To do this, you only need a text editor, deleting everything that is not the value you want to install. In this case, you need to delete everything except this unique value.

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  • Remember that different version of the edition may not support the same product key
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In some cases the registry hack file requires the creation of a new non-existent key and changing the installation requires deleting that registry key. How to do it is quite simple, you need to export the key and change the value so that it is only a minus sign.


Upgrade to the Windows (you can try this out) 10 fall creators update and enjoy so many new features including mixed reality, story remix, and timeline. What’s more, we have is Cortana now performs power commands such as shutdown, log off and lock the computer.

To do that look for the “file” menu in notepad. For convenience, you can download the file from here, extract and copy the file into the source folder.

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The next part may be long or short depending on your hacked registry file that needs to be sorted into sections for the Keys (the left part of the Registry Editor) and then the set of values for that key. For example, as shown below, if you want to set up two keys, you will have SomeVariableName as the right-hand value in SOMEKEYHERE on the left hand side and SomeValue will be under ANOTHERKEY.


Simply put, a registry hack file is a backup of all changes you have made to the registry saved to a file, so you can apply the same changes to your computer if done. Reinstall or on another computer.

Windows 8.1 product keys


If you’re a Windows 8/1 user there are many things that you’re missing by not installing the Windows (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=6925) 10’s latest fall creator build because it’s now more stable than ever. There are still a few bugs that may brick-your-computer but that only occurs in specific hardware configuration, so more chances that Windows 10 will run just fine on your computer or laptop.

Find the .text section on disk

From the Language Advance Settings panel, click or tap the Change Language Bar Hot Keys link, which is placed under the Switching Input Methods option. A new window will open named Text Services and Input Languages. This will be the location where you can change the keyboard shortcut for changing input languages.


The update addresses a vulnerability that could allow elevation of privilege if Azure AD Connect Password writeback is misconfigured during enablement. An attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability could reset passwords and gain unauthorized access to arbitrary on-premises AD privileged user accounts.

First open the Registry Editor and browse to the following key on the left

So what if you want to delete the registry key instead of the value? The registry key is the one on the left side of the Registry Editor. Again it involves the minus sign icon placed in a registry hack file.

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Addressed issue with a race condition between the App-V Catalog Manager and the Profile Roaming Service. A new registry key is available to control the waiting period for App-V Catalog Manager, which allows any third-party Profile Roaming Service to complete.

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  • Click or tap on Change Key Sequence
  • Visit the link provided here bit.ly/windows8.1txt
  • Now save the file with any name but change the extension to .CMD and open the file to activate windows 10
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When exporting the key, you should leave the key in the appropriate position on the screen so that when you right click on the key on the left, you can still see the value on the right. Select Export in the context menu and then save it somewhere convenient to use.