A browser’s user agent string (UA or UAS) is needed to connect a browser with the website. There are different values and formats for different browsers, but the important thing is that the string must be sent via HTTP for each request header. In simple terms, anytime you click on a website, the UA is checked by the server to ensure communication is possible.

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  • Async EventSource plugin to send events to the browser
  • Examples of Browser Spoofing and How to Detect Them

Hide My IP allows you to conceal your identity on the Internet. Surf anonymously, hide (my explanation) your ISP name and location from websites and hackers, mask your IP in email headers, and un-ban yourself from forums by changing your IP address anytime you wish. Hiding your IP address is as simple as clicking the "Hide IP" button, which automatically configures Internet Explorer and FireFox to use a proxy server from our proxy list.

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With SEON, we are working together on their browser fingerprinting tool, which can be integrated into web and mobile apps via JavaScript. This nifty code can reveal hundreds of data points about the combinations of software and hardware of users, which can then be fed through risk rules to calculate how suspicious a connection is.

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Most developers rely on it to check how websites look from different devices. Some users change theirs for security reasons (for instance when using a VPN), but even certain browsers identify as others.

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Hackers and identity thieves are becoming more and more rampant in today's society. They may break into anyone's computer and monitor one's activity or steal one's identity or other personal information. To stay safe online, the best way is to keep your IP address from being shown to others.


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Simply search and scroll down to, say, the now antique Internet Explorer, and you’re set! Checking whatismybrowser.com will show that you are indeed using Internet Explorer to connect.


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