over and try.


Anybody who has Krabby as their favourite Pokémon should actually be shot, plain and simple. I swear, if I ever met someone who used this dumb thing I would kill them. I really don’t need to explain the problem with this one, do I? It’s an awful pisstake of a crab, and crabs look awesome in real life.

Jessie and James appear with Ekans, Koffing, and Meowth. These three can't be caught in Pokemon Yellow.


Pokemon Blue has been awarded as the best selling RPG game of all time for the Game Boy Color

I never liked the one fang it seems to have in its mouth, either, betraying the sinister and evil intent behind the fluffy “cute” surface. The little Iguanadon-like thumbclaws and the single toe on each stumpy foot just add to the disgusting display.

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Other honorees on Apple’s App Store Best of 2021 list include exercise app Wakeout; videoconferencing app Zoom; games like Pokémon Go, Genshin Impact, Legends of Runeterra, Disco Elysium, Dandara Trials of Fear and Sneaky Sasquatch; and the United Nations World Food Programme’s ShareTheMeal app. For the awards, Apple created the first-ever physical App Store Best of 2021 award featuring the blue (description) App Store logo set into 100% recycled aluminum.

The player doesn't have a choice for the starter Pokemon. Instead, the player gets a Pikachu that will travels with the trainer around the game. The player can get the other three starters from trainers throughout the game.


Needless to say, Lavender Town Syndrome isn’t real. The original Lavender Town music won’t cause you to go mad, nor will any other version of the tune.

Download Pokemon Blue Legend Beta 1.1

It’s like a wad of poo with eyes and a cockhelmet for a nose. It seriously makes me so angry I’m shaking, I’m quivering and shaking and trying to type through the cloudy tears that have welled up in my eyes, droplets threatening to course down my cheeks in rivulets as the only physical means I have to deal with the sheer emotion attempting to escape from my body.


No wonder he’s got such a distant smile on his face, he’s being rimmed by a giant shell 24/7. For being a proponent of sexual deviancy, and just weirding me out with its soulless gaze, I cannot approve of Slowbro. He’s a horrible, pink, dirty bastard.

Do we start with the cold, dead eyes and eery smile that make Slowbro look like one of those mentally retarded child killers? We could start there, couldn’t we? Or maybe we could start with THE SHELL THAT IS EATING ITS FUCKING ASSHOLE!


To catch Mewtwo you must complete the game and have a master ball. You only get the master ball once. Go to the cave in Cerulean City(surf) and go inside. Go in random directions and if you see a Pokemon it is mewtwo. Talk to it you will have a lv 70 mewtwo. At the begining throw the master ball at.

If you’ve ever wanted to play a game where you fight unibrowed ducks holding spring onions, then you’re going to be a happy boy. If, however, you’re not FUCKING STUPID, you’ll probably want to tell Farfetch’d to Get Fuck’d. Apparently this Pokémon (you can try these out) is based on the story of a duck who goes to get an onion for somebody preparing a meal, only to be thanked for his kindness by being cooked up along with the vegetable he procured. While that’s a great scenario, the Pokémon tribute to this legend is kind of shit. I have no interest in Farfetch’d. He was always pretty lame to play with, too.


Pokemon: Red & Blue Urban Legends Revealed

My anti-Dragonite agenda doesn’t end there, however. See, I absolutely loved Dragonair; it was often part of my six-member team and I did train it lovingly. I was possibly in love with it. Of course, after many hours of training, Dragonair tried to evolve into Dragonite, and I simply didn’t want that to happen. I kept it unevolved and continued to train it, and every time Dragonair would level up, it would attempt to evolve once more. I figured I’d keep that up until the time I absolutely needed to fill my Pokédex by getting all 150 Pokémon.

This is another of those Pokémon made worse by the fact that they’re a disappointing evolution when compared to what they start out as. Hypno is just severely ugly-looking, with its Gonzo nose and nasty, slitty little eyes. I’ve no idea why it’s got an Elizabethan-style ruff around its neck, either. I’m prompted to ask where, exactly, do they find this shit in the wild? How come every single Hypno has a fucking ruff and pendulum? It only gets them after it evolves. Do they grow them out of their body? How does every Farfetch’d find an onion? Pokémon are actually pretty fucked up when you think really long and hard about it.


Pokemon Get Challenge Serial Code 32pt Genesect Volcanion Marshadow Sword Shield

Fortunately, this creepypasta has been debunked. No gamer wants to believe that one of the games from their childhood caused mass suicide — the thought itself is terrifying. The Lavender Town music is creepy but has some technical elements that make it simple yet truly unique. In short, no, Pokemon's Lavender Town music will not lead anyone to suicide, but tread carefully as you walk through the city.

Now what you have to do, is, stand right above the sailor man blocking the way. Now you have to move your guy left so that you are diagonal to the sailor man. Now you have to do this quickly, so read ahead before you try this. You have to go to the right and quickly press START and save the game.


If you start a batlen turn off an on again an try agen. The menu should pop up but the guy will see u. Go to Pokemon an choos Abra. Telport to cerulean pokecenter and go battle the first swimmer in Misties gym. After ya beat the swimmer walk out of the gym and telport agen. Walk up the brij an a level 7 Mew will fight u. Catchit. Repeat but dis time battle the youngster wid the slopoke instead of the swimmer.

Two years later, Professor Birch of Hoenn Region and Professor Samuel Oak of Kanto Region decide to have a co-operation in researching and developing many ideas about the Pokemon world. They also open an investigation of a Pokemon which they see in the Orange Islands. This Pokemon can plunge the world into darker and deeper water if it were controlled by the wrong hands. At this time, Team Rocket is back and ready for wreaking some new havocs again. You and Ash Ketchum have to help each other in battling and defeating those bad guys.

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Sorry if this hint has already been submitted but I didn't see it. If you are in desperate need of 10 coins for the game corner but don't have enough money to buy 50 coins or have talked to all the people and have gotten all of the 10 coins from them, here's how you can get an extra 10 coins. Walk into the game corner in Celadon City and as soon as you walk in you see a table on the right and another table on the left. Go to the table just past that and you should see a nerd.

First,go to cerulean city with a Pokemon who knows fly or teleport in your team (abras in the area are good). Then, walk up nugget bridge until you reach a sma.


Thumbnail 7 - Pokemon Switch Serial code Genesect Volcanion Marshadow Get Challenge Complete

Discover the best Pokemon (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=4539) types which are strongest against other types. Use this chart to figure out which Pokemon (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=580) you should send into important battles.

Pokemon Dialga Collectible Coin

It’s found in the water, so it clearly must need it in some way. But it never complains; it just flaps about saying its own name like a stupid bitch. It’s not just the fact that it’s a fish with a horn, I can’t stand its horrible face. It looks so smug and self-absorbed, what with its droopy fucking eyelids. Hell, fish don’t even have eyelids.


All Pokemon from the Gen I to Gen IV

You can just do better than shit like this. Yes, it’s a wad of purple jizz that’s comin’ to get ya! It looks like someone tried to smelt down Grimace for the precious minerals contained within his body and got bored halfway through. Grimer’s yet another example of the designers scraping the bottom of the barrel, and I really hope they weren’t paid by the Pokémon, because shit like this isn’t worth one thin dime. What boggles me even more is they gave this thing an evolution, for crying out loud, one that looks almost exactly the fucking same!

Pokemon Red and Gold

Who liked Grimer enough to decide the thing needed to evolve? Just leave it as it is, because nobody wants to train a crappy old Grimer.


Okay, this bastard is included more as part of a personal vendetta than anything else. He’s the third evolutionary stage of the Dragon Pokémon, except he looks more like a cuddly toy than a fearsome firebreathing lizard. Why does the orange fucker have tassles coming out of his motherfucking head? No, I’m not having that, it’s bullshit. The problem with Dragonite, though, is that the evolutionary states that come before him are so awesome that this stupid fucker just appears terrible in comparison.

Rival starts off with an Eevee that will evolve differently depending on your battles with him. If you win the battle at the lab and the battle on route 22, he will get Jolteon. If you win the battle at the lab and not the battle at route 22, he will get a Flareon. If you lose both battles he will get a Vaporeon.


It’s just a really silly looking Pokermanz, with serial killer eyes and a really dumbass haircut. I’d expect this kind of shit from a French cartoon, not a videogame. Spare me this mockery of duckstice.

You'll have heard a lot of variations on the legend of Pikablu. Perhaps the most well-known is the claim that a man on Cinnabar Island told some players that his Raichu had evolved, and when early released art for the next generation of games showed a spherical blue Pokemon, it was dubbed "Pikablu" - the secret third link in the Pikachu line.