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  • Pockie Pirates Profession Skills
  • As many of you have noticed, one very nice feature in Pockie Pirates is the Develop feature
  • You will mainly use it to do training, purchase gears, and enhance your Pockie Pirates gears
  • This will save you any silver investment that you have put into previous Pockie Pirates gears
  • Pockie Pirates Official Site

Of course, to access Treasure Hunting, you are required to have certain amounts of Treasure Maps (if you do not have, you are charged with gold, which is very costly). To obtain Treasure Maps, you have to have access to GrandLine System (the ship icon in the right hand part of the screen).


Attributes are important because the attributes affect the final number and stats of your crew members. Enhance and boost your Pockie Pirates crew attributes as much as possible for them to be more effective in battles.

  • Spend money in game is a sure fire way to become the best Pirate King in Pockie pirates
  • Utenti che preferiscono Pockie Pirates
  • However, their power boost to your Pockie Pirates crews is immense
  • Pockie Pirates - Screenshot One Piece
  • Recruiting Additional Pockie Pirates Crews

It occurs every Tuesday and Friday from 9:30AM to 10AM (GMT -5). This event is a face off between all the Legions in Pockie Pirates to determine who is the best legion. The battle is based on a warship battle that simulates a battle according to your crew’s stats. Higher leveled warships does have extra stat boost that will contribute to your successes. You can view the Legion battle fights during the event but you can’t “actively participate” in the battle (it’s all simulated). Once the event is over, if you’re in the Top 15 (Need confirmation), you will get a notification from the system providing you with rewards.

Shards are basically fragments of an item. In order to use the item, you would have to collect more fragments to create the item.


In order to use shadows, you will have access the shadow shop and click the “shadow inventory” on the bottom right hand corner. On this new page, you can navigate through your crew and the Shadows. Shadows are classified in the ranks of: C, B, A, S, and SS (C being the worst and SS being the best). From the screen you can see that the slots for the Shadows are only unlocked at level 1 (for the first slot) and then every 10 levels starting at level 40 and up to 100. You can place a shadow in the unlocked slot. These shadows are upgradable (see question 20) and have specific stats for every single one of them.

Player will match against other player upon which the TOP 32 players have an assurance of some amount of silvers. In addition to it all those participate in the preliminary round will win some silvers.


A sort of server cooperation battle against whitebeard upon which player will earn silver at the end of the round. The TOP 10 players who dealt most damage will earn bonus rewards and the player who deliver the last blow will earn himself some 1 million silver.

Once you mastered the dungeon (60/60 on each try) that’s where the additional 50g starts to make a real difference. Do not spend your gold (hop over to here) on card draws here! You will have so many chances to get those scrolls, don’t waste it.


The mysterious Sennenryu (literally meaning “Thousand YearDragon” or “Millenium Dragon”) are rarelyspotted, only returning to their nest once every 1000 years to givebirth and die. But their importance on the Grand Line isunquestionable, with rumours that their bones can be extracted tocreate an elixir capable of granting eternal youth.

The video game property developer’s aspiration and devotion for the video game’s international intro are very noticeable in the meticulously performed translation. The frequently viewed Chinglish expressions in Mandarin video games are not to be viewed in Pockie Buccaneer. All the sentences and expressions are organic– or a minimum of attempt to be as organic as feasible. In all honesty, recently I really did not assume that also feasible in any sort of Mandarin title. However, there are still some insufficient statements due to the restricted dimension of dialog boxes. Additionally, I discovered Mandarin personalities that were not equated yet– or possibly they were left the method they were actively?


Online publisher, NGames has revealed that the Chapter 3 expansion of their anime inspired pirate MMO, Pockie Pirates is coming soon. To prepare for the new challenges ahead, players will be receiving a slew of free extra items for levelling up their accounts, along with extra special bonuses for becoming VIP members.

The daily tasks are great way to boost your main character EXP. Make an effort to tie those tasks into things that you already do to receive bonus experience points to level up faster. Remember to click accept the various daily tasks as well as submitting them for EXP credit.


The Silver money in Pockie Pirates is the most basic currency, you can get them through many methods in game. We will list them out below as a reference for you to gain the most silver possible.

You can equip the gears onto your Pockie Pirates crew members via the Backpack section. Remember to keep your Pockie Pirates crews up to date with their equipment, especially the new ones that you have just recruited because they outlevel the beginner equipment fast. You can also do various things to upgrade the Pockie Pirates gears to make your crews stronger in the game.


The upcoming Chapter 3 promises more challenging adventures than ever before, meaning stronger pirate (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=830) accounts will be needed to face them head-on. Between now and August 23rd, topping up accounts with pirate gold (her comment is here) is a sure fire way for players to level up faster in the quest to become King of the Pirates. Players will receive extra gold, up to a massive 5million extra silver, free vitality potions, and special shell chests.

Check your enhancement queue – success rate below 99-100%? Wait till it resets (think it’s every 30 min).


In addition, you can get more potential recruits when you reach level 50 and level 70 in Pockie Pirates

With the automated monitoring device, gamers need to not do anything other than clicking the Finding buttons in the pursuit bar to provide the personalities backward and forward to have discussions with NPCs and to approve and complete pursuits. And when it pertains to fights, you basic go into the map, click the worried struggle, then pick the ship you are enabled to strike. Afterwards you could await the struggle outcome. In some cases you might be asked to select an incentive for finishing 40 percent or One Hundred Percent of a fight. Which’s all the video game has to do with.

Letter S sa to sm

Every time you attempt Pockie Pirate (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=6716) equipment enhancement, you will also trigger a 2 minutes cool down. Although the cooldown can be lowered via gold just like in Pockie (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=6770) Ninja. The cooldown time can be stacked up to 20 minutes at which your attempt will be locked. It should be noted that if you are able to keep the enhancement time under 20 minutes, you will be able to enhance while the timer goes down.


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Personalities and scenes in the Pockie Pirates are lovably graphed. Yet things is, considering that gamers just have the possibility to pick personality training without having the ability to personalize the avatars, all the spots are including heaps of personalities with the exact same appearance and attire.

  • Pockie Pirates Beginner’s Guide
  • If possible, you should setup your entire Pockie Pirates team with Rank S senior crew members
  • We will prepare a thorough Pockie Pirates leveling guide to help you at a future time
  • Pockie Pirates Earning Silver Guide
  • We will teach you some basic about using your Pockie Pirates professions in game

Pockie Pirates is a fun browser based RPG being released, to become truly powerful and strong, you will need to apply the various features and abilities boosts to enhance your Pockie Pirates crew stats. With all the features in place, you will need to do all of them to stay competitive against other players in the game. In this guide, we will go over everything that can make your Pockie Pirates (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=7155) the strongest in the game. If you have found this complete Pockie Pirates guide useful, please share them with your online and Pockie Pirates friends and groups. Please feel free to leave any comments if you have any additional information to add.


In order to obtain these items/materials you would need to participate in a dungeon run. The Thunder Jade and the Thunder God set scrolls are limited to the the Thunder God Dungeon while the Mermaid Tears, Heart of Nerve, Heart of Mercy, and Heart of Wit are available in all the dungeons.

There are two types of Sennenryu for players to summon: Orangeand Red. Red Sennenryu's are rarer and offer greater rewards,though players can guarantee they come face-to-face with one bybecoming a VIP 5+ pirate and spending gold (find here) to summon themdirectly.


Underwater Treasure – Five (5) cards are placed face down. You flip 1 card and get what it reveals.

Of course, there a re events that give FREE Level 1 Sea Stones. Actually, they are freebies when you top-up gold (see this page), or from some in-game consumable items that gives random game items.

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Pockie Pirates Hack - Gold and Golden Bean's 2021 by Everg0n

This guide is meant for people who DO buy gold (thought I suppose you can make use of it with your starting gold as well, but not for very long). The idea is to give you some basic tips on where to spend/not spend your gold.

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Earn various amount of EXP cards to level up your crews fast. The Pockie Pirates EXP card cannot be used on your main character captain. Some of the ways to obtain EXP card include underwater treasures.


Now this all might sound like I was just unlucky with the RNG, but it’s not that. As an example, take the dungeon.

Your number of maximum crews are raised as you level up through the game. The system does not tell you exactly when you have raised the numbers of crews. Below numbers and levels are my estimate of when you can raise the numbers of your Pockie Pirates crews.


When you are away from your computer either for work, school, or sleep, always remember to turn on the Pockie Pirates auto train function. This function will give your main character EXP boost while you are away, as well as valuable silver to upgrade the rest of your gears.

This event is a face off between all the Legions in Pockie Pirates to determine who is the best legion

Currently, only the Top 10 damage dealers and the person who kills White beard (dealt the killing blow) will obtain additional rewards in the form of silvers. The person who kills White beard, regardless of ranking on White Beard will obtain 1 million silver. Also, you can skip the fight simulation by clicking the skip button on the bottom right hand side (The 1 minute cool down counts down even if you decide to watch the fight).


Conquer Online Dice King and the Dragon Warrior

Your Pockie Pirates crew setup will make your team strong. Setup a team that can support each other with a good mix of physical and magic attack. If possible, you should setup your entire Pockie Pirates team with Rank S senior crew members. Use Advanced Convene and Super Convene if you have the money to do so. With high rank crew on your team, you can deal more damage in Pockie Pirates.

Consider Spending Real Money for Pockie Pirates Gold

Discounted Shop – Offers two (2) discounted items, which are really discounted. It range from scrolls, ring shards, pet eggs, A-rank armors, Vitality Potions, Synthesis Materials, EXP Cards (Pet and Crew).



You can not obtain Devil Fruits. However, you can obtain shadows (enchances stats; quite frankly it’s similar to devil fruit) from the “Shadow Shop. In order to access the Shadow Shop, you have to be at least level 50. Let’s give a big thanks for Gecko Moria.

Usually, new server launch cater many ways of earning silver. Such information regarding server launch event are available the activities section of the page.


Prestige is needed to refine your Pockie Pirates crew’s individual attributes as well as upgrading the Aptitude ranking of your entire crew ship. You will mainly earn Prestige points through normal battling of the stages as well as a little bit of prestige through trading. Prestige is mainly used to upgrade the Aptitude ranking of your entire Pockie Pirates crew.

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Plan for your aptitude upgrades since lvl1! The longer you can hold on to doing 10/day, the longer you can hold on to 150 liveliness. Don’t blindly increase those skills, at lower levels each upgrade might look like much, but you can survive just as well without it for a day or 2 days.


Below numbers and levels are my estimate of when you can raise the numbers of your Pockie Pirates crews

Once the host of the room starts the battle, the simulation of the fight is then started. From my experience in Closed beta, you will have to stay until the end of the simulation. Once the simulation is over, you can leave the battle and the rewards will be shown. You can obtain weapon shards, armor shards, or the materials (only the orbs) for set items in addition to EXP. There is however, a limitation of 10 Team battle per day despite your failures and successes. So, make sure you get a good team that will be able to win fights.

Aptitude is a passive “buff” that affects your crew as a whole. In order to upgrade the skills, you will need Prestige.


You will need to pick your profession skills carefully if you want to have a strong crew in Pockie Pirates. In general, multiple damage skills such as Navigators aoe attacks deal less damage to single targets but have more potential versus multiple enemies. However, you still need Swordsman to take out targets quick with one shot.

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