Girl Scouts show their accomplishments by pinning badges to a sash, vest or tunic. Worn over one shoulder, on top of a white shirt, these badge holders are required attire. Each scouting age has a different uniform, and these are similar throughout the world. Sashes extend around a child's upper torso, from the shoulder to under the opposite arm, resting on the hip. Find some scout-green cotton material to fashion a sash on which to pin scouting awards, patches, badges and other insignia.

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One of my favorite food categories in Japanese cuisine is takikomi gohan -seasoned rice. Takikomi gohan is usually seasoned with soy sauce, fish or kelp stock, sugar, and various ingredients like chicken, carrots, shiitake mushrooms and bamboo shoots are cut into tiny bits and added. There are wide range of condiments and ingredients that can be used in takikomi gohan, and it seems as though a new one is invented every day. Despite experimentations, however, takikomi gohan remains deeply seated in a Japanese mind as a comfort food that evokes the image of home and the rhythmic tapping sounds of the mother's knife against her cutting board.


Meleah's peanut butter cookie recipe comes modified from Irma Rombauer and Marion Rombauer Becker's Joy of Cooking. The original recipe is on page 709 in Meleah's copy, a fact that she seems to tell me from memory. Meleah is not vegan, but she sees no reason not to bake vegan. It keeps her from needing a trip to the store for eggs, she tells me. Plus, her box of egg replacer powder lasts quite a long time. In went the egg replacer powder (mixed with water as instructed on its box) instead of the one egg that Rombauer and Becker call for. Non-dairy butter (Earth Balance in this case) went in instead of butter or shortening, plus a drizzle of olive oil for flavor. Substituting olive oil for all of the butter seems to impact a richer and crispy flavor, but, she tells me, the batter is much harder to work with. Oil makes a slippery dough that is tricky to hold together. Based on my samplings of her previous work with olive oil in the cookies, I would be far from complaining. But I'm just along for the ride.

I whisked, melted, whipped and folded my way through the recipe. Thinking they looked pretty good, I put my six sugar-coated ramekins in the oven. Over-eager, I kept peaking through the oven door every five minutes expecting to see six beautifully-risen chocolate souffles.


As you rev up for your fourth of July barbecues this upcoming weekend, the American Cancer Society wants you to be mindful of some facts about grilling, notably that cooking meat at high temperatures could make you sick -very sick. On the other hand, feel free to add some cherries to your burger patties to ward off any cancer-causing devils that the grilling process produces. Michigan's own Plevalean meats sell cherry-enhanced burger meat, but if you want to take up the task in your own kitchen, here are some easy recipes.

Giardiniera, the spicy condiment of chopped sport peppers, carrots, olives, cauliflower and celery, all marinated in olive oil, is how Chicagoans add that certain something to Italian beef sandwiches. Ask for a side of giardiniera anywhere outside of Chicago, and you're likely to get a blank stare. In my opinion, it's one of Chicago's best-kept culinary secrets, and I love to experiment with it.


Corn stacked up in farmers markets makes me think of the nice crunch that the crisp kernels give, as they break free of the cobs. But what do we do with all the corn? In India, I've seen husked corn roasted directly on glowing hot coals in carts on the street. The char impacts a nice chalky mouthfeel. Short of my own street cart and any charcoal whatsoever, I thought of the canned creamed corn I liked as a kid. Although, I think it would be brilliant to use the chalky coal-roasted corn in soup. I broke out the immersion blender to make a thin chowder. It's a good tool because it lets you blend in the cooking pot. You don't have to let the soup cool and then transfer it to a traditional blender. And you would want to wait for it to cool.

Weighted hula hoop prices

Boil chopped kabocha and carrot in just enough water until tender. Discard the water and add coconut milk, red curry paste and fish sauce. With an immersion blender, blend everything until smooth. Serve with (or in) crusty bread.


Girl scout patch placement

If your looking for ideas to make your meeting more fun while discovering how to think like a product designer, you have come to the right place. Using some of these activities below to teach your girls how to create their own product.

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On the right locate the "Shapes" menu. It will look like a cube and is located at the top right of the screen.


Coloring pages are a astounding artifice of allowing your child to tone their ideas, opinions and perspicacity through artistic and creative methods. You will be horrified considering you see what amazingly lovely masterpieces these puny little children can create in the form of ended coloring pages.

Once you have everything selected then find the box that says "Adjust" at the top right of the screen. You should see a little box drop down that says "Align" or "Mirror".


On Friday, my hubby and I had a very Chicago kind of night in an unexpected setting: our apartment. Hometown blues legend Buddy Guy was featured on WXRT 93/1 FM, we had some Goose Island beer on hand and we decided to cook a dish from local darling Rick Bayless' "Mexico One Plate at a Time" &mdash Camarones al Mojo de Ajo, or Quick-Fried Shrimp with Sweet Toasty Garlic.

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Homemade soup is one of the most comforting winter meals. I often forget how quickly a delicious bowl can be made.


In a large bowl, stir together the 2 cans of corn, corn muffin mix, sour cream, and melted butter. Pour into a greased 9 by 13-inch casserole dish. Bake for 45 minutes, or until golden brown. Remove from oven and top with cheddar. Return to oven for 5 to 10 minutes, or until cheese is melted. Let stand for at least 5 minutes and then serve warm.

This is an Instructable for making an LED Candle Lantern. This lantern is made so that the panels are interchangeable.


Leave it be for a few hours and you’ll find the brown sugar far more agreeable than it’s been. Leave overnight and it’ll be as friendly as the day you took it home!

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In honor of tomorrow night's Drive-Thru bodega party staff meeting, tonight I find myself 12-years-old again. For the meeting, we've each been asked to bring a dish made from ingredients found at our local bodega or corner grocery. I live downtown, but my bodega is in my old neighborhood of Logan Square.

These heart-shaped candies are super easy to make but truthfully the DIY version isn't exactly cheap. Bottles of extract are on the expensive side and finding the food coloring markers was an adventure in itself but the outcome is delicious! Of all the homemade holiday candies I've made so far (candy pumpkins and candy canes) these were by far the easiest and most-like the real thing!


For those who prefer a more done-up-dog, Chicago Tribune's Good Eating challenged five Chicago chefs to revamp the classic hot dog in a way that was unique, yet easy enough for the home cook to replicate. And in true Chicago fashion, you won't find ketchup in any of the recipes.

MakingFriends Madagascar Thinking Day Download Suitable for Daisies to Juniors Includes 13 Activities Works Well with Groups or Independent Girl Scout Download link will be in your order confirmation email. This fifteen-page download is packed with 13 different activities to teach your girls all about Madagascar. Pick the ones that are right for your group or do them all! Print your own or save on ink and paper when we do the printing.


You already know how to make a box the right size and to make a design in the box you just keep cutting out shapes. Don't be afraid to try a bunch of different things. You might come up with some really cool stuff.

Now, these cookies are still one of my favorites, but for different reasons. Buttery, not too sweet and a hint of mint make these the perfect cookie to eat with a big mug of hot chocolate (recipe coming tomorrow).


For this go back to Tinkercad and get creative. My beloved husband made this tree one for me (I was busy making dinner).

I can't believe it's already Thursday. For that matter, I'm in denial that February is almost over.


All Girl Scout products, and the images and phrases featured on these products, serve to enhance Girl Scouts' brand voice and mission. These products and their identifying marks continue to speak to the general public long after an event or project has ended. We need to be clear and consistent about the messages our products and designs convey to Girl Scouts, potential Girl Scouts, and non-Girl Scouts.

The films I discovered were about 40 years old and were of my wife’s son and family back in the 1970s. They were 126 film, a drop-in cartridge type used by millions of people. I knew they were exposed because the cartridge window was empty of the transport paper backing on the film.


Download and use the following images for any materials you and your troop create! Right click on the image and choose "Save Picture As" to save it to your computer.

Place the ruler down on your work space. Once your ruler is on the work space you can then click on one of your items and you'll see all kinds of data come up. These numbers are editable.


Girl Scouts and green go together. To ensure that we continue to claim the color and to solidify our identity, embrace green. Be sure to include the "official" green in every piece you produce.

The modern compound light microscope is more advanced than Van Leeuwenhoek’s microscope

In 1893, my beloved brownie (visit homepage) was created in the kitchen of Chicago's Palmer House (now the Palmer House Hilton) as a new dessert to serve at the World's Columbian Exposition; it was cake-like, but smaller for portability. The original brownie (pop over here) recipe used crushed walnuts and an apricot glaze; the Palmer House Hilton still makes brownies (click to read) according to this original recipe.


As it turned out, I discovered the abundance of Thai restaurants in good time, but the real surprise came when I realized that Thai ingredients are as readily available as there were restaurants. Around Argyle and Broadway, every other grocery store seemed to carry canned curry pastes, blocks of tamarind pulp, funny-shaped galangals, stalks of lemon grass, and even fermented tiny shrimps (kapi) that gives the distinctive pungent punch to many a Thai dishes.

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We have a Halloween party every year. And while the food we serve varies from year to year, the one constant is the gelled cheeseball I make with a brain jello mold. The first year I made it, I followed a recipe I found online that combined canned mushroom soup, cream cheese and shrimp, along with some unflavored gelatin (and lemon juice and tabasco sauce). It was tasty, and there wasn't much left by the end of the night. The next year, I tried making it with crab meat instead. It didn't taste as good or, more importantly, have the right texture or the right shade of pinkish gray to look like a brain. This year, since my son won't eat meat or seafood, I used sun-dried tomatoes instead of shrimp. Again, the color and the texture weren't quite as brainy as they were the first year, but it was a good vegetarian version. Plus, the yellow oil that the sun-dried tomatoes came in formed a little pool around the brain, which was a nice effect. The recipe for the shrimp version follows.


Barley and amaranth are so last year. According to Hungry Mag, the new grain about town is millet.

What do you think’s in the burger? You won’t get an actual recipe at Thursday Night Smackdown, but c’mon, do you really need a recipe for a hamburger? What you will get is plenty of inspiration to create your own mini versions of another ballpark favorite, the burger-fry combo.


There's something about warm, hearty meals and rich drinks on a cold night that just feels right. After spending a week with my family in Minnesota, I was in comfort-food mode and went on a bit of a cooking spree. Here are some of my favorite recipes to curl up with on a cold winter night, I hope you'll share yours, too.

Obama Foodorama brings us the Obama's recipes for their chili, turkey lasagna with spinach, and baked chicken strips for our menus this Sunday. As much as we would like to hang with the Prez and First Lady, your friends are probably a lot better company than the killjoys who will watch the game with the First Family (a gaggle of politicians plus J-Lo and Marc Anthony).


To avoid damage to your weighted hula hoop, break it down and put it away after each use. If you’d like to leave it put together, make sure it’s stored in a space that doesn’t have any items that can lean on the hoop and warp it.

Then I sautéed minced ginger in oil, and added thinly sliced carrots and garlic leaves. When the veggies are about done, I stirred in three eggs, and poured in the sauce, quickly mixing all the ingredients together. Even after cooking, the leaves still retained the green and garlicky flavor, but it was much more understated than the flavor of fully mature garlic bulbs. Served with rice, the stir-fry brought the sense of season (that's nearly lost in this era of global food distribution) to our lunch table.


While I have no distaste for the classic condiment, I do think that any dish destined for an outdoor event ought to avoid the stuff. A mayo-based salad of any kind baking in the sun is just asking for trouble. So, I thought I'd share the recipe I came up with to appease both my hubby and any other folks who may share his mayo-hatah solidarity.

My weeks have been hectic (sometimes too much time wasted away on tedious tasks like searching for the perfect day bag) and it's been maybe two weeks since it's been my turn to cook. So here's a memory of a cooking love fest from a few weeks back.


The Essential Cocktail is a definitive book with hundreds of recipes, variations, and drink histories. Best of all, the book boasts 150 full-color photographs - a detail that is often missing from other cocktail books.

Garlic and sautéed-tender kale reminded me of spinach rolls at the Middle Eastern Bakery. We added enough brown sugar to a pumpkin and chickpea filling to make it nearly approach a dessert. Finally, the heat of a spicy soy chorizo-potato filling mellowed in the oven, but left us enough of the deep, heavily seasoned fake pork sausage flavor. Pre-cooked brown rice would stand in quite well for the potatoes, too. Not quite sure how to make the appropriate dough, we searched, and ended up modifying a recipe from about.com, replacing the eggs with tapioca flour to keep vegan. We tried rolling the dough to various thicknesses, but it was best paper-thin, which baked up the crispiest.


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This egg and cheese strata recipe is totally basic; but you can easily dress up a strata with a layer of sautéed zucchini, asparagus, onions, garlic, or other tasty veggies. You can add salsa or a mix of hot chiles; you can put some ham, bacon, or other meat in there as well. Use this recipe as a starting point, and then let your imagination run wild!

I love coming across recipes randomly on line that sound delicious. But it is rare to come across recipes randomly online that are as graphically beautiful as this recipe for Kimchi Cream Cheese, created by Laura Park. And her suggestions on how to use it sound just as tasty as her illustration is beautiful.


One note: Check the reader reviews on this one. It's definitely best prepared in a gas oven that's been cleaned once or twice since the Clinton administration.

At this time of year, the last thing anyone wants is another heavy dessert. And with citrus fruits at their peak, there's no better time to make a recipe like this one. It's all in the presentation here since the ingredients are simple and there aren't many of them. Regular navel oranges work just fine, but for a more luxurious result, look for blood oranges. Once you've peeled the orange (removing every last scrap of white pith), hold it in the palm of your left hand and, using a paring knife, remove each section by cutting right alongside the membranes that separate one section from the next. Arrange the sections in a circle on a plate as pictured and squeeze on top whatever is left of the orange now that the sections are removed. Next, if you like, drizzle on a drop or two of Grand Marnier and a pinch of sugar. Finally, grate a fine dusting of good dark chocolate on top.


But, we’ve got a whole week’s worth of groceries to pick up and a cross-town jaunt to the fancy-pants seafood market for air-mailed, big-dollar, fresh crab would just kill the moment at this point. It’s gonna have to be mid-grade, pasteurized, canned crab from a nearby supermarket. That’s not nearly as bad an idea as it sounds, because, once the cakes are assembled and cooked, only a seriously sophisticated palate will be able to distinguish our preserved crab from any that comes with a weekly “serve by” date. So, our search came down to price, naturally.

Because of the fact that they get so many different film types and cannot do a processing run every week for perhaps two or three rolls of film they work in processing cycles, which means about every six weeks. Contact them and they can inform you of a reliable time frame in which the work will be done.


These personalized hangers make a perfect gift for any Girl Scout or even the whole troop. The wood hanger includes the Troop number, name and GS logo and bow. The custom options (at no extra cost) are endless, so please inquire via DM is you have any special requests or if you are interested in purchasing for the whole troop. Please include the name and troop number in the "message to seller" at time of purchase.

Pair this creamy egg dish with Matcha Pancakes, which I'm going to go ahead and call "healthy" because of the matcha. Complete the spread with a side of sauteed spinach, plus grapefruit segments, vanilla yogurt, coffee and tea.


Rudolph Foods (headquartered in Ohio) ran a contest recently to see who could make the most inventive dishes for dinner using pork rinds as an ingredient. Chicago resident Angelique Page won with her recipe for Elote Spoon Bread. And while I can't say the recipe will make many nutritionists happy, I gotta say that it sounds delicious (and I love that she specifies using a cast iron pan, too).

The seitan patties were slightly fragile, but still held together quite well after forming them with my hands. Make the tofu patties using a tofu scram recipe (recipe halfway down), increasing the amount of sauce or reducing the amount of tofu, if needed, to help the tofu stick together into patties. Heat both types of patties on a hot, oiled griddle or pan until toasty on both sides. A few minutes before they are done, toast the English muffins on your griddle or in your toaster.


I did have one major design flaw that I will fix before I print this item again, but I am not going to tell you what that was just yet. If you want to know how I goofed up you'll just have to keep reading.

Here's tonight's seared spicy tofu on top of sautéed onions and garlic, over penne pasta that was tossed with peanut oil, freshly ground black pepper, and a good shake of salt. Briefly sautéed broccoli crowns and greens round off the outside. Ideally, this would be served in the shallow well of pasta plates.


The Spinsterz Weighted Hula Hoop

Sprinkle the pistachios and mint over the oranges and dates just before serving. Serves 6. Adapted from the New York Times.

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There is, however, one thing I'm willing to put up with regarding all the hoopla over the change of the seasons: foods for noshing during football games. Perhaps it's that enjoying the salty/greasy/crunchy snacks isn't limited to the cooler seasons (however, I do think it's easier to enjoy them when you know you'll be hidden under sweaters and wool coats for the next six months).


In fact, it worked so much better than the egg. As it cooled it got slightly thicker and the the thickness really ended up glueing the crumbs to the fairly slick surface of the olives. It worked so well, that I think I'll have to make another batch. This time I'll take pictures before I get excited and eat them all.

Product Designer Activity Booklet

But most likely for Cinco de Mayo, if what you order comes in a pitcher, you're going to be indulging in way too many margaritas made from cheap sour mix and even cheaper tequila. And then you're going to end up at Burrito House or Tony's at 3 in the morning. You know what I'm talking about, it's inevitable. Especially when you start around noon, which you will.


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It's finally autumn; the chill in the air seems to be sticking around, the trees are raining down gloriously hued leaves onto the sidewalks, and the local famers' tables are brimming with apples, pears, pumpkins, yams, bunches of Indian corn and twigs of bittersweets. From the cornucopia of autumn, I've always loved the combination of sweet potatoes and apples. One recent morning, I returned to my old favorite combination for breakfast.

When I was a kid, not much could beat eating cookies at midnight. As I got older, I ate them for breakfast, using the excuse that the main ingredient was oatmeal. Now, I eat them whenever I want and I'm giving you this recipe so you can do the same.


But most of all, you will give your children following a fun-filled, luminous era of time, which they will enjoy to the fullest extent possible. You will be adept to look the suitability of arrogance and talent in their eyes, which they are bound to atmosphere upon the ability of each of these tiny projects. Coloring pages are a resolved entertainment package for kids, especially if you find ones which depict their favorite character, season or theme. Some instances are Pokemon coloring pages and Disney coloring pages.

I'm a big fan of crumbly-topped cakes. When I was thinking about making a cake for a brunch party today, I thought of topping it with a streusel of pistachios ground with olive oil and emitting the certain gentle and lingering fragrance that only comes from cardamom. Thanks to plenty of coconut and olive oil, the cake is especially rich and moist with a terrific crumb.


To some, this beat-laden accompaniment to the peaceful weekend may have been a nuisance. To me, it was an audible reminder of my community, of the friendly 9 people who have been my neighbors over the last year and a half in our 6-unit Bucktown condo.

I lived in Thailand for five years when I was a child. I was too young to remember too much, but one thing that has stuck with me ever since is the taste and smell of the Thai food. After our family moved back to rural Japan where we came from, everyone in our family craved Thai food horribly. There wasn't a single Thai restaurant in the city we lived in, and when my mom ran out of the packets of curry paste, a big bottle of fish sauce and bags of dried Pad Thai noodles she smuggled back from Bangkok, we just had to hunker down and wait for the uncertain opportunity for the next Thai feast. Which, of course, did not materialize for a long time. My mom and I developed a habit of looking for Thai restaurants when we visited my grandmother's house in Tokyo during school breaks, but visits were few and far between. My hunger for Thai food gradually faded. When we moved to Chicago about 15 years later in 2003, I didn't even think about all the Thai restaurants that must be around.


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You could use a roux to thicken the soup - or reduce the amount of stock. If you want to skip the stock or bouillon cubes, try adding sautéed onions just before blending. Diced potatoes will work well, too. The soup is good hot or cold, although the salt content of the stock seems more obvious when chilled.

Unless you've been completely cut off from pop culture, you know that Friday marks the Mayan-predicted apocalypse. And several restaurants are cashing in on the (possibly) non-existent fire and brimstone event - including Logan Square's Longman & Eagle. The trendy establishment will "commemorate the destruction of all things human" with an exclusive cocktail that's sure to put hair on your chest: Out With a Bang, priced at $20/12.


Wake up and make your sweetie something special tomorrow. Cultures in soy yogurt give these pancakes a pleasant slightly tangy flavor. Turn on Jens Lekman's I Saw Her in the Anti War Demonstration; his lyrics, "with lukewarm English beer and vegan pancakes" go perfectly with these.

In this latest recipe, the only thing that might be at all hard to find is the tapioca flour. But it does make for a super gooey consistency that holds the batter together quite well.


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This weekend's errands brought me to both Target and Trader Joe's where I picked up a container of Cantaré Olive Tapénade and bag of Archer Farms Black Pepper and Sea Salt potato chips (I'm addicted to the baked version), respectively. It hadn't occurred to me to introduce the two to each other, but their marriage was fated.

PLEASE NOTE: While the profiles (or "heads") trefoil can now be used by itself, it should only be used to represent the BUSINESS of Girl Scouting, while the solid trefoil should be used to represent the FUN of Girl Scouting. That said, 9 times out of 10, you will use the SOLID trefoil instead of the profiles trefoil for items such as t-shirts, flyers, etc.


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Hoops come in pieces and require assembly, which includes popping the different segments together. They latch together through buttons that snap into place, so sometimes it takes some finagling to make the final pieces match up. Generally speaking, assembly takes a few minutes and once you get the hang of it, you can put the weighted hula hoop together (or break it down) in no time.

Like the hotdish recipes I shared last month, this is another very Minnesotan recipe. Look in any church or company cookbook from Minnesota and you'll find multiple Jell-O salads. Typically, I don't like Jell-O but this salad is the exception (the cream cheese helps dilute some of the slimy texture of the Jell-O).


Once you are happy with your placement (these details) then highlight your new piece and press the "Hole" button in the upper right of the screen (I know. I know - everything is in the upper right of the screen, but don't blame me - I didn't design the Tinkercad website).

French Onion Soup was not always French and was introduced to the French by none other than Catherine de Medici at the ripe old age of 14, when she married Henry II of France. During medieval times, and also during Catherine's era, the dish was much sweeter than the present day version and has changed over centuries.


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Girl Scouts is a beloved, iconic brand. Few brands are strong enough to be identified simply by a color or a shape, but we have both the unique shade of "Girl Scout green" and the singular Girl Scout Trefoil symbol working for us. These much-admired brand elements ensure that any of our branded items can be readily recognized as belonging to Girl Scouts. With everything we create, we aim to stay true to our brand and the values it represents -leadership, sisterhood, and inclusion.

I simmered the fresh, tough stalks into a gentle, creamy compote, mixing in just enough brown sugar to take off the tart of the rhubarb. I poured it over diced fresh strawberries and cereal. Granola would be brilliant, too.


Cinnamon rolls are truly the ugliest desserts. A tray of these pastries resembles baked pig flesh matted with dark sand, covered with the gonadular remnants.

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Tinkercad is the website I used to create my 3D model. It's pretty easy to use and I did everything I needed to for free (I am sure they have some kind of premium account, but I didn't sign up for it).

Instead of cooking the veggies (grape tomatoes, an orange pepper and a bitter melon -an eggplant I thought I had turned out to be quite dead), I grilled them in the little toaster oven. While the veggies cooked, I fried some ginger in palm oil in a heavy skillet, then browned some chicken thigh. When the chicken was browned on the outside, I set it aside and fried the red curry paste, added coconut milk. Then I put back the chicken in the skillet and let the curry simmer for a while. It was smelling already pretty good at this point.


Catgirl Coloring Pages Beautiful Christmas Coloring Pages for Girls Crosbyandcosg

My friend and neighbor Rose walked across our hall to lend me a cookbook that her mother was the testing editor for years ago, Vegetarian Creations, and I simply had to try its recipe for savory crepes, or as the book puts it, "entrée" crepes. The crepes cooked up soft and tender, while somehow at the same time, embodying a substantial texture that easily gave way on each bite to the filling they were wrapped around. The seitan chorizo and tofu scram inside was robust, tantalizing, and nurturing - the kind of taste that you "never want to end," according to my friend and also neighbor Jessica, who arrived on the scene to try them, and who I later called in search of these words to describe the filling.

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You take a ball of fresh mozzarella, encase it in freshly made bread dough, sprinkle the top with something called Bacon Salt (which I’ll admit, I’ve never tried, but I want some immediately) and bake. I’ll take a baker’s dozen – each served in its own Bacon Bowl.


After dinner, I asked Liz to explain what she made. Below are my notes with Liz's quotes mixed in. Amounts weren't measured, but in many cases I asked Liz to tell how she knew when she had added the correct amount of an ingredient. Improvising based on what's going on is key. Any stated quantities have been guessed after the fact.

I first saw this creation on an episode of the Barefoot Contessa. A friend of Ina Garten's assembled it for a cocktail party at the summer opening of an art show, but I was immediately struck by how perfect such a centerpiece would be for a holiday party. You'll need a styrofoam tree form (which can be obtained at any craft or floral store), toothpicks, basil leaves, cherry tomatoes and bocconcini, or small balls of fresh mozzarella. The amount you'll need depends on the size of the tree form, but I recommend buying 2 pints of cherry tomatoes and 2 pint-size tubs of bocconcini for a 9-inch tree. You can use as much basil as you like, either tucking the leaves in at the base to line the plate or sticking them in between the balls of cheese and tomatoes for decoration.


Apart from giving your kids a creative mannerism of steadfast engaged and passing release time, these coloring pages have quite a few extra advantages. They are, for one thing, pardon to download and print, therefore every you habit is a computer, an internet connection, and a printer.

Here’s a black-and-white frame of Grace from the 126 film cartridge recently found in a drawer sent to Film Rescue. Grace says this is from 1970, just when she moved into her new home. While there was some color still “left” it was pretty much impossible to clean up and the black and white serves just as well. The company can make prints, post online for download, and/or burn a CD from the processed images.


Though the season's patriotic holidays have passed us by, this tart is not strictly a red, white and blue affair. Any summer fruit can be substituted for the strawberries, raspberries and blueberries which star in this incarnation. What is most appealing about this recipe is the unexpected ingredients in its shell and filling: gingersnaps and Greek yogurt. Both make for a lighter, spicier, tangier flavor than you find in a typical fruit pie.

Red ribbons, pine boughs and the less-traditional, but extraordinarily popular, giant inflatable snow globes are appearing in front yards across the city. While I have nothing against Christmas decorations in November, I simply cannot abide the co-mingling of two holidays. I’m talking about pumpkins, stubbornly ponderous and conspicuously orange, still competing for the limelight on random odd front porches.


But that can hardly be why he lost the Leeuwenhoek microscopes, so maybe he was just careless

Note: Placement is controlled with a small selection middle right on screen, fifth button from the right. Mouse over these will find Placement (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=3800).

On those summer nights that find you rushing to the grocery store after work with nothing planned for dinner and yearning for something fresh off the grill, try this. Instead of passing by the potato bin, bemoaning their heavy starches and long cooking time, toss a few in your basket. When you get home, punch a few holes in each and throw them in the microwave for five minutes. It's not quite long enough to cook them through, but it's enough to give them a poor man's parboil.


You'll find upma for breakfast inside homes in parts of India. It's just as satisfying in Chicago - a savory, fluffy wholesome dish made from coarsely ground wheat. I had some cooking - the way I learned from Satya's mom in Bombay - as my friend Arline rolled in with Medjool dates, lovely tender olives and two spinach pies from the Middle East Bakery.

If you only use a cup of fresh kale, you may be left with a tablespoon in your finished product. Don't be afraid of stuffing the pan full -they will cook down (putting a lid on the pan aids in the process). I also increased the amount of all spices. I find that a pinch is never enough. Finally, I did not have feta cheese or farfalle pasta in the kitchen. Missing ingredients do not mean one must drop the recipe. Instead, I used whole-wheat penne giving the dish a heartier feel. In the place of feta, I used goat cheese, which melted nicely into the veggies creating a creamier consistency. This meal could also easily be done cheese-less for any vegan or cholesterol conscious person. As a finishing touch I drizzled half of a lemon into the mixture giving a nice balance to the cayenne pepper.


How to take pictures through a Leeuwenhoek microscope. Five simple steps

Find the best deals on the best groceries! Check back every week to view new specials and offerings at your local Price Chopper and Market 32.

Top toast with a simple salad of farmer-market tomatoes or fresh cherry tomatoes. I like a slice or two of pungent prosciutto over mine, or even marinated anchovies. If you want, top toast with Grana Padano, or some other hard cheese. You can also add fresh mozzarella (the liquidy, ball-shaped kind, not the rectangular Kraft kind), balsamic vinegar, or parsley. However, I find that a bruschetta with one or two ingredients is typically the gold standard. I would not recommend an avocado smear with crispy kale and bonito flakes.


In addition to companion apps, weighted hula hoops sometimes come with accessories. Since they have to be put together for use, some models come with dedicated bags for easy storage and transport. Other hoops come with a waist belt similar to a hernia belt to provide an additional layer of stomach and waist protection during hooping.

As for Leeuwenhoek’s microscope, it doesn’t look much like anything you see today

Once the film is processed you can get a CD, download images, or have them create a CD and make “snapshot” prints from selected images. Check the website for current charges, but as of this writing they were about a buck an image for download or placement onto a CD and various handling charges for the order. Do note that they do some cleanup as a matter of course on the images you choose and that the website preview is the straight scan without work being done.


If Jay's Potato Chips will be no more by the end of this year, then now is the time to take advantage of this crispy chip while it still exists. You can start by making potato chip cookies, one of the best marriages of snack foods ever. Here is a simple, killer recipe.

The piano plays most nights, the lighting is romantically dim, the ceilings of Old World tin, and they take care of me changing up the menu to meet my vegan whim. Their amazingly succulent portobello lying in a juicy red wine balsamic reduction needed no change. Hearty with plenty of rosemary, its deep flavor suggested molasses. After that starter, I asked for penne in olive oil with peas and mushrooms. Again, the mushrooms were fabulous, and they were in plenty. Penne came perfectly al-dente, in plenty of well-salted olive oil. Multiple wines are available by the half carafe, and they check in on you quite well. Leaving on my most recent visit, my sweetie and I had a fine time walking around the quaint streets of Old Town Triangle a few blocks up, feeling like I was in Old World Europe.


Guiding magazine - The Exploration Issue

I had the pleasure and joy of making four gallons of soup and then dishing it up to people at Garfield Park Conservatory for a fantastic Soup & Bread event. About a dozen other cooks (many of whom are legit chefs) and I were given an ingredient that grows in the park and we created a soup using that as the main flavoring ingredient. Mine, thanks to the irony of all awesomeness, was cinnamon. So I set out on a wild internet adventure to discover a cinnamon soup recipe.

I'm vegan, which pretty much makes our dinners vegan. Our dining room table was full of analogues to traditional American comfort food in sturdy baking dishes. A square glass dish held baked mac (rotini instead of macaroni this time) and not-cheese. Pan seared neatloaf lined a deep white oval baking dish. A small wavy white pitcher was full of gravy Liz had just made from scratch. A slender white candle completed a metaphor of comfort food purity. A clear glass bowl held pureed cauliflower. It looked like mashed potato, but tasted clearly not - much lighter.


Boil one cup of rice in water for five minutes, drain and add some milk. Let the rice absorb the milk and add the remainder. In a separate bowl, mix sugar and eggs. Add a small amount of the hot rice to egg and sugar mixture and stir. Pour mixture into the bowl of hot rice and mix. Add vanilla and cinnamon to taste.

I'm a big fan of baking tasty vegan treats, especially when I have a friend helping. Or doing much of the work when I'm brewing up coffee. Meleah had picked out the recipe for the almond fingers we were about to make. And since I am a big fan of her peanut butter cookies, I asked that we take this opportunity for her to show me how to make them. I remembered their savory, brittle, and deep rich flavor from the many times she has given them to me.


In the United States the story of Saint Nicholas is fairly innocuous, promising gifts to good children and coal to bad children. However, the tale was historically quite sinister in parts of Central Europe. German children feared a visit from Saint Nicholas' goat-legged companion, Knecht Ruprecht, who might beat the bad children or sometimes eat them. In Switzerland, Schmutzli would punish bad behavior by putting children in a sack and taking them to the Black Forest where he might drown them in a river. And in Croatia, Krampus might leave a metal rod for the parents to beat their misbehaved children.

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No slogging through the snow to a crowded bar. No burning our mouths on deep-dish pizza. No visit to the over-priced Sears Tower Sky Deck. But a very fine Friday night in Chicago, indeed.


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If you're not of the Bridgeport-dwelling, Daley-endorsing, South Side Irish, but you're still hoping to pull out all the stops for St. Patrick's Day, have yourself a look at my aunt's recipe for corned beef (her notes included). It takes about a week, but it's easy to do as there's very little work involved. If you start this weekend, you have exactly enough time to prepare the beef in time for a "traditional" boiled dinner (Yeah, yeah, supposedly the real Irish don't actually eat corned beef and cabbage, but the real Irish celebrate the feast of St. Patrick by going to Mass, not by drinking green beer and donning kelly green everything).

Cub scout patch placement on activity vest

Don't skimp on quality preserves, because whatever fruit substance you have really comes through when the dough bakes up like a brilliant shortbread. I used Earth Balance's Buttery Sticks for the non-dairy butter. If I make this again, I might follow another friend's suggestion to add poppy seeds to the dough for a nice crunch.


So-called baby artichokes aren't exactly preemies. They're fully mature artichokes that are simply smaller than typical 'chokes sold in stores because farmers harvest them from further down on the stalk, where there is less sun exposure. What's fun about "babies" is that they haven't developed the thistly choke one must avoid when eating larger artichokes.

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Last night, I chose fresh-picked matchstick-thin asparagus with leftover gnocchi, canned cannellini (creamy white kidney) beans, kale and thinly sliced spring onions. Tamari, lemon juice, hot sauce, and a touch of nutritional yeast brought it all together. The bright lemon taste amplifies the freshness of the vegetables, the tamari (or soy sauce) gives much needed salt, the nutritional yeast lends some depth, and the hot sauce adds a touch more sweat on a hot day's forehead to make me feel really alive.


Craft Ideas For The Home

It will be a congealed, browned mess of indistinguishable apples, butter and sugar. But no one is the judge of you; eat it anyway.

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Girl Scouts Nation's Capital and its baker condemn the use of child labor and any exploitation of workers. Our baker is committed to working closely with the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and other organizations to ensure suppliers adhere to the Global Supplier Code of Business Conduct and human rights policies, including correcting or terminated suppliers who do not adhere to those policies.

I started the whole thing off sautéing slices of quartered onions until they softened with a diced green chili from Wiki Wiki Market. I doused in plenty of oil, enough to cover the slices of the two chopped onions, on top of which I carefully put down my tofu squares. I nearly blanketed the pan with Co-op Image's hot sauce, which I like for its thick spiciness and localness. After a few minutes on medium to high heat, the sauce had thickened on top of the tofu. A quick flip of the squares seared in it. The hot pan was now a thick mess of onions and darkened tofu, which a good dousing of low-salt soy sauce quickly infused into.


I get asked a lot what other resources are out there on the internet for Leaders. I have done some digging over the years and have used many of the resources myself. I compiled a list of some great companies that sell patches, programs and also other bloggers offering amazing resources that may fit your needs even better than my site did.

His youngest daughter Catherine was charged with the estate and cleaning out the family home. No one was left in town so it was to be sold. Cathy and I both spent our summers in Old Forge, New York, are the same age, and are best friends. Our mothers are sisters so we are first cousins, but are more like brother and sister.


Coloring Pages for Girls Designs

Legs tied for presentation, or untied for more even cooking? Stuff the bird and risk salmonella? It's enough to drive a cook crazy, even before the drinking starts.

They did not have the equipment or chemicals needed for such old film development. Searching the web, I sent it to possibly the only place in America where it could be done. They fell on hard times and went bankrupt. It took over two years to get my film returned.


Heat marshmallows, food coloring, vanilla and butter; pour over Corn Flakes. Wet hands in cold water and shape into wreaths, place on wax paper.

Update: The morning after I posted this, I took hamantashen dough from my fridge, and went to work on making another batch. It came with me for a picnic on a grassy strip that is part of Chicago’s boulevard system — two parallel columns of green space buffering a few lanes of traffic in front of lovely old homes and apartment buildings, which wind their not exactly contiguous way around Chicago. We set out blankets down and went to work on food and drink on the first glorious weekend of spring.


Despite the warm, sunny days we've had this weekend and the early arrival of daylight-saving time, winter is far from over. I try to remind myself of that so I don't break out the flip flops too early and end up getting caught barefoot in the inevitable early April blizzard. So I'm still compelled to make soups and other warming dishes to keep me toasty through the next few weeks. As I wondered what I could cook and freeze for easy dinners for the coming week, a big pot of curried lentils seemed perfect. I also just happened to have in my cabinet a giant bag of red lentils which I purchased quite a while ago at the Middle Eastern Bakery at the intersection of Clark and Foster. The variety of beans available there is staggering but I always gravitate toward lentils because they cook so quickly and don't need to be soaked for hours like other beans.

A call to arms was made and Ruhlman proposed the Chicken Fried Pork Belly Caesar Salad, urging chefs across the country to introduce it to their menus. While chef Chris Cosentino of Incanto in San Francisco brought his version to the dish and answered the call, Mike Mavrantonis, chef of (all places), Mike Ditka's in Oakbrook has brought it to the Chicagoland area.


Perusing the soda aisle for some Ginger Ale at Jewel last week, I noticed a few cases of Big Red. I haven't seen "America's #1 Red Soda" in years - not that I've been missing it. When I went back to snap a photo last night, it was sold out! Apparently there are those who were longing for it.

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The actual hoop itself is made of plastic, though it’s significantly thicker than a children’s hula hoop. Also unlike children’s hula hoops, they don’t collapse or pinch when you apply pressure to them. They’re comparable to PVC piping, but are somewhat lighter. Because they’re usually broken down into smaller pieces, the plastic is on par with other fitness equipment.


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He had set up a whole village using whatever he found around the house. I picked up the ‘gas station’ and realized this old coffee tin wasn’t empty. It was full of undeveloped stills from our stored goods.

I wouldn't pay two shiny nickels for a Pumpkin Spice Latte. They aren't that amazing and besides, I would never cheat on the Gingerbread Latte. Still it does mean something when the Pumpkin Spice Latte comes back around each year. Pumpkin, not just the fake stuff that they squeeze from a test tube into our coffee, is the king of all things fall.


Nichol's farmstand has been a reliable source of baby artichokes this summer. To serve two people, I'd recommend purchasing four to six babies. Remove two or three outer layers to get to the tender inner leaves, and peel any tough skin from the stalk. Then trim about a half-inch from the tip.

Girl Scout Gold Award Ideas – Mental Health

This year, why not forgo the store-bought kits and dye your own Easter eggs? It's easy and can produce beautiful results. This Curbly video will teach you to use natural dyes like red cabbage, coffee and turmeric. Using similar ingredients, the District Domestic breaks down tips for red, purple, blue and yellow eggs. If you are only making Easter eggs for grown ups who won't be hunting them, Chinese tea eggs can be a beautiful and flavorful addition to a holiday brunch.


New Life For Old Films: A Lab Service For Past Processes

Toast the bread on both sides over an open-flame (not an oven or hot pan) to get a black char all over your toast. You want to caramelize the toast so it has that beautiful carb smell.

They even helped with the Codec! July 4th was a huge hit and a fantastic surprise.


Not too long ago, I scored a copy of Alice Waters' The Art of Simple Food to add to my small collection of cookbooks. The pages are understated, adorned with sketches of vegetables, herbs and meat. The recipes seem basic at first glance; Waters gives instructions on grilling vegetables and preparing a chicken broth. But with recipes such as Pork Shoulder Braised with Dried Chiles and Persimmon and Pomegranate Salad, Waters asserts that simple food does not mean bland food.

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After sealing it up tightly in the refrigerator for about two weeks, I finally got over my reticence and decided to make myself a gin and tonic. I put some ice in a glass, poured in a shot of gin, added two of the cucumber slices to my glass for garnish and topped it all off with some tonic water. I nervously took a sip and I was in love. The bitterly alcoholic taste was gone from my cheap gin and what I was left with was a tasty cocktail. Now I just need the summer weather to return so I can enjoy my summertime cocktail before it's too cold.


You can line up your shapes by corners or sides. Simply click on the different dots to bring everything into line.

Brownies: The Roaring Twenties

Girl Scout Cadette, Senior and Ambassador-Sample Meeting Structure. Each individual badge book consists of 4-12 pages, and contains all the information.


My husband and I wanted something for dinner Sunday night that would take the sting out of those first snowflakes - and we didn't want to run to the store for ingredients. So we whipped up this zesty roasted red pepper and tomato soup in less than 15 minutes, using ingredients straight from our pantry.

Joelen of Joelen's Culinary Adventure rounds up a bunch of salad recipes from her foodie friends, including farmers market-friendly Japanese Cucumber Salad; Cantaloupe, Cucumber and Mint Salad; and White Wine Fruit Salad with Strawberries. She also offers wine pairings to make your barbecue or picnic upscale.


I've been pinning collections of fonts on Pinterest whenever I see them, and I realized that I have tons of lists of fantastic free fonts! The collections of fonts are listed below. Click the image to link to the original website where the list was created to find out how and where to get each font.

Re: page print layout with q-image ultimate and epson 9880 stylus pro

There aren't any statistics to back me up, but I'm going to grab part of a wishbone and declare this to be the most stressful week. Thursday's meal is arguably the most difficult that you'll plan this year. That's somewhat hilarious, since chances are you're organizing the exact same menu that you did last year and maybe even the year before. Isn't it time for a Thanksgiving shake-up? If you've been crying out for change, I have an answer for your Turkey Day woes.


These remind me of the hash browns I used to order all the time in the Chicago diners I'd happily frequent years ago before my vegan days. Shredding makes them fluffy and super soft and helps develop a nice even brown. Boil two medium russet potatoes until a fork goes in with just a tap (use any kind you like, but these are nicely starchy). If you cube them first, they'll boil much faster but make sure you have a food processor with a shredding disc as their size will make them very challenging to shred with a hand grater. Drain, rinse to cool, shake dry and shred. Mix in a few shakes of salt, more if you're a big fan of it with potatoes. Heat oil on medium in a medium pan (try a seasoned cast iron pan to give a nice brown without sticking). When the oil is hot and a touch of potato sizzles, lay down the shredded potatoes all at once to a single round about 1/4" thick and wait for the bottom to brown. Then flip - all at once if you can - and wait for the other side to go golden. Serve hot with BBQ sauce and freshly ground black pepper.

You can do this by dragging another box (or some other shape) over onto your work space. You now have two items on your work space and that opens up all the fun stuff you can do. In this very short tutorial I won't cover much, but this will at least get you started.


Sables Florentin -squares of buttery sable with a rich almond-caramel topping -is one of my favorite sweets since childhood when my mom used to bake them for the special three-o'clock snack time. As a grown-up, though, I can't expect the indulgent dessert to magically pop out of my oven like they used to fifteen years ago. I've made them a few times, but it always seemed like a lot of work, even though the result has usually been more than satisfying. The most annoying part has been the making of caramel. If you don't know, let me just say that when you make caramel you're pouring cold fresh cream into a pot of lava-like, burning-hot (actually burning, come to think of it) sugar.

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Ordinarily on Sundays, my spouse and I treat ourselves to brunch at one of the many many great brunch spots Chicago has to offer. But this past weekend I suggested we make a run to our favorite grocery store (Harvest Time, a Mexican/Eastern European/Greek market) and make our own brunch at home. It saved us a little money, and if we worked together on the prep and clean up, we'd save a little time, too. The heat is no longer stifling when we turn on the oven or stove, so it was hight time we get back to cooking breakfast.

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I am not one to do any promotion for Trader Joe's, the store that needs no promotion, but now that fall is here, I will be making more trips for their Pumpkin Bread and Muffin Mix. While I've gotten burned on some of unevenly satisfying TJ's products (turkey sausage stromboli, our time was brief and flavorless), they hit major paydirt with this powdered mix, which produces a moist, well-textured and correctly spiced loaf.


If you have zero to little experience with Ethiopian food, the owners are delightful and love to talk about their food. Ask them questions and they'll be certain to give informative answers.

Indian for Everyone by Anupy Singla is full of more than 100 classic and popular Indian recipes. The book really does what the title suggests. It offers Indian recipes for any home cook regardless of dietary restrictions, level of expertise or familiarity with Indian food. Singla includes a guide to Indian spices and how to use them as well as suggestions of how to make any of the recipes vegetarian, vegan or even gluten-free.


First, to make a roux, melt non-dairy butter (Soy Garden or Earth Balance). Ariel told me that she doesn't measure – something I'm a big fan of not doing, too. I think it's often good to know what properties to look for in your cooking, rather then blindly putting in measured amounts. In this case, add enough pulverized matzo meal to make the consistency of a batter. To avoid a gritty sauce, grind the matzo to a powder first.

Also, I missed taking out a fine line of support material around the perimeter of the inside lid. This made my inside diameter actually smaller than my posts. You can see from the measurements in this picture I was close, but not close enough.


When I veganize a recipe, I often wonder if I should limit the changes just to making it vegan - something that often yields a reasonably similar product. Or should I make it healthier or incorporate some other change, too? In the latter comes the risk of wrongly associating the image of a vegan product with what might better be understood as a compromise - or adjustment - in taste driven by that other change, say to limit the amount of saturated fat, salt, sugar or just plain fun. If we want, we can fatten up vegan products quite well and tasty just like their buttery counterparts. Gladly, pitting six cups of cherries by hand left me plenty of time to think about which option to choose.

Fall has certainly made its presence known in Chicago this past week and I welcomed it with open arms. The changing of seasons is one of my favorite things about living in the Midwest - with a new season comes a new beginning and, new food. This year, I've been embracing the beginning of fall with pumpkin candles, warm soup and apple crisp.


Well of course give them the badge to display proudly on their vest (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=9811), they earned it! Additionally If you are like many leaders we want to award our girls when they complete something even beyond just the patch (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=4200). One great way to show achievement is with a certificate. Don’t worry you don’t have to make them, I found a resource that has done all the work for you and all you have to do is print them and customize the certificates with each girl’s name, badge or award earned, date, and troop leader. Editable certificates perfect for awarding girls after earning a badge.

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It should emulsify into a thick dressing. Taste and season with salt and pepper.


Expensive: High-end models incorporate several weight options, sophisticated smartphone apps, and are made with tough plastic that withstands frequent use without collapsing or buckling. These range between $100 and $150.

Before I became the home cook that I am now, this was my go-to dish. It still is. Every time I make it I remember my mom who passed on in 1996. With each bite I'm a child again, standing net to her at the stove. Actually, her being a Spanish mom, that would be more like me being shooed away from the hot stove for my own good under threat of paleta spanking. Or threatened with same in the morning for having picked all the chorizo out of the leftover rice under overnight cover of darkness.


Buying guide for best weighted hula hoops

The winner will receive a year's supply of free cookies, as well as virtual applause from the online universe. Oh, and the champ also gets to be guest baker for two days at Carol's Cookies Highland Park bakery. The runners-up even get some cookie dough. So what more can I say, people: Cookie it up!

Brownie Troop Craft/Field trip Ideas

Because watermelons produce so much waste, one trick I learned during my childhood was pickling watermelon rinds. Sweet and tender, these rinds pair well with grilled pork, ramen, and pretty much anything.


Oxford placement test 2 answer key

These corn cakes are a modification of the "Johnnycakes" recipe in Joy of Cooking, a regular resource for me. I added a couple of tablespoons of diced red pepper, green onion and grated cheddar cheese to the batter for extra flavor. The corn cakes work more as a stand-alone meal with the added ingredients.

The cover story in the Trib's Good Eating section today is a big love letter to Spacca Napoli, the year-old very-thin-crust-pizza joint at Sunnyside and Ravenswood. And deservedly so; the pizza there - crust light as air, toppings low in volume but high in flavor - is sublime and certainly worth the hour wait that usually comes without a reservation. The article briefly talks about the recent rash of Neopolitan pizza restaurants in Chicago, where pizza trends have forever leaned toward the robust, and then segues into how to make this type of pizza at home.


For the Healthy Schools Campaign's 2021 Cooking Up Change gala, culinary students at Simeon Career Academy created a cookie that we won't feel guilty about popping in our already-full bellies this holiday season. The event, a cook-off, challenges students to create a healthy lunch or a healthy cookie using using the same nutrition requirements, ingredients, and budget constraints that schools have to contend with.

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I brought back a cookbook, "Everybody Eats Well in Belgium," and the intention to make some sugar waffles of my own. But every time I'd look at the recipe (and it's been six years), I'd slam the book shut and back away from the kitchen.


When a friend asked me to help pick some plums one neighborhood over, I couldn't say no. That takes local food to a whole new level for me. Four plums made vibrantly colorful, thick and juicy chutney. In the community spirit, cilantro came from Armitage Produce (Armitage and Kimball) on the way home.

Inspired by all the fresh produce available this time of year, Chicago's food bloggers have posted lots of summery salad recipes lately. And what's a Labor Day picnic without at least three or four different salads?


Whale Point Weighted Hula Hoop for Exercise

OK, so maybe you don't have a Great Aunt Helen, but I do and her soda bread rocks! Making soda bread it's easy, it's delicious, and around St. Patrick's Day it's a must at everyone's table.

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In a large pot boil water and add bouillon. Reduce heat and add greens and beans, followed by spices. Let simmer a few minutes, then increase the heat and add the orzo. Cook for 5 minutes or until the pasta is tender.

Also, you could download the "Getting Started" issue that is very helpful. They also have many Movies of different functions. However, If I had your inquiry, I would contact Mike.


Here's my first try at rasam, a spicy, well-seasoned and lusciously savory tomato soup from South India. I distilled the instructions below from the notes that my South Indian friend Vidya had emailed me. I was amped to try my own after loving Udupi Palace's version of rasam that's spicy enough to make me hiccup. First, boil three tomatoes, each cut into four pieces (I deviated by also adding a few cherry tomatoes here), with four green chilies (I used one long red one instead tonight), four cloves of garlic (I had minced them with salt into a paste - my modification), and 500 ml of water (about half of a quart) for ten minutes.

If it's chicken you crave, try this Chicken and Cous Cous Salad from The Knife Sharpener. Cous cous is super fast, and the addition of radishes gives this salad a peppery kick. Cook up extra chicken on Cous Cous Night, and you'll be prepped and ready to whip up Russian Chicken Salad the following night.


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I'm a big fan of oats in pancakes. I often switch ground oats for half of the flour. I took this to a whole new level this weekend by switching the oats for a multigrain mix of rolled whole rye, barley, oats and wheat, and cooking the pancake batter in a cast iron pan wet with peanut oil. I also tossed in poppy and sunflower seeds for a nice hearty crunch, inspired by Heidi Swanson. The pancakes turned out nice and toasty, I presume from the rye and barley, but not fluffy, perhaps also due to these hearty grains.

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Dale Degroff is often credited with bringing fresh ingredients back to the art of cocktails. While bartending at Manhattan's Rainbow Room, Degroff stripped their drinks of mixes and artificial ingredients and brought back honest cocktails long forgotten in the states.


How to Make a Girl Scout Sash

I have found the perfect hearty, cold-weather, "I think I might be coming down with something" soup. It is delightfully easy and fast and cheap, as well. And the ingredients may not be easy to get everywhere, but you'll find that once you make it once, you'll crave it again and again.

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Weighted hula hoops are excellent fitness equipment, but using them alone won’t make you lose weight. What they aim to do is make fitness fun and encourage you to exercise in new ways. When you enjoy your workout and find different ways to train, it’s easier to commit to an exercise regimen — and long-term commitment is what delivers the most results.


I'm going to come out and say it: store-bought, commercially made applesauce is the worst. But for the longest time, I thought that's all there was to be had in this mildly appreciated side dish of many childhood lunches: a lumpy, watery mess of preservatives and sugar. After recently making my way through a small part of a peck of apples, I realized I was approaching a stage of food boredom with how I was eating them (#firstworldproblems), and was in danger of hiding them in my fridge permanently to turn into science projects just in time for Valentine's Day. But then I thought to revisit applesauce.

Patch fifa 08 v2020

In these lean times, I like to brew my own coffee at home to save some change. However, the process can be trickier in the summer when what I really want is iced coffee.


But the reality is that we still have two more weekdays before we hit the weekend bliss (for those of us 9-5, Mon-Fri-ers, at least). Although I do get home about an hour before my husband does, I usually don't have either the energy or the efficiency to whip up complicated dinners on weeknights. Since being chained to the desk for eight hours a day is something relatively new to me, I've been slowly accumulating easy-to-assemble recipes to survive those low-energy nights. For this "fully loaded" wild rice salad, I got the inspiration from the awesome salads served at the First Slice Pie Cafe, which also whips up luscious (and, in this case, bold) pies.

Ramps are a variety of wild onion that grow in forested areas and are beloved by chefs for their pungent, garlicky flavor. Due to their short growing season and limited availability due to overharvesting, they are spring's most coveted vegetable (or as some haters put it, "the new arugula").


Pro Bono Baker knows that everyone loves a good broccoli salad, especially when accompanied by adorable pictures of Burmese cats. Frankly, I’m not wild about the concept of radish and buttermilk soup, but maybe you are, eh?

Who knows why, but today is National Margarita Day. Warmer than usual weather aside, a margarita is in fact a great way to get a taste of summer in cold and dreary February. And the Drawing Room's Charles Joly has a perfect cocktail to fit the season and the celebration. Eve's Answer is a "cool weather margarita" that Joly won the International Margarita Competition with. It was also selected by Chicago magazine as one of the 20 best cocktails in the city, so you know you're in for a treat.


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Valentine's Day is upon us, and instead of unloading lots of dough on long-stemmed roses or candlelight dinners, why not whip up some dough and make these cookies for your sweetheart? Though they demand a bit more labor than your average cookie, the extra work definitely pays off. The final product is worthy of any good bakery. You can fill these with any flavor jam, but for a cookie that replicates something you might find in a certain Swedish Bakery, I recommend using lingonberry preserves. They are tart, but not too tart, and sweet, but not too sweet, and can be obtained from any of the various Swedish food shops in Andersonville, including Wikstrom's and Erickson's. At about five bucks a jar, plus a few more for flour, sugar, butter, and pecans, this recipe makes for a perfect Valentine's Day treat that looks like (but doesn't cost) a million bucks.

Para que a primavera fique ainda mais florida veja este passo a passo de broche flor feito com botões, muito simples e você pode fazer muitos com seus botões. Siga os passos: Fonte deste passo a passo: clique aqui. E tem um passo a passo de broche de flor de feltro, que fiz há algum tempo, clique aqui, se você ainda não conhece e quer o molde.


We also enjoy hooping with The Spinsterz Weighted Hula Hoop. These handmade hoops that come in almost a dozen colors are made in America by hooping experts. They focus on making hooping as user-friendly as possible through easy-to-read sizing charts and step-by-step assembly instructions with pictures. More than anything, these hoops are high-quality and geared toward long-term use. You also have a lifetime repair guarantee on your hoop.

When the water is hot, whisk in 1 cup of medium ground cornmeal. Bring the pot to simmer, and whisk every minute until the cornmeal thickens enough to make your whisking efforts feel more like stirring. Switch to a spoon and stir frequently, scraping the bottom to prevent burning, until the polenta has absorbed all of the stock.


Because even though it doesn't look all that good, people quickly realize how irresistible this candy is, and they become enraged once they realize they are unable to control themselves in its presence. Saltines are, of course, not an obvious ingredient in a candy recipe. It's their texture and not their flavor that's important here. By providing a base layer, they give the sugar, butter and chocolate something crispy and crunchy to cling to. Once you try this candy, you'll find that the saltines are irreplaceable in the recipe and that you'll have to exercise great self-restraint in the cracker aisle at the grocery store in order to fend off the addiction.

With all things going thrifty, including gift giving, sometimes it's hard to balance the purse strings with holiday cheer. But being on a budget doesn't mean crafting macaroni cards covered in glitter -all you need is a few cups of sugar and a heaping spoonful of patience to bring delicious, holiday gifts without looking like Scrooge.


Stir in four large spoonfuls of coconut milk, about 1/4 cup, and sugar to taste and round out the coconut. Keep it on the burner until it's all warm through. Top with pistachios and coconut flakes if you've got some. Eat up and warm your belly for winter.

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Now, what to do with all of those leftover bits of halibut, spears of asparagus, and florets of broccoli? Try your own version of the Recipe of the Week, the cleverly named “Clean Out the Fridge” Frittata.


You can buy the sweet rice flour (called “shiratamako”) in Japanese grocery stores like Mitsuwa, or you can use the “mochiko” that Lori used for her mochi cake. Photographed here is a package of shiratamako that I purchased at Mitsuwa, in Arlington Heights.

The boys at Nichol's Farm provided some big, beautiful Early Girls to star in the show. After coring and skinning the tomatoes, I squeezed out their slightly pulpy juice to spike risotto's typical liquid of choice, chicken stock with saffron. Finely chopped fennel and onion provided savory base flavors. For fluorish, I stirred in luscious, red diced tomato and a bit of freshly grated pecorino romano just before killing the flame. A garnish of torn basil tastes nice, but don't go overboard, or you'll risk masking the sweet, acidic tomato flavor you were after in the first place.


This is a fantastic squash soup that's fast to make and satisfying to eat. It was born out of a pinch (actually, just a few hours ago).

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A quick way to preserve herbs before they succumb to the elements is to freeze them. This preservation method works particularly well with herbs that have a high water content like chives, mint, and basil.


Vodka sauces must love tomatoes and cream. The three go well together for a simple pasta dish, but they also inspire me to drop the vodka and just make a creamy red sauce for my linguini or bow ties. Actually, I drop the cream, too, and add something else to lighten and pinken the color of the red sauce, something that will round out the tomato flavor. Tahini can work, but its bitterness must often be balanced with the likes of lemon or vinegar.

Photos - Choosing photos to use for your piece is extremely important. Remember to focus on moments that matter, we want the world to see and feel for themselves all of the amazing things our girls are doing and showcase the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Energy, eye contact, and environment should all be considered when selecting the perfect photograph. When cropping a photograph, the ratio of subject to background should be 80/20. An image with 80 percent girl and 20 percent background will feel immediate and personal. An image with 20 percent girl and 80 percent background will show context and showcase activities.


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The pictures here are from my model. I hollowed out the top some just to save on 3D filament.

Sauté the spring onions (just the little bulbs, and not their tough greens) in a bit of hot olive oil until they go soft. Add pre-cooked (canned) beans, leftover cooked gnocchi, and 3 or 4-inch lengths of asparagus - each ingredient in about equal amounts by sight. Cook until hot, and then deglaze the plan with enough tamari to make everything just a touch darker. Mix the nutritional yeast in a bowl with lemon juice and hot sauce to dissolve, and then add to the pan. Add the leafy green (chopped kale) last, cook just until wilted, and then serve in bowls.


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And the key to that is a hot, oiled pan, preferably cast iron or well-oiled stainless steel. Seeds add a nice crunch to contrast the soft tofu.

Grab each one and drag them away and towards the box. You will see the size changing of your box. When you've got it the size you want simply release your mouse button :).

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It looks like the out-of-this-world tofu imported from Japan is a thing of the past at Mitsuwa these days. Since the beginning of the year, we've been to the Arlington Heights market 4-5 times, but have never seen the tofu in stock. While my wallet may be happy about this, it is quite distressing to my yearning palate. Yes, we still have the great tofu made on the premises at H Mart, but I must say, it doesn't come quite as close to the heavenly flavors and textures of the Otokomae series of tofu.


One of my favorites is milk bread, a soft, fluffy variety popular in Japan (but difficult to find in Chicago). It's the same bread used to make panko.

You can add VeganYumYum's recipe for delicata squash bisque to your list of reasons to take full advantage of the fall's squash season. It's a fun recipe to prepare with friends, so I invited a few over for a dinner of it. We deviated a bit, including using roasted and salted cashews, because I love the rich taste you don't get from raw ones, and using an immersion blender to blend the bisque straight away in the pot. We made chutney with tart apples, taking tamarind from my Tamilian Indian cookbook - and all of the ingredients from an online recipe, minus the allspice, just a small touch of the red wine vinegar, and three apples instead of two. We sautéed the hearty, narrow leafy green that is spigariello with some super fresh and powerfully spicy arugula - the spigariello first with onions and garlic as it takes some time to cook - and salted to taste. Finally, we each took to VeganYumYum's cashew cream, drizzling it over the bisque in our own personal ways.


Heading to the South Side for the parade tomorrow? Don’t worry about trying to fit a Tupperware of juicy corned beef and cabbage into your backpack. Instead, pack up a bunch of tasty Reuben sandwiches and surprise your friends with a satisfying treat to soak up some of that green beer! Do it Chicago Style, courtesy of Vienna Beef.

Change the ingredients below to fit what you have in your kitchen. While usually plenty fun, leaving for groceries steals coziness from a meal in bed, regardless of whether you're alone or not. I started with the base from an upma recipe that I wrote about earlier: peanut oil, split black gram, mustard seeds and cashews. You may skip the black gram - but it adds a soft crunch. Replace the basil and curry leaves, use another seed like sunflower or sesame, substitute olive or canola oil, switch chickpeas (garbanzo beans) for tempeh, change hominy to cooked rice or ripped up small pieces of bread. Use color, like red onions, yellow raisins and green herbs. Make whatever changes are needed, so you don't have to leave your home (so long as you have some basics).


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I'm determined to master the souffle. Maybe it was the recipe that let me down - or maybe it was my lack of souffle skillz. Either way, check back later for a second souffle attempt.