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  • Legbreaker 1.1 for Windows
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  • FolderVisualizer 7.2 for Windows
  • You can search through the UI to find the file or folder that you want to change
  • Why should you use Folder Lock Pro
  • The new column shows not only the size of files, but also the size of folders
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  • Folder Password Lock Pro 11.1.0 for Windows

Its interface is as simple as it gets but hides a truly huge potential. Apart from that, when it comes to forced deletion of anything on your computer, Unlocker Portable is ideal.


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Since only one password is used for all locations and folders (over at this website), there's a handy addition, enabling you to monitor deletes, creation, and modifications of files within a specific folder just in case you happen to share your password with someone else. The uninstallation password protect feature ensures nobody can uninstall the software from your PC without your approval.

To lock folders, you need to use Folder Lock or FileVault

Deleting files and folders seems like a breeze. However, that only happens when it actually works: select the items to delete, send the deletion command from the right-click menu or keyboard, wait for the task to be over.


Apart from that, when it comes to forced deletion of anything on your computer, Unlocker Portable is ideal

As the unwilling captive, you have no voice, while your captor speaks with a garbled voice. Together with the gritty graphics, it creates a sense of unease and reflects the inequality between captor and captive. The game has a dark, clinical setting with terrible sounds when you break a leg, drag it or crawl across the floor. But two broken legs also have benefits. This allows you to squeeze through small spaces or cross gaps that would have required a jump.

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RLCraft 1.12.2 for Windows

RLCraft is a great way to enhance and change the way you play Minecraft. With new mobs, tools, and weapons, there's a lot to discover. However, you cannot heal your character by managing the thirst bar or with food.

New in Unlocker Portable 1.9.0

Due to the many new features and changes that RLCraft introduces, the game is more difficult. As you watch your health bar and encounter the new mobs, you’ll need to think tactically.


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Unlocker Portable clears those exact dead-times out and provides multiple solutions. The sources of such errors reside in the fact that the selected files and folders (see post) for deletion are accessed by a specific application, trigger a sharing violation or they currently are in use. On any of these occasions, Unlocker Portable steps in and saves the day.


Every time you jump, you break a leg. You can only jump twice and then are left crawling on the floor. You have to break both legs to pass a level.

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Legbreaker, developed by Azaan Lambkin, is a puzzle game where you can only jump twice per level. It’s a free game for Windows, macOS and Linux. The idea is that you must break both legs to advance to the next level. If you like puzzle elements, you can also try Zuma.

You have to navigate various puzzles by jumping to reach the exit door. With each vertical jump, you’ll break a leg, and if you can’t escape in two vertical jumps, you have to retry the level.


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The mod makes the simple and fun game of Minecraft more realistic. To ensure your game runs smoothly you’ll need the Optifine mod. If you prefer a more relaxed game the Pixelmon mod is a fun alternative.