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I’m not Amerikan but I would consider this ‘drill’ to signal a red alert to the citizens! As soon as I started reading your article, the thought that entered my mind was the same one you mentioned in your conclusion: these drills have a nasty tendency to become real events.


The S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 scaled new peaks Wednesday, but their respective measures of implied volatility also rose in tandem. Simultaneous increases in equity and volatility gauges are unusual, and a reason for concern for some.

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In short, JADE HELM will not be battles directed by Generals and Military Commanders, but by a computer. It is a cognitive software (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=7563) program based on a Network Centric Warfare System at the HELM.

Generally considered the most deadly of the seven cholera pandemics, the third major outbreak of Cholera in the 19th century lasted from 1852 to 1860. Like the first and second pandemics, the Third Cholera Pandemic originated in India, spreading from the Ganges River Delta before tearing through Asia, Europe, North America and Africa and ending the lives of over a million people. British physician John Snow, while working in a poor area of London, tracked cases of cholera and eventually succeeded in identifying contaminated water as the means of transmission for the disease. Unfortunately the same year as his discovery (1854) went down as the worst year of the pandemic, in which 23,000 people died in Great Britain.


According to ALZ, Alzheimer’s, the #6 cause of death in the United States, presently takes more lives than prostate and breast cancers combined! In fact, it is reported to affect 50 million individuals worldwide. But thanks to a team from the Queensland Brain Institute (QBI) at the University of Queensland, Australia, a promising solution might soon exist.

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End: After the end of World War I, cases of the flu slowly declined. None of the suggestions provided at the time, from wearing masks to drinking coal oil, were effective cures. Today’s treatments include bed rest, fluids, and antiviral medications.


First documented in 1981, the epidemic we now know as HIV first appeared to be a rare lung infection. Now we know that HIV damages the body’s immune system and compromises its ability to fight off infections. AIDS is the final stage of HIV and the 6th leading cause of death in the United States among people 25 to 44 years old.

The majority of the above definition makes it clear that the intent of JPRA is to teach POW survival skills, at least until they use the word “detainee”. Please allow me to call your attention to the term “detainee”.


In the previous days as a history instructor, I used to have survivors of the Holocaust come and speak to my students. Subsequently, I asked all of these former death camp prisoners, what was the number one factor in their survival? Almost to a person, they stated the number one factor in their survival was luck. I was told that the Nazis would herd people to the showers which they knew was a death trap, and they were the next in line, but were turned away, because the quota had been met. It just wasn’t their day to die.

That means that you may need to travel light. You probably won’t be able to carry much more than a couple of days’ worth of water. In that case, you’ll need to find a viable source of drinking water, but you need to know how to test water for pollution agents. For that matter, it’s a good idea to test your own home drinking water periodically just to be on the safe side. If you have well water, pollutants can creep in due to factors outside of your control such as drought, flooding, earthquakes or deep drilling by oil or gas companies. The Earth shifts beneath us on a regular basis and those shifts can cause changes in your water quality. In our previous article, Top Killing Agents Hidden in Your Water, we discussed some of the most dangerous contaminants that are often present in water. We also talked about what they can do to you, so if you read that article, you’ll understand why it’s so important to make sure that your water doesn’t contain any of those pollutants. In this section, we’re going to discuss a few ways that you can find out what’s in your water and even discuss a few signs specific to certain chemicals or minerals.


Kodak Gallery Upload Software (web link) is a easy way to manage photos. This program sort images alphabetically, chronologically, or by the order added to the uploader. You can resume uploading from where you left.

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The researchers wrote that if transmissibility was reduced by 25 percent, both the growth rate and magnitude of local epidemics would be reduced. If transmissibility could be reduced by 50 percent, the spread of the virus would be slowed substantially, but it would also peak much later in the year.


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There is no way in nature that the Bat coronavirus could fortuitously acquire the two HIV genetic sequences, without causing a mutation of the Virus Envelope. The ONLY way the virus envelope could obtain the HIV genetics and still remain 100% identical to the 2021 sample, is if the HIV genes were added in a laboratory.

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Testing our the defense provided by our buildings? What kind of chemicals are the unleashing on the unwitting public? Why don’t they have to tell us what they are exposing us to? Who authorized them to release this stuff on a city?


OCC’s legacy clearing technology, Encore, has been running smoothly for more than 20 years. So why then is the world’s largest equity derivatives clearing organization in the midst of a major tech transformation?

It’s one of those things we in modern society take for granted. We use the restroom, then we flush, wash our hands, and forget it. But during extreme scenarios, this isn’t always so easy. When researching my book, The Prepper’s Water Survival Guide, I spent a lot of time reading about water, sanitation, and waterborne illness. These issues are all closely linked, and it’s vital to find solutions. If you’re on a septic system, you have a safe place for your waste to go during most types of disasters, assuming you have additional water on hand for flushing.


Army Special Operations Command is conducting a massive military drill in an area covering the entire American Southwest. At first glance, I thought this drill was a response to the massive military drills being conducted by Russia.

Two Morgan Stanley mutual funds have navigated the pandemic better than any other US funds, thanks to big bets on some of the year’s hottest technology stocks. The New York-based company’s Insight mutual fund had gained 59 per cent and its Institutional Growth fund is up 55 per cent since February 19, the market’s pre-coronavirus peak, as of Wednesday.


The measure was among 44 bills passed during the recently concluded legislative session and approved on Thursday by the Republican governor. Florida has had a concealed-weapon permit system since 1987 for licensed gun owners. The new measure expands the law to include non-licensees who are forced to leave their homes during hurricanes, wildfires or other emergencies. Opponents of the bill said evacuations were already high-stress situations and that guns would make public shelters more dangerous. Supporters argued that guns left at home would be easy prey for looters during an evacuation. The 48-hour limit was added at the request of police agencies, who did not want to give unlicensed gun owners an open-ended time to carry concealed pistols.

A good place to start uncovering issues is to consider the efficiency of the thyroid. Often, even if your test results say you are fine, the thyroid is struggling to do its job. Without a properly functioning thyroid, it is nearly impossible to feel and look well.


End: Doctors began to recommend a second vaccine for everyone. Since then, each year has had fewer than 1,000 cases.

Violent crimes can and do happen, right where you never thought they would or could happen. You must be prepared for the unexpected.


We are told that the war dead died for us and our freedom. US Marine General Smedley Butler challenged this view. He said that our soldiers died for the profits of the bankers, Wall Street, Standard Oil, and the United Fruit Company.

Following public consultation, ASIC has issued regulatory relief to help reduce red tape for companies undertaking an initial public offer (IPO). ASIC Commissioner, Cathie Armour, said, ‘Given the significant costs involved in undertaking an IPO, our new legislative relief will help reduce the regulatory costs for companies considering going public, while upholding an orderly and transparent market’.


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You can get a vaccine for cholera if you’re planning to travel to areas that are high-risk. The best way to prevent cholera is to wash hands regularly with soap and water, and avoid drinking contaminated water.

Copper is a mineral essential for our body, and medical studies have shown the benefits of drinking water stored in copper pots. According to a study from 2021-the year, storing contaminated water in copper pots up to 16 hours at room temperature, significantly reduces the presence of harmful microbes, so many that the researchers concluded that the copper is the solution for the purification of drinking water, especially in developing countries. Another study showed that copper surfaces in a hospitals killed 97% of the ICU bacteria that can cause infection, which resulted in a 40% reduction in infection rates.


Federal Health Minister Patty Hajdu echoed other officials in saying that the risk of a Canadian outbreak remains low. Anyone with flu-like symptoms who has recently travelled to affected areas of China is encouraged to contact their doctor, she said in a statement.

Now: Influenza strains mutate every year, making last year’s vaccinations less effective. It’s important to get your yearly vaccination to decrease your risk for the flu.


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In April, 2021, the mainstream media widely disseminated the results of a study by MIT and the Club of Rome. The team of scientists predicted a dire immediate future for the world; because of humans’ “incessant need to consume resources like oil, food and fresh water,” they foresee an economic collapse and global devastation like none in recorded history.

Rule of Law has been completely abandoned by the Government and business elite. What remains is a citizenry in this country that has been largely dumbed-down and taught to ignore or deny the reality unfolding right before its eyes. What’s left is an elitist club of political and corporate “leaders” who are using every possible means to keep our system from collapsing, enabling them to steal or confiscate every last crumb of middle class wealth.


Recently whilst flicking through my copy of Bushcraft by Mors Kochanski, I came across page 68, which is his recipe for making bannock in the backcountry. Mors Kochanski is a bushcraft and wilderness living legend who I have followed and admired for many years, his book, mentioned above was previously known as “Northern Bushcraft” and was later renamed “Bushcraft”. Mors isn’t the only bushcraft legend to teach his bannock bread recipe. Uncle Ray Mears also has a great video you can check out below. He has a slightly different recipe that calls for powdered milk and has a unique cooking method which I prefer and use often when on canoe trips with the guys.

DB February 12, 2021 at 4:27 am sandi, go online and look for prepper groups in your area

Computer-to-plate technologies enable printers to write the image of a page from a digital file directly to the printing plate. This method eliminates traditional steps of generating a film image to make a plate. Plates are then affixed to a press to output the printed pages in a newspaper.


From 1346 to 1353 an outbreak of the Plague ravaged Europe, Africa, and Asia, with an estimated death toll between 75 and 200 million people. Thought to have originated in Asia, the Plague most likely jumped continents via the fleas living on the rats that so frequently lived aboard merchant ships. Ports being major urban centers at the time, were the perfect breeding ground for the rats and fleas, and thus the insidious bacterium flourished, devastating three continents in its wake.

A scientific modeling study carried out by the University of Hong Kong (HKU) and published on The Lancet website last week suggests the Chinese government has underestimated the epidemic tenfold. The study estimates that the number of cases is much higher given the 2/68 spread rate per case, the doubling of total infections every 6/4 days, and known travel patterns in China and worldwide.


This mutating influenza virus actually doesn’t come from Spain. It circulates the globe annually, but seriously affected the United States in 1918. The flu would return later in 1957 as the “Asian flu” and cause nearly 70,000 deaths before a vaccine became available.

President Trump has said it is and has threatened to ban the app in the United States. But security experts are more hesitant to draw conclusions. While there is no direct evidence that TikTok has done anything malicious with people’s data, sharing information could be fundamentally less safe with a company that might allow the Chinese authorities to intercept it.


So, the Corona Virus strain all started years ago with the PIG! The foulest of flesh in God’s Word not fit for human consumption.

To survive by going along to get along, requires a fair amount of luck to survive. From my perspective, I believe history teaches that mounting an organized escape effort may be the best chance for survival that an inmate has for coming out of the death camp experience, alive.


The Install on the server took about an hour to an hour and a half. Using Workshop you really can't see any difference from 5/3. The new installer does have the "Downgrade" Prinergy option should you need it.

I have been a US Marine, a Cop in a large southern California town and have been a DOD contractor for over 12 years. My service for the DOD is in support of the warfighter and I make no apologies for that as it continues today. I am sure as many others that I am on the list and that is ok. I chose my fate and will stand and die with dignity and pride as an American. My father in law was a great American. He jumped into Normandy and fought until the war was over. Taught himself to read in his 50″s and died a self made, bootstrap man. In the 90’s he told me, my generation of men were cowards. If the government would have tried this on his generation they would have over thrown the government.


Dave, if anything SHOUTS trouble, in my opinion it is that this so-called drill is the entire 8-weeks of summer, after the 4th of July. Plus the Chinese connection with the ‘Jade Helm’ moniker. Something this big could quickly go LIVE, before many of the thousands of participants could even react to know the big picture of what is happening, let alone gather their thoughts. NOW is the time for the State Legislatures in Texas, California, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and Utah to get plastered with massive public input, and law enforcement likewise. This fascist net will sweep up the best and the brightest among us, unless we stand up, and stand up immediately.

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Back in 2009, soon after President Barack Obama took office, the forecast for the 2035 burden was at least $7 trillion lower. You thought $18 trillion in debt was bad and enough to lead to a collapse?


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Gates also grew up in an environment conducive to this line of thought, as his father was once head of Planned Parenthood. And you probably thought Gates was just responsible for running a monopoly that creates inferior, overpriced products and despises the concept of open source or freeware.

The United States had three serious waves of cholera, an infection of the intestine, between 1832 and 1866. The pandemic began in India, and swiftly spread across the globe through trade routes. New York City was usually the first city to feel the impact. An estimated two to six Americans died per day during the outbreak.


End: Three years later, Dr. Jonas Salk developed a vaccine. By 1962, the average number of cases dropped to 910. The CDCTrusted Source reports that the United States has been polio-free since 1979.

Who's to Blame When IT Systems Fail

Hang in there folks this one day will end. Make the decision you can live and die with in dignity and respect and not as a coward in fear giving into the oppressors while loosing your soul.


You spend time day dreaming about the day you will pick all the fresh vegetables. But, what you didn’t think about is your soil. Maybe you did, because you’re still having problems that don’t involve garden pests.

Then again, that’s what the cancer industry wants. Not only does blocking the sun’s rays from reaching your skin dramatically reduce optimal vitamin D levels, but when you use any conventional sunscreen, it’s like spreading cancer right into your skin.


I appreciate you and I am grateful for your articles. Today when I tried to read this one on Pakalert Press I was denied access to it and everything on Pakalert, so I decided to look you up and found the article here. Has anyone else been denied access to Pakalert?

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I have lived in this region most all my life. I see the buildup of government facilities throughout this area, and have observed this for years.


Native Americans have long recognized the medicinal properties of witch hazel and used a decoction of the boiled plant parts to treat skin irritations and tumors. Nowadays this popular herbal remedy is recognized world-wide as a natural cleanser and toner, but witch hazel has many more uses than simply to clarify skin and shrink pores. In this article, we explore fourteen amazing witch hazel uses for your health, beauty and in your home. Want to try witch hazel for yourself?

Good morning, and thank you to the Chairman, my fellow Commissioners, and to the staff for helping me get up to speed on this rule in my first week and a half on the job. Thank you also to the staff for your dedication and hard work. I have worked with some of you for many years now, and I appreciate your thoughtfulness and your unwavering dedication to the Commission’s mission.


Like its five previous incarnations, the Sixth Cholera Pandemic originated in India where it killed over 800,000, before spreading to the Middle East, North Africa, Eastern Europe and Russia. The Sixth Cholera Pandemic was also the source of the last American outbreak of Cholera (1910–1911).

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First Case of Corona Virus in USA and quarantine of an entire city in China. Military presence in the airports.


The New York Stock Exchange on Wednesday secured regulatory approval for its proposal to let companies raise capital through direct listings, opening the door to a rival to the traditional initial public offering. The decision from the Securities and Exchange Commission will allow companies to issue new shares to the public in a process known as a primary direct floor listing. The process relies on an opening auction that matches buy and sell orders to set a company’s offering price on the day it lists.

Sgt Trainer: Apologies for not posting yesterday. Our entire county experienced a power outage that lasted several hours due to weather. I am minimizing the use of images and excerpts on most links in order to get this posted in a timely manner since I am playing "catch-up".


Microsoft and Providence, a hospital system with data for about 20 million patient visits a year, are developing cancer algorithms by using doctor’s notes in patient medical records. The notes haven’t been stripped of personally identifiable information, according to Providence, which is based in Renton, Wash.

Philadelphia was once the nation’s capital and its busiest port. One humid summer, refugees leaving a yellow fever epidemic in the Caribbean Islands sailed in, carrying the virus with them. Yellow fever causes yellowing of the skin, fever, and bloody vomiting. Five thousand people died, and 17,000 fled the city.


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Sure we have options and my personal first option is staying in my home. When that fails me I have a bug out vehicle, but if that isn’t an option we strap packs to our backs and hit the trail. Injuries to your feet can incapacitate quickly so it is important to care for these modes of transport that would be crucial in a disaster scenario. One main issue with walking long distances is blisters.

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The realities of life always seem to be in the way. I often get emails from people asking how someone can actually do it in today’s day and age, or lamenting over all the obstacles they see getting in the way of their dream. For these reasons I’m going to start highlighting some real-life examples and stories of how people have successfully made the transition into off-grid living. We started with some brief profiles a couple weeks ago, sharing a couple stories from people who are living a mobile off-grid lifestyle.


Prepper Pre-Traumatic Stress Syndrome

FotoWorks XL is easy photo editing software (look at here) for beginners, photographers or professional users. Is not easy but FotoWorks XL delivers whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur who just needs a bit of help retouching your snaps. A simple photo editing software suite, FotoWorks XL has been updated and improved from previous versions. Anyone who is new to it will find that it is a feature-rich package. It allows you to do just about everything you could ever want to with photographs, graphics, clip art and text.

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We provide a fully functional demo version that you can download right now by clicking the Download button at the top right corner of the page. Download the demo to decide for yourself if Imposition Wizard fits your workflow. The demo-version is fully functional, it just adds watermarks on top of imposed pages.


By getting out I meant blowing my brains out. Where the hell is that DCS picture when you need it.

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Securities and Exchange Commission is asking blue-chip companies about a popular financing arrangement that frees up cash but potentially hides risks from investors. The agency sent letters in June to Coca-Cola Co. KO 0/52% and Boeing Co. BA -1/62% requesting more information about how they use supply-chain finance, essentially a form of short-term borrowing to pay for goods and services, according to securities filings.


Now: The United States experienced another outbreak of measles in 2021 and 2021. The CDC reportsTrusted Source that this outbreak was identical to the measles outbreak in the Philippines in 2021. Be sure to get all the vaccinations your doctor recommends.

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Does anyone else run multiple webs and what do you do to compensate for thicker stocks? Do you reduce the head trim slightly on the inside webs?


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Under international law, units who are under central authority or nationalized possessing military grade weapons and munitions are defined as military units/assets. So, as dark as martial law is being planned to be, the desired solution is consistent with involvement of UN Peacekeepers.

Re: Preps 6 - A couple of questions

It is sealed, so no bacteria can enter. And there would be nothing in the container that any bacteria could use as food, to multiply. But that scenario is unrealistic.


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Bitcoin’s options market foresees little price turbulence in the short-term, even as central bank watchers expect fireworks during a speech by the chairman of the Federal Reserve on Thursday morning. Bitcoin’s implied volatility on one-month options, a gauge of the market’s expectations for price gyrations over the four week period, fell to 52% early Thursday – the lowest level since July 25, according to data source Skew. Short-term price expectations have declined sharply from 70% to 52% over the past two weeks. Over three months, the gauge has pulled back from 80% to 68%, while the six-month line has declined from 80% to 72%.

With regard to the thematic components to this article, there is no conclusion, this is only the beginning. It is quite clear that the Army fully believes, as do their superiors at the Pentagon and at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, that there is the belief that there is going to be something so catastrophic that an American Civil War II will ensue. The reasons behind this event(s) are not the focus of this article. However, I think it is a safe bet that it will have to do with the seizure of bank accounts and retirement accounts. This is a topic that will be explored in a future article. Meanwhile, Americans in the Southwest need to be concerned that this drill does not go live like so many of these drills seem to in advance of a false flag drill. Every political activist, “uncooperative” politician and member of the Independent Media need to be thinking about where they want to be from July 15 to September 15. It would be best to be where “they” ain’t!


We host numerous events every year and the military tent seemed to be the perfect venue. The tent we used for the shoot was a GP (General Purpose) Large. It was 18 feet wide and 52 feet long. Although perfect for that event, it was really too big for the majority of our needs. It was old (read HEAVY) and so cumbersome that it took at least 4 of us to effectively put it up and take it down. After returning the tent, Sir Knight and I began to search for a more manageable structure.

Another take is the polar shift scenario which would make this area essential to any governing entity. Take a look at the parameters established by the agencies involved! This is the southern most region of safety according to the Navy New Map of The USA. Control this region and you control most of this part of the world! With CERN ramping up and producing more sun flares, CMEs, volcanic erruptions, and earthquakes, as well as unstable atmospheric conditions, are we looking at a polar shift of biblical proportions? Are these Luciferian gladiators going to, once again, connect this planet to the Star of Moloch, as mentioned in Amos 5:25,26, and in Acts 7:42,43, and as THE BOOK OF EPHESIANS chapter 4:14 indicate by the use of the word “sleight” grk meaning kubos, or CUBE? The hexagram is a 3 dimensional representation of a cube.


Update on the Coronavirus in Wuhan. Deputy Director of WHO states the virus is mutating.

Gerry Connolly, D-Va, grilled VanRoekel about this when he testified before a House panel on government operations in July. Connolly, who represents perhaps the most technology contractor-dense district in the nation, asked why Defense Department CIO Teri Takai doesn’t list any of her investments as “high risk” on the IT Dashboard. Many of those investments are a year or more past due and millions or billions of dollars over their original budgets.


Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe should be able to serve out the remainder of his term as party leader ending about a year from now, his right-hand man said, after recent hospital visits raised questions about the premier’s health. Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga, 71, said in an interview with Bloomberg on Thursday that he expects Abe to explain his health condition in a proper way.

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Medical testing showed that Mallon was a healthy carrier for typhoid fever. Typhoid fever causes sickness and red spots to form on the chest and abdomen.


Thank you Barry [Barbash] and Paul [Roye] for the kind introduction and thank you and PLI for inviting me to speak again with you. I looked back at my remarks the last time I was with you. Two years ago, the focus of our discussion primarily centered on SEC rulemaking regarding Standards of Conduct for Financial Professionals and Liquidity Risk Management. This year, we have many more items on the agenda, and COVID-19 has reshaped our lives, tested our markets and reordered – but not reduced – our priorities.

When the time comes, there will be plenty of warning. The bus needs to be stopped before it gets near your neighborhood.


He has a role in this exercise, but I will not reveal the nature, as we do not identify him. He said he is being moved from Ft. Bragg to another base that has not yet been identified. He suspects that it is in the area because their deployment gear remains the same. He told us that he fears the drill could go live for many reasons.

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Now: Cholera still causes nearly 130,000 deaths a year worldwide, according to the CDCTrusted Source. Modern sewage and water treatment have helped eradicated cholera in some countries, but the virus is still present elsewhere.


I still have the same issue I had with the "new" Workspace that I saw with 6/0.0. It seems all existing jobs or any new jobs I create via Workshop or Insite are still grayed out with a red diagonal line through them and I can't do anything with them in Workshop. The only way I can manipulate a job within Workspace has to be created with Workspace. Which basically makes it useless if that is the way it has to work because 99% of our jobs are created by the customer in Insite.

More than 62,500 people in Northern Ireland have applied to the scheme that will allow them to remain in the UK when the Brexit transition ends. The settlement scheme is designed to give EU citizens – who entered the UK under the EU’s freedom of movement principle – the right to remain. The highest number of applications in Northern Ireland have, so far, come from Polish (16,890) people. The next highest came from Lithuanian (8,700) and Romanian (6,310) nationals. The majority of concluded applications (65%) have been granted settled status with 33% granted pre-settled status.


As a central component within the integrated Prinect workflow, Prinect Signa Station provides rule-based data import from Prinect Web-to-Print Manager and Prinect Business Manager. The optional Gang Assistant offers the reliable generation of gang jobs, including automatic layout generation, with optimum arrangement for positioning multiple product copies on the sheet for different formats and run lengths.

TikTok Chief Executive Officer Kevin Mayer has resigned just months after taking the helm of the viral short video app, stepping out of the crossfire as the Trump administration targets the business owned by China’s ByteDance Ltd. Mayer told employees of his decision in an internal memo and a company spokeswoman confirmed his resignation.



TN How To Create Preps 6.x JDF For Apogee Prepress 7.0

Compliance technology provider Cappitech has completed the first porting of trade reporting data from US derivatives exchange CME Group. The vendor-led porting conducted by Cappitech follows CME Group’s announcement in May that it would be exiting the market as a trade repository.


I see there is a secondary shingle, vertical. Is this for nesting multiple webs? This is a problem we are having with some stocks, like 2 webs on 80# coated stock.



Now: Improved water filtrations helped eradicate this disease, but an estimated 748,000 cases of cryptosporidium still occur each year. Cryptosporidium spreads through soil, food, water, or contact with infected feces. Be sure to practice personal hygiene, especially when camping.

Talk show host Alex Jones thinks the figures show something like a 90 percent reduction in the earth’s population. Remember, the people who belong to the Club of Rome come from the upper echelons of the business and government worlds; they aren’t video gamers smoking pot and dreaming up creative scenarios.


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Usually, we just borrow a neighbor’s bull and end up with a half beef/half dairy calf. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I’ve been wanting a full dairy heifer to keep alongside Oakley, so we found some lovely Brown Swiss semen this past summer and had Oakley artifically inseminated.

Prepare for this work in saving souls, much to be done. Do not lay idle; pray and seek God for His children are falling into hell as I speak. Do not let this be just words from heaven, but a command from God to pray for sinners.


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This video will bring you some helpful information. It ought to make it clear that this current viral release is real.

Well, Well, that day is inching closer and closer! The Goons that will be manhandling men women and children, do they have any moral codes and decency left?


Jade Helm is a massive field training exercise to help Special Operations Forces improve their survival, evasion, resistance, and escape capabilities. Military planners will observe how civilians respond to a military presence in their communities, and this information will likely be added to Armed Forces databases for future force deployment planning.

Most of the truth about what was happening China was leaked out by very brave citizens on social media and internet websites. There was video as well as still photos. There were also first hand witnesses who gave testimonies of what they saw and heard. YOU WILL NEVER SEE THE TRUTH ABOUT THIS OUTBREAK AGAIN! The media has CENSORED all of it.


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Regulation S-K hasn’t undergone significant changes in more than 30 years, the SEC said. The regulator had proposed the revisions a year ago.

Exactly what kind of leaders do we have? What responsible adults speak so continuously about eradicating huge numbers of people? The concept of gradualism is quite apparent here; there’s a logical progression from nursing homes to abortion to “pulling the plug” to euthanasia to full fledged eugenics.


I know that most people don’t want to hear this, and the rest don’t want to believe it. Personally, I wish it were not true. It is very hard to accept that our own Government and the elite’s we so love to idolize have declared WAR on us. So SAD but So TRUE. They have not even tried to hide it. The truth has been out there all along. They come right out and declare it. They publish it in documents. Heck, they have written it in stone! They count on your cognitive dissidence to keep you from accepting it. People like to hide their eyes from what they don’t want to see.

I will re-evaluate this decision in the Fall unless conditions in our country preclude it. I have gotten great pleasure from trying to help others and now it is time to let folks grow on their own. Sort of like when my kids reached ages where they could grow through their own research and experiences without having to be assisted.


A popular dark net marketplace for buying and selling drugs has been offline for three days, fueling speculation about its fate and despair among some users. Empire Market, similar to the infamous Silk Road site shut down by law enforcement in October 2021, had become of the most trafficked illicit online marketplaces in recent years, following the demise of other sites such as AlphaBay and Hansa. In addition to selling drugs, Empire Market offered fake documentation like passports and drivers’ licenses and off-the-shelf malware.

Google has potentially gained access to data of millions of patients in the United States, thanks to an agreement with Ascension, the country’s second-largest hospital system. The tech giant will store and analyse the data, with a view to improving efficiency for patients, but some hospital staff have raised concerns over the arrangement. Also today, why more than a thousand borrowers are suing their French bank over mortgages issued in Swiss francs.


The theory is that the virus, which was developed by infectious disease experts may have originated in the Wuhan-based lab of Dr. Peng Zhou, China’s preeminent researcher of bat immune systems, specifically in how their immune systems adapt to the presence of viruses like coronavirus and other destructive viruses. Somehow, the virus escaped from the lab, and the Hunan fish market where the virus supposedly originated is merely a ruse.

Composition of Jade Helm Forces Reveals the True Purpose of the Drills

The extensive research on this website identifies the “controllers” of the American and world power structure as primarily Judeo/Masonic/Satanic. Other elements of this ongoing conspiracy are also identified on this website, including intelligence agencies, the military, key government figures, etc. We have exposed these as the forces that have fomented all the major wars and economic disasters of previous centuries. Recall that in 1871, Sovereign Grand Commander of Scottish Rite Freemasonry, the Jew, Albert Pike, wrote a letter to top European Mason Gieusepe Mazzini in which he outlined the “Three Wars Plan” for Masonic/Jewish world conquest.


Let me start with a warm welcome to our newest colleague, Commissioner Crenshaw. She has been a tremendous asset to the Commission for many years, and I know that she will continue to serve the agency, investors, and the public with great distinction. I also want to thank the staff for their hard work on today’s rule. They’ve done exemplary work under trying circumstances, and I am, as always, grateful.

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Microsoft executive Peter Lee in July described how his company would use Providence patient data without identifying information for algorithm development. In a December statement, he said patients’ personal health data remains in Providence’s control and declined to comment further.


Over the past few days, the mainstream press has vigorously pushed back against a theory about the origins of the coronavirus that has now infected as many as 70,000+ people in Wuhan alone (depending on whom you believe). The theory is that China obtained the coronavirus via a Canadian research program, and started molding it into a bioweapon at the Institute of Virology in Wuhan. Politifact pointed the finger at Zero Hedge, in particular, though the story was widely shared across independent-leaning media.

South Africa may sign a deal to help produce a Covid-19 vaccine, potentially boosting access to immunization on a continent with limited manufacturing capacity. The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, a global organization funding vaccine development, is considering the Cape Town-based Biovac Institute as a fill-finish site, according to Helen Rees, the chair of the organization’s Scientific Advisory Board. The state-owned vaccine company is one of a few in the country that has the capacity to package doses into sterile dispensers if clinical trials are successful.


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ASIC recently published Regulatory Guide 271 Internal Dispute Resolution (RG 271). The guide updates requirements for financial firms in dealing with consumer and small business complaints under their Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR) procedures.

Very informative article,how ever about any plan seems hopeless,so I will say this,I will not be put in a camp by anyone,I will be killed,but when the smoke clears,their gonna say damn I hope not everyone is as rebellious as this old fart! Then they’ll gather their dead and wounded!


End:Most people recovered on their own. Of the people who passed, the majority had compromised immune systems.

Sandi, go online and look for prepper groups in your area. Use the computer to find the people you need to find to make it out of where you are.


Okay, sure, there was some pretty unrealistic stuff like when The Rock was driving a boat through post-tsunami San Francisco and just happened to find his daughter that he was looking for. The last time I went to San Francisco, my daughter and I had trouble finding each other on the first floor of Forever 21, for crying out loud. But, when you only have two hours for a movie, you have to be willing to suspend your disbelief somewhat and put that kind of stuff aside.

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Authorities denied a work visa to a Hong Kong-based foreign journalist after he was hired to join an independent local news outlet, the most recent sign of eroding press freedoms in the city after Beijing’s imposition (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=6687) of a new national-security law. The decision adds to concerns over the new law, which says media operating in the city must be more rigorously controlled by state authorities. Weeks earlier, police raided the offices of a local newspaper that supported antigovernment protesters and arrested its owner.


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Worse, no drinking water and no method to purify it. If water is available you could take the chance of drinking it, sustaining yourself for a bit longer, but at the risk of getting very sick. Boiling water is the best method of killing pathogens in a pinch, but what do you do when you have no container in which to boil it?


The New York Times and other media sites report that China has effectively shut down travel in and out of Wuhan and four other nearby cities – locking many more millions in an already contaminated area. News reports from inside Wuhan are also restricted, so horrifying images of people falling ill in the streets cannot be verified. Needless to say, that caused another concern in a country known for it.

It apprently has hit Canada now. This next article has multiple videos. You have to visit the website to see them.


Just a couple quickies which may or may not factor into the preparations — California is on track to go waterless next summer. Texas is threatening to shut off power to the NSA at Bluffdale in Utah.

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The accredited investor definition is the single most important investor protection in the private market. Today’s amendments purport to “update” that definition while leaving in place 38-year old wealth thresholds, declining to index the thresholds to inflation, and declining to provide economic analysis to show how the failure to index will affect American investors—the bulk of whom are seniors—going forward.

All of this should sound familiar by now; simply more demands for austerity measures and “sacrifice,” and more eugenics philosophy. Have we ever heard any politicians over the past hundred years speak of blessings to be bestowed upon the people, or of “good times” creating beneficial results for average citizens? Americans haven’t had a politician focus on those issues, since the legendary populist Huey Long. Long, who was predictably assassinated in 1935, left numerous speeches that are still available in the Congressional Record, in which he accused the administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt of plotting to kill him.


The minimum tick is changing from 0/01 to 0/005. There is no change to DPL (Display Price Locator) which is already set at 3 to enable spread transactions.

Dave, what makes you think it will take 60 days to generate an emergency scenario? An imploding financial system is good an excuse as they can get. From my reading of events to date, a financial reset, debt induced, is imminent.

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A Prepper Library of PDFs

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I work in the Health Information Industry and I promise you it has nothing to do with YOUR HEALTH or YOUR PRIVACY! IT is all about getting every bit of information about YOU your private life into the hands of the GLOBALISTS and using it to manipulate and control you and make money in the process.

Does magnesium play a crucial roll in immunity and anti-inflammatory? Inflammation is the activation of the immune system in response to infection, irritation, or injury. Characterized by an influx of white blood cells, redness, heat, swelling, pain, and dysfunction of the organs involved, inflammation has different names when it appears in different parts of the body.


When the FEMA bus rolls into your neighborhood, are you prepared to deal with what lies ahead? Let’s assume for a moment that martial law is declared and you were not able to find a safe sanctuary.

We live not only in the the age of technology, we also live in the age of data which is functionally the world’s largest currency. He who controls the data in the 21st century controls everything, and hospitals have woken up to the fact that there is no better, no more sensitive and no more valuable data that your medical records, and have decided to pimp that data out to the highest bidder. In this case, it’s the all-consuming tech giants that have become the new robber barons.


She doesn’t control the budgets for those projects, he explained, and bases her reviews on assessments from deep inside the military services and other Defense agencies. So who should Connolly haul before his subcommittee and bawl out for the poor project performance?

British Labour is stepping up its opposition to the appointment of former Australian prime minister Tony Abbott as an adviser to the British Board of Trade and is demanding UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson explain the details of the plum job. In Australia, Abbott’s critics have called on him to be stripped of his $300,000-a-year parliamentary pension while he is working for a foreign government that is negotiating a trade deal with Australia.


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How much about the coronavirus is the Chinese government really hiding? Until outside experts are allowed to study it, the fact that the quarantined city of Wuhan is both the place of its origin and the location of the only lab in China for studying the most deadly of viruses remains highly suspicious.

Considering, the map makes Jefferson County, California, Utah, and Texas enemy territory; it is a safe bet that it’s not an anti-invasion drill (Pretty sure that southern pocket of California is Jefferson County that attempted to gain Statehood from California). It also reminds me of a Diplomacy game map.


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Think about it, no more mortgages, no car payments, no utility bills, no daily commute, no bitching, moaning, and complaining by the malcontents, just fishing and hunting, albeit it in the stealth mode. No bag limit, no size limit, just the few survivors doing their thing in the wilderness. Yep, they’ll find us out there too, but it will be later, not sooner, and loads of fun while it lasts. Enjoy teotwawki folks, it is going to be great. However, all vacations come to an end, so make the bet of each moment. God bless and, game on. thanks.

In addition, Communism as an ideology, and as a coined phrase, originates in France during the Revolution. In 1785, Restif coined the phrase four years before revolution broke out.


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For each of us individually now is always the most profound turning point, as each decision we take directs our next step. But collectively there are extremely significant eras or epochs during our development and now is one of them. It is during these times that a major conflux of influences takes place with which humanity is challenged to either respond according to natural instinctive and intuitive processes, or lie down and let whatever dominant forces at play take their course without resistance or conscious participation. It is within such turbulent times we now find ourselves as conditions intensify in conjunction with an ever growing collective awareness of the realities with which we are faced.

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Known as House Bill 901, the open carry law would allow holders of the concealed-carry license to carry handguns in public in a hip or shoulder holster. After a week of fierce debate and a threat of a Democratic filibuster that never materialized, the bill cleared the state House on Friday with 102 votes in favor and 43 against.


Morgan Stanley Preps for Bigger Fed-Engineered Risk Rally

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Preppers should know how to treat this condition, as odds are, you’ll be affected by it during the initial days of a disaster. It’s the headaches mixed with profound congestion making these infections so enjoyable. Add in the difficulty breathing from accompanying bronchitis or pneumonia, and you’ll have the knock-out punch than can immobilize group members for weeks. For the prepper, traveling over land with a head cold is a type of misery best avoided. Most attempts at warding off the monster fail.


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In many countries in Europe nobody can buy retail gold coins for bullion any more. Shops will buy, but nobody is selling. Banks who use to offer gold to the public have also shut down in Spain.

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The benefits of watermelon include containing a high amount of lycopene, a certain type of carotenoid that is currently of great interest to researchers because of its known antioxidant capacity and various potential health benefits. Lycopene is responsible for giving many fruits and vegetables, including watermelon, their deep red or pink color.

Houseplants are awesome indoor air cleaners, but some of them are more effective than others at filtering out pollutants and toxic chemicals in the air. This infographic highlights the best air-filtering plants, according to a NASA study. NASA researchers set out to find the best ways to clean the air in space stations. Their Clean Air study found the plants below are effective at removing benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene, xylene, and ammonia from the air—chemicals that have been linked to health effects like headaches and eye irritation. There are other benefits to having these plants around, we’ve noted before, but the graphic below from Love the Garden shows you at a glance the plants that make the best natural air filters.


But using drugs to lower your blood pressure may shorten your lifespan instead of extending it, according to the results of a University of Florida study. The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association,1suggests that when it comes to blood pressure medication, less is more. This is another example of using drugs to “Band Aid” a health problem without addressing the underlying cause. There is a major difference between achieving a healthy blood pressure number by eating well, exercising and managing stress, versus “forcing” your body to produce that number with a drug.

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To make sure our prepper followers don’t think I have forgotten about them, I wanted to note five preps that I see overlooked quite often. These preps aren’t vital like water and food or something like antibiotics that have been discussed repeatedly. These are preps (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=3762) that are important, but easy to forget when preparing for a long term post-SHTF world. By no means is this list all inclusive, but it does touch on some key items we take for granted.

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The hogs will still be raised here, but slaughtered and packaged for sale there before being sent back here. This includes labels of Morrell, Eckrich, Krakus, Cudahy, Premium Hams, Cook’s, and Gwaltney. The same with many chickens: They can now be shipped there, but when they come back all that needs to be labeled is that they WERE RAISED IN THE USA. Not that they were processed in China!


Fidelity Investments is launching its first Bitcoin fund, adding its establishment name and star power to the fledgling and often controversial asset class. The Boston-based money manager said in a filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission that it will begin to offer the Wise Origin Bitcoin Index Fund I through a new business unit called Fidelity Digital Funds. Peter Jubber, head of Fidelity Consulting, will run the new business unit, the filing shows.

Would it consist of pretending to be dragged off to a FEMA camp? Would it be engaging in simulated insurgency activities associated with guerrilla war strategies? There are so many possibilities and they are all associated with civilian resistance against a tyrannical force.


On this week’s episode of The Scoop, Hehmeyer explained why. Hehmeyer began its push into crypto during the 2021 bull run. Competitive pressures in its traditional futures business led to the firm’s pivot earlier this year full-time into crypto. Hehmeyer said he wanted to signal to clients that the firm was ready to commit to the growing crypto market.

The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced that it voted to adopt amendments to modernize the description of business (Item 101), legal proceedings (Item 103), and risk factor disclosures (Item 105) that registrants are required to make pursuant to Regulation S-K. These disclosure requirements have not undergone significant revisions in over 30 years. The amendments the Commission is adopting today update these items to reflect the many changes in our capital markets and the domestic and global economy in recent decades.


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In the developing world it saves millions of children a year from death due to diarrhea. In 1831, intravenous hydration was first used to replace the salts and water lost from diarrhea.

I’d always had a favorable opinion of George Bernard Shaw, until I found some of his quotes regarding this topic. In On the Rocks, Shaw spoke out in favor of extermination.


Internet bloggers have speculated that HELM is an acronym for Homeland Eradication of Local Militants, but this could not be verified. The most obvious meaning of “Helm” is that the goal of a military operation is to be in control of a strategically significant situation, as in “at the helm” of a ship.

Troops have used DNA from improvised bomb components to capture “some very bad people,” according to an official with US Special Operations Command (SOCOM). SOCOM is evaluating the devices for wider fielding.


Literally one second can change the outcome of a gun fight. Below are some tips to keep yourself safe during a gun fight. There is a huge difference in being a gun shooter and gun “Fighter”.

There’s no easier way to get some healthy bacteria in your system than to enjoy some rich, delicious, full-fat yogurt loaded of active cultures. If your gut is damaged, a daily dose of yogurt can actually repair the damage.


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Across the country there are now at least 37 states that have “shall issue” laws. In several states no permit is required to carry concealed and in other states – just recently – laws were passed that allowed for open carry without a permit (some states have had this for decades but citizens haven’t dared to do it for fear of police reaction). Along this vein, there have been recent debates about whether or not guns should be allowed in federal and state parks. When I was an active police officer (I’m retired now) I wouldn’t have thought about going camping without taking a gun.

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For decades, law enforcement has tried to intercept drug couriers on Amtrak trains. These efforts have utterly failed to stop the easy availability of marijuana, cocaine, and other narcotics.


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SARS and MERS came from animals, and this newest virus almost certainly did, too. The first people infected visited or worked at a seafood market in Wuhan, which has gone into isolation since the outbreak.

We want the quick fix so we can continue our poor lifestyle and dietary habits. It doesn’t have to be this way, but it is. We can blame doctors, the medical institutions and healthcare systems all we want, but self-responsibility is our only recourse if we are ever to surface from this mess.


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It’s really helpful to know if a battery is still good, or bad. Without a doubt the best way to tell if a battery is good or bad is with a meter. Not everyone has a meter, or it may not be available when you need it. Your going to learn how to perform a very simple test that will let you know if the battery is good, or bad.

If I recall correctly, my grade school / high school History Class covered The War Of 1812 — aka America’s Second War Of Independence, or America’s Forgotten War — for a total of maybe one week. And what a worthless week it was.


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America is being dragged into stage three by the occupation forces that have hijacked our government. Jade Helm is the manifestation of dragging America into a stage three confrontation before the people have had a chance to build a coalition through successfully completing the first two stages.

The study also concludes that “longer looks” at a stranger will not sway the first impression (Wargo, 2006). The first impression can be a lasting impression, and there are no “do over’s”. Fair or not, like it or not, we all are being judged continually. We all are being sized up, if you will, by strangers, acquaintances and law enforcement as we move about during our daily lives. We are judged by our actions, our looks, and race and by our political and religious affiliations. In some cases, people imagine others may be a threat based solely on looks, race, clothing, tattoos, hair, and other features. People are bombarded with images of the so-called bad guys on television, in the news and in the movies and the images carry over into their daily lives, and thus people are on the “look-out”.


The human domain encompasses the totality of the physical, cultural, and social environments that influence human behavior, he explained. Success in this domain won’t be achieved by traditional ground, naval or air forces, he added.

I haven’t had much time to really dig in and research the numbers and history of Epidemics and Pandemics but from what I have seen so far, these appear to have been completely created and controlled by the medical community and the Globalists. Often calling these outbreaks epidemics or pandemics just is not justified. The numbers of patients actually infected and/or the mortality rates are just not that impressive. Mind you, it is serious when anyone dies or suffers but, truly that is part of life. None of what we are seeing is really out of the range of normal, except when deliberately perpetrated on the masses diabolically as a means of population control.


This next video is about an earlier outbreak, but there is a lot of good information to glean from it none-the-less. This short video ties these outbreaks with the desire of the Globalists to force mandatory vaccinations. Outbreak in School District 51, in Colorado the New Capital of the New World Order in the USA.

Fortunately, I have known about globalism since late 70’s and we chose not to have a family. So glad now we made this decision because America’s future is zero. I know older couples who did likewise. Few seem to stand up for anything real incl all age groups. No one seems to care about anything important. Just look at the EU now, it’s fixin’ to go under Islamic control with a hellish future ahead.


OK, so their prediction of increased cases turned out to be wrong. So, now they are “encouraging” PREGNANT WOMEN to get vaccinated. THIS is totally counter productive. The infant in the womb and for months after birth has a built in immune system.

The world today has 6/8 billion people. That’s headed up to about 9 billion.


I agree with “Common Man” above, we are being programmed to accept what was easily unacceptable in the past. For those of you who are curious about a book intended to bring this subject to the mainstream, and which you can show your younger family members to help them wake up from our media’s trance/distraction, check out the book Lipstick and War Crimes. It is a non-profit book, and If Dave could review it, common ground can be found between all these commentators. Let’s get so many people questioning this exercise that the powers that be start back peddling. Let’s stay vigilant and keep spreading this kind of whistle blowing.

Yes, through injections, transplants and ingested medications. Every manner possible to pollute our flesh.


Vineyard owners in California’s Napa and Sonoma regions and the Santa Cruz Mountains had planned to harvest grapes over the next few weeks. But with flames threatening wineries and homes, thousands of people have had to evacuate, although some winemakers and winery workers stayed to help fight the fires alongside Cal Fire, the state Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

A few weeks ago, officials ruled her off-grid home illegal. Officials cited the International Property Maintenance Code, which mandates that homes be connected to an electricity grid and a running water source. That’s like saying our dependency on corporations isn’t even a choice. The choice to live without most utilities has been ongoing for Robin, the self-sufficient woman has lived for more than a year and a half using solar energy, a propane camping stove and rain water. In the end, she was found not guilty of not having a proper sewer or electrical system; but was guilty of not being hooked up to an approved water supply. Speronis is still being hassled by the municipality of Cape Coral for not having a connection to city water, nor proper sewage.


Gulf Coast with nearly 150 mile-per-hour winds, causing water levels to rise almost 10 feet above normal, wildfires in California are still raging across more than a million acres, the result of a heatwave that spiked as high as 130° Fahrenheit (54/4° Celsius)—possibly the hottest temperature ever sustained on Earth. In the middle of the country, an inland hurricane flattened a large part of Iowa and darkened Chicago homes. And a tropical storm left thousands in New York without electricity for a week or more.

The splintering of one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency frauds began with an act of jealousy. Ruja Ignatova, whose OneCoin raked in billions, suspected her boyfriend of stringing her along in late 2021, her brother later testified in federal court. So, he said, she had an associate rent an apartment beneath the boyfriend’s Florida digs and drill through the floor to eavesdrop. What she discovered was another kind of betrayal: that he was cooperating with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


In 2021, another coronavirus dubbed Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) began sickening people in Saudi Arabia. MERS is still prevalent, causing small numbers of infections each year. The WHO has counted nearly 2,500 cases in the Middle East and beyond, and more than 850 deaths.

Jerry Brown signs SB 277 into law. SB 277 is California's pharma-funded vaccine assault on all parents and children. It would eliminate all personal belief exemptions and force nearly all children in California to be forcibly injected with vaccines that are knowingly manufactured with neurotoxic substances such as mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde and MSG.


Sgt Trainer: I view Memorial Day as a time to not only remember those who served (and/or died), but to also remind myself of the Oath I took when I joined the military. For those who may not know about the OathKeepers, here are their "Orders We Will Not Obey":1.

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HIV may be transmitted sexually or through blood/body fluids from person to person. It can be transmitted from mother to unborn baby if not treated.


In “Uncanny similarity of unique inserts in the 2021-nCoV spike protein to HIV-1 gp120 and Gag“, Indian researchers are baffled by segments of the virus’s RNA that have no relation to other coronaviruses like SARS, and instead appear to be closer to HIV. The virus even responds to treatment by HIV medications.

While the unaware are in this kind of brain fog, the time is well used by psychopaths to further their agenda via slick talk and subterfuge until the victims are in the “cage,” the door is closed, and then locked, metaphorically speaking. Or maybe not so metaphorically speaking.


We can learn by examining what the skills were during the Great Depression era. Who were those that were able to find some work, those who were better able to survive those very difficult times?

We all have either heard the stories or experienced it ourselves. Someone stays overnight in a hospital and when they review thier bill on checkout, they see things like a $45 charge for two Tylenol. Funny thing is, when my oldest brother was born back in the 1950’s, my mom’s entire bill for the labor, delivery and a two-day stay was only $50, for all of it. Somewhere between then and now hospitals and hospital care have become a huge racket, and now, hospitals want even more.