The error appears only when the model on your side contains a persistent class without a primary key property. Usually, such a scenario occurs, when the model contains views (in addition to the tables). Both the tables and the views from the database are mapped to persistent classes from Data Access perspective, but since the views do not have primary keys in the database, their corresponding persistent classes have no primary key properties.

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This KML file is then plotted on the map. The HTML file uses Bootstrap to implement responsive behavior.


The Logon Type field indicates the kind of logon that was requested. The most common types are 2 (interactive) and 3 (network). The Process Information fields indicate which account and process on the system requested the logon. The Network Information fields indicate where a remote logon request originated. Workstation name is not always available and may be left blank in some cases. The authentication information fields provide detailed information about this specific logon request - Transited services indicate which intermediate services have participated in this logon request - Package name indicates which sub-protocol was used among the NTLM protocols - Key length indicates the length of the generated session key.

Set, Map, and Array should all have comparable interfaces. Ideally, there would be an ICollection interface that forces all collection to be consistent (for both builtin and custom implementations).


Data is stored in the MySQL database based on the unique serial number of your GPS tracker

With ES6 Map and Set were introduced into JavaScript (https://yacsssdm.ru/content/uploads/files/download/map-contains-key-javascript.zip). They finally bring more sophisticated data structures to your web applications. Because of that, they are a very welcome addition to the language. For too long, arrays have been forced to solve every single problem that is out there.

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The GPS tracker is configured to send GPS coordinates and alerts to the defined TCP server port

Strict Mode is a new feature in ECMAScript 5 that allows you to place a program, or a function, in a "strict" operating context. This strict context prevents certain actions from being taken and throws more exceptions.

Useful JavaScript Map methods


Note that TableId in MyTable is marked as a primary key, while TableId in MyView is not. For your convenience and for an easier way to find such cases, our validation framework will display both an error and a warning in Error List.

Warning: In Jenkins, the groovy-ish example is subtly broken, as it depends on an iterator. Iterators aren't safe in Jenkins Pipeline code unless wrapped in a @NonCPS function.


If the server terminates with an error, you may have a problem with firewall software running on the server or the database connection. If the server runs normally, you should see a new record in the gps table with the current datetime stamp.

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The JavaScript code supplies unique URLs to the Google servers to ensure the KML view is correctly updated when needed. The JS code forces a request of a new KML file once a minute if the latest data is less than 10 minutes old. This should update the map dynamically if your GPS coordinates change. A browser refresh will also force a new KML cache.

In a map object, items are never garbage collected. A WeakMap instead lets all its items be freely garbage collected. Every key of a WeakMap is an object. When the reference to this object is lost, the value can be garbage collected.


Setting up the GPS tracker

The GPS tracker is configured to send GPS coordinates and alerts to the defined TCP server port. Data is stored in the MySQL database based on the unique serial number of your GPS tracker.