Introducing Sapphire Edge version 2, a groundbreaking approach to visual effects software. GenArts designed Sapphire Edge to enable time-constrained videographers to easily create the best look for their project in the.

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Larry Jordan Software Review: Genarts Sapphire Edge Comments Feed

Sapphire 8 introduces few new powerful effects and a new tool. These include Shake, Lightleak, Digital Damage, Grunge,Crosshatch and the all new Builder. That last one has really become a personal favourite but more on that a little later.


Our exclusive collection of presets allow editors and motion graphics artists to create the best look for their video projects on a tight schedule. One-of-a-kind film styles and transitions are an excellent complement to the creative arsenal of every Sapphire Edge user!

New GenArts Free Trial for Award-Winning Sapphire Edge

For the Sapphire Edge Effects, first go to the effects tab in Final Cut X and scroll down until you see Sapphire Edge. There you are presented the four genres of Sapphire effects, SE Film Damage, SE FilmStyle, SE LensFlare and SE TVDamage.


Sapphire 8 works very similar to the workflows inside Avid Media Composer. This makes it very easy to go back and forth between the two applications if necessary. Inside After Effects you will find all the transitions, effects, compositions, and styles readily available.

Try Sapphire Edge v2 free now, available as a fully functional trial with no watermark for two weeks

Earlier in the article I mentioned a new tool known as Builder. It is a powerful and extremely flexible tool. Working within Sapphire Builder is very powerful using their new tools such as the all new Builder. The Builder allows you to create your own effects and transitions by combining the current existing Sapphire 8 effects. You can choose to load a preset and preview them with the preset browser, which visually displays all your transitions and effects. In the preset browser you can preview just about any effect or transition’s looks on you current clip selected.


Sapphire 9 marks the shortest time between releases of the VFX plug-in suite. GenArts, along with other VFX plug-in manufacturers, are laboring to give their users as much value as possible, which makes the current climate a winning one for editors and visual effects artists (at least in this regard).

Studio Daily Review: GenArts Sapphire Edge Comments Feed

I’m not a big fan of subscription models, mainly because there are so many of them these days. If I subscribed to just half of all that’s out there it would run me more than $1,000 per month. If you purchase Edge, my advice is to assess how much you’re using new presets from FX Central during the complementary year to see if it’s worth the annual fee. The FX Central tutorials all seem to be hosted via You Tube, so there are many of them that may not be exclusive to FX Central. I’d like to see GenArts one day offer Edge presets a la carte to let users purchase just those specific looks they might need.


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With Sapphire Edge, video creators can maximize both their productivity and creativity

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Edge ships with 14 master transitions and 4 master filters. I call these “masters” because each transition and filter contains dozens of presets — more than 350 in all.

Installing Sapphire 8 into either Avid Media Composer or Adobe After Effects is a simple as any other plugin. After downloading the installer simply double click the dmg file and follow the instructions and in moments you will be all set and ready to go.


Sapphire Edge is priced at $299 and initially supports Apple Final Cut Pro and Sony Vegas Pro

Getting away from different lighting effects for the moment, below I use the Sapphire Wipe Dots transition to two other clips. You can see the transition taking place in the Sapphire Browser which will loop again and again until I select another form of transition before applying it to the timeline clips. Using the slider at the bottom of the browser, you can set the size and number of transitions or filters you would like to see at a time. Note that it is your clips that are shown in the different transition types at the bottom of the browser and not unrelated icons transitioning into each other.

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The best part of Sapphire Edge is the preview window. It’s easy to race through all of the presets without any rendering and see them actually applied to your specific footage, much like Final Cut Pro X does. It makes working against a deadline a bit more comfortable. The visual quality and sharpness of the effects and transitions are absolutely professional.

Powered by the Sapphire engine

Sapphire Edge delivers the highest quality looks in an easy-to-browse visual workflow. On FX Central, editors can find inspiration for current or upcoming projects and easily Shortlist their favorite looks, which are immediately available from within their desktop application. Once in their editing workflow, video editors can navigate Sapphire Edge’s easy-to-use, streamlined interface to visually browse and preview the nearly 600 looks on their actual source footage. With any number of ways to search within the FX Central Preset Browser, it’s nearly impossible not to find the perfect look.


It does not seem that long ago,that if I wanted to create a similar look to the film, A Scanner Darkly, it took some serious effort along with complicated workflow inside photoshop. I remember creating a tutorial on how that works a long time ago. Now, I can achieve a similar look but customized to my own tastes inside Sapphire 8 within a few clicks.

GenArts Sapphire Edge Visual Effects Software Review

I would also like to see Edge (learn more) come to both Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro. According to GenArts (investigate this site), there’s a current technical limitation in Premiere that might keep Edge (this content) away. GenArts is evaluating Media Composer support but I wouldn’t hold my breath for that one either. The full Sapphire effects package has been on Media Composer for a long time and is the go-to tool for many Avid editors. Do they, like the broader Final Cut and Sony Vegas market, have a need for this lighter version of Sapphire?


The pricing structure for Sapphire 8 has been divided into groups to better server their customer base. GenArts has designed the pricing to make upgrading and budgeting for Sapphire much more convenient.

The many different Sapphire Edge Transitions are found and applied the same way as the Effects would be and all have that same great Browser. Select any transition with the 'view on source' selected and you can instantly see just how the transition will appear on your own footage and not on an Apple clip representation. There is no need to apply the transition until you find the one you want.


Sapphire Edge (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=7695) is a totally reworked collection of filter and transition plug-ins for Apple’s Final Cut Pro 7/0+, Final Cut Express 4/0+, and Motion 3/0.2+ and Sony’s Vegas Pro 10/0e and Vegas Movie Studio HD 11. Apple Final Cut Pro X supports Sapphire Edge (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=2583). Check the GenArts website for up to date compatibility requirements.

It is completely compatible with legacy Final Cut Pro as well as the new Final Cut Pro 10/0.3, Motion, Sony Vegas. Sapphire Edge software is 64 bit, provides multiprocessor support, and is GPU-accelerated for NVIDIA CUDA cards such as my NIVIA FX4800, though it will still run just fine with computers that can't take advantage of the CUDA enabled graphic cards.


GenArts (click resources) Inc, the global leader in specialized visual effects (VFX) software for the media and advertising industries, today announced the launch of Sapphire Edge, an innovative VFX solution that enables videographers to get film-quality video effects quickly and easily. Key innovations include: a portfolio of pre-built looks, a Looks Browser to preview looks in real-time on the user's footage, and streamlined controls to fine-tune easily. Sapphire Edge is priced at $299 and initially supports Apple Final Cut Pro and Sony Vegas Pro.

Sapphire Edge is $299 and currently available for Final Cut Pro 7 and Sony Vegas. A Final Cut Pro X version is in the works. I certainly see the awkwardness of reviewing a $299 plug-in for a piece of software that is isn’t being developed anymore but I assume it will work the same on both FCPX and Vegas. Edge was obviously well into development before Apple changed up Final Cut. And since you can once again order FCP7 or may still be using it, it’s not really a huge issue.


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Sapphire Edge includes access to regular preset updates so looks stay fresh and relevant

The sheer number of presets for extreme film projection, TV screen and lens flare effects, image quality and preview engine are impressive. The price pushes the envelope a bit and getting a fast workflow in the timeline requires investing in an NVIDIA CUDA card for Final Cut users.

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The down side to this great product? Well, we wouldn’t say a down side, but we do have a wish list. It would be nice if some of these packages came down in price. Yes, it has 350 presets, but for only four plug-ins and 14 transitions. You’re doing film looks, worn film looks, TV looks, and lens flares. If you do a lot of film, TV, and lens flare effects often, it is worth the $299, but that’s pushing it. Presets are not filters, let’s be clear about that.


GenArts / RedShark News

All in all, we are impressed with what Sapphire Edge does. It has a niche for the film, television, and lens flare stylized effects it does. Being able to get real time previews of presets is a huge time saver. We’d spend the money if we needed these types of effects and transitions, but would miss not being able to save our own custom presets, especially considering how much time you realistically could spend tweaking things to your own specific needs. If you want fast renders, you’ll have to invest in a pricey CUDA card, too. Yet for what they do, they’re the best there is on the market at this time.

Treat yourself to something fun, fast, and different and give the trial a try. Sapphire Edge will save you time and make your projects look great.


GenArts Pitches Sapphire Edge and FX Central to a Wider Market

These are people who care about the same things that Hollywood and high-end broadcast and major post houses have cared about for years: how do we drive audience engagement and how do make our content popular? Visual effects are one of the many tools that help any video content do that.

Once you find a preset that suits you, or is somewhat close to what you’re looking for, you can continue to tweak that filter or transition in the filter tab even more. The controls supplied in the filter tab are extensive and give you some really great control over a lot of parameters, all of which can be keyframed, giving you even more possibilities. The variety of specific looks you can achieve are amazing. The filters deliver top level visual quality, too. There is also a help button in the filter tab that launches your web browser taking you to a page describing all the controls for that plug-in. This is a very pleasant feature to have.


GenArts’ plan is to release a new collection of looks for Edge each month

It’s GPU-accelerated, so render times on my NVIDIA Quadro 4000 for Mac using 1080p source material was pretty good. Also better than expected were the decent RT Extreme previews. This is not a real-time effects package, though, and you’ll still have to render Edge effects for output. The only buggy thing I experienced was when the looks browser didn’t want to load the looks onto the reference frame for preview. When I closed the browser and reopened it, it worked fine.

Even better than FilmDamage is the TVDamage effect. This filter loads in some 64 choices of TV noise and glitches than can then be tweaked and dialed into for both a very subtle feel or for something that’s truly over the top. With full keyframing of each parameter, you can also customize how you might want the effect to play out. I’m more of a storytelling editor and less of an effects whiz, so I would probably use something like TVDamage (and the Edge package overall) quite sparingly. But it would be good to know that when I did have to damage up some footage I could make it look really good fast. In fact, a recent corporate piece called for just that and TVDamage would have been perfect.


It wasn't until recently that purchasing decisions. GenArts Sapphire Edge delivers a suite of plug-ins and presets that offer a variety of film, television, and lens flare styled looks.

But now is the time for the icing on the cake. Along with the Sapphire Edge (more helpful hints) collection of 350+ library of presets you are provided with a free one year $99/00 subscription to the GenArts (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=7907) FX Central where each month, an entirely new collection of pre-built looks and effects are available.


Sapphire 8’s most power ability is the the builder itself. Simply, select the edit button inside Sapphire Effect or Sapphire Transition filter, and the builder will automatically launch. Once inside the Builder, you can begin to add nodes from Sapphire’s extensive library of effects or transitions, (depending on which you are working on) to create your personalized look. After you have created your own personalized effect Sapphire 8 allows to you save the effect to be used again later. This makes it incredibly easy to apply the same effect you just created over multiple shots without having to re-build the effect from scratch. Don’t forget to click the preview button in the bottom left, so you can see how each node effects the next and compare it to your results.