Because of the quantity of additional content in the pack, Hexxit can be rather resource intensive — especially if you intend to have a lot of other players on your server. The more memory you can dedicate to running Hexxit, the smoother it will be for everyone playing.

  • If you don’t want to install every mod individually, you can use Minecraft modpacks
  • How to Download Modpacks for Minecraft
  • Step 2 — Installing Hexxit
  • Top 22 Best Minecraft Modpacks for
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Or you can learn how to install Minecraft modpacks manually

In the config file, I had to greatly increase the "Minimum Distance between 2 BattleTowers". I put mine to 1000 and it makes them uncommon.


Also, if you are a new entrant to the world of Minecraft, you can start by playing Minecraft online for free. Once you have become a pro, you can host your server with modpacks Minecraft and play with other gamers. Make the most of your Twitch Minecraft modpacks with our hosting plans that come with customer support and security features.

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Now all the towers are there in this new world, all the monsters spawns inside them too, chests, loot, everything is working perfectly except the golem doesn't spawn. Before the change to Cauldron we had to change the golem's entity ID because it conflicted with something else. We kept the changed number, so that's probably not the problem.

Hexxit Modpack for PloudOS

Okay so I installed 50 modpacks and got them working; now uh. is there an automatic way to set up the loot tables? Looking through thousands and thousands of items and manually deciding rarity and adding to loot table seems nigh impossible. What is the standard solution for this?


Namely, it seems to be creating a LOT of towers! On a fresh install, in 30 seconds of walking, if I look at Journey Map, I can see 4 towers alone. In the server console, it's absolutely spamming tower creation and "logged" 176 towers!

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