With respect to Dulce's comment - with reflexive having thousands of games, and the way anti-virus products are so sloppy about false positive id's, it's inevitable that occasionally somebody gets told by their anti-virus program some file from the site is "bad". I'd challenge anybody who has that experience to report the problem to reflexive support and to submit the file as a possible false positive to their anti-virus vendor, and see what the actual result ends up being. Cause every report that the company has ever gotten in cases like these ended up being false positives which were confirmed as false positives by the anti-virus vendor themselves.

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Adjusts levelled lists to be consistent with MLU's loot system. Updated to remove Dwarven level weapons and above from Feral Falmer levelled lists. Safe to install mid-playthrough.


The BSA archives contain the facegen, whereas the loose files contain the mesh, texture and script files for the new magic effects. Remember it may be safer to install on a new playthrough.

I have quite a few oberon, reflexive etc, games but as luck would have it, none of the ones you have mentioned. I did download Jewel Quest Solitaire just to see if I would have the same problem but again, I am having no problem running the game.


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Kenny's Adventure: Auf der Suche Nach Verlorenen Schatzen v1.0 +3 TRAINER

Merges changes we make to the levelled lists, so none of our edits to levelled lists are overwritten. Also distributes Revamped's unique Falmer perk to Heritage's wise and vampire falmer to remain consistent.


Fixes the few levelled list conflicts, so my NPCs will spawn alongside the ladies. Alternatively, you can install Heritage first and just let Deadly Wenches override any conflicts.

Changes equipment levelled lists I made for my bandit NPCs to match WACCF's. Attached WACCF's associated keywords and stats to the new equipment. Requires Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes, of course.