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Wayne joined Raytheon Missile Systems in Tucson, AZ in 2003 as the Network Manager responsible for classified/unclassified networks and voice systems for the 10,000+ member business. Before joining Raytheon, he served nearly 23 years in the US Air Force acting in both enlisted and officer roles responsible for areas in Electronic Warfare, Telecommunications, Computer Crime Investigations, and Communications-Computer Systems. In 2006 he transferred to the Raytheon Corporate IT Security organization in Texas with responsibility for Cybersecurity Incident Response, Information Sharing, and Collaboration.


Please be aware that when you are using this table to identify inscriptions on patches that many abbreviations or acronyms may have more than one meaning. In some cases, those additional meanings are not listed in this table. Further research may be required to determine the appropriate abbreviation/acronym that applies to a specific patch.

With literally thousands of threat intelligence feeds to pull from, the key isn’t quantity but quality. Is the data you’re feeding into your security appliances important or just noise, and can the data be formatted to meet your security infrastructure’s requirements?


Abstract— Many computer-based devices are now connected to the internet technology. These devices are widely used to manage critical infrastructure such energy, aviation, mining, banking and transportation. The strategic value of the data and the information transmitted over the Internet infrastructure has a very high economic value. With the increasing value of the data and the information, the higher the threats and attacks on such data and information. Statistical data shows a significant increase in threats to cyber security.

And that is a rhetoric question. Houston, we have a systemic catastrophic problem.


This week, Zoom also announced that it's also getting additional help from cybersecurity consultancies NCC Group, Trail of Bits, Bishop Fox and Praetorian Security, as well as threat intelligence services from CrowdStrike and Queen Associates' DarkTower. To bolster its encryption capabilities over the longer term, Zoom this week also brought in as consultants Lea Kissner, who formerly headed privacy technology for Google, as well as Matthew Green, a renowned cryptographer and Johns Hopkins University professor who's previously published deep dives into Zoom's encryption.

Tim Grance is a senior computer scientist at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. He has held a variety of positions at NIST including Group Manager, Systems and Network Security and Program Manager for Cyber and Network Security. He led a broad portfolio of projects including high profile projects such as the NIST Hash Competition, Cloud Computing, Protocol Security (DNS, BGP, IPv6), Combinatorial Testing, and the National Vulnerability Database. He is presently a senior researcher advising on projects in cloud computing, mobile devices, internet of things, and big data. He has written extensively on cloud computing, incident handling, privacy, and identity management.


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Currently, he is responsible for Projects in the area of Emerging Threat Landscape. He is the author and main responsible of the ENISA Threat Landscape.

Permanent Link to CDOT Starts Summer Season with Summer Blitz DUI Enforcement Period

Jasper Bongertz is a Senior Technical Consultant and started working freelance in 1992 while he began studying computer science at the Technical University of Aachen. In 2021, he joined Airbus Defence and Space CyberSecurity, focusing on IT security, Incident Response and Network Forensics. He is also the author of a large training portfolio with a special focus on Wireshark, now owned by Fast Lane GmbH. Jasper is certified Sniffer Certified Professional (SCP), VMware Certified Professional (VCP3/4/5) and was a VMware Certified Instructor (VCI) until January 2021.


Design Considerations/Verification as well

Traditionally, attackers obtained users’ data via HTTP or FTP connections. Nowadays, however, they can obtain the data simply by sending an email through SMTP or posting data on a bulletin board system.

In this session, learn how to achieve truly interoperable cyberthreat intelligence. Get a special inside look at the challenges and opportunities of implementing and leveraging actionable data. What are the common barriers to full interoperability? How can organizations leverage intelligence no matter what security appliances they currently use? What are the challenges to receiving real-time, machine-to-machine information?


It isn’t all that smooth to deploy internal resources and implement all defensive controls to prevent, detect and respond to security events. Red team assessments may lead to finding similar ways or even exploiting short-cut fixes in certain scenarios.

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This report describes a novel approach to collection and analysis of radiocarbon data due to the unique design of the Naval Research Laboratory Trace Element Accelerator Mass Spectrometry system. In this approach, targets are loaded on the cathode wheel such that samples are clustered in groups of five between standards. Each target is measured until the external error asymptotically reaches a constant value and the internal error dominates, or until a predefined time limit is reached. These measurements are repeated until the desired level of counting statistics is attained. Cycle control software saves the measured beam currents and count rate, as well as all system parameters to disc at fixed intervals throughout each measurement. Data visualization software has aided in system diagnosis by exposing relationships between the measured isotope ratios and system parameters. A filtering algorithm is employed to the data set of each target measurement in an attempt to achieve a Gaussian distribution.


What Are CSGO Spray Patterns and What is Recoil Compensation

It includes how to monitor insider threats (and what to monitor for), how to mitigate insider threats, and related topics and case studies. Insider Threats in Cyber Security is intended for a professional audience composed of the military, government policy makers and banking; financing companies focusing on the Secure Cyberspace industry. This book is also suitable for advanced-level students and researchers in computer science as a secondary text or reference book.

Network forensics can help to pinpoint infected nodes, so that system forensics tasks can be focussed on those systems. The problem with network forensics is that it requires a certain amount of preparation (the more the better), and skill/experience to identify malicious patterns. This talk will focus on where network forensics can help with incident response, where the challenges are, and what tools to leverage.


I love the smell of great sex in the morning. It smells of shared victory with no defeated prisoners. And man, is it Immaculately Endlessly Powerful.

In addition, Zoom has tapped bug bounty guru Katie Moussouris, who launched both Microsoft and the Pentagon's bug bounty programs, to reboot its own bug bounty program. Moussouris, who heads Luta Security, "will be assessing Zoom’s program holistically with a 90-day 'get well' plan, which will cover all internal vulnerability handling processes," the company says.


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Don Stikvoort is principal and founder of the companies “S-CURE” and “AVALON Coaching & NLP”. S-CURE offers board level consulting in the area of information security, specialising in cyber incident response. AVALON offers executive & life coaching, plus workshops and trainings in NLP, communication and presentation. Both companies have an international client base: Europe, USA, Australia, Caribbean. Don has a background in physics.


The Doppler knife pattern in CS:GO is known to have four unique phases and three very rare patterns. We’re covering the Black Pearl pattern in this guide, this pattern is one of the three very rare patterns that come with the doppler. It can be difficult for some to spot a true black pearl, so we highly recommend you check our seed pattern list.

When buying a sidecar rig used, ask who setup the rig. Find out if it was put together by an experienced installer, what shop (if any) put it together, if it was done using a "universal mounting system" or a bike-specific mounting kit. Many universal mounting kits are compromised in their design, due to the fact that they are trying to fit as many motorcycles as possible. Since the sidecar mounts are all that hold the rig together, the robustness of the mounts is very important. The mounts have to be able to handle both regular loads and the loads associated with unusual circumstances such as rough roads, potholes, and emergency maneuvers.


This session takes apart Operation SMN and the threat group Axiom, and examines in-depth how over 10 private industry companies banded together to address a single threat groups entire tool set. We will cover some of the events that transpired during Operation SMN including identifying and onboarding security vendors, handling sensitive evidence, creating novel analysis techniques, and fusing all that information into various reports for consumption by the public as and industry. During this presentation we will also cover some of the strategic goals for the operation and how we went about executing against those goals and some of the results and measurable impacts we have had. We will also review the strategic reasons why and the tactics of how these industry partners shared their knowledge with one another to achieve their common goal.

Canadian Sidecar Owners Club

The superficially simple and straightforward Traffic Light Protocol, originally developed at the UK's Center for Protection of National Infrastructure to encourage information sharing with and among the private sector, has achieved more widespread adoption around the globe than its creators may have imagined. In regular use by all manner of CSIRTs, operational trust communities, information sharing analysis organizations, government agencies, private researchers, and beyond, TLP may have reached the point where it needs to evolve and adapt to support today's needs. As such, it seems that it may be time for the FIRST community to consider "taking on" TLP as a standardization project, to ensure that interpretations are consistent and that TLP is leveraged appropriately and with clear expectations by all.


In the past week, Yuan says the company has removed meeting IDs from the title bar - so screenshots will not reveal the. It also now requires passwords not only by default for joining a meeting, but also for recording it. Admins can also set password complexity minimums for users (see: The Cybersecurity Follies: Zoom Edition).

The REACH (Regional Economic Action Coalition) group is working with the county on future plans where a diverse range of residents can survive and thrive in the area. The members are concerned about the economic future beyond a region where there's a perceptions that only students, seniors and retires can live.


Timehop HACK – all 21million users exposed in major cyberattack on popular Facebook app

After you loaded a map you have to choose the team. After you did that, you have to open console. If you remember, we set up the key at the beginning.

Stolen Zoom Credentials: Hackers Sell Cheap Access

Collaboration and sharing have become motive forces from startups to web-scale global companies. However, security in general and particularly in incident handling at the enterprise level information sharing is still in its infancy. This panel presentation and discussion will briefly outline efforts in the public and private sectors such as NIST's Draft Special Publication 800-150 on Guide to Cyber Threat Information Sharing and European efforts on improving threat data exchange among CERTs and other private sector initiatives.


The role of a incident response team, especially at a national level,is to know the current level threat against such vulnerable equipments and the associatedrisks to the exposed equipments. Incident response team might find legal issues topro-actively scan such equipments or for such vulnerable. This research overcomesthese limits by focusing on existing data collected by other organisations and discoverpassively the vulnerable systems (and the owner of the systems which might be a challengeto incident response team).

LIBICKI: Cyber offense comes in two categories. One is operational cyberwarfare and the other is strategic cyberwarfare. In operational cyberwarfare, what you are basically trying to do is use cyber means to help physical means do their job. If you want to bomb a particular target, the enemy has air defenses, you want to find some way to deal with the air defenses. You could use physical means, that is to say blow up the radars. You could use electronic warfare means, which is to say make sure the radar doesn't pick up your incoming aircraft.


Lathsara has been working in the information security industry for more than 11 years. He has wide experience in information security management, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, design, and implementation of comprehensive information security solutions, digital forensic investigations, PKI implementations and online digital trust management.

He co-founded a startup called Conostix specialized in information security management, and the past 6 years, he was the manager of global information security at SES, a leading international satellite operator. He is now working at CIRCL, the national Luxembourgian Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) in the research and operational fields. He is also lecturer in information security at Paul-Verlaine University in Metz and the University of Luxembourg. Alexandre enjoys working on projects where there is a blend of free information, innovation and a direct social improvement. When not gardening binary streams, he likes facing the reality of ecosystems while gardening or doing photography.


The DSMS is designed with the prime objective to automate the most labour-intensive and unmanaged parts of incident response. By storing analysis results in a central repository that is accessible via a management interface, incident analysts may focus on higher value tasks. DSMS can also provide some capabilities that were not available before.

Blue team is composed of security resources responsible for identifying and implementing defensive capabilities that help in threat prevention, detection, response and recovery phases. It is generally a cyber security operations centre (CSOC) in-house or managed by an MSSP.


Government initiatives from the European Union and the US have been working on standardizing frameworks for cyber security resiliency and information sharing initiatives. The Internet and Jurisdiction project has been working on a global multi-stakeholder framework for multinational due process for combatting cyber crime. The IETF has been standardizing protocols and mechanisms to utilize security related posture and threat information to automate protecting endpoints. This talk will provide an updated and consolidated view of the standards the international government, law enforcement, technical and operational communities are creating to more effectively combat cyber related crime and automate mitigation processes.

He said it would be a place for first launches and those with little data. SLC 8 is a perfect place for new companies to fail early and learn from that and built that into their designs.


Can you imagine what they can and are going to do Now for the Future? And will that be QuITe Similar to that which has been done in Pasts for the Present, too, and thus is its Morph with IT and Media and AI, a Part and Peculiarly Particular Element in a Singularity Movement and Quantum Leap Progressive Program for Live Operational Virtual Environments?

When Edward Snowden leaked classified information from the NSA in June 2021 all government initiatives on monitoring and data correlation became suspicious. NCSC had just started the pilot preparations at a government data centre aimed at automatically sharing indicators and incident related information, giving a boost to the operational situational awareness of it’s CSOC. Many challenges had to be overcome. As of December 2021 government organizations as well as critical infrastructure partners have started the new sharing collaboration successfully. In his presentation Michael will discuss the prerequisites, technical but mostly non-technical, needed to create this Dutch habitat in which organizations can share information safely on a voluntary basis. Also Michael will share the outcome of the evaluation held in June 2021.


In theory, it should be easy to manage and extract actionable threat intelligence from STIX/CybOX data for use in detection and prevention systems. In practice, this proves surpringly hard. We will present on our approach towards this problem.

A SOC is expected to contain several areas, including an operational room, a "war room," and the supervisors’ offices. Comfort,visibility, efficiency, and control are key terms in this scenario, and every single area must be designed accordingly.


Still don’t know how to create autoexec file? Read the complete guide in this article.

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Britain's Tory party has secured a majority in Parliament, which means the country will soon see a new legislative agenda. Here are some of the information security, privacy and surveillance initiatives to expect in the coming months.


Canadian Sidecar Owners Club - News Page

Rather than having TLP interpreted separately by different communities, or governed as a de facto standard by specific government or CSIRT organizations, TLP could become a FIRST standard similar to CVSS, governed for the benefit of the worldwide CSIRT community and our operational partners. This BOF will seek to explore the level of interest in FIRST in potentially establishing a SIG to standardize, translate and - as necessary - evolve the Traffic Light Protocol in an independent, fair and transparent fashion.

Josh (Twitter: @ananalytical) is an experienced information security analyst with over a decade of experience building, operating, and running Security Operations Centers (SOCs). Josh currently serves as VP and CTO - Americas at FireEye. Until its acquisition by FireEye, Josh served as Chief Security Officer for nPulse Technologies. Prior to joining nPulse, Josh worked as an independent consultant, applying his analytical methodology to help enterprises build and enhance their network traffic analysis, security operations, and incident response capabilities to improve their information security postures. He has consulted and advised numerous clients in both the public and private sectors at strategic and tactical levels. Earlier in his career, Josh served as the Chief of Analysis for the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) where he built from the ground up and subsequently ran the network, endpoint, and malware analysis/forensics capabilities for US-CERT. In addition to Josh¹s blogging and public speaking appearances, he is also a regular contributor to DarkReading, SecurityWeek, SC Magazine UK, and The Business Journals.


Local Coffee Shop to Open in New Cyber Center

With over ten years of information security experience, Jeff Bollinger has worked as security architect and incident responder for both academic and corporate networks. Specializing in investigations, network security monitoring, and intrusion detection, Jeff Bollinger currently works as an information security investigator, and has built and operated one of the world's largest corporate security monitoring infrastructures. Jeff regularly speaks at international FIRST, and writes for the Cisco Security Blog. His recent work includes log mining, search optimization, threat research, and security investigations.

In the presentation, I will further explain some possible cyber attack scenarios according to the factors above. Also, Japan has several unique issues they would have to deal with; for example, earthquakes and nuclear power plants, which relate to dealing with physical security along with cyber security, in considering unified security at the time of the Olympics.


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The configuration part, try to offer configuration that could be copy/pasted to offer a valid usage of cryptography. As clear-text should protocols should be avoid, we tried to cover as many different systems and usage as possible.

We discuss a very high resolution imaging microchannel plate (MCP) detector developed for use in a high resolution ((lambda) /(Delta) (lambda) equals30,000) ultraviolet spectrograph which will fly aboard a NASA sounding rocket. The detector utilizes hybrid anode, referred to as a double delay line, which encodes x-axis position from time delay measurements and y-axis position by charge division. The detector uses low resistance MCP's in a z-stack arrangement to achieve high local count rates and a gain of 2 X 10(superscript 7) electrons per incident photon. The detector has a resolution of 20 micrometers FWHM throughout a 6x1 cm active area. The use of a KBr photocathode and a repeller grid boosts the quantum efficiency of the bare MCP's to over 40% at approximately equals 1100 angstroms.

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He obtained BSc Engineering Honours from the University of Moratuwa in 1993. He obtained his Master of Philosophy from the same university in 2000. His PhD was obtained from the Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands in 2021. He became the first Chartered Engineer in Sri Lanka in the field of IT in the Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka (IESL). He also served in the Council of the Computer Society of Sri Lanka (CSSL). His expertise are in Computer and Information Security, Information Systems, and e-Learning. He has provided advisory services for many government and commercial organizations in the areas of his expertise since 1994.


FPGA and MCU integration is a game-changer for many system designs

Talented, cybersecurity educated staff is required and it's not always easy to find the right people for continuous monitoring andcomprehensive data analysis. The ability to prioritize and manage time effectively is a must for a cybersecurity expert. Also, it isimperative to get the latest tools to keep up to date with threats and to get customizable tools that simplify the monitoring processdepending on environment – on-premise, cloud, or hybrid. A SOC must have standard procedures in place to find, catch, and separatecomplex threats from easy threats, and protect data from and respond to targeted threats. SOC technology should be able to monitornetwork traffic, endpoints, logs, security events, etc, so that analysts can use this information to identify vulnerabilities andprevent breaches. When a suspicious activity is detected, your platform should create an alert, indicating further investigation isrequired. Multi-level escalation is also recommended.

While companies know that attackers use deception with email-based attacks, how do they uncover an email's actual purpose or intent? Why do companies struggle in seeing beyond an attacker's deception?


Updating Our Knowledge of the Insider Threat

After completing his studies in engineering, Frank Herberg worked on IT infrastructure and security projects for a number of technology consulting firms. In 2021, he joined SWITCH-CERT, where one of his specialisms is IPv6 security. In the past years he conducted divers IPv6 security trainings and hands-on workshops for the security community.

Thomas Schreck is the Team Representative of Siemens CERT. His fields of interest are intrusion detection and incident analysis. Further, he is a PhD student at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg.


An organisation’s goal is to keep improving defensive controls on an ongoing basis. This is based on the input from teams working on the outside and the inside of the organisation. The offensive approach involves activities ranging from vulnerability assessments, penetration testing to full-scale red teaming.

Our goal is also to continue to complete the guide with others tools from other vendors. We also dream of a configuration tool that could help people to automatically generate the configuration they need for their systems.


Toggling features on and off without going into the menu is possible. On activation and deactivation you are notified by a female voice.

When in no hiding place, softly, softly catchee monkey says the spider to the fly is eventual and inevitable and probably definitely always true in quantum fields, which are never better than whenever trialed and trailed in tales of unexpected beta phormed phishes? And only a question because the answer is so simple as to be totally confusing to any without true belief in Global Operating Devices and what they do do and can do and have always done.


Vietnam’s new cyber security law draws concern for restricting free speech – TechCrunch

In recent years, there has been research into “similarity metrics”— methods that can identify whether, or to what degree, two malware binaries are similar to each other. Imphash, ssdeep and sdhash are examples of such techniques. In this talk, Bhavna Soman, Cyber Analyst at Intel Information Security will review which of these techniques is more suitable for evaluating similarities in code for APT related samples. This presentation will take a data analytics approach. We will look at binary samples from APT events from Jan- Mar 2021 and create clusters of similar binaries based on each of the three similarity metrics under consideration. We will then evaluate the accuracy of the clusters and examine their implications on the effectiveness of each technique in identifying provenance of an APT related binary. This can aid Incident responders in connecting otherwise disparate infections in their environment to a single threat group and apply past analyses of the the abilities and motivations of that adversary to conduct more effective response.

Closing Argument in Behalf of United Shoe Machinery Company and Memorandum Concerning Said Bills Book

However, the question is, are they really effective in overcoming the challenges in responding to cross border incidents and how various Teams from different countries can possibly come together to respond, mitigate cross border incidents? Malaysia CERT has long been engaged in various multilateral cyber exercises. We had played the roles as Coordinator, Player and Excon, significantly, in three different multilateral Cyber Exercises conducted annually. They are the Asia Pacific CERT Cyber Exercise, South East Asian Cyber Exercise and the Organization of Islamic Country CERT Cyber Exercise. In this presentation we would like to share our case study and experiences in participating in the above multilateral Cyber Exercises.


The default region is the region where a customer’s account is provisioned. For the majority of our customers, this is the United States," he said.

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Threat Intelligence has been a hot item for the past year or two now – everyone sells it and has it drive their products and solutions – but how do you really tell if it’s really making a difference? Several other recent presentations at industry conferences have dealt with trying to measure vendor offerings – but how do you measure your own internal content and processes? How do you know if the Threat Intelligence and Indicators you are creating and consuming are worth your investment of resources? And how do you make them better if they are not?


The outreach campaign also attracted media attention, this created some noise and questions asked at higher levels in the targeted organizations. To reach out and build awareness and answer some of these questions a bigger conference meeting was arranged for the alert recipients in the fall of 2021.

Democracy is for Puppets and Politics. Long live Meritocratic Autocracies and Swift Electronic Credit Transfer Systems of Operation and Binary Control.


The main objective of MWS is to accelerate and expand the activities of anti-malware research and countermeasure. To this end, MWS aims to attract new researchers, engineers of academic, private (enterprise) and public domains. Also stimulate new research for addressing latest cyber threats. To achieve this objective, MWS established the community based sharing scheme of the datasets for anti-malware research and countermeasure and organized research workshops where researchers can freely discuss their results. This paper describes the MWS community, MWS data sets, MWS workshop and the lessons learned from our experiences over the past seven years.

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Galil AR Recoil Compensation

That leaves offense and I am sure these gentlemen are thinking about offense when they do that. I would argue that if you are looking at offense, separate and apart from exploitation, you are actually looking at a very small number of folks.

Why Are Butterfly Knife Black Pearl’s So Expensive

Andrew Cormack was head of JANET CERT from 1999 to 2003, and has remained a personal member of both FIRST and TF-CSIRT since then. His current role as Janet's Chief Regulatory Adviser covers the security, policy and regulatory issues of providing networks and networked services to the UK’s universities, colleges and schools. He has a particular interest in how digital technologies can be used to enhance privacy. He is an experienced presenter at national and international conferences and training courses, both on-line and in person. He has degrees in Mathematics and Law, and is studying for a Masters in Computer and Communications Law.


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That “Heavenly Brothels for Practising Perfect Creative Techniques and Seductive Addictive Methodologies” post was in Homage to “That’s fucking obvious. Paris Hilton AND Britney Spears.

After looking ourselves how better improve our investigations and tools and also finding out that many good security analyst does not have enough technical skills we wanted to simplify it and started our own project. We want to help Security analyst to focus on their investigations and make easier their work while putting them a good platform. From the beginning we want it to count with the community and would like to take the opportunity to offer it to other CERT’s teams and share with them our experience and how we do our investigations.


The finals saw the two members of Team Comic Odyssey in the Top 8 meeting each other on the battlefield. At this point it didn’t matter who won the match, because either way, Team Comic Odyssey was going to get Cyber-Stein number seven.

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CERT/CC believes that information sharing is not sufficient to overcome these threats, and that a key success factor for managing incidents are Computer Security Incident Response Teams that have responsibility to coordinate across the government and private sector entities in each country. Cultural, geographic and governmental differences create divergent cybersecurity concerns and thus different CSIRT service needs from country to country. We believe that forthcoming capacity development efforts should pay particular attention to the unique needs of local stakeholders that will create an engaged constituency as a key enabler for effective CSIRTs.


Since the early 90's, while working at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) George has been involved in Internet Security and building Communities of Interest, Extranets, Portals, and other tools that focus on providing a secure platform for secure information sharing. He spent two years at Carnegie Mellon as Technical Director, Extranet for Security Professionals working at the Software Engineering Institute further maturing the processes and methodologies necessary to promote security as a principal requirement to information systems. From there he went on to found The ESP Group, which was arguably the first security differentiated collaboration company on the market. Currently George serves as CSO of NC4 where he is responsible for working with the business units to integrate security into the corporate processes - from requirements, SDLC, testing, to production and retirement of systems.

We conducted a research project in order to gain insight into CSIRT capacity in Africa, with a specific emphasis on facilitating the long term stability and success of African CSIRTs and cybersecurity capabilities. The informational perspective of this paper aimed to provide a better contextual understanding of the Sub-Saharan CSIRT environment, and to serve as a starting point for more targeted initiatives or collaboration. We believe that our research is a good first step, but that having perspectives and hands on experience will be essential for long term success.


Made with the open-source spirit in mind (all the document is written in Latex and published in open-source on git), our work is open for comments. We are looking for any new contribution that will be welcome.

EETimes FPGA and MCU integration is a game-changer for many system designs Comments Feed

Follow the Sun refers to the shifts the security engineers are operating according to their specifictime zone, and it is usually selected when a company operates with multiple offices or engineers working remotely. Rotational refers towhen a company is operating out of one location and shifts are rotated. Operational Continuity focuses on shift handover, shift reports,and escalation to external teams like networks, or infrastructure.


A new accelerator mass spectrometer (AMS) facility is under construction at the Naval Research Laboratory for trace element analysis of electronic, biological, and geological materials. The design provides for parallel mass analysis over a broad mass range for conducting and insulating samples, and offers 10 μm lateral image resolution, depth profiling, and sensitivity down to tens of ppt of trace impurities. The facility will use a modified commercial secondary ion mass spectrometer as the source of secondary ions. A Pretzel magnet will act as a unique recombinator to simultaneously transmit from 1 to 200 amu ions, but attenuate intense matrix-related beams.

Jean-Paul Weber, IT Security Analyst at the governmental CERT in Luxembourg since 2021,is a specialist in the area of handling and analyzing IT security incidents. Currently one of hismain interests is the follow up of threat intelligence. He is also responsible for development andmaintenance of tools for the facilitation of internal processing.


Flower Power v2/0 and Flowering Power too? If you imagine it so, then that would suggest an embedded experience and passionate wisdom would be instantly available in mentoring to it and dealing successfully in it and with it.

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If you see excessive wear on one side of the front or back tires, this may indicate setup issues. Ask how often they have to replace tires. Generally the rear tire on a sidecar rig will wear much more quickly than with a solo motorcycle (it is pushing a much larger load after all) with the front tire being the next to wear, and the sidecar tire generally experiencing very little wear.


When looking to build a security operations center

Leader of Tempest's Threat Intelligence team, is currently in charge of various researches on the field, in Brazil and abroad. Infosec analyst for the last 6 years, he has been involved in performing vulnerability assessment, forensic analysis, and threat intelligence research for multiple industries with special interest on the technical and operational aspects of fraud schemes, and webapp and infrastructure attacks and defenses.

Stolen email address and password combinations for accessing Zoom accounts have been distributed via cybercrime forums for free or for a very low cost, says Singapore-based cybersecurity intelligence firm Cyble. The company tells Bleeping Computer that it was able to purchase about 530,000 credentials for Zoom accounts for an average of just $0/0020 each. Purchased account information included a victim's email address, password, personal meeting URL, and HostKey - a 6-digit PIN used to gain access to the host controls in a meeting, the publication reports. It contacted a random sampling of the email addresses and found that they were valid, although respondents said some of the passwords being sold were old ones.


Éireann Leverett studied Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering at Edinburgh University and went on to get his Masters in Advanced Computer Science at Cambridge. He studied under Frank Stajano and Jon Crowcroft in Cambridge's computer security group. In between he worked for GE Energy for 5 years and has just finished a six month engagement with ABB in their corporate research Dept. He worked for IOActive in their world class Industrial Systems Security team. Eireann is a Risk Researcher at the Centre for Risk Studies (Cambridge), where his research focuses upon technological disasters and the economic impacts of computer security failures or accidents.

Oracle CASB Cloud Service

Piotr Kijewski is the Head of CERT Polska, a part of NASK. Previously for many years he was in charge of multiple projects and security research in the CERT Polska team. His interests include threat intelligence, malware analysis, botnets and honeypots. Active in incident response, Piotr also orchestrated and coordinated the takedown of multiple botnets. Piotr has also engaged in many different innovative network security projects, both at the national and international level (including EU FP7, NATO and ENISA projects). Author of a couple of dozen publications and articles on network security, as well as frequent speaker and panelist at conferences both in Poland and abroad (including FIRST, NATO Cyber Defense Workshop, Honeynet Project Workshop, Microsoft Digital Crimes Consortium, MSRA and APWG eCrime). In 2021, Piotr set up the Polish Chapter of the Honeynet Project.


Between the two speakers thousands have been informed in this manner. They will discuss the methods, the bedside manner, and the outcomes. They will discuss industrial systems on the internet and CERTs (a couple thousand), vendor vulnerability notifications (20), Havex notifications in Norway's Oil and Gas and Energy sectors (550).

Department of Homeland Security, the Netherlands and Sweden. Barriers to cybersecurity information sharing were identified through interviews and focus groups in dozens of public and private organizations in Europe and the United States, and through surveys of cybersecurity professionals conducted in 2021 and 2021. Building on the findings of other researchers, we present an overview of information sharing barriers within CSIRTs, C-CERTs, and M-SIRTs; between these teams and their larger organizations, and between the organization and the outside world. We also describe ways to break down barriers and promote information sharing.


Swapnil Deshmukh is a Sr. Director at Visa. He leads a team responsible for testing security for emergingtechnologies. He is a coauthor of the Hacking (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=3243) Exposed series and is a member of OWASP. In his prior work, he helped Fortune 500companies build secure operation centers.

If you know of additional abbreviations or acronyms that are not listed here, please contact me to get it added to the table. When submitting an abbreviation or acronym, please provide a source document if at all possible.


This workshop will give a concise guide on how to properly deploy networked services in a secure fashion that is applicable today. We will also give an update on the project as well as new development on the front of cryptography, attacks and TLS protocol standardization.

This training is about learning how to become a (better) trainer. It is not specifically aimed at any CSIRT training framework, but applies to any training (and even presentation) you may want to give in the future.


Currently as of 2021, there are more information sharing frameworks being established, like the Japanese Financial ISAC or Cyber Defense Council of MOD and J3 (Japan Cybercrime Control Center, Japanese version of NCFTA), and large scale cyber exercises taking place in preparation for nation-wide massive events such as the Tokyo Olympics. The most updated information will be given in June 2021. I would also like to discuss and explore possibilities of other countries working together with us toward making such massive event secure and successful.

Re-Configurable Platform for Design, Verification and Implementation of SoCs

Kushan Sharma works as the Engineering Manager - IT Security Services of TechCERT. He holds a BSc Engineering (Hons) degree in Computer Science & Engineering from the University of Moratuwa. He also completed a master’s degree in Computer Science, specialized in Computer Security, from the University of Moratuwa. Further, he is currently reading for his master’s degree in Business Administration. He is an Associate Member of Institution of Engineering Sri Lanka – AMIE (SL) and is a certified ISMS Auditor as well.


Significance: The debrief process is the US DoD standard on how to perform a function, job or mission more effectively every time the function, job or mission is performed. The principles are straightforward and easily applied to non-military environments.

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Cyphere have real-world expertise across multiple sectors delivering red teaming, penetration testing and security validation exercises for more than 10 years. By utilising our sector-specific expertise and offensive security skill-set, we help organisations to continually assess and mitigate their risks across the estate.


Julie Steinke is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Industrial/Organizational Psychology Program at George Mason University. Her research interests include teams, competition and conflict, performance under stress and adversity, and resilience. Steinke received a PhD in industrial and organizational psychology from Wright State University.

However, research presented at FIRST 26 showed that ~70% of published vulnerabilities could be described by applying only 10 combinations of metrics. This lack of variety left many characteristics of vulnerabilities poorly described or omitted by v2 classification, which in turn led to clusters of scores that flattened out the standard's usefulness for rating and responding to vulnerabilities.


How to Build a Security Operations Center: Peoples, Processes, and Technologies

It was initially introduced to the banking sector and then to the financial and insurance sectors respectively. Since 2021, TechCERT has been able to expand this exercise to a wide range of sectors by including telecommunication service providers and Internet service providers with the assistance of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRCSL). At present, TechCERT is conducting three (03) cyber security drills annually for different sectors.

Eireann Leverett is a Senior Risk Researcher at the Cambridge Centre for Risk Studies. He works in the areas of peril modelling, cyber-catastrophe, cyber-insurance, technological disasters, network science, and macro-economics. He is also an accomplished hacker, with a focus on systemic risks to industrial systems.


In South Korea, 90% of malicious apps are distributed by Smishing. In these scenarios, attackers use social engineering to convince people to divulge sensitive information, using topics that change in accordance with the times. For example, following the Sewol Ferry Disaster, attackers sent SMS messages that referenced it for about 15 days and distributed associated fraudulent banking apps.

The Black Pearl pattern is extremely rare and is a must-have to many high tier skin collectors. All this demand has led to the price of this rare pattern to sky-rocket to record highs.


New Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 V Book Available

Numerous incident response efforts exist to mitigate the effects of attacks. Some are operator driven focused on specific attack types, while others are closed analysis and sharing groups spanning many attack types. Many of the operator driven models work with members to mitigate the effects of such attacks for all users, but how to contribute information to these efforts is not always known or easy to discover. Sharing within closed community analysis centers is only practical for very large organizations as a result of resource requirements even to be able to use shared data. Without coordination, these efforts are not only duplicated, but leave out protections for small and medium sized organizations. These organizations may be part of the supply chain for larger organizations, a common pathway for successful attacks.

With DropYet you can manage your personal files in the easiest way. And it's not that bad looking :)Enjoy the security, simplicity and beauty of DropYet. Upload, rename and delete files. The simpliest manager of files and folders. Furthermore, there are more features like securely sharing files, password encryption and encrypted file detection. Setting it up is easier than ever before.


Canadian Sidecar Owners Club - Sidecar Buying Guide

Exploits built to target a specific sector/industry can be broadly employed to provide a significant return on investment due to slow and uncoordinated responses across that sector/industry. Yet, we’re starting to turn the odds in the defense’s favor. The financial sector has recognized that it is imperative to change the economics of the attack/defense model in order to change the balance of power. Financial institutions, through the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC), have been developing and maturing the process of information sharing among its constituents to increase the speed at which defense spreads across the entire financial sector.

Jake Kouns is the CISO for Risk Based Security and oversees the operations of the Open Sourced Vulnerability Database (OSVDB.org). Mr. Kouns has presented at many well-known security conferences including RSA, Black Hat, DEF CON, CISO Executive Summit, CanSecWest, SOURCE, FIRST and SyScan. He is the co-author of the book Information Technology Risk Management in Enterprise Environments, Wiley, 2021 and The Chief Information Security Officer, IT Governance, 2021. He holds both a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Information Security from James Madison University. In addition, he holds a number of certifications including ISC2's CISSP, and ISACA's CISM, CISA and CGEIT.


One often-seen showstopper for information sharing in international operational cyber-exercises is the fact, that all participating teams get the same set of information from the scenario. As all players hold the same information there is no need or desire for information sharing. Another problem regarding to inforamtion sharing are the different levels of involvement and expectations among the playing teams.

After studying these techniques we devised strategies to mitigate them. Those strategies were then tested and deployed throughout our ecosystem.


We hypothesize this aged and exceptionally low-OC content sedimentary OM is biologically refractory, thereby limiting degradation of non-methane OM by sulfate reduction and maximizing methane consumption by sulfate-dependent AOM. A radiocarbon-based dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) isotope mass balance model demonstrates that respired DIC in sediment pore fluids is derived from a fossil carbon source that is devoid of 14C. A fossil origin for the DIC precludes remineralization of non-fossil OM present within the sulfate zone as a significant contributor to pore water DIC, suggesting that nearly all sulfate is available for anaerobic oxidation of fossil seep methane. Methane flux from the SMT to the sediment water interface in a diffusion-dominated flux region of Bullseye vent was, on average, 96% less than at an OM-rich seep in the Gulf of Mexico with a similar methane flux regime.

Take a look at how the sidecar is mounted to the motorcycle. Are the mounts hooked to the crashbar, or another less than robust mounting point? The first rule of any mounting point is that it should be strong - you don't want a mount snapping on the highway and you don't want to take risks with your passenger. Many motorcycles don't have very robust frames (to save weight) and therefore many motorcycles may require a "subframe" - which is a reinforcing frame that mounts to the motorcycle at several mounts, and then the sidecar mounts to this. Basically - if a mount seems sketchy, either get it inspected by a proessional installer or just walk away.


There is a delicate balancing act of maintaining an effective incident response team in the maelstrom of cyber attacks amid limited resources and tools. An IR team must overcome obstacles such as limited network visibility and systems access to lack of training and proper tools. The cost of an incident is increasingly difficult to determine. Is it the impact to customers or corporate brand? The loss of revenue or regulatory fines? How does an organization measure the risks and costs of a cyber event as it relates to the experience of the incident handler in terms of event discovery to containment? How can we leverage this information to build a business case to fill the gaps in our incident response capabilities?

These project results will now be used to develop a production-ready solution, that is likely to be integrated with the tooling used by NCSC-NL. As other organizations within the community are facing identical operational challenges and are using similar tools to gather information, the project results will not only be useful for NCSC-NL but are also significant for the community as a whole.


This presentation will cover best practices derived from real world environments at a high level that can easily be applied in common operational situations, as well as a variety of lessons learned. It will not be limited to specific technologies and/or products, and only classes of products or Open Source technologies (versus specific vendors or products) will be mentioned to avoid any conflicts of interest. It will cover simple tests and workflows that can be applied to a variety of indicator types without being specifically tied to one particular type of intelligence or threat detection.

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Douglas Wilson a Senior Manager at FireEye Labs. He is in charge of the Threat Indicators Team, which he had previously led at Mandiant before its acquisition by FireEye. Doug's team primarily works on developing and refining techniques for improving threat indicator quality and coverage, as well as working on innovative threat intelligence automation efforts. During his time at FireEye & Mandiant, he has experienced a lot of ways to try and improve threat indicators first hand, and hopes to be able to share his experiences at FIRST 2021.

Integrating and using new or modified streams of data is a time-consuming and complex process requiring a different tool at each stage of data capture, processing, analysis and storage. A solution is needed which simplifies and automates integration of open source data in applications and allows developers to share integration algorithms across the community.


Impact: The USAF aviation and special operations communities have been using the debrief process for decades with tremendous success. Over the past several years, the USAF has applied those same principles to cyber warfare. By institutionalizing the debrief into daily operations, the USAF has observed significant gains in mission effectiveness.

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Ask about the maintenance history of the motorcycle. This should be a standard step for both two and three wheeled purchases.


Merike Kaeo is the founder and Chief Network Security Architect at Doubleshot Security, which provides strategic and operational guidance to secure startup, small enterprise and Fortune 100 companies. In past roles she has heId CISO and CTO positions, leading the corporate security strategy and defining and implementing security incident response processes. She led the first security initiative for Cisco Systems in the mid 1990s and authored the first Cisco book on security—translated into more than eight languages and leveraged for prominent security accreditation programs such as CISSP. Merike is a contributor to many international standards bodies including IETF, EU-NIS Platform and NIST security standards. She has been on ICANN’s Security and Stability Advisory Council (SSAC) since 2021 and the FCC’s Communications Security, Reliability and Interoperability Council (CSRIC) since 2021. Merike earned a MSEE from George Washington University and a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Rutgers University.

Network Forensics and Network Security Monitoring (NSM) are becoming increasingly important practices for incident responders in order to detect compromises as well as to trace the steps taken by intruders. In this interactive hands-on tutorial, participants will learn how to perform network forensic analysis in an incident response scenario. They’ll be provided with a virtual machine and a set of PCAP files containing network traffic captured at the network perimeter of a made-up corporation. The PCAP data set was captured specifically for the FIRST 2021 Conference from a real Internet connected network.


Lauri Palkmets is an Expert in Computer Security and Incident Response at ENISA. At ENISA he has been improving and extending CERT training material, and providing technical trainings for EU Member States. Before joining the agency he was working for the Estonian Defence Forces as head of Cyber Incident Response Capability. Lauri Palkmets holds MSc in the area of Cyber Security from the Tallinn University of Technology and University of Tartu.

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This presentation will discuss several ways that you can implement measurement of indicator efficacy and feedback loops in your organization to measure and improve your operationalized threat intelligence. You want to make sure that what your organization is using is the most potent, current, and viable intelligence out of the many sources that may be available – and also identify when certain types or sources of intelligence no longer have value.


A report on the Naval Research Laboratory AMS facility

It is in the nature of flaws, however, if you realize that you have a particular flaw, you have a great incentive to try to correct it and if you figure that in fact correcting it is not going to be all that easy, there are various other methods you can have, which can either eliminate or mitigate the damage. That is to say that you can reduce access between the relevant network and the outside world. You can also reduce to a certain extent your dependence on that network.

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With the upcoming release of Windows 10, Microsoft plans to inaugurate 24/7, cloud-based patching, among other new security features. Businesses can tap the anytime patches or define their own patch-release schedules.


By the end of March, for example, more than 1,700 new domains with a Zoom theme had been registered, Check Point has reported. The goal of such domains can be to try to trick individuals into falling for phishing attacks and sharing personal information, or running a malicious downloader disguised as legitimate Zoom software (see: Coronavirus Fears Lead to New Wave of Phishing, Malware).

Redworx Undetected Private Cheats for Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Alex Pinto is the Chief Data Scientist of Niddel and the mind behind MLSec Project. He dedicates his waking hours the development of machine learning algorithms and data science techniques to support the information security monitoring practice. He presented results of his research at conferences such as Black Hat USA, DEFCON, BSides Las Vegas, BayThreat and ISC2 Security Congress. He has over 14 years dedicated to Information Security, and 2 years of those focusing on Data Science. If you are into certifications, Alex currently holds a CISSP-ISSAP, CISA, CISM and PMP. He was also a PCI-QSA for almost 7 years, and thankfully is almost fully recovered from that.


Today’s cSoC (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=2352) platforms with flash-based FPGAs are being used by designers to create a wide variety of products with the features and capabilities they want, without having to compromise with off-the-shelf ASSPs and microcontrollers. These cSOCs (go right here) integrate high-performance programmable logic, microcontrollers, programmable analog, large nonvolatile memory blocks, and comprehensive clock generation and management circuitry into a single, monolithic device. This enables embedded designers to optimize hardware and software tradeoffs on the fly, without board-level changes.

Formal policies have to be written, and these policies must have the backing of the business owners/executives,etc, so that they can be enforced effectively by the SOC folks. This isn’t as hard as it sounds however, because every security policy aSOC could ever want has already been written and is readily available through NIST, ISO, SANS, etc. Usually these policies will need tobe tailored for a particular organization, but they definitely do not need to be written from the ground up. Another excellent resource(that just isn’t used enough in the commercial world) are the DoD's STIGs (Security Technical Implementation Guides).


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One year after Sally Beauty Supply revealed that a network breach compromised payment card data and exposed 25,000 records, the company says it is investigating new breach reports. Did it fail to eradicate the original intrusion?

Results are presented from a series of measurements on nanogram quantities of selected rare earth elements. The work was performed at the NRL trace element AMS facility using a multi-cathode cesium-sputtering negative-ion source. The possibility to simultaneously inject, transmit and analyze a relatively broad mass range is a unique feature of our AMS system. The detection system, placed in the focal plane of the split-pole magnetic spectrograph, consists of a combination of position-sensitive microchannel plate and ion-implanted Si detectors. The small amounts of rare earth elements to be measured were chemically extracted from the surface of metallic samples. Calibration curves were built using standards containing 3 and 10 ng of the material of interest. Extensive studies were performed to develop a method of normalizing the data by adding known amounts of a given element to the samples and to the standard material. Dedicated software was written to allow for event-by-event data acquisition as well as for data reduction. Results are shown for samples containing from less than 100 pg to almost 10 ng of material with uncertainties of the order of 15%. Further upgrades of the experimental method are underway.


Immersive Labs and Goldman Sachs – a new program will improve the cyber-skills of employees in banks

Erik Hjelmvik is an incident handler at the Swedish Armed Forces CERT (FM CERT). Erik is also well known in the network forensics community for having created NetworkMiner, which is an open source network forensics analysis tool. NetworkMiner is downloaded more than 300 times per day from SourceForge and is also included on popular live-CDs such as Security Onion and REMnux.

This means that the Butterfly Knife Black Pearl is about two times rarer than the Butterfly Knife Ruby

Nikolay Koval is a deputy head of unit in State Center of Information and Telecommunications Systems Protection and deputy head of CERT-UA. He is devoted to CERT-UA and along with his team struggle for making Internet safer place. Doing his daily job he tries to analyze the state of information security in “Ukrainian” Internet and provide national IT-infrastructure with ability to effectively counteract cyber-threats. He is also a leader of Ukrainian Honeynet Project chapter and actively participating in the process of deploying honeypots in UA net.


Matthew Rohring is the Digital Media Analysis team lead within the Digital Analytics Branch (DAB) of the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT), Department of Homeland Security (DHS). In this capacity, he leads and coordinates the forensic examination of digital media provided to US-CERT for analysis. His team maintains robust and flexible capabilities which allow for both in-house and offsite investigative analysis of digital devices and their storage mediums in an effort to provide insight into the cause and effect of suspected cyber intrusions.

Imagine the scenario under which a large country with an island off its coast wishes is to essentially acquire to acquire the island. It knows that we might intervene and it wants to ward us from intervening, so it goes and reaches into the United States and turns out our lights.


Purple teaming: Bridge between Red Teams and Blue Teams

CERT/CC has conducted 12 interviews. In this session, CERT/CC would like to discuss the trend analyses to date with the broader community, in order to gain additional insight and advice on the research project.

Submission Instructions:Attendance at the workshop is by invitation only. There is no fee to attend the workshop.


Matthew Valites is a senior investigator and site lead on Cisco's Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT). He has architected Incident Response and monitoring solutions for cloud and hosted service enterprises, with a focus on targeted and high-value assets. A hobbyist Breaker and Maker for as long as he can recall, his current professional responsibilities include security investigations, operationalizing CSIRT's detection logic, and adapting monitoring and response techniques to Cisco's Cloud Services.

The following table contains over 1800 abbreviations and acronyms that are in use or have been used by the United States Air Force and/or its predecessor organizations. This table is comprehensive, but by no means complete. To the greatest extent possible, the abbreviations and acronyms have been verified against official USAF source documents. When the source for a particle abbreviation or acronym has been verified, a number appears in the source column denoting which publication it was verified against. The list of sources can be found at the end of the table below.


CS:GO Spray Patterns and Recoil Compensation

Project Details: By analyzing documentation, observing actual CSIRT activity, convening focus groups, and using pre- and post-incident interviews, our team from Dartmouth College, George Mason University and Hewlett-Packard is recommending ways to improve the skills, dynamics and effectiveness of CSIRTs. Through the end of 2021, the team has interacted with 45 CSIRTs, conducted 28 focus groups, and interviewed 117 team members and several dozen team leaders; this data collection continues in 2021.

During the summer of 2021 the Norwegian Oil and Gas and Energy sector was subject to a large coordinated cyber attack where selected recipients were targeted in a spear-phishing campaign that contained Havex. Due the severity and extent of the campaign NSM NorCERT decided to initiate a large warning distribution, reaching out to a total of 550 Norwegian companies.


The scope of the presentation includes a general high-level overview of the issues that MISP tries to tackle as well as a more in-depth presentation about its capabilities and features, divided into four main topics (sharing and collaboration, populating MISP with data, exploiting the data for analysis and building automated defenses). The final portion will talk about integrating MISP into the audience's workflow by using the built in interfaces, building custom import/export modules or tools that utilise MISP.

This workshop will present an overview not only of the project and its findings but also of techniques useful in immediate CSIRT improvements. In an interactive discussion, our team members will elicit examples from attendees of our findings’ utility and of other areas ripe for investigation and improvement that we have not yet addressed in our research.


It also announced its intention to buy shares of Swedish P2P company Peerialism AB. Peerialism develops solutions for data distribution and distributed storage based on new P2P technology. The transaction is planned to take place in August 2009.

To receive offer, purchase a vacation package June 24, 2021 through July 7, 2021. Package must include round-trip flights. Offer is valid for new reservations made during promotional booking period. All travel must start after June 26, 2021 and finish by March 31, 2021 for promotion to apply. Multiple hotel stays are valid for promo as long as the total nights booked is greater than the minimum stay requirements.


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The NRL Accelerator Mass Spectrometer facility was recently reconfigured to incorporate a modified Cameca IMS 6f Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer as a high-performance ion source. The NRL accelerator facility supplants the mass spectrometer portion of the IMS 6f instrument. As part of the initial testing of the combined instrument, charge-state scans were performed under various conditions. These provided the basis for studying the effects of terminal gas pressure on the process of charge-changing during acceleration. A combined system of transmission-micro-channel plate and energy detector was found to remove ghost beams produced from Pd charge-changing events in the accelerator tube.

To maximize the value of the Human in the Loop, the finance sector has made the commitment to move to the automated sharing of threat information by using standardized protocols (STIX and TAXII) and mark-up automation in order to change the economics of cyber-attacks more in favor of the defenders. This presentation will describe critical success factors that are generating initial trust necessary to drive collaboration and the work being done in automating information exchange so that analysts can concentrate on value-added analysis rather than spending their time on manual processes.


Stefan Berger is an IT Security Analyst at the Siemens Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT). His area of work mainly covers global IT security incident handling and analysis as well as the development and maintenance of tools, methods, and procedures in this field.

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Ukraine's been witnessing tremendous economic, political and social problems during last year or so. In all those bad circumstances the question of cybersecurity became even more important than ever - bad gays try to take advantage of this situation all the time. At the same time the shortage of financial resources is observed, that negatively affects process of improvement. That's why CERT-UA decided to accept the challenge and tried to fix the situation.


The alert contained a list of indicators of compromise and a recommendation to search their systems. This resulted in a significant number of new findings. NSM NorCERT worked directly with the companies that had findings, assisting them with artifact analysis and incident handling coordination.

In addition, the workshop will touch on the basics of cryptography. However, this part can only give a gentle intro and a historical view on cryptography.


Constant vigilance against these ever developing threats can mean diverting resources from other priorities. Organisations need a partner who can provide the support, understanding and responsibility needed to protect the network so that they can focus on their core mission.

Schneider, CPP is board certified in security management by ASIS International and possess 25 years experience in military,security, and law enforcement operations garnered from service in Israel and the United States. Greg frequently lecturers andwrites while not managing his Silicon Valley based firm, Battle Tested Solutions LLC.


Jan Goebel is the Team leader for Incident Technologies and IT Security Analyst at Siemens CERT. His research interests revolve around IT security, digital forensics, malware analysis (reverse engineering), and network attack detection using honeypots. Dr. Goebel holds a PhD in computer science from RWTH Aachen University.

A large portion of the novel trace element AMS (TEAMS) facility at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) is now installed. Vacuum and beam optics hardware is in place, and testing has begun with a single-cathode ion source in place of our commercial secondary ion mass spectrometer source. This more intense source simplifies diagnostic testing and our initial research efforts. We have received a portion of our 12 position-sensitive-detector modules for the focal plane of the spectrograph, and their testing has begun. For our initial research, post-acceleration stripping was explored as a means to remove the interfering 32S isobar in 32Si measurements, and measurements were performed on a test bench to evaluate the feasibility of neutral beam injection for species like Ar which cannot form negative ions. Programmatically, NRL is actively involved in the study of gas hydrates present under the ocean floor, which includes plans to analyze cycling between various carbon pools present there. Since 14C analysis is an important part of this work, a graphitization facility to process various sources of carbonaceous material has been constructed. In addition, the TEAMS design will be modified to include a multi-cathode ion source and a switching electrostatic analyzer (ESA) to choose between the two different ion sources.


The mitigation examples will include the most common platforms in use in Information Technology today. In each example we will outline the platforms available security controls and then prioritize mitigations for breaking the run-books targeting those platforms.

Blue team’s major responsibility is to defend the organisation against all the attacks all the time. An attacker needs to be successful once to cause the damage. The odds of this situation is why internal processes and relevant controls need to be efficient.


Korea faces lots of malwares becuase it is an attarctive place from hackers' point of view. Koreans can transfer money in a few seconds because Internet Banking process is so fast. Hackers use this fast transfer system for earning money. They intercept Security numbers, Korean's Identity Numbers, Account Numbers and etc. They pretend like they are normal users using these informations and transfer money to their accounts. KrCERT/CC has analysed these hackers, and could know the same hackers who had stealed game accounts and passwords for gaining game money have started stealing information related to internet banking.

National cyber attack is ongoing in Korea also. Hackers spread malwares through ActiveX vulnerabilites, changed update module of WebHard program, email attachment and etc. Malwares in infected PCs send information related to organization, system, and etc to hackers. Hackers manage Zombie PCs and use those Zombies for several campaigns. If there are PCs belonging to target organization, hackers install more complicated malwares and control the system. In case of National cyber attack, KrCERT recognized that hackers spend long time studying target organization to spread malwares in local network.


To date, human to human interaction has imposed limits on the speed and volume of data shared because people were performing tasks that could be more effectively performed by machines. At the same time many companies could not find or afford the talent to identify malicious activity and so relied on computers to do the job best suited to humans.

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We developed a custom analytics engine, which analyzes this data looking for evidence of botnet infections, blacklist hits, cloud platform abuse, beaconing, data exfiltration, and cache poisoning attempts. The results of these analyses is turned into a set of alerts which are sent to our Security Operations Center (SOC). We’ve also developed a usable dashboard and visualizations to help analysts explore the data.


Scott J Roberts works for GitHub and makes up his title every time he’s asked, so we’ll say he’s the Director of Bad Guy Catching. He has worked for 900lbs security gorillas, government security giants & boutiques, and financial services security firms and done his best to track down bad guys at all these places. He’s released and contributed to multiple tools for threat intelligence and malware analysis. Scott has spoken at Facebook, OpenDNS, Shmoocon, and many other security industry and academic events.

Another approach for the same flow is additionally, we decided to substitute the Perl scripts that generated random assembly code with verification software written in C. In simulation, instead of loading a memory image of the test containing the random instructions, we loaded the cross-compiled verification software. While executing the software, the processor generates on-the-fly random machine code, copies it into a memory segment, branches to this segment, and executes the just generated code. After finishing the execution, it repeats this loop operation over and over again. With this approach, we are no longer limited by the size of the system memory: the software running in the device-under-test (DUT) generates and executes its stimuli indefinitely.


The Shuttleworth RockIT and Virtual Chipset Ship takes Off into Cyber Controlled Space? It is a Natural Progression for an Operating System to Driver Peripherals rather than just Relying on the Opposite, and Reverse Thrust for Forward Motion, Peripheral Drivers Operating Systems, for is that not the Cart before the Horse Territory?

What is a Blue team

This presentation will describe a streamlined approach to media triage and initial case assessment of cyber incidents. Cyber incident response team members, CSIRT managers and anyone interested in learning more about processing digital media and potentially harmful binaries prior to traditional deep dive analysis or reverse engineering are encouraged to attend.


Would you like to join our email news and updates mailing list? Use this handy form to request us to add you.

Olaf Kolkman has had numerous responsibilities in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), the premier standards organization for the Internet. He chaired the IETF DNS Extension Working Group (dnsext) and the Web Extensible Internet Registration Data Service (weirds) working groups. He was IAB member from 2006 to 2021 and its chair between March 2007 and March 2021. He was member of the IETF Administrative Oversight Committee (IAOC) and the IETF Trust, and was Acting RFC Series Editor in 2021.


In attachment, we propose a draft presentation using previous works. This to demonstrate the type of content we would like to propose.

The Cyber Green Project begins with a very simple premise - that cyber health provides a broader conceptual basis for achieving a secure cyberspace. The health of the Internet, broadly defined as its ability to perform as expected and so that we can perform day to day tasks without fear of becoming the victim of an attack, has a direct impact on the security of the Internet. To that end, Cyber Green aims to measure the health of the Internet by aggregating data sets of key risk factors, and to facilitate understanding of how we might improve it for all. Central to this understanding is a set of statistically rigorous data sets, enabling comparisons over time and around the world to different geographies.


Bridging red team and blue team – A joint approach

Threat Intelligence was once the domain of nation-states. With the increasing attacks on corporations - more and more this is being built in-house. We will cover one organizations approach to building out this function.

Sinfonier provides you capacity to create new knowledge from any of the information you have or can achieve. Sinfonier is not a black box solution implementing a few algorithms, is an open platform to be used and shared multiplied capacities and possibilities.