On Windows 10, Power Throttling is a feature designed to optimize battery life on mobile devices with virtually no drawbacks. As a result, adjusting these settings is not recommended unless you're troubleshooting performance issues with an application.

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  • Windows 10 Power Throttling Working
  • The problem only starts when the Laptop PC fan doesn’t work or unable to run at an ideal RPM speed
  • Once you are into Windows 10 BIOS, use the arrow keys on your keyboard to locate “Fan Speed Control” options
  • Should You Use the Balanced, Power Saver, or High Performance Power Plan on Windows
  • Repeat the same step no. 4 for all the fans you would like to increase the speed for
  • Click on “Power & Sleep” on the left pane

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If your computer fan is constantly loud then it may be a problem with your fan bearing or your PC is full of dust. Try to clean your PC intakes that are clogging fresh air.


Note: Speedfan supports a wide variety of computer motherboards and sensor chips but for laptop users, this tool lacks a fan control option. Laptop users can use Argus monitor or MSI Afterburner.

It very easy to use, didn’t have any malware or unwanted files attached to it. The installation process is very easy. This fan control software gives you total control over CPU fan speed (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=5982).

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You can also see the current PC fan RPM but you can’t monitor CPU temperature or GPU temperature on these devices. For that, you should download the best CPU temperature monitor. The reliable and best CPU temp monitors are Core Temp, Rainmeter, or Real Temp.


There are sensors placed on motherboard when the CPU or GPU generate heat these sensors turn on the computer fan. The only purpose is to maintain ideal PC temperature.

  • Here you will see the “Fan Speed Control” section. Look for RPM settings for your computer fan
  • How to disable Power Throttling for processes individually
  • You can manually control and increase the fan speed on a laptop with these tools
  • There’s even another publishing online features to Power BI
  • Use HWiNFO fan control option to manually decrease or increase laptop fan speed
  • In the Control Panel window, choose “High Performance” as your power plan
  • While Mac users can download smcFanControl software to monitor their mac fan speed

Most of the software that increases fan speed (great site) only support built-in CPU fan and case fans. What if you have installed additional aftermarket PC fans. Buying an external fan controller for the PC will be the best option in this case.

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  • Three radio buttons displaying power plan options in the Windows 10 Control Panel

“balanced” power usage plan

For better understanding, we have divided this post into two main parts. First, we will explain how you can adjust, control, or increase the fan speed on Laptop then we will explain how you can increase or turn fan speed on a desktop PC.


If you want to change the CPU fan speed on a laptop without tweaking any laptop fan control settings then download fan speed (https://yacsssdm.ru/hack/?patch=7478) controller software. There are plenty of CPU fan controller tools but SpeedFan is the best choice among them.