Tip: WinRAR offers a generous 40-day trial, but the program does not enforce that as a rule. So, you can keep using it for as long as you want without paying.

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It is useless to search for supposed vulnerabilitiesin SFX module or to fix such vulnerabilities, because asany exe file, SFX archive is potentially dangerous for user'scomputer by design. As for any exe file, users must runSFX archives only if they are sure that such archive is receivedfrom a trustworthy source. SFX archive can silently run any exe filecontained in archive and this is the official feature neededfor software installers.


If you don't want the extra bells and whistles in WinRAR or 7-Zip, consider using ExtractNow. It's an incredibly tiny utility that allows you to easily extract multiple RAR archives simultaneously. The program also supports various other formats, such as ZIP, 7Z, CAB, etc.

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Extracting such SFX archive with WinRAR is still safe

As its name implies, however, ExtractNow only lets you extract compressions archives. It does not let you create them.


As reported by is possible to create SFX archive with a specially crafted HTML text,which, if started as executable, will download and run an arbitraryexecutable on a user computer. Extracting such SFX archive with WinRARis still safe. Let's see if it creates any additional risks for users.

WinRAR self-extracting archives are not less or more dangerous than other exe files

This is a good and safe extractor, the only problem I have with it is, the lack of uninstallation. I had to go through so many files and delete files this left behind, and the only way I uninstalled it was using safe mode and CCleaner. Good program, just a bad uninstaller.


Unlike WinRAR, however, it does not allow you to compress RAR files. It lets you extract them, and everything pretty much works similar to WinRAR in that regard.

The RAR format has been around the block for years, but it never went mainstream due to its proprietary nature, unlike ZIP. But it's superior compression capabilities do mean that you will run into RAR regularly, especially if you download stuff a lot on the internet. Just have WinRAR, 7-Zip, or Extract Now at hand (or bookmark Archive Extractor in your web browser), and you'll never have to worry about another RAR file again.