If you remember the last news update, the upcoming version is all about improving the existing content in the game. This includes not only polishing, balance and bugfixes but also new abilities, better sounds and overall making the mod more fun.

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Ive downloaded adi's program, but what do you do with it? Do you download it and then just install KW, or do you have to open adi's program and do something first?


OUTDATED: One Vision 0.75

Have the C&C3's game designers _explicitly_ told you so? If no, then there's normal difficulty, as is meant to be played by the vast majority of their target audience.

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I continue using Moddb for big releases and I force nobody to join my channel. However, this is a one-man project and my time is limited.

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Also as a last attempt to try and prevent misunderstandings: I never said I was a pro player, come on, look at my profile: I've played 16 hours of KW acording to Steam and that is more like 10 hours of actual gameplay. How could I think that I'm a pro player after 10 hours :D My negative ciriticsm towards the game comes from experience with the previous titles: they all provided a fair, balanced challenge on the highest difficulty in their campaigns, while KW messes that up completely. Hard is sometimes too easy, sometimes too hard and if you lower the difficulty you'll fall asleep from boredom because it's almost like the game was playing itself, you don't even need to think. That is why I did not enjoy this game.

Could this patch cause any issues? Do I now need to remove the patch as I dont need it anymore anyway?


I admit I don't like how KW imitates difficulty by the AI rushing you though, I find it lazy. Do I have to outsmart the AI, find the weak spots and exploit them? Well sometimes it helps but mostly you just have to be super fast and kill the AI off with a huge army.

At this point, I don't think the mod doesn't need many more units. Instead, I want to focus on a distinct thematic playstyle of each faction. As well as adding more experimental gameplay features. But most of all I want to focus on the "fun" part of the mod. Commandos and Epic Units will also play a more important role and provide unique abilities and advantages that fits each of the 9 faction.


Then suddenly you can't win it. What do you do? Listen to the game itself telling you HOW to win this mission without too much trouble WITH A ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ VIDEO?