Basically, lenses are the most expensive component in the photography field. If you don’t have a wide angle lens, you will take a few numbers of shots from one target object with changing the small degrees of angle of the DSLR camera. Then use better photo editing software like Photoshop to make a one panorama type output image. Therefore you need to worry about the cost of photography. You can make various type of images with one lens. Then I recommended buying a 18 mm to 200mm zoom lens or 28 mm to 300 mm zoom lens which is optimum for a total solution.

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If this focal length is lower than the human eye focal length (lower than 40 mm), that type of lenses are called wide angle lenses. Especially this type of low focal length lenses are using for landscape photography and interiors photography. When we captured people photographs from the lower size focal length lens, their appearances are looked thinner than their live true appearances.


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In the Photography industry, we can found another type of lens that is naming as the different names by according to its manufacturer. Nikon camera, this lens comes as vibration reduction (VR) and Canon camera, this lens come as image stabilization (IS). However, both lenses are used for the same phenomena. It is used to reduce the vibration while we holding the camera on hand or magnifying movements. If you use a tripod, you will not require to spend money on VR or IS lens. Some DSLR cameras have the vibration reduction mode as the in-built feature.


Macro lenses are available in different size of focal lengths. Such as 50 mm, 100 mm and 200 mm. Larger focal length lenses also use to capture closer view of object but far away from the object. However the most of DSLR cameras have to select the mode of macro mode to get photographs with very closer. That mode is identified with the below icon.

It is using for focusing and capturing a very close to the object. As an example smaller animals like bee or ant, inside of the flowers etc. Some zoom lenses have this macro feature in-built.


This is a very important part in the learn photography lecture series. Focal Length is the distance of the camera sensor to the center point of the camera lens. Capturing image magnification is dependent on the focal length. Normally 40 mm to 50 mm focal length is approximately similar to the human eye. Therefore that length of lenses are called normal lenses. Output image magnification is proportional to the focal length.

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