Plughugger has announced the launch of its annual Summer Sale, offering a discount on all sound packs and bundles for a limited time. The sale includes the entire catalog, including Plughugger’s latest releases such as Future Sound of Drum & Bass for u-he’s Repro, and the Mints sound library for Spectrasonics Omnisphere.

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At 9GB, Exhale’s size is considerably smaller than Trillian. Still, it manages to accomplish a similar goal, except in this case, the focus is vocals.


Free Trap Massive Presets

The library is at 200 Civic Center Way. It will be closed for Independence.

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Download this pack today for some sparkling fresh and dynamic new sounds for Omnisphere

If you are online click on the Spectrasonics logo, it will bring you to the relevant page for updates. Different patches do use different amounts of CPU but your system should be able to handle more than one, as previous posters have said Spectrasonics support is superb.

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Running Cubase 7, 8-core Mac Pro, 24GB RAM. I have the default settings so I'm interested to hear if anything improves streaming.

Their support is superb, but of course the first thing they will ask (as they did with me) is to make sure you're on the very latest versions. Worth checking that first and contacting second imo.


Another triumph from the creative minds at Spectrasonics, Keyscape is absolutely a labor of love. Like Trillian, this is the best virtual instrument of its type, but in this case, we’re looking at pianos and keyboards. Instead of a bass synth, you’re getting a world-class keyboard and piano synth. The sound quality is absurdly good. The detail that Spectrasonics goes into is truly astounding, as they spent years perfecting high-quality versions of rare and classic keyboards. The uncompressed library is 200GB.

That's just jogged my memory - I had a similar thing too a few months ago. I was suddenly getting horrid spiking on some patches for no obvious reason, and I could have sworn I was on the latest versions. I contacted support and turns out I was two updates old -updating to the latest ones solved my issue immediately. I can run a ton of instances now without breaking a sweat. Definitely a first port of call John.


Download Spectrasonics Omnisphere v1.5.8d UPDATE ONLY WIN from FFS - UL RG

The other instrument was a Rhodes with 1/2 the layers and effects turned off, playing maybe 8-16 stereo voices. I had so many CPU spikes that I couldn't bounce my mix until I froze all the tracks.

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Exhale is not a complete solution, and if you only can afford one piece of software, you may want to look elsewhere. Exhale is pretty limited in scope, but it does this one thing very well.


IK Multimedia has announced the release of four new SampleTank sound libraries, each focusing on a very specific and rare electric piano. Though available separately, together the Electromagnetik instruments offer significant savings and will provide the composer and musician with an inspiring collection of distinctive keyboard sounds from over 4/5 GB of sample content and 80 SampleTank 4 instrument presets.

ADSR Sounds has launched a promotion on the Future Pop & Soulful Lo-Fi bundle by Skifonix, a limited time collection of 10 sound packs at 90% off the regular price. The bundle brings an eclectic and highly useable collection of sounds for everything from bedroom beats and lo-fi to future pop to trap pop and chill.


Sacramento duo of Patrick Hills and Morgan Fox met through their involvements in punk and experimental music. Meeting through encounters at Hills’ Earthtone studio, they decided to forge their own path together and make some music. This initially resulted in a mini-album as Blank Gloss, out at the beginning of last year - what now seems like a lifetime ago. Since then, they recorded a full album, Melt, where they wanted to strip things back a little bit and just let the music flow.

Spectrasonics Omnisphere v1 0 VSTi RTAS AU PC MAC DVDR D1-6 & Video Tutorial INSTALACION Funciona

Start with those and if it's not those, I'll keep looking. How sure are you on the grey and yellow picture?


If you’ve got a little more experience, Serum and Omnishpere are about the best tools you can own

From the perspective of hip hop production, this tool can give you a lot of options. It’s especially useful if you’re looking to produce something orchestral in nature, using classic instruments to give your tracks a high-quality dramatic sound.

The user interface is engaging and easy to learn, making it ideal for new producers. If your personal style relies heavily on rich basslines, then Trillian is your tool.


I had the same problem a while back in Cubase 6/5 64bits with 32GB Ram. I know this is basic, but you might want to double check that you have the correct and updated dll-file in the vst-folder. For some reason I had mixed up the 32bit and 64bit dll-files and that caused my cpu overload.

We’re glad to be getting back to normal at the library. It’s great to see the return of people who we haven’t seen since early last year. It’s nice to see people sitting at computers and browsing our shelves.


The hip hop VSTs here include crucial features: numerous sound sources, bass sounds, and more. They often include their own effects, such as reverb and more—though I always recommend processing simple effects with your DAW, or a separate plugin.

On the other hand, you have more complete programs to give you versatility, like Spire, Serum, Omnisphere (recommended you read), and Kontakt Komplete. If I were a beginner, I might recommend going with Spire or Kontakt as my starting point, and then branch out to Beat Machine or one of the other more specialized programs depending on my goals. If you’ve got a little more experience, Serum and Omnishpere are about the best tools you can own.

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That being said, is it the best VST for hip hop and rap beats? A dedicated community also means you have tons of information. There are loads of presets and VST plugins available so you have a place to start—and the ability to customize your sound.