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Moriarty on Sherlock is referred to as the "consulting criminal" - he's made a a career out of solving problems for people, frequently in lethal ways. He does this for fun rather than money, and sells out several former clients as part of his first "game" with Sherlock.


The world can always use more kindness. If you need more compassion in your life or want to spread it to those around you with some random acts of kindness, read through and share these kindness quotes. Desmond Tutu, Maya Angelou, Princess Diana, and many more said it best in these be kind quotes. If these kindness quotes aren’t enough for you, also look through these kindness quotes for kids, inspirational quotes to wake you up, these funny quotes to get you laughing, and these happiness quotes to boost your spirits.

Recently, [Sean] along with [Andrew “bunnie” Huang] and a few others were asked by GovTech Singapore to review their TraceTogether hardware token proposal. At its core it’s similar to the Simmel contact tracing solution – on which both are also working – with contacts stored locally in the device, Bluetooth communication, and a runtime of a few months or longer on the non-rechargeable batteries.


These are just a few ideas about how to train a potentially dangerous collective and not let it get out of the yard. When there's a problem, you want it to bark but not bite you.

I'm surprised you don't know, everyone knows this trick! So, okay, if you wait and see lightning, you're supposed to count the seconds before the thunder. The longer and longer the time between the two is, the further away the storm is getting.


One of the absolute best things you can do for your online accounts is enable two-factor authentication (2FA) whenever it’s available. Essentially, rather than only needing a password to login, you need to enter a second piece of data as well.

Not only did they form a critical part of a doctor’s training, but the doctors who regularly performed them were the most respected in the medical community. An unfortunate byproduct of this, though, was the erroneous belief that the dirtier the doctor, the better the doctor.


The guest room in the house is mostly for decoration. The only guest Jordan would have is Tom, and Tom didn't often leave the big city these days. He was miles ahead on Sparklez when it came to this business stuff, started himself an empire in the big apple and never looked back. Not that he'd abandoned Jordan, rather the opposite actually. But Tom had a way of living and, well, he was polite but not polite enough to want to stay in a cottage in the woods. Not that Sparklez really blamed him. The dude was living in penthouses daily.

As much as he made progress here, he's still exhausted as hell from everything else. This moderator, the code, the lack of links to Tubbo's name - it's tauntingly stressful for what should be his happy place.


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He crouches, pulls out some spare dry firewood from beside the fire place and tosses it into the charcoal pile. With a flick of a button his thumb glides across, the redstone ignites the wood, burning the logs into a roaring fire seconds later.

It takes a moment for Jordan to remember what they were even talking about. His own brain feels too muddled for deep conversation.


If the teachers treat them in this way then how long those students will sit in their classes and listen to their lecture. Thus, all the hope and enthusiasm of the students are discouraged by them. Dividing the students on their appearance is a very common defect of today’s teachers which is also included as a main defect of today’s society.

This is far from all we did in Belgrade, and there is much we didn’t get to. The city, the people, and the history is amazing. You will feel welcomed and wanting to return.


The Comedian of Watchmen was this to a certain extent, suggested to have merely become a masked vigilante for a reason to kill people. Despite most of his comrades recognizing this he appears to have impressed part of the mindset that led him to such actions onto every one of them, with varying reactions. He becomes a more classic example, or so it's implied, after the very government that claims vigilantes are dangerous hires him as a political assassin. He knew damn well he'd passed any sane person's Moral Event Horizon and didn't give a damn.

A few weeks ago it came to our attention that Rigol’s DS2000-series oscilloscopes were easily unlocked with a few USB commands. We had expected a small microcontroller device would be developed to send these bits to a scope automatically, and we never imagined the final version of this tool hack would be so elegant. Now it’s possible to unlock a DS2072 o’scope using just a serial number and a great encryption hack.


You should definitely enable 2FA for any of your crucial accounts that offer it. Most big tech services like Google, Facebook, Dropbox, and Twitter have this option available, as do popular password managers like LastPass. Typically you just need to dig around in your account settings on a given site to find the instructions on how to enable it. Here is a useful guide from Google if you would like to know more about how Two-Factor Authentication works.

Tubbo doesn't seem exactly pleased with that response, but says nothing. And Jordan's not exactly the best conversationalist, therefore the room falls into a dense silence that's only broken when a new medic, operator, shuffles in to finish off medical documents pinned to the foot of Tubbo's bed. Then he's gone, leaving the two walking out the hospital doors several feet apart and behind.


Texts can be some of the most personal and private communications we have. They’re also especially vulnerable to being seen by others: your cell network can see them as they’re being sent (as can any government agency who’s chummy with that network).

Rebuild of Evangelion has Mari Illustrious Makinami. Though unlike other examples, she's a genuinely nice girl as long as you don't let her anywhere near an EVA. When she does, then she fits this trope like a hand in a glove.


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Hackers often rely on exploitable vulnerabilities in popular software to target their victims. Software developers can quickly become aware of these vulnerabilities and release software updates to fix the issue. It's imperative that you keep your software up-to-date so that your apps have the latest security fixes available to you! This is easy to do too: when your computer notifies you that there are updates to install, just go ahead and do it. Especially make sure to install macOS, iOS, Android, and Windows operating system updates ASAP!

Pretty Good Privacy is a technology that you can use on any operating system to encrypt emails and files, as well as signing data (basically adding a digital signature proving that your encryption keys were properly used) and verifying signatures (making sure that someone else’s signature is legit). This is a bit more advanced to set-up, but not too difficult if you have an hour or so and bit of patience. Once you’re done, encrypting files and emails will be a breeze!


The entire design of the Gitzo travel tripod is based on maximizing its thin profile

Deadeye Joe is this from Contra: Hard Corps. Depending on what route you took, you may fight him right before the Final Boss after you kill his boss, Colonel Bahamut.

Jesus, it feels like he's walking this kid to his death and not a warm dinner. He gestures with his head towards the farm house's entrance and tries his best not to look back twenty times over. It's only, every time Tubbo's breathing is ragged, he feels a need to turn and ask if he's alright. Which is stupid, because no of course he's not okay, he looks like shit.


Decil Galette of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE is what Yazan and Ali would look like if they were Enfante Terribles. A gleefully Axe-Crazy Cheerful Child, Decil views war as one giant game, and all the soldiers under his command as playthings. This attitude does not improve upon his reaching adulthood, and he now resembles his two inspirations more than ever.

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The Cigarette Smoking Man sometimes comes across as this in The X-Files. Indeed, in one episode, he's referred to as "the killer" by Deep Throat.


Yeah, man, I was about to ask you the same thing. D'you mind coming over in a couple days? I don't -" He can't drink, not if he's going to take care of a kid. That doesn't seem like a great impression to make after an argument, "Soda?

But despite it all, despite the incredulousness of it, there was still a kid in his house that was crying over thunder. And to hell, if he's not going to at least try and remedy that.


As you can guess, making strong passwords sucks. When you have dozens of accounts across many sites, it’s practically impossible to be perfect about creating and remembering all these unique passwords. Not to mention that sometimes sites are terrible about storing passwords: they get hacked, but -you- have to change your password. There are tools to help you though! A password manager is an online service that can generate and store all your passwords for you so that you don’t have to know them by heart.

He's doing this for the code) he can't retraumatize, "Try to. stay still, okay? If you get too jumpy, tell me and we'll stop.


He peers over the medic's shoulder into the hallway, where he almost doesn't recognize the kid causing chaos out it's doors. Still, despite the lack of mud or blood, Sparklez could pick the icy blue eyes the kid had from a mile away.

Use password generation for lengthy, complicated passwords. At least 16 characters with letters, numbers, and symbols is good.


People who are still living today played horribly racist games at carnivals and kids’ camps

When you see the context in which something was written and you know who the author was beyond just a name, you learn so much more than when you find the same text placed in the anonymous, faux-authoritative, anti-contextual brew of the Wikipedia. The question isn't just one of authentication and accountability, though those are important, but something more subtle. A voice should be sensed as a whole. You have to have a chance to sense personality in order for language to have its full meaning. Personal Web pages do that, as do journals and books.

Scientific communities likewise achieve quality through a cooperative process that includes checks and balances, and ultimately rests on a foundation of goodwill and "blind" elitism — blind in the sense that ideally anyone can gain entry, but only on the basis of a meritocracy. The tenure system and many other aspects of the academy are designed to support the idea that individual scholars matter, not just the process or the collective.


Captains Frye and Darrow from The Rock. While members of Hummel's task force, they slip into this trope when they discover that Hummel is canceling the ransom demand.

I should have realized that this computer would be on display, but it was a happy shock to see the Galaksija computer. This was a build-it-yourself personal computer developed by Voja Antonić. In 1983 when personal computers were getting going in Silicon Valley, the chips being used were unavailable in Yugoslavia because of embargo. Voja figured out a way around all of those problems and about 8,000 kits were purchased to so that people for the first time could have their own computer. Of course we know Voja Antonić well, he has been writing amazing articles for Hackaday and designed the Hackaday | Belgrade badge. His conference talk on the hardware will be published soon.


AirVPN is a paid VPN provider that allows you to choose which countries to route your connections through, the ability to pay anonymously via bitcoin, and does not store logs about its users' activity. It costs $5 a month on a yearly plan, or $8 a month on a monthly plan. It comes with its own VPN client for easy use!

It's all cut off too soon as another loud crack rings through the night air, shaking all the panes of glass in his house and the bottles in the brewing stands. He's caught between pure fright and unadulterated fury at the situation.


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MikroElektronika is well known for their mikroBUS click boards. These are standardized modules that host every sensor, display, input method, and communication scheme under the sun.

What if that cool new app has a bug that lets hackers download your data

It’s also worth pointing out that of the popular internet browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer), the only browser not developed by a for-profit corporation is Firefox (sites). The developers of Firefox (learn more), Mozilla, have a long history of protecting users rights and are very active in fighting for a free and open internet. With the other browsers, your activity is frequently tracked by the company that owns the browser, so this guide strongly recommends using Firefox as your main computer browser. Make sure to check out our section on mobile browsing if you’re interested in securing your mobile activity too.


Use of restraints in corrections and lessons learned

Sheik considers Samus her mutual because they're both so similar. Samus has No Social Skills and knows nothing besides violence. She takes pride in hurting others and mocks her fallen opponents. The difference is that Samus has some level of a conscience and is shown battling her confusing emotions.

So, to get the best results, we have people sharpening their ideas against one another rather than simply editing someone's contribution and replacing it with another. We also have a world where the contributors have identities (real or fake, but consistent and persistent) and are accountable for their words.


And like magic, he's back in familiar territory. Good, the city was beginning to seep into his bones.

But it doesn't seem smart to need other people because that opens you up to a hellish amount of nightmares, and- honestly- you're doing a really brave thing by even letting me invite you into my home. Cause you're right, I could be insane and I could've been summoning withers, I could be-be an asshole but um -" He shrugs lamely, "I'm not.


Gaear Grimsrud from Fargo is a classic example. He is a demented psychopath who is completely apathetic and taciturn throughout the movie, even when he is committing cold blooded and often graphic murder.

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Kroot kindreds, when they're not fighting for the Tau Empire, roam the galaxy looking for mercenary work. Though not technically sociopaths, their penchant for eating enemy dead as they seek evolutionary upgrades can strain relations amongst their comrades.


A big disclaimer for the Tor browser is that it makes you anonymous, but not private. Although your web requests are anonymous, if you are posting on Facebook or sending an email through Gmail, that activity is still identifiable as “you”. So a good rule of thumb is that when using the Tor browser, do not visit sites or services associated with your private information if you are trying to be anonymous. If you absolutely need to use a site that requires that kind of information, just make up fake data when you register and make sure not to use it outside of Tor. Also keep in mind that the final connection to your destination website is only encrypted if that site supports HTTPS; just because you’re anonymous doesn’t mean that the final ISP connection to the site can’t be monitored. Lastly, try not to download anything: because tor nodes (the servers that bounce around your web requests) can be run by regular people, they could attach a nasty virus to a downloaded file if they wanted.

To use a VPN, you need to install a VPN client on your computer that will communicate with your VPN provider. This is what guarantees the encrypted tunnel of communication from your computer to the server. VPN clients that cost money tend to be easier to use, but the free options work fine too (maybe with a bit more installation effort on your part). Once you’re set-up, all you have to do is click a button in your VPN client and your internet activity will be tunneled to your VPN provider. Thus, your activity will be much safer with minimal impact on browsing speeds.


You’re probably suspicious: isn’t it dangerous to have all your passwords in one place? And you’d be right to think so, because it is! That’s why it’s important to evaluate how a given password manager actually manages the passwords and what protections are in place. Ultimately, you have to decide for yourself how you balance the risk of bad passwords, spread out across your accounts, against the risk of good passwords centralized in one location.

The most visible way to solve our problems is to first amend the wrong views of some elders. It is neither our controversy nor our challenge to our parents and the society.


Using the hack is as illegal as using any other software keygen to bypass the DRM

Croup and Vandemar from Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere. They're a pair of Humanoid Abominations that do freelance work for the sheer joy of the torturing, killing, and causing widespread destruction. Their latest job, before being hired to massacre Door's family, was destroying a monastery and killing everyone within. They, in turn, hire Mr. Ross to do a spot of work for them, and later Mr. Varney. Croup and Vandemar prove themselves to be far out of the latter two's leagues, however, as Ross is essentially used as canon fodder, and Varney is implied to be eaten alive by Croup for failing them.

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If the above criteria have any merit, then there is an unfortunate convergence. The setup for the most stupid collective is also the setup for the most stupid individuals.


Tubbo's eyes flicker to his and back to his lap. He types out a message on his communicator.

The upgrade process is extremely simple: get the serial number of your DS2072, put it in the keygen, and enter the resulting key into the scope. Reboot, and you have a $1600 scope you bought for half price.


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He's standing and marching over before he even knows what he's doing, shoving the two of them apart. He feels the unclipped nails, near claws, of the kid digging into his coat and hand (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=8704), drawing blood.

It's not a lie, exactly, but a perforated truth. Truly, Jordan's not going to use this kid for his info. He does want to help, to find his family and make sure he's happy. But, again, he won't believe that. The kid understands blackmail, understands the value of knowledge in a hostage.


Now it’s possible to unlock a DS2072 o’scope using just a serial number and a great encryption hack

Pierre McConville from the His Dark Materials prequel novella, Once Upon a Time in the North. A hired gun who Loves the Sound of Screaming, has committed at least twenty murders, and whose idea of fun is killing his victims slowly by ripping their daemons away from them over a long period of time. Daemons in this series being the embodiment of a person's soul, with the act of touching another person's daemon being described as the most disturbing and painful violation imaginable. McConville likens the sensation to reaching into a person's chest and slowly ripping out their heart.

Every authentic example of collective intelligence that I am aware of also shows how that collective was guided or inspired by well-meaning individuals. These people focused the collective and in some cases also corrected for some of the common hive mind failure modes. The balancing of influence between people and collectives is the heart of the design of democracies, scientific communities, and many other long-standing projects. There's a lot of experience out there to work with. A few of these old ideas provide interesting new ways to approach the question of how to best use the hive mind.


Tubbo eyes him warily, a scowl beginning to form, before Jordan can see the physical reaction to his churning stomach, and Tubbo ducks his head away. He walks over and practically falls onto the couch, curling up in a corner.

Downplayed and Played for Laughs with the (ex-)gang member Rocky in Beetle Bailey. It's implied he would like to be one, but, damn it, they just never go to war. Besides wishing he could see some violent action, he's shown violent tendencies and at least a couple of times tried to shoot others of his regiment — in humorous contexts, of course, but still for real, and without even any real reason. On the other hand, at other times he's portrayed as more sympathetic and human, a young man with a harsh past who has trouble relating to others.


Properly storing old books and manuscripts helps keep them in their current condition and maintain their value. Begin by choosing the proper environment for the books and manuscripts, keeping them out of direct sunlight and away from moisture. The temperature should be steady, preferably somewhere between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit with good airflow to prevent mold. If you are going to display them on shelves, choose non-wood shelving such as glass, as wood can damage the paper and book bindings if it is not properly sealed with the right finish. Make sure to adequately space the books and manuscripts in storage to prevent overcrowding. Bookends work well for keeping texts upright and spaced, although very tall books and manuscripts should lay flat to protect to their bindings. Ideally, you should keep old books and manuscripts in protective boxes or sleeves made from acid-free materials.

Johnny Cash plays one of these (a mad, guitar-playing hitman) in Five Minutes to Live. In some areas, the film was actually marketed as Door-to-Door Psycho.


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Disconnect identifies the “invisible” web, which is all the trackers, beacons, cookies, and other tools that websites and marketers use to track your activity across the internet. It blocks these malicious trackers from seeing your web activity, which in many cases will even make the site load faster. It's a great companion extension to Privacy Badger.

A hot shower was definitely in order. As you glanced at your reflection in the mirror when the light came on, you applauded yourself for being wise enough not to go to the front desk clerk last night to check out a room. You had simply broken into one instead.


This huge PACE computer is impressive to behold. You get a real sense of where we come from when taking a picture of it with the $200 smart phone that you carry around in your pocket. A big part of the programming is the patch board which harkens back to telephone operators patching calls between lines. There were a number of other analog computing devices on display as well, I enjoyed this handheld analog calculator which uses a stylus to set up the calculation.

A year after that 1988 dinner in Paris, Miloš Forman called me from Prague. He said, “Garry, you were right.


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Some of the biggest complaints marriage counselors hear from the partners of officers are that they are domineering. They may yell commands to the family upon arriving home and/or interrogate them over the simplest of actions or perceived failures (“why didn’t you have time to vacuum today?


Readers of my previous rants will notice a parallel between my discomfort with so-called "Artificial Intelligence" and the race to erase personality and be most Meta. In each case, there's a presumption that something like a distinct kin to individual human intelligence is either about to appear any minute, or has already appeared. The problem with that presumption is that people are all too willing to lower standards in order to make the purported newcomer appear smart. Just as people are willing to bend over backwards and make themselves stupid in order to make an AI interface appear smart (as happens when someone can interact with the notorious Microsoft paper clip,) so are they willing to become uncritical and dim in order to make Meta-aggregator sites appear to be coherent.

With a name like that, I think you could just take a boat and no one would question you. Just like; 'Yes, sir, Mr. Captain Sparklez, sir!


It's very popular to use apps both within a social media site (for instance, a Facebook app) and outside a site (for instance, a Snapchat utility). However, when you sign-up for these apps, you often expose a ton of personal data: your identity, your pictures, your messages, your friends. While this may not seem like a big deal, it means that you are trusting unknown developers with deeply personal information. Many of these app services are created by inexperienced programmers that do not have the resources to adequately protect your data (if they even care). More frequently, they're just interested in harvesting your data for marketing money. Unless you really, really need the app, reconsider whether you want some randos seeing everything you do on a social media site.

To round it all off, one notable public figure is arguing we don’t know for sure that Russia and its president, Vladimir Putin, were behind the hacks: President-elect Donald Trump. He maintains that opinion, even though the US intelligence community and the forensic experts who first examined the hacked systems are highly confident Russia is the bad guy here. NBC News reported Wednesday that US intelligence officials believe “with a high level of confidence” that Putin was personally involved in the effort to interfere in the election.


So, maybe he went a little off the handle in those early days. It wasn't the case so much now, as Sparklez seems to be the only one smart enough to deny the last couple shots of the night, which Tom downs with giddy joy, effectively slapping him with the role of the responsible driver (though, he was fairly wobbly himself).

It’s very important to consider what would happen if your encryption keys were lost (say if your laptop was stolen or broken): anything that had been encrypted for you to see would be lost forever. If you have files or email you need encrypted and accessible that absolutely cannot be lost, you need to back-up your keys. From whichever PGP program you installed, you should have an option to export keys. Save these keys on a thumb drive and keep them somewhere incredibly safe.


And you won’t find us in purgatory,” you said. You knew Dean was probably waiting through the door, wondering where you were.

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Encryption keeps unwanted people from reading your data. It does this by transforming your data into completely unintelligible nonsense so that no-one but the intended receiver can figure out what it is. It’s really just secret code. So how does this code get created?

Hackaday Belgrade Experience: MikroElektronika, Museums, And FPGA Computing Comments Feed

Both Gigan and Ghidorah from the Godzilla films are two giant-sized versions of this trope. Both monsters are often under the employment (or control, as it were) of various evil aliens and both seem to really enjoy destroying cities as well as attempting to kill Godzilla and/or any of his allies, setting them apart from the big guy's other enemies, who tend towards Obliviously Evil. Needless to say 40-story Psychos For Hire can really screw up your day.


Something flashes in his head, a giant lit up sign, that Jordan should know by now, but the punchline is still lost on him. Then, a bolt of thought smacks him upside the head.

Today Eugene, my main machine, had a small and unannounced upgrade of the operating system. It was unexpected; I thought Firefox was acting very slow, and decided to restart, which seemed to go well although it did take longer than I expected. When it came up there was some kind of very brief announcement in the lower right hand (look at here) corner of the screen to the effect that we just had an upgrade. The screen lock display was what I expected to see. I hit RETURN and the screen went black, but there was the little window demanding the password. I gave it and there was what we used to call the tray, now called the taskbar, and the desktop icons, but the screen was black; no picture. Just a black screen with icons on it. No wallpaper.


Blood seeps onto his clean white collared shirt and coat, but he holds the kid tight and types in the simple "/spawn" code into his module. He couldn't take the kid out of the server, but maybe from spawn, he could find someone willing to spare a healing potion or force teleport them to a safer server.

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I do not see how this weakened United States, this weakened NATO, this Western Civilization that has lost its nerve, its resolve, and its self confidence can do more. But I can still hear Garry, speaking slowly but in a strong voice, in that Moscow restaurant in 1989, still in the USSR.


You’re a tech-savvy cyberpunk: your accounts are secure, your browsing is encrypted, and you’re enjoying the internet from the cozy confines of your VPN. What happens when someone steals your laptop? Or if your cloud service gets hacked? What if that cool new app has a bug that lets hackers download your data?

Inferno, a brain/memory-damaged Predacon with the body and mind of a red ant who considered Megatron his Queen and would do anything for "The Colony". He was near impervious to pain, had no sense of self-preservation, and had a passionate love for setting people on fire. Megatron was constantly annoyed by his clear insanity but kept him around because, well, he was just so damned good at setting people on fire.


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And surprisingly, Tubbo listens to him with no snipe. He slows and pulls away to breathe before taking another sip.

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Tubbo stands, rocking the table with the force as he slams his hands down on the linoleum, eyes staring at Sparklez like one looks down the barrel of a gun. Gritted, he forces out from his clenched jaw; "Then just.


Heather Marie Tooms of the sequel Get Blank is another example. She's a member of a self-help cult and it appears to have completely broken her. Doesn't keep her from being hired out for hits, though.

Tubbo nods, pleased with this solution, and places the controller down. When he stands, though, he carries the entire blanket with him, and a pillow squished to his front that he has in a death hug.


Authy is a neat app that will automatically generate your two-factor authentication codes offline anywhere you have the Authy app installed. Authy can be installed on any phone or desktop, with all your 2FA code-generating accounts backed-up on a single Authy account.

It doesn't get much more psychotic than nuking a small country just to prove to the world that you're not bluffing — and laughing while it burns. Cheshire originally wasn't this, instead being violent to degrees, but eventually Characterization Marches On.


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Seconds later, rolling thunder shakes the windows of the fragile home. It's been so long since it's rained, he almost forgot thunder and lightning often came naturally. He's sure Jericho is getting his goddamn kicks right now, thrashing about the rain with quartz or some shit.

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No one expected Jordan to be a dad. It was common joke amongst their late night drinks, pushing the bar's policy on hard limits to drinks. Tom would fold over with laughter, imagining Sparklez, Sparkly Pants, having a fuckin' kid!


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But he was rather tired of seeing royal or monarch based ANYTHING. It'd been all he gotten in Mianite days, kings and gods.

Citing excerpts from the Hope case (among others) the court agreed that confining Smith in restraints during a significant percentage of his confinement constituted cruel and unusual punishment, not used for legitimate detention purposes but rather for sadistic, retaliatory, and punitive purposes. The court reasoned that the officers followed the Sheriff’s orders which were arbitrarily fashioned without legitimate justification.


Also, if NSA requests / hacks Facebook’ TLS private key, there is absolutely no way to detect the attack

He is hired to work with McCauley's team, but is kicked out because of his psychopathic tendencies and impulsive killings. Waingro goes rogue, kills a prostitute (it is implied that he has done this several times before) and is hired by Smug Snake Van Zant to bring down McCauley's team.

Still, the kid shakes his head, curling his fingers into the fabric of his sweater. Jordan resigns, trying not o show any obvious disappointment, and stands. He grabs a throw blanket from a nearby chair and unfolds it, resting it across Tubbo's form and trying to ignore the way he flinches.


So one part Gulliver’s travels (complete with political satire), one part Odyssey, one part imaginative romp. It’s a pity he lived before there were Hugo awards.

The boy's eyes widen a fraction, scanning him. The surprise seems to catch him off guard just enough to steady his breathing, realizing the situation he's in is familiar and understandable. You're being used as leverage for your information, and since you have important information, I can't let you be injured.


Feral Hosting is a paid Seedbox provider that allows you to create a personal VPN server as well as other web services like torrent clients, website management, and file storage. This is a great option for the more adventurous nerds that like the idea of having their own server to play with, but with tons of installation guides, automated management, and fantastic customer support (so it's not as hardcore as having a totally independent server). It costs ~$15 a month for its cheapest plan.

A year later, he hasn't shaken the thoughts. It's like that one night had pressed hard on a nerve he couldn't shake off. It's fine, though, because if Jordan's good at one thing, it's ignoring problems that demand his attention. There's so much world out there to explore, and since Jordan's been recently freed from a lot of server strung bonds, he can visit all of it.


Lynch from Kane & Lynch is a deconstruction. Lynch is a fairly realistic (if extreme) example of a person who suffers from schiophrenia with psychotic episodes, meaning he will have episodes where he becomes extremely violent, and has difficulties understanding what's real and what's in his head. He very much enjoys killing when he has an episode, but the aftermath, when he has to calmly face what he's done, can become very ugly.

The Wikipedia is far from being the only online fetish site for foolish collectivism. There's a frantic race taking place online to become the most "Meta" site, to be the highest level aggregator, subsuming the identity of all other sites.


With so many cybersecurity tools out there, it can be intimidating to figure out which tools best meet your needs. Our cheat sheets will point you to recommended tech based on which digital activities and spaces you’re looking to take better control of. We’ll also give recommendations for the more experienced cyberpunks that may need more hardcore security than your average person. Just make sure to keep in mind that regardless of which tech you decide to use, nothing in the digital world is 100% guaranteed to be secure! So always be vigilant and conscious about your security. Don’t assume you’re invincible: no-one ever is!

Private companies have some of the worst security practices imaginable. Your passwords can be stored in their databases in plaintext, associated to your email and mailing addresses, sometimes even with credit card information attached. There are no regulations that force companies to take your security seriously, so very few do. As a consequence, corporate hacks and leaks are becoming increasingly common and will only continue to be more prevalent as big data mines and sells vast quantities of personal data. You probably hear about corporate hacks in the news, but they rarely make waves and are quickly forgotten. Unfortunately, this private data does not disappear with time: it is aggregated across the internet and stored indefinitely, sometimes by hackers, sometimes by security professionals. Thus, if you are not aware of a company leaking your data, or simply forget about it, you can still very much be at risk for targeted hacking (they have your personal information, after all).


The Blood Knight also enjoys himself without much purpose, but he just loves the fight, although both could overlap. The Combat Sadomasochist also enjoys hurting others, but differs in that they also enjoy being hurt. The Sociopathic Soldier can be extremely similar to this trope, but is retained by a single employer, usually his nation's armed forces.

Cyberpunk (and occasionally ported over to Shadowrun) has the Cyberpsycho Squads, which are a sort of paramilitary super-SWAT team used to detain (or eliminate) criminals who are modded to the gills with cybernetic implants and have developed 'Cyber-psychosis'. The catch is that Cyberpsycho Squads are basically made up of 'rehabilitated' cyberpsychos themselves; they aren't so much 'given orders' as pointed in a general direction and turned loose. The Cyberpsycho Squad is scary as hell, and for good reason: as a mechanic, they exist basically as GM Fiat for punishing players for going wildly out of control.


He laughed a low laugh, a little gravel in it, and your knees almost gave out at the sound of it. You had thought you might never hear that again. You couldn’t resist looking back at him once more and taking in the sight of him, even as bloodied and bruised as he was, wavering a little on his feet.

He types in the address and sends it to Tubbo, watching the kid's eyes widen when the page pops up, scrolling through the options. He doesn't miss the uneasy way Tubbo's face twists when he looks at the prices.


The traits it takes to have healthy relationships are actually pretty simple. Most of us learned “Basic Relationship 101” in kindergarten.

Kefka Palazzo from Final Fantasy VI starts out in the game as a particularly heinous Psycho For Hire, performing such acts as setting a castle filled with inhabitants on fire simply as an act of persuasion, to single handedly causing the genocide of a kingdom (including his own men), simply for the sake of amusement. Eventually, through betrayals and an Earth-Shattering Kaboom, he evolved into an even more heinous Big Bad, vaporizing entire cities with his Wave-Motion Gun and attempting to annihilate everything because he thought that it was pointless to let it exist anyway.


The number of people receiving state unemployment insurance (blue columns in the chart above) has essentially been flat for three weeks (it ticked up this week), as many people got their jobs back while many other people were newly laid off. But the number of people on federal unemployment programs, including gig workers (red columns), has been soaring.

The man recoils, eyes wide and blinking. Tubbo looks ever similar to the boy he met out in the day in the field, furious and burning with righteous spite, like he'd dragged hismelf from hell alone.


Jordan doesn't even dignify that question with a response, setting his jaw and shuffling a little further into the stone brick. He wished he locked the vault door.

Snake, Flemming is in the underground hangar. He could be activating Metal Gear and deciding on a target for its nuclear warhead as we speak. To get to the hangar, you'll have to open a door in the north part of this section, and go down the ladder.


Further, it was shown that the Sheriff did not consult a physician, a mental health worker, legal counsel, or the risk manager regarding using restraints for a prolonged period. There were no periodic checks made by medical or mental health workers during Smith’s confinement after the consult with the psychologist. Moreover, officers failed to document the use of restraints or security checks performed during Smith’s confinement.

Lesson 1: Discipline and prolonged restraint use

Gaara before his Heel–Face Turn also qualifies for this. His main reason for acting as a shinobi was to find more people to kill and he shared a hate-hate relationship with his father/boss.


It wasn’t until Dean’s eyes were staring at your arm that you realized how the blood was pouring down it from where the demon had slashed you with her blade. And you could feel your pulse in your jaw from where you’d been struck.

And it worked — chlorine is actually a great disinfectant. The rate of puerperal fever fell drastically in the doctor’s ward.


Another teenager was accused of murdering his alcoholic father. In Imphal, police recently caught some young professional sex workers. And again recently, a 15 year-old high school boy was committed suicide after fighting with his parent.

So he takes a deep breath and takes a small drink of the water, making sure to overexaggerate his swallowing before handing it back out to Tubbo. Not poisoned, he'd be an idiot to drink it if it was poisoned.


I recently had the chance to visit Belgrade and take part in the Hackaday | Belgrade conference. Whenever I travel, I like to make some extra field trips to explore the area. This Serbian trip included a tour of electronics manufacturing, some excellent museums, and a startup that is weaving FPGAs into servers and PCIe cards.

CyberghostVPN has limited no-cost options: you can connect for up to 3 hours to one of their VPN networks. This is great if you can't afford a VPN but might want to be safe when working on public wifi once in a while.


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A very important thing to keep in mind is BACK-UPS. Sure, it’s great to encrypt your hard-drive, but if your computer is stolen, you’ve still lost all that data. If you back-up your computer on external hard-drives, make sure to encrypt your external hard-drive as well. What good is encrypting your computer if someone can just grab your external hard-drive and have easy access to your private data?

The vast majority of websites do not need your personal data to provide their services, so be suspicious if they ask for it (besides, who cares what they want? It's not your responsibility to give them anything). If you think the request is legitimate, do not follow their supplied link: you should be able to do whatever you have to do by navigating their website in your browser. If you can't, they clearly have shitty security practices and you should be suspicious of them in general!


In MechWarrior 2 Mercenaries, one of the pilots you can hire is described as being this. Given the Artificial Stupidity of computer controlled characters, the only real difference between him and any of the other available pilots is some narm-filled battle crys.

Protoman from Ruby-Spears's Mega Man. In "Future Shock," it's implied that he doesn't want Wily to completely dominate the world, as the man's draconian policies would severely limit Proto's opportunities to wreak havoc. Outside of that episode, he never hesitates to make things go boom (though he can't bring himself to kill his little brother).


Back in 2009 the Irish Red Cross began a jail-based scheme in Dublin’s Wheatfield Prison which was the first of its kind in the world. The idea was to train suitable prisoners for six months in skills such as first aid and advocacy. They would graduate with a certificate and become community volunteers and leaders within the prison population. Irish Red Cross prisoner teams now operate in every jail in the Republic.

But now there was still one demon left, and your knife was stuck in the dead demon’s chest. You dodged a punch and his fist crunched into the rock wall behind you. You made a dart towards the body to retrieve the demon knife but he was able to grab your arm roughly and he flung you into the hard, jagged wall, knocking the air from your lungs, and sending your head reeling with blurred, multi-colored spots. And then he was pinning you against the wall, his arm at your neck.


CIA thinks that Russia doesn’t like Clinton very much and must be part of that vast conspiracy against her that we heard about during her campaign. And this is being used to influence the electoral college?

I got COSTCO to look at my hearing aids, but they didn’t do much, and I still couldn’t hear. Next I got my son Phillip, who has just retired from the Navy and who’s visiting for the week, to take me out to Kaiser urgent care, where a nurse spent half an hour flushing wax out of my ears. The left ear was so blocked that I heard nothing at all in it, and the right wasn’t a lot better.


The artificial elevation of all things Meta is not confined to online culture. It is having a profound influence on how decisions are made in America.

Dwight Schrute in the US version of The Office. Too bad Michael hired him first.


That's not what Tom had been laughing at, or still laughing at, though. In a lighter sense, he'd just been giggling about imaging awkward Captain Sparklez trying to care for a kid.

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You could hear a pin drop with the silence that followed, but it just didn't feel right to turn away. Maybe he could check in on him, just in case. Besides, it's cold and standing out in the hallway isn't making him look less intimidating. If Tubbo knew he was up and just standing there, surely he'd grow more anxious at that then if he just walked up and asked.


Nearly 2,000 years before George Lucas created his epic space opera Star Wars, Lucian of Samosata (a province in modern-day Turkey) wrote the world’s first novel featuring space travel and interplanetary battles. True History was published around 175 CE during the height of the Roman Empire. Lucian’s space adventure features a group of travelers who leave Earth when their ship is thrown into the sky by a ferocious whirlwind. After seven days of sailing through the air they arrive on the Moon, only to learn its inhabitants are at war with the people of the Sun. Both parties are fighting for control of a colony on the Morning Star (the planet we today call Venus). The warriors for the Sun and Moon armies travel through space on winged acorns and giant gnats and horses as big as ships, armed with outlandish weapons like slingshots that used enormous turnips as ammunition.

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OS X comes with software, File Vault 2, already installed on your computer that can do this hard-drive encryption for you. All you have to do is set it up according to Apple's instructions.


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In the Anonymity section, we talked about the value of using the HTTPS Everywhere extension. When you connect to a website using HTTPS, your browser ensures the site is not a fake by verifying the site's HTTPS certificate is legitimate. Because fake sites cannot replicate the expected HTTPS certificate, your browser could give you a warning that a fake site is insecure.

However, the changes in question are precisely those not universally agreed to be improvements. While some cases like the one in the comic are ridiculous, others are emphatically not and are in fact near-universally agreed to be dumb. As such, referring to the general case as "improvements" is not really viable.


You were both filthy, covered in monsters’ blood and dirt and sweat. But the sight of him was the best thing you’d ever seen.

After arriving in Laval, Bonnet suggested they grab a bite to eat. At the restaurant, he gave the pair $50 for food and excused himself to use the restroom.


One service performed by representative democracy is low-pass filtering. Imagine the jittery shifts that would take place if a wiki were put in charge of writing laws. It's a terrifying thing to consider. Super-energized people would be struggling to shift the wording of the tax-code on a frantic, never-ending basis.

Instead of uplifting them, people cut them off from their society so called "good" and treat them as "bad" and call them "garbage". Everybody seems to forget that in future their places in "the good society", as they named, will be replaced by them.


The engineers over a Rigol (bless their hearts) used the same hardware for the $800, 70MHz DS2072 and the $1600, 200MHz DS2202. The only difference between the two are a few bits in the scope’s memory that are easily unlocked if you have the right key. A few folks over on the EEV Blog forum figured out the private key for the scope’s encryption and the user [cybernet] wrote a keygen.

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Deacidification treatment extends the life of books made with acidic paper, which typically come from the late 19th through the early mid-20th century. Made from untreated wood pulp, the pages in these books release acids that yellow and deteriorate the paper. To halt this deterioration, experts employ deacidification treatments. There are spray-on products you can use at home, although taking antique books to a professional is also a good idea.


He even tried to kill Master Albert in front of the hero, in a betrayal on the level of Kefka. Except that one didn't quite work out, since Master Albert happens to be a Magnificent Bastard. Had he succeeded, he and Pandora had full intentions to wipe out and destroy everything for no justifiable reason except revenge against Albert (Destroying the world is kinda going WAY beyond revenge anyway).

He remembers the odd times he's spent cutting his own in lakes, sword sharpened to a fine edge, and trimming as close as he could to the scalp on days he couldn't stand the gods, stand the world. Jordan's head could be trimmed and then he could dunk his skull into the drink, washing away any loose strands. His scalp stings, but not unwelcomingly.


Rampage from Transformers: Beast Wars is massive, insanely powerful, and delights in tormenting his victims. He's also more or less immortal, and the Megatron of that series gained control over him by cutting out a piece of Rampage's spark (in a nutshell, the soul of a Transformer) while he was unconscious and encasing it in a "squeeze box" that could cause Rampage excruciating pain if he disobeyed.

You wiggled your jaw and were met not only with sharp pains but with a horrible crackling and grinding noise in one of the joints. You shook it off and slipped off the jacket you were wearing so you could untie the bloody shirt still wrapped over the deepest slashes in your arm. You hissed in a sharp intake of breath as you prodded at them.


Globalization has made it easy for the enemies of the free world to spread their influence in ways the Soviet leadership couldn’t have imagined, while the West has lost the will to defend itself and its values. It’s enough to make you afraid to open the window.

Stratford in Snuff, a psychopathic killer who's murdered at least sixteen people and an unknown number of goblins. He works for Gravid Rust, silencing any witnesses or loose ends that could expose his boss's drug and slaving operations. He's also an example of why this type of minion should be avoided as it's solely his psycho-for-hire gratuitous cruelty and murderousness that end up provoking the hero to investigate evil-doing that would otherwise have stayed below the radar.


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He's definitely seen the rumors. Gods, that'd just make this harder to explain.

And for the competition, we have the Savoy Siblings and Mordecai. Mordecai especially, although he would would probably challenge that assertion, being a Consummate Professional instead of a gleeful sadist.


Small, barely noticeable, but these walls are thin. For a moment, in the delirious half-drowsy flashback he was thrown into, Sparklez had completely forgotten there was another person in the house besides him. He can't even imagine how his therapist would react to the entirety of his day. Probably quit, if he was honest, considering Sparklez was just now realizing that yes, he had actually just brought a kid into his house for a line of code. To get it, to stop Tubbo from selling it, something. The details have been pretty blurry.

Kindness quotes for kids

Fenrir Greyback, a minor villain from the later books, has the added bonus of being a werewolf. Most Death Eaters tend to blur the line between this trope and Psycho Supporter, but Greyback isn't counted as a "true" Death Eater. He's just a mercenary who Voldemort allows to wear Death Eater robes in exchange for his hired savagery. At one point, Greyback explicitly volunteers to join an attack on Hogwarts just for a chance to murder and cannibalize children.


They were also expected to use symptom-based diagnoses to solve medical ailments. And to do this, of course, medicine relied on understanding what was happening inside the human body to get at the root of disease.

The boy simply nods, wobbling to his feet and walking past the adults into the room beyond. Wordlessly, Tubbo crawls under the sheets and melts into sleep, or at least looks as though he does.


Although in earth-time you’d been gone only 24 hours, you felt like it had been months. Your eyes opened to the face of the clock glowing green.

The tracing protocol used is BlueTrace, which is an open application protocol aimed at digital contact tracing. It was developed by the Singaporean government, initially for use with their TraceTogether mobile app.


A DIY Guide to Feminist Cybersecurity

Well, it really doesn’t get any better than the Gitzo GK1545T Series 1 Traveler Tripod and Center Ball Head, travel tripod and Center Ball Head, and the price would certainly indicate that. The entire design of the Gitzo travel tripod is based on maximizing its thin profile. The odd-shaped head is purposely curvy to accommodate the legs when inverted for transport. Gitzo travel tripod legs are narrower than much of the competition, but generally maintain higher load capacities. O-rings seal the top of the twist locks (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=670) to keep debris out, the legs can be set at one of two angles, and the chassis is made of magnesium. The center ball head is a fine complement to its gorgeous legs and features a separate pan lock (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=5555) knob, screw lock (try this site) for the Arca-type compatible plate, and a tungsten disulfide coating for silky smooth action. Like Manfrotto, Gitzo sells individual parts for its tripods, so if you wear out a component, it can be replaced.

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Jordan tries not to get frustrated when Tubbo's lip curls downwards in distrust. He doesn't know, he can't know, and Jordan needs to try and be respectful of that.


Corey Aluminum Travel Tripod with Neo Ball Head

In March, Kelly reviewed a variety of "Consensus Web filters" such as "Digg" and "Reddit" that assemble material every day from all the myriad of other aggregating sites. Such sites intend to be more Meta than the sites they aggregate. There is no person taking responsibility for what appears on them, only an algorithm. The hope seems to be that the most Meta site will become the mother of all bottlenecks and receive infinite funding.

Curse this stupid world and the fact he can't call in god favors anymore. It's probably the one thing he missed, being able to fly and shit because 'why not'?


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In the same vein of nonsense, the BLS, based on surveys of employers, reported this morning that the number of jobs jumped by 4/8 million in June, despite continued announcements of mass layoffs, after having already jumped by 2/7 million in May, for a total of 7/5 million jobs added on net since the April low. Meaning that even as millions of people get laid off every month, many more millions of people are getting their jobs back or are getting new jobs, according to the BLS.

Texts sent to friends not on Signal will be unencrypted, but having the option makes these apps perfect as your general purpose texting app. Especially nifty is that regardless of whether your texts were encrypted for the recipient, they will be encrypted locally on your phone.


The process of dragging a chair out is easy, the process of getting Tubbo to sit still is hard. Every movement Sparklez makes is akin to unclipping a knife, a clear sign of danger. And he understands it, he really does, Jordan was like this for a long time after he left Mianite, but fuck did he resent being on the other side of it for once.

A non-Dragon example is the Big Bad Francisco Scaramanga from The Man with the Golden Gun. He's a Professional Killer who doesn't care whom he kills, even those who hire him.


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The Cold War ended, and we had won. I like to think we Cold Warriors did our part. But Garry thinks the West no longer cares.

As you secure your digital space, it’s important to recognize that apps do not only have to be a threat to your security: they can also be an asset. Some of the most sensitive data on your phone, from your pictures to your texts to your internet browsing can be secured to decent degree. And the most common thread should be a familiar one: Encryption!


Season 11 introduces Locus, a mercenary working for the Federal Army of Chorus. Unlike Tex, he's played completely seriously. He objects to being called a "psycho" though and prefers being a "soldier".

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And the ghost of a happy kid disappears, anxiety making Tubbo's expression fall. In the post-panic delirium, it seems like he'd almost forgotten where he'd been, what he'd been through. And, with the sudden reminder of his place as a child, on the floor of a hospital, speaking to the man who knew his secret - it came crashing back in.


This smartphone app showed a number of issues. First is that Apple does not allow for iOS apps to use Bluetooth in the background, requiring the app to be active in the foreground to be useful. Apple has its own tracing protocol, but it does not cover the requirements for building a full contact graph, as [Andrew] covers in more detail. Finally, the app in general is not useful to those who do not have a recent (compatible) smartphone, or who do not have a smartphone at all.

The verbal equivilant of snapping sticks along a sidewalk. He winces sympathetically, but picks at the skin around his thumb in thought.


Now, his attention can be fully on the kid. He's holding the front of his shirt, well - hospital gown, but even that's not holding him up. Instead, it's the nails digging into his wrists and tight grip around his hand. It even feels as if the kid is fighting for his life, like Jordan's hand isn't on his shirt but around his throat. Those icy eyes are still burning, raging, furious and full of fire - but the longer second to think offers another layer to Jordan. A clear glazed coat of pure and utter terror.

The Tor network is an internet protocol that basically hides your identity by bouncing your web requests across the world in multiple layers of encryption before it is received by the website. Although you may visit a website from Boston, the website will see the request come from England or Kenya or Japan or any other country that the Tor network spits your request from; there is no way to track a web request to its origin. The network also hosts websites (called “onion sites”) that are not accessible through regular internet: this can range from political dissident websites to forums for abuse survivors to drug markets to plain ole’ boring websites. However, you can access the rest of the “normal” internet as well.


Still, he throws new sheets on the bed and pushes it against the wall, shaking the rug out of dust on the porch and loathes the amount of dirt that comes out. He can't think of much else to add, Jordan's not really an interior decorator, but he adds an oil lamp and some books on the nightstand that he found interesting.

No way will this kid believe 'you're a kid and kids don't deserve to be hurt like you were' or 'im a nice person' because those are clear signs of distrust in his eyes. Kids don't deserve to be hurt, but it's not like that stopped the people who hurt him.


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It's two more glasses and two more instances of testing the drink before Tubbo drinks it, until the kid starts to look less disastrous. He's still absolutely swallowed in Sparklez's couch, pushing in like he was trying to melt into the cushions.

Jordan's so stuck in his thoughts, he barely registers the boy being lifted from his arms and being ushered into a room, clean and well made as if it's never been used a day in it's life. His distress about losing the weight in his arms and being pulled from his mind must've been clear on his face, because the moderator gives him a half-smile of sympathy.


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The silence that follows is beyond telling. Tubbo shuffles around inside the room and it sounds as if he pulls blankets around, perhaps to cover himself or move off. Weirdest part though; is that it sounds so close to the door, like Tubbo was leaning against the wall adjacent.

He can't do this, he can't help this kid. There's layers of trauma here that he can't even imagine the depths of, much less comprehend. On top of that, he's got his own issues, his own stability to keep in mind. He's only just been worry free for a year now, no obligations, nothing to tie him down.


Above you can see one of the technicians preparing the solder paste machine to apply paste to boards. From there it’s into a huge and impressive pick-and-place machine. Just seeing the reels feeding the machine is beautiful. They have reflow ovens for the surface mount components, and in another room (not pictured) there is wave soldering. For me, the coolest machine in the place was the selective soldering machine. It has an upturned pipe underneath the board that has overflowing molten solder coming out of it. The board moves over this wand to solder through-hole components. Here is a random video of a selective soldering machine to give you an idea of what’s going on here.

The debate has now shifted from what happened to why, with questions over how much a foreign power might have influenced this year’s divisive and controversial presidential election. The thing is, we never learn all the details.


Anonymity doesn’t have to stop at your web browser. By using the Tails operating system, you can create an anonymous, amnesic, secure digital space wherever you go. You don’t even need your own computer!

Judge Dredd: Judge Death was originally one of these when he signed up for his Alternate Universe's equivalent of the Judges so he could make a living out of killing people. In fact, this extends to the rest of the Judge force in his dimension: their recruitments posters actually advertised "Kill anyone you like (within reason)" as a bonus for joining. This is eventually subverted when he makes himself Chief Judge by killing his predecessor, as he considers life in general to be a crime and is thus obsessive in exterminating all of it.


With dignified grumbles, Jordan pushes onto his knees and scoops the boy into his arms. He's light, mere bones and fabric, which is no strain on Jordan. With the kid secured against his chest, he kicks the iron sword into the tall grass and passes it with no regret.

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So, the society first need to trace the root of all the changing faces of today’s youth before granting special rights (social, economic, political). But it is unfortunate that some people always blame us for all the causes of the problems. Most of the people have a notion that they arise from a generation conflict.


The newer project focuses on words and their families, not just words. Also, instead of being limited to 200 sentences per word, all sentences that have a match in my subset of slightly over 300,000 proofread sentences from the Tatoeba Project are shown.

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The storm falls upon the cottage way quicker than Sparklez expected. He'd known it was about it rain, anyone could given enough time outside and general mindfulness of wet soil smell, but he had prepared for the storm to break upon morning, or even late afternoon, when Tubbo would be better adjusted to the housing.


In addition to squeezing people to death with her legs during sex, the insane glee with which she carried out the massacre scene at Severnaya has been compared to orgasm, to the point where one may wonder if she was wielding an assault rifle or a sex toy. Given the expression her employer Ourumov has watching this, he's wondering the same thing.

When you are on a wifi network, anyone else using that network can watch your web traffic (even if it’s a password-protected network). Because there can be so many people using the same network (like at a coffee shop or library), a malicious hacker could very easily collect tons of personal information about everyone on the network. They could intercept your traffic and feed you fake websites in order to get valuable data from you! And even if you’re not using a network intentionally, just leaving your phone with wifi-enabled means nearby networks can tap into your phone and pull metadata about you without your ever trying to use their internet. To fight this invasive snooping, you have to ensure that your web traffic is encrypted: using the Tor Browser and/or a VPN network as detailed below will give you great privacy. You should also disable wifi on your phone whenever you explicitly don’t need it!


MeFoto is specializing in quality travel tripods, and the Road Trip is no exception

It challenges our assumptions, our sense of self-limitation, worthlessness, of not having a place in the world, our feelings of loneliness and estrangement. These are narrow, constrictive states of mind.

He grabs a deep forest green button up and drops it in the cart. He hates these weird metropolitan shopping places, they're so wildly out of taste for his liking, but the alternative is trading through small villager markets and there's not enough time in the world for that.


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In Moscow I saw no handlers or people following us, but Garry made it clear that there probably were some. We talked of the coming changes in the USSR, and in those times all hoped for Mr. Gorbachev’s reforms; none of us knew that the Soviet Union itself would be gone on the third Christmas yet.

Unfortunately, the Semmelweis' colleagues did not embrace his findings — they were outraged at the suggestion that they were the cause of their patients' deaths. Semmelweis was fired from the hospital and eventually committed to an asylum.


Posts have been circulating on social media showing an old, black-and-white photo of kids playing a game called "Hit the N****r Baby," where they throw baseballs at black people's heads for fun. Such carnival games, also known as "African Dodger," "Hit the Negro," or "Hit the Coon," were still played as late as the 1950s.

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Forman played the elder voice of reason to my youthful exuberance. I was only 25, while he had lived through what he saw as a comparable moment in history. He cautioned that he had seen similar signs of a thaw after reformer Alexander Dubček had become president in Czechoslovakia in 1968.


Jewel of Darkness has Guerra, the mercenary hired to do Midnight's dirty work. While he does seem to be mostly in it for the money, he seems to get a lot of enjoyment out of his work.

He's already lost this battle, there's no use. Kara usually hits a limit when it comes to his stubbornness, and he hits a limit with hers. The fallout tends to be an argument. Sparklez rubs the heel of his palm against his eye, letting out a deep breath.


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During the first 150 years of the US, when it rose from Third World status to parity in the early 20th century with the most prosperous nations of the world, there was no welfare crisis and no jobs crisis, except in the “reconstructed” South – and that too was an economic disaster caused by an overweening federal government. Not only did no one starve, not only was their work for anyone who wanted it, but the US was able to welcome and accommodate an enormous population of immigrants, and even benefit from those immigrants, all without government welfare programs.

He can't lose his cool, this kid can't have that. If he ever wants to get this code (Right, because that's still the plan.


Carcer Dun in Night Watch starts off as a Serial Killer but soon finds employment after being flung backwards in time. First he's hired on by Captain Findthee Swing, leader of the Nazi-esque Unmentionables, after he teaches them new torture techniques, then he works as the Captain of the Palace Guard for Lord Snapcase, a previous insane patrician of Ankh-Morpork. One character describes him as the sort that joins up for the plundering, then has to be hanged as an example to the other men.

Encryption, at its core, is mathematical functions dependent on two variables: your data and a piece of information called an encryption key. Although there are many different approaches, most frequently an encryption key comes in two related flavors: the public key and the private key. When you want to encrypt data for someone, you use their public key to “lock it”. When they want to read that encrypted data, they use their private key to “unlock it”.


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Which is why he bites back a snark when Tubbo literally jukes his head out of the way of his scissors. He hasn't even cut hair yet, just air where hair should be. It's akin to wrangling cats in a bath.

Incredibly, given the record number of unemployment insurance recipients, the Bureau of Labor Statistics dared to claim that the number of unemployed fell by 3/2 million in June, to 17/8 million, after having already, incredibly, fallen by 2/1 million in May, making it a 5/3 million decline over two months. The BLS claims to have obtained these numbers through its surveys of households.


Kruger in Elysium; his profile mentions him committing numerous human rights violations. Kruger is one of those rare psychos that backfires against their employer!

The whole Noxite crew was scrambling with PR, just on the dawn of the new team's announcement. Though, the man had assured, it really would be fine. Didn't do much to sway Sparklez's nerves. Rumors tended to blister, burn, cut through crowds around MCC. There was no telling what would happen. He'd been so caught up in the fear of being seen right now, having to explain Tubbo to someone when he was already not fond of big crowds - He'd disregarded the boy.


The goal of the section is to make your internet activity secure from nonconsensual tracking and monitoring, effectively making you anonymous (though you are never -truly- anonymous; you have an IP address and an Internet Provider after all). The amount of protection you adopt is totally up to you: usually the trade-off is the more protection you want, the slower and more inconvenient browsing on the web can be. Fortunately, many of the basic technologies outlined require zero effort on your part and still offer a ton of protection.

A lot of the challenges in developing these devices lie in making them low-power, while still having the Bluetooth transceiver active often enough to be useful, as well as having enough space to store interactions and the temporary tokens that are used in the tracing protocol. As Simmel and the TraceTogether tokens become available over the coming months, it will be interesting to see how well these predictions worked out.


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To funnel your internet activity through the Tor network, all you need to do is download the Tor Browser and use it exactly as you would a regular browser. You shouldn’t install extensions though, as the browser already anonymizes you and uses HTTPS when available! The most significant drawback is that the network is fairly slow: it takes a few seconds to bounce your requests around the world.

Tubbo shuffles in the bed, sitting upwards and rubbing at his face. His brown hair was still so matted and tangled, only cleared of it's base layer of dirt or grime.


Check out haveibeenpwned to see if your email or username has ever been compromised in a major data breach. Your only course of defense is to use strong, unique passwords and two-factor authentication for all of your important accounts.

Those types of components may no longer be made here, but there is still a strong electronics manufacturing hub and a good example is MikroElektronika, a company built in the footprints of some of the old factories. The building and business are anything but old, and they have been so successful they are planning a second large building to increase their manufacturing capacity. Sophi Kravitz and I were greeted by the CEO, Nebojsa Matić in the picture at the top of this post.


It-It still is, but Tubbo's still a nice kid. And he learned his name, Jordan shouldn't've learned his name. The kid was a lot easier to brush off then Tubbo.

He pauses again and Jordan's sure he's lost this battle. But leave it to Tubbo to surprise him.


As a rule of thumb, if an email link directs you to a login screen, you should be suspicious. It's best to simply go to the website yourself in your browser, login normally, and look for the page the email wanted you to browse. An exception is when you reset a password for a site (the website needs to provide a personalized link for you to change your password). In this case just make sure that you explicitly requested a password reset. And use a unique password just to be safe!

Hard pavement slammed under your feet. The scent of rain mixed with exhaust and steam cloaked you.


No picture, no serial code, no family ties - Only a name to identify him with

Myspace is a richer, multi-layered, source of information than the Wikipedia, although the topics the two services cover barely overlap. If you want to research a TV show in terms of what people think of it, Myspace will reveal more to you than the analogous and enormous entries in the Wikipedia.

A large part of fighting against the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic is the practice of contact tracing, where the whereabouts of an infected person can be traced and anyone who has been in contact with that person over the past days tested for COVID-19. While smartphone apps have been a popular choice for this kind of tracing, they come with a range of limitations, which is what the TraceTogether hardware token seeks to circumvent. Now [Sean “Xobs” Cross] has taken a look at the hardware that will be inside the token once it launches.


When you use a site or service that offers Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), you often have the option to generate a QR code or numeric code that you enter into a 2FA app on your phone. From then on, when you log into a site and service and are prompted for a 2FA code, you just have to look in the app for a generated code to use with that account. This is more secure than receiving a code via text or email, as it is much more difficult for a hacker or surveillance to get access to. While there are many 2FA apps that offer this functionality, we recommend an app called Authy.

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The Psycho trait from Jagged Alliance 2 causes a mercenary to randomly switch to autofire and needlessly expend a lot of ammo shooting wildly at the enemy. These characters also get a morale drop if equipped with a weapon that can't autofire.


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I lost track of Garry during the years after the collapse of the USSR, as did a lot of Cold Warriors. Liberals and NeoCons saw farther into the future, or thought they did. It would be the end of history, the final triumph of liberal democracy, and it would happen soon.

This cheat sheet is best for internet feminists: you can make it much more difficult for trolls, trackers, and hackers to compromise your digital spaces. Our recommended tech for you is all free, requires only minimal set-up, and gives you easy options for securing your digital spaces and data. With almost all of this tech, you rarely have to think about what it's doing: it just works.


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Diarrhea and respiratory infections remain leading causes of death in the developing world — claiming about 3/5 million children every year — because people either don't know how important handwashing is or don't have access to a reliable, clean water source. There are also still over 1/4 million cases of health care-associated infections around the world. But through education initiatives, NGOs all over the world are hoping to bring about change with this one simple habit.

Procedures should also be developed which address using restraints for medical care purposes in conjunction with the department’s healthcare provider. Administrative personnel should develop/revise their policy within the correctional standards implemented within their respective state and consider other correctional standards as well. The policy should emphasize all rationale for using restraints and should also specify that the use of restraints shall not be used as a form of punishment or discipline.


Luckily, there’s a great open-source, secure, and free alternative to standard corporate chat services. Signal is an app for encrypting texts so that the content of your messages can’t be seen by anyone other than you and the person you’re talking to. It can be used for one-on-one messages, groupchats, and even phone calls.

The Pony POV Series: the Dark World version of Fluttercruel definitely qualifies. Of all of the Discorded Mane Six, she's the only one who enjoys carrying out her "father" Discord's orders, because she loves killing people.


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You can choose to add more security measures, or fewer. You can choose to use a safer service, or stay with what you have.

For low-angle shooting, the kit comes with a removable center column and optional included short center column. Also included are retractable spikes, strap, bag, tools, and quick-release plate. The BE-208T head has a separate panning lock (see here), bubble levels, and an Arca-type compatible quick-release plate.


Tubbo's eyes are wide, curious, sparkling with interest, like he's found a new solution to a problem on a maths test instead of stumbling on insect documentaries. The blanket, now tucked over his head like a hood, just accentuates how adorably fond Tubbo immediately is of the little fuzzy bees.

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Implementing proper procedures for the use of restraints with prisoners and ensuring that officers apply them appropriately will assist in reducing the risk of litigation. It will also assist in enhancing the operational effectiveness of the department.


How long would it take him to freeze his bank account? They'd red flag him if Tubbo was spending, like, millions, right?

I'd have edited to "changes" myself, but that'd create a repeated word so it's kind of clunky. Does anyone have any suggestions for more neutral terms?


There's more shuffling, but it pauses quickly, like Tubbo caught himself; "No. I-I heard about storms, we didn't get them though.

Many websites offer the option of logging in with your social media account rather than having to create an account for the website. Although convenient, this presents a huge security risk: how do you know if this site is legitimate? By encouraging unsuspecting users to use their social media accounts, a malicious website can easily collect valuable names and passwords. It's much safer to just create a new account for the site.


Jordan shuffles over, pushing dewy branches out of the way and giving Tubbo a sympathetic grimace. Tubbo rights himself, wiping his wrist across his mouth. He still looks so horribly pale. He doesn't specifically remember if the medics gave him any food or water, but they definitely should have if they didn't.

But the process of unpacking our baggage together builds trust and emotional intimacy. It’s the telling of our secrets to a person we trust who will never hit below the belt with soul-crushing words, or use them against us. So share your baggage, choose to always keep each other’s secrets, and treat them like a valuable treasure during the best and worst of times. Vulnerability builds the loyalty and trust that are core to the endurance of a relationship.


In a "Use of force for COs", I portrayed the liability trends of use of force claims filed against correction officers from 1992 to 2002. Of the six frequent litigated areas, the use of restraints comprised the second most common litigated area, accounting for 35 percent of the claims. Although correction personnel prevails in 78% of the lawsuits a review of a 2007 litigated jail case where a Midwest Sheriff’s department failed to prevail and lost $96,000 is instructional and worthy of consideration in order to identify the lessons that can be learned.

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Day begins to fade slowly into the night, the sky spilling into clandestine purples and a dark lapis blue. Sun starting to huddle from sight, the aggressive mobs tonight would definitely kill or take whatever this kid had left on his bones. He'd be gone before midnight, and Jordan would never have to see him again if he didn't want to. He could leave this mystery unsolved, this piece of knowledge unknown. Jordan couldn't even imagine the damage that could be done with letting out something like that into the world. Server prisons, single players, no one would be safe.


Otowa and Gein seem to be the only ones in the group that fits the trope. Enishi, Mumyoi, and Kujirinami were motivated mostly by Revenge, while Banjin falls more under the Blood Knight category. A better example would be Heishin's personal fighting squad, the Sushin/Shishin.

Compounding the problem is that new business models for people who think and write have not appeared as quickly as we all hoped. Newspapers, for instance, are on the whole facing a grim decline as the Internet takes over the feeding of the curious eyes that hover over morning coffee and, even worse, classified ads. In the new environment, Google News is for the moment better funded and enjoys a more secure future than most of the rather small number of fine reporters around the world who ultimately create most of its content. The aggregator is richer than the aggregated.


Jordan fumbles for words, "I-I don't know what you want me to tell you. You don't - I know you're not a charity case. You're a smart kid, brilliant, even, I know that.

Does the West care? Who hacked what? Free Trade; and a word from Porkypine

The kid's grip on the weapon is white knuckled, not loosening even a bit. His dark hair nearly reaches his nose, shaggy and unkempt. His other hand, Sparklez slowly notices, is pressed up against his side that'd been curled inwards toward the tree. Between the pale fingers there, he sees, is the brighter flush of crimson of an open wound.


He doesn't know why it hurts so much, then. Why the distant sound of lightning is setting his nerves on fire, each individual cell burning through his skin like it was gearing up for war. He even has his armor on. Sparklez didn't even really notice that till now.

Earlier in the guide, we talked about securing your web browsing with a VPN. Fortunately, you can use a VPN on your phone as well! If you already have a VPN provider, it’s relatively easy to set-up on your phone. Follow Apple’s instructions for iOS or check out OpenVPN (our recommended VPN client for Android).


My hands on you

Even if he wasn't a kid, which is definitely swaying his opinion, no one deserves to die out in the wild of some unknown server. He's heard so many horror stories like that. This kid might have a family before he'd been server locked (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=4415), a history that he didn't know of. Maybe he can just try and convince him not to sell out the secret to anyone. Not let it fall into bad hands, if it hasn't already.

Had Jordan never joined, there's a chance Ianite would've never come into play and things could go back to normal. Tom and Jericho having their little arguments.


Things have been so quiet since all the trouble with Marv and Goldie and Cardinal Roark. It broke my heart, seeing Miho so frustrated. I'd have to be made of stone not to give her something to do.

If an ironic Web site devoted to destroying cinema claimed that I was a filmmaker, it would suddenly make sense. That would be an authentic piece of text. But placed out of context in the Wikipedia, it becomes drivel.


He was just glad Tubbo didn't seem to know who he was. It'd be even worse to ruin someone's expectations of him by showing off some shabby farm house in the countryside.

In The Devil's Rejects, Sheriff Wydell hires the a pair of psychotic bounty hunters called the Unholy Two and sics them on the Axe-Crazy, mass-murdering Firefly family. The Unholy Two are so badass that they actually win the showdown without breaking much of a sweat.


Avatar: The Last Airbender season 3 has one in the Combustion Man, a mute assassin who Zuko hires to kill Team Avatar. His main method of attack/murder is projecting blasts that cause whatever they hit to explode, and he doggedly chases Team Avatar all the way to the Western Air Temple to do the job. In his final episode, Zuko, having undergone a Heel–Face Turn, confronts him during his latest assault and first threatens not to pay, and then offers to pay him double, if he backs off. In response, the Combustion Man attacks him before turning back to the Gaang.

Here is a travel tripod recommendation for film/video cameras

The walk back to the Impala was a pleasant one; this was all in spite of the oily puddles, and piles of garbage, and leering homeless men. You had gone to purgatory, and hell, and back.


At which point I still couldn’t just sit down and work. We have a couple, Ryan and Kelly, who have moved in upstairs and take care of Roberta who isn’t recovering from her stroke as fast as I managed to; and of course I am still mostly in a walker, so while she could manage without 24 hour a day help taking care of me, I can’t do that for her. But they need some time off, so we have a health care agency send out a helper for the weekend to give them a break; only today the agency girl’s sister was in a car accident, and Alex had to drive her to the hospital and arrange to get someone else while Phillip and I looked after Roberta. All’s well, but if it’s not one thing it’s another.

Pegleg Pete from various Disney properties often functions as hired muscle for a smarter villain, like Sylvester Shyster, Eli Squinch, or Agent Von Weasel. In service to all three, he's shown easy willingness to try killing Mickey Mouse and his friends, with any weapon from rifles to propellers to his own fists.


Of course, within seconds of the force teleport to Hypixel, the duo had been rushed into a separate space from the rest of the crowd. They had a reputation of family friendly to uphold, of course.

English Sentences with Audio

He's gotten somewhat better recently after a Vision Quest, if only because he's realized that if he plays along with the other heroes' rules most of the time, he'll have more free reign when it comes to "stabbing the bad guys" time. He's still not a good person by any stretch, but he may just have moved up from Stupid Evil to actual Chaotic Evil.


Shortly after his confinement in prison, Smith filed a Section 1983 lawsuit claiming that his Constitutional rights were violated while confined at the jail. He alleged that being restrained in handcuffs and leg shackles constituted excessive force, was cruel (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=9848) and unusual punishment, which caused nerve damage to his wrists and ankles. He further claimed that he incurred psychological harm as a result of being kept in restraints for a prolonged period of time.

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But first we must rebuild the West, and to do that we need to make America strong again. Without American strength, little is possible.


Crash - Part 11 - The Other Side

Yamada in Sharkskin Man And Peach Hip Girl. He's a psychotic, giggling, nervous, homosexual, childish Servile Snarker.

Meanwhile, the number of newly laid-off people who filed their initial unemployment claims with state unemployment offices in the week ended June 27 was 1/427 million initial claims (not seasonally adjusted), down a tad from last week but up a tad from two weeks ago. This is the weekly influx of the newly unemployed that filed for state unemployment insurance.

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So why'd he take the whole 'not being a good dad' thing personally? It's not like he didn't notice the small sting of resentment he felt at the whole bit. Maybe it just felt like an insult. He was pretty stressed from a build that'd been held back a few weeks construction.


When it comes to versatility, look no further than Oben. You can tell that the company likes packing the maximum number of features into each tripod it markets. Built for mirrorless and small DSLR setups, the Oben AT-3535 Folding Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod and BE-208T Ball Head is no exception.

The furor over the Russian hacks continues, and President Obama says he holds Mr. Putin responsible because at least one member of the intelligence community says it must have been Putin’s responsibility. I don’t recall Mr. Clapper saying that, and Clapper is by law the only one authorized to speak for the ‘intelligence community’, but I suppose the President is above that law. Mr. Obama says he will retaliate ate a time and place of his choosing. President Eisenhower used to say that during the Cold War, but he meant it, and has SAC to carry it out; not sure the United States has escalation dominance at all levels any more.


He didn't want to fight the kid, and if he did anyway, he'd probably lose without any weapons or armor. This had just been a nice walk through nature, dammit!

You didn’t meet any demons until you rounded a couple of corners on your way back to the door. You were around the corner first, staying well ahead of Dean and you darted back before they saw you.


I'm constantly running stuff like [email protected], but I usually underclock my components to conserve power and lengthen the lifespan. However, I created a macro that overclocks my GPU at the press of a button, and I use it to act as a heater for my room whenever I get cold.

What Lessons Are Learned

The chainsaw Living Weapon Giriko from Soul Eater. While he does have { or at least did have) the motivation of protecting Arachne, he has no problem fighting given the opportunity, and doing so violently and with obvious enjoyment. Example being in chapter 75 when he encounters Maka. He also joined Noah apparently for want of something to do when found by Justin Law.


The vast majority of online accounts can be accessed through a password and email address/username. As we all know, a good password is essential in ensuring that hackers can’t get into our shit. However, the ways we create and remember passwords tend to be very easy to hack: common words and phrases can be programmatically exploited when trying to access an account. As the first and frequently only line of defense to accessing your account, strong passwords are key!

Simon Darcourt from Christopher Brookmyre's A Big Boy Did It and Ran Away and A Snowball in Hell is this. He is no longer for hire in the latter, but he still manages to find time to enjoy a little torture now and again.


The third game has the Fury, a deranged cosmonaut whose life goal seems to be to set the world on fire. The Pain and The Fear probably also count.

Anton Chigurh from No Country for Old Men is an utterly remorseless and unrelentingly evil mass murderer. He often takes lives simply for the sake of killing, as he follows a murderous and nihilistic moral code that revolves around the concept of fate and chance. He's so evil that he immediately turns on the people who hired him to take the loot for himself, making him something of an aversion to the trope.


I am writing this on May 27, 2006. In the last few days an experimental approach to diabetes management has been announced that might prevent nerve damage. That's huge news for tens of millions of Americans.

He places his sunglasses on the side, pressing his face into the pillows to silence his racing thoughts. Kids just weren't in his future, he knew that.


Teardown Of The Singaporean COVID-19 TraceTogether Token

In Gamer, Hackman slaughtered a dozen people on the outside just so he could be locked up and enjoy all the death he can cause in the battlefield of Slayers. He teams up with Castle for the sole purpose to get free reign to murder Kable and anyone else he feels like.

Networked-based, distributed, social production, both individual and cooperative, offers a new system, alongside markets, firms, governments, and traditional non-profits, within which individuals can engage in information, knowledge, and cultural production. This new modality of production offers new challenges, and new opportunities. It is the polar opposite of Maoism.


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He isn't afraid, exactly, not anymore - but his instinct when he hears lightning anymore is annoyance and futility. Miantie just kind of did that to a guy. Of course, it could be argued that it started with fear, especially back when he wasn't prepared. But he'd never admit that out loud.

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The internet is a crucial environment for our lives. Friendships, relationships, work, activism, commerce, and so many other forms of social connections take place digitally. As we thrive in these internet spaces, harassment and violence along intersecting axes of oppression are felt with unchecked force. Trolls launch campaigns of abuse and intimidation, hackers seek to exploit and manipulate your private data, and companies mine and sell your activity for profit. These threats to digital autonomy are gendered, racialized, queerphobic, transphobic, ableist, and classist in nature. The severity of these threats can have vast physical and psychological repercussions for those who experience them: they cannot be taken lightly.


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Every social media site has different security capabilities, some more comprehensive than others. You should check out these quick privacy guides for your favorite sites and understand which tools you have at your disposal.

It's this odd sensory development that kicks him out of edge for a moment. Instinct takes over and he's carefully cutting back the frayed ends and matted patches, smoothing hair over the boy's scalp to account for lacking hair in places. It'll be tough to even out, but over time it'd settle to a general length.


Tom whistles, "Oh yeah, cause you liked her -" He pulls out 'liked' with a drawl, raising his eyebrows. Jordan resists the urge to shove him into the sandy breech they're beside. The shared home on Mianite Isle was way too far and Jordan was far too sober for this conversation.

First day and they just took so many steps forward, it's amazing. It took Sparklez weeks to get used to this kind of stuff, Tubbo'd done it in hours. Part of him selfishly wanted to boast that Jordan was just a good host - another muttered that truthfully, Tubbo was probably just being very brave, though he'd never admit it.


I think this is a jab at Windows 8, only an upside-down one - since the comic is about a lone protester as opposed to the general dissatisfaction with Tile World. Also: Let's wire the computer components (and a heat sink) into an office chair. Would sell like crazy in the North.

One week later, Smith obtained access to binding twine and attempted to commit suicide. Officers responded and thwarted the effort. Smith was referred to a psychologist at the forensic center and it was recommended that Smith be placed on suicide watch and kept in the restraints. Several days later, mental health workers assessed Smith and recommended that he be removed from the suicide watch but did not comment further about the need to use the restraints. At this juncture, Smith had only been incarcerated for two weeks. The restraints were removed from Smith for about two weeks by the officers.