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Reply To: Playing Customs on PS3

Middle-earth: Shadow of War looms large in this movie, as the name suggests. When You arrive in Minas Ithil, you will find the roads full of siege machines orcs, along with soldiers protecting their residence. The perception of scale is pretty striking, and you may climb into the peak of the tower that offers its name to the city. Monolith has captured the epic texture of these films. However, the world comes with a sludgy appearance that, while appropriate to get a spot like Mordor, creates many uninspiring surroundings. Núrnen is an exclusion with its woods supplying a burst of vibrancy and color.


Let’s start by running C3 Con Tools and selecting PS3 Converter. From here in the tutorial, you have a few options. If you have a PS3 converted custom, see “Merging already converted songs”. If you have a custom that is in the Xbox 360 CON format, see “Converting Xbox 360 song”.

Before we start, there are two options you can choose from. Option 1 is that you already have the Rock Band Free Pack (look at here now) 1 installed. If you do not have it and are afraid to go online to download it, choose Option 2.


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Also, links for the database will be updated throughout the day. Hoping to get almost the whole database done today, but no promises. If you have problems with any songs (not relating to charting issues obviously), please let me know and I’ll get them fixed as soon as I can.

If you check the “Merge Songs” option, your custom songs will be converted and merged with the other songs in the “Merged Songs” folder, and will be ready to be installed to your PS3. This is the best method for end-users converting songs on their own. Otherwise the converted songs will be found in the “All Songs” folder. This is the recommended method for people converting their songs to upload and share with others.

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Rhythm Gaming World Comments Feed

Next, install PSNpatch on your PS3. Once installed, plug your USB stick into the left most port on your PS3, run the program, and press L1. This should install the rap file.


All of your songs will be listed in the order that they appear in the DTA. To delete a song, select it from the list and press “Remove selected”. Once you are finished removing the songs, press “Save”. You will then be given the option to send your song files from the “Merged Songs” folder to the Recycle Bin.

Note: Your songs will no longer show up in Rock Band 3 if you remove the song from the DTA, but they will still be on your PS3’s hard drive. If you need to clear up space on your hard drive, you can always remove the custom song’s files by navigating to “/dev_hdd0/game/BLUS30463/USRDIR/HMX0756/songs/” and deleting the folder of the customs you removed from the DTA.


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Middle-earth: Shadow of War’s is an action and adventure game. In this game, multiple players participate in playing this game. Denuvo’s allure, for publishers, is looking to protect in this match, Was the Communist programmer originally uttered that it made events challenging to crack, and it had been a tougher nut, carrying per month to its match to become broken. As it seemed a couple of decades before, but enough time between a game title’s launching also it had been cracked has shrunk.


I dont believe so because if you take a jailbroken PS3 online, Sony can detect you and ban your console. The same goes with a JTAG Xbox 360.

If you have your equipment for the Xbox, then you should still consider, Xbox customs are always optimal quality, then they’re converted, so the conversions always have some sort of loss. In the PS3 world that is your ability to pause/unpause the game.


Well what I’ve done is either purchase it from either my OFW PS3 or from the Sony Entertainment Network website, run PSNpatch, and then log in and go to your purchase history. Then you can re-download your purchases.

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First step is to install and run Multiman on your PS3, and then open up FileZilla and FTP into your PS3. Navigate to “/dev_hdd0/game/BLUS30463/USRDIR” folder on your PS3, and create a new folder called “HMX0756”. Inside that folder, make another folder called “songs”.

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New in 1/1: CRC32 hash support, find in log, size is now optional. Version 1/2 fixes hash for files larger than 4GB.


The game of monolith uses Denuvo applications, and this has been cracked in one day, letting pirates gain use of it nearly instantly away. Go through the epic open-world of the Nemesis System. Forge a Ring of Electricity, overcome fortresses, and dominate Mordor from the Middle Earth.

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