Cosmetically, the car is in nice shape, with a well-kept older restoration. The paintwork was executed to high standards and is holding up well, though close inspection reveals a few stress cracks and a few square inches of bubbling on the left rocker behind the door. The fit and gaps are good throughout. The chrome is in nice shape with minimal pitting and a few scratches. The headlamps are excellent Carello items, while the rear lights are a bit faded and cracked.

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Maxwell Charles Serle Foley was born atDrummoyne, NSW in 1944. His father was killed by a falling tree in the lastmonths of the war, while he was serving in the Army. Foley began drawing comicsas a small boy and became an avid reader of them, often spending his schoollunch money to buy them.


Gunn’sGully as it had since the time it first appeared in the Telegraph in 1936. Thenext change forced by wartime restrictions was the practice of redrawingcomics. Because they were no longer allowed to import proofs of overseascomics, the newspapers had their artists copy various strips from tear sheetsof comic sections that were supplied. In most cases, the results of theredrawings were lamentable and while many local artist could claim that theyhad drawn such world famous strips as Brick Bradford, Buck Rogers, Nancy, andJane Arden they had nothing to boast about. This practice continued up untilthe late ’forties and saw such strips as Dick Tracy, Miss Fury, and Joe Palookaadded to the list of strips mutilated by this process.

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In 1948 he approached John Edwards who offered him workdrawing comics at £2 per page and Horak created two strips, Rick Davis and TheSkyman. Edwards was also responsible for Horak’s nickname of ‘Larry’ when hecouldn’t get his tongue around Yaroslav and Horak began signing his work inthis manner. He then moved onto Syd Nicholls’ publications where he drew RayThorpe and Ripon at £4 per page before creating Jet Fury for PyramidPublications. When the latter company failed, Horak moved to Melbourne where hefound a steady outlet for his work with Atlas Publications where he drew suchstrips as The Lone Wolf, Brenda Starr, and Sergeant Pat. For Atlas he alsocreated The Mask which ran into problems with the authorities and afterabandoning the strip in disgust Horak returned to Sydney to do freelanceillustrating for K. G. Murray and Woman’s Day. Following Captain Fortune hebegan drawing Mike Steele. Desert Rider to a script supplied by RogerRowe. It was this comic that revealed the mature Horak style of busy pen linesthat was to become familiar in the years ahead. In January 1963 he left forEngland where he drew comics for D. C. Thompson of Scotland as well as warcomics for Fleetway Publications in London. It was during this time he wentback to being called Yaroslav.


Joel Corry ft MNEK – Head and Heart Clean 4A.mp3

The Sunday Sun’s replacement for Ginge wasSnowy McGann, drawn by Hottie Lahm. Hardtmuth Lahm was born at Tallinn, Estoniain 1912. His father was a jeweller who lost a small fortune in a financialcrash and decided to migrate to Australia. A family friend noticed Lahm’s flairfor drawing and soon after he enrolled at the East Sydney Technical College hesold his first cartoon to the Sydney Mail. The payment of two guineas had tolast a long time as he did not sell another cartoon for two years.

The Khaligraph Jones Presents Cypher

I will summarize the evidence of each of these witnesses and because of the nature of their evidence it may appear a rather detailed summary. PW1 MUZAHIM SALIM MOHAMED, hereinafter referred to as MUZAHIM, told the court that he met the accused 18 years ago in Mombasa when both of them worked as Clearing Agents for goods and cars at Mombasa Port. MUZAHIM told the court how the accused moved to Nairobi and set a base at EAGLE STAR APARTMENTS before moving to MAGESO CHAMBERS MOI AVENUE in 1988 or 1989. He said that he joined the accused at Mageso Chambers in 1989/1990, 2nd Floor where he ran his business and also did some business for the accused. That in 1991 the accused moved to View Park Towers where he eventually joined him briefly between 1992 and 1993. They occupied the 14th Floor of the building even though the accused always moved to the 8th floor where he had other offices, to meet people. MUZAHIM said that he moved back to Mageso Chambers in 1993 up to 1997. In summary he said that he and the accused were business associates. MUZAHIM told the court that he knew the deceased as the head of security and also driver to the accused but DANIEL who worked with the deceased as security for Goldenberg International said that the deceased actually worked for ROHIT PATTNI. MUZAHIM said that the deceased, who was a German, came to Kenya in 1989.


Permalink to 1957 Audi Munga

On 10 August1924 the title of the strip was changed to Fatty Finn, heralding a change inthe strip’s direction and the role of the main character. Over the next fewyears, Fatty gradually lost weight as well as gaining a boy scout uniform, adog (‘Pal’), a goat (‘Hector’), and permanent supporting characters includingHeadlights Hogan, Lollylegs, Bruiser (the counterpart of Tiger Kelly), and MrClaffey the policeman. Fatty adopted a more heroic role and the comic movedcloser to the standard ‘kid’ strip with a distinct Australian flavour.

GATEI spent quite some bit of time describing what Forensic Medicine is and how it relates to Forensic Pathology and other disciplines. At the end of it, even though not coming out clearly, PROF. GATEI admitted that he did not have a degree in forensic medicine. DR. ROGENA (PW26) in her evidence said that the Membership and Fellowship of The Royal College which PROF. GATEI had were equivalent to Masters Degree in Morbid Anatomy and Histopathology.


They also revealed that the deceased worked for the accused as a security man just before he died. DANIEL also gave more information to the effect that he saw the accused and others with the deceased at noon on the day he died. That he also heard a gun shot as he heard the deceased asking not to be held and as accused sought to know whether he was threatening him. The body of the deceased was then exhumed and a repeat autopsy done by PROF.

The Sunday Mail also carries a speciallyprepared Sunday version of Footrot Flats. The comic is drawn in New Zealand bythe talented Murray Ball and the daily strip has been running in variousAustralian states for some years.


Politically committed, Nicholls contributedcartoons to Direct Action, the organ for the International Workers of theWorld. In 1914, one of these cartoons (‘Long Live The War!

The trunk and engine compartment are both tidy, and representative of an older restoration. An alternator has been fitted to improve the functionality of the charging system. The car is an absolutely fantastic driving example. The engine makes good power and wonderful noise,the suspension and chassis are coherent and capable, the brakes are outstanding, and the transmission is excellent. The driving position is good, and the car would be supremely enjoyable for long distance touring.


He was involved in such programmes as Marco Polo vs. The RedDragon, Charlie Chan, The Lone Ranger, Rocket Robin Hood, and Super Friends. Onleaving the animation field Wedd concentrated on freelance work and Ned Kelly.

For newspaper strip artists the ’fortiesclosed on a reasonably buoyant note with over two dozen local comics beingpublished. It was true that the bulk of these strips originated from Sydney andthat very few of the artists made a full-time living from drawing them, but thenumber of artists being employed was higher than at any other time since thelate ’twenties.


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A very nationalistic strip, Bluey and Curleycovered all facets of Australian humour. It was at the peak of its popularityduring the ’forties but tended to lose some of its appeal and individualitywhen the characters moved into civilian life. The common enemies of Army lifewere then missing. Soon after it was released the strip became an outstandingsuccess and, as well as appearing throughout Australia, it also appeared inpapers in New Zealand and Canada.

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PC MUTHIANI reported back to station from City Mortuary from escorting body of the deceased. The OB No. 4 also contained further details by PC MUTHIANI to the effect that VERONICA had reported that the deceased had for 3 days complained of chest pains. That on the material day, (24/3/04) she left him at home with their maid MARY and grounds man JOSEPH. That on returning she found him dead with a wound on left side of the head and bleeding in the mouth. That PC MUTHIANI also reported that he visited the bedroom and found blood stains. That the final remarks in OB 4 of 25/3 were to the effect that investigation into the death was to follow.


A. Barlock (‘Bart’) drew the adventures of Stockwhip Sam and his aboriginaloffsider, Fergus. Humorous in content, the first adventure featured a weirdrace of creatures from beneath the ground who stole shadows. The story culminatedin the ‘greatest horse race of all time’ using the shadows of Carbine, PeterPan, and Phar Lap. A later tale involved a search for a bunyip in which Sam andFergus encounter a Ned Kelly-style character called ‘Pistol-Finger’ who isreally Drongo Dick. In using the term ‘drongo’, Barlock was perpetuating theslang term for no-hoper which had been revived during the war years to describeall new recruits. Like many service expressions, it had wide currency in theimmediate post-war years.

After serving a long apprenticeship in thecomic book field, John Dixon was able to break into the newspaper field in June1959 with his Air Hawk and the Flying Doctors. The strip made its firstappearance in the Sun-Herald followed two weeks later in the Perth Weekend Mailand, later, in the Brisbane Sunday Mail and the Adelaide Sunday Mail. Air Hawkhas now completed a run of 20 years which is unprecedented for a locally drawncontinuity strip and a tangible comment on Dixon’s skills as a comic stripartist.


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The truth will come out,” Khama said. Earlier this month, Khama snubbed Masisi’s inauguration as Botswana’s fifth president.

Following in the footsteps of On the Rocksand the general awakening of interest in the early days of Australia cameLafferty. Created by Stephen Stanley, the comic first appeared in the DailyTelegraph in April 1974 followed by appearances in the Melbourne Herald,Adelaide Advertiser, and a Sunday page in the Sun-Herald in May 1977.


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The foregoing provision underscores the extent of the AG’s powers in regard to investigations of criminal cases. Whereas the AG or his officers may require the Commissioner of Police to investigate, they cannot following the instructions be involved in the same. The provision is clear and in my view expressly provides that following the instructions to investigate, the AG should then wait to receive a report from the Commissioner of the outcome of the same. In this case, the AG and his officers did not only give instructions but were themselves directly, and as MR. NGATIA suggested, intricately involved in them.

Jim Russell found himself in the unusual roleof drawing an adventure strip, Inspector Scott of Scotland Yard. Scott was theproperty of the actor-producer George Edwards (real name Hal Parks) who was adominant figure in the field of radio programmes. The story appeared to be avisual translation of a radio script and moved at a fast pace with plenty ofmystery, action and excitement.


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While he added characters like the CrazyCroc, Lillie (the Old Timer’s distant admirer), a devious butcher, a group ofduck hunters and sundry spear-carriers, the comic did not begin to make a bigimpression until the introduction of Snake. This pathetic creature crawled intothe strip in 1976 and has gradually taken-over the comic to the point where thename was changed to Snake Tales in 1978. All Snake wants in life is a friendand, maybe, some limbs. The cult of Snake followers that has sprung up bombardSalisbury with requests to make their hero’s life more bearable or offering tobe his friend – but Salisbury, often apologetically, sees that it is his job tokeep Snake miserable.

He said that he was also issued with a firearm, an Italian Berretta Automatic Pistol of 9mm parebellum and a chemical maze. He identified the certificates permitting him to hold a firearm as DMFI 13(a) and (b). The two were licenses issued as authority to him to have a chemical maze.


With the end of the war, the artists had tolook to other areas to make use of Chesty’s capabilities. Like many otherstrips with a wartime background, they found it difficult to develop situationsthat were not relatively commonplace. The humour remained, though at a moresubdued level, and the standard of artwork remained high - but the comicgradually lost its former zest and was retired. Forty years after his birth,Chesty Bond remains a well-known promotional figure for the company concerned.

Motsepe-Radebe has been named as a co-signatory to at least two bank accounts holding some of the more than $10 billion (R150bn) allegedly taken from the Botswana government to finance “terrorism”. A City Press report said the details emerged in a Botswana court in Gaborone during the bail application of a former spy, Wilhelmina Maswabi, who was identified as holding the funds.


He thoughtthe strip had been drawn by an American cartoonist. Basil is an excellentexample in the art of visual narrative. It compares favourably with the bestoverseas pantomime strips and, certainly, it is the most successful strip ofthe genre to be produced by an Australian.

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Our inaugurations have always been primarily small and cost efficient. If you look at this latest inauguration and how much was spent with the excess security and pomp and ceremony, it was clear we were going on a downward trajectory,” Khama said. The inauguration was attended by Minister in the Presidency Jackson Mthembu and ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule.


Sydney Wentworth Nicholls was born atFrederick Henry Bay, Tasmania in 1896 with the surname of Jordan. He adoptedhis stepfather’s name when his mother remarried in 1907. Nicholls attended awide variety of schools in NSW and New Zealand before taking his first job withthe printing firm of W. E. Smith in 1910. At the same time he began seven yearsstudy under Norman Carter and Dattilo Rubbo at the Royal Art Society. His firstpublished work appeared in the International Socialist when he was 16 and bythe time he was 18 he was having cartoons accepted by The Bulletin.

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Also commenting on the contemporary scene butwith far more realism was Brigette. Created by Gerald Carr, the strip wasdirected at the 15-17 year old market and made its first appearance in Go-SetMagazine in October 1968. Realistically drawn, the comic followed theattractive young Brigette as she faced the problems of adolescence, thegeneration gap, and a world of changing values. The strip finished in Go-Set inMay 1969 when Carr’s agent, Sol Shifrin, was able to sell it to both theBrisbane Sunday Mail and the Perth Sunday Independent, where it commenced inboth papers on 5 July. Carr picked up the storyline from Go-Set and the comicwas quickly in trouble. Maxwell Newton bought the strip for the Independent onthe basis that it was controversial - and that’s what he got. Because itappeared without introduction and part-way through a story, the first fewepisodes appeared disjointed. Further, a part-owner of the paper, who pursuedhis beliefs to the point where he wouldn’t allow cigarette advertisements inthe paper, objected to the moral tone. One letter to the editor saw the stripas being ‘sick humour’ and thought that the comic ‘glamourizes and glorifiessome of the greatest ills in our society’. The strip was dropped from theIndependent at the end of August.


Sydney Leon Miller was born in Strathfield,NSW in 1901, the son of a newsagent. When he left Fort Street High School in1916 he worked briefly at an importers before being given the position as atrial apprentice in the process engraving department of The Bulletin. Beingsurrounded by the best black and white artists of the day inspired Miller tofurther his interest in art by attending classes at the Royal Art Society. In1917 he joined Harry Julius who had returned from the US to start Filmads toproduce the first animated cartoons made commercially in Australia. Hefreelanced selling cartoons to The Bulletin, Aussie and in 1920, Smith’sWeekly. Later that year, he was given a contract with Smith’s to drawpolitical, sports and general cartoons as well as writing and illustrating filmand stage critiques.

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It was an impressive line-up of comics drawnby some outstanding cartoonists - but, along with other features, they couldnot Wit Smith’s sagging sales. Inspector Scott finished in the December; RedGregory was hurriedly wound-up in April 1939; and the comic supplement wasdiscarded three months later. Smith’s circulation eventually recovered to apeak of over 300 000 - thanks to an influx of capital and the advent of World WarII which provided the right circumstances, again, for a paper that championedthe digger.

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Syndicated material was the easiest andcheapest way of replacing strips. Because they used material that was monthsand, in some cases, years behind the overseas publication dates the syndicatedmaterial represented a guaranteed continuity of supply. Many newspapers felt,not without some justification, that they could not rely on the same continuityfrom local artists. Australian artists could only be expected to be paid a ratecomparable with that being paid for the cheaper syndicated material. This meantthat even if their strip appeared in most capital cities they would be lucky toearn a living wage. If their strip only appeared in one or two papers theartists were required to do other work to supplement their incomes. In turn,this could lead to deadline problems or a drop in the quality of their stripdue to their inability to concentrate on the comic on a full-time basis. As aconsequence, this had led to many cartoonists developing less detailed and lesstime-consuming styles that place greater emphasis on the idea itself, ratherthan the execution of same. John Dixon would be one of the very few localfreelance comic artists who does not have to supplement his income in somemanner - and the result can be seen in the quality of his work. Many former andaspiring comic strip artists would welcome the opportunity to be involved inthe field of comics but their desires and the economics of the situation arenot compatible.


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Much the same thing occurred at the SundaySun where ‘Speed’ Gordon and Popeye became victims of the redrawing. However,as the Sun dropped many of their US comics and because the majority of thosestrips printed were locally drawn, the quality of their comic section did notsuffer as badly as that of their competition.

Miller had gained an outstanding reputationfor his animal cartoons in Smith’s and The Bulletin and used this skill togreat advantage throughout Rod Craig. As well as featuring in many stories,MacNob often provided foreground and background by-play that was in contrast tothe more serious theme of the episode. In July 1953 Miller drew a four-daysequence that featured another dog, Pip. Presented from the dog’s point of viewand showing his encounters with rabbits and a snake, the segment was cleverlyexecuted by Miller. Such sequences in continuity strips are rare.


Comics do not have to be thrust on a reader as is often the case with abook. All readers see comics as a diversion that will bring them some pleasureand this provides an ideal opening for educators who can take advantage of thecomic’s ability to communicate.

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But the strip encountered problems from thebeginning. One of Salisbury’s characters was a Hanging Judge who had a bottleof whisky in one hand and a gavel in the other as he dispensed justice. Theprospect of a drunken judge did not appeal to the syndicate and he was,quickly, sobered-up. When Salisbury indulged in his favourite sport of playingwith words, the syndicate wrote out the idea of using a bra shop as a front forFingers and his mob. They also indicated that while mugging for a few bucksmight be funny in other places it was no longer funny in the US. And in one oftheir periodic anti-violence campaigns they began to paint out the guns in thegangsters’ hands. Towards the end of 1974 the strip was dropped by mutualagreement but not before readers of the Adelaide Advertiser had a chance toview some of the antics of Fingers, his girlfriend Molly, his bodyguard Ape,his lawyer Springa, and the rest.


He was in Berlin to initiate a military coup against Nazi’s leaders when he heard the news that Hitler suffered only minor injury. Scientist believes that the existence of windows on the walls of the meeting room had reduced the power of explosion. Moreover, the wrong placement of the bomb caused a heavy and solid oak conference table to form a shield that protected Hitler. Modern computer simulation shows that if only the second bomb were also used, the blast would have killed Hitler.

As the leader in this area and almostunopposed, Associated Newspapers were concerned about the entry of ConsolidatedPress into the Sunday newspaper field. Yet they did little on the comics sideto counteract the impressive new section. A token gesture was made two weeksbefore the new paper appeared when the name of Us Fellers was finally changedto Ginger Meggs, thus recognizing a de facto situation that had existed sincethe middle of the 1920s. From an artistic point of view the change in title wasappropriate as Bancks had just embarked on his most stylish period and the bestyears of Ginger Meggs were still to come.


In February 1925, the Sunday Times introduceda new section which featured all Australian artists. Smiler was a schoolboystrip by Julius that followed the English technique of using text below the panelsin addition to speech balloons; Betty and Bill, a comic for younger children byRuth Vickery, used the same technique. In August the section was given thetitle Pranks and while Betty and Bill survived the change new strips were added- The Strange Adventures of Percy the Pom (later called Percy Plantaganet) byWynne W. Davies, Fish and Chips by Norman McMurray, and The Two Rogues by L. deKoningh. Like all comic sections of the period, Pranks was restricted to threecolours and included riddles, jokes, drawings and short stories.

Max and Min - The Weather People, which madeits- first appearance in the Sun-Herald on 4 October 1970, was to become one ofthe cleverest and most enjoyable of the satirical strips. It was the work ofMax Foley who, though a staff artist for John Fairfax and Sons, supplied thecomic on a freelance basis. A play on the words ‘maximum’ and ‘minimum’, themain characters lived in the unusual town of Weatherby which was divided intotwo distinct districts. Max came from the Eastern part where there was glorioussunshine all day; Min came from the Western side where it was always raining;and where the rain stopped and the sun shone was right down the middle of themain street. The main supporting characters were Min’s nasty Uncle Charles, thebeautiful schoolteacher Pert Petunia, The Weather Controller, the policemanConstable Bright, Gran and Norm, and Max’s father who was the weather man forthe local TV station and who only ever gave one forecast, ‘Sunny’. Often thereal stars of the comic were the assorted characters and villains who peopledeach new episode. Foley’s strip soon developed into a comic that could be readat two levels. It could be enjoyed by children for its surface story and manyof the quips and puns by its characters, while the adults obtained additionalenjoyment from its satirical approach and social comment.


With the agreement of Smith’s, Jim Russellmodified Mr & Mrs Potts and sold it to the Herald and Weekly Times group,first as a daily strip and then as a Sunday. The new version, The Potts,appeared in the Sun-News Pictorial on 23 January 1951 and in most other statessoon afterwards. To make the strip more appealing to the general readership,Russell suddenly materialized a daughter, Ann; Son-in-law, Herb; andGrandchildren, Mike and Bunty. What Russell didn’t realize was that there was aprecedent for this family as a You & Me strip back in December 1920 hadshown The Pots as they were then, with two children, a boy and a girl.

Langmead sees his characters in an historicalcontext - that human beings have never changed, in spite of environmental andtechnological change. The little man - nameless - is a loser. His best laidplans turn to nothing. The handful of characters in The Almost Human transfermodem humour to their prehistoric setting as they examine the problems ofpollution, the energy crisis, currency fluctuations, domestic problems etc. Thecomic contains its fair share of sarcasm which Langmead blends fluently withthe visual humour.


Motsepe-Radebe denied allegations of a romantic relationship with Khama. She said the Khama and Motsepe families had been friends for decades. Our fathers had a close friendship at Fort Hare University.

From the first ConsolidatedPress issue on 23 March, the paper was returned to broadsheet and an entirepage was devoted to new comic strips to support Pop and Mickey Mouse, which hadbeen running in the paper for some years. While comic strips had previouslyoccupied full pages in local newspapers they had never done so on a dailybasis.


WANJOHI confirmed that on 13th October 2004, MR. MUTIE requested for the remains for examination by pathologists who were with him. These were DR. ROGENA, PROF. GATEI, DR. GACHII and DR. NJUE.

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Unlike Cross’ strip, Bluey and Curleyreflected the popularly held image of the digger as a fighting man without peerbut more interested in his beer and gambling; resenting all authority; aconfidence man with the ability to laugh at himself; and a ready disciple ofthe ‘you can’t win’ attitude. More than any other strip, Bluey and Curley gavecivilians an insight into the hardships of Army life, the slang expressions ofthe period, and projected the mood of envy directed towards the more highlypaid US soldiers. But all subjects were handled in a gentle, smile-provokingmanner -for, while Gurney was not particularly subtle, he was never cruel. Hishandling of ‘fuzzie-wuzzies’ or ‘boongs’ and their pidgin-English wereclassics.


The paper’s main cartoonist was Zif Dunstanbut a number of anti-war cartoons were contributed by the 17 years old SydNicholls. On 19 July 1913, Dunstan introduced a continuing comic stripcharacter with The Adventures of William Mug. William Mug represented thesocialists’ view of the average working man; an abused, down-trodden wretch whodid not recognize the virtues of socialism. In the first panel of theintroductory strip, Mug is shown in patched trousers pondering his financialproblems as his wife complains about the lack of money while his son asks fornew boots. Mug moves onto a Domain-like area where he is swayed by a Liberalspeaker’s promises of ‘good times’ and is then converted by similar promises of‘prosperity’ by a Labor speaker.

Another shock hit the newspaper community on3 December 1955 when Alex Gurney died from a heart attack. Gurney had guidedthe fortunes of Bluey and Curley for 15 years and during that period had madehis characters household names. The artist selected to continue the strip wasNorm Rice. Like Bancks, Gurney’s shoes were hard to fill and Rice was onlycoming to grips with the comic when he was killed in a car accident inside ayear. The strip then passed to Les Dixon who, by the time the comic was retiredin July 1975, had handled it longer than the originator. A generation grew upidentifying Dixon with the strip, with no knowledge of Gurney or of the wartimeorigins of the characters. Dixon gradually altered the art style and introducednew characters including Jazzer, a swaggie, and Trotters, an old reprobate, toassist in the strip’s popularity.


Early in 1933 the Melbourne Argus joined thenewspapers who added Australian comics to their features with the short-livedAdventures of Timothy Tibbs by Harry Hanniford and Betty Patterson’s koala bearstrip, The Softfurs. April saw the introduction of M. D. Kinnear’s weeklystrip, Wishbone Wisdom, which became the paper’s first strip to run anyreasonable time. The comic followed the adventures of Johnny and his magicwishbone which allowed him to talk to the bush animals as well as performingother feats. It was a simple, well-drawn comic aimed at children older than thegroup catered for by May Gibbs.

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The overnight transport company, Comet, usedcomics to promote their service with a series of single-sheet comics (somemeasuring 55 cm x 42 cm) devoted to the adventures of Captain Comet. CaptainComet took its impetus from the popularity of the super-hero comic books,strips and television cartoons and the derivation was the same for The TerrificTrio. The latter was a series of strips used by Ira Berk in Brisbane papers topromote three of their car dealers. The pseudonymously drawn strips were thework of a Brisbane animator, Max Bannah, who followed in the footsteps of the1975 Safeway Sam series drawn by George Smith.


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The use of comics to promote a particularphilosophy was first observed in William Mug. In the ’sixties, the alternativelifestyle movement and drug culture devotees found expression in limitedcirculation comic books which were known as underground comix. Thesepublications started in the US with God Nose Comics and were followed byhundreds of other titles which included Zap, Snatch, Uneeda, Leather Nun, SlowDeath, Yellow Dog Funnies.

After the completion of Rod Craig, Miller’sUs Girls commenced in the Melbourne Herald on 3 December 1955. It was acomplete change of pace after the serious approach of Rod Craig and allowedMiller to indulge his penchant for shapely girls as well as poking fun at thefads and conventions of the period. Unlike many gags strips, much of the humourhad a timeless quality and remains relevant to contemporary situations. UsGirls finished in 1957 when Miller left the newspaper field for commercialprojects.


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Playtime only lasted until 24 September 1947when the Sydney Morning Herald announced that, as a means of preservingdollars, all of the newspapers had agreed to cut their imports of Canadiannewsprint by 25 percent. As the Herald wanted to keep ‘its important newsservice at the highest level’ the comic section was suspended, leaving a smallAborigine boy in Tom Flynn facing a crocodile, hurling itself at him with jawsagape! But Tom Flynn and a number of other comics from the Playtime sectionwere to be revived with the arrival of the Sunday Herald.

It was therefore, the duty of this court to ensure that the accused was afforded a fair trial and that the prosecution did not gain an undeserved or unfair advantage over the accused or cause the accused to suffer unfair disadvantage and prejudice. I had to ensure that the prosecution did not adopt an adversary process of adjudication which it relentlessly attempted to do throughout this trial. I am fully persuaded that the witness statements, exhibits and documents obtained by the prosecution after investigations are not the property of the prosecution but the property of the public to ensure that justice is done.


The comics featured koala bears, kangaroos,farm life, surfing, bushrangers, con men and, always, plenty of action. Apartfrom McCrae and Rodd, Harry Julius was an early contributor of comics andcartoons were contributed by the young Jim Bancks. The Comic Australian ceasedpublication in June 1913.

Keith Murdoch (later Sir Keith) had beenable to place Jimmy Bancks under contract and he drew political cartoons fromthe first issue, while continuing to draw Us Fellers and sending it back toSydney. A great admirer of Bancks’ talent, Murdoch asked him to create anothercomic strip which resulted in The Blimps. It first appeared in August 1923 on athree-days-a-week schedule and when it went to five days in October it becameour first daily newspaper strip. The strip title proclaimed ‘The Blimps - ByBancks, Creator of Ginger Meggs’. Not only did this indicate the popularity ofGinger Meggs but it showed that the name of the character was far moreidentifiable than the actual name of the strip, Us Fellers. The Blimps was acondensed version of Ginger Meggs. Betty and Benjamin Blimp were the parents;Bingo Blimp was the dog; while the son, Basil Blimp, was really Ginge withblonde hair and a Little Lord Fauntleroy outfit. Many of the jokes were eithertruncated version of those used on Us Fellers or, in some cases, later extendedand used in the Sunday comic. The Blimps passed into history in April 1925 whenthe Evening Sun folded and the Sunbeams section transferred to the morningpaper, the Sun-News Pictorial.


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The early ’fifties saw the free distributionof a comic published by The Australian Constitutional League in Melbourne. Isthis Tomorrow - Australia Under Communism was a 48-page, partial reprint of asimilar comic (sub-titled America Under Communism) that had been published inthe US in 1947. The book was given an appropriate Australian cover and a numberof pages were redrawn to suit local situations but, substantially, it was thesame comic. Filled with riots, bashings, bombings, executions, floggings,starvation and other violence against the citizens it was a horrificpresentation of an extreme view. The comic reflected the reds-under-the-bedshysteria that was predominant at the time.

Miller used a variety of styles calculated toassist the mood of the strip, which was drawn almost exclusively with thedry-brush and split-brush techniques. By the time Rod Craig had finished in1955 it had not only created a record for the life of a continuity strip buthad set new standards in quality.


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Syd Nicholls died on 3 June 1977 and StanCross was dead less than two weeks later. They, along with Bancks, hadpioneered Australian comic strips in the early ’20s and had been majorinfluences on the field.

The Melbourne Herald opened its pages tolocal comics in October 1933. Back in 1923 they had started to use Crosby’s TheClancy Kids and had printed a few experimental strips by Leon Heron on anirregular basis. But there had been no real attempt to capitalize on theemerging form. On 3 October 1933, Mr Foozle made the first of his three times aweek appearances. The comic was drawn by Arthur Mailey and reprinted fromAssociated Newspapers in Sydney. Mailey was an outstanding cricketer who hadsuccessfully turned his hand to humour and cartooning but only dabbled in thefield of comics. Then on 7 October Ben Bowyang arrived on the scene and continuesto be published to this day, making it our longest running daily strip.


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The first point I wish to discuss here is the importance of medical evidence as to the cause of death. Both MR. NGATIA and MR. MURGOR relied heavily on excerpts from SARKAR’S LAW OF EVIDENCE 15th Edition Vol. I, Medical opinion and its value. I will draw on some of the excerpts relied on by both counsels and examine whether they find any support in our law.

GATEI stated that on 16th June 2004, the remains of the deceased were disinterred at Grave No. 73 Block CE4, Langata Cemetery in his absence. That on 13th October 2004, himself, DR. ROGENA, DR. GACHII and, MR. MUTIE and others proceeded to Langata Cemetery to the said grave. The grave was identified by MR. MIYA. That it measured 55 inches in depth. That under his instructions, loose soil was removed from the grave to ascertain whether any bones or coffin were left. That they took samples of the loose soil from the grave for analysis.


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While the strip acts as a continual reminderof the unique aspects of the RFDS, Air Hawk is, above all, an aviation strip. Agreat deal of the strip’s popularity stems from the amount of time-consumingdetail that he exhibits in his drawings of a variety of aeroplanes. Apart fromsatisfying the readers’ taste for realistically drawn adventure, Air Hawkoffers the majority of its readers an opportunity to experience the far-off,exotic frontier of the rugged yet beautiful country. Dixon has taken care tosee that his character has not strayed from his basic role of a flyingadventurer and, though there is an obvious romantic attachment, has avoidedrequests that Jim and Janet marry.

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Tresckow came from a Prussian noble family with long military tradition. He didn’t like the cruelty shown by Hitler’s regime in particular when Hitler started the mass shooting towards Jewish woman and children. Tresckow made numerous attempts to kill Hitler from 1941 – 1944.


In September 1926, William Edwin Pigeon(‘Wep’) had his first comic published. At the time The Trifling Tripletsappeared in the Sunday News, Wep was only 17 years old. Another of the many‘kid’ strips, the comic only ran for nine months and gave no hint that Wepwould go on to become an outstanding artist and cartoonist and a multiplewinner of the Archibald Prize for portrait painting.

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Born into an aristocrat Catholic family; Stauffenberg felt uneasy towards Hitler’s ill-treatment of Jews. Finally, his personal sense of justice and religious morality made him turn against Hitler.


Red Gregory, revolved arounda reporter’s attempt to find an aviatrix kidnapped by the mysterious Glass Menwho live beneath the Nullarbor Plains. The story combined science fiction andfantasy as Red Gregory tried to counter the efforts of Mafkah, the Dictator ofthe underground realm, in his attempts to supplant Princess Mirana’s father asthe king of the Glass Men. The imaginative storyline allowed Millerconsiderable scope for his talent for drawing mysteriously garbed figures,towering monuments, rocket planes, battle scenes, and sensuous Lindsay-likewomen. He also broke away from the traditional rectangular panel by using bothtapered and triangular panels which lent considerable variety to the strip. RedGregory added to Miller’s reputation as a continuity strip artist and duringthe war years he revived the character in comic book form.

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The key words used here is “reasonable suspicion”. A person becomes a suspect in relation to the commission of a crime only where there exists a clear and genuine cause for suspicion. Such genuine cause will emerge where a complaint has been raised by an aggrieved person or persons; or alternatively, where there exist openly suspicious circumstances calling for investigation by the relevant authority. In either case where genuine cause is sought for, the passage of a long time, such as many years, without any complaint raised, or any openly suspicious circumstances emerging, will negate the possibility that anyone is a suspect. In such circumstances a heavy burden lies on anyone who avows that there exists a suspect. In such circumstances, the police, whether acting on their own or under instructions, would have no reason or business to arrest anyone. There must be reasonable suspicion that a person has committed (in our context) an offence before he is arrested. In this case, reasonable suspicion was not demonstrated.

In cross-examination MR. MUTIE admitted that the accused in this case was arrested before any statements were recorded from any witness. He also admitted that he was unable to tell who complained concerning this matter to prompt the Hon. Attorney General’s office to order investigations into this case.


The Federal election of 1949 saw the majorparties using comics as part of their campaigns for the first time. With aphotograph of Prime Minister Ben Chifley on the cover, the Labor Party’seight-page coloured comic was titled The Way Ahead and presented the case thatunder Labor life would be ideal and no one would ever have to fear anotherDepression. The Liberal-Country Party groups published two titles, The RoadAhead and The Road Back.

He freelanced in Fleet Street and waspolitical cartoonist for the Tribune; News Chronicle; and New Statesman beforecommencing Colonel Pewter. After retiring the strip, Homer followed it withanother comic, The Thoughts of Citizen Doe which ran until 1972. He then didregular work for Punch, Private Eye, and The Times as well as graphic reportagefor the Sunday Times and BBC TV.


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More often than not, hisdrinking companion was the tall, thin, sharp-featured Whalesteeth - named inhonour of the prominent display of teeth that overwhelmed his lantern-jaw. Inthe true tradition of mateship, when it came time for Cross to leave this striphe took this character with him where he survived in a new strip under anothername.

He was arrested on January 15 this year,” Hubona said. Motsepe-Radebe told City Press she was interested in Venson-Moitoi’s campaign, so much so that she was willing to finance at least one project. An audio recording of Motsepe-Radebe talking to Venson-Moitoi’s son, Kabelo, was leaked to the media earlier this year. The two were discussing an election campaign event. She said the event never took place.



The foregoing provision (Section 26 of the Constitution) underscores the fact that it is the state through the A-G which is bestowed with the power of controlling criminal prosecutions. That means that the A-G has a special Constitutional role in the conduct of prosecutions and he is under duty, as he exercises this power to take into account and to safeguard the public interest.

These two cases speak for themselves. I would only comment that MR. MURGOR, having been involved in the investigations into this case, ought to have left the prosecution to be carried out by some other officer. It is my belief that any notion of fairness, justice and objectivity could not be supported justifiably on his part.


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Pleasures were few and far between - except for theescape into ‘alcoholic beverages’, as they were called. In an era when manywomen accepted the husband’s right to come home ‘under the weather’ (though, inthe case of Mrs.

DANIEL said that after the burial of the deceased, his working relationship with ROHIT changed. ROHIT stopped giving him work directly. That in May 1994, his gun and Chemical Maze were withdrawn by SHREEKANT, the Manager of accused person’s office. That he was not told anything and his attempt to talk with ROHIT proved fruitless until September 1994. That since he got no work and no communication, he started missing at the office once in a while.


After his first failure, Bavaud tried to follow Hittler’s move in order to get close enough to him. His attempts were never successful. Finally he ran out of money and took a train trip to Paris without buying ticket. The conductor turned him over to the police. Upon the discovery of the gun amongst Bavaud’s belonging, the police turned him over to the Gestapo. Swiss government had done nothing to save him. On 14th May 1941, Bavaud was beheaded by guillotine.

Long before the days of Quattro and rally success, Audi was involved with another experiment in four wheel drive: the Munga. This unusual vehicle was the product from the Auto Union days before the dawn of Audi in the mid 1960s. What makes this particular example attractive is the need for expensive and hard to find parts has been lessened as the original three cylinder, two stroke engine has been replaced by a workhorse 1600 Volkswagen engine from 1968.


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Torkan has occupied the front page of theSunday Telegraph since it first appeared in July 1976. It is the work of Sydneyartist Roger Fletcher who only decided to draw the comic when he couldn’t findanother artist to illustrate his stories. Torkan caters for the upsurge indemand for heroic-fantasy stories created by the Marvel Comics Group’sadaptation of Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Barbarian.

ROGENA also said that she suggested use of various sizes of sieves to be used on the soils in and around the grave for purposes of recovering any other bones but same was ignored. MR. MUTIE admitted that such a suggestion had been made.


Considering the cost of running the strip,Bond’s did not go overboard in promoting their product in the comic. Mostreferences to their product were low-key and seldom interfered with theprogress of the story. They were also quite generous in giving free publicityto War Loans and other patriotic activities.

Additionally, older test-tube studies note that garlic may have antiviral activity against influenza A and B, HIV, HSV-1, viral pneumonia, and rhinovirus, which causes the common cold. However, current research is lacking (18).


DANIEL also claimed that the accused and deceased fell out over imported vehicles. Only DANIEL tried to disclose the alleged vehicles which he claimed the deceased had imported and sold to the accused. He did not however see any of them. KALAIYA on the other hand said that he did accompany the deceased often to Mombasa to clear vehicles. KALAIYA was not clear whose vehicles they were. KALAIYA knew that he worked for SHARATON INTERNATIONAL to do ‘clearing and forwarding’. He was not clear to whom the company belongs. He could not tell who owned the vehicles they cleared allegedly with the deceased.

Although he failed to appear at various timesor found himself re-located in a single panel cartoon, William Mug continued asa comic strip until 26 September 1914. After that date he found himselfcontinuing to appear (in likeness if not always in name) in most Zif cartoonsuntil June 1917 when both the comic and its creator disappeared from the pagesof the paper. Shortly afterwards the International Socialist reverted to alltext.


PW14 was ODHIAMBO MARCELLUS TITUS ADALA, advocate. His evidence related to one PAUL NJUGUNA MBUGUA not called as a witness. He said that the said MBUGUA went to him and asked him whether he could accompany him to the Central Police Station to see one MR. OSUGO, a Senior Police Officer.

Pranks was not an appealing section as itlacked characters who had the attraction of Us Fellers, Fatty Finn or Bib andBub. Therefore, it was not surprising that the paper changed its section,again, in May 1929. This time they produced a winner with a half-broadsheetsection in full colour. The entire centrespread was devoted to a family strip,The Daggs, drawn by Alex Gurney. The Daggs’ son, Chippy, soon became the starof the strip and in November the name of the comic was changed to Daggsy andthe parents were reduced to the role of spear-carriers.


When the Argus introduced Speewa Jack inFebruary 1954, there was no immediate indication that it would become a minorclassic. Written by Alan Marshall, the well-known short story writer andnovelist, and drawn by Doug Tainsh, for the first nine months the comic wasalmost a gag-a-day strip with Speewa Jack trading tall stories. Then, SpeewaJack started spinning stories about the ‘old days’ which led to tales of goldminers and bushranging days. From these tales three characters graduallyemerged - Captain Candlelight, Pedro, and Dingo - who were not the mosthonourable or desirable of citizens but who, by the sheer force of theirpersonalities, displaced Speewa Jack from his own strip. The trio involvedthemselves in any scheme that was likely to bring them rewards without hardwork and when their plans came unstuck (as they always did) it was usuallybecause Dingo had taken some instruction literally. The use of villains as themain characters in a humour strip was unusual but it was a formula that appealedto the readers.

When Miller left the comic in 1945 it wastaken over by Will Mahony who remained with the strip until 1950. Chesty wasthen handled briefly by Virgil Reilly before being passed on to Cec Linaker,followed by John Santry who drew the comic until it was retired in 1964. Whileall of the artists contributed to the success of Chesty Bond, it was Syd Millerwho was the definitive artist on the character. As well as drawing the stripand creating Chesty’s unmistakable features, Miller wrote the stories and setthe pattern for others to follow. Once, while in hospital with scarlet fever,he drew a series of the comic which had to be fumigated before it could bepassed on to the agency. When this operation was found to be delaying the stripan agency employee began hovering outside Miller’s window, through which hewould drop each strip after it had been completed. The fate of Chesty Bond wastied to Miller.


It would have been difficult to find a singleBrigette strip that fitted the description. The Sunday Mail wrote to Carrexpressing their disappointment with the strip which they saw as continuing toportray ‘the less desirable type of teenage conduct’ and said that unless thecomic made a dramatic change they would be forced to drop it. They dropped itafter the episode of 21 September. Two weeks later it commenced a five monthsrun in the Melbourne Newsday only to become a victim of the economies used bythe paper as its financial problems deepened.

MURGOR, the Director of Public Prosecutions has personally prosecuted this case from inception. He has been assisted by various State Counsels working under him including MRS. ONDIEKI, MR. OGETII, and MRS.


By the mid-thirties, the sale of syndicatedmaterial was making a marked penetration into the Australian market. Thebiggest impact was being made by the Yaffa Syndicate which had been establishedby David Yaffa in 1928, basically to distribute material from King FeaturesSyndicate. For the Artists Ball in August 1935, the local writers and artistsdecided to go to print on the matter and published a small newspaper titledSyndicated Weakly. While the paper was ‘a protest against American and Englishprice-cutters doing (our) work’ most of the barbs were aimed at Dave Yaffa. Themasthead showed and American eagle with a firm grip on Australia and the legend‘Above all - floor Australia’ and the price of the paper was conspicuouslyreduced from 5c to Vid.

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The original plans called for Ned Kelly torun for 25-30 weeks but when Wedd sensed the opportunity to be able to producea detailed examination of Kelly’s life he approached the Sunday Mirror andexplained what he had in mind. They agreed that he should draw the comic on anopen-end basis and so Ned Kelly ran for 146 weeks, finishing in July 1977. Apartfrom the standard research that would go into a comic of this nature, Weddvisited the courtroom and various other spots to make the strip as authentic aspossible.

The Sydney Truth decided tocapitalize on his popularity with the introduction of a Willie comic early in1949, which was drawn by John McGilvray who signed his work ‘Camac’. Fennellcontributed the gags for the first six months but even when this task fell backto McGilvray the strip continued to exhibit the ‘extra grouse slanguage’favoured by the radio character. Willie mangled the English language whilecontinually dropping ‘h’s’ and it was, perhaps, this down-to-earth approach tohumour that made him such a popular figure.



NYAMBU said that he saw the skeleton being removed from apartment ‘C’ at the City Mortuary. He identified photographs 1 to 6 as those of the skeleton which he took from various views and parts. Photograph 7 was that of a tag on the body No. 2209. He produced his report as P. exhibit 19(a) and the photographs as P. exhibit 19(b).

Fatty’s popularity was such that a filmcalled The Kid Stakes, featuring Fatty and Hector, was made in 1927. Today,this film is considered something of a classic and the director, Tal Ordell,showed unusual skill in translating the then new medium of comics into liveaction films. The film also contained a segment showing Nicholls at his drawingboard, creating his characters. Further popularity followed and three colouredFatty Finn Annuals were published during 1928-30.


Criminal Law Journal 2535

The position in Kenya is the same. The A-G no doubt is the custodian of the Constitutional and legal authority for the conduct of criminal prosecution. That however, does not give him or officers under him power to be involved, whether intricately or casually in my view, with the exercise of roles which only the police can or should perform.

Instead of evidence to support DANIEL’s evidence on the issue of opportunity, I found more evidence which cast further doubt on his evidence. The first one is found in CHARITY’s account of what VERONICA told her. CHARITY who was VERONICA’s sister, told the court that VERONICA had said that she had left the deceased home on the evening of 24th March. CHARITY went further to say that VERONICA had told her that it was the deceased who told her to leave him home that evening because he was unwell and was in no position to attend a party to which both he and VERONICA had been invited.


Hubona’s affidavit says Khama and Kgosi instructed the Bank of Botswana to create three “special unit accounts” to which Maswabi had access. That had been the catalyst for the investigation. He said that on August 14 Maswabi transferred $2/9m to Kgosi.

Bancksaccepted the job immediately and remained primarily with The Bulletin until1922. Throughout this period he was studying art under Dattilo Rubbo and JulianAshton and supplying freelance cartoons to the Sunday Sun. Aware that theSunbeams comic section was imminent the editor, Monty Grover, suggested thatBancks draw a strip and that it should relate the adventures of GladsomeGladys. Bancks followed the editor’s suggestion but, fortunately, beguilinglittle girls of irresistible charm were not Bancks’ cup of tea.


As thestrip progressed, O'Brien’s style began to reflect confidence and a leaningtowards fashion designing could be detected. Gradually O’Brien developed aunique style which resembled some of the work of William Dobell and representedone of the most original and individual styles ever to appear in Australiancomics. The early stories were written by a journalist, C. W. Brain, butO’Brien took over the writing after the war. She based her stories on the booksby Ashton Woolfe, head of the French Surete, and combined the methods hedetailed with current news items in the papers.

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In the S4 the engine produced 230 hp, a pretty healthy amount for the time considering the contemporary and venerable E36 M3 had just 10 more. All in all, a pretty great way to start the S-sedan lineage.

He joined the Evening News as senior artistwhere the managing editor, Errol Knox, asked him to produce a strip to competewith Us Fellers. During his time at the News, Nicholls employed and encouragedAub Aria and was responsible for the publication of May Gibbs’ Bib and Bub.



The 35 years old Geoff Augustine’s Ossieappeared in the pages of the Sun-News Pictorial in April 1976 and began aonce-a-week appearance in the Sun-Herald in January 1977. However, Ossie hadoriginally appeared in Ansett Airlines’ inflight magazine. Panorama, in 1974 asa well intentioned tourist wandering in and out of predicaments. Augustine hadbeen an Art Director in an advertising agency and left to become a staff artistwith Ansett.

Criminal Case 229 of 2003

It is by no means in every case where a law officer considers that a conviction might be obtained that it is thought desirable to prosecute. Sometimes there are reasons of public policy which make it undesirable to prosecute this case. Perhaps the prosecution would enable him to present himself as a martyr. Or perhaps he is too ill to stand his trial without great risk to his health or even to his life.


When the Sunday Sun and Sunday Herald mergedin October 1953, the comic section of the Sun-Herald brought together the creamof local Sunday newspaper strips - Fatty Finn, The Potts, Radish, Bib and Bub,Frisky, Wally and the Major, Snowy McGann, Billy Koala, and Sandy Blight. TheSun-Herald went on to become the largest selling Sunday newspaper and some ofits success can be attributed to its comic section which has always contained areasonable percentage of Australian strips. As Brian White indicated in hisbook, White on the Media, most newspaper men would be surprised how manyreaders buy the Sunday papers simply to read such features as comics.

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While Us Fellers soon became the featureattraction in Sunbeams, by the middle of 1922 the balance of the pages werefilled by a series of one-shot titles or short-lived strips. There were comicsby Arthur Mailey, Syd Miller, Harry J. Weston, Percy Lindsay, Olive Fisher, LanceDriffield, Garnet Agnew, Len Reynolds, Harry Julius, Muriel Feldwick, JackWaring, George Little, Joe Jonsson, Jack Baird and many others. The new mediumappears to have attracted most of Sydney’s cartoonists both established andaspiring. But it was Us Fellers and, to a lesser degree, Fashionplate Fannythat were to be the paper’s main attractions until the early ’thirties.


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In atale using a farming background, Foley used a Malcolm Fraser lookalike calledThe Grazier. When advised that his homestead stood on a hill of pure Uranium,he cautioned Max and Min to keep quiet on the subject as he made more money outof Government farming subsidies than he was likely to make from miningroyalties!

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Elser planned to assassinate Hitler when giving annual speech in Burberbraukeller, a large beer hall in Munich, which was one of the gathering places of Nazi Party. Elser got this idea when he was attending the 1938’s Nazi gathering in that place and noted that the event was poorly guarded. In November 1938 Elser came to Munich and managed to stay inside Burberbraukeller. Every night he crawled into a hollow space behind a column where Hitler would give his speech.


Silence was the first Australian adventurestrip of any consequence and followed the earlier format of no speech balloonsand typeset text below each panel. As much of the original novel was based onlengthy dialogues and static situations, this format allowed the strip toremain basically true to Cox’s story. Though stiff and unpolished, bycontemporary standards the artwork was adequate. Out of the Silence finished inDecember 1934 but Hicks was to continue drawing strips such as Robinson Crusoeand The Deerslayer until he joined the Melbourne Age in 1936.

One country was South Africa where it ran into trouble. One of the Others’was a Voice from Above which, apparently, scandalized the South Africans tosuch an extent that they banned it as being blasphemous. It would appear thatthere was no place in comic strips for God - leastways, not for Tandberg’skind.


On leaving Fort Street HighSchool he spent two years as a copy boy at the Sydney Morning Herald and was acadet for four years at the Sun under Ron Melville. During this time he studiedat East Sydney Technical College for four years. He left the Fairfaxorganization in 1968 to work for a firm that manufactured flameproof electricalswitches.

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Under Packer, the Daily Telegraph had alwaysplaced considerable emphasis on its coverage of horse racing. Observing thecontinuing popularity of Radish and Rusty Riley in opposition papers, Packerintroduced a daily strip, Clamour, in February 1955. Clamour took a morerealistic approach to the racing game following the career of ‘an unknowncountry colt who rose to become the darling of the Australian turf. However,the incidence of bribing, doping, and double-crossing that unfolded in thestrip must have had race officials, trainers, and punters alike raising theireyebrows. The comic was located on the back sports page, written by Gavin Caseyand drawn by Will Mahony.


The blonde Anna (first known as Leeanna, ‘TheWhite Goddess’) was Craig’s girlfriend and, later, his wife. In a bushlandsetting on 13 October 1952, the wedding represented the first and possibly onlyexample of the main character from a local strip getting married. Milleradvanced the cause of matrimony further when, nine days later, Geelong and Lacymarried. The comic took an unusual twist in August 1955 when Anna was throwninto the path of an oncoming car and killed, making Craig our first comic stripwidower.

Fresh chipping of distal ends of phalanges which were post mortem artifacts

The companion feature to Cook’s strip was HarryCampbell’s The Adventures of Brian with the Fairy Folk, which perpetuated thetradition of extended titles. As the name implies, it was aimed at a veryjuvenile audience and Campbell was far more comfortable as an illustrator thanhe was in handling this type of strip.


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The Mirror published its second non-humorousstrip in the middle of 1946, The Life of Les Darcy. The work of 21-years-oldPeter James, it was one of the very few local comic strips to use a sportingtheme. In fact, for a country that has a reputation of being addicted to sport,local sporting strips have been fairly conspicuous by their absence inAustralian newspapers. Possibly the artists are at fault and have little or nointerest in this area as the newspapers have demonstrated, by using such stripsas Joe Palooka, Curley Kayoe, Big Ben Bolt, Mac Divot, and Gunner, that theyare prepared to run comics with sporting themes.

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Gersdorff intended to do a suicide bombing. He carried 8 ounces C2 bomb and hide it in his pocket. He was a tour guide when Hitler visited Zeughaus Berlin to inspect Soviet captured weapons. His plan was to throw himself around Hitler after Hitler made his speech and blew the bomb that would surely kill them both. The bomb was set to explode within 10 minutes after the detonator was activated. Unexpectedly, Hitler ended the tour sooner than expected. Probably because he felt Gersdorff,s anxiety. Gersdorff managed to diffuse the bomb in a public lavatory. He evaded suspicion and become one of few German Military anti Hitler plotter who survive the war.


The alter ego of Iron Outlaw was GaryRobinson, a junior accountant for the Melvem City Council who was tormented bythe injustices against the good people of Melbourne. On a visit to Glenrowan hefinds an old Kelly-style helmet and wishes that he had the strength and courageof Ned Kelly to combat the forces of evil. From nowhere appears Yum Yabbi thespirit of the bush and an Aboriginal answer to Brittania. With a wingedkangaroo perched on her head, an Aboriginal kangaroo motif on her shield, shepoints a bone at Gary and by uttering the magic words ‘Ah hoo la la’ shetransforms him into a super being and presents him with a pair of goldenboomerangs.

I am persuaded by that holding in the above case. MR. MURGOR submitted that the Complaint was the one lodged by VERONICA at Tigoni Police Station in the “Sudden Death Report”. I agree with MR. NGATIA that VERONICA’s report on the night of 24th March 1994 cannot be considered as a Complaint since CPL. MUTHIANI, who made it, understood VERONICA to say that her husband had died at home after a short illness of 3 days. I find that it is not clear what prompted the investigations into this case and the arrest of the accused.


April 2009 Connemara View

She confirmed that on the 17th November 2003, by way of an Application form D4 she was asked to issue a death certificate. She identified the Application as P. Exh 3(a) which she said came to her in the normal cause of duty after it was filed at their office. She identified a copy of the death certificate she issued as P. Exh 6. She issued it to one MUGAMBI IMANYARA.

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From a prisoner of war who had been part of Hitler’s security guard, the SOE obtained information of Hitler activities at the Berghof, a vocational place regularly visited by Hitler. It was revealed that at 10 AM everyday, Hitler would take his private walk around the woods, unguarded and out of sight of sentry posts. A Nazi flag visible from a nearby café was put up every time Hitler was there. The SOE planned to send 2 men wearing a German uniform by parachute into the area surrounding the compound.


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Initially, Air Hawk was the name of an aircharter service operated by Jim Hawk, an ex-World War II fighter ace. Thecharter base was in Alice Springs and they worked in conjunction with the RoyalFlying Doctor Service. Dr Hal Mathews was a close friend of Jim Hawk who workedfor the RFDS and Sister Janet Grant belonged to the Australian Inland Mission,whose medical clinic adjoined the air strip. In the mid-seventies, Jim Hawk wasgranted a franchise to supply a special Emergency Relief Unit. The Unit’sfunction is to relieve any Flying Doctor Base in need of assistance and to beavailable for special emergencies. Hal Mathews has been seconded to work withthe Unit and Janet Grant is now his full time assistant. With the change inresponsibilities the ‘Doctors’ part of the title has reverted to the singular.

Replies to “Munga – RV2”

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While accepting the popularity and the needfor a weekly comic, for reasons which remain unexplained, Australian newspaperswere slow to adopt daily strips. Bancks had created the short-lived Blimps andhis Mr Melbourne was to develop into a daily strip in the years ahead, but majornewspapers appeared to have no interest in such comics. It took the strugglingDaily Telegraph Pictorial to produce the first daily strip of any longevity andit was, probably, introduced only as one of the paper’s many ploys to boost itssagging circulation. Casual Connie made her debut on 19 December 1927 and wasdrawn by Jack Quayle. As the comic also appeared in the Sunday edition of thepaper, it became the first Australian strip to run seven days a week and mayhave been the first such strip in the world to do so.


Almost a quarter of a century after Smith’sWeekly had started the trend, the Sydney Morning Herald finally admitted comicsto its pages. The process was a slow one and may have received some of itsimpetus from the strike by the Printing Industry Employee’s Union in October1944. The managements of the Sydney Morning Herald, Telegraph, Sun, and Mirrorcombined to publish a composite newspaper that looked like a sickly version ofthe Herald and was, in fact, published by the Fairfax group.

With the introduction of Uncle Dick, agenteel scrounger who was to play an increasingly important part in the comic,the success of The Potts was assured. By 1958 it had become an internationalstrip with an estimated daily circulation of 15 million - by far, the largestcirculation experienced by any local strip.


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From 1942 to 1945, Miller published manycomic books and encouraged many young cartoonists. Starting in 1948 his singlecolumn spot, Animalaughs, appeared throughout Australia as well as England,Scotland and South Africa. It was unprecedented for an Australian artist tohave two strips being syndicated overseas at the same time.


Although in its constitution the BPF has registered Khama as it’s patron, his power base in the party is clear. Motsepe-Radebe has also denied any interference in Botswana’s politics. She said Botswana media reports were aimed at tarnishing her reputation and dragging her into a political spat. Motsepe-Radebe has also been red-flagged by the Botswana government, which labelled her a “risk to governments”.

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While Fatty Finn and Bib and Bub wereentrenched in their line-up, the Sunday News decided to alter their comicsection. In August 1926, in a large, single frame containing dozens of thecharacters and animals that had frequented the strip and a self-caricature ofhimself, Jessup advised the readers that Marmaduke had been discontinued ‘owingto changes in the paper’. One change was that the outer pages of the comicsection had gone to full colour in June; another was that Jessup’s strip was tobe replaced by a Harry Julius strip, Mr Gink - He Didn’t Think! Basically adomestic comic, the dull-witted Hercules Gink took things on face value. Onreading a book(on the superiority of males he would try to institute the principlesin his own household and the resultant mayhem would see him exchanging the bookfor one on the subject of first aid; or a patently transparent ‘Gold Mine’story by two con men would see Gink willing to hand over £,100 for theprivilege of managing the mine. Mr Gink’s stay was short but humorous and inJanuary 1928 he finally gave way to a US strip, Somebody’s Typist. Whileimported strips had previously appeared in the local papers this was, perhaps,the first time one had replaced an Australian comic and was a sign of things tocome.


The Evo-II is one of the gems of the Mercedes fan. That incredibly rare, unobtainable pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, that everyone dreamed about. At a cost new in 1990 of $80,000 I guess the $150,000 current ask price shows the car has appreciated. The AMG and Cosworth worked over 2/5 liter 4 cylinder 16 valve engine is good for 232 horsepower. The car came with an amazing body kit with air dams, fender flares, and an outrageous rear wing that most will never believe is factory and that boy racer types probably think is great. The car also comes with the now iconic and oft reproduced 17″ Evo-II rims.

CHARITY said that she only viewed the body of the deceased, inside the coffin on the day of burial, at the Lee Funeral Home. She said that the funeral service was conducted at Langata Cemetery where a good crowd of about 200 people of all races attended.


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Commencing on 6 January 1945, the Heraldbegan running an untitled pantomime strip once a week. In due course, thisbecame a strip about a dog, Shaggy, drawn by C. S. Gould. This strip wasfollowed by three US comics - Mr & Mrs, Penny, and Vic Flint.


GATEI disagreed that the medial angulation in this case was caused by congenital abnormality even though he could not rule it out. He also stated categorically that weathering could not cause angulation.

Following the introduction of Playtime, theHerald decided to launch a regular daily strip in the form of The Conways on 10November 1946. The storyline was by Betty Rowland, author of the prize-winningplay, Touch of Silk, while the artwork was handled by John Santry who had areputation in the commercial field as well as being a cartoonist. The earliestepisodes were pure soap opera.



NGATIA has in this case questioned the role played by the A-G and officers working under him. He urged the court to find that that office was involved in the work that only the police could carry out especially in investigations. MR. MURGOR on his part could not agree with those submissions. He submitted that under Section 26(4) of Constitution the A-G could give instructions to the Commissioner of Police and officers under him.

The poor appearance of the Sunday TelegraphComic forced the company to consider running a local strip specifically drawnfor their pages. On 29 February 1942, Nancy stepped aside for Nungalla andJungalla. Created by Mary and Elizabeth Durack, the comic was the first majorattempt to translate Aborigine legends into comic form and to adapt Aboriginalart techniques in both drawings and colour. Elizabeth Durack had illustratedher sister’s Bulletin article on station life with the Aborigines in theKimberly district and the pair had produced The Way of the Whirlwind, which waspublished by Consolidated Press in 1941. Nungalla and Jungalla was an excellentearly example of how didactic comics could be presented in an attractive andentertaining manner. The stories were suspenseful and interesting; the drawingsfresh and unusual; and the vibrant colour in keeping with the theme of thecomic. The comic lasted until February 1943 when it was replaced by a redrawnversion of Superman.


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As 1920 approached, Australia could look backon some brief forays into the field of comics but it could not look back on anestablished tradition in the field. Possibly the country’s isolation, a generallack of familiarity with the medium, and the intervention of World War Icombined to retard the growth of comics.

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The most successful advertising comic everused in Australia was Chesty Bond. The character was a co-creation of SydMiller and Ted Maloney, the Bond’s account executive at J. Walter Thompsonadvertising agency, and was designed with the idea of promoting sales of thecompany’s singlets. Devised in 1938, Chesty Bond only made spasmodicappearances along with another Bond’s strip, Aussie History, until it wasdecided to make the comic a regular feature in 1940. It started in the SydneySun in March, running three times a week - each Tuesday, Wednesday andThursday. Chesty’s antics soon gained a large following and by 1942 it had beenextended to five days a week becoming, possibly, the first advertising dailystrip of its kind in the world.


James Newton Russell was born at Campsie,NSW in 1909, the son of a council plumber who was killed in an accident in1915. After leaving Lewisham Christian Brothers in 1924 he became a copy boy onthe Sydney Daily Guardian and soon transferred to Smith’s Weekly. Because hisdrawing ability had not reached the standard required, Russell drifted into aseries of jobs including that of office boy at Sydney Stadium, where he alsobecame a preliminary boxer for a brief period. During this time he improved hisdrawing and sketches he made of notable boxers were published in various Sydneypapers. In 1926, the head artist of Fox Films offered to tutor Russell in thebasics of art if he paid £100 and worked for two years without pay. Russellaccepted and by the time he left Fox Films he had become a capable artist.

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Having considered all the matters before me, and for the aforementioned grounds I find that there is no case to justify the accused person to be placed on his defense. The prosecution case was based on theories it was unable to support or prove. It left the prosecution case with more questions begging for answers than the answers it set itself out to offer. I enter a finding of not guilty and acquit the accused accordingly. The accused should be set at liberty unless otherwise lawfully held.


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Another in the line of born losers, Laffertyis set in the convict settlement days. He seems to spend his days draggingaround a ball and chain, hanging from a tree by his thumbs, or trying to escapefrom soldiers decked out like Xmas trees. Occasionally he bests authority butsuch victories seldom bring him any material rewards - he usually wins as aresult of a sarcastic remark. Authority is at every turn yet Lafferty’s spiritremains undaunted. He lives by the creed lllegitimati non carborundum.

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Hubona said Maswabi and Motsepe-Radebe were co-signatories on South African bank accounts owned by two companies, Blue Flies and Fire Flies. Through their companies, the duo hold 17 bank accounts outside Botswana. Motsepe-Radebe, earlier this year, faced accusations of bankrolling Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi, a journalist and politician.


There is also a trend, particularly in theUS, for newspapers to return to the principle that it is features that buildcirculation. In an age where the immediate news content of newspapers is out-datedby television news and direct telecasts of major events, there is a need toprovide the reader with other, non-news, reasons for buying the paper. Comicsare one of the features which can be, and in some cases are, exploited as anattraction. They are old friends who wait to greet you each day.

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Three weeks prior to the departure of theDuracks another Australian strip was introduced. Wanda the War Girl was drawnby Kath O’Brien, a 28 year old artist from Mackay, North Queensland. As a girlshe had travelled Australia with her parents while her father prospected forgold, broke horses, and worked in the outback.

Ebineesor is an old, bearded codger with ared bulbous nose and with the assistance of Booney, a boy scout, he plans toblow-up ‘Fort Dennyson’ with a cannon-bomb (a giant-size fire cracker). In thebest tradition of comics, it is Ebineesor who is blown-up, soaked to the skinand left swearing-off involving himself in matters of defence.


WalterCunningham returned to comics, briefly, in June to illustrate a version ofLeslie Rees’s Digit Dick. As Cunningham was also the illustrator of the DigitDick books the transition to the comic page was quite smooth.

Written by Graeme Rutherford and drawn byGregor Mac Alpine, Iron Outlaw sometimes ridiculed but mostly poked fun at thepolitical and social institutions of Australia and set about the ‘Ocker’ imagewith great relish. At the same time they highlighted the popularity of comicbook super-heroes, particularly the characters from Stan Lee’s Marvel ComicGroup, and imitated the styles of well-known comic book artists, like NealAdams, to reinforce their point.


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Television made its official debut inSeptember 1956 when the Sydney station TCN9 began transmission. Few could guessthe impact this event would have in altering the pattern of our life-styles andonly close observers of the British and US experience could predict that thenew medium would affect the country’s reading habits. One of the earliest andcertainly one of the most popular children’s programmes was Captain Fortune,from the studios of ATN7 in Sydney. As well as the usual games and competitionsthe programme contained a segment that purported to be a re-enactment of theCaptain’s adventures around the world. Produced live on a shoestring budget andexhibiting a minimum of technical expertise, the segments were crude inpresentation. But both the Captain and his adventure segment gained a largefollowing.

Fortunately, as thecomic progressed it moved away from the melodramatic clichés and later episodesthat were set on a country station were far more interesting. Also, as hebecame more familiar with the medium, Santry’s art gained character. TheConways lasted until the middle of 1949 when it was replaced by an obscureoverseas strip.


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Another comic which looked at the permissivesociety was Fred & Others, which first appeared in the Melbourne Herald on29 September 1969. Drawn by Paul Tandberg with Thurber-like sparsity of detail,the comic took an anything but serious approach to permissiveness, pollution,women’s liberation, drinking and other facets of society. Tandberg avoided theuse of formal panel divisions - a technique he continues to use on thepolitical comic strips he draws for the Age.

Gurney had a remarkable way of capturing theidiom of the period and was quite daring in his use of it in strips. Prior tocommencing The Daggs, he had drawn a Stiffy & Mo comic for Beckett’sBudget. Possibly the first Australian comic to be based on live characters, thestrip abounded in colloquialisms and rhyming slang.


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When the Argus failed in January 1957, aftera short break, Speewa Jack made a brief appearance in the Age. Candlelight,Pedro, and Dingo devised a fire brigade insurance scheme where they soldinsurance to hotels and promptly set fire to them to drum up business. Themanagement at the Age failed to see the humour and the strip was dropped aftera few weeks because of ‘un-Australian activities’.

With its crew of the Captain, Auntie, DickDead-Eye and Jim the Cabin Boy, the strip was one of a number of imitations ofThe Katzenjammer Kids that emerged in this country. Another strip, Charlie& The Kids, capitalized on the popularity of Charlie Chaplin and is thoughtto have been the work of George Little.


These include the words ‘deceased collapsed and died instantly’ and words like “partly collapsed coffin”. It also concluded that soil samples would bring negative results from the Government Chemist. MR. MUTIE clarified that none of the post mortem forms before the court – P. exh.

In England, Arthur Homer’s Colonel Pewtermade its first appearance in the News Chronicle in 1952; continued in the DailyMail after a takeover in October 1960; and transferred to The Guardian in May1964 where it continued to run until Homer retired the strip in 1970. Duringits 18 year run the entire series was syndicated to the Melbourne Age, where ithad a strong following.


Thathopeful prospect of being near Fraserburg collapses as we reach another, lonefluttering flag. But this one is different, a sponsors flag rather than anofficial Munga one. This is not a designated water point, but another ‘tap’. Onthis occasion though, the tap is a quaint and neat farmhouse with a friendlyhusband and wife team helping us to ice and cold water from one of severalcoolboxes. T crashes in the shade of the braai area around the coolboxes whilstI head to a deckchair on a lawn that is infeasibly green and lush given theharsh desert surrounds. A whole stack of mattresses for weary riders sitsunused across from me, and the family dog is lying lazily chewing a ball justin front. Her head jerks up the moment she senses me paying attention and shetrots over and drops the ball by my chair. I do my best to toss it far acrossthe lawn, but it’s retrieved and deposited back by me in moments. After six orso repeats both of us reluctantly abandon the game – I need to eat something,and we need to keep moving to reach the water point proper. T shares half ofone of the few remaining muesli bars from my backpack as we kit up and wend ourway back around the farm dam and into the street.

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Khama has been part of a political storm since leaving the party his father founded. He plans to contest elections through a new outfit called the Botswana Patriotic Front.


John Dangar Dixon was born at Newcastle in1929, the son of a school principal. After completing his education at CookHill Intermediate High he became a trainee window dresser at a softgoodscompany. He became interested in art and obtained a position as an advertisingartist with the same company. In 1945 Dixon moved to Sydney where he took aseries of jobs with department stores and advertising agencies. An agencyacquaintance suggested that he try the comic book and he set out to takesamples to Frank Johnson Publications, towards the end of 1947. His route tookhim past the offices of H. John Edwards and so started a long association withthat company.

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Because his drawings show such an affinityfor the bush and outback, many people are surprised to learn that Jolliffe camefrom England. Eric Ernest Jolliffe was born at Portsmouth in January 1907 andcame to Perth with his family in 1914. The family moved to Sydney after sixmonths where Jolliffe, because of what he calls his ‘rebel streak’ was alwaysin trouble with his teachers. By the time he was 15 he was delighted to be ableto escape to the bush where he spent the next six years working as a boundaryrider, rabbit trapper, and in shearing sheds. When he returned to Sydney tovisit his family a chance visit to Angus and Robertson started him on hisartistic career. Discovering a book on drawing he ‘learned to my surprise thatart wasn’t necessarily a gift divine, but a craft that could be studied andworked at’. He enrolled for an introductory course at East Sydney TechnicalCollege where his teachers were almost unanimous and outspokenly frank abouthis lack of talent! But Jolliffe was determined to prove his critics wrong andcontinued with his drawings. During the Depression he obtained a job as awindow cleaner at a building opposite The Bulletin. This allowed him to inundatethat magazine with cartoons and be close at hand to retrieve the inevitablerejections over the next few years.

A good deal of the credit for Salisbury’ssuccess goes to Sol Shifrin of Inter Continental Features. Initially, Shifrin’ssyndicate handled only overseas material but in recent years it has become theonly syndicate specializing in Australian and New Zealand comic strips. Thefact that Salisbury signs his strip ‘Sols’ is not related to Sol Shifrin’sinvolvement with the strip - it is sheer coincidence. Sols has been Salisbury’snickname since schooldays.


I, which was the only record then, was natural causes. It is not surprising then that no charges could have been preferred since there was absolutely no reasonable cause to do so.

It wasdrawn by John Norton of Mt. Gambier, South Australia. Norton was an Englishmigrant who had always been interested in art, had spent three years atBrighton Art School, and had his own commercial studio prior to migrating toAustralia in 1962. He got the idea for the strip while doodling on the boat onthe way over. In yet another coals to Newcastle performance, the highlight ofVicky’s career was when it was syndicated for a period to Katso Lehti inHelsinki.


But, with the exception of Ben Bowyang,they had little success in selling their material in other states. However,that situation was soon to change.


Arthur Wakefield Homer was born at Malvern,Victoria in 1926, the son of a civil servant. The family moved to Sydney whereHomer was educated at Sydney High School and studied at the National ArtSchool. While he was a student he wrote and acted in radio plays. He drewregularly for The Bulletin for whom he created the cartoon series Andy beforejoining the staff of Smith’s Weekly. At Smith’s, one of his jobs was to assistStan Cross on the Dad and Dave strip. Homer created a comic about two radioannouncers, Nat and Reg, which ran for a brief period in the ABC Weekly priorto his joining the Army where he served in New Guinea and Borneo, first in acamouflage unit and then as part of the Military Field History Team. On beingdemobbed, he travelled to England where he studied at the Central School ofArts and Crafts, London and travelled extensively on the continent.


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Bom Leslie Charles Brailey at Sydney in July1910, Les Dixon was adopted by Charles and Lillian Dixon at the age of sixmonths. He attended schools in Balmain and Drummoyne before moving to Cobargowith his family in 1918 on a venture of stripping wattle bark, trappingrabbits, and share dairy farming. During this period his education wasconducted by correspondence from the Plunkett Street School, Sydney. In 1929Dixon returned to Sydney and obtained a job as a blacksmith’s striker for sixmonths before taking a position with the Vacuum Oil Company. He also continuedto take art lessons by correspondence. In 1938 he was forced to leave the oilcompany after sustaining a fracture at the base of his skull and dislocatinghis neck. While on the dole he studied life drawing at the Catholic Guild andas a freelance was able to sell drawings to The Bulletin, Rydges, and Smith’sWeekly. Called into the Army in 1941 he was discharged in three months due tohis inability to wear a tin hat. The same year he joined the staff of Smith’sand remained there until the paper folded. When Russell left Smith’s, Dixon wasappointed Art Editor but it was not ratified before the paper closed down.

OGETO said that he was summoned again by DR. NJUE on 28th October 2004 to assist in arranging the same bones again. He said that he arranged them anatomically both at City Mortuary and at Nairobi Hospital, on the same day. He said that at the City Mortuary PROF. GATEI, DR. ROGENA and DR. GACHII examined the bones in the presence of MR. MUTIE the Investigating Officer and other Police officers. At Nairobi hospital, MR. OGETO said that the bones were X-Rayed in sections.


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On 4th November 2004 radiologists led by DR. WAMBUGU and in presence of PROF. GATEI carry out reading of the X-rays and made report.


MUTIE told the court that from the records held at Tigoni Police Station, he became aware that an inquest file No. 5/94 was opened to investigate the deceased’s death. That the investigating officer of the case was JAKAITI, a CHIEF INSPECTOR OF POLICE who has since died and who was then the Officer Commanding Station (OCS) Tigoni Police Station. He said he was unable to get that inquest file and opened a police file No. 212/411/2003. MR. MUTIE said that MR. KAVILA asked him to pursue death certificates issued by Kiambu Registrar of Births and Deaths which he did by summoning MRS. KARIUKI (PW4) and locking her up in his cells for 2 hours. He said that he felt that she could assist him in the investigations. From his evidence, MUTIE was unhappy what MRS.


Gurney’s outstanding sense of humour wasbacked-up by detailed panels containing a great variety of angles and well-balancedfigures. Acknowledged as one of Australia’s finest cartoonists, his particularstrength was his ability to capture the flavour of the Australian character asseen through the eyes of Australians. Gurney died from a heart attack on 4December 1955.

Steve Landon made its first appearance in theBrisbane wraparound edition of The Australian in July 1973. It was the work ofGeorge Smith, a local silkscreen printer, and followed the adventures of anex-Senior Detective who resigned from the force after the death of his wife andchild. One of the few adventure strips of the last decade, Steve Landon usedBrisbane and the Gold Coast areas as its background and a number of segmentsfeatured extensive use of rhyming slang. The comic finished in August 1974 whenthe use of local sections was discontinued by The Australian, leaving SteveLandon as possibly the only locally drawn comic to be connected with thatpaper. Smith returned to the scene, briefly, in December 1976 when the BrisbaneSunday Mail published his Behind the UFO as a full-colour comic book insert.


He joined the Sydney Evening News in 1928and was the youngest political cartoonist in the country. When the paper foldedin 1931 he became a sports caricaturist with the Referee then transferred backto Smith’s. For almost two decades he handled single-block cartoons, strips,and film reviews. When Stan Cross left, Russell took over You & Me,altering the title to Mr & Mrs Potts, as well as becoming Art Editor anddrawing Smith’s Vaudevillians. Through the war years Russell was alsoresponsible for two satirical strips, Adolf, Herman and Musso and Schmit derSphy, which were rumoured to have put Russell on the blacklist, if the Allieshad lost the war.

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This is the agenda of some in this country to connect me to her and allege that myself and Bridgette were attempting to overthrow this government. There are serious things wrong with the BDP.


Cross was at great pains to avoid the popularconception of the Australian soldier that he had seen created during his yearsat Smith’s. By making his characters part of the home-front army, he was ableto unfold his humour at a leisurely pace and there was not the same sense ofactive participation as generated by other wartime strips. The laconic,saturnine Wally made a limited contribution to the strip, particularly afterthe arrival of Pudden Benson as Major Winks’ batman. When not playing the roleof an obtuse buffoon, the bald, tubby Pudden was often capable of flashes ofcunning insight. More often than not, Pudden was the catalyst in providing thestrip’s punchlines. The Major was a short, rotund fatherly figure whoseprevious Army experience qualified him for a commission. One suspects that hisbattle experience was limited to wielding his pen in the battle of red tape. Hewas a gentleman of the old school with a middle-class background who had nevercome to grips with modem attitudes. He was constantly staggered by theassessments delivered by those around him. A highlight of the strip under Crosswas the variety of expressions on the Major’s face in the last panel.

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Afterlimited success in producing one-line cartoons he became an artist at aprintery for a short period before rejoining Fairfax. For Pix Magazine hecreated Cindy in August 1970. The voluptuous blonde with a capacity for losingher clothes was originally titled Chesty Blonde. While the name was apt andsmile-provoking the editor, aware of Bonds’ copyright on Chesty Bond, wiselydecided to change the name to Cindy. While the strip was still running, Foleycommenced drawing Max and Min as a replacement for Nan Fullarton’s Frisky.


Late in 1940, Alex Gurney began developinghis legendary soldier strip, Bluey and Curley. In November 1940 it beganappearing in Picture News, a short-lived magazine published by the Herald andWeekly Times. Initially a full-page strip, Gurney saw Bluey as the hard-headedWorld War I veteran involved with the exuberant new recruit, Curly. Again, thetheme tended to revolve around camp activities rather than fighting. WhenPicture News folded the comic was picked-up by the Sun-News Pictorial whointroduced the comic by running a full page of five strips on 1 February 1941.

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Comics have always played an important partin the mass media and there are very few people living who can recall the timewhen there were no regular comics in some form. They have amused, delighted,enchanted, charmed, thrilled, inspired and sometimes annoyed countless millionsof readers - and any field with such a widespread appeal through all ages ofthe community should not be ignored. In particular, the Australian contributionto this field deserves further study.


The issue of whether or not to adjourn the case is a matter for the court to decide. It should be exercised fairly, judicially and bearing all issues in mind including the effect of delay on the accused. Once adjournment is rejected, the Court cannot be blamed for the consequences on the case as long as the courts decision is judicious. I believe that the various adjournments I declined to grant were justified in the circumstances of this case.

Ken Emerson returned to the comic field inFebruary 1974 when the Sydney Sun commenced running On the Rocks, on theunusual basis of two strips per week. Inspired by The Rocks area of Sydney, thecomics featured the exploits of Floyd Fingal, transported con man, as hematched wits with the paymaster of the New South Wales Rum Corps, MajorUnheaval; the bumbling Colonial Governor; and his hopeless aide, De Camp. Whileoffering comments on the hardship and misery of the era. On the Rocks steppedoutside of its historical period to reflect the broader canvas of localaffairs. Sly-grog, six o’clock swill, pollution, metho drinkers, AlcoholicsAnonymous, glue sniffing, take-away foods, television cue-cards, bin testings,etc - they were all there and permeating all of the gags was thecharacteristic resentment for authority and the conviction that the little manwas smarter than his keepers. The comic deserved a wider audience but fell victimto editorial changes at the beginning of 1977.


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As a result of this visit, he came down with a bout of malariain August 1944. The Sun-News Pictorial rationed his strips, running Bluey andCurley on a three-days-a-week basis until he came out of hospital.

DANIEL continued to say that 2 days before he learnt of the deceased’s death, the deceased called him on his cell phone and told him that the accused had withdrawn his gun, his security access card and fuel card. That the deceased said that even though he was no longer working for them, he would still insist to have the money owed to him paid. DANIEL said that the deceased’s parting shot was to request him to look for SUSAN and tell her to take care of their son in case anything happened to him.


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Commencing in 1944 was a sequence which usedBob Hope and Jerry Colona. Readers must have scratched their heads when no soonerhad Hope met Chesty than he quickly left the strip. Through his Australianagent, Hope had threatened a law suit for using him without permission and, byimplication, suggesting that he endorsed Bond’s singlets. The sequence wasterminated after only seven episodes.

Bottom line: This is an imperfect example of one of my perfect cars, and it could end up being a great deal with bidding starting at about $7k. Just remember how much fun these cars are and ask yourself if ~$10k is worth it. I think so.


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All these facts were recorded in March 1994 between the dates of 24th and 26th. VERONICA was not called to testify as to the correctness of the statement of facts as recorded by CPL.

The only other horse-racing strip was Percethe Punter which originated in the Sydney Truth in 1946 and transferred to theSunday Telegraph in 1961. The strip, drawn by Jack Quayle, recorded Perce’sattempts to pick winners at the previous day’s race meeting and his wagers withhis bookmaker, Shaw Todds. While using the comic strip form, it was not a comicstrip in the generally accepted sense.


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Dick Dean adopted the usual reporter role ofnot being content to report on a murder but to solve it, as well. In trackingdown the villains, his girlfriend is kidnapped, gangsters make a number ofattempts on his life, and he is involved in the traditional car chases. Again,there was plenty of space to keep the story moving. On the early art, Cook wasinfluenced by Alex Raymond’s Secret Agent X-9 which was running, for example,in the Brisbane Telegraph at that time and using the same double-deck as theBrick Bradford strip.

For many years, the comic followed theadventures of Pip and Emma as they journey around the world and with greatattention being paid to details relating to backgrounds, clothes, foods andcustoms. Over the years, the engagingly drawn strip produced many entertainingsituations and interesting characters. Two such characters, Tibby Tiger andEric Elephant, eventually took over the strip when it was reduced to a singledeck, gag-strip prior to its disappearance in the early ’fifties.


The pressure of increasing demands for dailyjournalistic art convinced Foley that he would have to drop Max and Min - andin one final, climactic adventure he literally killed-off most of thecharacters. Max and Min remained topical and incisive to the last. In the 300thepisode on 4 July 1974, Max and Min are seen departing into a thick, pea soupfog and towards a queue they can make out in the distance. From the final,fog-filled panel rises a single balloon, saying two words - ‘Dole bludgers’.

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Bearing all this factors in mind and the long period of time it took before the repeat autopsy, I find that the second category of autopsy report were of little assistance to the Court in its quest of determining the cause of death of the deceased. Applying the test of the correlativeness of the two doctor’s opinions to the evidence adduced by prosecution (Ndungu’s case Supra) I find both opinions of little value to the prosecution case.


Alexander George Gurney was born atPortsmouth in 1902. His father died when Gurney was five months old and hismother, who was Australian, brought the boy back to Hobart. Gurney completedhis education at Macquarie Street State School at the age of 13 and worked fora short period as an ironmonger. He then served a seven-year apprenticeship asan electrician and during that period commenced art training, attending the highclasses at Hobart Technical School. Gradually, he began selling cartoons to theTasmanian Mail, The Bulletin, Smith’s Weekly and Melbourne Punch.

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This evidence needed to be tested against other evidence adduced in this case. In terms of time, MUZAHIM put the period of the fall out between the two as about 2 months before the deceased died. KALAIYA contradicted MUZAHIM on the issue of tapping the deceased’s phones. KALAIYA denied being used to tap the phones. However, KALAIYA said that he witnessed MUZAHIM tapping the deceased’s phones.

Despite the growth and increasing acceptanceof comic strips overseas, Australia had to wait until 1920 to experience itsfirst regular strip to reach a wide audience. The legendary Smith’s Weekly hadbegun publication in March 1919 and the early issues gave no indication thatthis paper would become the showcase for a remarkable array of skilledcartoonists. Alek Sass, Cecil Hartt, Charlie Hallett and Stan Cross handled thebulk of the early cartoons - though there was nothing bulky about the volume oftheir output in the first year.


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Radish looked like a candidate for the glueworks and part of his appeal was in his down-trodden appearance. After makinghis first appearance in the Brisbane Sunday Mail in January 1951, Radish soonspread to most other states and gained a popularity comparable with thatexperienced by Spark Plug, the hayburner of the US strip Barney Google. WhenJonsson died in 1963 the comic was taken over by Ian Gall for some years untilthe Unit was disbanded because of escalating costs.

The improvement in Hicks’ style andunderstanding of the medium was obvious. From the flat, tentative approach onOut of the Silence, he had developed a crisp, broken-line technique that gavethe comic the required feeling of movement. He experimented with panel angleswhich added dramatic emphasis to the storylines. Larry Steele’s adventures tookhim to New Guinea, Africa, South America and other points around the globe ashe solved mysteries and outwitted spies. Hicks became the first local artist tocapitalize on the success and popularity of Australian aviators of the periodby using aeroplanes as a regular feature of the strip.


Other Australian strips featured in Playtimewere Bill Davies’ Little Ali, Dick Sealey’s Sandy and Sue, Keith Chatto’sDestiny Scott, Lock and Scott’s Gale of the ‘Gundigai’, and Chris Thornton byJill Meillon and Anne Drew (‘Adye’). There were also overseas strips includingTarzan, Red Ryder, Dickie Dare, Pip, Squeak and Wilfred and adaptations of suchpopular classics as Treasure Island and The Three Musketeers. But the real starof the comic section was Eric Jolliffe’s Tom Flynn - Stockman that made itsfirst appearance in October 1946.

Brigette doesnot glorify any ills in the present young society. Brigette intends to reportrealistically the fact that there is a drug problem in Australia, just as TheIndependent reported the problem of VD. But H. McDonald, not thinking, clearlyjumped the gun before that sequence came to its natural conclusion. It isexactly this type of bigotry I am trying to eradicate. Teenagers today are wellaware of life, very much down to earth and don’t like anything phony.


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The Sunday Standard also published damning articles linking Motsepe-Radebe and her associate, businessman Malcolm X, to an intricate plot that also allegedly involved Ian Khama. The plotters reportedly wanted Masisi to be replaced with former cabinet minister Venson-Moitoi, who was reportedly Khama’s preferred candidate, before the congress in Kang in April.

In October 1972, the Sunday Telegraphreturned to the field of locally produced comics when it commissioned LloydPiper to draw Wolfe. Piper had drawn comic books for many publishers during the’forties before settling-in to a long career as an advertising layout artist and,later, becoming a part-time teacher at the National Art School. Wolfe was aroving adventurer who travelled as fate and fancy prompted him. Wolfe’sstrength was its strong storyline and the fact that Piper restricted hiswanderings to Australia, giving readers an opportunity to identify with thevarious suburbs and country towns - and it was these aspects that attracted alarge following for the strip.


Commencing with its first issue in May 1907,The Lone Hand brought readers Norman Lindsay’s delightful comic stripsfeaturing his bears, Billy Wattlegum and Tommy Topbough. Although the panelsweren’t formalized and the dialogue was not enclosed in balloons, they wereclearly identifiable as comic strips and represent the first systematic use ofthe medium by an Australian artist. As well as using koala bears as boxers,punters and politicians, Lindsay drew comics about other animals and children -often in the pantomime style. The remarkably talented Lindsay made hisreputation in other areas of the arts and it is to be regretted that he did notengage deeper in the field of comics, particularly in the days of colouredcomic sections.

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Clark was very much aware of the shortcomingsof his published art and made a number of approaches to the Mirror with a viewto improving it. The management was adamant - neither the artwork nor thehumour should be altered in any way. While they could not pinpoint the reasonfor the strip’s popularity they were not prepared to tamper with a successfulformula. Clark, who created Boofhead back in the early part of 1939, was agentle, quiet man who gave thousands of his original drawings to the SpasticCentre for the children to use in colouring exercises.